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THE NIGHT SHIFT: my romantic getaway with lana

  • Published on Jun 8, 2020 veröffentlicht
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    on today's episode we finally escape los angeles for even sandier beaches and palmier palm trees, plus a pitstop mukbang at kfc, and a potential speedbump in the form of logan and josie.
    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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  • Abby Kelly
    Abby Kelly 2 years ago +2821

    i honestly like how she’s being herself. she’s actually very sweet

  • M3NACE
    M3NACE Year ago +178

    Man. If you don’t miss these times with Lana, I give you credit Mike. You’re a strong minded individual. If I had this & lost it idk how I’d keep myself

    • Colby Neace
      Colby Neace 2 months ago +2

      @M3NACE you must not have listened to every podcast of Impaulsive. They CLEARLY implied about how crazy she actually is & hinted towards her doing mean shit to Mike. I mean, you can hear her say mean shit to & about Mike in all these Night Shift episodes. When your S/O calls you a beach whale, etc etc, on the daily, shit ends up being an emotionally & mentally abusive relationship. Thankfully Mike realized that and got out. You can just tell by her eyes though as to how crazy she actually is.

    • M3NACE
      M3NACE 3 months ago

      @Manny A looks aren’t everything in my opinion. Lana is a pretty girl and emotional connections are extremely rare and far more valuable. If you can get that & looks both to perfection, you don’t wanna lose it. There are a lot of pretty girls but very few you can connect with on a deeper emotional level.

    • M3NACE
      M3NACE 3 months ago

      @arpit thakur I think having lost someone due to natural causes or in general is different than a break up that could’ve been avoided easily. Even if it is momentary, like a loved one or family member, you’d still want it to last as long as possible.

    • Manny A
      Manny A 3 months ago +4

      Bro mike pull girls everyday hotter than lana.

    • arpit thakur
      arpit thakur 4 months ago +1

      what lost bro?
      even if you are with someone you dont have them forever...these attachments are conceptual and momentary...

  • Grassy Grass
    Grassy Grass 2 years ago +43

    I have only seen like 3 episodes of the night shift but I really enjoy it because how just open everyone seems they just say whatever they thinking and I regret not tuning in sooner

  • Crucible Airsoft Ohio
    Crucible Airsoft Ohio 2 years ago +47

    I’ve read Mikes book. And I can’t deny that I feel like meeting him now. He is definitely more then what meets the eye. Mike if you get this congrats on your journey.

  • DigitalVillage
    DigitalVillage 2 years ago +4020

    Lana has the one of the best humors i've seen in a woman

    • DigitalVillage
      DigitalVillage 21 day ago

      @Henry_2403 na. Pimp

    • Henry_2403
      Henry_2403 21 day ago


    • Dopey_ Cr33d
      Dopey_ Cr33d 26 days ago


    • Vintage
      Vintage 2 months ago

      someone fallin in love

    • Liviu
      Liviu 3 months ago

      I mean at this point in society any humor in a woman is most humor ive seen in womans

  • Jordan Dutson
    Jordan Dutson 2 years ago +1

    Love your videos bro, been watching you from the beginning and you are a huge motivation. It would be a dream to go on vacations like this

  • Zenmarster
    Zenmarster 2 years ago +1

    You really are an inspiration, I am so extremely glad that you made it! Keep doing you! if I ever get to the same level, I will thank you for making me try

  • Partik Singh
    Partik Singh Year ago +1

    love the vlogs and twitch streams, also Lana is such a sweetheart. Big respect and blessings for you guys❤️❤️

  • GibsonB1986
    GibsonB1986 Year ago +24

    I am fascinated how you went from addict to where you are. I'm 4 years clean and just want to congratulate you on making it and surviving the beast. Take it all the way. Mad respect ✊.

    • francesco
      francesco Year ago

      @Samuel Preyer cause there's no joke, he's been a heroine addict for 10 years

    • Samuel Preyer
      Samuel Preyer Year ago +1

      I don't get it. Please explain

  • Irvin Castro
    Irvin Castro 2 years ago +634

    Mike looks happy and that makes me extremely happy knowing what he’s been through, keep up the great work we love you

    • ChildEater
      ChildEater 8 months ago +1

      Of course he's happy😉

    • Johnezzyy
      Johnezzyy 2 years ago

      @César Cobos Ávila yea clip-share.net/video/tv2dwT3vgnU/video.html

    • César Cobos Ávila
      César Cobos Ávila 2 years ago +1

      He has someone who loves him and besides who likes to make him happy in other ways that mortals will not achieve much

    • Don Mills
      Don Mills 2 years ago

      2450 subs before Tomorrow stfu

    • Fabian B
      Fabian B 2 years ago


  • Daniel Cano Gutierrez
    Daniel Cano Gutierrez 5 months ago +8

    I'm literally watching this two years later, and I miss these two together.

  • CtK
    CtK 2 years ago +1

    huge respect for you sir Mike!! You are an idol for us young kids struggling with heroin and depression!!

  • Dustin Pulley
    Dustin Pulley Year ago

    Looks like a fun trip. I like your podcast with Logan, and your videos man. Keep up the good work

  • Carol
    Carol 2 years ago +10

    Lana is actually hilarious and her and Mike just fit perfectly

  • DiME
    DiME 2 years ago +435

    Mike's life is like a nightmare that turned into a most crazy and beautiful dream where everything is going like he wants, and his decisions and hard work are the reasons it is going so well, massive respect.

    • Local dude
      Local dude 13 days ago

      @Admirll exactly... everyone was expecting it the other way around..

    • Local dude
      Local dude 13 days ago

      @Tyler F what a plotwist it was

    • Admirll
      Admirll 10 months ago +1

      @Tyler F aint this crazy now that mike broke lana's heart

    • Eren087
      Eren087 2 years ago


    • Anthony Halsall
      Anthony Halsall 2 years ago +4

      so true mikes life is an insperation to many including myself who are stuck in limbo under the grip of addioction including myself im writing this now with a c pipe in my hand and even though im using its 90% less than i usualy used !!!

  • AyyKyle
    AyyKyle 2 years ago +2907

    Use me as the “i’m only here for Lana” button *appreciate all the likes i’d smash Lana into a new universe

    • AyyKyle
      AyyKyle 2 years ago

      Lazz Lazarta who said anyone is?

    • AyyKyle
      AyyKyle 2 years ago

      XY_Sega yea ik.. 2.k LOL

    • Aaron Harman
      Aaron Harman 2 years ago

      Anny I came for mike and stayed for mike... Lana is just a bonus init

    • Lazz Lazarta
      Lazz Lazarta 2 years ago

      I’m not tho😭 horny ass

    • Bryan Louis
      Bryan Louis 2 years ago

      that's a lot of simps

  • Bora Kurucu
    Bora Kurucu 2 years ago +8

    I wish I could be friends with Logan and benefit from all his work like you do lol

  • Anjuli Mack
    Anjuli Mack 2 years ago

    Found you because of Logan & found Lana because of you - love you all. Lana seems SO freaking cool & chill :)

  • All She Knows
    All She Knows 2 years ago +7

    I love how she’s always sweet and happy that’s the girl to have !!!Worth it keep her 😊

  • Jason Lucas
    Jason Lucas 2 years ago +690

    I like how Mike sticks to his roots and how he still uses the buttered toast and the night shift paper sign

    • Julia Musk
      Julia Musk 2 years ago


    • Dee.857
      Dee.857 2 years ago +1

      Dammn Laban throws hans

    • JW
      JW 2 years ago +3

      This show isnt the night shift idk what you mean lol. It's the lana show now

    • Ashutosh Sharma
      Ashutosh Sharma 2 years ago +6

      Your screen shot is posted by Mike on twitter 😌

  • Black Fox
    Black Fox 2 years ago

    Nesecito que este canal tenga subtítulos como el canal de Logan Paul el contenido es muy entretenido y lana es muy hermosa saludos amigos

  • DrummieGaming one
    DrummieGaming one 2 years ago +1158

    I think we all are asking ourselves the same thing: “How??”

    • Cosielni debs
      Cosielni debs Year ago

      @UC9BeZhdJjqDgBeXw8eYMKNQ Ok mangina xd

    • Cosielni debs
      Cosielni debs Year ago +1

      @UC9BeZhdJjqDgBeXw8eYMKNQ Ok mangina xD

    • Cosielni debs
      Cosielni debs Year ago

      @Jordan Thiel Ok simp

    • Cosielni debs
      Cosielni debs Year ago +1

      @Richard K. HAHAHAHA really? "Selected men" omgosh...Please google her and see a few vids of her and then come back

    • Richard K.
      Richard K. Year ago +1

      @Cosielni debs On average she's eaten less sausages than the normal girls we date. Porn stars shoot videos with only a few selected men. Normal girls have had sex with more men than porn stars

  • Jenny Barrera
    Jenny Barrera 2 years ago +1

    Haha this is so cute their sexual banter and how they always go eat food together reminds me of me and my bf relationship so its nice to watch when im not with him cuz its similar so its like deja vu

  • Ian Lobo
    Ian Lobo 2 years ago

    Creó que me gusta más verla así de felíz que en los videos de ya saben👌🏼😊

  • speckz
    speckz 2 years ago +1857

    "Babe turn the camera off"
    Mike truly is living the dream...

    • speckz
      speckz 2 years ago +6

      @Exar Kun liking your own comment isn't the dream :)

    • Oddwolf 799
      Oddwolf 799 2 years ago

      @Exar Kun it's a dream when going to bed with her but that's pretty much all lol

    • Exar Kun
      Exar Kun 2 years ago +1

      Dating lana is not a dream

    • АлександрЛука
      АлександрЛука 2 years ago

      Need help with food, please can you help?

    • Alexis Duarte
      Alexis Duarte 2 years ago

      @Julia Musk ????

  • Zerospy
    Zerospy 2 years ago

    Im here for you both, Mike is such a great and funny guy and Lana is such a pretty and sweet girl!, i see the love in your eyes, specially in the lana's eyes, Mike you are playing it in the hardest league of all, i wish you luck my friend, i hope you will be wise and make her a baby soon XD.

  • Aura Physic
    Aura Physic 2 years ago +2

    Your a lucky man don’t take that for granted she is a wonderful person and is very sweet I hope y’all had fun

  • Artist M
    Artist M 2 years ago +2

    Big props to Mike for that outro, what a respectful guy

  • Gabi Koonings
    Gabi Koonings 2 years ago +2

    You know what i love about her ?
    That she is a natural beauty, she isn't painting her whole face on every morning, as far as i can tell, and she seems pretty cool and laid back.
    Seems like a great girl.
    The porn doesn't matter. A lot of people think all kinds of weird stuff because of it, nah.

    • holly
      holly 2 years ago

      @Gabi Koonings yeah i full get where your coming from, respect bro

    • Gabi Koonings
      Gabi Koonings 2 years ago

      @holly The point was she is not looking like she is walking around with a fully painted on face, and it doesn't look like her own face is just fucked up but all hidden behind make up.
      And fake tits are no problem, until they're too big or done badly, the ass, well, she might be th eonly fake ass i've seen that is nice, the rest are all really really really really really bad.
      In short, thanks for completely missing the point.

    • holly
      holly 2 years ago

      she literally had implants on her boobs and her ass, she plastic

  • Luis Curzio
    Luis Curzio 2 years ago +628

    Drunk Lana is even funnier 😂😂😂 I really like being able to know this more human part of her.

    • Pope Francis
      Pope Francis 2 years ago +1

      Yeah instead of the inside of her 😂😂

    • Jeter Canda
      Jeter Canda 2 years ago +1

      The longest porn intr0 evar

    • Camilotjee _
      Camilotjee _ 2 years ago +1

      i saw some human parts of her lol

    • Jeremiegarciaa
      Jeremiegarciaa 2 years ago +1

      @Retro Twix she a demon if you know what I mean😂😂

    • Benji Sisler
      Benji Sisler 2 years ago +1

      Well being that she is a human that would only make sense🤷‍♀️

  • CozyBoyTro
    CozyBoyTro Year ago +70

    I miss this relationship, but if it wasn't meant to be, then it wasn't meant to be :(

  • Grace Kirchgessner
    Grace Kirchgessner 2 years ago

    Amara needs to start Vlogging on her own channel again! LOVE her!!

    • Grace Kirchgessner
      Grace Kirchgessner 2 years ago

      Im just gonna start saying it on every single one of Mike's vlogs till she comes to her senses! Lol

  • Fernando Prado
    Fernando Prado 2 years ago +1

    Love your vids mike! lol I’m watching this high as fuck!! You’re funny as fuck 😂😂! Love you guys!

  • Jade M
    Jade M Year ago

    I Stan this couple sooo much. I hope they work it out

  • Zo
    Zo 2 years ago +1

    Lana's personality is so sweet the more i see her:)

  • Gabriel Morales
    Gabriel Morales 2 years ago

    I love to see Lana Happy!! She is the best... Best Couple...

  • Argenis Perez
    Argenis Perez 2 years ago +44

    When they were on the bathroom and Lana looked herself at the mirror, I was transferred on my mind to “me and my step sister play on the bathroom during vacations” jajajaja

    LUMBERJEFF L.L.C. Year ago +1

    Man,.... you guys are living THE life. Wow. I kinda wish I never saw this lol! My life compared to yours is like...... a bug you find under a rotting tree or something

  • Natasha Danielle
    Natasha Danielle 2 years ago +284

    I swear when Lana was laughing at you in the sea it was so funny and wholesome

    • Natasha Danielle
      Natasha Danielle 2 years ago

      Lol just because you’ve watched her in porn? Women are not only sexual objects?

    • Xendrith
      Xendrith 2 years ago +2

      There is nothing wholesome abough her

    • Julia Musk
      Julia Musk 2 years ago


  • Jeff Pujol Covers All

    just effin subscribed this Channel! even got better when lana joined the crew! Lovin this Channel lol! more videos Mike!!!

  • FootyBits
    FootyBits 2 years ago +1

    Mike is just out here living every guys dream

  • Dane Perry
    Dane Perry 2 years ago

    Forget the public service announcement Mike and Lana, just enjoy having a good vacation with your hot lady friend. That's the reason people watch your vlogs because your a good couple even though Lana makes jokes about you dieing.

  • Joao Goncalves952
    Joao Goncalves952 2 years ago

    Deveria ter legenda em português

  • Nightfighter287
    Nightfighter287 2 years ago +1009

    Amara may be the only girl I'd ever simp for, not only is she Lana Rhoades, but her personality is actually rly good lol.

    • KAOS -
      KAOS - 2 years ago +1

      Im TPlicious I respect you

    • Shahan Iqbal
      Shahan Iqbal 2 years ago

      No, it’s just cause she Lana rhoades

    • visz
      visz 2 years ago

      @Temptingly lolololololoplollollololololploolololplp

    • Nick Roberts
      Nick Roberts 2 years ago

      Francisco Barbosa you ever met someone who texts you back with one word responses every time and is the same exact way in person? Yeah, bad.

    • Mansoor Anwari
      Mansoor Anwari 2 years ago +4

      Istg I see that girl every fucking modern warfare match I play

  • Dirty Leeds
    Dirty Leeds 2 years ago

    Hi I just watched the vlog for the first time it was really funny and entertaining

  • Cam's WildVidz
    Cam's WildVidz 2 years ago

    I need me a vacation like this

  • Imhotep
    Imhotep 2 years ago

    Lana is really likeable, she seems like a fun person :) Good for you Mike

  • Bablu Bodmass
    Bablu Bodmass 2 years ago

    This was really awesome 😂😂

  • Anthony
    Anthony 2 years ago +291

    Seeing you and amara happy is priceless 😍

    • Kiwi Melone
      Kiwi Melone 2 years ago

      Lana or Anal Rhoades

    • Glaithius
      Glaithius 2 years ago +5

      It’s Lana, the girl that belongs to the streets. Not Amara, the girl that’s a respectful lady.

    • DamperEmu
      DamperEmu 2 years ago +2

      *Lana Rhoades

    • Brigz
      Brigz 2 years ago +2


    • InfiniteEquinox
      InfiniteEquinox 2 years ago +5

      Amara, who’s that 👀 lol 😂 jk. I agree though they deserve to be happy

  • Isaac
    Isaac 2 years ago +25

    Funny how Everytime Mike comes back with his shirt off he's smiling

    • Coop
      Coop Year ago

      No shit they have sex

    • Jjrose4321 Ju
      Jjrose4321 Ju 2 years ago

      Who wouldn’t be 😏

  • Gracia Aviles
    Gracia Aviles Year ago +1

    Lana looks so sweet and down to earth.

  • Trey Wilks
    Trey Wilks 2 years ago +3

    When mike said he wants to try all the food at once I felt that on a different level

  • Hunter Rognholt
    Hunter Rognholt 2 years ago

    If you want more subscribers, make more videos, so the rest of us are happy. thank you for your time...

  • Rafael
    Rafael 2 years ago +1703

    Mike: "Its a family channel"
    Also mike: promotes blue pills

    • mo laka
      mo laka 2 years ago

      promotes drug although "family channel"

    • ImMoses
      ImMoses 2 years ago

      Luv your grind btw I just uploaded BRITISH GUY FIRST REACTION TO FRENCH RAP/DRILL video check it out if yall had a boring day its funny asf

    • Tyler Moxon
      Tyler Moxon 2 years ago +8

      Maybe mike is promoting blue pills so he can have his adult viewers make families :3

    • Sigma The Stigma
      Sigma The Stigma 2 years ago +2

      Which ones lol

    • RGA
      RGA 2 years ago +16

      That's how it starts 😂

  • miu ggThx
    miu ggThx 2 years ago

    Find the Channel new and i need to say a reall good and funny channel to use to check out from my regular work/life. Thanks mike. PS: i like it more than this logan channel. PSS: Your girl is a superb girl for relationship..stay with her :)) greetings from europe

  • Jake Zulauf
    Jake Zulauf Year ago

    It's so funny how people hate on people actually making it and doing what they do..like how do these people get thru life

  • Beep Beep
    Beep Beep 2 years ago

    Logan is 10x more entertaining in mikes vlog than in his own vlogs

  • ZnerOL
    ZnerOL Year ago

    Stop hating . They are very cute together . Just let them live their lives the way they wanted to. 😉

  • wrapin
    wrapin 2 years ago +711

    Imagine seeing Lana Rhodes at the beach and your parents ask how you know her 🤣

  • Relaxing Music by AngelaS

    Love it!!

  • Magic Lee
    Magic Lee 2 years ago

    Fr tho man ur content is hella entertaining and it’s nice to see some people just living it up but yet still in a wholesome way

  • kuksuk Jelly
    kuksuk Jelly 2 years ago

    My favourite couple on Internet ❤❤❤

  • Stephan clean
    Stephan clean Year ago

    BRuh Im am binging your vlogs with Lana rn. And I must say that man when I discovered her on the internet she just started, there were like 3 vids of her on ph. And now seeing her by you Mike. WTF WTF WTF

  • Hahs
    Hahs 2 years ago +197

    Lana litteraly makes the vlogs better in an entertaining way

    • Leo c
      Leo c 2 years ago

      Ultraa - the title literally says Lana so I don’t think it matters

    • imtenji
      imtenji 2 years ago


    • Mevlida Super hot
      Mevlida Super hot 2 years ago +2

      She got an really funny cool personality 😏

    • logan Hunter
      logan Hunter 2 years ago +1

      Sure, entertaining

  • jono6986
    jono6986 2 years ago

    Good for you mom i remember you from foreign. Im glad your successful and happy.

  • Matteo Dakin
    Matteo Dakin Year ago +280

    It’s so weird watching Lana with clothes on

  • Chris Atkins
    Chris Atkins Year ago +1

    good ass vlog keep up the videos Mike

  • Frank
    Frank 2 years ago

    Imagina ir a la Playa y toparte con Lana Rhoades y digo imagina porque es muy poco probable, pero si pasará, me tomaría unas 1000 fotos
    Y tal vez solo tal vez una con los 2 jajaja

  • Jaden Petersburg
    Jaden Petersburg 2 years ago +255

    I just really like Lana. She’s so funny and sweet. She’s also incredibly successful. Mike put a ring on it.

    • Jaden Petersburg
      Jaden Petersburg 2 years ago

      sksk sksk yes!! Spot on!!

    • Kennedy LaReign
      Kennedy LaReign 2 years ago +1

      Diego Gonzalez i don’t care lmao. they’re entertaining. either watch their stuff or don’t. bitching about it instead of doing anything to be better than them is pathetic.

    • Jaden Petersburg
      Jaden Petersburg 2 years ago

      Diego Gonzalez could say the same for so many people... politicians, supermodels, some business men and women. It’s about being smart, not just how hard you work.

    • Jaden Petersburg
      Jaden Petersburg 2 years ago

      Josh Sutton I’m a chick not a simp 🙄

    • Diego Gonzalez
      Diego Gonzalez 2 years ago

      @Kennedy LaReign It's fucking disgusting they make so much money and provide so little to society, I'd give all their money to children in Africa...

  • Linda Smith
    Linda Smith 2 years ago +6

    I feel the same as Logan’s mother, stop the sexual comments when you’re around Lana. Let Lana shine in another way, her own way. The sexual skits with her are old now. Give the girl a chance!

  • andres
    andres 2 years ago +61

    Mike:ok thats enough this is a family channel seconds before: babe turn the camera off

  • Swinger x Anime
    Swinger x Anime 10 months ago

    Oh I Love her Videos!! The Vlogs I mean...

  • Luke Spearink
    Luke Spearink 2 years ago

    How could anyone hate these two

  • JT Rathbun
    JT Rathbun 2 years ago +886

    Mike that was the smoothest and most creative sponsorship skit I have ever seen

    • Bryan4000
      Bryan4000 2 years ago +2

      @Ashwin stupid clickbait

    • Ashwin
      Ashwin 2 years ago

      he's even done the original ad 😂 clip-share.net/video/jAIKQsEIsDs/video.html

    • George Holland
      George Holland 2 years ago

      They’re not biscuit...they’re scones

  • Eduardo A
    Eduardo A 2 years ago +33

    Does mike even know how to drive I never see him driving lmao 😂

    • Coop
      Coop Year ago

      Doesnt have a car

    YVNSII 7 months ago +2

    Lana is so sweet and cute goddamn it 🥺

  • Brandon Rodriguez
    Brandon Rodriguez 2 years ago

    You da man fr and your women is everything.....jus make sure when yall ever have an infringement , to never mix it up with an Entanglement

  • Adarsh Harapanhalli
    Adarsh Harapanhalli 2 years ago

    Itd be fun to see mike wear maverick clothing in his vlogs and logan wear mike’s merch in his vlogs

  • ET
    ET 2 years ago +1315

    I bet Lana paid for the entire weekend while Mike only offered to pay for the KFC.

  • Acekee Entertainment
    Acekee Entertainment 2 years ago

    Mike is getting more fit since he be workin out, improvements 👏🏼

  • Edward Z. Rosenthal
    Edward Z. Rosenthal 2 years ago

    Such a powerful expression of conscientious, selfless sacrifice to a higher social cause. Truly inspiring... 😶😒😔

  • paul mallqui
    paul mallqui 2 years ago

    Man I just gonna tell you that you are lucky for being with such a beauty girl

  • Ola
    Ola 2 years ago

    I am glad I know mike had youtube channel... I’m gonna subscribe for sure 😊😊

  • Aidan Beattie
    Aidan Beattie 2 years ago +1992

    Mike: *complains about food being too expensive*
    Next scene is in a Lamborghini

    • mohamed radwan
      mohamed radwan 2 years ago

      Jonathan Clark may i know why ?

    • Mohamed Elmi
      Mohamed Elmi 2 years ago

      34 dollar for that shit

    • Dant3 Delight
      Dant3 Delight 2 years ago


    • Elle Skip
      Elle Skip 2 years ago +1

      slower is better she definitely has more money then mike lol

    • Vincent Thaxton
      Vincent Thaxton 2 years ago +1

      Been trying to find a Toyota 86 wallpapers forever

  • Albert Sabate
    Albert Sabate 2 years ago +253

    The only reason we’re all here:

  • Christo Louw
    Christo Louw 2 years ago +2

    Lana is amazing best humors and dang the way she looks!!!

  • Connor Denney
    Connor Denney 2 years ago +1

    You are a very brave man to let a woman drive like that

  • Werner Alberts
    Werner Alberts 2 years ago

    You must make a competition so we can come and chill and make a vlog

  • Alvaro Guerra
    Alvaro Guerra 2 years ago +2307

    That peach tattoo is the most iconic thing there...

      CONTAINED_COBRA_YT 2 years ago

      Peter McWright LMFAOAOAO

    • snoozerpm
      snoozerpm 2 years ago


    • Darth Vader
      Darth Vader 2 years ago +1

      Iconically on them double donuts double Malone’s some double bubble gums 2 human heads 2 fruits and vegetables some chicken chin sacks but bigger 2 thick tnt bombs 2 Minecraft blocks next to each other 2 Afro’s next to each other 2 plungers without the stick 2 dwarf mamba”s curled on each other 2 baby heads without the face other stuff next to each other 2 emoji heads next to each other 2 big Lana rhoad eyes next to each other 2 bagels without holes next to each other
      Just perfect *puts thumbs up*

    • Flyte34
      Flyte34 2 years ago

      YEP 💀😳

    • 9
      9 2 years ago

      Enzo jen*

  • Rachel Yale
    Rachel Yale 2 years ago

    Omg the banana reaction 😂😂😂 love her

  • Zora Plays
    Zora Plays 2 years ago

    I watch 2 videos of Lana a day. Once on mikes channel.. and once on my own little channel...🤫😂

    CIVIL_TE_B_04_YASH PATEL 2 years ago +1

    This ain't a family channel, it's a family-making channel

  • 21 21
    21 21 2 years ago

    So nice to see the cleaning lady talk on the video ☺️

  • Gebakken vet
    Gebakken vet 2 years ago +561

    When Lana stares in the camera i feel like she’s staring in my soul

    • Jdabomb93
      Jdabomb93 2 years ago +1

      That’s the famous Virgo stare of death. 😐

    • Samurai brutha
      Samurai brutha 2 years ago

      She is tho

    • Bob
      Bob 2 years ago +5

      She has some big ass eyes

    • foulsbtw
      foulsbtw 2 years ago +1

      Ikr its wierd

    • Bartdm 2086
      Bartdm 2086 2 years ago +2

      Gebakken vet so original

  • Julius ivance Katigbak

    You two are an awesome couple.. U vibe with each other.. Dont know if ur faking it or wat.. But both are adorable.. And lana is still cute and hot.. But seeing this side of her levels her up more🔥

  • MasonHammond
    MasonHammond 2 years ago

    There should be a age restriction on these videos😂

  • maxi muñozz
    maxi muñozz 2 years ago

    Para cuando los subtitulos en español :( please!

  • Amin M
    Amin M Year ago +3

    How tf did he get her to like him ? No hate but I’m still wondering . Can’t believe he decided to break up with her just because she wanted kids but he didn’t . How immature is mike ?

  • Lil John
    Lil John 2 years ago

    Love the night shift

  • Aldair Marzoa
    Aldair Marzoa 2 years ago +5

    Señoras y señores, se nos fue una grande.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭