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We Need More Influencers Like This!

  • Published on Jan 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • SunflowerSpecial
    SunflowerSpecial Month ago +16730

    For those who didn’t know, home girl is an actual electrician from Canada.

    • Hard to Be Humble today
      Hard to Be Humble today 2 days ago

      @SIN RJ yes we do 😂

    • Mila Iannantuono Guay
      Mila Iannantuono Guay 2 days ago

      I feel like Americans know nothing abt Canada but Canadians know a bunch of stuff abt the US.
      Allo les autres canadiens! (Quebec)💀💀

    • Kellen P
      Kellen P 4 days ago

      @SIN RJ 🤣

    • Syv
      Syv 10 days ago

      @PlainJane34 Passive aggressive racism..... Niiiiiiice.

  • The Balloon Maiden
    The Balloon Maiden Month ago +2104

    “Hot girls being electricians…yeah that’s how we’re going to take down China.” 😂😂 on one hand I feel like she’s not wrong.

    • Laing Filipino nga Babaye
      Laing Filipino nga Babaye 9 days ago +1

      China is already ahead of you on this trend. They have beautiful women hiking 100 kilos through wilderness that is like minus 40.

    • IRAPT0RI
      IRAPT0RI 9 days ago

      @Mohamed Osama r/whoosh

    • Mohamed Osama
      Mohamed Osama 9 days ago

      ​@IRAPT0RI you really don't know where's the other hand ??😏

    • Your mom
      Your mom 13 days ago +2

      A friend and I almost opened a mechanic shop with only female employees, we were going to call it "Wenches with Wrenches" 😂 And yes, we are both actual mechanics. I've been rebuilding lowriders for near 30 years and she's a pro with older motorcycles. Would have been epic lol.

    • IRAPT0RI
      IRAPT0RI 23 days ago +6

      On one hand huh?🤣🤣🤣 yes would be hard following along with 1 hand 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mexicanus Prime
    Mexicanus Prime Month ago +852

    We need more electricians, mechanics, carpenters, landscapers, more people in the physical labor fields. That office job that you _think_ is gonna pay you 6 figures isn't going to do so off the bat just because you put yourself in debt for school, that salary is gonna take years to get. Meanwhile, you can still make money in either of those physical jobs and eventually have your own business and then you won't have to work yourself.

    • Bob C.
      Bob C. 7 days ago

      100% correct. Nobody wants to do any actual work. They want a high salary, working unskilled, entry level jobs. There are always jobs in the trades industry.

    • Busy Bee Farms
      Busy Bee Farms 9 days ago


    • CorgetGaming
      CorgetGaming 24 days ago

      Demolition and restoration is where my youngun self is at

  • mike hat
    mike hat Month ago +4434

    I speak for all men when I say we’re fine with that

    • Isaiah G
      Isaiah G 9 days ago

      I also numerical this

    • Aaron Hart
      Aaron Hart 15 days ago


    • Foetus Leemond
      Foetus Leemond 15 days ago

      As a fellow man, can confirm. Would love those type of clips.

    • Mark Witt
      Mark Witt 20 days ago

      ​@tf u lookin at m8 lmao i love you for this

    • Chillin with Dillon
      Chillin with Dillon  20 days ago

      @uselessmf I think you might want to read the comment again before you keep crying and making yourself look even dumber.... your not a victim.... we are here for you

  • Gugu Lisa Dlamini
    Gugu Lisa Dlamini Month ago +94

    Let the influencers really influence. Good on this woman.

  • Jared Juetten
    Jared Juetten Month ago +19

    Someone beat me to it - this girl is an actual electrician and posts amazing vids of her work on MAJOR electrical stations. It's cool AF.

  • Vivian Richards
    Vivian Richards Month ago +2872

    I'd rather there were more influencers like her who could inspire young women to learn how to be a little more self sufficient than how to apply eyeliner for the billionth time.

    • D Wilcox
      D Wilcox 14 days ago +1

      @Eevi exactly

    • Eevi
      Eevi 14 days ago

      @D Wilcox Yes. I don't understand why. First they complain that women don't do blue collar jobs, but when a woman works in those fields they also complain. I've seen everything from "women don't do the job right" to "she should just become an accountant". A bunch of hypocrites.

    • D Wilcox
      D Wilcox 15 days ago

      They're out there but people are in their comments saying their dad or husband really did the work and they faked it.

    • Eevi
      Eevi 17 days ago

      @Theresa Heil Thats understandable, and nobody should be forced to do something!

    • Theresa Heil
      Theresa Heil 18 days ago +1

      The problem is for most labor-oriented career ladies, we don't focus on doing social media as a career cuz were tired from the day job.....(yes a union female carpenter here)

  • Joshua Nielsen
    Joshua Nielsen Month ago +3

    Please make this a thing! I will 100% be there for this! Reality with a touch of Hilarious! Please!

  • Brandon Eckert
    Brandon Eckert Month ago +20

    I need this in my life. that's marriage material

  • Graham Oliver
    Graham Oliver Month ago +1261

    Hot girls being electricians is not a thing I knew I needed in my life, but I totally do

    • carlsiouxfalls
      carlsiouxfalls Month ago +1

      @Alien Jay I forget why, but when I bought my house I somehow made it a stipulation that the previous owners needed to paint it, and that was being done as I moved in. One of the girls doing it was really pretty. Not exactly "trade work" but I still remember her saying the paint color was really nice.

    • Rock The Vote
      Rock The Vote Month ago

      Computer Science wouldn't even know what hit em... the best we have right now is an Indian dude on Clip-Share. A cute girl making programming how-to's and explaining what that stack overflow answer meant would DOMINATE!

    • Literallyjustdragons
      Literallyjustdragons Month ago

      Have you by chance considered being a lesbian?/j

    • Wobble Tooth "The Weirdo " Armstrong
      Wobble Tooth "The Weirdo " Armstrong Month ago

      Ugly ones don't work for you just the attractive ones?

    • Justin Gary
      Justin Gary Month ago +2

      We need hot chicks who are engineers

  • MamaBearMcKenzie
    MamaBearMcKenzie Month ago +9

    Nothing more awesome than an independent woman doing all their own fixing 🤗🤗

  • Justin Gary
    Justin Gary Month ago +6

    I love influencers who actually work

  • Anonymous 51939
    Anonymous 51939 Month ago +520

    As an electrician, I approve 🤣

    • Jeff Tickleschitz
      Jeff Tickleschitz 6 days ago

      What is blue max?

    • AbDul R
      AbDul R Month ago +3

      would be happy to see a female Mehdi from Electro Boom .... without unibrow please

    • Bbdrifter
      Bbdrifter Month ago

      I second that… 🙋🏻‍♂️

    • fumbled
      fumbled Month ago

      I would say either Gardner-Bender or Milwaukee. I gave up on Klein strippers several years ago when I had to do a warranty replacement three times in less than six months. It was a similar design to hers, but not glow in the dark.

    • Justin Moraal
      Justin Moraal Month ago +2

      @Anonymous 51939 I've got the Klein backpack toolbag and it is awesome.

  • Loomy Blues
    Loomy Blues 25 days ago +5

    The humor and the authenticity is just so relieving to see. I love that’s she’s an actual electrician as well😭✨

  • gary allen
    gary allen 25 days ago +9

    As an electrician I can say more people like her are needed in the trade

    • Jeff Tickleschitz
      Jeff Tickleschitz 6 days ago

      I'm also an electrician, but what is blue max? All google shows is ignition wires.

  • Robert Zoromski
    Robert Zoromski Month ago +437

    I mean, Chinese TikTok is full of skilled people training the children how to do things, while we're mostly exposed to mostly naked dancers, and a-holes doing ridiculous pranks.

    • liz
      liz 15 days ago

      chinese tiktok is full od makeup and plastic surgery but okay.

    • AD
      AD Month ago +4

      @Tamir thats coz conservatives are not using tiktok. Most tiktok influencers are liberals. Thats the culture in America. They can only pop up whats available.

  • Loki Lycan
    Loki Lycan 15 days ago +3

    Hell yes, I wanna see an influencer voice, blacksmith or welder, or a mechanic of some sort that would be awesome 👌

  • lux
    lux Month ago +2

    finding that girls ig account was such a wake up call for me. shes cute af and a skilled electrician. i work in marketing/hospitality and feel like everyone else my age isnt doing any skilled trade. who are we gonna turn to when the older generation pass away? were all gonna be clueless

  • Jessica
    Jessica Month ago +308

    I built a pantry, got new locks for my front and back door, and installed my kitchen sink. You can do it ladies 😂

    • april
      april 19 days ago

      I have an awesome dad that has taught me all sorts of important life skills like that. I work in a woodshop now, I build custom doors!

    • Josh Mellon
      Josh Mellon Month ago

      Fuckin' hell yeah!

    • Jessica
      Jessica Month ago +2

      @neighbor - J - 😂 that’s definitely a talent too, because chores suck lol

    • neighbor - J -
      neighbor - J - Month ago +3

      I can fold towels neatly, load the dishwasher properly, and make the bed with all the stupid pillows in place...

    • This Is His Bubbles
      This Is His Bubbles Month ago +3

      I did the same, except instead of the sink, I built my stair railing and framed, insulated and sheetrocked my laundry room after it was gutted. Then I built a breakfast/coffee nook.

  • Sankdom
    Sankdom Month ago +1

    Their actually tones of influencers who teach practical stuff like that
    You just gotta find them

  • Ashlie Dimmen
    Ashlie Dimmen 2 days ago

    I love seeing how excited the girl got about her last purchase! Her smile was so big! 😂

  • Versed
    Versed Month ago +451

    Brett electrician phase incoming

  • _Machine_
    _Machine_ 25 days ago

    she does the influencer voice so well too. i love it. and yes i agree, lets see more influencers possess real skills.

  • Elemental Happiness
    Elemental Happiness Month ago +1

    Me too! I want a real influencer that shows people the basic life skills.

  • Soup
    Soup Month ago +497

    She is about to burn her house down after trying to wire everything the same color

    • yoda master
      yoda master Month ago +1

      The white wire means 14 awg. Which is a type of electrical wire and that most houses are wired in.

    • takae
      takae Month ago

      @Soup can reply to your comment without seeing the previous replies and that's what I did

    • Soup
      Soup Month ago

      @takae I know that, your not smart because you restated what others said 5 times before

    • takae
      takae Month ago

      She is an electrician, you are not funny.

    • nomnom
      nomnom Month ago

      Haha silly pigeon brain woman can never figure out wires jajajaja . I'm funny 😃

  • J Meszi
    J Meszi Month ago +1

    As an electrician. This is the only kind of influencer material I’d watch..I’m impressed

  • RDolphin2014
    RDolphin2014 Month ago +1

    This is why I watch homesteaders who have the influencer voice 😂

  • Francine Tepper
    Francine Tepper Month ago +534

    My best friend's daughter finally finished her 5 years and got certified as an electrician. So proud of you, Kendra!

    • Mark Witt
      Mark Witt 20 days ago

      ​@KingCosworth eyyyyyy we have a cool name down under? I also can do hvac and plumbing im not an expert by anymeans but if you need simple shit done while im on the job youll get a small extra charge but im mpre than willing to accomodate

    • Mark Witt
      Mark Witt 20 days ago

      ​@noorLearningPlaylists there is in fact but in some states in the US we use the same method as you like here in florida you used to have to be certifies but not anymore i learned everything i know from my father and keep the same pace as him hes a perfectionist so if we have to run a line across a yard when we dig the trench he demands that it look like we were never there at all

    • Someone
      Someone 23 days ago

      @KingCosworth USA has the same, HVAC and electrical

    • Someone
      Someone 23 days ago

      5 years!? My husband got his in 2? I think. Then worked for his father who was a master electrician.

    • KingCosworth
      KingCosworth 29 days ago +1

      Good money as a sparky, in Australia most sparkies do HVAC as well and peel more money out of the office workers.

  • Jason J
    Jason J 23 days ago +2

    As an electrician, I approve of all of this. You all don't know how much you need us.

  • LiL G
    LiL G Month ago +1

    Yesssss!! We need those REAL tutorial videos on random house stuff !!!!!!!

  • Corey Wilson
    Corey Wilson Month ago +40

    Daaaang Karly the Sparky made it to Brett Cooper

  • Kari W.
    Kari W. Month ago +1

    I keep telling my husband to start some socials for his work. He builds houses and can literally do every trade. The man is a genius.

  • t3hpwninat0r
    t3hpwninat0r Month ago

    that last comment omg i'm dying.
    we need school teachers to start talking like these influencers so kids actually learn something in school

  • Shay
    Shay Month ago +63

    The irony is, the dude complaining about people becoming influencers becomes an influencer himself. Therefore, he played himself.

  • Lucas Vincent
    Lucas Vincent Month ago +1

    “Hot girls being electricians that’s how we’re gonna beat China” damn right Brett

  • Deathbringer
    Deathbringer 21 day ago

    imagine the clerk at home depot trying to figure out what she want.

  • Bryan Woods
    Bryan Woods Month ago +154

    Reminds of an AITA. Husband was kind of hiding a YT channel where he explained PC solutions for older people. His wife found out, and she and her friends kind of made fun of him. It had like 6 million views or something. Because he'd always said he'd delete the channel after he was done helping people, she deleted his whole channel while he was taking a break from it. She didn't understand why he was so upset that there's no way to get any of it back.

    • Rajkumar Marichetty
      Rajkumar Marichetty Month ago +2

      There goes the marriage.

    • TheUncleBungle
      TheUncleBungle Month ago +1

      ​@TheUnholyOne So that makes it OK for her to delete his whole channel?

    • sherryzmezzo
      sherryzmezzo Month ago +10

      You have a good point. Maybe this will be the time he says, "enough."

    • Wild gamer3000
      Wild gamer3000 Month ago +13

      ​@TheUnholyOne and he should just take that disrespect though?

    • TheUnholyOne
      TheUnholyOne Month ago +5

      Everyone in here saying divorce. But none of you realize that he's been dealing with that woman for years. He's probably used to it by now.

  • Jeffrey Mcnutt
    Jeffrey Mcnutt Month ago +1

    OK influencers should not just become electricians. This is how housefires start.

  • Christy Priest
    Christy Priest 29 days ago

    I love the fact that you aren’t afraid or intimidated of speaking the facts! Especially as a younger person

  • Sophia Bourgeau
    Sophia Bourgeau Month ago +27

    “We are trained to listen to the influencer voice” giving me 1984 vibes

    • OhPervyOne
      OhPervyOne Month ago

      @Schrodinger's Wanted Poster
      I think it's supposed to sound "sexy" but usually depends a little bit too much on vocal fry for my tastes.
      I think you have to admit, though, it does strike a bit of a Pavlovian response in a certain segment of viewers.
      Fortunately, I never felt the need to learn how to apply eye-liner, so... I think I dodged that one.

    • Schrodinger's Wanted Poster
      Schrodinger's Wanted Poster Month ago

      They learned to speak in a way that's super easy to follow along with and uses little tonal techniques to tempt the subconscious, especially for the younger generation, to have a fixation on the speaker. A lot of younger males also like that "hot, dumb girl voice" so female influencers tend to sprinkle that in there.
      To me that's always been offset by how irritating the "influencer voice" is. Sounds too dumb to give it the attention it demands...

    • natma relnam
      natma relnam Month ago

      Wow, person is right-wing chat brings everything back to 1984, so smort, so real-person.

  • Uber Owl
    Uber Owl 9 days ago +1

    As a Plumber & HVAC Technician… I‘m down for it lol

  • Erika Hawks
    Erika Hawks Month ago +2

    Okay, but the guy had his own video going on to say the reason was because he hired a electrician, and instead of doing thier job, the electrician started dancing to tiktoks. Poor guy 😔

  • David Welsh
    David Welsh Month ago +323

    Women like that, just like women like you, Brett, are what we need now.

    • David Welsh
      David Welsh Month ago

      @Kevin Joseph Capistrano , I just like telling the truth. She is gorgeous though, I have to admit.

    • Kevin Joseph Capistrano
      Kevin Joseph Capistrano Month ago +1

      Dang, I've been wanting to smooth-talk to Brett in the comments. You pulled this one off nicely man.

    • Justin Gary
      Justin Gary Month ago +2

      I love influencers who actually work for a living

    • Justin Gary
      Justin Gary Month ago +1


  • dgifrhcp
    dgifrhcp 19 days ago

    You are literally an influencer girl…

  • Simon Hailom
    Simon Hailom 17 days ago

    This is the content we need now

  • Cerberus Dogs
    Cerberus Dogs Month ago +27

    If someone wants to pay me to watch me weld, let me know! 😂

    • Wibber
      Wibber Month ago +1

      I unironically think you could get a good following doing that

    • Rhonda Parr
      Rhonda Parr Month ago +1

      I'd totally watch someone pay to watch you weld. I'm not paying to watch anything tho

  • Dirk Dykstra
    Dirk Dykstra Month ago +1

    Skilled labor influencers working is a thriving genre.

  • tj m
    tj m 17 days ago

    The way she put her hand behind the glow in the dark pliers like it’s a make up tutorial? Love it.

  • 明智吾郎
    明智吾郎 Month ago +44

    I'm not trained to listen to influencers. Speak for yourself. 🤣

  • The Ronin's Art and Armor

    "Hot girls being electricians, that's how we're going to defeat China"

  • Brooke McBoredFace
    Brooke McBoredFace Month ago

    There are already channels and pages and influencers like this already. Sadly they don’t have a popular voice like Brett to get the word out that they exist! Maybe your team can find a compilation of some and you can review them!!! That’d be so cool!

  • Mr. Bepo
    Mr. Bepo Month ago +20

    This is why I am subscribed to the lady who saves bees. It's fascinating and very informative

  • NarsNhel
    NarsNhel 18 hours ago

    Actually there are a lot of great influencers that share useful ideas.

  • Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf Month ago +1

    I know a retired engineer that swore he would never get a computer in the house. When he couldn't replace something-or-other on his car, his granddaughter Clip-Share'd how to fix the item. He watched it, asked what else was available, and bought a computer just for fix-it how-to videos on Clip-Share.

  • Melissa Send
    Melissa Send Month ago +36

    This is a strong independant woman.

  • ariel
    ariel Month ago

    i saw a tiktok that was disguised as a typical influencer video but the girl ended up showing how to properly change your outlets/outlet covers when you move into a new house, i watched the whole thing. i wish people would post more helpful videos like that!

  • Brentonius_III
    Brentonius_III Month ago

    She's a genuinely good electrician too seen a few of her vids

  • Lilith Muir
    Lilith Muir Month ago +29

    I'm so into DIY from influencers. Tons of talent and easy to understand.

  • Ja Kim
    Ja Kim Month ago

    She does have a seriously awesome voice. Makes me want to go make sparks in the garage

  • Mrs. McGee
    Mrs. McGee Month ago

    As a former electrician I think this is great!

  • Zach Christensen
    Zach Christensen Month ago +13

    Chrisfix does automobiles. Just sayin. At least we got him!😂

  • Efon213
    Efon213 18 days ago

    I’m currently studying to get my certification to become a HVAC technician, And I’ll tell you one thing if you’re going to mess with electricity you better know what you’re doing. It’s no joke.

  • CaptainP1
    CaptainP1 Month ago

    As an electrician myself i approve this message

  • Thespirit
    Thespirit Month ago +18

    There's this one channel about this girl who sails solo out and around the Florida area. She has a decent influencer voice as she points out the paint or things she's installing. Oh yeah she's cute too so that helps.

  • P.A.W.S The Traveling Gamer

    hot girls doing hard jobs and doing the whole influencer thing is how we all will learn so much more than we thought we would lol

  • Napoleon’s Garden

    You would love Anne of All Trades. She does everything

  • Persy Di Angelo
    Persy Di Angelo Month ago +26

    So, I have an Ex that had taken an apprenticeship to become an electrician before her family moved states and she couldn't get certified or referred. But I remember absolutely loving to hear about her work afterwards and the similarities to the work I did with my dad in Fiberoptics.
    Normalize blue collar work!

    • L. Alchemy
      L. Alchemy Month ago

      @This Is His Bubbles That's become such a Rarity these days! I try not to judge most people too harshly, but it's hard to Respect someone who Shirks Responsibility & Actively Dodges Work.
      Unfortunately, I've known at least half a dozen of them.

    • This Is His Bubbles
      This Is His Bubbles Month ago +1

      @L. Alchemy oh definitely! If only parents would raise their kids to work on anything. I know people who never even had to pick up after themselves until they were adults and moved out of their parent's house. I did heavy labor most of my life until I became a stay at home mother. I worked 60 hoursa week starting at 6am 1.5 - 2.5 hours away and working up to 15 hoursa day in male dominated physical labor industry until I got pregnant. It was the best job I ever had. Even though my body gave out from the years of heavy labor, I've never regretted doing it. I love working hard. I can't understand kids nowadays. It's ridiculous. Just do something with your hands other than your makeup and your morning coffee, people.

    • L. Alchemy
      L. Alchemy Month ago

      @This Is His Bubbles Now that I think about it, manual labor could be a viable remedy for Self-Entitlement.
      Something as simple as changing a tire or mowing a lawn, maybe?

    • This Is His Bubbles
      This Is His Bubbles Month ago +1

      @L. Alchemy it's so true! You don't get that feeling of accomplishment from putting on 2 different types of eyeliner in front of a camera.

    • L. Alchemy
      L. Alchemy Month ago +3

      I Agree, It's Woefully Underappreciated these days.
      Like regular exercise, "blue collar work" as you put it, gives you a real sense of accomplishment when you do it right.
      At least, that's how I've always felt.

  • ToG_Michael
    ToG_Michael Month ago

    Some of my favorite content to watch are from skilled labor professionals.

  • Someone
    Someone 23 days ago

    I am very thankful for youtubers that teach how to do stuff. There is one Canadian dude that helped me fix dry wall and then do a knockdown coat to cover a previously bad drywall job.

  • Chris R.
    Chris R. Month ago +4

    KarlyTheSparky....She's 100% an electrician...she does clean ass work on panels. I've seen alot of her videos. I respect the hell out of it.

  • itsjustibs
    itsjustibs 24 days ago

    I wish I had recorded my mom and I doing all of the plumbing in my new construction build home! It’s empowering to say the LEAST learning even basic plumbing and electrical. I learned everything I know from growing up watching my mom in her workshop.

  • Michal_King
    Michal_King 13 days ago

    As an electrician and a planner, I'd watch that too. Looks a lot more fun than fashion hauls

  • Andrew Llewellyn
    Andrew Llewellyn Month ago +9

    The sad part is you can tell someone how to do something step-by-step most people nowadays don't know how to wipe their own butts

  • Mandy Chapin
    Mandy Chapin 24 days ago

    I want to see influencers on here fixing cars!

  • Josh Mellon
    Josh Mellon Month ago

    Lol I love how she put her hand behind the strippers like makeup, and that enthusiasm for the wire is on point.

  • Nikki Sigmon
    Nikki Sigmon Month ago +23

    Ooooh this is hilarious. I'd watch this. Heck, might even make one 😆

  • Frix - Topic
    Frix - Topic 24 days ago

    Just finished my training for electrician…seems like im gonna get an influencer now

  • W Siqueira
    W Siqueira Month ago

    I follow a shit ton of channels on yt that are home improvement based. I love it! I go to heaven and come back when someone teaches me the correct way to make a walk

  • deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    I would willingly doom-scroll to this if it means benefiting the algorithm shockingly enough

  • silver lining
    silver lining 10 days ago

    I’ve always told my kids I don’t expect them to go to college. But I do expect them to go to tech school & learn a good trade. If worst comes to worst. You can always freelance & work under the table. A lot of farmers & small businesses owners love hiring freelancers because you don’t ***have*** to do all the red tape, paperwork, & financial calculations for a one time job.

  • CallmePopy Allfather

    This chick is an actual electrician. She has a channel where she makes vids about electrical work. I mean, the vids I've seen aren't that great, but she's trying, and as an electrician myself, I'm happy to see it.

  • CatBug
    CatBug Month ago +14

    They already have this... It's called DIY and HGTV

  • Kathy Reidy
    Kathy Reidy 10 days ago

    I love Mike Rowe because he reps the blue-collar world.

  • Carissa Rizki Andiani
    Carissa Rizki Andiani 17 days ago

    dead ass will follow these influencer. A whole generation (at least me) really need an entire series of home economics tutorial lmao.

  • Ashdanton
    Ashdanton Month ago +3

    "Stop trying to be influencers, we need electricians!"
    -An influencer

  • KJ Aubrey
    KJ Aubrey Month ago

    My friend and I are both contractors and we have been doing home repairs and building since we were very young.
    There is a major shortage of contractors out there. We are booked out for months and have to turn down work. He and I had a conversation the other day that it is very much going to be a John Galt situation when our generation stops doing this work.

  • Jackaloflife
    Jackaloflife Month ago

    They are all over youtube. Its relaxing to watch the life skill teaching videos.

  • W S Tavis
    W S Tavis Month ago +3

    The "influencer voice" is an immediate turn off and skip for me. Actually, anyone who calls themselves an "influencer" is immediately discredited and likely blocked on my Clip-Share feed. I. Hate. Them. All.

  • Reece Wood
    Reece Wood 22 days ago

    Omg I should get my wife on this. I'll teach her to weld, she will teach the world!

  • a yandra
    a yandra 23 days ago

    you know what, I'm down to see that kind of influencers.

  • Dave Martinez
    Dave Martinez Month ago +5

    (My Mom just asked, “What are you watching?!” -bcuz all she heard was Glow in the Dark strippers!)😂

  • Savage_Gangster
    Savage_Gangster Month ago

    As a plumber I agree we need more women in trade careers.

  • Cobalt Prime
    Cobalt Prime Month ago

    That is vastly more useful than 99.99% of influencer content.

  • Beach Lady
    Beach Lady Month ago +5

    We need electricians, mechanics, plumbers, etc. Not influencers!

  • Southern Kei
    Southern Kei 28 days ago

    Just reminding Brett that she is the News Mommy

  • Theresa Heil
    Theresa Heil 18 days ago

    This is where as a female carpenter i dropped the ball on social media influencing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Azakazi
    Azakazi 29 days ago

    Theirs a plumber on youtube and it's like an infomercial vibe the whole time and I love it.

  • Keegan B
    Keegan B 11 days ago

    As a 22 year old male electrician that’s single, I completely agree we need more hot girl electrician’s.

  • Jessica Benson
    Jessica Benson 29 days ago

    We need some gardening influencers too!!! Lol

  • TrickyWicket
    TrickyWicket 29 days ago

    This is what real women empowerment looks like. BLUE COLLAR JOBS FOR LIFE