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Childhood Babysitter Came To My Show Part 1

  • Published on Jan 15, 2023 veröffentlicht
    Feb 17-19 Pittsburgh, PT
    Mar 16-18 Washington DC
    Apr 22 Seattle, WA
    #shorts #rosebudbaker #standupcomedy
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  • BabyMango
    BabyMango 2 months ago +108574

    This feels like the time I was a stripper and looked down and saw my math tutor sitting at my stage. We were both mortified.

  • copper_93
    copper_93 Month ago +17062

    I went to the buffet with my dad when I was 18. He pulled me to the side and pointed a guy out to me. He said that's your godfather (I haven't seen him since I was a baby) told me to go up to him and say hi. So I walked up to the table, asked the man if he knew who I was. When he said no I told him I was his godson and he goes "o shit billy?"

    • Jack Watson
      Jack Watson Hour ago

      Oh shit Billy sent me bro that is so gd funny 🤣

    • Connor Lipke
      Connor Lipke 13 hours ago +1

      @copper_93 They also generally will take custody of you in the event your parents both die, typically they are related. My aunt and uncle on differents sides are my god parents.

    • ritmabo E
      ritmabo E Day ago +1

      but your name is copper_93

    • JRK
      JRK 2 days ago

      ​@copper_93 it is not unique to catholics.

    • oliviabakes
      oliviabakes 2 days ago

      @Eri the Netflix account guy ?!

  • Neko Ten
    Neko Ten Month ago +1043

    I had a baby sitter/ neighbor who I use to call Aunt T. Think of that 40 year old lady with big Burnette curly hair, sounded a bit like the Fran Fine, and loved everyone like it was still the 70's. She even had a water bed and like leopard print stuff. A wonderful and amazing woman. Well, when I was 6 we had to move away and we lost contact. My parents and I moved back to that area again and we ran into her at the grocery store when I was 13. To me, she didn't look a day older than when I left and I remember asking, "Aunt T?" And she whipped around so fast and started crying. I saw her a few more times after that. Bit I've lost contact with her again. I'm 24 and still can't find her. I hope she is doing well and is still filled with all that love and style.

    • K. Sonnenland
      K. Sonnenland 11 days ago +4

      Ich wünsche Dir Glück, heute übers Internet lässt sich das doch viel besser machen 👍👍🙏❗

    • Tatyana Gordon
      Tatyana Gordon Month ago +22

      Make a video. Maybe it'll find her

  • Cordero Martin
    Cordero Martin Month ago +21845

    “Don’t get so specific b*tch” is hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Ana Hernandez
    Ana Hernandez Month ago +3022

    I was an early childhood teacher before going into school and then adult education.
    One day I was talking to a colleague of mine at a college where I was teaching construction courses and I head a young man call out to me.
    "Miss Ana, do you remember me? How are you?"
    I looked at the young man who was in his early twenties and I said "your face looks so familiar" , He then told me his name and it clicked. I taught him when he was about 8. I was so shocked cause he was all grown up. He said he remembered all the fun we used to have in class and that I was one of his favourite teachers.
    I gave him a huge hug and wished him well. My colleagues were so shocked. They all said, you must e been a great teacher for him to remember you after all those years.
    Best teaching moment ever.

    • Starrimoss
      Starrimoss 6 days ago

      my mum’s a teacher & she has experiences like that sometimes! that’s how yk youre a great teacher who changed lives

    • Christian_Attride 0521
      Christian_Attride 0521 8 days ago

      Or even if we’re just having a bad day, kids can be cruel but our favorite teachers never were ❤

    • Christian_Attride 0521
      Christian_Attride 0521 8 days ago

      I’ll never forget my favorite teachers, you guys help us enjoy life when the life we live outside of school isn’t that pleasant.

    • gaming boss
      gaming boss 11 days ago

      You made a spelling mistake its must’ve not must E

    • Tamakami
      Tamakami 12 days ago

      Also depends on the kid's memory. I remember all my teachers but most of them weren't good teachers (':

  • Tracy Starcher
    Tracy Starcher Month ago +345

    My best friend worked the streets in another life. She recovered, and went to college. When she graduated, the dean shook her hand and she recognized him as a former customer.

    • Xavier Plympton’s Tongue
      Xavier Plympton’s Tongue 7 days ago +1

      @Self-Righteous Ideologue 😐

    • Self-Righteous Ideologue
      Self-Righteous Ideologue 12 days ago +4

      That's probably why she graduated

    • Colleen Duet
      Colleen Duet 14 days ago +9

      Poor girl must’ve felt really 🥴🤢 glad she was able to turn her life around and go to college and graduate.

    • Bigg K-rusty
      Bigg K-rusty 29 days ago +15

      Shocking but not surprising. Them high up types be tricking more than Tony hawk In the 90s.

    • Daisha Jones
      Daisha Jones Month ago +20

      I had to read that twice 🫠

  • Jocelynn
    Jocelynn 2 months ago +90818

    I've had an old baby sitter see me at a band recital once. She was just shopping in the area and saw us practicing. She came up and yell "JOCELYNN!!!! ITS ME SUMMER!!! REMEMBER, THE GIRL WHO USED TO WIPE YOUR BUTT!?" super adorable lmao

    • Savaiianteine
      Savaiianteine Day ago


    • Jocelynn
      Jocelynn 2 days ago

      @JRK lmao you must be a blast at parties

    • JRK
      JRK 2 days ago

      ​@Jocelynn it's pretty easy to read that deep into it.

    • Brisa Maria Garzon
      Brisa Maria Garzon 3 days ago

      ​@joce Hi Joce, I also named my youngest daughter Jocelynn as well. I ended her name as Lynn just in case she didn't liked her name and she could go by Lynn if she preferred that.

    • rain
      rain 9 days ago

      @Jocelynn oh lord😂

  • Cari Aus
    Cari Aus Month ago +790

    I was going into a club when I was in my 30's and the doorman was asking everyone for ID but he didn't ask me, and in an offended tone I said, "Hey why aren't you asking me for ID?" (obviously I was joking) and he started to laugh and just then I realised I had dated his cousin and we used to baby sit this doorman when he was about 5 years old. I started screaming OMG I use to baby sit you when you were 5!! He was very embarrassed. 😂

    • K T
      K T 5 days ago +1


    • Afro King
      Afro King 13 days ago +4

      ​@C A T she wrote it in the past tense so probably not

    • C A T
      C A T 15 days ago +3

      R u and the cousin still dating?

    • Mishkawolf forever
      Mishkawolf forever Month ago +13

      🤣🤣🤣 that's so funny

  • Vic Ranger
    Vic Ranger Month ago +350

    I ran into a girl at a bar and I recognized her from childhood. I had grown up near her when we were about 4 or 5. She would sit in the grass and eat earth worms. I would find more for her to eat and watch her eat them. When I told her I remembered her , she immediately remembered me and told me not to talk to anyone about her . She quickly turned and absolutely disappeared in the crowd and I never saw her again.

  • Joel Cruz
    Joel Cruz Month ago +26271

    Love the genuine reaction when she realizes that she does remember her.

    • The one who uploads nothing
      The one who uploads nothing 8 days ago

      @gluten free Oh absolutely, it’s why I laugh whenever I hear a guy on here cry about misogyny. It ain’t misogyny, just they can’t comprehend they’re in the wrong or they won’t explain why they were treated that way.

    • gluten free
      gluten free 8 days ago +1

      @The one who uploads nothing someone sane in this comment section. I feel bad for any women who is semi-famous on the internet cause look at these dudes in the replies..

    • ED
      ED Month ago

      ​@M B why you tripping?

    • M B
      M B Month ago

      @Ella ෆ what

    • Russian Mafia King Aka King potato the third
      Russian Mafia King Aka King potato the third Month ago

      ​@Benoit blanc proof?

  • paulcai9
    paulcai9 13 days ago +202

    I was 14 years old and boy in my class called Victor asked me out but I declined. He wouldn’t take no for an answer and would try again and again. One day I was walking across the fields on way home from school and victor came along and tried to kiss me….I pushed him away and we ended up in a tussle and fell to the grass. I managed to get the better of him and ended up sitting on top of him…..and accidentally farted on his stomach….Victor was disgusted and never chased after me again……THEN… at a fete 20 years later I was with my husband and two small children when this 6 foot + incredibly handsome man spoke to me and I don’t have a clue who he is….He knows this and smiles and says…I’m Victor….Oh my god my face went beetroot and I scurried off with my children…..BTW I am now a pensioner but never forgot my embarrassment.

    • Brooklyn
      Brooklyn 5 days ago +3

      Serves him right, dude tried to kiss you without consent and wouldn’t take no for an answer! Hope he didn’t turn out to be a creep.

    • Belinda Kroes
      Belinda Kroes 6 days ago +4

      You should've said you did it on purpose! Lol

    • Jasmine Talma
      Jasmine Talma 6 days ago +5

      I am cryyying at this comment. lmao

    • m
      m 6 days ago +8


    • Natalia
      Natalia 7 days ago +15

      Oh my gosh I would die of embarrassment

  • ChelseaNoēl Clark
    ChelseaNoēl Clark Month ago +24

    I had to have knee surgery when I was 24, and my nurse happened to be a lady whose son I dated. I saw her badge and they had a very unique Italian last name, so I asked her "is your son Jared?" and she said... "yes... how do you know?" and I told her we went on a few dates. and she looked at my chart and said "but you're way too young for him!" lol he was like 6 or 8 yrs older than me or something like that. it was definitely interesting. he reached out to me afterwards and was like "sorry we didn't continue to date. you were 'intimidatingly pretty'"... I'm 6'2 and he didn't like that I was his height 🙄

  • Eden JS
    Eden JS Month ago +18631

    That was better than any joke. Just wholesome humans connecting, that was entertaining in every way.

    • Goblin Bollocks
      Goblin Bollocks 8 days ago

      Yeah that's what you want from a comedy show rather than jokes, whole humans connecting

    • Anthony Amaya
      Anthony Amaya Month ago

      Yeah sadly we don't get to see it that much so it's entertainment now instead of just a good feeling.

    • Nickiefr3sh 2020
      Nickiefr3sh 2020 Month ago

      @Kyle exsctly bro😂

    • G Younger
      G Younger Month ago +1

      And people clapping for absolutely no reason. Bill Burr would have a heyday with this.

  • GamerZone07
    GamerZone07 Month ago +20

    The pure joy that she had when she finally recognised her is just beautiful. Its like a puppy seeing its owner come back home after a long day. That was cute like anything😂❤

  • natalia saavedra
    natalia saavedra Month ago +49

    I had my 1st grade teacher come thru the drive thru at the coffee shop I work at the other day. She asked for my name and very excitedly said “omg do you remember me? I was your first grade teacher” ah it broke my heart telling her I didn’t. I don’t remember much of my childhood but it makes me happy after all these years she still remembers me (im 23 yrs old now)

  • Bryar Benton
    Bryar Benton 2 months ago +26007

    Loses her shit as soon as she recognizes her and remembers lmaooo

  • Jules Winnfield
    Jules Winnfield  Month ago +91

    I saw my high school English teacher at the bar one time. He was one of my favorite teachers so I had to go up and buy him a drink. We ended up talking for like an hour. It was cool as shit.

    • Soll 3
      Soll 3 Day ago

      That’s such a cool experience

  • dragonslayer666 dragonslayer666

    That moment she realized she's her babysitter is just priceless

  • Kelly jackson
    Kelly jackson 2 months ago +9132

    Thank goodness she didn’t start her show off by saying my babysitter Diana did…

    • SunRay Hicks
      SunRay Hicks Month ago


    • Saint Shion 詩音💜🖤
      Saint Shion 詩音💜🖤 Month ago +3

      I used to babysit my mom's co-workers kids a lot (doctors and nurses). One is a newly graduated chef now at 22 and he thanked me through our parents for inspiring him to try new foods. (I love ethnic and cultural food). I mostly remember yelling at him for sneaking into the kitchen at night though.

    • Dov Kushnir
      Dov Kushnir Month ago +2

      She starts that bit and some random woman starts to sneak out the back of the club... 😂

    • Priscilla Lopez
      Priscilla Lopez Month ago


    • Regista Me
      Regista Me Month ago +2

      Now that would have been more hilarious 😆

  • Rahx The Horror
    Rahx The Horror Month ago +27

    Once went away over easter holidays to a small beach town 3 hours away from where i lived. Was on a random boat trip to another part of the town when i had a lady come up to me and ask if my name was Rachel *last name*? I was like yeah.... and she goes "OMG IT IS YOU!! IM MISS MONTGOMERY AND OVER THERE IS MRS WEST." I was shoooocked. Both were teachers i had in primary school (who had always been close friends with each other) over 15 years prior. I have no idea how they recognized me as i looked so different by then. We got to have such a good chat and they told me how they were going to one of my old classmates 21st the next weekend (who unfortunately died a year later). Plus they met my then husband. And funny enough, if i had known at the time that i was 4 weeks pregnant i could of told them that too 🤣 they had been my favourite teachers and so i was so happy to see them again.

  • JNetwork
    JNetwork Month ago +11

    I had a grade 1 teacher that, prior to teaching was a military drill sergeant. I ran into her a couple years ago and she asked if I remembered her. "Mrs. Carl, do I ever. You're a hard one to forget"

  • ari nikole
    ari nikole 2 months ago +23228

    You know she was a rascal as a kid cause that “oh shit” was so intense 😭
    Edit: omg I didn’t check my Clip-Share notifications for 2 days and DAYUM

    • EpicSC
      EpicSC Month ago

      You mean ‘oh shit’? It’s okay to use big person words.

    • ari nikole
      ari nikole Month ago

      @River Stone I mean Dayum because something happened in the replys that I didn’t see 😭

    • River Stone
      River Stone Month ago

      ​@ArianAdonisUsually because they have nothing else in their lives to be proud of. It's annoying.

    • ArianAdonis
      ArianAdonis Month ago +1

      Why do people care about likes so much? I mean, I have an idea, but I wanna hear an answer from someone it matters to

    • Lola Ronitah
      Lola Ronitah 2 months ago

      I thought the same too about her😂

  • Angry Ted
    Angry Ted Month ago +8

    My babysitter is 81 this month. Mind you, I'm 58 and she hasn't cared for me since 1974.

  • liyanassecretacc
    liyanassecretacc Month ago +4

    aww her reaction.

  • Joel 7491
    Joel 7491 2 months ago +2177

    I used to buy weed from a young man in my town (10years younger than me) and one day not too long ago he committed suicide at the age of 22 and when I told my gf who’s 8yrs older than me she asked his name and when I told her she gave me a funny look and I could see the gears turning in her head, we then looked him up on Facebook and she explained that she used to teach him at pre school and he was the happiest and cheekiest little boy in the whole nursery and we both felt extremely saddened. It turned out his father died while he was young and his mother was fighting mental health struggles and he couldn’t cope with being her primary carer any longer. RIP Sam mate. I’m sorry I never went for a drink with you

    • sweetpopz
      sweetpopz 23 days ago

      RIP, Sam. Stories about children and youths with the odds stacked against them make me sad.

    • Joel 7491
      Joel 7491 Month ago +4

      @THOMPSON GAMING mate you are at an age now where you are highly susceptible to these thoughts and feelings, I was when I was your age and trust me life does get better if you want it to. Stay strong young man 💪🏻

    • Monoj Mahanta
      Monoj Mahanta Month ago

      @ETPangilinan1 I'm sorry ❤️

    • Joel 7491
      Joel 7491 Month ago

      @The Rose Project yes it does

    • Starnix
      Starnix Month ago +3

      Damn. I'm "lucky" to make it to my age. Not all of us make it. It's a shame not to know you Sam. I hope you're free of pain now.

  • Egg
    Egg Month ago +59

    loving all of the stories in the comments so I'm gonna contribute my own 😊
    I was at a convention (like am anime one but not exclusively anime) and me and my friend took a seat at a large round table that had a father and two teens cosplaying at the other end. as they were about to get up to leave, the father was like "this is a weird question, but is your dad's name [my dad's name]?" and I was like "uhh yeah?" and apparently this guy was in the army with my dad! he recognized me from his Facebook posts, so I got to tell my dad that fun story :^]

  • dialac1
    dialac1 Month ago +9

    This is like when former patients see me in a hoodie on an aisle in Walmart and they can’t recall I used to be their nurse but they swear they’ve seen me before 😂
    Sometimes I don’t remind them. I just laugh. 😊

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago +8377

    About a decade ago, I was at a concert of a local rock band that I had never heard before and was really digging their music. I moved closer to the stage with my wife and the lead signer suddenly stops everything, looks straight at my wife and calls her by her first name. She answers back with his, and he says "She used to babysit me when I was 8! She made the best spaghetti and meatballs!"
    My wife just hid her face in her hands and said "I've never felt so old in my life!"

    • FBI
      FBI 12 days ago

      Dam bro, who hurt you.

    • Mishkawolf forever
      Mishkawolf forever Month ago


    • Zoomdoomboomloom
      Zoomdoomboomloom Month ago

      That's hilarious 😂😂 I can imagine her immediate modification when he announced to everyone that she used to babysit him!🫣

    • EJ
      EJ Month ago

      @Devcs you sound so insecure it’s honestly sad I hope you heal someday

  • Mega Man
    Mega Man Month ago +15

    The zoom in on the “Oh Sh**!” Had me crying 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kerami Roberts
    Kerami Roberts Month ago +21

    I was having the worst time in my life having a panic attack. I missed my old job as a teacher so much and just felt so useless as I'd hitthe bottom. Ambulance came and one of the paramedics was an old pupil... Became a fab day!

    • gg Cattt
      gg Cattt Hour ago

      Hope u feel alright God is healing u ❤️

  • Cheeky Ape
    Cheeky Ape 2 months ago +2324

    Baby sitters are literally paid to be adults so the parents can go off to be teenagers 💀

    • Michael Engelmann
      Michael Engelmann Month ago

      @intrusted mine? 😂

    • fishbones
      fishbones Month ago +1

      @Fox To pay for the babysitter itself. If not that, some are inexpensive.

    • intrusted
      intrusted Month ago

      tiktok level comment

    • Katokabi
      Katokabi Month ago +2

      AND the irony is that it’s usually teenagers doing this job lol

  • Christine Merrill
    Christine Merrill Month ago +11

    I think more of us need to run into people babysat us. connects you to your childhood.
    I think it's better than sending to these horrible day cares

  • Minerva
    Minerva Month ago +13

    I've got one. I had to switch elementary schools due to zoning and for 4th-5th I went to the school that some of my family members had attended in their youth. For 5th grade, I had this teacher named Ms. Green. For open house, my mom took me to go meet the teachers. We went throught my list until we got to her. As soon as we stepped through and said hello, she gasped and with tears in her eyes, she says my mom's name. My mom goes omg, did you change your name? I thought you were Mrs.***(idk how to spell her other last name)?
    She told us that she had gotten divorced and went back to her maiden name. But it was so cute to see my teacher remember my mom after so many years. A funny thing that happened is that the teacher had asked why wasn't there a dad listed as another contact. My mom told her something like, "because I don't speak to **** anymore, he's just too much trouble" and my teacher was like, "oh no, (op's mom) you had (op) with (sperm donor). Oh dear, that boy was always trouble, how did you get tangled up with him?
    I learned some tea that day but I also learned that I couldn't fart in the wrong direction without possibly getting a call to my mom

  • Zerep Famz
    Zerep Famz Month ago +8240

    When in labor with my daughter I had a nurse that knew me in elementary school. Her son went to the same private school as I did and he was in 3 grades lower than me. Anyway I remember seeing her a lot as a PTA volunteer mom in the yard. Fast forward to me in labor and she was taking my vitals and checking to see if I was dilating but before she checked she told me I looked familiar then looked at my name and asked if I was married because my last name was different. I said yes and she asked if I went to the private school her son did. That’s when I remembered her and I excitedly said yes! She was so happy and even though she was just the triage L&D nurse once she found out who I was she switched assignments and stayed with me. It was the hardest birth ever as my daughter was born premature but she was the mother I needed In that moment apart from my husband. I honestly didn’t feel like she was a nurse because she was that sweet and caring. She stayed even after her shift to make sure I was ok. I’ll never forget her kindness and what she meant to me that day.

    • Laura Hano
      Laura Hano 24 days ago

      Someone did that for my mother when I was born premature. Stayed past her shift because my mom had been transported far from home and my dad wasn't available yet. Cheers to the labor and delivery nurses. You are remembered for a lifetime.

    • Cher Robinson
      Cher Robinson 27 days ago

      My L&D nurse is the reason I became a nurse! When I did my L&D rotation in nursing school, the same nurse is who I shadowed!

    • Vanessa V.
      Vanessa V. 29 days ago +1

      @Bonnie Slovaski y’all will pick at ANYTHING lmao

    • Bonnie Slovaski
      Bonnie Slovaski 29 days ago

      And you have to flex that you went to private school🙄

    • Nema Dawkins
      Nema Dawkins Month ago

      @Vanessa V. oh, absolutely. I was just trying to understand the perspective of other people from different cultures

  • Mitch Nochill
    Mitch Nochill 12 days ago +1

    Lawwd 😩😍 her eyes are everything

  • Fin Miles
    Fin Miles Month ago +17

    When I was in hospital the orderly wheeling me to tests turned out to be my best friend in elementary school-was immediately mortified when I remembered I had a huge crush on him and had just had a big wardrobe malfunction with my gown

  • camkime21
    camkime21 2 months ago +6247

    I worked at a smoke shop for 8 years , one day my 80 year old 7th grade teach walked in I sold her 3 bongs and I told her she was my teacher and she almost passed out .... she said the trick to being that old and a teacher is the herbs ... im a glass artist and she was so happy one of her old students makes glass and sells bongs ....life can be fun in times like this lol

  • KrAsh AndLive
    KrAsh AndLive 5 days ago +3

    I used a line from a Tim Allen show on my niece after she grew up, “I’ve changed your diaper and powdered your butt.” Years later, she repeated it back to me at work in a group where she was interning for my VP. “Well, you changed my diaper and powdered my butt.” I was more than mortified and all I could say was “WELL, NOT RECENTLY!”
    Not everyone present knew she was my niece.
    She’s the best!!

  • Megumizz
    Megumizz Month ago +3

    Oh i love this app bc how everyone in the comments is always sharing their own stories related to the videos is so wholesome 😭❤️

  • Peace & Love
    Peace & Love 2 months ago +11719

    I gave birth to my son at 37yrs old and the next morning, Ms. Chamberlain, my 1st grade teacher walked in and handed me flowers and breakfast... she was now retired and volunteered at the hospital maternity unit... it was one of the best moments of my life because she was my favorite teacher... I had the opportunity to tell her that and show her my beautiful baby boy ❤

    • Charlie
      Charlie Month ago

      It is beautiful that these legendary teachers see and teach hundreds each year and thousants in a few but still remember their students by face and sometimes by name too! It's so heartwarming!

    • Timbuktoo
      Timbuktoo Month ago

      That's heartwarming. Thank you for sharing

    • Heavy World
      Heavy World Month ago

      AWWWW so sweet

    • Hunter Voelker
      Hunter Voelker Month ago

      That must have felt great I still think about Mr. McCauley my favorite teacher from 3rd grade I hope to run into him one day. I could never find him on Facebook… still feel an impact on my life at 24 from him.

    • Finnjasco
      Finnjasco Month ago

      Oh that’s weird I knew a ms. chamberlain

  • Mary Beth Smith-Hynes
    Mary Beth Smith-Hynes 8 days ago +184

    I was at a bar with a friend, and there was this guy at the end of the bar who kept looking at me. When I walked past him to go to the bathroom, he said, “I know you,” to which I replied, “Well, I don’t know you!” he then asked if I remembered someone named Mr. Terry. “OMG!! Mr. Terry our youth leader at First Baptist church?!?” Indeed, it was one of the older teenagers that had helped manage our youth group when I was 12 and he was 19. We’ll be married 9 years this October.

  • JuJuB
    JuJuB Month ago +39

    I babysat this kid that the parents warned me was a terror and had made every babysitter quit. They started to leave and took his video game with them because they told me he wasn't allowed to play more than a hour and had already had his hour game time... the kid instantly started throwing down and they just left. I was like... listen... you keep this to yourself... I have 3 different game systems in my trunk in preparation for this. I will let you play if you act right, don't be a brat, eat your dinner later and don't say a thing about it to your parents... needless to say the parents were very impressed at how much he loved me and wanted to keep me as a babysitter... I said... he was pretty hard to handle so I need to be paid double... lol screw those Karen parents! The kid just wanted to be a kid so bad and had so many rules.

    • Mishkawolf forever
      Mishkawolf forever Month ago +1

      Did u play with the kid tho and get games with the double pay to play xD

  • Toxipike
    Toxipike Month ago +4017

    When I was 20 I moved across the country, I got a job working the night shift at a gas station. One day who walks in but my second grade teacher from the state I grew up in on the other side of the country, and even though it had been 15 years, and I had grown to be 6'5 and have a bushy beard and long hair, she immediately recognized me and called me by name and said it had been so long and she was so happy to see me

  • Joseph
    Joseph 7 days ago +4

    My current supervisor is a former social studies teacher of mine who got fired for an “inappropriate relationship” with a former student. It took me three days to recognize where I knew him from.

  • Killer Billiards & Bikes

    love these moments!

  • Jewels Fee
    Jewels Fee 2 months ago +2027

    The best sitter I had. She took me to the park one day. We went to the pond there but it was still frozen over/thawing. It wasn't safe for an adult to run over it. I think I would have made it tho.. It was only like 3 feet deep so not a big deal. When we got there there was a group of guys she knew. Her and the guys were like 16-20 years old (not sure) they bet her $20 I could run across it. She took there bet, I was more than willing to do it... she made him show her the money. As soon as he pulled it out she grabbed it just took off running grabbing me as she ran off. She straight up stole there money and took me to buy candy... I had no idea she wasn't going to let me run across. I was about to run when she full on picked me up while running with the money. I just remember laughing so hard with her after. The guys she did that too we're close buddy's. So they didn't get mad at her. They were impressed with her.

    • Amaberean
      Amaberean 20 days ago

      Well, that was pretty much incomprehensible. (That means nobody understood you)

    • Sports Chronicles
      Sports Chronicles Month ago

      Yeah sure lol

    • Jewels Fee
      Jewels Fee Month ago +1

      @Neverloseyourvoice she took me to the park. The guys where just there and she happened to know them. We didn't hang out. We took their bet then we ran off. We seen them maybe 4 mins total.

    • Neverloseyourvoice
      Neverloseyourvoice Month ago

      She took you to hang out with a group of teen guys? This story has a wholesome ending but kinda strange for a babysitter to take you to hang out with a group of older guys. Imo

    • Christine C.
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      That’s because there is a part of the brain that has 1 job - human facial recognition.
      Ever noticed how you can see “faces” in patterned carpets and knotted wood? 🫣🤭

    • Carla Southwell
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    My mom was babysitter for a future country music star named Randy Travis. I told her she should have gone to one of his shows and hold up a sign that says "I Use To Babysit You." She wouldn't do it.

    • Amaberean
      Amaberean 20 days ago

      @Andrea H Well, that’s ok. Pretty much ALL 21 year olds are pretty damn ignorant.

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      ​@Abby Worgess I have no idea who that is? I am 51 and never heard of him/her?

    • T
      T Month ago

      ​@Jai not everyone grew up listening to country music. My parents listened to rock & roll. I borrowed my dad's Metallica tapes in the 80's. Haha. Then in the 90's when I raised my son, he borrowed all my classic rock & Metallica Cd's while I borrowed his Cd's of modern rock groups. 😁 Now we are on a family Clip-Share/Google account & just send each other videos when we like a new rock & roll song. 😀

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    • Hollowman
      Hollowman Month ago

      @KThom89 ok fair enough well in that case I am glad you think and feel young tbh. as long as you are enjoying life!

    • KThom89
      KThom89 Month ago

      @Hollowman yea. Lol. Yea I do. 😛

    • Hollowman
      Hollowman Month ago

      @KThom89 average lifespan in the US is 76 years old. You're 5 years away from being middle aged. Still think you're "young" lol?

    • KThom89
      KThom89 2 months ago +1

      @Ursula Claire I think what they're doing is trolling more than anything. Doesn't bother me none. I dont think you're old until you're in you're 60's(no offense to those that are, if that kinda thing bothers you), anything before that and you're young. So what they are saying doesn't change how I feel about MY age, they would have to change how I feel about EVERYONE'S age. Lol

    • Ursula Claire
      Ursula Claire 2 months ago +2

      @KThom89 I agree with you. I think the other guy(s) are projecting their insecurity of aging on to you. They want you to feel as sorry for yourself as they do for being that age. Keep being positive about your life journey because as you see, misery LOVES company

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    This vid randomly popped into my feed. Hope you're well.

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    This is making me think of my babysitter after all these years. The best sitter I had, Michelle, every week my twin brother and I would spend the weekend at her house. She introduced us to the Goonies, had a cool sea shell collection, she’d play catch with us, and really was just always fun to be at her house except the day I’m pretty sure that I got sprayed by a skunk in her backyard. She even invited us to her high school basketball games whenever we could go and we’d bring signs like “number 4 is our favorite.” Then she graduated high school, and the following babysitters all sucked.

    • Pewpew
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      Aw so cute❤️

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    It's like how I felt when I did a job interview and I saw my HR applying to the same company. I felt so mortified when I met her eyes 👀 like sh*t, I still have not file my resignation.

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    My husband & I were looking at homes when a man & his family were looking at the same home. The man says to me SUSIE! I spun around yes he said you used to babysit for me looks at my husband said oh wow Jeff you used to bring me & my brother pizza to the house when Susie watched us! I was 17 the boy was 10 and I was looking in the eyes of a 37 yr old man who had his own kids. It’s so surreal

    • JoeCnNd
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      He also remembered how Jeff snuck in when they were asleep and you two made out. lol

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    I saw the Mom of the 2 little girls I babysat for at the mall. Her girls were 2 and 4 when I started working for them and I stayed with them for 4 years until I graduated high-school. Ten years later they walk up while I'm talking to their mother and my jaw dropped.
    These little girls that I would carry to bed and swing around while we played were at least twice my size in weight and had a good 8 inched in height on me. Now I'm not very big, I'm 5'2" and 120lbs but man was glad to know I was the best babysitter they had.🥰

    • Karly-Jade
      Karly-Jade Month ago +2

      @Nicole that was the whole point of the comment. I tell you how small they were even compared to me. I was able to easily pick them up and carry them with no problem even though I wasn't big and muscular. That was to express the size difference I'd witnessed from then until now. They were petite little girls. Some might argue that maybe they've alway been bigger than average and it's normal for them to be big adults. Had I been a larger person then it's a possibility that I could have mistaken them for average sized or even little girls but this was not the case. See where I'm going here?
      Mentioning MY size was relevant to the fact that I KNOW they were little back then.

    • Mystic
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    This reminds me of when my 6th grade karate instructor in school showed up to me and my friends graduation to support us. That was a really cool full circle moment. We were his first ever school class. That man was a saint. He just wanted to see us doing well and better than we were back then

  • Hardeep Singh
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    • leavesofgold3
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      We live in a small town and also have a large family on both sides. So I was cousins with everybody lol. When I subbed it was so fun to pick out the kids by facial features. The kids thought I was a phenomenon 😆😆😆 But it was so obvious lol.

    • random name for a random nerd
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      this is very specific, i hope you laughed about this with a therapist

    • Frugal Frog
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      @deazl666 I feel that, had my mom 😅

    • deazl666
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      @MultiSneakerLover Are you kidding me? I got dragged out of English class by the back of my neck for skipping a class the previous day. He was the last guy in the world you’d want to F with.

    • Linda J
      Linda J 2 months ago +5

      My first 5 years of school were spent in a one room schoolhouse in the middle of the Canadian Prairies (yep, I'm ancient). The mother of 3 of the students was our substitute teacher for a week and their big crisis was should they call her Mom or Mrs. Klimack.

  • Batcat Owler
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    An organically funny moment! 😂😂

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    Diana: Yea she did.. alot 😂

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    I recently ran into my Kindergarten teacher at my work an hour from where I attended her class. I immediately saw her and knew who she was. Even though 18 years had passed she still had a beautiful smile. She didn't remember me until I gave specifics. We chatted a bit and we both wished each other well.

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    When I was 4 years old I went to Head start and I misbehaved in class A lot apparently because when I got to 8th grade the woman who was my teacher then was my homeroom English teacher but I didn't recognize her. When she called the rules of first morning and she got to my name she called me to the front of the class. She instructed me to bring my wooden desk with me and place it beside hers. At 14 I was dumbfounded, but I did as I was told. The teacher then told the class that she had been my kindergarten teacher years before. And if I was anyting now like I was then, she needed to keep an eye on me! 👀 Of course, I did not remember 🤔. She then began to tell tales on me of what a naughty little girl I had been, such as fighting boys on the playground, not wanting to share toys, talking back to the teacher and being all around very stubborn 😤 My cousin, Steven who was in the third row stood up and said, Mrs Exline, you best notify all the other teachers ( we changed classes every hour) so, they can put Catie's desk up front, too. Because, she hasn't changed in ten years! 🤣🤣🤣 🤨🙄🤭

    • Mumblezz__
      Mumblezz__ Month ago

      @Little Red Hen🐣 yea your teacher must have been pretty bad. Grammar and spelling is terrible. “My parents new her” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Mumblezz__
      Mumblezz__ Month ago

      @niicolee06 lmaooo my ghetto mother lmaooo cute cute, so me standing up for myself and not being violent in retaliation is makes me a cry baby? So I’m supposed to just sit there and get embarrassed and do nothing? Because when I beat the teachers ass I’m gonna be sued or put in jail, so I’d rather just win 1 million like that girl from Louisiana the other day for her teachers bullying her.

    • Mumblezz__
      Mumblezz__ Month ago

      @niicolee06 yea that’s not how that works, you can sue a school for embarrassing your child and bullying your child. This is a fact. Idc what your opinion is.