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Game Recap: Lakers 123, Spurs 92

  • Published on Nov 19, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Saif Abdullah

    If you noticed the last games of the Lakers .. LeBron is out .. Russ and AD is doing a fantastic job not only scoring and defending but pushing the other players to do their jobs .. I hope when LeBron returns to the team they will do much better ... It's the best for us to enjoy the games more and more ..

  • RJLM
    RJLM  +28

    Solid game from the Lakers, let's see if they can keep it going 👏🏼

  • SheenyRecords

    For some of the casuals they have great players back the past couple games in T Bryant and schrowder both putting up double digits. Hopefully when Bron is back he can add to this too

  • Mohd Zulfadli

    Healthy AD and confident Brodie, love to see it!

  • Ramzan Dean

    I think when lebron returns he has to take a back seat and let the offense run through ad if the lakers want any hope to sneak into the playoffs I think it could also help lebron at his age to just become the second option

  • Michel Nascimento

    Lakers joga bem coletivamente falando, sem o LeBron

  • EU Wonder
    EU Wonder  +53

    Westbrook and AD and the Lakers squad with out LeBron would definitely win some games and might take the 8th seed. The ball movement, players are mentally stable (no pressure from Lebron) and the Lakers defense improve drastically everytime LeBron is off the court. Trade LeBron for a 3nD wing or pure PG that can set play for AD. Keep Westbrook as the 2nd scoring option or as the 6th man to lead the bench.

  • Daniel Sterling

    Keep that energy against the suns

  • The Fonze

    Currently living in Aussie, so aside from trying to watch the games live, where else can I watch highlights that aren't less than 1 minute? Would like to see longer game highlights please.

  • Hope Podador

    this might be the scariest in mid season

  • John Fuzz

    I'm going to sound crazy and get insulted but I REALLY think LBJ is the Lakers problem. It is he who should be 6th man. The team runs better without him and it was already the case last year

  • phcavi
    phcavi  +1

    Starts getting obvious who should be traded or come from the bench from now on.

  • Мартин Бранков

    Spurs and lakers from perennial championship teams to lottery!

  • Kenzie Moon

    AD is the future, build a team around AD.

  • Pido Olesco

    Westbrook and ad..is very good duo 2022

  • Munkhbadral JiaMing

    AD keep going man .

  • Eric Perret

    Without king james they just play better

  • Prayush Shrestha

    Spurs definitely going to get no 1 pick

  • Marco McDowell

    Good thing the Lakers have entered a stretch of bad teams and can get some Ws. When they run into the good teams of the league, the Ls will return.

  • Damian Clark

    The world's shortest highlights