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ULTIMATE Breeding Guide: Perfect IVs, Natures, Egg Moves, Hidden Ability | Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

  • Published on Jun 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • This is the ULTIMATE Breeding Guide for Perfect IVs, Natures, Egg Moves, in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. This is the BEST Breeding Guide Welcome to the Ultimate Breeding Guide for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. In this video you will learn how to become a Pro pokemon breeder. Every topic about pokemon breeding is covered in this video which includes: Base Stats pokemon breeding in pokemon scarlet and violet, pokemon nature breeding in pokemon scarlet and violet, how to get 6 IV pokemon in pokemon scarlet and violet and how to get perfect IV pokemon in pokemon scarlet and violet. You will also learn how to do hidden ability breeding in pokemon scarlet, knowing all the the egg groups in pokemon scarlet, knowing all the items for breeding in Pokemon scarlet and violet, finding out how to get flame body pokemon for breeding in pokemon pokemon scarlet and violet, how to breed with ditto in pokemon scarlet and violet. All topics prove that this is the Ultimate Breeding Guide for Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet!!
    Level 100 FAST with EASY EXP Farm in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
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    The BEST EV Training Guide & EV Locations in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
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    Sandwich Excel Sheet: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/...
    Serebii Egg Groups: www.serebii.net/pokedex-swsh/...
    0:00 How to Get Ditto
    2:01 How to make eggs
    3:44 How to catch your eggs FAST
    4:41 Can you Explain Base Stats
    5:57 Do we have SPLIT BREEDING
    6:27 What are Pokemon Natures
    8:50 How to get the Right Nature on a Pokemon in the Wild
    9:45 Explain Nature Mints and where can you find them
    10:47 How an Everstone works with Pokemon Breeding
    11:34 Difference between Pokemon IVs and EVs
    12:01 What is the Judge Feature and where can you find it?
    14:35 How does the DESTINY KNOT work
    15:31 How do Power Items Work
    16:40 How is the SHINY CHARM related to Breeding?
    17:45 How does Pokeball Breeding work in this game
    18:55 Which pokeballs CANNOT be passed down?
    19:13 How does Hidden Ability Breeding work in this game?
    20:53 Can you teach egg moves regardless of egg group, as long as two pokemon share the same egg move?
    21:31 Can you pass down Tera Types when Breeding?
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Comments • 327

  • PhillyBeatzU
    PhillyBeatzU  6 months ago +163

    ***UPDATE: POKEMON NUKED SYNCHORINZE IN THIS GAME!!! You have to just use Nature Mints and RNG LOL

    • Batooshi Gee
      Batooshi Gee 6 months ago +28

      this is so bloody sad, spent a while catching ralts in zone one with synchronize and got a jolly and modest went to test it out and hasnt been working but couldnt find anyone anywhere talking bout it. cheers philly mega sad

    • Jmaster Yoshi
      Jmaster Yoshi 6 months ago +12

      rip synchronize lol

    • TomasJefersonSanchez
      TomasJefersonSanchez 6 months ago +20

      Same with flame body, in general seems like abilities don’t have out of battle effects anymore

    • Master-Yoshi
      Master-Yoshi 6 months ago +3

      R.I.P Synchronize

    • Goldy 716
      Goldy 716 6 months ago +23

      @TomasJefersonSanchez I don’t understand the logic behind removing features like that

  • Craig Coultas
    Craig Coultas 6 months ago +55

    Ability Capsules don't give hidden abilities. you need an Ability Patch for that, those can be found in 6 star raids.

  • Riolu !
    Riolu ! 6 months ago +202

    Ditto will be transformed as a different Pokémon. You can hold ZL on the Pokémon to see it’s species and it’s name will appear. Instead of trying to battle each pokemon

    • peter de coninck
      peter de coninck 6 months ago +9

      Zoroark is also hadden as other pokemon

    • Metriel
      Metriel 6 months ago +3

      I hope they patch that, it's way more fun doing it without targeting, I hope they can make it so the name shows up as whatever pokemon it's disguised as

    • ThePlayer4our
      ThePlayer4our 6 months ago

      Man, now you tell me

    • Dan Tildesley
      Dan Tildesley 6 months ago

      They also won't have a❓ or ❗ if you go close to them

    • Multiream
      Multiream 5 months ago +3

      @Metriel no

  • Allen Davis
    Allen Davis 6 months ago +26

    I love how simple and easy it is to following along. Haven’t done much breeding since Sw/Sh so this is a great refresher and up to date process…

    • Sir Robot
      Sir Robot 6 months ago

      Havent done breeding or Pokémon since ORAS so was a nice refresher

  • Zach R
    Zach R 6 months ago +8

    You need an ability PATCH not a capsule to get a hidden ability. The capsule will swap between two normal abilities, and a patch will switch a normal ability to a hidden ability, but not back to a normal ability (not sure if they changed that, but thats how it worked in gen8)

  • Flairey
    Flairey 6 months ago +4

    Minor Correction, you need to beat the game (as in see the credits) to unlock the judge feature, not just beat the three storylines
    Minor Correction 2, Ability PATCHES change a pokemon's ability from normal to hidden, ability capsules merely switch between non-hidden abilities for pokemon with two normal abilities

  • Matt Norden
    Matt Norden 6 months ago +1

    You are the hero we don’t deserve. Thanks for making this

  • _JustAnotherKid_ 2023_
    _JustAnotherKid_ 2023_ 6 months ago +8

    I heard synchronize might not work the same way this gen with breeding, but I have a question: *If a synchronize Pokémon doesn’t affect natures will it instead match tera types?*

  • ThemGrippersAreMine
    ThemGrippersAreMine 6 months ago +3

    Tip: the nature mints don’t change the real nature. They only change the stat. I gave my quaxly a adamant mint and gave it an everstone and the child had docile (it’s parent’s abiliti before I gave it the mint)

    • Lucky Love
      Lucky Love 4 months ago

      Everstones guarantee the nature, Power weights guarantee one IV and destiny knot guarantees 4 stats

  • Plixxilp
    Plixxilp 6 months ago +1

    Very informative and helpful video! Left a like thanks.

  • Mint B
    Mint B 6 months ago +19

    Great job bringing the newcomers up to speed!

    • Sebastian
      Sebastian 6 months ago +1

      As a newcomer I can confirm that this video wasn't much help. He rushed through most of the mechanics without explaining how to actually use them.

  • Poke-Ladd
    Poke-Ladd 6 months ago +2

    I think an easy spot where you can basically go in a circle infinitely is mesagoza pkmn centre west cause there’s a small roundabout so all you have to do is set camp near the west gate just go back and forth

  • shane302
    shane302 6 months ago

    Great vid man, thanks for the hard work

  • Nekrowshade
    Nekrowshade 6 months ago +2

    Such a good informative video that I will be referencing many times in the future!

  • GabeHaxx
    GabeHaxx 6 months ago +4

    I’ve been playing Pokémon for over 20 years and this all finally makes sense. You are the goat 🙏🏻

  • Greenhx Godofgreenhx
    Greenhx Godofgreenhx 6 months ago

    Just what i’ll need soon! Thanks for the video!!!

  • Raul Adrian
    Raul Adrian 6 months ago +14

    I love this. IVs are extremely important to me. And I don’t even play online at all.

  • Xeriox01
    Xeriox01 5 months ago

    egg moves are also instant with the miror herb, soon as you open the picnic just close it works everytime

  • Kokonatzu
    Kokonatzu 5 months ago

    I remember seeing a Slaking sliding across the place trying to run away from me, of course, laying down like Slaking always does. That was my first ditto.

  • RenceDRenz
    RenceDRenz 5 months ago +2

    omfg I'm overloaded with these infos! o.O I'm about to start breeding for shiny and this video is really helpful and made pretty good. tons of things I learned. kudos!

  • Sky22Fairy
    Sky22Fairy 6 months ago

    Ok so I got a question. I know that starters are shiny locked until you breed them to get a chance to get a shiny through eggs. But are the abilities locked as well basically can you actually get the hidden ability on you actually first pokemon

  • Junius Wijaya
    Junius Wijaya 6 months ago

    i started my Clawitzer breeding with this video.. really love your explanations 🫡

  • Ethan Ellis
    Ethan Ellis 6 months ago +1

    You can go 1 step further and breed HAs into different balls. For example, you can breed a HA female smoliv in an ultra ball with a male non-HA smoliv in a friend ball in order to get a HA smoliv in a friend ball.

    • Ethan Ellis
      Ethan Ellis 6 months ago

      @Robinatk When 2 Pokémon of the same species breed together, there a 50% to get the ball from the mother and a 50% to get the ball from the father. It has been like this since Gen 7. The video literally shows that your reply is false. Watch the ball breeding section of the video again.

  • YouTube hates truth tellers

    Very important guide. Thank you very much

  • pat pokemon
    pat pokemon 6 months ago +8

    The pokemon from 5-6 star raids are great for breeding because they can have their hidden abilities and also good IVs. The key is getting that 6-star raid ditto then the game ramps up.

    • Ellazzara Medova
      Ellazzara Medova 6 months ago

      When do you get access to 5-6 star raids??

    • Stanza Plays
      Stanza Plays 6 months ago

      @Ellazzara Medova once you beat the game to credits, thats how you get 5 star raids. once you beat the academy ace tournament, you have to do an arbitrary amount of 5 star raids to unlock 6 star raids

    • Ellazzara Medova
      Ellazzara Medova 6 months ago

      @Stanza Plays dang.... i was hoping to get a tinkatink with pickpocket for my playthrough 😵‍💫😢 Anyone know anyone with a tinkatink with pickpocket or snom with ice scale??

  • Sol Strauss
    Sol Strauss 6 months ago +1

    I got hidden ability Pokémon from 2 tera raids. Dedenne with Plus and Noibat with Telepathy. So i think it possible but really low possibility

  • Din Tran
    Din Tran 6 months ago

    big thank you!! really summed up everything

  • Carlo Dela cruz
    Carlo Dela cruz 6 months ago +3

    you can just press ZL and if you already killed a ditto, the name will show Ditto as a name if it is a ditto

  • Ariane Formella
    Ariane Formella 6 months ago

    Weird glitch I learned when catching a ditto. I accidentally fainted a ditto the first trying to catch it. So I rebooted the game. I thought I was gonna have to finding it hiding again as another pokemon but I didn't. It was showing up as itself. So it was easier to find. I caught it the second time.

  • Gawr Guitara
    Gawr Guitara 6 months ago

    Are hidden ability capsules accessible and are easily dropped from raids? I hope there easy to obtain.

  • DiSCO
    DiSCO 5 months ago

    Flame Body isn’t the only ability that makes eggs hatch quicker. So do Magma Armor and Steam Engine.

  • Buffy Glimmers
    Buffy Glimmers 5 months ago

    i wanted to get into competitive with bdsp and i was hoping it would be like that but this is so different lol oh well I want to get into competitve I have to breed viable pokemon so this is super helpful, even tho it makes me wish I knew someone who did all this that I could work with to make teams bc from what remember with bdsp breeding for comp it takes a bit of time getting the perfect ivs and its so annoying lol

  • Bryan Heat
    Bryan Heat 6 months ago +1

    👏👏👏 Yo! Great video. Title is accurate as this is the ULTIMATE breeding guide! Definitely subscribed

  • Byron Collins
    Byron Collins 6 months ago +1

    Helped alot thanks man

  • Jmaster Yoshi
    Jmaster Yoshi 6 months ago +5

    cool! im enjoying the game so much!!! i just got my 1st gym badge at Cortondo vs Katy!😁

  • Mr. None YaBusiness TM
    Mr. None YaBusiness TM 6 months ago

    Question: if a Pokémon has an Adamant nature, does that simply mean that the stat maximum is higher? Or that each “increase” will be more stat points? I am just learning EVs IVs etc. I am planning to make a great Quaxly with adamant nature, but I don’t plan to max out it’s attack, I want to spread the EV training out across the various stats (besides SpecAtk) but I want to know if adamant just means that the maximum amount of training I can do would be higher (which wouldn’t matter to me since I don’t plan to max it) or if it will gain more attack stat points for each level it gains?

    • AH BOOM
      AH BOOM 6 months ago

      Nature's are a extra 10% to your stat and 10% decrease to the other stat it doesn't mess with ev/IVs at all

    • Mr. None YaBusiness TM
      Mr. None YaBusiness TM 6 months ago

      @AH BOOM is that an extra 10% max or 10% additional increase per level

    • AH BOOM
      AH BOOM 6 months ago

      @Mr. None YaBusiness TM a 1 time 10% increase

  • O H
    O H 6 months ago

    @PhillyBeatzU This is in response to 19:15 , I was breeding a wooper with poison point with a ditto with limber in hopes of getting the water absorb hidden ability but after watching your video I stopped, but I still had eggs left over. I ended up hatching a wooper with water absorb from a ditto and a wooper without neither of them having a special ability the only thing that wooper was holding was an ever stone to pass down the adamant nature, i don’t know exactly how but it is possible to get a hidden ability from breeding two Pokémon without them having one them selves, hope this is helpful.
    P.s After this happened, I gave the water absorb wooper the ever stone with adamant nature and bread with ditto, and got back 100% water absorb woopers with different IV’s.

    • O H
      O H 6 months ago

      @Wouteyboy I realized as soon as I posted this lol but decided to leave it so leave my dumb ass alone 😂😂

  • Zachariahs
    Zachariahs 6 months ago +9

    I believe it's an Ability Patch for Hidden Abilities not Ability Capsules. Great video!

    • Watabe 🍇
      Watabe 🍇 6 months ago

      How much are the patches?

    • Almighty god
      Almighty god 6 months ago

      @Watabe 🍇 You gotta find them in 6 star Raids

    • Holdenotevil
      Holdenotevil 6 months ago

      @Almighty god have you found one?

    • Almighty god
      Almighty god 6 months ago

      ​@Holdenotevil My brother actually did, during a 6 Star raid fighting a Hippowdon

    • Holdenotevil
      Holdenotevil 6 months ago

      @Almighty god oh cool

  • Strahbrah
    Strahbrah 6 months ago

    The 10 eggs basket capacity is soooo important to know

  • Luke Vestergaard
    Luke Vestergaard 6 months ago

    confused, so asking.
    Do you NEED egg power to get eggs? or just to speed it up?
    could I set up a picnic, go make food, return and have eggs? or do I NEED to get the egg power buff?

  • LinkedHero
    LinkedHero 6 months ago +1

    Amazing guide

  • Rye
    Rye 6 months ago

    ability capsule change the second ability. ability patch changes to the hidden ability

  • Denny Decible
    Denny Decible 6 months ago

    PSA: Synchronize does NOT work in S&V for wild Pokémon natures at this time.

  • Sword Citrus
    Sword Citrus 6 months ago

    bro you explain this so good thanks

  • Katar G. Soul
    Katar G. Soul 4 months ago

    What if I have a hidden ability Ditto? Would Ditto be able to pass the hidden ability to the offspring?

  • marcus
    marcus 6 months ago

    dang, wow. some good information you presented. some sucks like tera breeding and HA, guess theres still some things that cannot give us the ultimate weapon. thank you though Philly

  • marknoquestions
    marknoquestions 6 months ago

    Does the egg move transfer mechanic still work like it did in sword and shield ex: I have two Meowscarada one with an egg move one with an empty slot

  • Will Zulu
    Will Zulu 6 months ago +8

    Synchronizers don’t work out of battle anymore, gotta get nature mints which become available after 6 badges

    • Ethan Ellis
      Ethan Ellis 6 months ago +2

      Or just breed for the nature you want the brute force way. Then use an everstone after you get the nature you want. Also, you could get a ditto of every nature and you can easily get any nature you want on any Pokémon.

    DYLAN BLOX 2 months ago

    A easier way is if a question mark doesn't appear above it's head it's ditto or zorua

  • Jose Sandez
    Jose Sandez 6 months ago

    So usefull, got my sub and support

  • DaUndercovrNub
    DaUndercovrNub 6 months ago

    Will using an everstone effect my odds of getting a shiny?

  • KoowerMk2
    KoowerMk2 6 months ago

    What happens if you have a pokemon with synchonize and try to catch a ditto?
    Do they instantly get the same nature you do or does it still randomize?

    • Ruben Sandoval
      Ruben Sandoval 4 months ago

      I'm using a synchronize ralts with adamant nature, and the dittos I'm catching are still random natures. Synchronize is bunked in this game or am I doing something wrong?

  • Xipher X
    Xipher X 6 months ago +1

    i just want a video thats a guide on how to breed a pokemon with almost perfect IV’s, like a step-by-step video that explains
    what to do, how to selectively breed for the perfect stats, etc

  • Bradley Thomas
    Bradley Thomas 4 months ago

    If ditto really is a failed new clone, it sure is spreading across the world rapidly.

  • Screaminpirate EDC
    Screaminpirate EDC 6 months ago

    So...what I want, for example, Annihilape, to have it's hidden ability. How would I go about breeding ____ with Ditto? This is the 1st game I have even bothered with breeding at all.

  • Angel Crespo
    Angel Crespo 5 months ago

    You can just lock in to the pokemon and it will tell you it’s a ditto.

  • Art juh
    Art juh 6 months ago +1

    TBH when you can buy mint's IV breeding is more to be working at then nature. but to save money with everstone it is still good

  • Sylver Qrow
    Sylver Qrow 6 months ago

    Will a ditto with hidden ability and another without allow the baby to have a possibility of having a hidden ability?

  • GalaxyExE
    GalaxyExE 6 months ago

    I got lucky because my Ditto was already in it’s original form when I saw it

  • Ryan
    Ryan 5 months ago

    Gastronomie En Famille in Medali has a meal for 2,800 that gives Egg Power lvl. 2. It's a white building in the corner of the plaza with the neon sign arch. A little pricier but easier then making sandwiches every time.

  • Smol 🦊🔥
    Smol 🦊🔥 6 months ago

    I thought it was an Ability patch that changed a Pokemons ability to a hidden one, not a ability capsule

  • Reggie James
    Reggie James 4 months ago

    Very detailed video. These game mechanics are complicated. Don’t think I want to breed. I have to make sandwiches and then EV train. I’m lost.

  • Shocari
    Shocari 6 months ago

    when you pick up a stack of eggs, will it tell you that there's multiple?

  • Arcanum
    Arcanum 6 months ago

    Just press ZL to see if its Ditto. Helps if you’ve caught the pokemon is copying before. Since it will show up as “???”

  • Dark Wind
    Dark Wind 6 months ago

    fun fact if u have 2 ever stones on a pokemon the pokemon will have a 50% chance of getting the nature of a parent pokemon if there both deferent

  • francis
    francis 6 months ago +5

    guys make sure to have a pokemon like talonflame who has the ability flame body in ur party as it makes eggs hatch faster

    • Ethan Ellis
      Ethan Ellis 6 months ago +1

      The abilities magma armour and steam engine also help with hatching eggs.

    • CB
      CB 6 months ago +1

      he says this in the video lol

    • TerraTheWise
      TerraTheWise 6 months ago +1

      Literally says that in the first couple mins of the video lol.

  • Just Radish
    Just Radish 6 months ago

    I've hatched over like 20 eggs from purrserker and no hidden ability yet 🙃

  • Vinh Nguyễn
    Vinh Nguyễn 6 months ago

    How long does it take to breed? I waited for a while and so far nothing in the basket

  • Gabriel Sanchez
    Gabriel Sanchez 3 months ago

    Can a HA ditto take the female role and pass down the HA with the male pokemon that is breeding with?

  • Yuhong Tay
    Yuhong Tay 6 months ago

    Hi! I'mtrying to breed a shiny Charmander! i have a charizard from the event, and using a shelgon from another language. How do i make sure the eggs that hatch are Charmander? Instead of Bagon. Sorry, as I'm new to breeding!

  • Noah Bartlett
    Noah Bartlett 6 months ago

    its insane how totally fine the graphics are until I watch someone else play this game

  • Criss B
    Criss B 6 months ago

    Does an ability capsule work for hidden abilities? For example if I have a Bulbasaur with it's regular overgrow ability, will using an ability capsule give me the option to change it to it's hidden ability??

    • Shoto Lover
      Shoto Lover 6 months ago

      No u need ability patch for hidden abilities

  • ReaperWolf68
    ReaperWolf68 6 months ago

    Thanks for this cheers mate

  • Adrian
    Adrian 6 months ago

    Great guide thank you. Though I am fairly confident that Flame body doesn't work on egg hatching this game. I have heard from several sources/leakers that it no longer affects it.

    • King Jaffa
      King Jaffa 6 months ago

      That was confirmed to be a rumour it works

  • Looking4Zelda
    Looking4Zelda 6 months ago

    Thanks a ton!

  • Aaron Järvinen
    Aaron Järvinen 6 months ago +4

    Explain the whole picnic thing please. Would like to get a guide video

  • AyoNizzy
    AyoNizzy 6 months ago

    You can also lock on with ZL and it'll tell you the name of the pokemon it truly is ;)

  • tyco969
    tyco969 6 months ago +1

    Thank you for this video

  • Marcel Mcdanielsthebeast
    Marcel Mcdanielsthebeast 6 months ago +1

    Question why do we need a mirror herb for the Pokémon that learn egg moves like that

  • BiggestChicken
    BiggestChicken 6 months ago

    I thought we could leave the picnic alone and go adventure but you can’t. I don’t know how to feel about this breeding system. I’d prefer the regular breeding system

  • ZilentHawk
    ZilentHawk 6 months ago

    If I give my ditto the ball of twine and the weight to my eevee will that still work for passing ivs from my ditto to the eevee egg being hatched

  • Ashley Black
    Ashley Black 6 months ago

    not like IVs matter in scarlet when you can just max them with bottle caps anyways
    and abillity patches and capsules aren't as tedious to get anymore either
    the only important things that you can't change anymore are shininess and nature so be sure you have that right on your pokemon
    literally everything else can be changed later

  • ClamInventions
    ClamInventions 4 months ago

    4:17 “Make sure to ‘eggs-it’ the picnic…” 😜😂

  • Yasinister C
    Yasinister C 5 months ago

    Why would you catch random dittos when you can acquire them in raids with at least 4 perfect IV’s which you can then use to breed Pokémon and receive more IV’s?

  • crazy kid cooking
    crazy kid cooking 6 months ago

    Can u breed the starters you don't got

  • jan niko
    jan niko 6 months ago

    can you do this with multiple pokemon? like 3 pairs of pokemon in your party? or is it one pair at a time?

    • spec telly
      spec telly 4 months ago

      You can do multiple just make sure the pokemon that aren't ditto can't breed together

  • Kris Miller
    Kris Miller 6 months ago

    Would it be okay if I hyper train a pokemon that I don't plan on breeding with it again?

  • jcold007
    jcold007 6 months ago

    Great videos bro

  • Booty Boogers
    Booty Boogers 6 months ago

    Is it best to fill a bunch of boxes then hatch or to do a few at a time?

    • Rightlighter
      Rightlighter 6 months ago

      It’s usually good to fill at least a box or 2, otherwise it’s a lot of back and forth between hatching and getting more eggs. Especially if you’re going for perfect IV or shiny which best possible odds would be 1/32 and 1/512 respectively.

  • Watson
    Watson 6 months ago

    What about the Pokémon sizes?

  • Rey G Ark
    Rey G Ark 6 months ago

    Charcadet has Flame Body? I've been catching and breeding Charcadets, and I have yet to encounter one with Flame Body. The abilities it does have are Flash Fire (which is the usual one you will see) and supposedly Weak Armor (rare ability that I honestly have yet to see any of my babies have). Another that does have Flame Body is Carkol which is who I ended up using for my egg hatching purposes.

    • marknoquestions
      marknoquestions 6 months ago

      Nope it doesn’t have flame body unfortunately

  • Charles Leggett
    Charles Leggett 6 months ago

    Where can I find that nature chart?

  • User Name
    User Name 6 months ago

    Is there a reason that my male Quaxwell isn’t needing with ditto? I’m not the original trainer of the Quaxwell, but it’s been like 20 minutes and I haven’t got a single egg. I don’t have the egg power but come on it’s been so long and not even 1? Am I doing something wrong?

  • Bailey Krebz
    Bailey Krebz 5 months ago

    Is it possible yo get a starter pokemon bred down to be in a luxury ball ?

  • Amori Flores
    Amori Flores 6 months ago +1

    I’m confused. You didn’t explain how to get a 6IV mon to breed with?

  • San'tasia Jones
    San'tasia Jones 5 months ago

    great video

  • AaronGamingChannel
    AaronGamingChannel 6 months ago

    I have 5 iv ditto and garnacl 1iv theres a possibility that can breed a 6iv on this? Or i need one pokemon that have 6iv to get a perfect ivs even the partner have 2ivs.

  • Charles Schwartz
    Charles Schwartz 4 months ago

    What store do you go to get the eggs I been all over and can't find the store to buy the eggs

  • naj gaming
    naj gaming 6 months ago

    Hi I'm kinda new to pokemon so correct me if I'm wrong
    Does hyper training make the 6iv ditto redundant?

    • Fabio
      Fabio 6 months ago +1

      yes, but hyper trainings are expensive, aren't they?

  • xTheLostLegendx
    xTheLostLegendx 6 months ago

    So as of now it’s impossible to get Hidden Ability Starters?