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English Makes No Sense: Here vs. There

  • Published on Feb 2, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Real Human
    Real Human Month ago +17302

    French: why are you like this?
    English: to mess with you French.

  • post taco bell adventure
    post taco bell adventure Month ago +1396

    The key to english pronunciation is to just memorize how words sound

    • Cartoonicus Studios
      Cartoonicus Studios 17 hours ago +1

      Exactly. English is just a bunch of other languages tag-teaming each other.

    • Deke King
      Deke King 8 days ago

      It's why language arts is important.

    • Notim Portant
      Notim Portant 9 days ago

      I'm reading a book about teaching Danish pronunciation (it's as bad as English) and it suggests avoiding trying to read things for as long as possible.

    • Jessica Quek
      Jessica Quek 10 days ago

      me with dyslexia: becomes french
      also me at school: sleeps during class

  • Jellycool
    Jellycool Month ago +690

    French : "to mess with the Americans"
    English: "i dont even have to try"

  • Leche 【Kaigainiki】
    Leche 【Kaigainiki】 Month ago +5297

    As someone who learn English as a second language, I've come to realize the rule for English pronunciation is to just know it.

    • nightout
      nightout 8 days ago

      ​​@Kirbo English is the easiest to learn. I did so without trying. If you say it has no rules, that may be the reason why it's so easy.

    • Synth Boy
      Synth Boy 19 days ago

      @uhohspaghettios it's how Scrabble was invented

    • D S
      D S 21 day ago

      its funny because all of us English speakers had to learn the stupid confusing words too.
      Yep you are speaking the truth. You just have to know it.
      Before you don't know it, it is like why wtf.

    • Min ji93
      Min ji93 22 days ago

      ​@Pat4962🏳️‍🌈⃠ • 13 yr ago i'm agree with you arabic is so hard to learn .english is actually my third language .. my english is broken but english more easier to learn than arabic i have a hard time learning arabic at school 😭😭😭

    • Finadoggie
      Finadoggie 25 days ago

      @uhohspaghettios you don’t need to memorize the etymology of that many words. Less common words are generally pronounced how they look, and you don’t hear uncommon words in general conversation anyways

  • McDakka
    McDakka Month ago +138

    All this time I was told I was dyslexic turns out I'm just French.

  • Boodle Demic
    Boodle Demic Month ago +62

    This is why I’m so glad I acquired English naturally

    • Pantelis Dalezios
      Pantelis Dalezios 7 days ago +3

      But still it is a very simple language apart from idiotic fallacies like these. As a person having learned Greek as my mother tongue, I am far more glad than u kid

  • Kata Seiko
    Kata Seiko Month ago +3436

    To calm down French, pat him on the shoulder and gently say "there, their, they're".

  • BlackBear Flower
    BlackBear Flower Month ago +52

    As someone who had to learn English as a second language, I've learned there are two rules to get good at pronunciation:
    1. Listen to so many conversations and movies that it becomes second nature
    2. Never ask ANY questions 😂

  • Ari.exe-1
    Ari.exe-1 Month ago +37

    English: simple, simple, simple
    French: having a mental breakdown

  • Zack Blackwood
    Zack Blackwood Month ago +3997

    At least French didn't ask about tear and tear

  • Kadri. L.
    Kadri. L. Month ago +72

    French is so cute like a cartoon character. I cannot, his expressions are so cute 😄😅😁☺️

    • LittleLulubee
      LittleLulubee 16 days ago +1

      He’s adorable ❤️😍❤️

    • Da Silva Olivia
      Da Silva Olivia Month ago

      ​@KK HAZE le pauvre 😅 poor boy.. poor french 🇫🇷 😅

    • KK HAZE
      KK HAZE Month ago +3


  • CJ lite
    CJ lite Month ago +30

    Every language can be the hardest language if you start at the right spot

  • mary
    mary Month ago +5950

    for once we accept that French is not the only hardest language

    • User Nowhere
      User Nowhere 9 days ago

      There is a difference between difficult and nonsense

    • Jaybird_102
      Jaybird_102 13 days ago

      I'd say Finnish, or the native American languages personally.

    • elpoiro
      elpoiro 15 days ago

      ​​@mary @Dorgesh is right.
      Non c'est pas une opinion c'est factuel.
      Ce qui relève de l'opinion en revanche c'est ta tendance à généraliser les français et l'apprentissage de sa langue en fonction de tes difficultés. En fait c'est même plus une opinion c'est carrément péremptoire.
      T'arrive pas à maîtriser ta langue natale et tu crois que tu maîtrises mieux l'anglais juste parce que tu te sens à l'aise ?
      La difficulté d'apprendre des langues ne dépend pas de la langue en elle-même mais plutôt de ta culture, éducation et de l'environnement.
      Tu disais plus haut que la langue romane la plus facile était l'espagnol. Pourtant je suis français aussi et la langue romane la plus facile c'est le roumain. Qui de nous deux a raison ? On est tous les deux français on devrait être bien placé pour la savoir ?! Non! Surprise, la difficulté d'appréhender une langue n'est pas fonction d'une éventuelle nationalité mais plutôt une question d'individualité.
      Ma copine (française), a ses deux parents du Laos et elle n'est jamais entièrement à l'aise en français alors que c'est sa langue maternelle, pourquoi ? Parce que c'est pas la langue maternelle de ses parents, qu'ils ont toujours été gêné de ne pas parler le français parfaitement (personne ne maîtrise jamais complètement sa langue natale d'ailleurs) et cette gêne s'est transmise à l'oral ce qui a influencé sa relation avec le français en grandissant avec eux. Tout simplement. Alors qu'elle parle un meilleur français que moi.

    • Hugo Ku
      Hugo Ku Month ago

      @Z S I was talking about languages with european type letters, to get rid of the complexity of learning a new alphabet.

    • Z S
      Z S Month ago

      ​@Isaac Fernandes nope learn sanskrit

  • Mei Elvie
    Mei Elvie Month ago +6

    The more I see these shorts, the more I'm glad I somehow managed to learn English on my own for some reasons I don't even remember myself 💀

  • shar
    shar Month ago +15

    I love the implication that they are trying to learn each other's languages. It's so wholesome.

  • martinicc67
    martinicc67 Month ago +1172

    1st rule of learning English:
    Don't think about it

    • John Kevler
      John Kevler Month ago +1

      ​@SOCh14 you didn't try Arabic LOL

    • Damn you are 🔥
      Damn you are 🔥 Month ago


    • Tim Oosenbrug
      Tim Oosenbrug Month ago

      Got me through middle school with straight A's (in a non-native English speaking language)

    • nightspicer
      nightspicer Month ago

      just don't think in general

    • SOCh14
      SOCh14 Month ago

      @martinicc67 While that is true, half the time learning a new language just doesn't always make sense. I've learn it's best not to question it.

  • Animesh Sarkar
    Animesh Sarkar Month ago +6

    This french man is literally representing my childhood thoughts 😂😂

  • Jungle Karma Pippa
    Jungle Karma Pippa Month ago +13

    I live for the arguments between French and English 🥰

  • Micah Dietrich
    Micah Dietrich Month ago +1424

    I love how English didn't even try to justify the words. He's just like, it's simple!

    • The Inquisitor
      The Inquisitor 12 days ago

      I love French Fries and Wagner Beer. 😎🍿🤏

    • Lubna H
      Lubna H 24 days ago

      I love how the French guy is confused when like 50% of the worda in French have some word or two or three pronouncesblike it

    • Alice Black
      Alice Black 26 days ago +2

      I swear french and english tried to one-up each other at making grammar non-existent.

    • Rush Wheeler
      Rush Wheeler 26 days ago +2

      French: English is so confusing!
      English words coming partially from French:

    • SAm
      SAm 26 days ago

      ​@TheFeldhamster as an italian the spelling challenge is complete nonsense, we pronounce every word exactly how there are written.

  • MG24
    MG24 Month ago +8

    Finally someone who understands my pain. I behave exactly like this when frustrated with English. 😂
    Edit: I know 4 languages and when I compare them to English. Well English makes the least sense out of all.😅😅😂😂

  • Shazbotacus
    Shazbotacus Month ago +5

    English and French are becoming my favorite interactions.

  • EveStephie
    EveStephie Month ago +1136

    French: here are the rules plus a few exceptions.
    English: the rules ARE the damn exceptions.

    • Dulcemary Uchôa
      Dulcemary Uchôa Month ago

      😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    • Xirpzy
      Xirpzy Month ago

      ​@AM Studios ye. Swedish text for example got a complete reformation in 1500s and was further simplified and structured a few times later. As late as 1900s. Which makes letters and sounds very consistent. Only a few french influences mess with it lol. Compared to english I find swedish makes much more sense. German is a bit looser with rules than swedish so its in the middle.

    • Joel Aguilar Fuentes
      Joel Aguilar Fuentes Month ago

      @AM Studios and spanish too

    • Sena Amakie
      Sena Amakie Month ago +2

      Actually , the french language as more exceptions than english like Bonbon instead of Bombom

    • AM Studios
      AM Studios Month ago +2

      @Gachiya I absolutely agree with you, but I think Italian has less exceptions because it has been "created" recently by poets and experts, so it's structurally very sound and consistent.

  • Lane Bright
    Lane Bright Month ago +4

    This might actually be my favorite quirky thing in English.

  • Balka
    Balka 25 days ago +3

    Like a certain woman said one day "English is about confidence"

  • SkyTahir
    SkyTahir Month ago +2771

    Now French finally knows how it feels!

    • ilghiz
      ilghiz Month ago +1

      @AndrewDeLong , takes years of training. So it's not easy. Look at Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, German, Finnish, even Hungarian - these are easy without caveats.

    • AndrewDeLong
      AndrewDeLong Month ago

      ​@ilghiz Once you learn to put English words in context, the spelling is actually quite easy.

    • Wazkaty
      Wazkaty Month ago +1

      ​@ooldmka French here, I agree !

    • Wazkaty
      Wazkaty Month ago +1

      ​@ilghiz A good teacher ! The phonetic alphabet could help too

    • Megan McKnight
      Megan McKnight Month ago +1

      @ilghiz because the ou in English doesn’t make a double oo sound since you have to say the word count in English a long with other words that have the ou in them in English makes the ou sound since it’s an ou. The ou is how English people say outside/out.

  • grey bey
    grey bey 6 days ago +1

    I swear, English and French are secretly having a battle about who can make their language more complicated

  • Bobit boo
    Bobit boo 17 days ago +3

    I had an amazing tutor for my dyslexia. She taught me a thousand spelling rules that school never bothered to. But she also taught me “sight words” that I was supposed to recognize on sight because they didn’t follow the rules. Those were all sight words

  • SuperDrive
    SuperDrive Month ago +523

    "What's the point of writing it two different ways?"
    That's one hell of a question, *French.*

    • Thenormalguy101
      Thenormalguy101 Month ago

      ​@Gachiya un oeuf iz not enuff

    • Gachiya
      Gachiya Month ago +13

      @Darina Angelova seconde… femme… opportun… œuf… et plein d’autre :)

    • Darina Angelova
      Darina Angelova Month ago +6

      Nah, the rules about French reading and pronunciation are always the same.

  • Mark Uhler
    Mark Uhler Month ago +4

    I will never not be embarrassed for my then-wife laughing at me when I tried to say a couple of easy sentences in French.
    Payback is a bitch, Frenchie.

  • LilSkipper
    LilSkipper Month ago +4

    "English isn't a hard language"

  • LeadTrumpet1
    LeadTrumpet1 Month ago +1716

    I actually find French phonetics to be incredibly straightforward and mostly consistent once understood. Phonetics and phonemic awareness is very important in French. That and being aware of context at all times.
    German phonetics is also very straightforward and consistent. Had no problem understanding the German phonetic system at all.
    English phonetics is a completely different story. So horribly inconsistent. It’s like French and German got together, had a kid and forgot to raise it so it self taught language.

    • Spiffington
      Spiffington Month ago

      It was heading down that path the moment it moved from Anglo Saxon Fulthorc to a Latin alphabet. It used to be entirely phonetic as the fulthorc runes were the English phonemes.

    • Stacey Coates
      Stacey Coates Month ago

      Actually, that is a fairly accurate description.

    • mereena
      mereena Month ago

      Well try Sanskrit. Most perfect language ever

    • Trippi Hippie
      Trippi Hippie Month ago

      "So it self taught language" 😂

    • Hyperr Khaotic
      Hyperr Khaotic Month ago +1

      🤣 dude, you literally described the English language in a nutshell.

  • स्वेच्छा
    स्वेच्छा 6 hours ago +1

    After knowing silent and different pronunciation words in French, french literally have no right to blame English if English have some silent/pronunciation words😂

  • Jewels
    Jewels 8 days ago +2

    The things I remind myself about my native language (English) whenever I get frustrated learning another

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago +882

    French: You do this only to mess with me!
    English: That's neither here nor there.

    • Masteroogway's unknown disciple
      Masteroogway's unknown disciple Month ago +1

      @Kyron Aussies: NOITHAH

    • Kyron
      Kyron Month ago +1

      The real question is, how do you choose to pronounce neither?

    • TheUnknownDoodler
      TheUnknownDoodler Month ago


    • Ryan
      Ryan Month ago +1

      " That's neither here nor there” is just an expression. Basically meant that doesn't matter, when usually it is a valid point. And it is just building upon the "here," "there," etc. joke.

    • Masteroogway's unknown disciple
      Masteroogway's unknown disciple Month ago

      I don't get it. Can someone explain please?

  • kacbcd
    kacbcd 3 days ago

    What French has failed to understand is that English is five languages stacked on top of each other in a trenchcoat and thus works with multiple sets of pronunciation rules.

  • Uzakta Sosis
    Uzakta Sosis 26 days ago +1

    This is why school did not teach me how to speak English. I learned it myself

  • HNIC
    HNIC Month ago +2859

    French is the last person that should be complaining

    • Alex
      Alex Month ago

      @Austenpoppy actually it is correct that one of the reasons why English is becoming more increasingly the universal language is because it is easier to learn and mor simple than French. If French was more simple than I we would see more and more people speaking French instead of English. But we don’t. We see English being language for majority of the population in Canada while French tried to pass laws in Quebec mainly to force people to speak French unwillingly. If French was easier more people would be choosing to speak it. But there are human right lawsuits left right and Center being brought forth in regards to Quebec’s forcing the language. If a language is easier to learn, use, speak and write in- there would be no need for forcefulness at all.

    • Austenpoppy
      Austenpoppy Month ago +1

      @Alex In the world a few centuries ago you mean ? If yes, French is not "an elitist language", it was the language spoken by the elites - big difference. People were allowed to speak French, but educational opportunities to learn were quite dim for most. And that would have been true of any international language back then.
      But your point was that English was the universal language because of its simplicity, which is incorrect.

    • Alex
      Alex Month ago

      @Austenpoppy that’s actually not correct. French was an elitist language meaning only the rich and powerful were allowed to speak French. It’s wasn’t the common language for majority of the population.

    • Alex
      Alex Month ago

      @Austenpoppy sorry you are incorrect here. English took a large huge percentage of their rules and pronunciations from French. French originally had these issues and passed it on to English. English yes does have other languages mixed in as well. But the rules around pronunciation and spelling are taken from French. If you watched his page more frequently you would see that he also Demonstrates that French makes even less sense . But since English inherited those issues from French. It’s more French’s fault than anything else.

    • Austenpoppy
      Austenpoppy Month ago +1

      ​​@Alex No. The idea that English pronounciation is the fault of French when 1) French pronounciation is way more consistent, 2) English mixing words from different languages is what caused the different rules...just doesn't add up.

  • Park Adele
    Park Adele Day ago

    English is my first language but I really understand how French feels 😭😭

  • UndeadNotKyle
    UndeadNotKyle Day ago

    This is what happens when you beat up languages in an alleyway to make your language. 😂

  • Resurvive
    Resurvive Month ago +258

    As someone once told me: "Ebglish basically lured all the other languages to a back alley, beat the shit out of them, and rifled through their pockets for spare grammer and loose vocabulary."

    • Resurvive
      Resurvive Month ago

      @rusednews3219 That's the newest update of English. Now it's Ebglish. Sometimes spelled E🅱️glish, if you want to be fancy.

    • Ruse D News
      Ruse D News Month ago +1

      Ah good ol' Ebglish. I love speaking Ebglish.

    • American Patriot
      American Patriot Month ago

      Resurvive - Great!!! Thanks for sharing.... this truth!!!! LOL!!!!!

    • Rosh S
      Rosh S Month ago +5

      Given the history of Great Britain, that's quite accurate actually

  • Jesse Böhmer
    Jesse Böhmer Month ago +1

    It truly is simple but you just gotta know it.

  • Mentally ill
    Mentally ill 2 days ago

    The difference between French and English, is that French is somewhat aware of it's confusing nature, but English is like "Nah, I'm very simple"

  • nkronert
    nkronert Month ago +281

    "Which language is more inconsistent, French or English?"

    • Viriathus
      Viriathus Month ago


    • Dray Caisings
      Dray Caisings Month ago

      Gaelic: AMATEURS!

    • Eric Herde
      Eric Herde Month ago

      @Neekk0 Some words elide the last letter, some the last five.

    • Neekk0
      Neekk0 Month ago

      @Eric Herde the ones you don’t pronounce are always consistent when written the same. in english there is no rhyme or reason -see video. why is busy pronounced bizi? why is women pronounced wimen?

    • Eric Herde
      Eric Herde Month ago

      @Neekk0Maybe for the letters that are actually pronounced, but how do you know how many letters to drop off from the end of the word? In English, it’s only ever one, and even that is French’s fault.

  • R재광L
    R재광L 3 days ago

    im learning french because of this guy

  • Flanyl Shirtman
    Flanyl Shirtman 10 days ago

    French: (exasperated) WHY?
    English: Needed to get back at you somehow.

  • rohan kamath
    rohan kamath Month ago +339

    I'm starting to feel that the only reason both of these languages are so messy are because the two countries wanted to keep trolling each other and make it hard for the other to learn their language... And at some point the escalation war got out of hand

    • Sakura Moonflower
      Sakura Moonflower Month ago

      And then they made it everybody else's problem. XD
      And gaslight us by saying the languages aren't hard to learn at all. XD

    • OsefKincaid
      OsefKincaid Month ago +3

      No the reason why it's messy is because we're using a terrible alphabet that we should have dropped eons ago. There's no non-messy way to write 16+ vowels using an alphabet that has 5 or 6 vowels, that's unbelievably stupid.

    • Luis gomez quintana
      Luis gomez quintana Month ago +10

      The reason is French. Basically the normads (french) conquered England and brought their language. So now you have a language with words with roots in Germanic languages, old french and latin. Old french is based in Latin, but not always directly, while Latin still influenced the language. So you ended up with many words, the English or the English/french version. The words evolved and certain noises and letters vanished... And now you have a mess of language where phonetics makes limited sense

    • Mystery LovesCompany
      Mystery LovesCompany Month ago +9

      @becky 22 I feel that sentence needed more consonants somehow jammed in there.

    • becky 22
      becky 22 Month ago +15

      Welsh enters the chat

  • Cursive Vibes
    Cursive Vibes 6 days ago

    I was lucky enough to have learned English very young. When I was sixteen, I worked as a TA in my home country teaching kids English as a second language and I found it impossible to find a generalized pattern for pronunciation

  • Empereur Cringe
    Empereur Cringe 24 days ago

    As a french,
    French saying "beat" was hilarious

  • Danny Jorde
    Danny Jorde Month ago +201

    This makes me appreciate how well-built the Spanish language is.

    • Milly
      Milly 28 days ago

      @Kurokami I’m learning Spanish and the verbs are not as daunting as it looks. Once you get the hang of it

    • Luis Domingo Calvo Castro
      Luis Domingo Calvo Castro Month ago +1

      @Bailey Rutherford were have you heard that? Because I'm Spanish and I only know of 1

    • Bailey Rutherford
      Bailey Rutherford Month ago

      Bru u have 8 different versions of "we"

    • Luis Domingo Calvo Castro
      Luis Domingo Calvo Castro Month ago

      ​@Kurokami with basically half a dozen exception for literally thousands of verbs. Once you've learnt the alphabet and the conjugations you will always know how to say something you see written and you will (almost) always know how to write something you hear.

    • Danny Jorde
      Danny Jorde Month ago +2

      @spacewolfcub There are many myths regarding the Spanish culture, and they usually have a "king" in them. I don't know if that's true.

  • Chaotic Phoenix
    Chaotic Phoenix Month ago

    Those are the basics I use to mess with Spanish speaking people learning English

  • Mitch
    Mitch Month ago

    This is what happens when you roll multiple languages into one.

  • Grandpa & Allie
    Grandpa & Allie Month ago +813

    In college two students from Vietnam were my dormitory neighbors. They were always frustrated by the English language:
    This is a baby cat? No, kitten.
    This is a glass? No, that’s a mug. So what is this? A cup. And this gold one with all the jewels on it …what is that? Oh, THAT one is a goblet.
    I felt worse for those poor fellas than I did when a coworker of mine threatened to quit every time the automated phone system couldn’t understand his thick Scottish accent.🤭

  • Kayla
    Kayla Month ago +3

    damn I used to think English was one of the easier languages to learn

    • Tinglemies
      Tinglemies Month ago

      Easy because it does not have as many rules.
      So every word operates case by case.

  • Heal Warden
    Heal Warden 6 days ago

    French’s reactions is how I approach English as a native speaker..English is hard!

  • Jordi Nagel
    Jordi Nagel Month ago +571

    “English, you can’t just write half a dozen words differently and make them all sound the same!”
    “… *looks pointedly at French* Who do you think I learned this from?”

    • Megan McKnight
      Megan McKnight Month ago

      @Mahikan Nakiham English isn’t hard because all a person does is elimate conjugations and verbs and use the nonus and the nouns in English are straight forward. Basically English is really simple once you elimate the verbs and conjugations and go by the English rule of nouns. Different countries have different rules for nouns.

    • Nicamon
      Nicamon Month ago

      @Megan McKnight We were talking about _pronunciations_ though,not _grammar._

    • Megan McKnight
      Megan McKnight Month ago

      @Mahikan Nakiham : Ogden tried to simplify English while keeping it normal for native speakers, by specifying grammar restrictions and a controlled small vocabulary which makes an extensive use of paraphrasing. Most notably, Ogden allowed only 18 verbs, which he called "operators". His "General Introduction" says, "There are no 'verbs' in Basic English",[verify] with the underlying assumption that, as noun use in English is very straightforward but verb use/conjugation is not, the elimination of verbs would be a welcome simplification

    • Megan McKnight
      Megan McKnight Month ago

      @Mahikan Nakiham basically for English those learning it just elimate Verbs and conjugations and use the nouns,basic English class exist. There are no verbs and conjugations in English

    • Megan McKnight
      Megan McKnight Month ago

      @Jordi Nagel because for English all anyone new learning it has to do is elimate the verbs and conjugations and they have to use the nouns hence why English isn’t that hard and why the English character called English simple. There are basic English classes

  • Who_Gave_Me_A_Pen
    Who_Gave_Me_A_Pen Month ago

    I am forever thankful that my first languages are French and English. I don’t think I would survive trying to learn them from scratch.

  • Benjiro Elias Todoroki-Kayama

    as someone who has English as their native language. The way French is trying to understand the English language makes so much sense.

  • sleepyppl
    sleepyppl Month ago +98

    every single word in english has its own rules

  • Jonquil Gemstone
    Jonquil Gemstone Month ago

    As a former online EFL teacher, I felt a little bad at times when the English language required more rote memorization than actual, solid rules. 😆

  • Dapper Mann
    Dapper Mann Month ago

    Getting the urge to make a language that’s just consistent english

  • SeraphsWitness
    SeraphsWitness Month ago +100

    It's simple: just memorize all the words and their spellings.

    • qzrnuiqntp
      qzrnuiqntp Month ago +1

      @K Of course not, and I was not serious. Learning how english has been formed is very interesting.

    • SeraphsWitness
      SeraphsWitness Month ago

      @qzrnuiqntp what a nasty and silly thing to say.

    • 🌸kikosawa🌸
      🌸kikosawa🌸 Month ago +8

      yeeahh, the Chinese way! you have a lot in common guys

    • K
      K Month ago +5

      Just be a native English speaker.

  • Because Reasons
    Because Reasons 21 day ago

    I need to see one where you question the difference between Bass and Bass.

  • Wallace Chen
    Wallace Chen 28 days ago +1

    French:Messes with his language so English is confused.
    English:Messes with his languages so French is confused.

  • Mr. Eggus
    Mr. Eggus Month ago +103

    French: Why??
    English: this is entirely your fault,

  • Jessica Oberembt
    Jessica Oberembt Month ago

    Currently working on sight words with my 1st grader. I knew English was messed up… now I have to try and explain it to her when “why” is her favorite question fml 🤦🏽‍♀️ I don’t know why, I hate it too

  • SpottyCongOpalYin
    SpottyCongOpalYin 2 days ago

    Oh my god I am laughed so hard rn 😂
    English is literally driving French crazy lol😂

  • FlamingFox
    FlamingFox Month ago +315

    English is so simple, yet so convoluted at the same time. And yet French has 100+ different ways of saying a verb depending on the tense and who you are addressing...

    • Rogan Gunn
      Rogan Gunn Month ago +1

      English is simple in that conjugation of verbs is easy, there is no real difference between formal and informal apart from style (you just say things differently, there aren't two sets of words like French) and we have lost gendered nouns. Also word order is basic and quite malleable, which is why Yoda makes sense even though speak correctly he does not, hmmm?
      What's hard about English is the vocabulary. We have many different ways of saying the same thing. (We possess myriad methods of conveying similar meaning!) Even nouns have many different variations for virtually identical objects. The English section of any bilingual dictionary is almost always larger than the other. We rely heavily on idioms and sayings to get our point across. As others have pointed out, there aren't really rules, as much a long list of exceptions!
      So I'd say English is easy to get started in and get your basic point across, but hard to become fluent in. Even many native speakers don't have the best command of the language - but it's the infinite variation, subtlety and nuance that it's capable of that makes it great for expression. (Not saying other languages aren't beautiful for expression - they're just different, with fewer words!)

    • JustValHere
      JustValHere Month ago +1

      I'd say english is very easy at the start, so as long as you have a good base it shouldn't be too bad. The problem is... it's very easy to forget too lol.
      As a native spanish speaker, I'd say spanish is easier because most letters are always pronounced the same way (with "c" and "g" as exceptions) and you know what syllable to accentuate just by looking at the word (unlike italian, for example, where they put a written accent only on the last syllable and for longer words you just have to know which one to accentuate). Of course, you need to memorize the rules of accentuation first. But I'd say it's easier than just memorizing how to say every word lol

    • Mary-Jane (really not Sarah)
      Mary-Jane (really not Sarah) Month ago

      @Ashley Hérault-Mattei fair!

    • Ashley Hérault-Mattei
      Ashley Hérault-Mattei Month ago +1

      Try learning Russian 💀 it’s gonna make you say French and English are the easiest languages ever 😂

    • Mary-Jane (really not Sarah)
      Mary-Jane (really not Sarah) Month ago

      @Leila uh hello. French is clearly harder! U just learned it au natural. Even objectively speaking English is a lot easier to learn.

  • Chandee Carson
    Chandee Carson Month ago

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  • C D
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  • Stacey Hunt
    Stacey Hunt Month ago +13

    My 5yr old learned to read at 3. Fortunately, he was still in a very pliable stage and when I explained that the rules are, there are no rules, he rolled with it. He just looks at new words and after seeing it 2 or 3 times remembers how it is meant to sound from being told. It's going to be much harder with my younger 2, because they're much more rule-set. 🤣

    • ZeeZee 801
      ZeeZee 801 Month ago +1

      I also learned to read at 3 and struggled in first grade to understand why everyone else was so confused. Finally the teacher would just send me to the library during reading time.

  • M N
    M N Month ago

    So this is what it feels like to have your language be the “weird” one

  • Emperor Kuzco
    Emperor Kuzco 12 days ago

    "Why are you like this?"

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    English really pulled an Uno reverse and confused French.

  • ElmoDFZ
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    I'm really glad I don't have to learn English lol. I would be terrible at it!

  • Andre Emanuel
    Andre Emanuel Month ago

    What makes this even funnier is that it's a french guy commenting on how hard it is to pronounce words

  • Mangel simón paniello
    Mangel simón paniello Month ago +11

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    Professional R8 Month ago

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    Also English:

  • TinaRN
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    FFAF FFAF Month ago +329

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    Music4TheSoul Month ago

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  • Ness Forbes
    Ness Forbes 12 days ago

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  • TheBester7
    TheBester7 Month ago +254

    english's facial expression at 0:32 is literally "are you kidding me?? aren't you the one that has many different words that are pronounced the same???"

    • Wolfeur
      Wolfeur Month ago +9

      The difference is that French is (mostly) consistent. English gives zero fucks about making sense with its spelling

    • gandalftheantlion
      gandalftheantlion Month ago +1

      Probably because he gets crap from universal all the time about this stuff.

    • Nicamon
      Nicamon Month ago +10

      That's why this scene would make more sense if the one complaining was Italian instead of French!

  • Judo Geoff
    Judo Geoff Month ago

    This warmed my heert and will be playing in my heed all day.

  • Knox The Fox
    Knox The Fox Month ago

    I speak English too, but this actually makes a lot of sense, and now I don’t even understand with how English works anymore

  • qwertyjklz
    qwertyjklz Month ago +42

    As a native English speaker I can confirm I couldn't speak that part of English until I was five

    • Chaotic Phoenix
      Chaotic Phoenix Month ago

      Many still don't know the rules of each of those words and they are over 40

  • On a federal watchlist

    This js a perfect example of why context is important

  • Wilson Productions
    Wilson Productions Month ago

    Everyone: English is complicated.
    *Russia enters the chat*

  • A Sayy
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    Someone give this guy an Oscar

  • Thunderheart
    Thunderheart 27 days ago

    French: what are you doing this for?
    English: do you want to be the pot or the kettle?

  • Pilo_VR
    Pilo_VR Month ago

    If French is confused you know it’s a hard language

  • Reecey Bricks
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    French do things with their words to confuse the english. The english can do it too

    • Thalia
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      Actually both do it to confuse all the other languages 😂

    • Looped
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      With the opposite technique tough

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    can’t wait for french’s villain arc

  • sushi reaper
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    Context is key for English cause if you don’t know the context you will most likely use the wrong version of a word

  • PidroElGran
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    And then Universal comes and says kindly to English:

  • B B
    B B Month ago

    English has gone from being humiliated about stuff like this to just gaslighting French 😂

  • Dagmar Bubolz
    Dagmar Bubolz Month ago

    You basically learn two languages when learning vocabulary.

  • piiinkDeluxe
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    French is such an adorable character! 😍

  • Adam Cross
    Adam Cross 21 day ago

    When I started learning English, I was confused so many times about pronunciation. Now, it works surprisingly well... These videos are making me wonder how sometimes English pronunciation works tho... 😂👌

  • SomberApoc
    SomberApoc Month ago

    Man, if only we still had 'thorn' as a standard character

  • Someone  On The Internet

    Some languages requires you to just know something. There is no pattern.

    • Oliver Polden
      Oliver Polden Month ago

      @Someone On The Internet thinks they know everything and isn’t interested in learning anything new, even when graced with the presence of an expert.

    • Jennifer Hanses
      Jennifer Hanses Month ago

      @paradoxmo Really? Coulda, woulda, shoulda. Tech. App.
      And it's late so I don't feel like going on.
      Stuff is so background to the evolution of language that it's not even registering. But it's all the younger generation changing words. And there's always a younger generation, and they always change the words.

    • paradoxmo
      paradoxmo Month ago

      @Jennifer Hanses that’s not really slang, phonetic or morphological changes like dropping endings or elimination of cases are evolution of language. Slang is more of a difference in register, and is generally more additional/alternative vocabulary rather than phonetic or morphological changes.

    • Jennifer Hanses
      Jennifer Hanses Month ago

      @paradoxmo When I said slang, I was generalizing and encompassing a lot.
      My main thought is Old English conjugations that used to be distinctly different for all subjects (I/thou/he/she/it/we/they/ye -- and yes, I know I'm not listing the correct Old English terms, I only studied it for a year because it was a linguistics requirement). A lot of the ends were like --mmenan --menan -nan etc. And as succeeding generations became lazier and it became the cool way to say things verbs lost their endings. Word order became important when it hadn't been before in order to determine meaning, etc.
      Things that you would not think of as "slang" are the way the "new" generation is doing things, and it morphs language.

    • paradoxmo
      paradoxmo Month ago

      @Jennifer Hanses it’s not new slang that’s the issue per se, it’s that one cannot instinctively learn phonetic history very easily, so new learners simply have to memorize these homonyms that have various different meanings. Long-time speakers of the language can of course pick up patterns and figure out, for example, if a word may come from French, Greek, Latin, etc just by looking at it, and apply the correct phonetic system to it.
      Of course it doesn’t help that the irregular spellings are also the most commonly used words in the language.