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The Sacred Riana SCARES The Judges With TERRIFYING Magic | AGT: All-Stars 2023


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  • Ofentse Mwase Films
    Ofentse Mwase Films 4 days ago +221

    That was amazing. She's always incredible! Standout Act

    • Laras fruit seeds
      Laras fruit seeds Day ago

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    • Sah H
      Sah H 3 days ago

      She doesn't need attention. She needs a good therapist and a priest.

    • .
      . 4 days ago +5

      The end was anti-climatic

  • Lisa Brummett
    Lisa Brummett 12 days ago +1057

    She needs her own show in Vegas. She is absolutely terrifyingly good. I hope she wins this year.

    • Laras fruit seeds
      Laras fruit seeds Day ago

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    • Laras fruit seeds
      Laras fruit seeds Day ago

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    • Dori Maschke
      Dori Maschke Day ago

      @Dogat Siglat Howie was joking all the judges loved her performances

    • Dogat Siglat
      Dogat Siglat Day ago

      no in vegas , americans dont respect her acts.. judges just say 'go away'

    • Bow Vernon
      Bow Vernon 4 days ago

      @MrStevo626 Riana’s character is originally build from Riana’s personality.

  • Mr Grande
    Mr Grande 8 days ago +213

    6.5 million in 7 days? Wow.... Come on AGT... U have to let this girl shines. She is different from anybody else in AGT, unique and loved by viewer. She deserves to win!

    • K Moore
      K Moore 3 days ago +4

      I agree she needs to win. No one understands the magnificent of this

    • Jack Frost
      Jack Frost 3 days ago +1

      Watch out you might ruffle some feathers, liking her!!>]

  • Aizat Takhiyuddin
    Aizat Takhiyuddin 10 days ago +248

    I'm so happy to see her return to AGT. Her character & horror presentation is what makes her performance different from others & are another level. Even the ending feels like in the middle of horror movie where the ghosts suddenly dissapears left the main character in fear it will haunt them again.

    • Alfian Sopyan
      Alfian Sopyan 2 days ago +1

      @Melissa Wilhelmi U must see Her (Riana) in RealLife🤣.She so pretty and can Smile,180° Different from Audition..She success make u scare 🤣

    • Ferdy Shampoo
      Ferdy Shampoo 3 days ago +1

      @Melissa Wilhelmi yes honey, and you are my angel 🥰

    • Melissa Wilhelmi
      Melissa Wilhelmi 4 days ago +1

      That's because she isn't acting.
      It's the demon inside of her.

  • sophia isabelle
    sophia isabelle 7 days ago +229

    The Sacred Riana never fails to deliver such a strong and compelling performance. Her talent is just mind-blowing.

    • M Fauzi Perdana Putra
      M Fauzi Perdana Putra 3 days ago

      @Donar Thiazi what if he made some things move on their own right in front of you? are you impressed? I'm sure not, everyone has their own judgment and they will not be impressed until they see it directly in front of their eyes.

    • M Fauzi Perdana Putra
      M Fauzi Perdana Putra 3 days ago

      @Donar Thiazi Let's take a look at Riana in Asia Got Talent, is she not doing what? thanks again

    • Donar Thiazi
      Donar Thiazi 3 days ago

      @M Fauzi Perdana Putra
      What? No, of course that's not the case. I've watched plenty of magicians and illusionists and had no idea how they performed their tricks, but I still loved to watch their act.
      But this girl just doesn't do anything impressive

    • M Fauzi Perdana Putra
      M Fauzi Perdana Putra 3 days ago +1

      @Donar Thiazi There's something that you don't know that makes you unimpressed. You're the type that likes clear magic tricks that can be thought of by logic, that's why you like magic, but there's one magic trick that's beyond logic that can't even be explained.

    • Donar Thiazi
      Donar Thiazi 3 days ago

      @M Fauzi Perdana Putra
      I'm saying that I didn't see her doing very much. She just sort of stood around acting like she was angry and maybe pointing her finger. That's just not very impressive.
      (no, I have not watched her doing anything in Indonesia)

  • Ryy fahri
    Ryy fahri Day ago +12

    She is an irreplaceable talent and uniqueness, I don't think she will win this season, just like the previous season if she doesn't win this time, she will come and haunt the stage again and again. Maybe indirectly she is the face of GOT TALENT around the world because any viewer who has seen her performance will look forward to her performance again and also the reason why people want to watch this show. She may not have won but she won the hearts of the audience and her fans.

  • eloooyhm
    eloooyhm 9 days ago +59

    Bangga sekali dengan Riana, netizen internasional sangat antusias sekali dengan kembalinya Riana di AGT.
    Atraksi panggungnya ga pernah mengecewakan. Selalu keren!!!

    • Kang noerdin
      Kang noerdin 4 hours ago

      Kasian gagal riana , warga amerika mereka anggap itu beneran ....

  • yayat
    yayat 10 days ago +211

    I have never watched AGT anymore since she was eliminated in 2018. Now she's back and I will watch AGT again.
    She's the reason why I watch AGT.

    • Laras fruit seeds
      Laras fruit seeds Day ago

      siang kakak semoga sehat sehat selalu,bantu like subscribe kak,yang sudah subscribe mudah mudahan dilancarkan segalanya


      Are you Indonesian?? Kwwkw

    • Puloh Han
      Puloh Han 4 days ago


    • opik
      opik 6 days ago

      Same bg yayat

    • yayat
      yayat 6 days ago

      @Puloh Han makanya kalo ada pelajaran Bhs Inggris di sekolah jangan tidur tong 😂 Gua ini mahasiswa jurusan Bhs Inggris tingkat akhir. Walaupun gua orang Sunda gua ngerti semua percakapan juri dan komentar-komentar di video ini. Gua nulis dgn grammar yg benar. Makanya jgn anggap rendah orang Indonesia yg fasih berbahasa Inggris. Do not underestimate Indonesians who are good at English.

  • Iqran Edzereie
    Iqran Edzereie 13 days ago +1088

    She’s the main reason why I would watch Got Talent shows she is in. The way she stays in her character while performing her illusions in horror mode is absolutely astounding. Hope that she advances to the next round. I need to see more of her acts.

    • Melissa Wilhelmi
      Melissa Wilhelmi Day ago

      @Laras fruit seeds, I rebuke your words to hell if th their demonic. I cast your words into the abyss that they will not have any power by the authority of JESUS CHRIST on earth.

    • Kepai
      Kepai Day ago

      Her performance is top notch that puts her better then so many other magicians. She just gotta work lil on magic variety. She reuses the picture trick quite a-lot .

    • Laras fruit seeds
      Laras fruit seeds Day ago

      siang kakak semoga sehat sehat selalu,bantu like subscribe kak,yang sudah subscribe mudah mudahan dilancarkan segalanya

    • Zaa NR OFFICIAL channel
      Zaa NR OFFICIAL channel 3 days ago +1

      What I saw was that the female judges were very entertained like when Riana showed her illusions☺️☺️

    • Rise Kujikawa
      Rise Kujikawa 4 days ago

      @SuperZandersmom hahaha lol you just scared 😂 weak ppl nowadays got scared of ghost easily 😂

  • Saidakine
    Saidakine 11 days ago +223

    She deserves an act in Vegas , she is very unique. I think the judges are actually scared to death of her.

    • Iqran Edzereie
      Iqran Edzereie 10 days ago +8

      Correct. They’re not as brave as those from Asia’s Got Talent. Anggun is scared too, so does Jay Park. But they are mesmerised by her performance. Even Anggun commented her act is spectacular.

    • Beetwin9
      Beetwin9 10 days ago +3

      Hahaha you're right!

  • Peter Moua
    Peter Moua 3 days ago +4

    She needs to win. I would pay to watch her in Las Vegas. We need to spam AGT's social media about Sacred Riana.

  • Priyanto Dwi
    Priyanto Dwi 11 days ago +9

    Riana 2018 : "disuruh pergi, karena juri ketakutan."
    Riana 2023: "keep calm Bro.....gak usah nyuruh pergi gue lagi... gue hilang dengan sendirinya kok."
    Keren Sacred Riana 👍👍👍

  • AL Lim
    AL Lim 9 days ago +90

    Honestly such a unique act. I only needed to see her face once to remember her performance years ago. Such amazing and terrifying magic

  • Steven Valencia
    Steven Valencia 9 days ago +57

    Her talent is by far the best thing I've ever seen in this got talent show, some magicians are boring, but Riana terrified me asf. I've been a fan of hers since the beginning!

    • Jerico Jard
      Jerico Jard 8 days ago +3

      With all do respect to all magician..i love the way they do their magic ... meanwhile riana knows how to illustrate all the creepy ... horror atmosphere in the whole room...even me ..im watching this alone at 2am...and i have to turn the background music down to make it more comfortable to watch...i dont want to get scared and jump off my seat...or kill somebody..

  • Kak Nona Channel
    Kak Nona Channel 6 days ago +5

    Always love her show ❤️

  • Rod Munce
    Rod Munce 11 days ago +63

    she is the best act i've ever seen on agt by far and the most unique by far. just amazing. howie's reaction and the other two were trying to be cool but they were not comfortable at all. i like the ending as well cuz they didn't know wtf was going to happen

    • Jerico Jard
      Jerico Jard 19 hours ago

      The story continues....the mistery of her disappearance at the end .....

    • Alfian Sopyan
      Alfian Sopyan 2 days ago

      Agree with u,what a Brilliant ending how Riana end the show.

    • Susan Wulandari
      Susan Wulandari 9 days ago

      Just like a horror movies but in a short version

  • Annoying_queenbee
    Annoying_queenbee 4 days ago +15

    Sacred Riana never fails. I love her and her acts but sometimes it's scary

  • Damo 666
    Damo 666 9 days ago +26

    It won't even matter if she wins or not talent scouts will be lining up to sign her she is amazing and she has a great future ahead of her

  • Ali Fya
    Ali Fya 11 days ago +103

    They are too scared of her and take it too serious. She's just an magician and illusionist. Not a murderrer or satanic or phsycopath. She is talented and deserve more recognition

    • Ali Fya
      Ali Fya 4 days ago

      @Red Taylor even the magician can explain her tricks

    • Green Tea
      Green Tea 4 days ago

      @Red Taylor that is true. Satanic.

    • Donar Thiazi
      Donar Thiazi 5 days ago +1

      ​@Red Taylor
      Oh grow up

    • Red Taylor
      Red Taylor 6 days ago +2

      This is most definitely of the devil

    • MeIn2022
      MeIn2022 8 days ago

      Ikr. But is a proof that his talent is work? For me, It's just Magus Utopia BGT horror version. No one speculates about Magus Utopia just because they performed so fun.

  • Lou tong
    Lou tong 9 days ago +8

    Dengan adanya Riana rating AGT akan lebih baik lagi, dan penontonnya akan semangat lagi untuk menontonnya terima kasih.

  • Nyx 47
    Nyx 47 11 days ago +21

    Can’t wait to see her on next show! She’s amazing!

  • Raina Mermaid
    Raina Mermaid 13 days ago +4

    I did not think that was a knife handle... lmao

  • Laila Ahirin
    Laila Ahirin 11 days ago +37

    Glad Riana is back. Hope she will bring more terrifying acts. Her acts on the stage makes y heart beat faster as if am watching it directly; like am really feeling how tense Howie is.

  • Winston Seecharan
    Winston Seecharan 4 days ago +13

    5 minutes of Riana is more enjoyable than watching horror movie all day and night

  • K Moore
    K Moore 3 days ago +9

    She is the best act out there and she deserves to win. No one in that audience was fun. They don't understand the magnificence of this. I would have been happy to see her again

  • Swtzazn89
    Swtzazn89 9 days ago +8

    If AGT isn’t going to accept her uniqueness, she should start her own Clip-Share channel, so she can be recognized! It’s sad that they used their own personal judgement to crush her dreams.
    She would have given a lot of awesome performances. And there is a lot of horror enthusiasts.
    Riana, girl, don’t waste your talent on this show. Start your own Clip-Share channel! 😊

  • GamingFanactic911
    GamingFanactic911 13 days ago +839

    She is so horrifying yet entertaining at the same time. I did not expect her to come back but I'm so glad she did

    • candra rachmad
      candra rachmad 12 days ago

      Oh come on ... Sacred riana again ,, make me can't sleep

    • Gabriel Bispo
      Gabriel Bispo 12 days ago +1

      @Mupi Cap Staged acts doesn't get any further into the show. U know...Winners get paid.

    • J.W willy
      J.W willy 12 days ago

      im also very very glad she is back and she will win

    • J.W willy
      J.W willy 12 days ago

      @Snow999 are u ready for whats next

    • Mupi Cap
      Mupi Cap 13 days ago +2

      Nah it just a show. It works because the audience react to it perfectly. Specially the judges.. It needs a work team u know. Its a show. Dont take it seriously.

  • chan chan
    chan chan 2 days ago +5

    This magician is among the most terrifying in the world today. Goosebumps in action !!

  • Arief Munandar
    Arief Munandar 10 days ago +39

    even though you don't like her magic, her acting is a talent in itself for Riana's character

  • motina
    motina 11 days ago +38

    She is briliant, i love her magic so much.
    She is really unique ❤️😍

  • Miss Kana
    Miss Kana 12 days ago +37

    Her character, the horror, her act , superb!!!

  • Nouval Adam Adrian
    Nouval Adam Adrian 8 days ago +7

    she's masterpiece! It's not only the magic but the character present!!!

  • Future Panther
    Future Panther 3 days ago +8

    One of the best artists of this show without a doubt, the views dont lie, so why not make her win this season? she has deserved it for a long time.

  • michael adams
    michael adams 11 days ago +17

    This is the only act that I wanted to see. She is very interesting, spooky and mysterious. I wish she can get a fan vote or a wild card shot . I want to see more of her act.

  • AnimalGuy1
    AnimalGuy1 5 days ago +3

    I love Sacred Riana's performances; they're always so entertaining and the other people are so funny

  • Langerfield
    Langerfield 11 days ago +29

    She’s truly the Queen of All stars for the rest of the performers ❤❤❤

  • I am Lei
    I am Lei 8 days ago +5

    Oh, Sacred Riana is back! I always looked forward for her performances back then. So exciting this season of AGT will be.

  • CZHR Music
    CZHR Music 11 days ago +23

    In real life, she's not scary at all. In fact, she's very innocent and funny. I was amazed by her magic show and also the way she portrayed the horror character.

  • Gabriel Games&Tecnologia
    Gabriel Games&Tecnologia 10 days ago +11

    She is amazing! 🇧🇷

  • OKKAAA : Wild Rift
    OKKAAA : Wild Rift 12 days ago +12

    Must go to finale, this is autenthic and next level magic

  • Bang jay
    Bang jay 11 days ago +12

    this is what the sacred riana has been waiting for, it always thrills the audience goo the sacred has always been a success..😍😍

  • Arie Febri Susanto
    Arie Febri Susanto 9 days ago +11

    Spectacular show of riana.. she bring horror entire the stage, makes judges and audiences feels like in haunted house.. she deserve to win..

  • arifin syah
    arifin syah 9 days ago +4

    I don't expect Riana to win, but I hope that she will always be on stage until the final

  • Bart Hatch
    Bart Hatch 13 days ago +363

    I LOVE her! The absolute showmanship is off the charts for what she's doing.

    • T.e.l.e.g.r.a.m  👉 @Romildo2288
      T.e.l.e.g.r.a.m 👉 @Romildo2288 12 days ago

      Big fan🎖 You are among the selected winners🎖️🎖️ Use the name above to massage me on telegram to claim your prize🎉🎉

  • Galagalpopayopl
    Galagalpopayopl 2 days ago +17


  • 👯U'DiCk👯
    👯U'DiCk👯 3 days ago +1

    I've watched it many times... I don't get bored watching it again...again & again...it's a really extraordinary magic show...which can make everyone on stage...speechless...focus on the phenomenal magic show from 👍the secret Riana👍

  • giselle andrea soliman
    giselle andrea soliman 8 days ago +2

    one of fave!!!! gosh remembering how much i repeatedly watched all her performances!!

  • Tuey
    Tuey Day ago

    I love how she just disappears and doesn’t stay for the judging love it I hope she does good!

  • Hessel Seven
    Hessel Seven 9 days ago +10

    OMG..... That's one of the most AMAZING PERFORMANCE from Riana.... I do love it and can't stand for the next show!!!! 💯💯💯

  • LaysPlace
    LaysPlace 10 days ago +6

    Good acting, and good personality on show. And good trick

  • Steven Valencia
    Steven Valencia 9 days ago +11

    Omgg, she's the star of this show!! Her acts are always viral as it deserves!!

  • INS Official
    INS Official 6 days ago +3

    I love her magic so much, she is amazing 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ghostmagicshow
    Ghostmagicshow 12 days ago +271

    Her stage presence and holding the crowd in quiet suspense is what the art of magic is all about....

  • By Ron
    By Ron 10 days ago +7

    She's An Icon .. She deserves To Win At This Season ... Cant wait For the Next Act of her 😮😮

  • lfd_fae
    lfd_fae 7 days ago +4

    She's my all-time favorite . I'm glad she's back💓

  • Kyle Scarbrough
    Kyle Scarbrough 11 days ago +1

    She is amazingly good!! She needs to go on penn and teller fool us!! I want to know if they know how she made it appear as if a ghost was under the sheets!!

  • AP. Tambunan
    AP. Tambunan 11 days ago +12

    Finally, the sacred riana is come back.. and now, her performance is very2 spectacular.. we proud of u the sacred riana 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Johan Wahyu Herliyanto
    Johan Wahyu Herliyanto 8 days ago +5

    She is very unique and different from the others. Amazing

  • Lucas Burghardt
    Lucas Burghardt 12 days ago +6

    This is what I call entertainment. Love her

  • Matthew H
    Matthew H 11 days ago +8

    Surprised she came back. Didn't think this show was the best platform for her. She's super serious. On AGT you gotta have a little charm in your act. If she cracked a smile or made a dark joke once in a while to break the tension, she'd get a better response.

    JVRA RYAN 10 days ago +5

    she's good at making everyone curious. I'll be waiting for her next performance 🥶👻👻👻👻

  • Peto Zoltan
    Peto Zoltan 12 days ago +157

    Omg .. she's back again 😀 she's brilliant ! I don't like magic at all, but her performance is at another level ..

    • Susan Wulandari
      Susan Wulandari 9 days ago +1

      Just like me. I hate horror movies but I like act

  • Phil
    Phil 7 days ago +3

    Her illusions, to be honest are, so so. Her act however, the delivery and the atmosphere she creates is phenomenal. She is a true entertainer. She's fantastic. If I was visiting Vegas and she was doing a show, and for some reason I could only see one, it would be hers.

    STEWIE JUST SAID THAT 11 days ago +4

    Thank God the judges dont have a vote bcuz I choose her to win it all. The act, magic, horror and suspense. It’s so satisfyingly creepy

  • amor fati
    amor fati 10 days ago +5

    I already know what she's like but I still got goosebumps from across the screen

    IRON$IDE 11 days ago +9

    Her act is horrifying and awesome and she give me the chills.

  • ItsZlNC Cosplay
    ItsZlNC Cosplay 12 days ago +271

    She's like the main reason I watch Got Talent, one of my favorite Magicians, I hope to see more of her!

    RDYLEE STENNEY LUMBIS 5 days ago +2

    The sacred Riana should be winner all the time 🖤🥺

  • Sara Kiko
    Sara Kiko 8 days ago +5

    Omg she is back? The brilliant magician love her show so much ❤❤❤

  • Jinyu Alcantara
    Jinyu Alcantara 6 days ago +2

    Wow her act leveled up since the last time I saw her in got talent stage

  • star light
    star light 4 days ago

    amazing. can't wait for your other acts, riana! we are rooting for you ❤❤

  • Evans
    Evans 13 days ago +634

    I was upset at first too when she did not get to go further back in season 13. I thought the judges were totally off about her just being scary and did not see her showmanship. But I started to think about her brillant tactic promoting herself! She had already won a title from Asian's Got Talent. She doesn't need another one. She needs exposure. What's better than keep coming to AGT to show her new acts? Maximum exposure, maximum love and feedback from fans, minimum cost and the world knows about her now. Everyone can't get enough of her including me. She needs to keep it up. Time that Simon gives back and allow real talents to shine using his stage without giving him any more credit. Keep it up, girl, I am rooting for you!

    • Morpheus X
      Morpheus X 10 days ago +1

      Not only is she the only AGT contestant that has ever cast a movie, she has 2 of her own movies going well.

    • Jan Christian Ursua Aguilar
      Jan Christian Ursua Aguilar 12 days ago +4

      @MindEd borderline racism at worst! that is the worst way ever i mean that simon and mel b got karma'd but still treating asian contestants badly? i really wish the agt franchise got revoked for multiple violations like favortism

    • Adinidiin Owens
      Adinidiin Owens 12 days ago

      She's cursed him it looks like towards the end

    • you must be curious 😏
      you must be curious 😏 12 days ago

      @MindEd fr

    • MindEd
      MindEd 13 days ago +15

      Because she's not american bro. Only american can vote. But they're blind, because her act is the most viral act all the time. LOL

  • jessy 76
    jessy 76 6 days ago +2

    For me it's the fact that she's been eliminated for being too good !!!

  • Ema Anggia Dwi Safitri
    Ema Anggia Dwi Safitri 11 days ago +1

    So scary...🖤 So amazing...🖤 So beautiful...🖤 Perfect...🖤

  • BK
    BK 9 days ago +3

    She's my favourite contestant.

  • Ako Budoy
    Ako Budoy 8 days ago +3

    Howie was really scared. This is a very unique act and deserves much appreciation and recognition

  • Out 'N About - sticksara
    Out 'N About - sticksara 12 days ago +214

    She’s so awesome. I’ve been watching her ever since she won the Asia’s Got Talent years ago. And I can’t wait to see what she does next.
    But it’s a shame that on AGT, the judges here act like they “don’t get her”.

    • Iqran Edzereie
      Iqran Edzereie 10 days ago +7

      Anggun, Jay Park, and David Foster are at least professional and mature enough to compliment her performance. But here, Heidi is the only one that is most ok for me. Howie and Simon still the same as before. It’s disrespectful to do that to Riana despite her spectacular act. I mean can you find anyone that can still stay in character other than Riana herself?

    • [YT] akaRhaegar
      [YT] akaRhaegar 10 days ago +5

      Yea the judges from asia’s got talent appreciates her and as long as she terrifies them, that’s definitely talent because her act is supposed to be terrifying

    • Gonk
      Gonk 11 days ago +10

      She'd be an awesome act in Las Vegas with horror mazes popping up soon from Universal in Vegas.

  • Ridho Cullen
    Ridho Cullen 9 days ago +2

    I know this is magic, but her appearance made me believe it was black magic.
    Very brilliant

  • newginafets2009
    newginafets2009 11 days ago +2


  • Keisha Iz Awesome

    I dont even like horror stuff but I dig her alot! I'd totally go see her if I had the chance

  • MissJaeyyy
    MissJaeyyy 5 days ago +1

    Oh my god she's baaaack . I watched all her performance to asia and an all start , so amazing

  • Readers
    Readers 15 days ago +2107

    She should have been given a Golden Buzzer! She puts so much efforts in her acts. Horror Magic is not easy to pull out. And NETFLIX, are you seeing her? Make a show based on her character.

    • Brian Orozco
      Brian Orozco 2 days ago +1

      Guys, she does not have her own Netflix show. The person was just asking Netflix if they’re watching this stuff she does.

    • Marek M.
      Marek M. 10 days ago

      Please only no Netflix :C They would suck her unique soul and change her into horror making machine
      Totally disgusting 🤮

    • Alan Spring
      Alan Spring 12 days ago

      She was trying to emulate the character from Ringu. How performance was golden buzzer quality which is why she wasn't given it

    • weehamish101
      weehamish101 12 days ago

      So many dumb people here... he said make a show on Netflix you apes... l2r ffs

    • Dandi Yuan Aridianto
      Dandi Yuan Aridianto 12 days ago

      She's actually on the movie though, it's called "The sacred riana" And "The sacred riana2: Bloody marry"

  • jjdvideo
    jjdvideo 8 days ago +2

    They should have voted her through.
    It would have been cool to see how this played out.
    The were coming for Howie !!! 😯

  • Gonk
    Gonk 11 days ago +1

    She's awesome and we srsly need more females in magic. :)

  • Bang Firman's Channel
    Bang Firman's Channel 3 days ago +2

    Proud of her, The Sacred Riana! 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Steven 3001
    Steven 3001 4 days ago +1

    Omaigat. The sacred Riana the One and only. Her performance really spectacular 🔥🔥🔥

  • Agus Budiawan
    Agus Budiawan 12 days ago +491

    4.5 M views in 3 days? She is absolutely a Star.🤩🤩🤩

    • suku cahaya chanel
      suku cahaya chanel 14 hours ago

      Tapi gagal top 3


      Indonesia maning hadeeh

    • chan chan
      chan chan 2 days ago

      Kok pake mantranya bahasa Jowo😀

    • Faiz Baskara
      Faiz Baskara 3 days ago

      @Richard Yugoslavia hahah malaysian keuh ? why are y'all so tamak dan jeaolous anytime 😅

    • sewa bot
      sewa bot 5 days ago

      Riana itu orang Citayam bener dah

  • Deihan Dzilky
    Deihan Dzilky 8 days ago +2

    *_The Sacred Riana karakternya mémang sangat kuat, buat siapa aja jadi penasaran untuk menunggu kejutan2 lainnya!!!_*

  • AbE Matanari
    AbE Matanari 7 days ago

    I’m so happy She is back again and amazing show

  • Wickdgirl1
    Wickdgirl1 5 days ago

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  • Mayoclassic
    Mayoclassic 12 days ago

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  • Kozmaz Nifu
    Kozmaz Nifu 3 days ago +2

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  • Christopher karl Jimenez

    OMG the queen of magic is back to get her revenge😏

  • Paul Smego
    Paul Smego 11 days ago +2

    Just got done watching this it was amazing the first time I’m seeing her and I hope she wins this is amazing

  • Joseph Radoff
    Joseph Radoff 13 days ago +343

    Wow. All I can say and she deserves WAY more than the golden buzzer this gal is talent beyond imagination.

    • Ferdy Shampoo
      Ferdy Shampoo 3 days ago

      What golden buzzer ?? She's gone before everyone would give her aplause tho 🤣

    • viperess2092002
      viperess2092002 5 days ago

      @Donar Thiazi it’s just every other magician she’s makes it darker

    • Donar Thiazi
      Donar Thiazi 5 days ago

      What abilities? She walks a few steps and points her finger? Or holds a box? The rest is someone else offstage that's activating her stage props??
      What's everyone so impressed by here?

    • viperess2092002
      viperess2092002 11 days ago +4

      @Wade Reynolds /Deadpool she has no demons she's a young woman with good magician abilities

    • Vishesh
      Vishesh 13 days ago

      bruh you really think this is "talent" ? ffs stop believing everything you see on the internet and media, they know exactly what they are doing.

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