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Jenna Ortega is so protective of Wednesday Addams 🖤

  • Published on Dec 1, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Conor Clarke

    Wednesday is the queen of boss bitches

  • Marley DeMitchell

    “Because I.. am not a boss (beep)”

  • em
    em  +504

    the way jenna looked back at emma like “the audacity” 😭😭

  • Cam #MybodyMychoice

    “Get the (beep) out” -Jenna Ortega

  • Derpman the First

    I'm convinced that, as least for right now, Jenna Ortega is emotionally attached to Wednesday Addams

  • Dana Perks

    The way Percy was instantly offended for Jenna 😂

  • hearts4jay

    I like how he actually went to leave 😭

  • {Silentcloud}

    Are we not gonna talk about how nervous Hunter looked when he said what he got-

  • Adelila
    Adelila  +14

    The way hunter apologizes is just so cute- 😭😭

  • 12345
    12345  +50

    Bianca’s actress is sooo beautiful! I love her brown eyes sm ❤

  • Ma S Hope
    Ma S Hope  +44

    Bro is no one gonna talk about how she stared into our souls at the end 💀

  • Catie
    Catie  +10

    Everyone is talking about Jenna’s reaction but what about Percy’s instant “whoa” like he couldn’t believe what he just heard 😂

  • mango gret

    "I’m so sorry."

  • Sofia Alfaro
    Sofia Alfaro Day ago +2

    The way xavier looked at jenna ortega / wednesday its just cute

  • Sara Elizabeth

    I love how he says "not that you are not ..." rather than "not that wednesday is not...". it really shows how Jenna and wednesday have become the same person.

  • bee_the_fox_

    I love her personality I'm so happy she was Wednesday and I hope she still is when they make a 2nd season!

  • Chris DeFrance
    Chris DeFrance Day ago +3

    Jenna's just like Wednesday🖤

  • April Santos

    jenna looked so irritated 😭

  • kkachi
    kkachi  +5

    The way Jenna turned her entire body towards him you knew he was a dead man, RIP Hunter 🙏🏼