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The Ultimate 'MAKIN-MA-WAY' Supercut

  • Published on Sep 24, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • The long-awaited compilation.
    Clips taken from 'Liam's Quest: Full Circle', 'Dalen's Closet', Campaign 2, and 'The Nautilus Ark: A Johnson Corp Odyssey'.
    Song is obviously 'A Thousand Miles' by Vanessa Carlton.

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  • Jabisdumb
    Jabisdumb Year ago +1307

    Aww you missed one of my favourites! Episode 129 right as Matt is first describing the plane of fire. Great compilation, this must have taken so much time and work and energy, like holy moly this is pretty all-encompassing and honestly _very_ impressive! Lovely work!

    • Nighty Mein
      Nighty Mein  Year ago +116

      Oh no I was so worried I'd miss one! That's gonna haunt me forever, haha. I've just looked it up, is it the "Makin it work!" around 1:39:32? If so, at least we can immortalise it in these comments.

    • Jabisdumb
      Jabisdumb Year ago +129

      @Nighty Mein I was actually thinking of the one at about 53:49, “there is a pouring river of lava that is slowly snaking it’s way-“ “ snakinitsway”

    • Nighty Mein
      Nighty Mein  Year ago +94

      @Jabisdumb oh wow it's a double whammy, how did I miss them?! you're right, it's a great moment. thanks for making me aware!

    • Mr Moosetachio
      Mr Moosetachio Year ago +80

      @Nighty Mein makinmeaware!

    • a Ta'veren
      a Ta'veren Year ago +25

      @Nighty Mein Snakinitsway was my absolute favorite time they did that bit!

  • Mouser1991
    Mouser1991 Year ago +2940

    I love how you can see it go from being a recurring joke to just a reflex.

    • Styx in the River
      Styx in the River Year ago +59

      my dad and I have the one shared critter thing where we both go "doo doo doo" when anyone says that

    • IceMetalPunk
      IceMetalPunk Year ago +106

      Travis makes a joke -> Everyone joins in on it -> Sam takes it to ridiculous levels -> Everyone becomes reflexively more and more ridiculous with it. That is the lifecycle of a Critical Role inside joke 😂

    • Fiery Hephestus
      Fiery Hephestus 8 months ago +22

      its becom a reflex for me aswell

    • Dinkeycat
      Dinkeycat 6 months ago +12

      @IceMetalPunk we play dungeons and dragoooOOOOOoooOoOooooons

    • the_one_Jess_travelled
      the_one_Jess_travelled 4 months ago +4

      It is a reflex for me

  • digifreak90
    digifreak90 Year ago +2987

    I love how it just slowly devolved from actually singing that song a little to just "makinmaway"

    • Jacob B
      Jacob B Year ago +116


    • Andrey Krichevsky
      Andrey Krichevsky Year ago +89

      Yeah. My favorite is the one where it devolved so much Laura had to appreciate it
      Sam - "makiway", Marisha - "tingalingaling"
      Laura - "Hahaha, I love us!"

    • ailkye
      ailkye Year ago +38

      honestly devolved into unintelligible sounds at some point

    • GoblinSpore
      GoblinSpore 7 months ago +8

      To just "mkn" lately :D

    • Owen Korver
      Owen Korver 4 months ago


  • Rayray
    Rayray Year ago +1607

    They should start a new trend whenever Matt says "And I need you...", then everyone else to chime in with a "And I miss you"

    • Cora
      Cora Year ago +83

      i might pass away if they did that 😂😂

    • Thomas M.
      Thomas M. Year ago +12

      I need this in my life

    • Liron
      Liron Year ago +7


    • DNF - DEAD
      DNF - DEAD Year ago +4

      Yes this 🙌

    • Anathem
      Anathem Year ago +30

      @Cora passingmyway

  • Holly
    Holly Year ago +1383

    Marisha physically hiding from Matt after her lil "doo doo" at 2:04 🥺😍

    • sammy431 _
      sammy431 _ Year ago +33

      One of my favorite moments 😂

    • babblingmongoose
      babblingmongoose Year ago +21

      I'm literally crying laughing, they're so cute and funny!!! 😭😭

    • Kristi Chau
      Kristi Chau Year ago +23

      I'm dying laughing from the wheezes from the rest of the cast losing it in quick succession at that same moment

    • Kaizen
      Kaizen 10 months ago +9

      His look was like, "Zip it! Zippy zippaaay!'

    • Blindluck92
      Blindluck92 8 months ago +12

      Matt's face: "I will actually kill you."
      Also Matt's face: "You're fucking adorable, and I love you."

  • Nimisha Khode
    Nimisha Khode Year ago +988

    Travis at 1:12 : STOP
    Narrator's voice: they did not, in fact, stop

    • Nick the Dreamer
      Nick the Dreamer Year ago +57

      I love that Travis literally starts the next one after that moment.

  • themeanlesbeann
    themeanlesbeann Year ago +816

    I love how it went from 🎶making my way🎶 to just a high pitched "meymawa"

  • Alessandro Masciulli
    Alessandro Masciulli Year ago +843

    Can we appreciate how whenever Matt was speaking, they ALWAYS made a much softer and unobtrusive "makin my way"? Golden players right there.

    • Edward Gough
      Edward Gough Year ago +55

      And yet somehow no less disruptive

  • Dor Mishaeli
    Dor Mishaeli Year ago +1010

    This is everything I ever wanted
    Now we need an "It's been a while" one!

    • Richard Sutton
      Richard Sutton Year ago +10

      You read my mind.

    • Rex Smith
      Rex Smith Year ago +4

      I love how they even did thatbduring the State of the Role from a couple weeks ago

    • The Olive Kay
      The Olive Kay Year ago +2

      i couldn’t remember the other one. thank you!

  • Aaron M.
    Aaron M. Year ago +503

    Sam’s dead serious expression after saying “shakinmyway” and Beau saying “HES COLLAPSING THE TUNNEL” KILLED me

  • Eddie Fusco
    Eddie Fusco Year ago +431

    Can't wait for the next live show where an entire sea of critters just screams out "MAKINMAWAY"

    • Major Zipf
      Major Zipf 7 months ago +5

      I need this to happen!!!! When is the n4xt live show?!?!?!

  • Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith Year ago +510

    Sam’s concerned face parroting shakinmyway and quakinmyway killed me

    • annafantasia
      annafantasia Year ago +41

      Like it was a part of his brain he couldn’t control while he was trying to focus on the serious task at hand 😂

    • Ariane Winter
      Ariane Winter 2 months ago +3

      ​@annafantasia feel that one so much

  • Brave Hero Greenleaf
    Brave Hero Greenleaf Year ago +414

    I love Talesin's smile of fucking anger as he realizes what he's done.
    "Thank you, okay..."

  • samantha
    samantha  Year ago +533

    I love that Ashley always finishes the song with whatever’s going on

  • Brayden Dobson
    Brayden Dobson Year ago +573

    This video is 8 minutes of just pure serotonin enhanced audio.

    • DeltaBlaZe77
      DeltaBlaZe77 Year ago +4

      This is a very accurate description. :)

  • M. H.
    M. H. Year ago +310

    The moments when Matt gives his spouse the Neutral Face of Displeasure are just gold 😂 and the way Marisha hides her face because she's laughing so hard.

  • laurel
    laurel Year ago +244

    i love that it started as actually singing then devolved to saying three words as fast as possible

  • Ethan Harrison
    Ethan Harrison Year ago +436

    My favourite ones are when it’s so fast it isn’t even recognisable as words and is just “mrup”.

    • Jonathan Hill
      Jonathan Hill 3 months ago +7

      The one tiny one with a question mark while Matt is introing the show killed me.

    • Alexandra Goff
      Alexandra Goff 3 months ago +7

      When they don’t want to interrupt, but they need to acknowledge the phrase, just “mknmw” bwrbled out 😂

    • Jeohran Alfhir
      Jeohran Alfhir 3 months ago +1

      yessss the one at 5:04 is incredible

  • deburrito
    deburrito Year ago +349

    95% of critical role is just these goofs trying to make eachother laugh, we just get to join them on the ride 😂

    • Kirayni
      Kirayni Year ago +21

      The other 5% it's getting emotional trauma and sobbing :'D

    • deburrito
      deburrito Year ago +4

      @Kirayni oh, for sure, both happy and sad sobbing on my end, but sobbing nonetheless :p

    • Hoopa_Axolotl
      Hoopa_Axolotl 2 months ago +1

      10% gravitas 90% bullshit

  • Hazar Özgen
    Hazar Özgen 9 months ago +142

    I love that Marisha's enjoyment of the joke never dimmed as time went on.

  • stonecoldku
    stonecoldku Year ago +270

    "Making my way to the worm."
    She is either fighting a monster or drinking tequila.

  • Falcy Chead
    Falcy Chead Year ago +124

    Matt must be the most patient DM in the world.

    • Ariane Winter
      Ariane Winter 2 months ago +1

      I would agree, if I had not witnessed aabria putting up with exu with an grace that was plain unreal... Nothing beats the pretty much exclusively chaotic neutral exu party

  • ReyaitheShadowWolf
    ReyaitheShadowWolf Year ago +102

    Last's night's episode had one of the absolute best "Makin-Ma-Way" moments ever.
    Taliesin: I'm gonna slowly make my way to --
    Marisha, Laura, Ashely, Robbie, Travis: Maaaaaaaaaaaakin-Maaaaa-Waaaaaaaaaaaaay

  • Brave Hero Greenleaf
    Brave Hero Greenleaf Year ago +188

    Marisha: doo doo
    Matt: *DEATH STARE*

  • Cay
    Cay 4 months ago +76

    I am so happy the joke made it into the animated series!

  • Charles Garza
    Charles Garza Year ago +126

    Can you imagine if they had to pay royalties every time they said that.

  • Kamille
    Kamille Year ago +92

    Ashley, Laura, Sam, and Travis without fail: makinmyway
    Liam, Taliesin, and Matt: 😐

  • It’s Matisyahu
    It’s Matisyahu Year ago +78

    You know it’s “bad” when Matt says it while Sam is talking lol

  • Alassandros
    Alassandros Year ago +162

    5:57 It's the glare, the look of a man beholden to some viral chant seemingly soldiering through the way making ritual without the enthusiasm of a neophyte. He just does it through parallel processing and continues on, much like how many people grant blessings to one who has sneezed in the presence of others.

  • Sel Furyx
    Sel Furyx 3 months ago +41

    And now it's evolved into an actual song, I love it.

    • Stumbling
      Stumbling 3 months ago +8

      Knowing they were sitting on it since 2020 really explains why the second half of this video is mostly Ashley, Sam, and Laura doing it

    • DNF - DEAD
      DNF - DEAD 3 months ago

      Vanessa carlton needs to do a version of making my way.... 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • Victoria Varela
    Victoria Varela Year ago +147

    i think the only one that its missing its Sam's "snaking its way" with the lava river xDD

  • BixLovesLife
    BixLovesLife Year ago +114

    3:11 Travis begrudgingly giving in and doing it after no one else did it....
    It's so interesting how it evolved thooo. From changing the lyrics and adding the diddle-lee-diddle-doo, to a shorter version that still caught at least Matt off guard, to becoming an expected thing, to applying it to other words.... great.
    Also I only joined in c2e131 (snakingtheirway), and when I recently watched all the Narrative Telephones i thought it stemmed from there, but it's been around so much longer!

    • BixLovesLife
      BixLovesLife Year ago

      It's in Beau's story (ep 6 of the first season) at 44.44 :)

    • Sean Metts
      Sean Metts 7 months ago +1

      I was watching Vox Machina and it was present all the way back then- it just wasn’t abused back then lol

    • Maximiliano Carrion
      Maximiliano Carrion 7 months ago +1

      @Sean Metts Someone once said that it even dated back to the home game (pre-stream) so it could potentially be THE oldest inside joke in CR.

  • Aloysius
    Aloysius Year ago +31

    7:05 Matt joined in and finally the group was harmonized in unity 🤧

  • Eric Amundson
    Eric Amundson Year ago +92

    New fan of critical role here, just learning about this running gag. I can’t believe I didn’t notice this happen once in the entirety of Ashley’s one-shot, but I assure you after watching this video I’ll never miss it again.

  • Alex Couprie
    Alex Couprie Year ago +155

    It has become a pavlovian response at this point

  • Kay Jarell
    Kay Jarell Year ago +38

    I'm watching the latest campaign, and I needed this catalogue of how it deteriorated from a whole song to just real quick and light "makinmaway" and sometimes it's JUST the noises/notes of it and I love that. I also love Liam's "we're just inside jokes"

    • Magi V
      Magi V 4 months ago +1

      Sometimes it's just a "meep" lmao

  • Chloe Franke
    Chloe Franke 7 months ago +12

    I love how Ashley always does it for herself 😂

  • DeltaBlaZe77
    DeltaBlaZe77 Year ago +67

    I feel like maybe you do hold some responsibility for getting "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton stuck in our heads...

    • Kasino80
      Kasino80 7 months ago +1

      At this point in my life a have pavlovian reaction to both "making my way" and and "it's been a while". No matter the context, I say both out loud like CR.

  • Spooked_Glitch
    Spooked_Glitch 8 months ago +12

    I love how it gradually gets faster as they try and get it past Matt lol

  • Brave Hero Greenleaf
    Brave Hero Greenleaf Year ago +51

    I knew one of you dorks was gonna immortalize this joke at some point.
    Travis: *STOP IT*

  • NotFurb
    NotFurb 3 months ago +9

    I love how they started to say it quicker as to not take up more time on the joke but it ended up making it much more funnier

    GUNDAMURX73 Year ago +43

    As a DM myself, I feel Matt's expressions in my *soul.*

  • Figgy5119
    Figgy5119 Year ago +95

    I love when Matt participates like at 7:05 XD

  • dealinginfiction
    dealinginfiction Year ago +25

    6:55 is the best one yet. They all harmonized

  • K. whatever
    K. whatever Year ago +42

    "snakintheirway" killed me 😂

  • Joanna Ward
    Joanna Ward Year ago +27

    Loved it! Even got Ashley's one-shot in there. What's missing is Exandria Unlimited incidents where Ashley and Matt did it. Mostly Ashley.

  • PhilosopherWR
    PhilosopherWR Year ago +22

    I love how part of it is trying to sneak it past Matt. 😂

  • Ash Young
    Ash Young Year ago +72


  • SweetieSys
    SweetieSys Year ago +19

    Marisha hiding her face from Matt gets me every time 😆

  • theenigmaticmrwu
    theenigmaticmrwu Year ago +74

    I wonder if Vanessa Carlton knows about Critical Role.

  • Kalin5513
    Kalin5513 Year ago +14

    It just continually de-evolves into just a mumble and I love it

  • Cai C.
    Cai C. Year ago +12

    Snakintheirway is my absolute favorite 😂 this was just pure happiness

  • Asher 1347
    Asher 1347 Year ago +22

    The looks on their faces when they realize they said "making my way"

    EAT👏THE👏RICH 3 months ago +4

    Sam doing it with anything that rhymes with "making" for that little bit was glorious and I wish he still did it lol

  • Hannah R
    Hannah R Year ago +60

    I love that in the middle of all that is just that CADUCEUS part

  • iiris taika
    iiris taika Year ago +48

    i didnt remember sams remixes and now i cant stop laughing

  • AP Advogados
    AP Advogados Year ago +12

    Man, I'd freaking love a full cover by Ashley. Her voice is so great!

  • Faye
    Faye Year ago +15

    The comedic timing at 2:03 is literal perfection

  • TheTechReactor
    TheTechReactor Year ago +21

    I love watching the raw frustration in Matt's face when they do this.

  • samantha
    samantha  Year ago +59

    I feel like the critters probably all do it too now.

    • Jake Hitz
      Jake Hitz Year ago +24

      I literally can't hear someone say making my way without immediately thinking "MAKINMAWEY"

    • Sarah Helt
      Sarah Helt Year ago +10

      My online game is mostly critters and it’s almost obligatory at this point.

    • samantha
      samantha  Year ago +10

      @Sarah Helt that’s so awesome. It’s also obligatory at this point for Travis to say “we play dungeons and dragons!”

    • myriad
      myriad 7 months ago +1

      I ABSOLUTELY DO THIS (I might annoy my dm a lil bit)

  • Kasino80
    Kasino80 7 months ago +4

    I love how at the end there's only Marisha laughing at the joke, yet everyone still makes it.

  • Closer To The Edge
    Closer To The Edge 8 months ago +10

    I love how just like Travis screaming "WE PLAY DUNGEONS N DRAGOOONS" in the opening, over time it just slowly devolved to a couple of completely incomprehensible syllables but everyone still knew what was going on.

  • Ashley Victoria
    Ashley Victoria 7 months ago +2

    I love how they devolve from singing full verses to becoming a dialogue box in Animal Crossing.

  • katie ☠
    katie ☠ 3 months ago +7

    they need to make the country version in LOVM a full length song cause it legitimately bops

  • TP Burrow
    TP Burrow Year ago +33

    great editing, really fun to watch:)

  • B1gBoyPants
    B1gBoyPants 7 months ago +8

    I love when running gags go so long in a group that it gets shorter and shorter until they’re unintelligible to anyone outside of the group

  • Iven Kohn
    Iven Kohn 7 months ago +6

    As much as i love sam focusing as hard as he can to make the most of the "Makinmyway" jokes, i love Taliesin's delivery of the initial line and then waiting for someone to say it and then just saying "Thank you." and continuing what he was going to say lol

  • K. whatever
    K. whatever Year ago +9

    i keep having to pause this video every couple of minutes. this brings me so much joy and im not in the best mood rn so thank u for this. i cant imagine how much work this would've been but youve done it so well, everything from the compiling to the editing and transitioning between each person as they "makinmaway" or "teedle loo" its beautiful

    • Nighty Mein
      Nighty Mein  Year ago +1

      thank you and I hope you feel better soon

  • Samu
    Samu Year ago +6

    I love these but can I just say how much I love Marisha's high pitched laugh? It makes me laugh too lmao

  • WandererGrim
    WandererGrim 3 months ago +2

    I want a group of friends like this so bad

  • crack sniffer
    crack sniffer Month ago +3

    So Travis is responsible for creating the joke, but Sam is responsible for making it a noise

  • TheChiptide
    TheChiptide 3 months ago

    The series of ones starting at 5:48 got me so good, the way Sam's expression remains totally serious and literally nobody acknowledges it makes it even better!

  • Alessandro Rossi
    Alessandro Rossi Year ago +6

    I loved that in the end, matt pauses after saying it, expecting it 🤣

  • bee
    bee 4 months ago +6

    the way this running joke turned reflex became an actual song in the Vox Machina animated series called Making My Way

  • DMStevo
    DMStevo 7 months ago +7

    I love seeing their friendship. At there age (I’m in my 50’s) usually this kind of stuff is left in their college years. But here they are absolutely crushing it as adults but still keeping the joy of childhood at the forefront of their lives. This is why I love these guys. Pure joy and unapologetic friendship for one another. Thank you CR!!

  • annafantasia
    annafantasia Year ago +5

    Thank you for this compilation. You’re doing the lord’s work.

  • The_Person_Without_A_Name
    The_Person_Without_A_Name 3 months ago +1

    I don't even want to know how long an updated version of this would be now, but I know I would enjoy every second of it!

  • רועי בר
    רועי בר Year ago +16

    At some point they'll just say "meh" and it will be just as funny

  • Thundarr100
    Thundarr100 3 months ago +4

    I swear, in some of those scenes Matt had an expression on his face like “If they start singing that damn song again, there’s going to be a TPK.”

  • abba karenina
    abba karenina Year ago +76

    so it was TRAVIS who started it

    • Sandrine Noël
      Sandrine Noël Year ago +26

      Travis starts all the things. He also started 'It's been a while" and "WEPLAYDUNGEONSANDDRAGONS!". All hail our meme king.

  • RandomBattleXP
    RandomBattleXP 7 months ago +2

    Can we have Vanessa Carlton on set for one episode at a piano just to do that riff everytime someone says "makin' my way"?

  • Mesanin3
    Mesanin3 7 months ago

    I'm kind of proud of you for doing all this! also, i haven't laughed at the makingmyways in so long, it's been so TENSE! so, thanks! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Scott Cohen
    Scott Cohen Year ago +28

    Do “IT’S BEEN AWHILE” next :D

  • ellie Kitabjian
    ellie Kitabjian 3 months ago +5

    Gonna have to add a video of the live version of CR’s original Making my Way song from last night’s watch-along. Truly the cherry on top 😂

  • vision walker
    vision walker 3 months ago +2

    I love how it started as just a vocal stim from Travis and is now just the biggest on running joke ever

  • Exemplar Gaming
    Exemplar Gaming 7 months ago +1

    Matt giving Marisha in trouble with husband eyes is my favourite moment of this lol

  • GizGunnar
    GizGunnar Year ago +15

    It's just an instant Pavlovian response

  • Manne Lundin
    Manne Lundin 7 months ago +2

    Love how whenever Ashley say, making my way, she always join whomever repeat it XD

  • Vivid Wyzard
    Vivid Wyzard Year ago +3

    I really genuinely didn't think it was that much. I started doing this with my campaign before I watched C2, and my DM was heavy into CR and I was just so confused but also happy that everyone at the table enjoyed it as much as the CR cast does.

  • Isaac Mayer
    Isaac Mayer 11 months ago +5

    It’s after you released the video but I really love the point in episode 11 of campaign 3 when Taliesin says “I’m just gonna slowly make my way” and then everybody on the table in unison sings “maaaaakiiiin myyyyy waaaaay” very slowly

  • nicid2
    nicid2 Year ago +6

    I watched campaign 2 first and then could not stop singing "making my way" when I watched campaign 1... It was so weird when the cast didn't also do it. This video made me laugh so much, thanks for taking the time to put it all together. My favorite one was Marisha getting in trouble and hiding.. lol.

  • Druid Zephyrus
    Druid Zephyrus Year ago +5

    This is the best supercut. I've said that before. But holy crap I was dying laughing the entire time.
    And Sam, right when it starts to feel tired. But then it comes back as a classic. Phenomenal watch experience. 5 🌟

  • Togi Poo Gaming
    Togi Poo Gaming Year ago +2

    i hope they continue this in campaign lol its almost a tradition and a must 😂

  • IceMetalPunk
    IceMetalPunk Year ago +3

    I just started watching CR for ExU (and now C3), but someone recently pointed me to Liam's one-shots, and when that happened, I was like, "Holy shit, was this the birth of MAKINMYWAY?!" Thank you for creating this supercut to confirm my fears/delights.

  • Joe Ciavarini
    Joe Ciavarini Year ago +3

    This compilation is so good, thank you for this. I did love the "Flakin my way" if it is snowing.

  • Erd Tird Mans
    Erd Tird Mans 3 months ago +2

    The best part of an inside joke is when it devolves from something people actively do and laugh about to something automatic that nobody laughs at because it's just necessary and someone has to do it like a group tic. Then it's in that sweet phase where if you insert someone not in the group, you just look like madmen

  • Lucky Bug
    Lucky Bug 3 months ago +1

    I love how it’s changed from singing a part of the song to just that one line

  • Nystria
    Nystria 9 months ago +2

    I love that they're *still* doing this through campaign 3.

  • Angel G.
    Angel G. 3 months ago +3

    Love it when Matt joins in lmao

  • Hangover
    Hangover Year ago +3

    It took an ensable of professional actors playing dnd to do it, but finally someone did it and made a human have every single part of a song stuck in my head at the same time, not just a part of the chorus or something... Everything! The word "making" already triggers a piano intro in my head