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Apple Magic Keyboard vs Logitech Combo Touch | What's the best keyboard case for the iPad Pro?

  • Published on Aug 25, 2021 veröffentlicht

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  • Scott McKenna
    Scott McKenna  Year ago +44

    Apple Pencil stylus sling. amzn.to/3n9Ecnz

    • Dom Cox
      Dom Cox 13 days ago

      Great idea, I'd love one but just can't justify $35 bucks for a strip of elastic fabric :/

    • Scott McKenna
      Scott McKenna  Month ago

      Even if it’s completely dead, you can charge it for like 30 seconds and get 2 hours of use.

    • Philipp Stephan
      Philipp Stephan Month ago

      I think that this isn't the best idea cause of the fact that the Pencil isnt loading in this Strap and if I get home from School I dont take my iPad out of my bag recently. So at the next day the pencil is out of battery and I cant use it anymore

    • Ian Gascoigne
      Ian Gascoigne 2 months ago

      The Logitech is a little more cumbersome. You poor love, how do you manage to cope?

    • A Ellingham
      A Ellingham 7 months ago

      Do either of these have rubber stoppers on the keyboard to keep it from sliding?

  • Hugo Tipple Berberian
    Hugo Tipple Berberian 3 months ago +86

    You forgot to mention two thing: You can dettach the keyboard from the combo touch, turn it around and attach it again, so it folds back with the keys being on the inside. This way you don't have to worry about where you left the keyboard after using it. Number 2: the combo touch is finger print free!

    • Jay Ma
      Jay Ma Month ago +2

      @Scott McKenna I have just bought an iPad Air (5th gen) and Logitech Combo Touch for it. I can confirm that it can be attached backwards and folded back with the keys on the inside. Thanks to your review!

    • Scott McKenna
      Scott McKenna  Month ago +1

      Maybe not all models do that. Because you definitely can with the model in this video.

    • Jay Ma
      Jay Ma Month ago +1

      I have a combo touch for the iPad (9th gen). You can't attach the keyboard the other way around and fold it back with the keys on the inside.

    • KemDIY
      KemDIY Month ago +1

      Thanks for that comment I had no idea!

    • Scott McKenna
      Scott McKenna  2 months ago +9

      Valid points for sure.

  • James Breuer
    James Breuer 8 months ago +42

    Great review. I purchased the Logitech Combo when it first came out and have not been disappointed. I was weighing up between Logitech and the Apple keyboard, but really you cannot compare them both. The Logitech is so multi functional. During the work day i can have it sit in front of me without the keyboard and use Universal Control with my Mac’s magic keyboard and trackpad. After work i can use it on the couch for personal emails and browsing etc. Use it without the keyboard for cooking or later watching content. All the while, protected with a nice case. I do agree if you only use your iPad Pro on a desk, maybe Apple’s keyboard is best. If you want something to take with you wherever you go, the Logitech Combo case is the outright winner.

    • Scott McKenna
      Scott McKenna  8 months ago +11

      After this review, I actually decided to go back to the Magic Keyboard primarily because of the keyboard and usage. I find the Logitech very uncomfortable on my lap or even desk in comparison to the true keyboard experience on the magic keyboard. I thin the Logitech is more versatile for sure, but for me, it's more about using it like a computer since that's how I use my iPad most often and the magic keyboard is quicker and more efficient to me.

  • James B
    James B 8 months ago +12

    I have used/owned both keyboard cases. For me, I like the Logitech a little better but, honestly, you can’t go wrong with regard to quality. I agree with you that I wouldn’t recommend any other keyboard case beyond these two at this point.

  • Monica Waite
    Monica Waite 5 months ago +13

    Thank you for such a thorough review & especially for the Stylus Sling to hold the pencil. Definitely like the Logitech Combo Touch over the Apple Magic Keyboard. I disliked that iPad kept falling off the Magic Keyboard, in addition to not having a protective case around that fits around the iPad. Even with being careful, Ipad like anything can fall. For those reasons I have returned the Magic Keyboard. Logitech Combo Touch provides better protection, the kick stand even provides for a nice secured hold with my fingers in multiple areas when I remove the iPad from the detachable keyboard. Go Logitech!!

  • CheLa
    CheLa 7 months ago +3

    I purchased third party keyboard (designed like logitech) but the angle of the ipad and keyboard was awkward for me so after a month i decided to purchase apple magic keyboard and i’m Loving Loving it! The raised feature for the screen makes a whole lot of difference. The downside is as he said, there’s is no stand/protection for the ipad once you use take it out.

  • Snilepisk
    Snilepisk 2 months ago +11

    The extra keys, the detachability, different angles, the slot for the pen, better protection and the price drove me to the Logitech one over apples. If Logitech just had a passthrough charging port it would be more or less perfect.

    • Scott McKenna
      Scott McKenna  2 months ago

      I agree about the pass through port. That would be the best for me.

  • Bich Tran
    Bich Tran 5 months ago +4

    Really like the thoughtful content for this clip, Scott! 👌 I myself more prefer the MKB as following reasons:
    1. Power plug: it is the game changer for all, as the most two dongles that I need to use is SSD and Power. Thus, for the already power plug in I could save the rest Thunderbolt 4 for the SSD conveniently and effectively.
    2. The gestures: surely it is so efficiency for user as just open and use it rightaway, instead of adjusting like Logi.
    3. The Ipad itself while without MKB: in contrast with you, i found the easily deattachment of MKB with Ipad is the pro for user as it is so convenient. For protection now you would protect it with skin to the back or paperlike to the front.
    This still be my best option of Ipad Pro now and it would continuously for a while.
    Thanks and cheers!

    • Bich Tran
      Bich Tran 3 months ago

      @K C ??

    • K C
      K C 3 months ago

      two things*

  • Anay Makan
    Anay Makan Month ago

    having owned the magic keyboard for my iPad air for nearly a year now, I love the design and so many people have asked how its floating and literally looks like magic. Also, the keyboard feels like a macbook in my opinion, probably uses the same structure idk. But as you mentioned in the video, having no function row is really annoying when using it like a laptop, and the limited adjustment is also annoying as sometimes, i like to have it extended a little further but you simply cannot. And the biggest annoyance is when you take the ipad off the case, there is no case for you to protect the device or even use as a kickstand. So for that reason, as a student, anyone looking for a keyboard for their ipad, i would personally recommend the logitech combo as it has a detachable design where the case still stays on the ipad and has more screen adjustment as well as a function row. But, for typing on your lap which I do a lot, as the magic keyboard has a flat bottom, it's easier to rest on your lap like an actual laptop instead of the logitech which is designed like a surface device. But whichever you pick, I'm sure will suit your needs.

  • just some minced garlic
    just some minced garlic 8 months ago +10

    I just got the 12.9 inch m1 iPad Pro last month after using the 11 inch 2018 model iPad Pro for the last two years. Got the magic keyboard for both and its been incredible in both sizes. All the keyboard shortcuts and having zero lag on the trackpad/keyboard has been great. I use my ipad as a laptop most of the time, almost to the point where I forget that I can remove it from the keyboard. Its pretty clear they were built to go together from how well they work with each other.

  • J D
    J D Year ago +5

    Good call out on the benefit of the pass through charging on the apple keyboard. What that brought to mind, along with promoting going case less like a desktop machine, says to me apple designed their keyboard to be used in a desktop, stationary, scenario. To use the pass through charging you have to be physically attached to something that’s probably attached to a wall unless you’re using a battery.

  • Nathanael Culver
    Nathanael Culver 2 months ago +1

    After a year of using the Logitech, I’m still a fan, aside from the weight.
    I’ve had two Apple keyboards (not the Magic), and the material of the cover is both a fingerprint magnet and begins to wrinkle and flake after a few months. The Logitech has a cloth surface that suffers from neither issue.
    Also the Logitech features full side coverage and protects the Apple Pencil on the top where it stays charged - that’s a big deal for me. And the keyboard folds back so I don’t need to remove the iPad from the case to hold it in my hand.
    And, oh yeah. The Logitech is roughly half the price.

  • Nina D
    Nina D 3 months ago +7

    I have both of these cases, and I have to say that both are very good cases. But the choice will go down to use case. If you are someone who will type a lot on your iPad, the Magic Keyboard is the way to go. The angle is great for typing and I personally find that it is not as fatiguing to type on it as compared to the Combo Touch (perhaps due to the CT’s 70gf operating force vs the MK’s 60gf). But if you are someone who will use the iPad more as a tablet (in my case, as a writing tablet with the Apple Pencil), the CT is better because you can keep it in the case and use it as a tablet.

  • Jeremy Golez
    Jeremy Golez 2 months ago +2

    Great review Scott!
    I just want to share my experience with the Logitech Combo Touch which I think you missed discussing in this video.
    For those who are eyeing to buy the Logitech Combo Touch please bear in mind that the speaker side rubbers flare out after quite some time, I not only experienced this myself but saw another guy at the mall working on his iPad with the same issue.
    I had to report it to Logitech and they acknowledge it as an aesthetic issue/defect and informed the store to give me either a replacement unit or store credit (which I traded in for the Magic Keyboard) I owned a black magic keyboard before but then I sold the iPad (pre-IOS 16 news).
    + opening the Logitech Combo Touch from its closed form is indeed a task every time you do it. :)

  • Steven Edwards
    Steven Edwards Year ago +23

    Great review. I really enjoyed it. The Stylus Sling looks like a useful product. I think I'll go with the Logitech case for its versatility.

  • Rick Atkinson
    Rick Atkinson Month ago

    Very good, detailed review. All very valid points expressed by Scott. I really couldn’t add anything except to say I use the Logitech Folio Touch which offers great protection and secures that Apple Pencil nicely. I feel I made the correct choice going with the Logitech keyboard case.

  • martin atherton
    martin atherton Year ago +13

    Great, thorough review. Appreciated. I’m with you. The Logitech feature that allows SEPARATION from the keypad, WITH the cover on the actual iPad is worth the price of admission. Plus $$$. I paid less for the Logitech model.

  • John W
    John W 9 months ago +7

    I’ve had my Magic keyboard now for 2 years and I absolutely love it. I love the feel of the keys, and it fits nicely on my lap, a pillow or laying in bed. I don’t use function keys, so that’s never been a problem - I just swipe down to access the controls I need. I do a fair amount of writing with the case also. At those times I either flip the case around, or snatch it off and write on the closed case. Either way works, and I haven’t felt it was an issue. Lastly, the viewing angle has never been a problem. I tried the Logitech and it just takes up way too much space on my desk, and can’t be used in tight spaces.

    • Thomas Kang
      Thomas Kang 5 months ago

      What exactly do you mean by flipping the case around? I'm considering buying a Magic keyboard for college classes, and I enjoy writing my notes directly into goodnotes with my apple pencil. I thought the magic keyboard did not let you flip the display around so that the ipad can lay on top of the keyboard, but if that's possible I would definitely like to invest in it. It seems like the best option over the logitech case for someone who will be using it on the horribly undersized desks in auditorium lecture rooms, since the base support is the keyboard itself.

  • ChuckandMax
    ChuckandMax 8 months ago +9

    I have 2 cases for my iPad, 1 for the keyboard and 1 without. I agree that my biggest disappointment is the missing function keys on the magic keyboard, and the viewing angle thing is a big problem.

    • Azure Flame
      Azure Flame 3 months ago

      What is the case that you use when you take your iPad out of the keyboard?

  • English In Context
    English In Context Year ago +5

    I've watched quite a few videos comparing these two keyboards and I think this one is the best. Thank you! I'm a bit concerned about the attachment of a USB-C hub to the Logitech. I don't know if the side protection on the Logitech might restrict attachment of the hub.

    • Scott McKenna
      Scott McKenna  Year ago +1

      It’s definitely harder to get a cable in depending on the thickness, but I haven’t had a major problem yet. With that said, since this video I’ve switched back to the Magic Keyboard. I use my ipad a ton on my lap, and the Logitech is terrible on the lap.

    • Scott McKenna
      Scott McKenna  Year ago +1

      Glad you enjoyed the video.

  • Carl Benz Lozano
    Carl Benz Lozano 4 months ago

    I guess the Apple Magic Keyboard would be a great tool for those who just want their ipads to be a notebook replacement and as a typing tool. The Logitech would make sense if you use it as a complimentary to a Macbook or an iMac plus having those expensive gadgets would be offset by the $100 off.

  • Ali A 2.0
    Ali A 2.0 6 months ago +2

    With the keyboard opening problem, you could use the stylus sling, therefore leaving an easier way of you to open it

  • Bruce Neuman
    Bruce Neuman 10 months ago +16

    I have both cases. Each is a good product and you can find the Logitech discounted to $150. Aside from price, however, go for Apple’s keyboard. When open it sits at a perfect angle for typing. Removal for note taking with the Apple Pencil is a dream. Unless you want to constantly pop the iPad inland out of the Logitech frame, you are carrying an extra heavy device for note taking. The Magic keyboard also sits the iPad firmly in your lap for typing. It is just a great design.

  • Prakhar Bhardwaj
    Prakhar Bhardwaj 7 months ago +2

    The Logitech Folio has a flap for the pen and it's viewing angles are awesome. I use it for my iPad Air 4 and the fact that I saved 130 odd dollars (compared to Magic Keyboard) was the cherry on top!

  • Ku
    Ku 28 days ago +4

    I enjoyed using the Logitech combo touch, but the rubber edges easily damage over time… I saw review photos and didn’t think it would happen to me right away, but eventually the rubber edges around the ipad stretched and do not go back to how it originally was. Also, the rubber suffers peel damage. The Logitech case also damages more easily. They keys are nice and flat, but after a few months, the paint started to fade… Aside from that, it’s a great case!
    Now I’m using the Magic Keyboard. My ipad is now limited in movement, but if feels more protected. The Logitech combo touch is an awesome keyboard/case for the ipad.. but it does come with flaws. The kick stand is nice, but I prefer using the Magic Keyboard for typing. It just feels better knowing my ipad wont flop over. Magic Keyboard for me.

    • Zamaan
      Zamaan 17 days ago

      I agree the edges on the logi tech get damaged a lot

    • Scott McKenna
      Scott McKenna  26 days ago +2

      I agree with most of your thoughts for sure. I now use the Magic Keyboard again as my only keyboard.

  • Kyle Plate
    Kyle Plate 3 months ago +1

    I own the combo touch, and love it…BUT I have had one warranty replacement due to the case warping by the vent holes. Logitech told me that issue was “not normal”. My replacement was fine for about 3 months and now it’s warping in the same exact places.

  • Maxim Perevuznik
    Maxim Perevuznik 3 months ago

    Best keyboard case I’ve seen is 360 degrees case with a hinge in the middle. It can be used as a laptop, or you just reverse it back , choose any angle and use it as a tablet. And it’s cheaper too, plus it has different lights and keys are really nice to press. Magic Keyboard is super overprised and can’t even go any angle back

  • Selman Ipek
    Selman Ipek Year ago +70

    Logitech seems more compatible with why someone would buy an iPad in the first place - the flexible workflow. Personally a folio case plus k380 keyboard has been 👌🏻

    • João Pedro Rodrigues
      João Pedro Rodrigues 13 days ago

      I totally agree man!! Why would you buy an ipad case that doesn’t allow you to use it like an ipad lol 😅

    • Jim Blaineau
      Jim Blaineau 7 months ago +1

      Yes but what about the trackpad ? It’s so convenient for productivity. The Magic Keyboard is a (expensive) dream.

    • MJ
      MJ 9 months ago +1

      Except mine is a Zugu case with a k380 keyboard.

    • MJ
      MJ 9 months ago +2

      That's my set up too!

    • E S
      E S 10 months ago +2

      that’s my setup lol

  • Felix Wong
    Felix Wong 9 months ago +157

    A few things not mentioned: 1. Magic keyboard raises the screen higher towards your eyes and closer to your fingers. So it's more ergonomic for both viewing and touch. 2. The Magic Keyboard is more "lapable". It doesn't have a kickstand to dig into your legs. 3. Both designs have minimal screen wobble upon touch, but the Logitech is a little better in this category.

    • Omar Kharnivall
      Omar Kharnivall Month ago

      @Aron Dencker thanks for your reply

    • Aron Dencker
      Aron Dencker Month ago +1

      @Omar Kharnivall there is a slight difference, and it’s much easier to accidentally cover and muffle the speakers, but it’s not the deal braking part of that product

    • Omar Kharnivall
      Omar Kharnivall Month ago

      @Aron Dencker ive noticed that the logitech combo blocks some of the speakers grills, did you noticed change in sound while using that case?

    • Aron Dencker
      Aron Dencker 3 months ago

      @H B you see how the keyboard is slightly sunken in? Well when you have the case open you can take the iPad out the magnets and slot it in the edge of the sunken in cutout and the top half of the stand, if you still don’t get it I can try send a photo or upload a drive link with a photo in or something. But it works a treat for me, even if the angle isn’t perfect

    • H B
      H B 3 months ago

      @Aron Dencker wait, can you please explain your last paragraph? Do you mean resting it on the Magic Keyboard when it’s closed? Sorry, I didn’t really get what you were saying but really trying to find a solution for the same issue.

  • Matt Landon
    Matt Landon Year ago +7

    Appreciate the thoroughness - really like how clean the magic keyboard is, but not sure it’s $300 clean. Maybe the magic key board in combination with a less expensive, better coverage case like an ESR magnetic case, but then you’re dealing with two cases still. Well done review of the two best options.

    • Jim Blaineau
      Jim Blaineau 7 months ago +1

      Surely the best way to use the iPad Pro : a folio case (I bought first the ESR and then an on sale Smart Folio), thin and lite, for most of the time usage, and the Magic Keyboard for sessions of writing

    • M Darks
      M Darks 11 months ago

      Yea I bought a Magic Keyboard with iPad 11 and enjoyed it, but debated the $399 CAD & no function keys like on others. I bought an on sale Logitech folio.

  • gamma8gear
    gamma8gear Year ago +2

    I prefer the keyboard folio over the magic keyboard except for the fact that those folios and smart covers break on me a year or two in. The logi keyboard looks like a super great alternative

    • Scott McKenna
      Scott McKenna  Year ago +2

      I definitely don’t like the Apple Keyboard folio case, I don’t like how close it is to screen. It feels small and hard to type on. The magic keyboard feels natural

  • Mark Sun
    Mark Sun 7 months ago +3

    I had both of them, and keep combo touch. Expensive is always better. When people buy the cheaper one, the hunger to the expensive one is always kept until they finally buy it. But my experience is after getting used to combo touch, the Magic Keyboard only provides a more elegant experience that I’m working eleganter. At a expense of this, I have to bear the back camera when drawing, and use the ‘1300$ elegant’ very carefully (one damage costs from 26$ to more than 500$)
    And finally, I have to say, using iPad with a keyboard is still a performance art. Just bring a MacBook Air… and using iPad as a second scree. Another 500 gram doesn’t kill people.

  • J D
    J D Month ago

    The best part for me about the Magic Keyboard is the design of incorporating the pass though USB C on the opposite side of the IPAD USB C input, so you don’t have to snake the cable across you or saving that extra cable length.

  • M Darks
    M Darks 11 months ago +5

    I recently bought the magic keyboard & iPad Pro 11 for PT course readings, Zoom & essays during downtime at work. After a couple days of justifying paying more than my MacBook Air, I exchanged for a Logitech folio on sale & an iPad Air 64GB (use cloud storage) over the iPad 10.2. Didn’t feel right paying $1400 + tax CAD 😄🤔

  • John
    John 3 months ago +1

    I would add, that even with the iPad in the case, it‘s not entirely protected since the edges are still very much exposed. Also you can open the Combo touch from the cutout for the pencil, especially if you use the extra pencil sling. With the Magic Keyboard you also can‘t get a flat angle for more ergonomic writing, however, I‘ve heard that use of the keyboard on ypur lap is more ergonomic with the magic keyboard.

    • Scott McKenna
      Scott McKenna  2 months ago

      If you use it on your lap regularly, the combo touch is a very bad option unfortunately. With that said, if you use it as a tablet often, or like the protection the case offers, the Logitech is great with that

  • Leslie Bradley
    Leslie Bradley Year ago +5

    What i like about the charge through feature on the apple ipad magic keyboard is that it then frees up the USB-C port on the iPad for Harddrives or other connections whilst still being charged.

    • Scott McKenna
      Scott McKenna  Year ago +3

      Yes that’s a nice feature for sure. I personally don’t use a lot of external connections and hard drives on my iPad but that’s definitely a valid and strong point for some people.

  • iKandy
    iKandy Month ago +2

    By far the best review I have seen. Straight to the point and helpful. Not to mention you clearly stated what your opinions were without conflating them with the facts. Really appreciate that. One person's necessary feature is another person's waste of time.

    • Scott McKenna
      Scott McKenna  26 days ago

      So glad it was helpful. Thanks for the kind comment.

  • MayMay
    MayMay 11 months ago +6

    i originally bought the ipad for art, so i bought it with apples smart folio, which was amazing. and then i bought the magic keyboard for school, and i can easily switch between the 2 cases when its needed. if i need to work on an assignment, ill pop it on the keyboard, and if i want to sketch, i simply take it off, and put it on the smart folio. so, yeah

  • Charlie Dyson
    Charlie Dyson 5 months ago

    Great review. I’ve just bought an iPad A ir and I’m just exploring the benefits of using it in combination with my MacBook Pro for work purposes (email, slack, chrome, Evernote mainly)
    While I am enjoying using a separate portable device, I can’t put my finger on why it’s better than using the Macbook? Sure it’s less cumbersome and I am enjoying the change up and portability, but on paper the differences are minimal. What am I missing?

  • Tom MacDougall
    Tom MacDougall 2 months ago

    Thanks for the great review, I went with the Touch Combo, for the ability to separate and the added protection.

    • Scott McKenna
      Scott McKenna  2 months ago +1

      Glad that case will work our great for you.

  • Andre Roussel
    Andre Roussel Month ago

    i bought an Ipad pro one year ago and ordered the Logitech combo for the price and reasons you’ve mentioned . I use it since then but there’s one thing annoying me a lot is that the space bar key miss almost one on two times…. I review my messages before launching and got to add the spaces on 3-4-5 words each time…So i just ordered the magic keyboard. Hope i’ll like it.

  • Jeff Davis
    Jeff Davis Year ago +6

    With the Logitech, no need to ditch the keyboard when using it with sidecar, just flip the keyboard to the back. Also, the Logitech doesn’t sit well on your lap. The magic keyboard is much more balanced on the lap

    • Bernard Doddema Jr
      Bernard Doddema Jr 4 months ago

      That’s sad about lap use. Love the look of the Logitech. I’m disabled so need to use it in my lap

    • Scott McKenna
      Scott McKenna  Year ago

      I 100% agree about lap use. I agree so much, in fact that I have actually gone back to using the magic keyboard more often for that exact reason.

  • Eva Condrup
    Eva Condrup 3 months ago +1

    Hi Scott, I’m totality In love with the logi, I have had it for long time now. Another thing I really love with it is, that you actually can put the keyboard on the back and still have it with you and you don’t typing on it when you turn it. But if I am doing that, the iPad can’t stand by it self. Hopefully logi will make that possible one day. The thing I don’t like and it is the only thing, it is pretty heavy, but I can live with it

  • Satria Astawan
    Satria Astawan 12 days ago

    Hey, I do curious about your experience using Apple’s case trackpad, is it a lot better than the Logitech case? Because I’ve been using MacBook Air for the past few years and its trackpad is second to none. Thanks, love your video

    • Scott McKenna
      Scott McKenna  11 days ago

      I think the trackpad is better on the magic keyboard, yes. But the Logitech isn't bad.

  • Grand Machines
    Grand Machines 8 months ago +10

    There’s a version of the Logitech case without the detachable keyboard and also the pen has its place better designed, and the carry mode is really sturdy. Check all the other versions out before you make a decision.

    • Jim Blaineau
      Jim Blaineau 7 months ago

      Too bulky and heavy. Too difficult to remove. Sorry

    • Robert Miller
      Robert Miller 8 months ago +1

      I have the folio touch. I agree it's the best.

    • Grand Machines
      Grand Machines 8 months ago +3

      @Mauricio Martínez Toledo sorry.. it’s iPad / logitech folio touch

    • Mauricio Martínez Toledo
      Mauricio Martínez Toledo 8 months ago

      could you tell what model you're referring to?

  • Hearle
    Hearle Month ago

    A perfect review. For what I want in a tablet like experience, I will buy the Logitech. Thank you for the great review.

  • Jim Blaineau
    Jim Blaineau 7 months ago

    Very good comparison, but in my case, I use my iPad Pro without a keyboard most of the time, and I need a cover to protect the screen, so I bought the Smart Folio which I love (expensive but so clean, thin and useful). For this reason, I prefer the Magic Keyboard case, because it’s much easier to use it and remove it, then put the Smart Folio on instead instantly. With the Combo Touch, when you remove the keyboard, you have nothing to protect the screen, and it’s not so easy to remove the case to use a Smart Folio.

  • Jay Shank 007
    Jay Shank 007 7 months ago

    I like the Apple one more for 3 reasons,
    Glass trackpad and scissor key switches. Usb port for charging. Lastly, no need for kickstand, very very versatile.
    I use ESR trifold case when I'm not working, just travelling, or playing game etc..

  • Corey M
    Corey M 7 months ago +1

    Have you tried using the Logi combo case (without the keyboard) on the Magic Keyboard stand? Are the magnets strong enough to hold the iPad with the case on? Long story but seems like I can get them both together. (Now have solid experience with both for around 6 months each individually)

  • Isaac
    Isaac 10 months ago +1

    Thanks for sharing!
    Apple agrees with this option as well considering its one of few brands sold by Apple on their site, and in-store.

  • Marky Mark C
    Marky Mark C Year ago +4

    Great vid as always Scott. The iPad is still my favourite device. I have the cellular option, the touchscreen is so tactile but wish apple would stop limiting it and give us Final Cut.

    • Jero 87
      Jero 87 7 months ago

      They've announced final cut for the ipad when ipad OS 16 gets released

    • Variamente
      Variamente Year ago +1

      They're probably never going to give the ipad final cut. The only reason why they decided to add the m series chip into the ipad was simply because its cheaper to do so, theres no need to create a new chip just for the ipad. They're probably also trying to do the same thing for the iphone. If they did allow the ipad to have macos apps that will destroy macbook sales because the ipad is way more modular than a laptop. Apple will never do anything that decreases sales. So no way they'll ever do that, they want the ipad to remain as a capable tablet and thats all it will be

    • Marky Mark C
      Marky Mark C Year ago +2

      @Charles Telerant oh man 100% if I updated I’d go the cellular version again. Tethering is ok but the convenience of being instantly online if your away from wifi a lot is super helpful.

    • Charles Telerant
      Charles Telerant Year ago +1

      Do you find yourself using the cellular much? I’m about to buy an iPad so I’m still debating vs just tethering my phone .

  • TheLastRide88
    TheLastRide88 Year ago

    Great review! I also share the same views as you! I love the ability to detach the keyboard, also it provides protection to my iPad.

    • C.J Bell: unedited
      C.J Bell: unedited Year ago

      Think I’m going to invest in the combo. Decisions decisions

  • Thlat
    Thlat 5 months ago

    I bought the Logitech Slim Combo in 2018 at Amazon.
    This was practically the same device for the iPad 12.9 gen 1&2 with the homebutton.
    It made the slim and light iPad thick and quite heavy but it was good protection.
    I just checked with Amazon. They failed three times. It was always the keys from a to d or f that failed (left side, middle row) within 6-8 months. After the last one, the keyboard was not available anymore since the homebuton pro iPads had been discontinued.
    Now I am waiting for my new 12.9 gen 5 to arrive and I am thinking again what to do….
    I will certainly not pay the 399€ the apple keyboard cost nowadays, but my experience with the Logitech slim combo was really bad.

    • Snilepisk
      Snilepisk 2 months ago

      My experience with logitech from the last 15 years is that the quality of their products vary greatly. I’m still using a Logitech Illuminated and a Z-5500 sound system, and I bought them both between 10 and 12 years ago, while other products survives less than a year.

  • Beau Britton
    Beau Britton 8 months ago +2

    Logitech by a mile. I do not like the row of function keys. They should either lose the lock key or move it to the left so it is not the first key when you are working in the dark. I always hit it by accident and then I have to stop and turn the ipad back on. I will take the time to open the case up.

  • M Mo
    M Mo 9 months ago +1

    Yep the logo tech combo case frick'n rocks. I love the apple magic keyboard, it's super nice, but it's missing what makes the combo case functionally better: back lighting, function keys, and flexible form. These three prove transformative- Apple! Add these to the magic keyboard now! 😊😉😎

    • Scott Liu
      Scott Liu 6 months ago

      The magic keyboard does have the back lighting, and it is adjustable.

  • Amber Turner
    Amber Turner Year ago +2

    I recently purchased an iPad Pro 12.9 inch to use as like a laptop. I watched someone else's review of the Logitech Combo Touch and was instantly sold on it for all the exact same reasons you mentioned. I also bought a Pencil holder too, and never thought to put it on the kickstand part of the case! It's been annoying to slide it on and off each time I want to use it, so definitely gonna do that. Great review of real-life usage from the Logitech Combo Touch from my experience with it the last three weeks (Seriously, Apple, why no row of function keys on your Magic Keyboard?!?!).

    • Talha Tariq
      Talha Tariq Year ago +2

      @Amber Turner that was my only fear. now I'm definitely buying the Logitech. thank you

    • Amber Turner
      Amber Turner Year ago +1

      @Talha Tariq I’ve used mine quite a bit and it has not happened once to me at all.

    • Talha Tariq
      Talha Tariq Year ago

      I read reviews that Logitech keyboard would randomly disconnect from the iPad or sometimes the iPad wouldn't respond to the keyboard. is it true that it has compatibility issues?

  • Hsin Hung Tseng
    Hsin Hung Tseng 6 months ago

    My Logitech Combo Touch (for 12.9" iPad Pro) only last 3 month (bought in Nov 2021). I applied the RMA, but there's no stock to replace the broken one since March. What a worldwide company.

  • James Cruz
    James Cruz Year ago +2

    To open the case, what I do is I let the case sit on the table first, flip open the kick stand FIRST, then easily you lift the thicker side while just allowing the thinner side, which is the keyboard, to naturally bolt out and there, after landing the screen, you’re good to go, there’s no more need to “reach out” to the kick stand!

  • Lisa Broe [Staff]
    Lisa Broe [Staff] 27 days ago

    I already have the Apple Magic, and when I am watching videos and want the keyboard out of the way, I just flip it over and lean the iPad against the back. It’s not a perfect solution, but as much as I would like to switch to the Logitech, I can’t justify buying it when I already have the Apple.

    • Scott McKenna
      Scott McKenna  26 days ago

      Yea it’s not ideal but I do like the Magic Keyboard better.

  • littlebighumancom

    My main reason to get the iPad is the pen (drawing, diagraming and white boarding in meetings). The Apple case doesn’t work in that scenario. I have a M1 Mac mini with a 32” 4K screen plus a Keychron K4 keyboard for “regular” computer work. I also have a Macbook Pro, but I hardly use it anymore. I had the case for two days and had to return it, because I found it way too limiting and not protecting at all off case.

  • Scanito
    Scanito 3 months ago +1

    By far the best comparison that I have found. Great work! And I agree on the Logitech as #1.

    • hit me up on telegram👉Christopher_Lawley
      hit me up on telegram👉Christopher_Lawley 2 months ago

      Congratulations lucky winner..
      I have something for you🎁

    • Scott McKenna
      Scott McKenna  3 months ago

      Thanks for the kind words. I will say that after this review for the last year, I have actually switched back to the Magic Keyboard. As someone who types and uses it like a computer more than anything else, the magic keyboard is better for that purpose.

  • Rae
    Rae 10 months ago

    I dont understand why Logitech didnt make the combo touch that will work on the 1st and 2nd gen ipad 12.9. iOS 15 update allows a trackpad and mouse to work, so why wouldn’t they make a combo touch for the 1 and 2 gen. I have the Logitech create keyboard on my gen 2 12.9, its very nice but would love the trackpad for a more laptop feel. Does anyone have any further insights. Into this?

  • Martin Waring
    Martin Waring 10 months ago

    I prefer the Logitech Combo Touch case for its versatility

  • Nico Diaz
    Nico Diaz 6 months ago

    I think I might go with the Magic Keyboard for my iPad Pro 11 to distinguish it from my Microsoft Surface.

  • Dean Hooper
    Dean Hooper 2 months ago +1

    Awesome review! I have the Apple Magic Keyboard on my 2020 iPad Pro 12.9 and love it. I'm getting the new 2022 iPad Pro 12.9 (giving the 2020 to my daughter) and looking at both keyboard options you've reviewed. One complaint for both of these keyboards would be the added weight. I would think the Logitech adds even more but with better protection as it's a full case. It's a trade-off. I think you've convinced me to go with the Logitech as I really like the idea of kickstand without the keyboard. I don't travel enough to be concerned about the added weight. Thanks and nice job!

  • thecard69
    thecard69 Month ago

    Nobody seems to mention using the iPad in portrait mode! These cases seem to force you to lose functionality of a very expensive tool…

  • Kurt Lyon
    Kurt Lyon 10 months ago

    Thanks Scott. Great real world review. Both cases are great, what is your personal application. I lean your direction, love that I can snap a protected iPad away from the keyboard.

  • Amanda Lee
    Amanda Lee Year ago +6

    Great review, based on your suggestions I’m going to get the Logitech case. 😊 Could you link the sling you have your apple pen please?

  • Steve M
    Steve M Month ago

    Great video, impressively concise and helped me decide 👍

  • Autumn Rose
    Autumn Rose 9 months ago +1

    The only issue I have with the Logitech keyboard case is that they removed the flap that keeps the Apple Pencil secure. I am nitpicking here, but it’d be nice to see this come back in a later refresh

    • Scott McKenna
      Scott McKenna  9 months ago +1

      I use the Stylus Sling. It's the best way to go.

  • ProteinShakes
    ProteinShakes 8 months ago +2

    My fav combo is still the Apple Keyboard Folio (NOT the magic keyboard) and a separate logi pebble mouse. Keeps the ipad much ligher during normal use, and the keyboard is water-proof(ish?) So I dont have to worry as much about eating and drinking next to it.

    • ProteinShakes
      ProteinShakes 8 months ago

      @Scott McKenna totally agree, but I find the small trackpad on the magic keyboard to be a lot more work than just touching the screen. Pulling out an actual mouse when you really need to use one gives a better experience for me, and having a keyboard folio + light travel mouse like a logi pebble is still a lot lighter than the magic keyboard

    • Scott McKenna
      Scott McKenna  8 months ago

      I just wouldn't like having to pull a mouse out when I wanted to use it. That seems kind of cumbersome.

    • Matías Pinto
      Matías Pinto 8 months ago

      I have almost the same, but with a logi mx anywhere 2s

  • robalytics
    robalytics 4 months ago

    Great and helpful review. I love the Logitech setup a lot!

  • Gerry Sair
    Gerry Sair 8 months ago

    I wish they had this version of the Logitech case when I bought mine (which I love). I have to flip my keyboard underneath.

  • Juliane Trinidad
    Juliane Trinidad 11 months ago +1

    I like the logi tech one because you can pop the keyboard off and your ipad is in a case 👌👌

  • Jason McDonalds
    Jason McDonalds 8 months ago

    I wavered between the Apple Magic Keyboard and the Logitech Combo Touch. And now I can decide which is the best for me. Thanks a lot.

  • 澤田次郎
    澤田次郎 Year ago +1

    Excellent review. I have seen four similar reviews, yours is the clearest and best. Thanks.

  • ewetoob blowes
    ewetoob blowes Year ago +3

    The stylus sling recommendation was the best part of the video for me. I love my magic keyboard. Thanks! Plus a well rounded video!

    • Justshacone
      Justshacone 3 months ago

      I would love a link also🙂

    • mochabetty
      mochabetty 8 months ago

      @Scott McKenna Where can I buy it? Do you have a link ?

    • mochabetty
      mochabetty 8 months ago

      @Scott McKenna Where can I buy it? Do you have a link ?

    • Scott McKenna
      Scott McKenna  Year ago +1

      Yes. I love my stylus sling as well. Super useful.

  • Bill
    Bill Year ago +2

    Do you have to add an software app. to the iPad to use the Logitech Combo? How much bigger is the Logitech Combo vs. the Apple Magic Keyboard? I'm worried about it fitting in my iPad bags or sleeves. To bad they didn't put a little flange on the Logitech to open it.

    • TheLastRide88
      TheLastRide88 Year ago +1

      No software is needed, it works exactly like the magic keyboard. You attach it and bam it works!

  • Bill Gargan
    Bill Gargan 9 months ago

    Ive been an iPad user since they appeared. I now use a 12.9 and a 10.5, two different animals. My 12.9 is on my side 100%, email and text, scanning the web, etc. I use MS Word and Excel, I edit pictures, etc. Most of all I take it everywhere. For my 12.9 I swear by the Logitech Create Case. There customer support is excellent and I’ve used it. Keyboard is great, case is very secure and protective.Make sure you choose the right Logitech, they have a few. TheApple case is a piece of crap. Add the Logitech mouse and you can do almost anything. My 10.5 I use for Navigation, that uses a different case. I also use an Apple Pencil with my 10.5, so for that I use another case. Don’t forget the very best glass screen protector and a Paperlike cover for the pencil.

  • FrenchRonaldo
    FrenchRonaldo Year ago

    Great comparison! Could you please link the stylus sling for the Apple Pencil?

  • JM Bosquesillo
    JM Bosquesillo 2 months ago +1

    Tablet mode??? What other mode is there for a Tablet? 😁
    I haven’t tried the Logitech but it looks quite interesting. I do have the MK and it’s okay.
    Nice review.

  • JiLLaLAh
    JiLLaLAh 11 months ago +2

    One thing i dont like with the logitech is that the color scheme available isn't just my type😤😭 it also bothers me cuz of the weird texture of the keyboard or the type of material they use to the case😭 i wouldn't complain if white and black( their black looks so gray) is the choices

  • Ron Baughman
    Ron Baughman Year ago +5

    I considered both. My son has the Magic Keyboard. I bought the Logitech Combo Touch because I thought it is BETTER than the Magic Keyboard. Based on the variety of ways I use it, the Magic Keyboard just doesn't match up for quality (the PU material just seems cheap to me. Sorry Apple.) Don't think just because it's $120 more that the Magic Keyboard is better. It's not. And my son is jealous. How often does that happen?

  • MadzieWolf
    MadzieWolf 8 months ago

    I wanted to treat myself this time, when I got my Ipad, so i got the magic keyboard, its something to get used to, when you’ve been a windows user since I’ve used a computer since 1999. But the keys and the easy functionality and the way you dont have to worry about the power at all is just nice, and it just screams luxury xD
    I also have the new apple pen so everything is just so perfect together.

  • LinuxHurts
    LinuxHurts 11 months ago

    I suggest using the Pitaka MagEZ case which fits the Magic Keyboard.

  • bgktsl
    bgktsl Year ago +2

    Hi, I just bought Logitech couple days ago but I got an issue relating to the globe key. I couldn't use it for switching between languages. Did you have this issue like me? Also, do you have any ways to set it as the language switching key.

    • Rowe Sergent
      Rowe Sergent Year ago

      Kasidit, thanks for pointing that out about the globe key. I can’t understand why Logi didn’t make it workable.
      BTW, I watched another video about the Logi keyboard case. The reviewer-the only person who has brought it up in a review of the Logi that I’ve watched so far-pointed out that, on the Logi keyboard, he was not able to hold certain keys down in order to select letters used in other languages which use the Roman alphabet. He also mentioned that he couldn’t find any *other* way to do so either. I didn’t read through the comments to see if someone showed some way to do it with keystroke-combos (like on my 2009 MacBook).

  • Jared Hernandez
    Jared Hernandez 5 months ago

    I hate that for my 2019 iPad pro (12.9) I have to buy cases that are universal to the newer versions, I absolutely hate that the camera cutouts are big for no reason, just make another version.

  • Garry Ciambella
    Garry Ciambella 3 months ago +1

    I have an iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (4th generation) and a Logitech case but it must be a generation prior to the one in the shootout here. Mine doesn’t detach from the case, or have a variable angle and it uses Bluetooth (not the magic connector) to connect. That being said, I’m very happy with it and still think it’s a great option and boosts the productivity factor of the iPad by a lot.
    I have to type / edit documents in French and English. On my Macs, if I want an accented character like “ é ” I simply push on the regular keyboard ‘e’ a little longer and on the screen it presents all of the available accented ‘e’ characters. I then type the number corresponding to the type of ‘e’ I want and it places it into my document.
    (On an iOS device, using the on screen keyboard is kind of the same; you hold the ‘e’ but then slide over to the one you need, let it go, and it’s in your text).
    On the Logitech case / keyboard I have, if I hold down the ‘e’, predictably, I just get a whole bunch of e’s in my document until I let go. (If I want many e’s on my Mac I have to hit the ‘e’ as many times as necessary).
    I have the option of changing the language of my Logitech keyboard to French (very easy to do, even dynamically, by just hitting the little ‘world’ key on my keyboard, but then my actual keys change values and I need to remember to hit the “/“ for an “ é “. Also, using this method, some accented characters require you to remember two keystrokes to get the one character… VERY error-prone and time-consuming.
    I’m thinking that because the AMK and newer gen LCC both use the Magic Connectors that the keyboard might act like on a Mac.
    So, question : Do both the current Apple Magic Case and Logitech Combo cases operate like a REAL Mac keyboard for accented chapters ? i.e. if you hold down a key the DEVICE will present a little menu for you to choose the desired alternate character ? Or do they both just give you a repetitive string of that character ?
    (You may need to ‘install’ a second language on your iPad temporarily to test this function)
    Thanks !

  • Bread MD
    Bread MD Month ago

    One thing that keeps me from considering the Logitech keyboard is using it on my lap. My lap isn’t large enough to accommodate the keyboard and then the kickstand that holds the ipad back at an angle.

  • Ricardo Jasso
    Ricardo Jasso Month ago

    13:22 i did a proposal to improve the open time, I add a small tab with heatpatch I could share a picture to how looks like

  • Judi Morningstar
    Judi Morningstar 2 months ago

    Good review. You touched on all the fine points.

  • Antonio
    Antonio 9 months ago +1

    Neither for extended use. They are not ergonomic.

  • Amateur Sim Racing
    Amateur Sim Racing 2 months ago

    Great video, you have made my choice a lot easyer....Logitech Combo Touch it is.

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 3 months ago +1

    The nerve of Apple to even charge 2/3 the price of what an iPad costs for this keyboard case is ludicrous. They always seem to go out of their way to give you way less than they should AND expect you to pay a massive premium for being put over a barrel and given the rear end treatment. No Vaseline either.
    I will not buy it. I'll get an aftermarket item. Same goes for the stupidly overpriced pencil too. You can get one for 1/10th the cost of Apples' pencil and do EXACTLY the same thing.
    Go figure.
    I just wish Apple could lose their arrogance and stop the greed.

  • As_i_c_it
    As_i_c_it 6 months ago

    I want a case WITHOUT the physical keyboard. I prefer an lcd touchscreen keyboard/trackpad. Is there a case that does that?

  • David Jenkins
    David Jenkins 9 months ago +1

    How easy is it to use the Logitech away from a desk/table top when you don’t have a smooth surface to anchor the back strut. Looks to me like it’s not very good if you’re going to use it on your lap.

  • Seamus Stout
    Seamus Stout Year ago

    Great quality video/review. What mm lens did you use for filming this?

  • Anau Milton
    Anau Milton 4 months ago

    Awesome review and comparisons, thanks man!

  • schmoosmith
    schmoosmith Year ago +50

    I just watched this after I purchased the Logitech and this video makes me feel better about my decision so thank you!

    • L D
      L D 7 months ago

      @Cam Toews maybe the Logitech keyboards you got were imitations. There are many of those out there.

    • Cam Toews
      Cam Toews 7 months ago +1

      I’ve been thru 4 different Logitech keyboard cases for iPads over the years. They always fail, the keys stop working, they are junk. I just bought the Apple keyboard and the keys are a much higher quality

    • schmoosmith
      schmoosmith 7 months ago

      @Ryan Sparzak Yes it does.

    • L D
      L D 7 months ago +1

      Me too. I love the Logitech. Far more convenient. I’m glad I chose it.

    • Ryan Sparzak
      Ryan Sparzak 10 months ago +1

      does the logitech support the finger motions on the track pad?

  • 22ple Pte. Ltd.
    22ple Pte. Ltd. 7 months ago

    You did not mentioned the (much heavie}) weight of the Logitech keyboard, which is an important consideration at least for me