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we broke up

  • Published on Oct 29, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • thanks in advance for the love. a tough pill to swallow but a necessary one for both of us.
    please continue to support amara on her journey.
    talk to you all soon :/
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  • YICReacts
    YICReacts Year ago +1597

    You did the right thing man! Even though it will hurt because of time invested.

    • Millie
      Millie Year ago

      They were together for 10 months 😂

    • Lake Nona
      Lake Nona Year ago +4

      True, should’ve invested in the stock market.

    • R Kelly
      R Kelly Year ago +3

      He got his money worth

    • DJ NJAAY
      DJ NJAAY Year ago +3

      Time but how much time ? 7 months ? Not that much time 👍 you’ll get over it Mike

  • Loreen Joseph
    Loreen Joseph Month ago +24

    1.Hermosa eleccion Kissss.Uno de mejor ❤️
    2. elecciones 9.5/10
    3. culturales )l 9.3/10
    ''Son unos de los mejores conciertos''.

  • Ashlee Martin
    Ashlee Martin 12 days ago +64

    Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo.
    250 sentadillas son unos KISSSS.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio.
    5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍
    Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖
    los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.

  • Pianist In Blanket
    Pianist In Blanket Year ago +4448

    Cheer up guys, they are officially back together!

    • SochiOreos
      SochiOreos 11 months ago

      Aged well

    • Shubh _
      Shubh _ Year ago

      They broke again this tym for more than 2 months

    • Aaron Cornejo
      Aaron Cornejo Year ago +2

      Lol this didn’t age well

  • Sammy Awada
    Sammy Awada Year ago +8

    Thanks for motivating me Mike, for being a better person and striving to make it in life. Much love, thanks brotha!! Keep going and don’t stop, you’re helping out so many of us

  • PigToots
    PigToots Year ago +4139

    damn man, I can tell this was a hard video for you. I'm sorry things didn't work out

    • Alex G
      Alex G Year ago

      @Tune Nation Nah

    • Alex G
      Alex G Year ago

      Don't worry it's ass

    • Cameron Carter
      Cameron Carter Year ago

      I just got out of a good relationship myself. It's tough to go though this stuff. I hate it

      DENIPEN Year ago

      Bro come back, upload again😢

    • D W
      D W Year ago +1

      Pig toots loooool

  • Susanna Freeman
    Susanna Freeman Month ago +19

    23:23 -Hermosa elección- 4.Fo/Hotlove
    10:10 Hopi: ″Sweeter″
    11:12 Sun: ″Hotter″
    00:18 Toonie: ″Cooler″
    18:00 Yoongy: ″Butter″
    23:23 /Son unos de los mejores conciertos ☬/

  • Merryl Stokes
    Merryl Stokes 3 months ago +36

    5:55 Son unos de los Topgirls.Uno
    15:55 Sun: ''Hotter''
    15:55 Hopi: ''Sweeter''
    15:55 Joonie: ''Cooler''
    15:55 Yoongi: ''Butter''
    15:55 Son unos de los mejores conciertos ,
    , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente...

  • Zarator
    Zarator Year ago

    Man he gave really meaningful advice. Im personally going through some similar situation and this set my mind straight. Thanks Mike. Great Content!

  • Keller Casadiego
    Keller Casadiego Year ago

    Mike you're strong man and smart too (in your own way)😁 takes balls to do what you're doing so publicly. Hope you both find your partner in life and find happiness too

  • Jacob Bourquin
    Jacob Bourquin Year ago +3317

    Most mature break up vid ever. No drama, no click bait, no toxic shit, just mike. What a real g

    • Kwan Gleason
      Kwan Gleason Year ago

      Absolutely I have so much respect for him

    • Spotify Ad
      Spotify Ad Year ago

      This is like a mine full of gold compared to the sml and chilly stuff

    • Lui Zzz
      Lui Zzz Year ago

      Is amra Lana ?

    • popcopone
      popcopone Year ago +1

      ... like "mature brake ups" being rare get s to show how many peopel with fucked mentalitys are in this world. No offence to those that have that fucked mentality, it s never to late to change in better.

    • popcopone
      popcopone Year ago +1

      Isn t this supposed to be normal and not be made a thing from it?

  • Basketball shorts
    Basketball shorts Year ago +2652

    Who is here after they are back together😃.

    • Anton S
      Anton S Year ago +4

      I'm here after they broke up again lmao

    • I
      I Year ago +4

      Who's here after they broke up again

    • Adelina Guldseth
      Adelina Guldseth Year ago


    • Aserve Yout
      Aserve Yout Year ago

      lmao im only watching cuz they back together. aint gunna watch him without my girl Amara.

  • Lose Weight with Sepi
    Lose Weight with Sepi 3 months ago

    Mike ♥️ relationships are being there for each other when things are hard. Every time you overcome those phases is what makes you guys stronger than ever. That’s what love is. I hope you consider this next time or maybe with her now

  • ibrahim ismail
    ibrahim ismail Year ago

    We got your back brother mike 🥂💪🏻

  • Joseph Zamorano
    Joseph Zamorano Year ago

    I'm so happy you guys got back together 🤗

  • Zach Morris
    Zach Morris Year ago +1210

    Now's a good time to come to Colombia. Keep that spirit free brother.

    • Joe Quince
      Joe Quince Year ago

      Not really, Colombia still closed to foreigners, maybe open November. My fiancée is from Girardot

    • RamboToJamboCR
      RamboToJamboCR Year ago

      Que haces acá jajajajjaja

    • Vv_SliXx
      Vv_SliXx Year ago

      Mano melismo

    • Arsham Eftekhar
      Arsham Eftekhar Year ago +1

      Shit it’s not a clickbait

    • Samuel Franco
      Samuel Franco Year ago

      @BEERS & NUMBERS i know right, yo era como en serio este man los sigue 😂😂

  • Angela Chapman
    Angela Chapman 2 months ago +19

    23:23 Hermosa elección 😘 TOPGIRLS.UNO de los mejores conciertos ❤
    10:10 Staccy: ''Hyper''
    11:12 Sun: ''Hotter''
    11:12 Hopi: ''Sweeter''
    00:18 Joonie: ''Cooler''
    18:00 Yoongi: ''Butter''
    10:10 Amoy: ''Monks''
    23:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente

  • Rob Williams
    Rob Williams Year ago

    Man you hit the nail on the head. I'm going through the exact same thing and this made me feel like i'm no the only one.

  • blob
    blob Year ago +1

    Happy that they are back together 😊❤️

  • Trenton Hicks
    Trenton Hicks Year ago

    All good things must come to an end I guess, I would have never thought this would have happened

  • Jeffrey Gomez
    Jeffrey Gomez Year ago +1558

    Props for handling it so maturely and recognizing that she wasn't the one.

    • Tawsick
      Tawsick Year ago +4

      there go the views

    • Layton Leroy Neves
      Layton Leroy Neves Year ago

      A hundred percent!

    • Roach Mud
      Roach Mud Year ago +6

      @Pedro bro watch the fucking vid😂 he explains everything

    • Pedro
      Pedro Year ago +2

      @Zoheb Shirolkar he left her?

    • Zoheb Shirolkar
      Zoheb Shirolkar Year ago +4

      So he’s the guy who left lana rhoades💔

  • M33S
    M33S Year ago +3

    I’m so happy that their back together. Power couple right here!

  • EP
    EP Year ago

    So happy you guys are back together!!!!

  • Private Sector
    Private Sector Year ago +1

    Im in a 2 year relationship and yes we both felt miserable sometimes for like a week or a month but you gotta push trew it fix it dont just give up on someone you love and people always make sacrifices.

  • Shawnee Bungalow
    Shawnee Bungalow Year ago

    Hang on to her! You 2 are meant to be together. I am really, really happy for both of you and I don't even know either of you. I just think it's great that you both make each other happy. That is the purpose of life.

    • Truly Stoned
      Truly Stoned Year ago +1

      They got back together

    • Shawnee Bungalow
      Shawnee Bungalow Year ago

      Oh, I have been married to my wife for 26 awesome, fantastic years. Sure, we have our struggles, but we love and care for each other and it is well worth it.

  • Pk Chronicles
    Pk Chronicles Year ago +440

    Man I rarely comment, but I gotta say this actually broke my heart hearing that. I wish the best for both of you ❤

    • Pk Chronicles
      Pk Chronicles Year ago

      @Jaden September I swear🥺🥺

    • Jaden September
      Jaden September Year ago +2

      I never clicked so fast on the video I literally watch the night shift everyday but it broke my heart also🥺🥺

  • Fortnite Feed
    Fortnite Feed Year ago

    I am so glad they are back together because she makes mike so happy and that’s all I care about

  • Kasey Pharr
    Kasey Pharr Year ago +1

    The way you explained your situation was great. I dont think anyone could have done it better.

  • Steven !!!
    Steven !!! Year ago

    Dude!!!! Never jump to conclusions because then you'll end up looking crazy. She loves you man and now that your back together, it looks immature but a good lesson learned. Never make a permanent decision based off of a temporary emotion.

  • Nataly
    Nataly Year ago +6

    I'm so glad that they are back together

  • Jules Ebeyer
    Jules Ebeyer Year ago +1980

    Extremely well-spoken. This wasn't a bullshit drama video. He spoke fairly on both his and her side. Like a gentleman. Respect Homie.

    • Syed Baqir
      Syed Baqir Year ago

      She come for Logan but failed so left.

    • Michael Thomas
      Michael Thomas Year ago

      @AbSaw my guy you must have never been in love with someone have you? Sometimes when you love each other to a certain extent it doesn’t matter what you and that person wants it matters about the love that’s there and the two of them being together then there’s cases where love is blind

    • Bruce Hill
      Bruce Hill Year ago

      @Sports Productions I got you.

    • Arturo
      Arturo Year ago

      nice profile pic

    • Panda Man
      Panda Man Year ago

      @AbSaw she said it in impaulsive there relationship wont last

  • Mj Agrippa
    Mj Agrippa Year ago +1

    Yo at least you hit it bro I'm proud of you 😂
    That is a dream for the boys 😂

  • Dane Perry
    Dane Perry Year ago

    All the best to Lana, hope she finds happiness same with Mike.

  • Rikardo Prado
    Rikardo Prado 6 months ago

    Great video , great message !

  • Adrian Alejo
    Adrian Alejo Year ago

    Por favor no terminen :( esto me pone muy triste.

  • Tyler Klassen
    Tyler Klassen Year ago +700

    Bro I could see the pain in his eyes when he said “it’s been fun”, wishing you all the best Mike this is peanuts to what you’ve been through very sorry to hear this man :(

    • Andrew Spaid
      Andrew Spaid Year ago +3

      Yeah same he’ll move on eventually and the content will be even better, we just gotta give him his time

    • Ayan Ukenov
      Ayan Ukenov Year ago +1

      I’m too

  • Andy Cantu
    Andy Cantu Year ago

    Just trust the process bro everything will be fine

  • Kerry Nottelling
    Kerry Nottelling Year ago

    Awww this so sad and I know exactly how you both feel 😢
    My marriage of 18 years has just broken up and it sucks big time. Xxx

  • Mughil Uchiha
    Mughil Uchiha Year ago

    Brother I understand but you should come up from that bro you can do anything man you actually did once so don't worry about it overcome it like a man and don't forget to upload videos brother we are there for 'you'

  • The Dark AngeL
    The Dark AngeL Year ago

    What will you do in life after 5 years? You will continue doing these things - no. Made a family and be happy with that my man

  • Playbook
    Playbook Year ago +805

    Well-worded message that shouldn't be taken lightly. Time is priceless and we never have enough. Be happy y'all, do what's right.

    • Parzehlli Tv
      Parzehlli Tv Year ago

      From the start it seemed a bit too good to be true. Logan just delivered her to him unpaid for his birthday lol i mean idk i’ll always wonder if she was on a contract, my comment was hidden btw.. makes me wonder now 🤔

    • Jayden martinez
      Jayden martinez Year ago

      Alex Martinez lmao

    • drummergamer
      drummergamer Year ago


    • Dakota Mooney
      Dakota Mooney Year ago

      So are they broken up

    • JOJOda Jester
      JOJOda Jester Year ago +1

      @Dennis OPP LMFAOOOO

  • Frazer and George KING

    Subscribed just because of this video well done :)

  • Thomas DeAnda
    Thomas DeAnda Year ago

    Your the man, real men let the beautiful things be beautiful, and try their best to help them along the way.

  • Stefania M
    Stefania M Year ago

    Love you guys

  • nicolasgoossens
    nicolasgoossens Year ago +24

    Let this be a life-lesson fellas: "No matter how stunning and perfect you think a girl/woman is, there is always a guy who left her behind."

    • TheAfterBurner
      TheAfterBurner Year ago +1

      This aged bad very quickly

    • Izo Can
      Izo Can Year ago +2

      „No matter how stunning and perfect you think a girl/woman is, there is always a guy who doesnt know her value and still wants to fuck around“.

    • Jorik Groenenberg
      Jorik Groenenberg Year ago +7

      They're back together

  • Pierce Flynn
    Pierce Flynn Year ago +578

    Genuinely the saddest I’ve ever seen Mike, usually he’s full of joy and has a great attitude. I really hope that he becomes better soon.

    • Adrian Perez
      Adrian Perez Year ago +3

      Dam Mike strong when my girl left I was so sad I had to go to a metal hospital and get put on meds

    • No name J
      No name J Year ago +4

      It takes a long time to recover from a break up like that

    • benji186
      benji186 Year ago +6

      The worse thing is I new it was gunna happen

  • IttoRasetsuXx
    IttoRasetsuXx Year ago +4

    For someone who is supposed to have his emotions in check he really lacks to do so

  • Matthew Moore
    Matthew Moore Year ago +1

    This lasted far longer than I thought and I always knew this would come

  • Taylor Ciappara
    Taylor Ciappara Year ago

    This is so damn beautiful in all its mess.

  • gisellesaleby
    gisellesaleby Year ago +177

    So not to make this awkward.. but now that you’re back together doesn’t that just negate everything you said? You legitimately state in this video that she didn’t make you happy or fulfilled and didn’t “burn your soul” or whatever so now going back 2 weeks later you’re officially deciding that you ARE going to waste her time on someone who would make and post a video like this in the first place. She deserves better that’s wack

    • Laura Vittadini
      Laura Vittadini Year ago

      They never really broke up; this was to keep views while she was recovering.

    • Ashay
      Ashay Year ago +3

      Realistically they probably communicated over these things said and came to whatever compromises needed be, there’s no way that they went back into the relationship with the same mentality.

    • Tyler Chavez
      Tyler Chavez Year ago +6

      She speaking facts wow mike so basically there together but he’s just doing it while feeling those negative things

    • Hdhehsnidhr Sjndhxudbrnf
      Hdhehsnidhr Sjndhxudbrnf Year ago +6

      @Pratik Ranjane didn’t that word die a while ago? (No hate intended)

  • Real Life
    Real Life Year ago +552

    He’s definitely hurting but being an adult and doing what’s best for him. Wishing them both nothing but the best💜

    • TheShapeOfWinter
      TheShapeOfWinter Year ago

      @Tune Nation gtfo

    • Tune Nation
      Tune Nation Year ago

      @Jbizzles420 yup, will not do it again 🙏
      Just trying to help a friend in the industry 😅
      (Latest post)

    • King Brian 2k
      King Brian 2k Year ago

      By the way who is the person that he’s talking about named amera

    • Dylan Dicks
      Dylan Dicks Year ago

      I don't know how this is "adult", but I feel for the guy.

    • Jbizzles420
      Jbizzles420 Year ago +1

      @Tune Nation bro u not sorry or you’d delete ur promo, but u commented the same shit in like 5 other places an just said sry to ppl who called u out, lame af

  • razetsublack noo
    razetsublack noo Year ago +1475

    She realized you weren’t Adam Sandler

  • Patrick Koehler
    Patrick Koehler Year ago

    Great video man. That really helped. Cheers

  • Rupaneeshwar Jeevanandam

    Omg I can totally relate to mike in this situation😢

  • gentlefitz
    gentlefitz Year ago

    We should thank Mike for helping Amara be herself ....that's a man right there.

  • Jess me
    Jess me Year ago +490

    I 100% respect Mike's honesty. She deserves someone who will give her the life she wants and Mike deserves someone who he knows is the one. They are both great and will be fine.

  • Saiful Harry
    Saiful Harry Year ago

    Treat her RIGHT, with respect, with love.

  • cristian garza
    cristian garza Year ago

    i love u mike that helps with my situation

  • Duncan from bellmore

    I think something hit Mike that hits some of us. Something that just keeps some of us from being happy. Most likely from fear, too used to being unhappy and caged, scared to relax or scared to be comfortable and let ourselves be happy cause we don’t know what to do when where there. It’s a donut dangling on a fishing pole in front of a treadmill. Some have no problem staying on it sweating and working it out til they get that donut than moving on. But some of us on the treadmill try for a lil even getting close and stop or take a break, not cause we don’t think we’ll never get it but because we think we will. And once we get that donut what’s supposed to happen next. I don’t know. I can’t you. No one can. And that’s the scariest thought of them all. Listen I’m not gonna talk about my past or stories cause I’m just Duncan from Bellmore who the fuck cares, but get on the treadmill Mike cause gaurenteed that donut tastes way better than whatever the fucks not. Try dawg

  • Spiritual Student

    Bro good for you two , you make a good couple

  • Andrew Spaid
    Andrew Spaid Year ago +920

    No matter if Lana isn’t here I’m still definitely going to watch every single week. Edit: if you see this mike keep your chin up and keep grinding! So hyped for the streams.

    • Andrew Spaid
      Andrew Spaid Year ago

      @Reaction Warehouse maybe that’s a good possibility

    • Andrew Spaid
      Andrew Spaid Year ago

      @Fazzy same bro

    • Enzokai
      Enzokai Year ago

      @YummiMoneyme too it ok Mike

    • Morning Riffs
      Morning Riffs Year ago +1

      Yeah, if he’s gonna upload every week.

    • Isse
      Isse Year ago +1

      I know i wont anymore

  • Jhaneen Rhey Cua
    Jhaneen Rhey Cua Year ago


  • Bailey Griessel
    Bailey Griessel Year ago +2

    Having been in a similar situation and seeing footage of them together, I do feel like Mike is toxic - or at the very least they both are together. I’m not trying to be an armchair psychologist but I’ve seen a few warning signs and I’ve been waiting for this to happen. They won’t last this time around either unless whoever is the root of the toxicity goes through serious growth.

  • German Garcia
    German Garcia Year ago

    Damn... I feel for you Mike but be honest to yourself. When will it hit you, that one day you won’t be living a college like life and have to settle down. She’s the girl that you won’t find in LA. Don’t be scared to settle down with someone that is your loyal best friend that you love. Man up and take her back.

    LUCKY MARXUS Year ago

    Mike is a great human being

    VEE3RDEYE Year ago +3441

    Was hoping this was click bait :(

  • TenThumbs Productions
    TenThumbs Productions Year ago +857

    So, if you are back together how did you rectify these issues?

    YOUNGQUIST Year ago

    Sm respect for Mike for this

  • GrayFox
    GrayFox Year ago

    Las cosas buenas se van tan rápido 😔

  • Luis Aguirre
    Luis Aguirre Year ago +1

    A loyal person is hard to find in the entire world, period.

  • SebBPP
    SebBPP Year ago +286

    This is actually sad but I honestly have such respect for Mike even more than before

    • Rouge One
      Rouge One Year ago

      Bro you don’t marry pornstarrs who like basketball players 😂 it was good while it lasted

    • LamBant
      LamBant Year ago +1

      you are great, everything will be fine

      AJGLOCKZ Year ago


  • Lucky Andrei Orilla

    So excited for their upcoming video!!

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan Year ago +5

    This guy still has one of the best birthday gifts ever😂

    LITWINSKI Year ago

    You're a fucking legend

  • SebaS 26
    SebaS 26 Year ago +3

    They broke again man... You do not deserve this💔

  • Horsing
    Horsing Year ago +2172

    Please tell me it’s clickbait 😢😢😢

  • Robert Bowling
    Robert Bowling Year ago

    I was watching this video all sad feeling bad for the both of them, kinda messed my mood up a bit then I see the comment section are saying that they are back together. 😀


    You know what I see from this video,
    I see a man that finally fell in love and he wants to drop all the bullshit and settle down and that scares him more than anything....he freaked out...broke up with her and immediately regretted it lol

  • Sara
    Sara Year ago +1

    I think you owe her a thank you for basically building your Clip-Share channel. Let's be honest that's where you got so many views from

  • Blake Halstead
    Blake Halstead Year ago

    Mike I just read an article that said something stupid like “oh he will probably lose fans when she leaves” and I know that’s not your biggest priority right now because like you said you just want her to be happy, but honestly man don’t listen to what those guys say because you are a funny guy and I do enjoy watching your vids, anyone who can see past the BS and remember the real reason why you do these vids, we should appreciate the entertainment that YOU are providing. Keep your chin up man, God bless!

  • Paffkatae
    Paffkatae Year ago +149

    You know when a person looks away while talking, they are about to say some words that come directly from their heart.
    Stay strong, Mike.
    As to Amara:
    We do love you for the person you are. Your work in the industry does not in any way define you as a human being. I want to see you persevere, both of you.

  • Pete Miller
    Pete Miller Year ago

    Hey man so much respect for you and I'm Emily Willis biggest fan ever. Aslo you so dam lucky to have her

  • The Bellion Post
    The Bellion Post Year ago

    Hopefully you get back together later on in life

  • Jose Mtz
    Jose Mtz Year ago

    Yoooooo i’m gladddd ya’ll back ya’ll my favvvv lol

  • Jere
    Jere Year ago +117

    long story short: Amara wants to sorta settle down get a house, move in together and build a family aaand Mike's just not looking for that. at least not at this current time in his life. yall know what he's like so I aint gonna explain why he's not the settling down type rn.

    • Jere
      Jere Year ago

      @ok because that's a persona, not her identity

    • jesus yenco
      jesus yenco Year ago

      @trap bruh how do you- it’s all made for more money 🤦🏽‍♂️😭

    • trap
      trap Year ago

      @Morgan Han look up mike and Lana get back together on live stream

  • Mullet Outdoors
    Mullet Outdoors Year ago +72

    Don’t worry Mike there is someone out there for everyone man good luck with your future

  • M M
    M M Year ago +2

    Is he going to delete this? I'm so happy they're back together. I knew he made a mistake and I'm glad he realized that

  • TOAO Scrappy
    TOAO Scrappy Year ago +5

    I just wanted him to end it with “and I’ve never seen two pretty best friends” and smile

  • moosegod12
    moosegod12 Year ago

    what a legend

  • Lukaaljaz Pajek
    Lukaaljaz Pajek Year ago

    Stay strong king

  • Amy Vaughn
    Amy Vaughn Year ago +802

    I kept thinking she was going to come around the camera and they were going to say they were pranking us. I wish them both the best.

  • Kevline
    Kevline Year ago +1

    Don’t worry y’all they’re back together!

  • lizeth Espinoza
    lizeth Espinoza Year ago +106

    update : dont worry y'all this video was pointless because they got back together i -

    • lizeth Espinoza
      lizeth Espinoza Year ago

      @Esteban Gonzalez yes dead ass . lana said they were official in a paparazzi interview

      IAMFOOZY Year ago +2

      Damn it. Deadass was gonna shoot my shot

    • Trey Levi
      Trey Levi Year ago +1

      @Esteban Gonzalez check lanas insta story

    • Esteban Gonzalez
      Esteban Gonzalez Year ago

      R u serious?

  • yunggroovy._
    yunggroovy._ Year ago

    Cheer up boys their backkkkk 🎉🎉

  • Victoria F.
    Victoria F. Year ago +25

    Something about him taking credit for her quitting the adult industry as well as her happiness just rubs me the wrong way😬

  • lightskin_monte
    lightskin_monte Year ago +987

    This hurts, this is the only internet couple I cared about😭

  • A Rb
    A Rb Year ago +1

    Dude u have evrything respect that

  • Euphoria
    Euphoria Year ago

    they’re back 😀 im glad

  • Oscar Gonzalez
    Oscar Gonzalez Year ago

    Whatever makes them happy ;)

  • Ronan Das
    Ronan Das Year ago

    Me and my girlfriend broke up too, be strong bro