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An appropriately unhinged recap of Gossip Girl (Season 2)

  • Published on Mar 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    00:00 Intro, posters, phones
    2:41 Episode 1
    7:33 Episode 2
    10:47 Episode 3
    13:10 Episode 4
    16:27 Episode 5
    21:55 Episode 6
    25:28 Episode 7
    28:44 Episode 8
    32:15 Episode 9
    36:21 Episode 10
    39:12 Episode 11
    42:59 Episode 12
    45:03 Episode 13
    49:13 Episode 14
    51:41 Episode 15
    54:58 Episode 16
    58:58 Episode 17
    1:01:56 Episode 18
    1:04:31 Episode 19
    1:06:54 Episode 20
    1:11:07 Episode 21
    1:16:16 Episode 22
    1:20:04 Episode 23
    1:25:04 Episode 24
    1:28:11 Episode 25
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  • paige
    paige Month ago +5954

    “Leave Blair alone or I’ll spill the beans on what happened in Santorini” is simply the Gossip Girl version of “call of your techno boy toy or I’ll tell the cops what your mom keeps in the lasagna box”

    • Kye Adam
      Kye Adam 3 days ago

      A flawless reply

    • Sarah Turner
      Sarah Turner 24 days ago +2

      This STILL gets me. 🤣🤣 Truly Iconic thought process.

    • Megan Malone
      Megan Malone Month ago +2

      @Yourlocalblackgirl YLBG there is one! but no one’s posted in like a year we gotta get it going again

    • Jessica Clark
      Jessica Clark Month ago +1


    • forecourt goblin
      forecourt goblin Month ago +1


  • Ella Schweizer
    Ella Schweizer Month ago +1122

    every time mike says "LET ME REPEAT--DAN FOUND OUT SOMETHING ON GOSSIP GIRL" i'm like hmmm...i wonder who gossip girl is

    • Keghan
      Keghan Month ago +19

      @TacticusPrime my favorite thing is that it’s this big series-long mystery, and then when it’s revealed all the characters are just like, “huh, whaddya know” and then immediately move on with their lives like nothing happened 😭

    • DA
      DA Month ago +30

      Screaming crying throwing up
      The fact that even Penn Badgley was like “Now why am I in it?”

    • cam tran quoc
      cam tran quoc Month ago


    • TacticusPrime
      TacticusPrime Month ago +64

      They really had no clue and just came up with the "twist" in the final season, huh?

  • ode
    ode Month ago +1070


  • ancyk
    ancyk Month ago +566

    "Three words. Seven letters. Get a job." You can't be real.
    This series is hilarous; you're getting better with each show you cover. Thanks for the laughs!

  • Michelle
    Michelle Month ago +759

    It's Mike repeating every Dan-Gossip Girl contradiction that happens in the show for me 💀😭

    • giang tran
      giang tran Month ago


    • lilo
      lilo Month ago +14

      I thought it made sense by S2 my guess was on him but writing wise it could've been done better

  • BlueLink13
    BlueLink13 Month ago +586

    I just love that inbetween everyone living for the Drama Eric just, exists. Like he got through therapy, got himself a questionable boyfriend last season but the one from this one is like, his endgame, and in general is just living his best life. Truly the winner out of the GG cast

    • Uglyhoe
      Uglyhoe 27 days ago +5

      Literally, he was supposed to be revealed as gossip girl to stir up some drama but then someone guessed it so the show runners just decided to leave him alone ig

    • lilo
      lilo Month ago +64

      They had Eric now husband in the reboot talking about how his brother in law was GG and outed them 💀

  • Faith King
    Faith King 2 months ago +3488

    Your voice has officially replaced my inner monologue. You’re like an invasive species of slay

    • Kye Adam
      Kye Adam 3 days ago

      This is a flawless supply

    • Rokhaya SADJI
      Rokhaya SADJI Month ago +1

      ​@Hana Doylepoor thing

    • Shakira's Hips Lied
      Shakira's Hips Lied Month ago +3

      @Hana Doyle I hope you get better soon gurl

    • The Robot Devil
      The Robot Devil Month ago +14

      After the Glee episodes, I can't get "me vibes" out of my inner monologue vocabulary " 😭💯

    • hwXD
      hwXD Month ago +7

      why did I read your comment in his voice.....

  • Liz Kae
    Liz Kae Month ago +304

    “He’s playing chess while Jenny’s playing UNO” had me giggling in the workplace

    • W
      W Month ago +1


  • cactiware
    cactiware Month ago +387

    i'm actually obsessed with the idea that nate would write a long letter to jenny about his feelings instead of just like. leaving her some voicemail or texting her or something

    • Keayanna Davis
      Keayanna Davis Month ago +9

      idk he did write blair a love letter in season 1 😂

    • MaybeMableMaples
      MaybeMableMaples Month ago +4

      Look sometimes a heartfelt letter gets the best results

    • Carmen G
      Carmen G Month ago +17

      Cause she was the one for him ☝️😩

  • Sym Winter
    Sym Winter Month ago +298

    The fact Lily didn’t want to Serena to ruin her reputation with the Gabriel-Poppy drama only to call the cops to arrest her is kinda slay.

    • Melissa Barco
      Melissa Barco Month ago +4

      😭😭😭 lily is truly too big brain

  • Camille
    Camille Month ago +353

    Your Serena voice has not yet stopped cracking me tf up. “Noh… I gadda goh….”

  • Samuel Benson
    Samuel Benson Month ago +177

    “Poverty loft” makes me laugh every single time.

  • Keghan
    Keghan 2 months ago +5357

    The fact that this show has multiple instances of Blair dating a royal who pretends to be a commoner to see if she likes him for the real him and she fails the test then tries to win him back when she learns the truth is so funny to me.

    • CS
      CS Month ago +118

      him: i just want to meet someone who likes me for who i am and not what i am
      blair, who does not like him for who he is but what he is: absolutely 🥰

    • Phileas Liebmann
      Phileas Liebmann Month ago +79

      If I had a nickel…

    • xoxoleleigh
      xoxoleleigh Month ago +293

      i love how she fails each test but they still take her back LMAOOOO she's just that girl

    • Die Reading
      Die Reading Month ago +218

      I’m rewatching the show rn and just went through the part with “the Lord” and was so confused cuz I had remembered this plot point being a lot later on. It took me awhile to realize they do this plot two times

    • catandthemouse
      catandthemouse Month ago +415

      they said reduce reuse recycle

  • cgm
    cgm Month ago +398

    blair and carter were together for less than one episode and the impact they had on my brain... so unmatched

    • Qaisara Sanchez
      Qaisara Sanchez Month ago +36

      NAH FR!! idk if it's bc the actors dated in real life but their chemistry was amazing and i would've loved to see more scenes of them together.

  • hey mj
    hey mj Month ago +231

    Eric was too good for this show he didn’t want a part in ANY of that drama and I respect him for that 💅

    • Meddie
      Meddie Month ago +3

      @Mwana Lesa Didn't Eric team up with J?

    • Mwana Lesa
      Mwana Lesa Month ago +28

      Honestly, Eric and Dorota were the best and morally right characters on this show.

  • Krista Grendze
    Krista Grendze Month ago +96

    No joke I just love how much love and effort Mike puts into these series. Like it validates me that I shouldn't feel bad about liking or watching "dumb or silly" tv series or movies like that. Like things that bring you joy or laughter aren't dumb and it just helps my anxiety listening to him explain and recap these series in the best and funniest ways!

  • The Lexicon
    The Lexicon Month ago +205

    Absolutely obsessed with the idea that you could start catering midway through your senior year with the goal of earning enough to cover your Yale tuition.
    About on par with your father plotting to sell his rental apartment to cover it.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +627

    the thumbnail is everything.

  • Skyler S
    Skyler S 2 months ago +4887

    The fit. The posters. The phone analysis. The mic. The DRAMA. You ate this up

  • Maya
    Maya Month ago +165

    the funniest thing about gabriel always abruptly ditching plans with serena is that she met her I have to go match lmao

  • Talia Sloman-Moll
    Talia Sloman-Moll Month ago +85

    If I had a nickel for every time Mike hated a yellow top from a tv show, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice.

  • season0fthewitch
    season0fthewitch Month ago +91

    can we just appreciate the "poppy lifton? more like floppy grifter" for a moment please

    • j f
      j f Month ago


  • Sara Pineda
    Sara Pineda Month ago +148

    Lily sleeping with Slash is so random 😭but iconic. Good for her

    • Sara Pineda
      Sara Pineda Month ago +13

      @TacticusPrime Rock guys, she’s just like me fr

    • TacticusPrime
      TacticusPrime Month ago +18

      And Trent Reznor, the Nine Inch Nails guy. She definitely has a type.

  • Erica Castro
    Erica Castro Month ago +118

    10:28 "Ammunition for blackmail" would be a killer second single for Blair after "Trauma on the tarmac"

  • xokayox
    xokayox 2 months ago +4596

    The fact that the posters have escalated to full blown newspaper front papers with a blurb is so freakin iconic. We are not worthy of such detailed and considerate content

    • Courtney C
      Courtney C Month ago +27

      Literally so much fun pausing and reading and LAUGHINGGGG with these

  • HirakoKuyo
    HirakoKuyo Month ago +29

    I just keep rewatching the Gossip Girl Videos because I cannot keep living without the next seasons.
    Oh, I'm washing my hair? Listening to Mike talking about the Rufus lily shenanigans.
    Can't sleep at night? Listening to Mike slandering Derena.
    Mental breakdown hardcore Style?
    Start with season 1. Again.

    • Sophie
      Sophie 13 days ago +1

      THIS IS SO ME. the amount of times i’ve watched the GG, PLL, and glee videos is absurdly high. like you’d think that many two hour videos would be enough ????

  • Britni Cox
    Britni Cox Month ago +142

    Cream Serena had me giggling for way too long
    Edit: 3 words, 7 letters, *get a job* topped it I actually cried laughing why was that so funny to me

  • Lauren Ochoa
    Lauren Ochoa Month ago +142

    i literally don’t understand how these videos get more slay every time. AND WE STILL HAVE 4 SEASONS BABES 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Andrew Klopotoski
    Andrew Klopotoski Month ago +48

    “He’s playing chess and Jenny’s playing Uno” almost made me spit out my Vitamin Water Revive ™️

  • Mia Cosco
    Mia Cosco Month ago +32

    To be honest, say what you will about J but that dress burning scene was so iconic because her reaction with the music was Oscar-worthy slay

  • asia
    asia Month ago +1183

    "3 words, 7 letters (get a job)" had me SCREAMING

    • 91frankthetank
      91frankthetank Month ago +4

      Omg same. I almost woke my family from laughing so loud

    • Jill
      Jill Month ago +5


    • IdaGKristensen
      IdaGKristensen Month ago +12

      truly jobless behavior

  • Benedict Nadjiam
    Benedict Nadjiam Month ago +58

    The day Mike drops the unhinged recap of desperate housewives something will definitely shift in the universe
    You can tell he’s a gabby, edie and bree stan because he has taste

    • Diana P
      Diana P 27 days ago +1

      I just know he hates Tom as much as I do

    • irgendwoaunid
      irgendwoaunid Month ago +2

      omg I thought that too, desperate housewives is soooo mike‘s mic coded

  • the-holly-blue
    the-holly-blue Month ago +55

    “my opinion on the matter is that you both need jobs” is so iconic like it would do numbers on stan twitter as a reaction vid

  • Darwin
    Darwin Month ago +12

    Mike you don't understand. I've rewatched gossip girl a sickening amount. Now instead of watching gg i just watch your recaps. Ive watched this shit like 10 times already you've created an addiction, girl

  • emma. bruh
    emma. bruh Month ago +24

    I love this show so much, idc how messy it was, at least it committed to the mess
    Also I love how Eric is just living his life while all of the others, especially his sister, are just in constant chaos

  • Michelle Grondine
    Michelle Grondine Month ago +43

    “it’s a bad day for vanessa stans. if only there were any. 👀” ASDFGHJKL; SCREAMINGGGGGGG
    another ICONIQUE CLASSIQUE thank you for keeping us FED with these MASTERPIECES ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • Sophie Hovis
    Sophie Hovis Month ago +2381

    all mike's subtle hints at the gossip girl reveal and how it makes absolutely no sense kills me 💀💀

    • Keghan
      Keghan Month ago

      @Abby Lyan nah fr I started watching his s1 video when I was in ~season 3 and it was very clear who ends up being gossip girl from what he was saying 😅

    • Elise McClelland
      Elise McClelland Month ago

      I didn’t remember all of these hints, but as he points them out, it’s laughable

    • thunder cat
      thunder cat Month ago +1

      i thought the original gossip girl was supposed to be nate? but then it got changed midway through the show

    • Gigi
      Gigi Month ago +7

      I like to think it was dorota it's just so silly

    • Kanupriya Jamwal
      Kanupriya Jamwal Month ago +5

      My theory is that Dan learned an automation course and programmed the account to post whatever info had *certain keywords* but idk if he's that smart hmm

  • Erdnussbuttertoast
    Erdnussbuttertoast Month ago +48

    the fact that you have absolutely zero self-control when it comes to the "zdhadh!!! i wanna go to fashion school!" line is so relatable

  • noraeable
    noraeable Month ago +27

    I forgot just how wild the relationship roulette was in this show. Can't wait for the rest cuz I stopped watching after S2 when I too went off to college. I remember learning about the final reveal of GG, and thinking, "That makes no sense."

  • Denise F
    Denise F Month ago +11

    Your impression of Jenny’s „Daaahd“ kills me every time 😂

  • Michelle Grondine
    Michelle Grondine Month ago +22

    it would be so real of vitamin water to actually sponsor mike’s mic’s remaining gossip girls recaps and send him a vitamin water fountain for his living room (just saying)

  • Criomede
    Criomede 2 months ago +2037

    I know Mike is not the one who started this long-form recap trend and even though more and more people are doing these kinds of videos recently, Mike's impeccable blend of season/episode analyses, memes, trivia, pop culture references, music playlist, creative twists (GG magazine covers) and his own brand of humor (The loft?! The Brooklyn poverty loft?!!) makes me come back to his videos over and over again. The replayability is insane. It's not just watching a random youtube vid; it's an entire (Mike'sMic) experience.
    As a 30+ year old man who never watched any of these shows when I was younger, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Top-tier entertainment. Keep on doing what you're doing. We live for these. You're very underrated (less than 1M subs?? How?).
    Side-note: I know the girlies will go absolutely feral if Mic made a patreon and post behind the scenes and early access vids there.

    • laurel
      laurel Month ago +1

      Absolutely agree!! He is a literal icon for doing thiss

    • Renee
      Renee Month ago +1

      The girlies would freak out

    • Katie Allen
      Katie Allen Month ago +9

      @summer an excellent example of icons inspiring icons inspiring the entire world

    • climbinguphill
      climbinguphill Month ago +4

      I watch all of these 1hr+ videos multiple times and i never rewatch videos that are that long 😂

    • abigail jenna
      abigail jenna Month ago +19

      @Criomede exactly, for some reason my insanly short attention span does not exist when it comes to the impeccable art of appropriately unhinged recaps

  • Brian Brooks
    Brian Brooks Month ago +27

    Wouldn’t the secret child be over 18 and therefore able to make his own choice regarding meeting Lily and Rufus….?

  • fbspin
    fbspin Month ago +17

    Rufus thinking about selling the rental loft killed me

  • Sophie
    Sophie 15 days ago +4

    i will always do the whisper scream every time he says “nelly yuki fans make some noise”

  • Janine Keyes
    Janine Keyes Month ago +7

    Jenny being unhinged is THE BEST part of season two and I cannot be deterred otherwise

  • Sophie
    Sophie 13 days ago +3

    i tried to replay this as background noise for my nap but i couldn’t stop laughing long enough to fall asleep

  • L.
    L. Month ago +2191

    “It’s a bad day for the Vanessa stans… if only there were any.” HELP I feel so validated

  • hope garver
    hope garver Month ago +6

    My husband and I have been binging all of these and all I can say is thank you lol love your channel and the content, I feel like I’ve shared it on my socials a bunch too in order to get more people to realize how hilarious you are and how you need zero context to start any of these videos. Never seen Glee, watched those videos and I still laughed constantly. Talent, YOU ATE! I keep dropping your lines around the house, I want more but I want to respect your artistic process 😂❤

  • bemodreamy
    bemodreamy Month ago +32

    I forgot how many “romances” between teenagers and grown ass adults there were in this show.

  • me h
    me h Month ago +23

    Lily had an absolute SLAY moment baggin THE Trent Reznor....
    Girl just gets more and more mother as the shows goes on xoxo

  • p1nkfernvm
    p1nkfernvm Month ago +7

    the long lost child storyline and the dinner party were my favourite from this season, that was some telenovela level mess

  • UseFlamethrower
    UseFlamethrower 23 days ago +3

    Commenting again to say:
    I listen to long videos in the background of whatever I'm doing like they're a podcast. This is one of my favs for that.
    That being said, I have "seen" this video 100 times and I couldn't identify a single character by their appearance lol Actually watching this during my lunch at work was wild bc I finally saw what the characters look like

  • What Ever
    What Ever 2 months ago +1719

    So the season 2 finale was basically “the real gossip girl was the friends we made along the way”

  • irgendwoaunid
    irgendwoaunid Month ago +8

    unpopular opinion: the scene where Rufus and Lily get back from looking for their child and Lily saying to Rufus „maybe we weren’t meant to me a family“ and them opening the door to see their 4 children all hanging out together is so so cute I don’t care.

  • j j
    j j Month ago +22

    Random fun fact: Armie Hammer starred in 'Death on the Nile', where his character left his girlfriend for Gal Gadot's character, but it all ended up being a scheme for him and the original girlfriend to steal Gadot's character's money. Like, if i had a nickel for every time Armie Hammer played a character like that, I'd have two nickels but it's weird it happened twice.

  • Cat lover
    Cat lover Month ago +10

    The most unrealistic part about all of this looking back is that yale was too unaffordable so dan went to nyu ???! NYU?! The university notorious for its terribbbleeeee financial aid and the school that only super rich kids can afford to go to ?? Like im currently at yale (did get in early admin hair flip thats so serena vanderwoodson nellie yuki core of me) and they are pretty generous with their aid

  • TheSheep1077
    TheSheep1077 Month ago +15

    The Chuck's mom's medication bit is from the pilot though which is clearly in a parallel universe

  • Fralanasko
    Fralanasko 28 days ago +5

    I would never watch this show, but listening to you talk about it is the best thing ever.

  • LadyGaDieVa
    LadyGaDieVa Month ago +2395

    The fact that Mike is dedicated to wearing the Dior turtleneck and hat despite the fact that's currently summer in Australia is such a testament to his dedication to slaying.

    • Divena Harlow
      Divena Harlow Month ago +1

      Melbourne weather is just like that to be fair

    • Travis Reid
      Travis Reid Month ago +5

      @Ally Sheehan and then 22 the day after let's not play now

    • Hayu
      Hayu Month ago

      Can you tell me the name of the hat?

    • Ally Sheehan
      Ally Sheehan Month ago +8

      @snoop can’t use air con whilst filming sadly! It ruins the audio

    • snoop
      snoop Month ago +1

      Nah he prob has air con

  • Anonymous Blah
    Anonymous Blah Month ago +12

    Babe, the amount of times I have to pause to gather my composure after laughing my as off at your one liners is truly something else, you are ICONIC and the absolute BEST in this form of content, the talent and humour is UNMATCHED! I STAN!!! And I CANNNAAAAAATTTTT WAIT FOR SEASON 3!!!!! Love you boo

  • Anna M
    Anna M 21 day ago +2

    I have covid again for the 3rd time and this video is the only thing getting me through today. I may feel ROUGH but I can listen to Mike give a detailed recap ✨

  • xan
    xan Month ago +13

    i've been really sick and unable to sleep recently, and this video is the only thing that could calm me (and my heart palpitations) down long enough to take a 45 minute nap. thank you, mike.

  • Auntie Lux
    Auntie Lux Month ago +10

    I need a gif of Mike dressed as Blair Waldorf saying "go piss girl"

  • Montesque
    Montesque Month ago +2015

    I don't know if Mike just didn't include it cause it wasn't important, but the absolute silence of Dan when it comes to Jenny in this season is hilarious. Last season he was defending her over like high school petty drama and now shes on the streets looking for a home and he's in lala land pining about Serena.

    • Katie Allen
      Katie Allen Month ago +13

      @ace like wtf why would she do this 😭there is no logic to it, she’s actively doing everything in her power to make her plans work while simultaneously sabotaging those same plans via gossip girl?? Pls 💀

    • Mwana Lesa
      Mwana Lesa Month ago +25

      Ikr?! You have Nate caring more about what was going on with Jenny this entire season than her own brother! Dan's a wasteman, truly.

    • Nįkė Mārajé
      Nįkė Mārajé Month ago +2

      Good for Jenny 💅🏻

    • Nįkė Mārajé
      Nįkė Mārajé Month ago +1

      Man doesn't give an f

    • ace
      ace Month ago +23

      apparently we’re supposed to believe they were working together on gossip girl when GG posted shit about her, that she knew it was dan all along and asked him to post it 🥴

  • Regina Morales
    Regina Morales Month ago +3

    I always wanted to root for my girlie Vanessa but the show never made it possible lol

  • Lauren Brown
    Lauren Brown Month ago +5

    The “if you need to mark your territory so bad Nathaniel, maybe you should just pee on her” is sending me Asdfghjkl

  • George Lister
    George Lister Month ago +9

    Very different vibe but all the family tree talk has shown me I need a mikes mic unhinged recap of Once Upon a Time

  • Evie Jerome
    Evie Jerome Month ago +6

    I am formally requesting a video essay on the tv show dance moms, abby lee miller is absolutely insane and I am begging on my hands and knees for you to see the psychological effects she had on those girls. only seasons 1-5 though because after that it just isn’t the same

    • aim-to-misbehave
      aim-to-misbehave 15 days ago

      Not a full video essay but he _has_ done a dance moms essential viewing

    • Kambewillow
      Kambewillow Month ago +1


  • Kady G
    Kady G Month ago +7

    One of my favorite things teen tv shows do is make a big deal about the characters getting into college and what elite school they're going to and they either 1. Go and don't show it (PLL), 2. Go and have to come back home for some bizarre reason (the OC) or find a way to stay in town and all go to the same college (GG)

  • Pokhraj Roy
    Pokhraj Roy 2 months ago +1312

    Omg it’s that time again where we appreciate Mike’s Mic for the dedication towards the Discourse of Unhinged TV.

  • Kat Joseph Pérez
    Kat Joseph Pérez Month ago +23

    I can’t take it. Waiting until March or April for part 3 is going to kill me slowly, even with the Lost series and shorter videos. I legit just teared up. That’s bullshit. I care about this far too much, BUT DAAAAAD! It’s Mike’s Mic.
    My dad is a Mike, so he must approve

  • Grace McGowan
    Grace McGowan Month ago +24

    the whole going to nyu for financial reasons is SO SILLY i looked it up to make sure there’s a $3000 difference in tuition per semester 💀💀💀 i don’t know how writers miss something that obvious

  • suicunetobigaara
    suicunetobigaara 13 days ago +1

    I have never watched Gossip Girl, and watching this has shown me I am missing out. I have never been so enthralled with something I have never seen. My war crimes cannot be redeemed, but the big 3 might ease these crimes. Still, I must remedy this and it is thanks to you my eyes have been opened.
    Also it both impresses and frightens me how much you looked like Blair in the sketchy wig. I think it was the pose and expression that sold it, just like a true Blair.

  • maggieroderick
    maggieroderick 11 days ago +2

    "My opinion on the matter is that you both need jobs" 10/10, amazing, hilarious, iconic. No notes.

  • Lisa Tehee
    Lisa Tehee Month ago +33

    I hated Dan and Vanessa so much, J was lovely then became unbearable too as the show progressed

  • Sas
    Sas Month ago +1598

    When we get to the GG reveal, I feel like we'll need a timeline like The Day Alison Disappeared over the entire series so we can discuss plot holes
    Edit to add: there's spoilers in the replies so you've been warned 😂

    • Lauren Ochoa
      Lauren Ochoa Month ago +3

      @Just Call Me Teacup dorota would’ve been sooooo messy and i’m sooooo here for it

    • Meddie
      Meddie Month ago +4

      @lithiumkid Yet Eric didn't wanted to be outed and homophobia Eric experienced was hurtful. In the reboot his husband even talked how that wasn't it yet Dan ended up being his brother in law

    • lithiumkid
      lithiumkid Month ago

      @Meddie a lot of gay guys were out back then in places like NY. there are at least 2 out gay guys in this show in *earlier* episodes

    • Meddie
      Meddie Month ago

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