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Little Kid Shoots Combo 😳💔 ////


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  • Tom Van de Cruys
    Tom Van de Cruys 2 months ago +86534

    This was seriously messed up

    • Muaythai Saro
      Muaythai Saro 2 months ago +2685

      Happens all the time shit like 3 .oaths ago the homie saw a youngster no more than 16 with his homie smoke 2 dudes in the whip and he showed me the video of the after math and he even said it wa some dam kids

    • Rj the Hoodlum
      Rj the Hoodlum 2 months ago +2083

      ​RedWatcher how u gon call someone goofy after making three 4 comments talking to yourself

    • Matthew Wilkyway
      Matthew Wilkyway 2 months ago +369

      I will comment in support of redwatcher5588 for saying exactly what we were all thinking 😅😂

    • nooscaboose
      nooscaboose 2 months ago +146

      ​@Matthew Wilkyway nah just you two

  • Tjr4448
    Tjr4448 22 days ago +3319

    What’s crazy about that scene is ganbangers really do cowardly shit like that.

  • Eazy Saenz
    Eazy Saenz 23 days ago +2325

    The most fucked up part is combo could have shot and killed the kid but he didn't instead he ran. He wasn't made for that life and he paid for it with his own.

    • Pencil mill
      Pencil mill 22 days ago +45

      Mf he had a bullet hole in him lmao

    • Eazy Saenz
      Eazy Saenz 22 days ago +53

      @Pencil mill ur point is? He was shot one time non fatal he could have pulled his gun and shot back but he was a scary ass so he tried to run got shot in the back

    • Jose Vazquez
      Jose Vazquez 22 days ago +23

      He wasn't gona shoot 💩 kid or not he didn't have the chance

    • Zina
      Zina 21 day ago +3


    • BagchaserZac
      BagchaserZac 21 day ago +10

      Na he didn’t have his head on a swivel he got hit w dat nickel

  • Archangel.Michael
    Archangel.Michael Month ago +10869

    Combo was straight G man you could see the fear in the kids eyes the whole time too. RIP Combo.

    • Vic’s MTB
      Vic’s MTB Month ago +30

      It’s a movie

    • Anarchy God
      Anarchy God Month ago +40

      ​@Vic’s MTB series*

    • rjlizalde
      rjlizalde Month ago +2

      ​@Anarchy Godwhat's the name of the series

  • underscore
    underscore 29 days ago +1016

    You could see combo could've easily fought back with his gun but he didn't want to shoot a child. RIP Combo

    • LookingForAUsername
      LookingForAUsername 23 days ago +13

      Meanwhile todd

    • Bruce M
      Bruce M 22 days ago +19

      A bullet to the chest probably made him forget he had a gun

  • Caset
    Caset 2 hours ago

    He's a real man. He didn't shoot at the kid. A human life is valued, no matter what knowledge was given them

  • M Lopez
    M Lopez Month ago +9949

    Saddest death, truly without him there would be no Walter White. Thanks to him and his RV, I love side characters like this

    • Mat
      Mat Month ago +34

      I'd put Ziegler before this.

    • Petar Juric
      Petar Juric Month ago +17

      ​@MatZiegler wasnt in Breaking bad tho ..😊

    • Bababoi Iminachui
      Bababoi Iminachui Month ago +60

      bro the saddest death, without the shadow of a doubt was Hanks

    • Mat
      Mat Month ago +7

      @Petar Juric Well then Gale, this was more shocking than sad.

    • Mat
      Mat Month ago

      @Bababoi Iminachui also this yeah.

  • J Ortiz
    J Ortiz 7 days ago +37

    This was easily the most dramatic scene from Game of Thrones.

  • justin frye
    justin frye 15 days ago +219

    For all those asking this is "Breaking Bad"

  • noposGuau
    noposGuau 2 months ago +43570

    Combo tried to tell the little foo to run off, knowing bullets might be flying at any moment. In his own way, he cared abt the kid. Did him dirty with that uno reverse tho

    • Elias D
      Elias D 2 months ago +1528

      Art of warfare "surprise is your best element, and should be employed to end conflicts quickly." Also "Women and children deployed as assassins will always be overlooked"-Sun Tzu

    • noposGuau
      noposGuau 2 months ago +112

      @Elias D v good point & quote 👌

    • Ashto_N 9 9 9
      Ashto_N 9 9 9 2 months ago +48


  • Silvanor
    Silvanor 9 days ago +21

    Man, Combo got combo'ed to death with those gun shots from the kid

  • Adu-Mensah Emmanuel
    Adu-Mensah Emmanuel 3 days ago +9

    A very sad yet realistic scene in a poetic way.

  • Channel 7 news Al Mazrah
    Channel 7 news Al Mazrah Month ago +8849

    This scene perfectly illustrates that you should trust literally no one.

    • Loch_O_len
      Loch_O_len Month ago +113

      Not even literal kids.

    • William J
      William J Month ago +126

      Especially not a American

  • Matty Lewis
    Matty Lewis 12 days ago +60

    They really do this, these tough men send 11 year olds init and just send them into a life and sorrow.

    • Aidan 710
      Aidan 710 9 days ago +3

      its cos theyll get a few years then get realesed when they 18 most of the time

    • Oli M
      Oli M 2 days ago

      I have met a few 10-13 year olds carrying weapons and selling heroin and crack in my day. Usually their older siblings or cousins get them into it. And I’ve seen first hand the way the cops tell them “go home” instead of usually making the arrest.

  • Phillip Templeton
    Phillip Templeton 23 days ago +110

    I roll thru this intersection all the time, and think..... RIP Combo!

  • Belufugus The banana
    Belufugus The banana Month ago +5575

    That kid would be a great stormtrooper. His shot to hit ratio is 7 to 2

    • 1k with 1 video challenge
      1k with 1 video challenge Month ago +93

      It's a kid ... pretty sure they wont have the best aim

    • Lovely Bohemia
      Lovely Bohemia Month ago +58

      Little kid is having a mental breakdown for killing a person bro 😭

    • Kratos
      Kratos Month ago +21

      @1k with 1 video challenge Bro either its the recoil or my dude just has skill issue. Most likely skill issue bc that recoil on the gun is 0.

    • Chris Delinquent
      Chris Delinquent Month ago +15

      ​@Kratos ... he's a kid, who was just told to kill someone... Skill has nothing to do with it 😂

    • Midnite Raven
      Midnite Raven Month ago

      kid got a future deff.

  • A Lazy Explorer
    A Lazy Explorer 4 days ago

    Mad respect for combo not shooting at the kid

  • Yatagarasu TV
    Yatagarasu TV  29 days ago +31

    Man there were some episodes were they piled up the worst of situations and shit would have gotten surprisingly worse. Breaking Bad delivered more than expected ❤

    • On_sight Auckland
      On_sight Auckland 18 days ago

      What movie called ?

    • Yatagarasu TV
      Yatagarasu TV  17 days ago +1

      @On_sight Auckland is breaking bad, a tv show already finished it ran for about 5 seasons but they're pure gold

  • Sussy Boy Blues
    Sussy Boy Blues  2 months ago +8862

    He’d rather run away than shoot back at the little kid. Combo was a good dude

    • Matheus Carvalho
      Matheus Carvalho 2 months ago +550

      Just means he chose the wrong job and natural selection carried its way.

    • Lexo Bastion
      Lexo Bastion 2 months ago +268

      ​@Matheus Carvalhotrue in crime of life if you want to go up to the top you have to put your humanity down you will rise and fall at same time

    • Mental Popcorn
      Mental Popcorn 2 months ago +207

      ​@Lexo Bastionwhat? Are you for real? There's a level of respect among criminals too.
      Killing kids and pedophilia are both about as low as it gets.

    • Riker
      Riker 2 months ago +65

      ​@Mental Popcorn not really

  • Roc Dawg
    Roc Dawg 17 days ago +22

    Combo was ready for anything, except that. RIP Combo

  • Patrick Hambrick
    Patrick Hambrick 18 days ago +11

    That " bad feeling " just escalated a little bit 😂

  • Daniel Diesel
    Daniel Diesel Month ago +5125

    Kids got better aim than 80% of these fools on the street

  • Kaley Seitz
    Kaley Seitz 5 days ago

    The first shot stund the boy then he pulled 6 more times in total making it 7 shots as a firearm owner and the love ❤ for them you're responsible for each and every round that comes out that Barrel

  • mtlee
    mtlee 3 days ago

    Don’t let ‘em roll up on you like that

  • Darren Dowers
    Darren Dowers Month ago +3199

    He chose death over blasting the kid. Everyone know you can't out run bullets

    • Juan Manuel Cardona
      Juan Manuel Cardona Month ago +167

      Even criminals have standards. Do you know what prison inmates do to criminals that go to prison for hurting children? Horrible stuff, there is a level that even criminals won’t lower themselves to

    • TheKingisDead 64
      TheKingisDead 64 Month ago +67

      @KillThrottlenot all criminals are the same. For plenty of people, it’s just a business. Hurting children isn’t a business in their eyes, and they’ll kill someone for doing it.

    • I Am Livid
      I Am Livid Month ago +19

      ​KillThrottle There's a lot of cases in prison where a prisoner exposed for something like taking part in CP ends up getting killed by other prisoners. Not everyone in prison is truly evil.

  • Orlando Nelson
    Orlando Nelson 14 days ago +6

    Kid has to answer to god now

    • Burlykim13
      Burlykim13 9 days ago

      Moreover, so do the grown men who sent a child in to do that for them.

  • Cool
    Cool 9 days ago +1

    everyone’s talking about how gangs actually do cowardly and evil things like this (wholeheartedly agree btw) but no one’s talking about how those cowardly evil people were also that kid before

  • Dominic Buck
    Dominic Buck 2 months ago +6476

    Dont worry Combo. Jesse and Walt are gonna send you and that poor kid some company, real soon.

    • CensingTerror73
      CensingTerror73 2 months ago +105

      That kid prolly bumped into him and like an hour later the other 2 dudes showed up

    • Inbling
      Inbling 2 months ago +53

      @CensingTerror73 no the two dudes told the kid to kill him

    • Jordan Hanson-Flores
      Jordan Hanson-Flores 2 months ago +73

      ​@Inbling he's saying in the afterlife, since Walt killed them immediately after the kid

    • SARS‑CoV‑2
      SARS‑CoV‑2 2 months ago +7

      Did they kill that kid I forgot?

  • NFTBuilds
    NFTBuilds 3 days ago

    Thats how real shorties get down since youngins ✅

  • T3
    T3 17 days ago +23

    Really liked combo i feelt he cared about Jesse the most .

  • Andreas Plosky
    Andreas Plosky Month ago +6408

    The shock in the kid's eyes adds so many layers to this scene.

    • Arturo Perez
      Arturo Perez Month ago +32

      More like the innocence

    • Aditya Bhatt
      Aditya Bhatt Month ago +10

      Tv series name??

    • Erfan Zahedifar
      Erfan Zahedifar Month ago +12

      ​@Aditya Bhatt breaking bad

    • Levv Kovacs
      Levv Kovacs Month ago +10

      The kid is a rival dealer tho

    • Andreas Plosky
      Andreas Plosky Month ago +34

      @Aditya Bhatt Breaking Bad. If you have not seen it, you must do so. It is one of the best tv shows ever made. It is good from beginning to end.

  • Willie Garth
    Willie Garth 6 days ago +2

    Real one bro tried to run instead of takin dat kids hat

  • miftah
    miftah Month ago +4608

    Combo didn't deserve this, he was genuinely Solid and did his part well

    • MrConfused369
      MrConfused369 Month ago +9

      Where is this from what movie are show..??

    • Greg
      Greg Month ago +4

      What show is this

    • Hemm Humm
      Hemm Humm Month ago +3

      Why you copy top comments

  • beautifulDay
    beautifulDay 24 days ago +6

    exactly what the enemy is doing, f*cking these kids up 😔 using the vulnerable and weak to do their dirty work.
    Protect your children.

  • Moppy
    Moppy 28 days ago +76

    Someone once said "charge at a man with a gun, run away from a man with a knife."

    • Greg Bradley
      Greg Bradley 26 days ago +2


    • LukeThePotatoKing
      LukeThePotatoKing 26 days ago

      I dont understand

    • The Kamas God
      The Kamas God 22 days ago +6

      ​@LukeThePotatoKingit's about effective range. You got a better chance at a gunman close up but if they got a knife you wanna keep your distance. Well, that was one way interpretation anyway.

    • ZomCon 7.62x39
      ZomCon 7.62x39 21 day ago

      ​@Greg Bradley RahH

    • Vic Lavar
      Vic Lavar 20 days ago +1

      What if they have both :(

  • Jack ey
    Jack ey 2 months ago +1422

    He wanted the kid to be safe, so he sent him off. The kid had orders tho

    RTPSYCHO 14 hours ago

    But Walter’s get back was the most Gangster shit ever tho

  • Rampage
    Rampage 13 days ago +23

    This is how a lot of gangs initiate new members in.
    It's a shit lifestyle to live.
    Be thankful you don't live in such places. Be thanksful for the life you have.

  • Keith Riddick II
    Keith Riddick II Month ago +4451

    Combo didn't deserve that shit man! He was a solid dude!

    • asueft
      asueft Month ago +61

      RIP Combo

    • gypsonny2
      gypsonny2 Month ago +98

      Combos innocence was as pure as a dog's happiness. Truly a sad loss in the series

  • Nick Trobaugh
    Nick Trobaugh 26 days ago +9

    Man when u the enemy you don’t know where is coming from. Eyes up head focused if you gonna play 💯💪🏻✌️😎

  • John patrick gonzales
    John patrick gonzales 19 days ago +10

    He cares for the kid Man so he woosh away the kid, but he is surprised and doesn't get cleared to decide and never expected that the kid will be the one who is going to shoot him. G had sometimes oath but sometimes other G had no. Part of life.

  • Gerard Hoog
    Gerard Hoog Month ago +5132

    How Mr. White dealt with those punks was legendary

    • Vezopalu Venüh
      Vezopalu Venüh Month ago +111

      Crushing them with his car 🚗?

    • Bhavi$hya_1212
      Bhavi$hya_1212 Month ago +14

      ​@Vezopalu Venüh year

    • JaxxFlairDaWolf
      JaxxFlairDaWolf Month ago +64

      I know right, they got what they deserved..rip combo it was fun seeing him act in this series!

    • Sam Rodriguez
      Sam Rodriguez Month ago +3

      What movie is this

  • Warren Abdull
    Warren Abdull 5 days ago

    5 pounds of pressure man. That's all it takes

  • wikilix
    wikilix 3 days ago

    Kid did him a favor

  • LilJeepers
    LilJeepers Month ago +1548

    combo was a good dude in a bad life, the best of jessies friends. always there for your brother kinda brother. this shit hit hard my first watch thru

    • John Marston
      John Marston Month ago +10

      Skinny peep was always there for Jesse and even stood up against the police during interrogation

    • András Urbán
      András Urbán Month ago

      what's the name of the movie please?

    • LilJeepers
      LilJeepers Month ago

      @András Urbán breaking bad

    • J Shin
      J Shin Month ago +1

      Combos is a good snack the cheese logs

  • Jarrod Connolly
    Jarrod Connolly Day ago

    Nice shootin Kid!

  • BrolyVentures
    BrolyVentures 3 days ago

    I was not expecting that! What a twist!

  • Munden757
    Munden757 2 months ago +7657

    Honestly this one hurt, Combo was the best

    • Cat
      Cat 2 months ago +95

      Leave it to people on youtube to think a drug dealer is "the best" lmao
      I use to be a drug user... these are not good people. They only care about themselves.

    • Ahe
      Ahe 2 months ago +194

      @Cat you think breaking bad is real life

    • purppy ;)
      purppy ;) 2 months ago +38

      @Ahe he obviously doesn’t & is just talking about the character the actor portrays smart one🥸

    • That_Seagull
      That_Seagull 2 months ago +2

      ​@Cat so doesn't anyone trying to make money. I do hone remodels, make a modest 1-2k per week. Depends on the customers budget, ill always make it work for them. In some cases, it's just not as elaborate.

  • Jay
    Jay 5 days ago

    What have we learned:Never miss wit a kid with a gun

  • Matt McCormick
    Matt McCormick 10 days ago

    Kid's a pretty good shot...

  • D C
    D C 2 months ago +15154

    Wow that blood looked thick and saucy

    • Tonkatank04
      Tonkatank04 2 months ago +532

      It wasn't blood. The dude has a red slushy in his hand that exploded as a bullet went through it

    • Rhianna Scureman
      Rhianna Scureman 2 months ago +478

      ​@Tonkatank04 he's literally talking about the blood the was on the ground after he fell. That's not slushy.
      He dropped the cup before he started running, and had a small area of blood lower on his shirt. There's no possible way that was slushy. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    • yxyezw
      yxyezw 2 months ago +93

      ​@Rhianna Scureman And when the kid shot the cup it was NOT red 😂 looked like he was drinking coke

    • Archangel
      Archangel 2 months ago +103

      It's blood from the lungs, it is always pinkish and foaming....

  • Twinkie Operator
    Twinkie Operator 13 days ago +1

    Best prop ever.

  • Ricardo Cervantes
    Ricardo Cervantes 8 days ago

    That bubble top Monte Carlo though ❤

  • Lucky Duck
    Lucky Duck Month ago +1435

    One of the most coldest parts of Breaking Bad. Combo getting killed really made a big swing and impact for Breaking Bad. Best show still til this day!!

    • Hunter windle
      Hunter windle Month ago +4

      Yeah Fr he was trying to save the kid by telling him to go

    • Maxime CHEEL
      Maxime CHEEL Month ago

      Yeah but it is a short so i lt looks like unreal. .. (never watched Bb)

    • TrulyFeared
      TrulyFeared Month ago +3

      It’s a great show but the best show out is pushing it

    • Andy Montes
      Andy Montes Month ago

      What is the name of the show

    • They Live
      They Live Month ago

      ​@Andy Montes Breaking Bad

  • Ahmad Riyadi
    Ahmad Riyadi 3 days ago

    Good job, kid! 👍

  • Auto Driven
    Auto Driven Month ago +1674

    That run is a last ditch effort to survive, the gasp - utter shock, the strained sprint. Damn, that's a cold ass production.

    • Curly Head
      Curly Head Month ago +10

      He Ran away like if he was the kid Lol
      Look like he was just told to go In the House and didn't listen, He had tha his dad Bouta get em run

    • Mike Ehimen
      Mike Ehimen Month ago +6

      Too bad... Lesson learnt. When u a Ganster, Never forget ur proof suits underneath ur clothes and never Walk alone..... He should have known he needed backup always cos dia lifestyle is always on d Edge

    • Jose Ferreira
      Jose Ferreira Month ago +7

      He rather run than shooting the kid back to save his own life.. thats deep

    • Demonguyatwork
      Demonguyatwork Month ago

      ​​@Jose Ferreira for real that gun he had coulda blew the kids head off though

  • Jun Jun Alisangco
    Jun Jun Alisangco 6 days ago

    Good job, what a shoot out…

  • _
    _ 6 days ago

    A friend never watched breaking bad and started watching with his mom. He was making accurate predictions about Walter dying, so I had to tell him Jesse dies. The disappointed and angry when he saw Jesse driving away as Mr White bleeds out.

    CJ GAMEON Month ago +1888

    This scene shows one thing: *"Evil does not discriminate. When evil manifests into death, it's in all shapes, sizes, colors, and AGES."*

  • Brian Grey
    Brian Grey 2 days ago

    So they hard enough to send a kid to do their work? 😆 real G's huh

  • Lee Miles
    Lee Miles 10 days ago

    Earned those colors

  • Bobby S
    Bobby S Month ago +2109

    Combo was killed off too early 😭 he seriously would have been a fire addition to the show if he was on for a few more seasons

    • Dave El
      Dave El Month ago +62

      that is why his death makes such an impact. could have been something great but it was cut short.

    • Jamar Warren
      Jamar Warren Month ago +5

      Hey yoooo what’s that called

    • T Major Hook King
      T Major Hook King Month ago +3

      What show is this????

    • Adam Miller
      Adam Miller Month ago +7

      @T Major Hook King breaking bad, lol

      BIG BIG FLEXGANG Month ago +1

      What movie is it

  • Cthulhu - San
    Cthulhu - San 3 days ago

    Coming to your neighborhood real quick!

  • Fast Eddie
    Fast Eddie 6 days ago

    Good sound track added to that BB scene!

  • Magic Weegie
    Magic Weegie 10 days ago

    Best TV show that's ever been made.

  • mexican panda
    mexican panda Month ago +1516

    It's sad cause kids like this exist and I've seen them as adults.

    • Joe Ayam
      Joe Ayam Month ago +4

      Any stories?

    • Jarryn Smith
      Jarryn Smith Month ago +49

      It's not the loud ones bro, it's the quiet ones that really had to do some scarface shit growing up to survive

    • Some random guy
      Some random guy Month ago +1

      Kids are ruthless

    • Jameson
      Jameson Month ago +5

      You do realize they made the kid do it right 😂

  • Eric Sudduth
    Eric Sudduth 22 days ago

    Damn that's gangster

  • Lester Pace
    Lester Pace 5 days ago

    Teach them while their young. Nice touch he weighs more than the gun.

  • BigBlu777
    BigBlu777 Month ago +950

    Combo was a great guy he feared for the kid not himself. Sad that they get kids to actually do this in real life.

    • Tyler Souza
      Tyler Souza Month ago +29

      It’s so they don’t have to do it and risk a life sentence so they convince some young kid who looks up to them to ruin his life for something he had no part in or benefits from. They’re scumbags.

    • Oliver Vosper
      Oliver Vosper Month ago +6

      ​@Tyler Souza yeh thanks Sherlock

    • Jackson Sinclair
      Jackson Sinclair 27 days ago +4

      ​@Tyler Souza yep thats why Cartels recruit their sicarios when they are 10 yo

    • quixote
      quixote 26 days ago +2

      ​@Jackson Sinclair in some cases, is not like they are recruiting every ten-year-old they can find, most of the actual recruits are already criminals or military or police force, Martin cartels are pretty much massive paramilitary criminal groups now.

    • Quiet One
      Quiet One 26 days ago

      Yeah, and the kid goes from juvie to adult prisons.

  • Justin McElroy
    Justin McElroy 17 days ago

    I was waiting to see Channing Tatum to come out with "My name Jeff..."

  • Doug Butler
    Doug Butler Day ago

    Drives home the point about how susceptible kids are and why they need to be shielded from this bull dookie going on today. Also drugs and the thuggie lifestyle are pathetic and for losers no matter how popular entertainers and culture try to make it.

  • John Juarez
    John Juarez Month ago +2616

    “That was seriously meth’d up.”- Walt Jr.

  • Poetic Nation
    Poetic Nation 12 days ago +2

    Saddest part of this scene is making a kid throw away his life a few years after he learns his abc's...Smh - It's weak/cowardly hood shit like this that I've ALWAYS hated.

  • Boogz
    Boogz 2 days ago

    at least he didn't pull his gun against the child, there still good in him, he'll go to heaven at this rate...

  • Elliott Garner II
    Elliott Garner II 2 months ago +3959

    Blood type: Ragu

    • Victoria Zheng
      Victoria Zheng 2 months ago +64

      Heeyy. That's a man's wife.

    • Ch Danish
      Ch Danish 2 months ago +31

      @Victoria Zheng I like a woman u can grab onto something

    • Victoria Zheng
      Victoria Zheng 2 months ago +29

      @Ch Danish you grab on to jinny sacks your whole hand'll disappear

    • Papa Ubu
      Papa Ubu 2 months ago +29

      When Ginny Sack goes camping, the bears have to hide their food

  • merlin aranda
    merlin aranda 3 days ago

    These people scare me I feel like they live in the hood

  • Dietrich Warner
    Dietrich Warner 3 days ago

    I love how he shoots 7 times with a 4 shot pistol

  • Honorless Imperial
    Honorless Imperial Month ago +1945

    The fact that he told the kid to run so he would not get hit then realized what was going on after the first bullet and decided to make a vein attempt to run inside of drawing on the kid even after being betrayed like that. Respect ✊
    Damn over a thousand likes. Thanks guys.

    • Dragon_Cooking
      Dragon_Cooking Month ago +98

      Moral or the story cap the kid

    • Evansville
      Evansville Month ago +25

      That wasn't why he ran. He ran to get away from the kid like any normal person would do.

    • Mason
      Mason Month ago +43

      ​@Evansville you slow or something my guy?

    • Jmoney
      Jmoney Month ago


    • quang tinh
      quang tinh Month ago +37

      ​@Evansville you don't got the point . He can draw the gun and shoot back , but he choose not gone a do that.

  • Lesean Striggles
    Lesean Striggles 9 days ago

    Streets is cold fr

  • TruthSeeker
    TruthSeeker 7 days ago

    Breaking Bad is the series for anyone who doesn’t know. Hands down one of these best series I’ve ever watched. If you watch Breaking Bad, you have to watch Better Call Saul.

  • Ryuu.
    Ryuu. 2 months ago +1540

    Kinda sad honestly when I think about it, I don’t think Combo wanted to shoot a kid. he definitely could’ve, but he didn’t.

    • charlotte Sigler
      charlotte Sigler 2 months ago +55

      He wanted to save the kid. He knew a shoot out was gonna happen and told the kid to get lost because of that

    • Cornelius Brownie
      Cornelius Brownie 2 months ago +3

      He ran because he was in shock lol

    • jalubo420
      jalubo420 2 months ago +5

      ​@Cornelius Brownie he is fat , so his instinct cant be running aways , his heart in the other hand made him run to save this kids life

  • Paylo payne
    Paylo payne 18 days ago

    If South Park the cartoon turned into a movie😅
    Kenny ate too many ho ho's

  • Anthony Padilla
    Anthony Padilla 7 days ago

    Those guys in the car were in direct line of fire 😂😂😂

  • Alejandro Gutierrez
    Alejandro Gutierrez 2 months ago +799

    Combo was a real one

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer 5 days ago

    That was a cold kill

  • SuhpriseMuhfucca
    SuhpriseMuhfucca 16 days ago +3

    Combo and Omar from the wire had me shook

  • Andrew Witham
    Andrew Witham Month ago +1130

    Glad those bangers got theirs in the end. Also never flash your piece to the enemy, better if they don't know whether you are packing or not.

    • ClickyTheBlicky
      ClickyTheBlicky Month ago +29

      Back in the day it used to be a solid tactic but now everyone has guns.

    • Google gmail
      Google gmail Month ago +27

      @ClickyTheBlicky don’t pull it out if you not gone used it

    • Gwood
      Gwood Month ago +11

      I assume you got mad opps so I’m totally gonna listen to you. You definitely know from experience

    • Yak Boy
      Yak Boy Month ago

      @ClickyTheBlicky so what if everyone got a gun 2nd amendment brudda


    My paranoia wouldn't have let me NOT watch the kid being right there when he coulda been anywhere else given them mfs in the car was still circling like vultures..

  • David M.
    David M. 26 days ago

    Seven diplomacy bullets🔥🔥🔥

  • Top252
    Top252 Month ago +654

    Them bad feelings be real 💯💥💀

  • DaveD.
    DaveD. 10 days ago +4

    Yep, they start them young. Also you shouldn't deal in unknown territory.

  • Cory Armer
    Cory Armer 27 days ago


  • Reptilian Brotherhood
    Reptilian Brotherhood 2 months ago +1140

    That Monte Carlo ss aero coupe was nice asf

    • Explorin'Jenkins
      Explorin'Jenkins 2 months ago +20

      Fuck yeah. You don't see the aero anywhere anymore.

    • 250R Nick
      250R Nick 2 months ago +3


    • Phil Tripi
      Phil Tripi 2 months ago +6

      Yea you might see one aero for every hundred regular MCs

    • John Q
      John Q Month ago +4

      The Grand Prix aero is even more rare.

    • DILLIGAF huh
      DILLIGAF huh Month ago +2

      Aero coupes are the only ugly montes

  • Polish God
    Polish God 26 days ago

    To think this scene was responsible for whole Gus Fring thing and season 5 happening

  • ElGoldo
    ElGoldo Month ago +530

    That was great subtle acting by the car passenger the way he smirked a little his face was perfect for what was happening and what was gonna happen

    • Mike Russo
      Mike Russo Month ago

      Real great acting with that one second half smirk....probably took a lot of takes and countless hours rehearsing...

    • Mr.Lasagne
      Mr.Lasagne Month ago

      @Mike Russo it literally does lmao

    • Mike Russo
      Mike Russo Month ago +1

      @Mr.Lasagne nah it doesn't fool

  • Estevan
    Estevan 20 days ago

    That's how it really goes

  • Adam Helbach
    Adam Helbach 12 days ago


  • JPGdotEXE
    JPGdotEXE Month ago +654

    The worst part is if it weren’t for the shock he had time to pull and shoot back but didn’t wanna shoot a kid so he ran instead.. RIP Combo, G 😣

    • Jayden littlejohn
      Jayden littlejohn Month ago +7

      Underrated comment

      BIG CUTTAH TAMPA BAY Month ago +11

      Tbh he should've used his gun soon as they came back ina car😅

    • Big Jay
      Big Jay Month ago +2

      @BIG CUTTAH TAMPA BAY Idk if ever been shot but u freeze up an can’t do nun. I see u from tampa st Pete ova here 😅

    • Brother Wulfe
      Brother Wulfe Month ago +11

      Made this mistake on day z. Couldn't pull the trigger on a kid and lost all my stuff. Some kids are more heartless than men

  • Lisandro Collazo
    Lisandro Collazo 22 days ago +12

    😢 The streets take n never good back so talk to ur kids this happens in every hood so show ur kids love before the streets do .