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Animal Crossing- All Trailers (2001-2020)

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 4 662

  • Reecee
    Reecee  5 months ago +7

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  • Macy Forte
    Macy Forte 2 years ago +6368

    Old players and new players can all agree on one thing: the Mii face option in City Folk is absolutely terrifying and will haunt me in my dreams forever

  • iris
    iris 2 years ago +1552

    I remember how happy I was when my parents gave me Nintendo with Animal Crossing New Leaf. When I returned from school I only played that game, I remember the summer nights spent playing it in secret, I felt more at home there than in real life for various family reasons. How much I miss the times when I was carefree playing that damned game.

    • _Itz_Raiven_
      _Itz_Raiven_ 2 months ago

      I still play 🕳👄🕳

    • Mister Muffinut
      Mister Muffinut 5 months ago

      Feels good being the 1.5k like

    • _Itz_Raiven_
      _Itz_Raiven_ 6 months ago

      I still play why don't u?

    • Shiro 28
      Shiro 28 6 months ago

      same, new leaf was my childhood

    • Maja
      Maja 9 months ago

      Yeah New leaf was such a good game

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike 2 years ago +2410

    only old players know the pain of having resetti yelling at you for 10 minutes

    • Munchi
      Munchi 5 months ago +1


    • Wendy
      Wendy 6 months ago

      I would cry because I would add the “quotes” to the given phrase and he always said I was wrong so he would never go away😂 I had my mom do it for me every time

    • hypotermia baby
      hypotermia baby 7 months ago

      my sister and i still have ptsd of being berated at by a fucking mole all because the ds died

    • ItsLemonBears 🗿
      ItsLemonBears 🗿 8 months ago

      I didn’t play then but I would probs save the game and leave while he screamed

    • Nessessary
      Nessessary 8 months ago


  • zmilksteak
    zmilksteak 2 years ago +721

    can’t believe i just watched 14 minutes of literal ads

  • Kim G
    Kim G 2 years ago +1635

    I still remember losing my mind at how great NH graphics looked

    • White Flower Crown
      White Flower Crown 5 months ago

      same!! i only got it a few days ago for my birthday 😁

    • Pastelle Miko
      Pastelle Miko 6 months ago

      When the trailer came out, I was over the moon-
      Still, watching the trailers amaze me so much even 2.5 years later-

    • Eloise Harrison
      Eloise Harrison 7 months ago

      I remember thinking that about New Leaf when it came out 😆 New Horizons is next level, I was shooketh

    • Harji Kalsi
      Harji Kalsi 11 months ago

      Same me and my bestie talked about it all the time

    • The Violet Bunny
      The Violet Bunny 11 months ago

      It’s a new game of course you will remember lol wtf kind of comment is this ?

  • qwezxlc
    qwezxlc Year ago +119

    0:20 - 2001 "Animal Crossing"
    0:53 - 2005 "Wild World"
    2:07 - 2008 "City Folk"
    4:01 - 2012 "New leaf"
    6:45 - 2015 "Happy Home Designer"
    8:39 - 2015 "Amiibo Festival"
    10:31 - 2016 "New leaf"
    11:00 - 2017 "Pocket camp"
    12:14 - 2020 "New horizons"

    • Press Play
      Press Play Hour ago

      ​@Autistic Gingerlook man Nintendo tries their best to make games and people say They Are Bad.

    • California and Friends
      California and Friends 6 months ago

      Just ruined the video for me

  • Milky Bloomet Channel
    Milky Bloomet Channel 3 years ago +1902

    18 years of Animal Crossing...

    • Brit_Roblox
      Brit_Roblox 22 days ago

      @SunnyxSekai 22 now🥹

    • misa
      misa 2 months ago

      i started with wild world. :))

    • Ruby Choco Cookie
      Ruby Choco Cookie 6 months ago

      @PopcornOfficial same

    • emo
      emo 10 months ago

      20 years !

    • Air Sky
      Air Sky Year ago

      Now it’s 20, i was negative 3 years upcoming at that time

  • testticle
    testticle 2 years ago +890

    New Leaf’s soundtrack will never fail to amaze me.

    • _Itz_Raiven_
      _Itz_Raiven_ 2 months ago


    • njh
      njh 6 months ago

      @Marsbarsinthestars Is the soundtrack for New Horizons bad? I have always played New Leaf the most and was thinking of getting new horizons, is it good?

    • Maja
      Maja 9 months ago

      Fr it was such a good game

    • Bowser Headteacher
      Bowser Headteacher Year ago

      When I found out about animal crossing new horizons when it came out I thought Animal crossing was new but watched certain videos and found out that they were Animal crossing titles before it

    • modimodo
      modimodo 2 years ago

      o rlly?

  • Kevin Mcallister
    Kevin Mcallister 2 years ago +2195

    New players will never know the pain of having to memorize everyone’s feckin coffee order

    • Sofia Winter
      Sofia Winter  6 months ago

      omg i just remembered that was a thing. I used to check it out on the wiki but it was awful

    • ♡︎Not_Azzu♡︎
      ♡︎Not_Azzu♡︎ 9 months ago

      they won't even know the pain of working for tom nook without him paying us saying he paid

    • sparkle
      sparkle Year ago

      @Lollies *[] ew.

    • DefinitelyCastaway
      DefinitelyCastaway Year ago

      @pickle get a wii.

    • Audreyt114
      Audreyt114 Year ago

      i googled the guides on google 😭

  • blUe Ch33se
    blUe Ch33se 2 years ago +105

    Let’s be honest. All of us wanna go back to the good days.

    • Susie's vlogs
      Susie's vlogs 10 months ago

      Yeah so I can connect with my teacher locally and go to each other’s island (and she can help me with difficult levels in NSMBU, but now we are all isolated 🤦🏻‍♀️)

    • Strawberries
      Strawberries Year ago

      Not all of us

    • SunnyxSekai
      SunnyxSekai Year ago +1

      I wish I can go back just so I can teach 6 year old me not to be dumb with the internet and learn how to read and spell-

    • 【Binkus】
      【Binkus】 Year ago +1


    • Mevanouche
      Mevanouche Year ago +2


  • random-mister
    random-mister 2 years ago +2188

    Only OGs will remember when instead of Timmy and Tommy, Tom Nook ran Nook's Cranny.

    • Kasia
      Kasia Year ago

      Timmy and Tommy are precious capitalists. Don't diss the children

    • swag man
      swag man Year ago

      Timmy and Tommy are cuter tho

    • c
      c Year ago

      I play the new and pocket camp in new I have museum

    • [Shattered Nightmare]
      [Shattered Nightmare] Year ago

      Yasssss SSS

    • Luca Maddalena
      Luca Maddalena Year ago

      i'm not an OG :(

  • yakult
    yakult 2 years ago +527

    I remember playing new leaf like it was yesterday but why do these trailers look and make it feel so old-

    • Wrennie
      Wrennie Year ago

      @Wilson Sauls my main issue with nh is the lighting. everything looks so washed out WHY IS IT SO BRIGHT

    • Wilson Sauls
      Wilson Sauls Year ago +1

      New Leaf looks better than New Horizons. New Leaf’s visuals have so much more character to them where New Horizons is polished but super bland

    • Moist Corn
      Moist Corn Year ago

      new horizons is my first animal crossing game.

    • Mondkeks LP
      Mondkeks LP Year ago +1

      Yeah I feel like ACNL had an grafics Update some point in time. Because it definitely looks better than in the trailer. Still a Part of my life since childhood.

    • Lemon O’z
      Lemon O’z Year ago

      Like 2001 was long ago 20 yrs to be exact

  • Jonah Boyle
    Jonah Boyle 3 years ago +13239

    March 20, 2020 will forever go down in history as the day hundreds of thousands of mayors disappeared from their towns never to be seen again.

    • _Itz_Raiven_
      _Itz_Raiven_ 2 months ago +1

      @꧁༺sadtitties༻꧂ I play those an wild world

    • _Itz_Raiven_
      _Itz_Raiven_ 2 months ago +1

      @꧁༺sadtitties༻꧂ Same I play all 3

    • cmuitang
      cmuitang 9 months ago

      How about animal crossing new Horizon happy home paradise?

    • Nate the Paper Mario and PMD fan
      Nate the Paper Mario and PMD fan 9 months ago

      @Three cheers for Sweet cheese whizz good I have a swixh and new horizons but I don't like it that much so I'm sticking with new leaf too for now

    • Nate the Paper Mario and PMD fan
      Nate the Paper Mario and PMD fan 9 months ago

      @Kris well that's OK but how where y
      They worth that much?

  • Chase H
    Chase H 2 years ago +915

    Its so funny how i always looked at City Folk graphics to have looked like New Horizons, and then now that i play New Horizons I look at City Folk like they have the graphics of Wild World. Now I just look at Wild World like, "how tf did i play this for thousands of hours on a 4x4 screen i cant tell what anything is."

    • KatTheLavaGirl
      KatTheLavaGirl Year ago

      I thought New Leaf graphics were the best, now I look at New Horizons and wonder how I played for hours and got used to it

    • Bangtan's Twin
      Bangtan's Twin Year ago

      @Rhetorical_ I don't find the graphics of WW horrible but it's okay if you do

    • The KEKW Guy
      The KEKW Guy 2 years ago +1

      @R H yeah I’ve liked it so far

    • R H
      R H 2 years ago +1

      @The KEKW Guy it’s really fun honestly the dialogue is great!

    • The KEKW Guy
      The KEKW Guy 2 years ago

      @R H i got it yesterday

  • TeaCub
    TeaCub 2 years ago +1465

    For the first year of playing little me didn’t know how to fish. I caught one fish and it was a sea bass I remember being proud of my self because i thought it was a rare big fish. I was an idiot

    • Munchi
      Munchi 5 months ago +1

      Omg same

    • Scarlett Tilbrook
      Scarlett Tilbrook Year ago

      @Skaterkiddo best grammar in the world

    • petra charlotte
      petra charlotte Year ago +1

      @AdaProductions rip

    • AdaProductions
      AdaProductions Year ago

      I thought black bass was rare 😭

    • Sadie
      Sadie Year ago

      @Thomas Beebe-wurzer Quite late but, I think it depends on the state for the US, as well as the year you were actually 6. Over the years schools and parents in certain areas have started to teach particular things earlier than they used to. All the while others stick to not teaching them till later, or already taught them that early. It also depends on your country overall. I could read pretty well at six, but I have friends who used to live elsewhere who could not. Animal Crossing games also use more complex words in certain situations so that could be a factor.

  • The Only Sam Man
    The Only Sam Man 2 years ago +126

    I like how the new horizons trailer ends with you being in crippling debt

  • Amelie's story
    Amelie's story 2 years ago +3323

    Quarantine has really got me watching videos like these at 3am lmao

    • Kacie Hoesli
      Kacie Hoesli Year ago

      It be like that some times

    • jaythefrog
      jaythefrog Year ago

      Same I binged so many acnh videos during lockdown

    • Sommy
      Sommy Year ago

      It’s literally 2:34am here

    • AJC vologs
      AJC vologs Year ago


    • Opposinn Dog
      Opposinn Dog Year ago

      @freashpea and yet they are saying “the virus will magically disappear” when they may or may not realize that it will never go away.

  • frog
    frog 2 years ago +391

    I find it funny how isabelle was only introduced In new leaf but now she'sike a mascot next to Tom nook XD

    • th1e_f
      th1e_f 6 months ago

      @Johnny boy no im saying the main villager in city folk is like a mascot too

    • Johnny boy
      Johnny boy 6 months ago

      @th1e_f isabelle isnt a villager and isnt in city folk

    • PorterChops
      PorterChops Year ago

      @Froggy_chair yes

    • LilToenail!
      LilToenail! Year ago

      @Froggy_chair yes

    • Jelly Muirtrat
      Jelly Muirtrat Year ago

      @Froggy_chair yes

  • alysha mcalpine
    alysha mcalpine 3 years ago +2197

    the wild world music is so precious and nostalgic i’m sobbing

    • Patricia troy
      Patricia troy 2 years ago

      Yeah When I Was 4 I Used To Cry When I Heard That

    • Vel
      Vel 2 years ago

      Omg same, I miss the old music

    • Irlonde🇺🇦
      Irlonde🇺🇦 2 years ago

      Get some rest

    • flux
      flux 2 years ago

      Shaby 28 I barely played but I still have wild world new leaf and new horizons

    • Jenna Hauer
      Jenna Hauer 2 years ago +2

      I practically grew up on the wild world and city folk theme ;(

  • Lioness Deer
    Lioness Deer 2 years ago +505

    What is funny is that in Animal Crossing Wild World the really try to point out the ‘relaxing life’ but it’s called *Wild* World.

    GRANDE 2 years ago +350

    Throwback when Animal Crossing was all fun until New Horizons came out and everyone wanted a Raymond from black markets

    • Danielle DaSilva
      Danielle DaSilva 11 months ago

      @PrinceMick lol I once was looking for coco because her house fits the theme of my island got Sasha once but I didn’t know that it was a rare villager or anyone special so I just went to the next island until I found coco XD

    • Sadie
      Sadie Year ago

      @PrinceMick Yeah, I definitely like him too! It's the weird sexualization and selling of the villagers that just makes me super comfy though

    • PrinceMick
      PrinceMick Year ago +1

      @Sadie i only like sasha because im self conscious about being a feminine guy but now everyone is sexualizing him and it’s making me more uncomfortable ;-;

    • Sadie
      Sadie Year ago

      @Worbridge Plays Its now Sasha and I just want to be freed from the villager obsession 😔

    • yinnie
      yinnie Year ago

      in the Animal Crossing series i play , yes i can get Raymond but Rosie? Yes. I strive for Rosie. I dont even like Raymond to begin with 😭✋

  • Annie
    Annie 2 years ago +25

    This makes me so nostalgic!! I played the first 3 games, and I never realized the graphics were that bad at the time. Any OGs out here remember when Booker and Copper were policemen before they were guards?? Classic

  • Christen Summers
    Christen Summers 2 years ago +25

    Man I still remember when my dad first brought home the very first animal crossing for us. It was the best. We played that game endlessly and had a huuuuge folder filled with printed cheat sheets lol. Nothing like the classic ❤️

  • Ben Kenobi
    Ben Kenobi 2 years ago +187

    I remember the countless hours I wasted playing City Folk, I remember my parents always coming into the living room when KK slider came, when I revisited it earlier today I was so used to the NH graphics I was like WTF IS THIS

    • Echo Ashes
      Echo Ashes Year ago +1

      @K. G. Davis They did make then kinder over time since they thought the villagers were too mean/parent complains.

    • K. G. Davis
      K. G. Davis Year ago

      @Bee Yeah, I didn't mind it as a kid, because a DS was all I had. But even then I never bought new clothes (other than color, I could hardly tell the differnce) and my villagers yelled at me for it instead of joking about it in NH. Maybe a controversial opinion in the AC community, but I like the villagers being kinder nowadays, lol.

    • Bee
      Bee Year ago +2

      @SocialNorm it's true though. Animal Crossing Graphics kinda.. aged badly (in my opinion) When i look at my Wild Word and New Leaf today, i can almost not stand it lol.

    • SocialNorm
      SocialNorm 2 years ago +5

      - every NH player seeing older ac games

    • Ben Kenobi
      Ben Kenobi 2 years ago +9

      @adxm Might be nostalgia lol. I think it’s just that I’m used to the 1080p of the switch.

  • Belle
    Belle 3 years ago +1720

    Imagine people watching the Wild World trailer, and thinking “WOW THE MUSEUM HAS SO MUCH DETAILS!!!” Not realising that in a few years, the most beautiful game would be created, with the best museum in the whole series.

    • Felix   ◠‿◠
      Felix ◠‿◠ Year ago

      @EH You can’t serve buuuuut you got your café !

    • bepis
      bepis Year ago

      When I was a kid and played City Folk, my mind was BLOWN. “They added a staircase in the fossil exhibit!! That wasn’t there in Wild World!!” Seriously, we old fans were so easy to please

    • mariꕤnette.
      mariꕤnette. Year ago

      @C0SM1CPR1NC3 fr i miss looking up and seeing poopoo taking over the sky 😩👌

    • Il Giuse
      Il Giuse Year ago

      But with a game with a lack of content (I'm Italian sorry for bad English)

    • cherryxarts
      cherryxarts Year ago +4

      Same with new leaf. For every entry it was always "wow this is thw best museum / game yet" imagine im a few years when the next mainline animal crossing comes out 💭

  • andrea martinez
    andrea martinez 2 years ago +19

    it's amazing to see how much Nintendo's grown with this series

    AMYANDASHL31GH 2 years ago +836

    in new leaf, I remember restarting my character over and over again just to get the perfect eyes and hair lmao

  • Alcool au Coca
    Alcool au Coca 2 years ago +228

    I remember crying because Resetti was mad at me-

    • ꧁𝑑𝑎𝑛𝑐𝑒𝑟𝑜𝑠𝑒꧂
      ꧁𝑑𝑎𝑛𝑐𝑒𝑟𝑜𝑠𝑒꧂ Year ago +1

      @ErrorChild same but I said WHAT THE FUCK because my parents always curse and I got so scared when resetti got made at me

    • ErrorChild
      ErrorChild Year ago

      I just scram what the hell and then got in trouble for cursing

    • ͔
      ͔ Year ago +4

      ahahahah vraiment, jamais jcaptais comment sauvegarder

    • Rebecca Wilson
      Rebecca Wilson Year ago +7

      You're the reason he got fired.. >:(

    • CarterCrossing 🔧
      CarterCrossing 🔧 Year ago

      I hate Resetti But Don is better-

  • the black cat
    the black cat 2 years ago +6

    I love to see how this game has grown . Look at it now there are so many players and its finally getting the attention it deserves 😁

  • ii_oxfitsjenson - Roblox
    ii_oxfitsjenson - Roblox 2 years ago +161

    My biggest flex is having all animal crossing games from wild world forward

    • PedroBeckup
      PedroBeckup 8 months ago +1

      I have the 3ds, but i'm playing and loving the Wild World 😅 because my touchscreen is not working. But when i change it, i will play the New Leaf!! A day i'll play the New Horizons :)

    • FlyJack
      FlyJack Year ago +1

      @K. G. Davis I did loool

    • K. G. Davis
      K. G. Davis Year ago +1

      @ii_oxfitsjenson - Roblox A true fan would fly over to Japan and get the N64 with the original Animal Forest (jk of course, lol).

    • cherryxarts
      cherryxarts Year ago +5

      same, exept amiibo Festival, but that hardly counts anyways

    • iKaleighCupcake
      iKaleighCupcake 2 years ago +8

      Same!! Wild World was my first game. I got all of the other games since!!

  • tuberwrld
    tuberwrld 3 years ago +2251

    nintendo improved so much, i'm so proud and excited

    • StarrieMoonlight
      StarrieMoonlight 2 years ago

      @nemo those features were removed probably because it's a mobile app game and it's a spin-off ac game

    • StarrieMoonlight
      StarrieMoonlight 2 years ago

      @Gucci sucks I tried it but I really didn't like it that much as I liked the others

    • yakult
      yakult 2 years ago

      FOREAL like im proud of thier development

    • j
      j 2 years ago

      tuberwrld this comment aged like fine wine

    • nemo
      nemo 2 years ago +1

      @Gucci sucks i also play it since im also low on cash and i like it but its sad that they removed cool Features like making ur own Shirt or hanging with friends real time

  • Twisty T
    Twisty T 2 years ago +16

    The countless hours in the summer that I played Wild World with my older brother and two older sisters 💙 it brought us all together and was the one thing we all had in common

  • Dank MemeQueen
    Dank MemeQueen 2 years ago +62

    New players won’t know the struggle of not picking your hairstyle in the GameCube version

    • bird
      bird Year ago +1

      new players can get the old games too
      i started playing animal crossing in 2020 and the 2nd game i ever got was the GC version

    • akita gamer
      akita gamer Year ago +4

      Well i kinda liked the super-glued viking hat :D

  • soup !!!
    soup !!! Year ago +2

    i remember thinking how cute the new leaf graphics were for years until new horizons came out, then i was completely blown away. new leaf definitely still has the best music imo

  • It's a D8!.... Yeah Right!

    The original on Gamecube will always be my favorite. I never enjoyed the others quite as much, I don't even know what it is, something about the GC version is pure magical to me. It doesn't have as much to do or as many features but somehow it is the one that keeps my attention the longest.

  • The Nibble Witch
    The Nibble Witch 2 years ago +2

    Oh my gosh, that music from the first game. So nostalgic. I feel...a mix of happy and sad to think back to those days. We're talking 20 years ago... Bittersweet memories.
    I still have my very first, original town on the first Animal Crossing for GameCube. I've been a fan ever since. It's honestly such a simple game, but that's part of its appeal. You can just relax with it, work on your collections, completely stress free. I love it.

  • xy5pq2pzva
    xy5pq2pzva 3 years ago +488

    It’s insane just to see how much the quality throughout all the games has changed over the years

    • Chloe
      Chloe 2 years ago +1

      IKR! Like even the difference between pocket camp and new horizons is crazy!

    • Chica Cavazos
      Chica Cavazos 2 years ago +6

      Yes, I love watching it progress!

  • scoot scoot
    scoot scoot 2 years ago +98

    I remember being 7 years old and having no idea how to play City Folk. I always tried to get past the gates. Years later I went back on and figured out how to play. I then played NL and now NH.

    • melon
      melon Year ago +3

      omg same !!! i was 6 and i had no idea u had to do those tasks for tom nook so for 2 years i couldn’t buy or sell anything and would wait at the bus stop for the bus to never arrive 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    • kaliii
      kaliii 2 years ago


  • Hector B.
    Hector B. 2 years ago +116

    Ah yes, when people were excited when it was announced in June 2019, months before the pandemic

  • Sunny Suha
    Sunny Suha 2 years ago +6

    Omg, watching this is such a throwback, Wild World was the first-ever game I got on DS, I literally had every animal crossing game through time until now- don't regret a thing- best game ever!

  • Kathryn McClellan
    Kathryn McClellan 6 months ago +1

    I first started playing when City Folk came out when the Wii was somewhat new. My sister and I had to take turns and she’d always yell at me for time-hopping. We had…very different playing styles…now that we’re adults and each have our own consoles with New Horizons, I can say that not much has changed with our respective playing styles 😂😂 the nostalgia in this vid hit me so hard also 😭

  • niamh
    niamh 2 years ago +459

    I can’t believe my kids are gonna be like: eww mum this new horizons animal crossing has the weirdest graphics

    • maia
      maia Year ago

      I feel like I’m laughing way more than I should be, it’s probably your profile picture

    • Etain Boyle
      Etain Boyle Year ago

      @SocialNorm I got it for Christmas and I really like the graphics

    • SocialNorm
      SocialNorm 2 years ago +5

      I’d love to show city folk to my kids one day

    • JustChllin
      JustChllin 2 years ago +5

      @code_pupity jaiden

    • code_pupity
      code_pupity 2 years ago +10

      Old animal crossing used to be darker..

  • stardeer animates
    stardeer animates 3 years ago +3637

    the wild world/city folk theme songs always hit different

    • Marfej
      Marfej Year ago

      @Diego Maciá Omg

    • Marfej
      Marfej Year ago


    • Aaronboii18
      Aaronboii18 Year ago

      It's THE Animal Crossing Main Theme for me

    • illybee
      illybee 2 years ago

      EnbyBee sacrilege.

  • Kaitlyn OMeara
    Kaitlyn OMeara 2 years ago +51

    ACNH soundtrack will never be as great as ACNL💕

  • Londibunni
    Londibunni Year ago +1

    I remember being younger and playing in my moms New Leaf town, I wasn't the mayor of corse, and the main street was never fully complete, but it's still really nice looking back at these. I remember being told not to go to the dream place where Luna is, and I always got freaked out when my mom and older sister would tell me what would happen when I didn't save. I also remember crying when Tia moved away, because she was there from the start. And when Harry kept moving in, that made me pretty mad. Hope everyones doing well, Good day or night ^^

  • twelve222
    twelve222 2 years ago +476

    All the those themes: All quiet and calm
    Happy Home Designer: *n o*

  • b6560
    b6560 2 years ago +1174

    I’m kind of disappointed they didn’t bring swimming back to NH considering we are literally on an island.
    edit: they did. thank you to all the people still replying this, i would have had no idea otherwise. i just thought the wet suit they mailed to me after saying “you can swim now” was cosmetic.

  • Nathan Aikenhead
    Nathan Aikenhead Year ago

    Animal crossing has really came along way it's such an amazing franchise to enjoy

  • Naief The goony
    Naief The goony 3 years ago +470

    I love how the animal crossing logo was kept pretty much the same except they added one or two new signs to make it look as if it’s a store that’s getting new sales or new merchandise. Really sells on the whole concept of animal crossing.

    • Your Local Pharmacist
      Your Local Pharmacist 2 years ago +1


    • Sammy Jones
      Sammy Jones 2 years ago +1

      @MenicMan kinda skipped amiibo festival lol I played all the others though.

    • Noobie Gaming
      Noobie Gaming 2 years ago +5


    • MenicMan
      MenicMan 2 years ago +16

      The only one they changed it a lot was in Amiibo Festival, which makes sense considering that *amiibo festival is not a real animal crossing game*

  • Angela Lorenzo
    Angela Lorenzo 2 years ago +15

    Say what you want but new leaf's OST music was iconic.

  • Sunny Suha
    Sunny Suha 2 years ago +3

    A fan since Wild world FIRST came out, and I remember how much I LOVED it, playing the newest version from the oldest....Animal Crossing has come SUCH a long way!

  • Peachy Moon
    Peachy Moon 2 years ago +9

    Damn, the Wild World title theme really does give me chills every time.

  • Myriam Uribe
    Myriam Uribe 2 years ago +1

    OG 2001 Animal crossing will always hold a special place. I remember when it first got released and my siblings and I would play hours on hours just fishing and exchanging codes. I really miss my childhood but now my siblings and I are grown and still do the same thing with new horizons!

  • weasel
    weasel 2 years ago +3

    I remember in 2013 getting my first nintendo 3DS for christmas and thinking it's the best thing in the entire world, then opening my New Leaf and playing it 24/7. I'd sit with my mom and she'd show me how to work the game, what to do, and what I can do. To this day, 6 years later, I still play it 24/7 and I will never stop

  • AlmalexyaBlue
    AlmalexyaBlue 3 years ago +6643

    Nothing has more power on me than that Wild World music...

    • temarinara77
      temarinara77 6 months ago


    • deez nuts
      deez nuts 6 months ago

      Mood. Anyone else purposely missenter a song when getting a kk request just to listen to that sweet sweet sound?? 💀

    • th1e_f
      th1e_f Year ago

      @Cayden M agreed

    • Ocean dogxOcean frog
      Ocean dogxOcean frog 2 years ago


    • modimodo
      modimodo 2 years ago

      The wild world music is my fave btw.

  • eммa._.
    eммa._. 2 years ago

    I was born 2004 so I came into the Animal Crossing Community Late... But I can safely say New Leaf's Trailer actually gave me goose bumps from remembering 2012 and my childhood

  • Jess
    Jess 2 years ago +3

    i'm really happy how this game has tons of exciting differences in every game of its series. And now, it's new horizon look how far and beautiful this game have became! And looking backwards made me nostalgia xd

  • Addison The Cat
    Addison The Cat 2 years ago +150

    6:28 they literally walked past a PERFECT PEAR!

    • • megumitara •
      • megumitara • 2 years ago


    • yakult
      yakult 2 years ago

      Ishigaki Island same thoo

    • Ishigaki Island
      Ishigaki Island 2 years ago +4

      I have all my acnl beach full of perfect fruit and the fun thing is i don't remember how I got them

    • yakult
      yakult 2 years ago +8


  • griz
    griz 2 years ago +1

    i’m so mad that i never got to experience the adrenaline high of playing the past games. i only just recently got a switch with ACNH on it as an early birthday present, and i’m still so amazed on how much the game has improved. i’m so happy to see everyone finding comfort is such a simple but complex game, as well as myself. to the people who’ve been playing since day one, hows it feel to be amazing? everyone who has been playing for years on end are such humble people, and i’ve got a few friends that have also been playing since day one. i love seeing everyone getting nostalgic over this game, but i love seeing everyone continue to get excited of new horizons. i’m new to AC, as the recent game is my first game, but i’ve already met so many cool people who have shared their past stories with the game. man, i even had one online friend who offered to mail me their DS so i could play Wild World, and don’t get me wrong i’d love to, but i wanna experiment with the latest game and then move back in time (if that makes sense). thank you to everyone who has joined in on the making of this game, it’s honestly changed my life so much. and this isn’t even meant to be a sappy “paragraph” or anything, it’s just an appreciation to all the amazing people who play, know, and helped make this game. 💕

  • Salttin
    Salttin Year ago +2

    I remember watching PeanutButterGamer review ACNL and I absolutely fell in love with the whole idea of it. When I got it I had so much fun running around and doing things for my villagers and even found my favorite right away (Lobo was one of my ogs) When I heard about ACNH I was so hyped and my dad managed to grab a copy the day it released. AC will always be one of my favorite games as it holds a very special space in my heart :)

  • Lewiskwb
    Lewiskwb 3 years ago +1891

    Sadly I never had the GameCube version and I started on wild world but its still fun to see the evolution

    • Claire Hoskin
      Claire Hoskin 5 months ago

      Me too

    • L Follan
      L Follan 2 years ago +1

      Lewiskwb I started this new leaf ): I was born early 2007 so I got a 3DS when I was 5. I had a wii but I never knew city folk was a thing rip

    • KindLittleBunny
      KindLittleBunny 2 years ago +1

      When I started with new horizons: ... 👉👈

    • furret
      furret 2 years ago

      Is it bad that I know like all the lore of Animal Crossing but have only ever played Wild World?

    • ElectroSpear
      ElectroSpear 2 years ago

      Is it fine to start on Pocket Camp?

  • Luiza Marija Mačiulytė
    Luiza Marija Mačiulytė 2 years ago +1

    I remember those old days/nights, playing New Leaf, under my sheets, hearing the door open, hiding my nintendo and hearing the foot steps getting more quiet and going back to play. The cycle repeats with New Horizons.

    • TeaCub
      TeaCub 2 years ago

      Luiza Marija Mačiulytė same

  • 🌸Shabibble Ghost🌸

    I like how the OG Animal Crossing the trailer showed actual genuine gameplay and not 3D cutscenes better than the real game.

  • Thierry Henry
    Thierry Henry 7 months ago +1

    Only the true animal crossing fans come back here to watch these masterpiece trailers

  • Cocobudd’s Crossing

    The graphics in New Horizons are just incredibly good. I wonder if we’ll ever get another game! I hope so, but it’ll be really hard to outshine ACNH.

  • Marz Evangeline
    Marz Evangeline Year ago

    I remember sinking so many hours into these games. To see how far they've come is so cool 🥺

  • Krystal Mariie
    Krystal Mariie 3 years ago +1250

    The fact that you included amiibo festival was very brave lmao 😂😂😂

    • ErrorChild
      ErrorChild Year ago

      My brother broke my disk for it so i cant play it anymore But it is a good game for some people

    • Ishigaki Island
      Ishigaki Island 2 years ago

      @thegamefree1 that's a fake game lmao

    • yakult
      yakult 2 years ago

      Cannella Orso YES ew i hate pocket camp, disgrace 🥴

    • Sasha Oh no
      Sasha Oh no 2 years ago

      Krystal Mariie Im stuck playing pocket camp because I can’t get a switch and I can confirm that I’m suffering

    • Julia Guevara
      Julia Guevara 2 years ago

      @bee Clark I mean its a free mobile game compared to lots of console games

  • A Fresh Hot Bun
    A Fresh Hot Bun 2 years ago +2

    Been playing since the GameCube game & I cant help but tear up when I realize how long I been a fan of this franchise.

  • Julina Alida
    Julina Alida 2 years ago +2

    Animal Crossing Wild World is always gonna be my favorite one💕💫 I had such a special and relaxing atmosphere to it.

  • Todoroki Bnh
    Todoroki Bnh Year ago +1

    Tengo todos desde 2005 , que nostalgia🥺😍

  • CloudBall
    CloudBall 2 years ago +137

    7:01 "This is my brother, Digby. He never notices the attention he gets."

    • Monkey Cat
      Monkey Cat 2 years ago +6

      Plot twist: Digby is not in NH because he is marrying Lottie

    • jerm
      jerm 2 years ago +7

      i love digby,,, i remember when i first heard about him, i got so excited and wanted to meet him right away. i remember isabelle telling me that he had a few secrets about her and i wanted to know but i didnt know how to talk to him, haha

    • StarrieMoonlight
      StarrieMoonlight 2 years ago +24

      I swear Digby is forgotten by most and new players don't really know he exists much like Katie I actually feel bad for him because Isabelle gets loads of attention all the time

  • Mukuro Ikusaba
    Mukuro Ikusaba 2 years ago

    Wow... This is nostalgic. As a person who grew up with animal crossing i can't tell how i feel watching this. I own every single main game exept new leaf since i never was able to get it. A few weeks ago i finnaly was able to get a switch and animal crossing new horizons. It's crazy if you have a side by side comparison of the og and new horizons. The game has developed so much over the years.

  • Velvetea
    Velvetea 2 years ago +123

    New Leaf was basically my entire childhood because I was absolutely obsessed w/ the game, so now when I hear the opening theme or even just one of the songs I sometimes tear up--
    brings back memories of playing the game almost all night. it's a shame my 3ds broke.

    • Naomi’s Vibe
      Naomi’s Vibe 2 years ago

      City folk was my childhood -

    • TiktokVine Compilation
      TiktokVine Compilation 2 years ago

      Mee too, my 3ds is glitching and stuff and i miss the times that I played this with my cousins

    • hollow
      hollow 2 years ago +1

      @Gargoyle totally agree

    • Gargoyle
      Gargoyle 2 years ago +3

      Me too. I tear up too. I'm sad that NH doesn't have the same effect on me than NL. It feels less lively. Like you know everything that will happen

    • Juan José
      Juan José 2 years ago +5

      My childhood was wild world

  • Zapphire
    Zapphire Year ago +3

    Animal crossing new leaf was my whole childhood, this brings back so many memories 🥲

  • Dill
    Dill 2 years ago

    unlike everyone i got onto the animal crossing only at new leaf, so hearing the new leaf music again made me tear up a bit, i got so attached to my starting villagers (esp chester, sprinkle, blanche) that im really grateful to see them again in new horizons... its like meeting my old friends again in another timeline

  • jellyxtacos
    jellyxtacos 2 years ago +23

    I would give anything to go back to 2013 when I just got animal crossing new leaf. I played it 24/7 and the music was the absolute best.

  • It's Chris
    It's Chris 2 years ago

    as a 22 year old, i am sad that i never had the original animal crossing. don’t get me wrong, new horizons is a lot of fun, but just seeing a whole town and much more seems amazing instead of a little island. i’m honestly jealous of everyone who’s got to really experience the game in its beginning game plays

  • charis
    charis Year ago +8

    I miss Brewsters so much. I hope they eventually add him back in.

    • charis
      charis Year ago +1

      Ah yes my wish has come true!

    • LilToenail!
      LilToenail! Year ago

      Your wish has been granted

    • Angie
      Angie Year ago +9

      Good news for you. They did!


    All those mayors moving out to a deserted island.

    • modimodo
      modimodo 2 years ago

      y e s

    • Roni M Tutor
      Roni M Tutor 2 years ago

      Or you can play both but ok just use a different identity

    • Luna Moone
      Luna Moone 2 years ago

      Yup me here

    • id10cyy
      id10cyy 2 years ago +2

      Me, a pocket camp player: 👁👄👁

  • twocupsoforangejuice
    twocupsoforangejuice 2 years ago +79

    “A leisurely life awaits in a relaxing village” Me: “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY ROCKS??? WHY DONT I HAVE ANY MORE ROCKS????”

    • Cranston
      Cranston 9 months ago


    • jerm
      jerm 2 years ago +2

      "i swear to got if i get stung by a wasp oNE MORE TIME--"

  • m
    m 2 years ago

    This video hit me hard in the feels,I had City folk on my Wii,I used to play it all day- Such good memories,when the times were simpler...

  • lepireresteavenir
    lepireresteavenir 2 years ago +2

    This brings back so many memories, it feels so good 😊

  • Val Nadis
    Val Nadis 2 years ago

    So excited for what New Horizon will bring! I love Wild World and New Leaf a lot, but NH might be my new favorite. It feels empty now for many, but I got patience for new content.

  • chocopuff
    chocopuff 2 years ago +2

    Wild World was my first animal crossing game and it is sooo nostalgic, used to play it with my sister and friends, those were good times :')

    • The KEKW Guy
      The KEKW Guy 2 years ago +1

      @chocopuff my mum just ordered it cuz it had 1 left on Amazon but thanks for the reassurance 🤝

    • chocopuff
      chocopuff 2 years ago

      @The KEKW Guy if you like chill games like animal crossing I'd definitely recommend 👀👌

    • The KEKW Guy
      The KEKW Guy 2 years ago +2

      I’m thinking about getting it cuz I don’t have any other nintendo consoles apart from a dsxl. Is it good? Also idc about graphics

  • Yashi
    Yashi 3 years ago +338

    Animal Crossing Wild World is the most iconic game for me 💖

    • Grumpy Cat
      Grumpy Cat 3 years ago +4

      it's quite perfect. has a nostalgia factor unmatched by the others

  • silverf0xx
    silverf0xx 2 years ago +2

    I grew up with wild world and I loved it so much😩💜

  • tea pocket
    tea pocket 2 years ago +1

    anyone else actually tear up and get chills when the music for New Horizons started. 😭

  • E
    E 2 years ago +2

    Brings back great memories so many features added but some gone

  • Duderine
    Duderine 2 years ago +1

    I remember how my brother and I shared our town in City Folk and how we designed our island in New Leaf together. I always let him play on my nintendo :) I only played Happy Home Designer on my own. But hopefully we can share an island in New Horizons soon. I came across this game by accident as a child and I am sooo glad. I showed the game to my brother and shortly afterwards we played animal crossing all day long :)) good old memories. I hope we get a switch soon.

  • snubcube [read channel desc]

    When I saw a Clip-Sharer play New Horizons on stream and seeing you can dig up trees right out of the ground and that you could craft stuff I was literally blown away. Like a caveman discovering technology for the first time. Going back to the old games after playing NH just doesn't feel the same either.

  • dais
    dais 3 years ago +31

    i actually love city folk. there’s just something so nice about being able to have your town and then also a city that you can visit? there’s just so much to do!
    i hope in new horizons they have at least some new shops or something :0

    • emily brooks
      emily brooks 2 years ago +2

      sorry this is so late but i completely agree!! it’s literally so much fun and ive actually been playing it lately, the only thing is the bells. it’s hard to obtain a lot, i don’t think it’s fair honestly you really gotta grind on catching fish and selling and that’s your best bet no island to go to at night to get rare bugs for thousands. also gracie’s how do you pay for anything there? i don’t know but that’s my personal opinion, it’s still so much fun and i enjoy playing it!!

  • Worbridge Plays
    Worbridge Plays Year ago +6

    The fact that Tangy was the first villager in an animal crossing trailer really surprises me.

  • voteforjefe
    voteforjefe Year ago

    The bitter disappointment I felt at the beginning of the Happy Home Designer and Amiibo Festival trailers took me back to their respective announcements😂 can’t believe we went almost 10 years without a proper entry, and even New Horizons will only feel complete after November 5th. Can’t wait!

  • turtleleg
    turtleleg 2 years ago +4

    Getting nostalgic for a game I haven't played before

  • ċʏɞєяҡѧṭ !
    ċʏɞєяҡѧṭ ! 2 years ago +5

    I like how the villager gets taller in every game, it’s like they’re growing up

  • Munchkin Studios
    Munchkin Studios 2 years ago +1

    The nostalgia I’m getting 🥺💕

  • Amber Simms
    Amber Simms 3 years ago +276

    Things I miss from city folk and older
    1)sending and receiving the bottles with letters in
    2)having a credit card
    3)roost having his little coffee bar in the museum (although it is really cool having a place in the village)
    4)the original characters (gotta love jitters and Mitzi!)

    • Salem The Wolf
      Salem The Wolf 2 years ago

      I have Wild World, but I can’t get no coffee!!!!! And also I hate my character

    • Héctor González Arévalo
      Héctor González Arévalo 2 years ago

      Amber Simms Mitzi still here

    • Lulu
      Lulu 2 years ago

      Trashcan't and Mitzi I got her today

    • Lulu
      Lulu 2 years ago

      Wait was Mitzi taken out bc she just joined my town on new horizons lol

    • rachelmorgan
      rachelmorgan 2 years ago +1

      in wildwood you could pick what music you wanted to play (between stereo and surround i think)

  • Dope Toad
    Dope Toad 2 years ago

    I remember the first one, what a throwback, that was my jam, I had every single animal crossing game and new horizons is by far the best

  • emmachloe
    emmachloe 2 years ago

    Each game had its own little charming quality and I love that. Like I have new horizons and still love the whole wild world vibe that fits perfectly with the ds. Obviously animal crossing is a total nostalgic classic and it’s completely different than any other game at the time vibe is everything. Even the ugly flame hats. Especially the ugly flame hats. And obvi new leaf was just everything we needed at that time, although I think the tumblr kawaii Olympics with town design kind of limited its relaxed potential. But...city folk. Nope. For some reason I think the character of the wii console didn’t lend itself well to a game like animal crossing. Idk. I played the hell out of all the other games but city folk not so much. Anyone else?