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  • Published on Sep 8, 2021 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 2 076

  • 1flungdung
    1flungdung Year ago +120

    Edit: The fastest way to spend gold is to tip the bus driver 4000 gold so you’d have 1000 left

    • ssnaker
      ssnaker Year ago +2

      Big brain

    • V Family
      V Family Year ago +15

      Oh yeah, making the video boring af and like 2 mins long

    • A2 FREE
      A2 FREE Year ago

      Can someone rate me

    • Idk lord32
      Idk lord32 Year ago


  • Nickozix
    Nickozix Year ago +2

    Fresh is freaking funny and creative!
    There's no one else close to this! Gee!

  • Vitthahan Skanthan
    Vitthahan Skanthan Year ago +33

    I love how Fresh completely neglected the fact that you can buy ammo from vending machines

    • epidex ✓
      epidex ✓ Year ago +2

      he was on max ammo a lot of the time so he couldnt buy it constantly

    • Olly Howard
      Olly Howard Year ago

      @epidex ✓ he could still buy it but that dosent mean he has to USE it

  • KhanFTBL
    KhanFTBL Year ago +356

    Man every time fresh is in a fight he is able to talk so confidently

  • Clenan
    Clenan Year ago +1

    fresh its ok you won the challenge dont worry about it we are here to support you :)

  • Rob R
    Rob R Year ago

    Fresh. You always pick hard challenges. Dude seriously so entertaining.

  • Mark Chaimbault
    Mark Chaimbault Year ago +50

    Challenge idea:
    Only use weapons and meds that are gifted to u from NPCs

      LC_DRIMMZ_PROD Year ago


    • Pews
      Pews Year ago

      Yes 👍 it’s hard tho

    • Tazer sn8ke
      Tazer sn8ke Year ago

      He is not going to do it though he does not read comments

  • XTRACapitalS
    XTRACapitalS Year ago +2

    Fresh its fine for us. THANKS for working hard and keep entertaining us.

  • Blurry
    Blurry Year ago +2

    Fresh 1 minute earlier : we don't need shotguns
    Fresh after 1 minute : nevermind we need a shotgun

  • donaldturnip
    donaldturnip Year ago +1

    Keep it up man! You're one of the reasons I started creating content!

  • j
    j Year ago +3

    We love the daily load of Freshy boys content

  • Scuzzi
    Scuzzi Year ago +52

    He should really have landed at believer beach sunny literally has a chance to sell a range of pumps from blue to gold

    MR FUPPU Year ago +7

    who saw fresh randomly but now watches him daily

    • BloodyVictor
      BloodyVictor Year ago

      I saw him randomly now i watch him daily.His cool tho

    • A2 FREE
      A2 FREE Year ago

      Can someone rate me

  • Ay_Yo_CJ
    Ay_Yo_CJ Year ago

    Because you provide such great content and do it almost every day I will give you a pass

  • Logan Moore
    Logan Moore Year ago +306

    He could of played smarter by using a upgrade station.

    • 9hant0m
      9hant0m Year ago +8

      Bro that melts my gold lol

    • itzash1x
      itzash1x Year ago +2

      @9hant0m yeah but it’s better loot to win

    • DefaultMan
      DefaultMan Year ago +3


    • A2 FREE
      A2 FREE Year ago

      Can someone rate me

    • itzash1x
      itzash1x Year ago +1

      @A2 FREE -9

  • Sohel Mahmud
    Sohel Mahmud Year ago +6

    I like when Fresh says "PRESS THAT THICC BOI REAL QUICK"😆😆

  • Daniel Griffin
    Daniel Griffin Year ago +582

    Upgrade stations cost a lot you can take 3 guns from green to gold and spend about 4K. Would have been way easier

    • Dumbaay
      Dumbaay Year ago +32

      he needs content

    • Trexz
      Trexz Year ago +6


    • teena goyal
      teena goyal Year ago +8

      Yep he need content

    • teena goyal
      teena goyal Year ago +3

      @Dumbaay can you gift me a skin plss

    • teena goyal
      teena goyal Year ago +1

      @Trexz gift me a skin i am a default i really need a skin

  • Shaurya Jindal
    Shaurya Jindal Year ago

    Don't worry fresh. Its fine. The 19 gold wasnt ur fault. We're fine. You did your best. Ur still the best content creator in the world.

  • Waffles 350
    Waffles 350 Year ago +11

    Fresh: I need to make sure not to pick up any gold
    Also Fresh picking up gold from all 8 kills

  • Akmal Danial Khairil Anwar

    fresh : I cannot pickup any gold, i need to spend it all
    also fresh : pickup 19 gold
    me : bruh, look at this dude

    • Ninjaacegaming
      Ninjaacegaming Year ago +1

      Jajajaj so true

    • CSS
      CSS Year ago +2

      gold auto picks up so it could've been an accident

    • xFrostz
      xFrostz Year ago

      @Ninjaacegaming what is jajaja

    • DefaultMan
      DefaultMan Year ago


    • A2 FREE
      A2 FREE Year ago +1

      Can someone rate me

  • Cooper Speedsoft
    Cooper Speedsoft Year ago

    Little did he know he could have finished the challenge because the pace right by the yellow bridge sells stuff for 300

  • Zenah Tareq
    Zenah Tareq Year ago

    Don’t worry I am proud of u and keep posting vids they are so nice

  • TarzanT543
    TarzanT543 Year ago +8

    Fresh always finds a way to make everyone’s day so much better, he inspired me to create my own Clip-Share channel ❤️💖

  • AtomicKeys
    AtomicKeys Year ago +11

    I love how he got the shield pot from maverick and didn’t drink it

  • KeatonPlaysGames
    KeatonPlaysGames Year ago +71

    I spent the rest of my gold from this season in 5 minutes 😂😂😂

  • FaZe Saint2
    FaZe Saint2 Year ago +4

    The richest Fortnite player has the drip! Because when Fresh uploads, you know it’s going to be a good day!

  • Fe4R Ghostzz
    Fe4R Ghostzz Year ago

    You did good Fresh Love your videos!!!!

  • What’s his name?
    What’s his name? Year ago +2

    "Whats up guyyyyssss, yes" is literally what makes me happy most days, keep up the good work Fresh!!

  • Dennis
    Dennis Year ago

    Just Seeing You Play is More Than Enough

  • Lukeplayz
    Lukeplayz Year ago +3

    Vending Machine: What would you like today?
    Fresh: I'll take your entire stock

  • Captainridge344
    Captainridge344 Year ago

    I think it’s good enough. You tried your best that’s all that matters :)

  • Lynx Plays
    Lynx Plays Year ago +1

    Dont worry fresh it counts we all love u :)

  • Jasmine Gonzalez
    Jasmine Gonzalez Year ago +72

    The whole time thinking why doesn’t he upgrade the weapons he has

  • Glitch_Dragon
    Glitch_Dragon Year ago +5

    Fresh: *complains about why there is so many people at the IO base*
    Fresh: *kills 2 people with 21 HP*

  • YouTube Stixzy
    YouTube Stixzy Year ago

    Insane video fresh!keep it up❤😝

  • Koko Sabry
    Koko Sabry Year ago +51

    Fresh: I need to out of stock vending machines me: he isn't out of stocking the ammo ones

  • denn
    denn Year ago

    Fresh literally is so weird for me, not like the mean way. He can talk CALMLY in a buildfight even against a sweat. If me: keyboard sound* me: silence

  • Dimprian007
    Dimprian007 Year ago +1

    Fresh dont worry you won the challenge keep the good work going

  • Matt Jackman
    Matt Jackman Year ago

    he could have just donated all his gold to the bus driver

  • F
    F Year ago +1

    Fresh that was good enough.
    Ps I love your content when I wake up in the morning I look forward to see your videos.
    Thanks for putting your time and effort in to these vids.
    All so Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi

  • DangerousRobot
    DangerousRobot Year ago

    Anyone else feel nostalgic hearing Fresh using Lazar's old outro?

  • Nashua
    Nashua Year ago +5

    I wonder if fresh actually reads his comments

  • Jmpyz
    Jmpyz Year ago +1

    Fresh you worked hard enough you don’t have to spend that gold

  • JAKABY7.
    JAKABY7. Year ago

    We love your videos! I know I've said it before but thanks for inspiring me to start makng them myself!!! ❤💯

  • Bongsta the bangsta
    Bongsta the bangsta Year ago +1

    Fresh now is gonna be mad science the last actual couple of games he can’t get all the good weapons in the vending machine

  • What’s his name?
    What’s his name? Year ago +3

    I love how every loadout for fresh is "the God loadout" once he starts playing with it

  • Vedansh Dheer
    Vedansh Dheer Year ago

    You did good my guy dont worry we got u. 😃😃

  • Lachie Parkin
    Lachie Parkin Year ago +5

    I Love The Constant Uploads Fresh🔥❤️💯

  • randochicky
    randochicky Year ago +1

    petition for fresh to grind back 5000 because he didn’t finish all his gold

  • kia
    kia Year ago +1

    Fresh tried, that counts as a win, 45k likes, can we do more to appreciate him?

    • Jack The Ripper
      Jack The Ripper Year ago +1


    • kia
      kia Year ago +1

      @Jack The Ripper Ok;-;

    • Jack The Ripper
      Jack The Ripper Year ago +1

      @kia it's joke sorry lol

    • kia
      kia Year ago +1

      @Jack The Ripper Ok, considering liking the comment, pwease?

  • Mr Kenzolow
    Mr Kenzolow Year ago

    Did anyone realise fresh was picking up gold from the players he killed🤣

  • S4MUR41
    S4MUR41 Year ago +1

    We love your videos bro! I know I've said it before but thanks for inspiring me to start makng them myself!!! ❤💯

  • MrY3ll0w
    MrY3ll0w Year ago

    Didn't realize how many times Fresh says Dude in the video. Might be a new drinking game

  • Noah Wardrop
    Noah Wardrop Year ago +8

    People land at that io base because it’s part of a legendary challenge that gives you like 30k xp. It had something to do with that maven trying to sabotage salone

  • Goku Vegeta
    Goku Vegeta Year ago

    Dude you picked up 16 gold 4 minutes and 28 seconds in to the video you are still awesome 😎

  • ItzOrbz
    ItzOrbz Year ago

    lol i like the time when he knew he screw up by picking the gold. GG

  • Nitefall
    Nitefall Year ago

    Fresh there is something called the crouch strat if u used it u could have won. U basically crouch right before they shoot so they miss and then ur a smaller target

  • Enforcer
    Enforcer Year ago +5

    I won duo's 6 kills today, happy day😃
    Fresh: solos squads 24 kills!😎

  • ريان خان
    ريان خان Year ago

    Im gonna count it because he did so well

  • SupersonicZCC
    SupersonicZCC Year ago +9

    Can’t wait for next season let’s hop there’s some new weapons for you to use in your videos

  • Cheryy
    Cheryy Year ago

    Anyone else wanna give fresh credit and let him slide?

  • Avi
    Avi Year ago

    Love the vids fresh. Can't wait for u to stream again

  • Hamza El Sayed
    Hamza El Sayed Year ago

    No ones realizing that fresh aint winning challenges any more

  • Stacey Sanzone
    Stacey Sanzone Year ago +1

    That was wayyyy good enough the most gold ive ever spent in a game was probrabbly like 500 and you spent all of your gold in that game. Also there is nothing besides ammo that you could have byed but you did way better than anything that i have ever done

  • vendetta♪
    vendetta♪ Year ago

    Imagine he just tipped the bus driver 4k gold

  • Javier_Pena912
    Javier_Pena912 Year ago +4

    fresh: i shouldn't be picking up gold
    also fresh: pick up gold

  • Solitude
    Solitude Year ago

    By the amount of views on this video, people obviously love watching fresh suffer

  • Dominic Uchiha
    Dominic Uchiha Year ago

    i wonder if fresh knows what a upgrade bench is

  • ItsGeoBtw
    ItsGeoBtw Year ago +1

    Fresh: We have shotguns
    also fresh stoked out the vending

    • Nguyen
      Nguyen Year ago

      He’s not lying

  • AlmightyRL
    AlmightyRL Year ago

    Fresh: not aloud to pick up more then 1 minute later he kills a dude with a rail gun then picks up the gold

  • mitchseal
    mitchseal Year ago +5

    anyone else just love when fresh uploads

    • Jack Prendergast
      Jack Prendergast Year ago

      Ya defently he’s my favorite

    • TH3G4M3R23
      TH3G4M3R23 Year ago

      Mr X13 look man I know you wanna be famous but like don’t self promote

  • Blackrose_gaming
    Blackrose_gaming Year ago

    I think we can all forget fresh for accidentally picking up gold can’t meet

  • Hitman_Relyt6
    Hitman_Relyt6 Year ago

    It's good enough Fresh well done you dropped this👉 👑

  • Slaypuh24 Alt
    Slaypuh24 Alt Year ago

    I wish I could get the support fresh does😔

  • GeneralLee13qz
    GeneralLee13qz Year ago

    Has fresh never heard of ammo? Cause he can use that to buy stuff

  • Ebob
    Ebob Year ago

    You deserved that win

  • MRM-10
    MRM-10 Year ago +9

    Fresh: I’m rich Later fresh: I’m poor!

    • MRM-10
      MRM-10 Year ago

      Mr X13 ok

    • osky
      osky Year ago

      @MRM-10 no it’s a bot

    • iron ingot
      iron ingot Year ago

      Mr X13 nah comment bot

    • MRM-10
      MRM-10 Year ago

      @osky ok

  • Jake Brooks
    Jake Brooks Year ago

    Lmao you were picking gold up the whole time but it’s all good, good effort broski I definitely couldn’t have done that

  • What’s his name?
    What’s his name? Year ago +2

    that game ended so scuffedly for fresh dude

  • Barnaby
    Barnaby Year ago

    The day fresh doesn’t complete a challenge

  • Bill Wang
    Bill Wang Year ago

    Fresh says he know his fortnite knowledge, now he spends his gold on vending machine and on npcs when he could’ve used a upgrade stations.

  • Justin G25
    Justin G25 Year ago

    At the end I can hear the pain in his voice but still a good video 😂

  • MRM-10
    MRM-10 Year ago +7

    Fresh: rich in fortnite! Me: (later spends all gold) are u sure about that?

  • Noobies King :D
    Noobies King :D Year ago

    Fresh: i never spended gold.
    also his missions some episodes ago:collect gold 40.000/50.000

  • Samer Elmasri
    Samer Elmasri Year ago

    it’s good enough I mean he did have to spend 4200 in a single match

  • Devlin Kimber
    Devlin Kimber Year ago

    He could have just generally tipped the bus driver

  • Arboxan
    Arboxan Year ago +1

    Honestly it counts as a win for me I’ve gotten to 5000 gold 3 times this season but since the season is ending I just used it all

  • CallexWho
    CallexWho Year ago

    Alternative title: The light ammo ONLY challenge 😂

  • Agent knife stripes
    Agent knife stripes Year ago +4

    I find it weird that people like me don't wanna spend gold even if they reset in a few days


    He gaved so much good guns to people and exotixs😂

  • Hello I like videos

    Lets just forget the fact that he kept picking up gold

  • natoball
    natoball Year ago +1

    Fresh is the reason I play Fortnite

  • Jam
    Jam Year ago +2

    I just realized fresh could have just upgraded his guns

    • Faulty
      Faulty Year ago

      And bought ammo

    • Beluga
      Beluga Year ago

      he doesn't want to spend his gold

  • Leena Joshi
    Leena Joshi Year ago

    He could have gone to a vending machine with a grey pump and it would have made his job much easier

  • Vcool1
    Vcool1 Year ago +3

    Don’t worry Fresh in my books this is a dub

  • The lame party
    The lame party Year ago

    Whoever killed fresh must be so happy right now

  • Hotdog hotdog hot DIGGITY dog

    Fresh is so confident

  • Faheem Siddiqui
    Faheem Siddiqui Year ago

    We'll count it for our boy fresh

  • dxXRaIDERXxb
    dxXRaIDERXxb Year ago

    Its okay fresh you did enough :)

  • Shadow ninja Mazen

    Its ok fresh u did good ur insane at fortnite my guy