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Nightmare in Squidville

  • Published on Sep 23, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • My brain is broken... I have no words for this Spongebob Squarepants creepypasta game...
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  • TheSilverHermitMage
    TheSilverHermitMage 3 months ago +20698

    I like how markiplier is concerned about not having a license, not about the fact that he's *stealing a car*

    • Fluffy Whompus
      Fluffy Whompus 3 months ago +362

      I mean if you get pulled over you get a higher sentence if you don’t have a license

    • Joker1502
      Joker1502 3 months ago +127

      Or that there are cannibals 😂😂😂

    • crusher 9z9
      crusher 9z9 3 months ago +147

      Spongebob driving a car would destroy every single house in squidville.

    • Happy Dogger
      Happy Dogger 3 months ago +26

      Well getting a free car is not a problem, driving while not knowing how is

    • Bob
      Bob 3 months ago +21

      Pretty realistic though to something that would happen in a Spongebob Episode.

  • Dumpy
    Dumpy 3 months ago +5629

    Unironically this dev is going somewhere. such a silly concept but rarely do you see such well polished indie projects and as far as I can tell this is one of if not their first release. Im also so happy to see someone actaully crediting people, bravo

    • oooooba
      oooooba 3 months ago +8


    • Ihavenoname Stilldonthaveone
      Ihavenoname Stilldonthaveone 3 months ago +114

      It's very funny a n d very good! I love this style of comedy based horror with the ai voices, it's like its own subgenre, i love it

    • lauren
      lauren 3 months ago +1

      i agree!!!!

    • E
      E 3 months ago +4


    • Fountain
      Fountain 3 months ago +15

      Oh yeah, so polished. AI generated voices. /s

  • Not a Couch Potato
    Not a Couch Potato 3 months ago +6920

    It’s rather impressive Mark beat the entire game without a single game over.

    • Howard Zhang
      Howard Zhang 3 months ago +300

      he needs to remind us he's an excellent gamer once in a while

    • E
      E 3 months ago +37


    • Ian
      Ian 3 months ago +89

      You have to be really bad at videogames to get a game over in this lol

    • Zoey Paris
      Zoey Paris 3 months ago +20

      gamer of the year

    • Can’t Function
      Can’t Function 3 months ago +95

      ⁠@Ian I’ve seen him die in much easier games. This was a good run.

  • Yanntastisch
    Yanntastisch 3 months ago +1787

    I love how Mark is totally into burning down the whole town and dodging the boss. It takes so long that the video cuts, but Mark breaks no sweat.

    • Lexaius Kenjiro
      Lexaius Kenjiro 3 months ago +17

      Well tenticle acres is a massive residental area

  • Centurion Mk. III
    Centurion Mk. III 3 months ago +3889

    I love how, despite being a horror game, it still captures the essence of the show. I can definitely see this game being a actual episode

    • ScuttleBug
      ScuttleBug 3 months ago +230

      Except the cannibals thing would be for the older seasons, they’d probably nowadays have it be like “It turns out the other squids…. they were monsters instead!” or something goofy like that

    • E
      E 3 months ago +8


    • TooBigTooBathe
      TooBigTooBathe 3 months ago +11

      Not really tbh...

    • Twenty One Tortas
      Twenty One Tortas 3 months ago +49

      The only way viewers can tell it ain't an episode would be how well Spongebib drove here compared to most episodes.

    • Gerardo L
      Gerardo L 3 months ago +14

      Oh yeah, an actual episode, I do love seeing cannibalism in spongebob, I can definitely see this as an episode 🤦‍♂️

  • quit
    quit 3 months ago +1182

    It went from a normal horror game to a full blown boss battle 😂

    • Lexaius Kenjiro
      Lexaius Kenjiro 3 months ago +17

      And then it becomes a last stand

    • Jose Cruz
      Jose Cruz 3 months ago +23

      It turned into freaking Doom.

  • Cruciate
    Cruciate 3 months ago +9885

    The Spongebob horror genre never ceases to amaze me.

    • Privatesectorsec
      Privatesectorsec 3 months ago +231

      It genuinely surprises me with how big the SpongeBob horror game genre is or that it’s a genre to begin with

    • shoeBill Clinton with a glock
      shoeBill Clinton with a glock 3 months ago +186

      @Chris Schaffer I live in your walls

  • Alexander Chippel
    Alexander Chippel 3 months ago +922

    This game was clearly made by someone who has a lot of passion and enjoys making games.

  • Night Runner823mcpro
    Night Runner823mcpro 3 months ago +508

    Usually these spongebob games are thrown together with no real concise plot and are usually pretty funny, yet somehow this one manages to not only have somewhat of an actual progression similar to a spongebob episode (mixed with Regular show) but also somehow has some spooky elements in the beginning. Not to mention the banger music??? I applaud the creator, this is truly one of the most natural feeling spongebob games I've ever seen(?)

    • Hana1LuLu
      Hana1LuLu 3 months ago +23

      Yeah, usually they feel 100% sh**posty, but this one had some more direction and fleshing out. So only partially sh**posty, but that aspect makes it a good time anyways

    • basil bagel
      basil bagel 3 months ago +7

      I agree and would totally listen to the OST on loop :]

  • A3Z
    A3Z 3 months ago +337

    Probably the best thing about this in my opinion was Mark deciding to question the fire until after he was done. Such amazing comedic timing.

    • kenjen 98
      kenjen 98 3 months ago +9

      "Wait, if we're underwater how could there be a-?"

  • Kowa88
    Kowa88 3 months ago +496

    Markiplier should add a BPM counter to show how scared he is

    • Ash
      Ash 3 months ago +38

      Everyone who plays horror games should do this.

  • Hana1LuLu
    Hana1LuLu 3 months ago +82

    I love how the thorough and humble credits received massive respect from Mark, and it rolled over into positive view of the game. Fully support this mindset.

  • Cole Kiesler
    Cole Kiesler 3 months ago +6873

    Honestly I find it extremely hilarious that SpongeBob and co are literally talking like caveman and Markiplier just has a not amused look the whole time.

    • E
      E 3 months ago +39


    • Brennan Was Here
      Brennan Was Here 3 months ago +135

      I'm sure at some point you get used to it with ai voices

    • Blake
      Blake 3 months ago +36

      @E you’ve commented over 1k comments of E on markiplier’s channel

    • AnAverageCookie
      AnAverageCookie 3 months ago +35

      ​@Blake dedication to the craft i see

    • Rust5drift
      Rust5drift 3 months ago

      Your 1000th like my friend

  • Voltstrom
    Voltstrom 3 months ago +520

    I feel like tentacle acres could make a really good liminal space horror game.

  • Bree theButcher
    Bree theButcher 3 months ago +171

    Tbh I was fully prepared to happily watch Mark react to the ending rap & vibe for another 5 min.😂😂

    • Lexaius Kenjiro
      Lexaius Kenjiro 3 months ago +7

      Yeah, I didn’t expect that

    • Lux
      Lux 3 months ago +10

      What is that song cause I want it 😂 unironically so good

    • Bree theButcher
      Bree theButcher 3 months ago +22

      @Lux it's called A Dream Within. By Jihfa. Found it in the comments on another post here lol.

    • Toderra
      Toderra 3 months ago +7

      @Bree theButcher TYSM I found the lyrics are from an Edgar Allan Poe work but for the life of me I couldn't find THIS SONG specifically

    • Bree theButcher
      Bree theButcher 3 months ago +2

      @Toderra Happy to help!😁

  • pastaplumber9000
    pastaplumber9000 3 months ago +101

    This game is such a prime example of "You were so busy worrying about whether you could, you didn't stop to think about whether you should"

  • StarDestroyer81
    StarDestroyer81 3 months ago +216

    This seems wildly in-character for Spongebob, to knock once asking for Squidward and then several times

    • Reborn
      Reborn 2 months ago +2

      yea he's EXTREMELY annoying

  • Pikarizard Charikachu
    Pikarizard Charikachu 3 months ago +68

    Is it just me or it felt like the dev of this game might also be the same dev who did the one game where Sandy tries to save SpongeBob and Patrick from Squidward, with all the quirky AI voice? Because if it does then that's awesome! Keep up the good work, whoever who you are dev!

    • Nope
      Nope 3 months ago +4

      That game was great. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time hoping that both of them lived

    • Matthew Riegle
      Matthew Riegle 2 days ago

      The game your thinking of is sinister squidward, your welcome! :)

  • Chase Christensen
    Chase Christensen 3 months ago +5135

    Markiplier playing SpongeBob horror games is S tier content.

    • SuperSonic04
      SuperSonic04 3 months ago +17

      Love SquidWard ❤

    • roffy¿
      roffy¿ 3 months ago +4

      ​@SuperSonic04 ok ok so
      you like..
      A squid who talks in a cartoon show, also has a moody personality. Works at a job with his neighbor who is a sponge who can talk and is always happy, and a boss who is literally smaller than him irl and is a introvert. Also has a freaking creepypasta about him and has scary games about him, and one last thing. Works in prob a meat restaurant, ĤƏ Ị§ Æ FĪ§Ĥ-

    • hashslingingslasher
      hashslingingslasher 3 months ago +9

      @roffy¿ exactly the lovable squid we all know

    • Sheeeeshable
      Sheeeeshable 3 months ago +1


    • Orange Tabby7
      Orange Tabby7 3 months ago +11

      S tier? As In SpongeBob tier?

  • kexard
    kexard 3 months ago +56

    I live for stuff like this. Pure absurdity from start to finish. Increasing chaos. And it’s so well-made.

  • Connie McFalcon
    Connie McFalcon 3 months ago +77

    The entire scoring of the game is so strangely GOOD. Damn.

    • lars
      lars 3 months ago +10


  • Alan the Salad
    Alan the Salad 3 months ago +58

    Love his commitment to knocking on every other house’s door

  • Um
    Um 3 months ago +94

    I love the fact that Squidward was in front of Mark and instead, Mark, just focused on the car and his lack of license, and then lost Squidward😂😂
    Edit: i appreciate the creator of this game even crediting the tutorial they watched. It’s such a small act but I genuinely love the sentiment.
    Not only does it help the person who made the video but also could help others who may want to create shit as well. Love to see small acts that will make a difference later on ❤

  • NaturalDreamer
    NaturalDreamer 3 months ago +24

    AI voices are...really something. At least they tried their best. The music was great during the epic scene! Thanks for playing, Mark! I enjoyed watching the video!

  • DJ Loeffler
    DJ Loeffler 3 months ago +3865

    I love how mark just vibes with the music afterwards. Spongebob horror games are truly his most wholesome contemt

    • Pink_Floyd00
      Pink_Floyd00 3 months ago +43

      Jesus what does wholesome mean to you

    • Shady Meow
      Shady Meow 3 months ago +120

      if anyone was wondering The Music at the end of the game is called "A Dream Within by Jihfa" (Edit: I edited this to be more precise)

    • Homer Odysseus
      Homer Odysseus 3 months ago +16

      @Shady Meow Thank Edgar for poetry

    • Lesther G
      Lesther G 3 months ago +1

      @Shady Meow I can't find it anywhere, Idk why

    • E Man
      E Man 3 months ago +4

      By the way, anybody knows this one? 15:10

  • Cooldud3
    Cooldud3 3 months ago +60

    When probably something bad is happening in the world, we are blessed with mark playing a SpongeBob game

  • vetex omega
    vetex omega 3 months ago +20

    I love how this game has a secret ending if you leave without Squidward I'm surprised Mark didn't try to leave without him.

  • Primordial Alien
    Primordial Alien 3 months ago +27

    You’re awesome Mark, so happy to finally be a member of this awesome community! You inspire me everyday to make videos, and I aspire to be as kind of a person as you are✌️

  • Immeantfortheflowers
    Immeantfortheflowers 3 months ago +20

    The SpongeBob horror games are always *chef's kiss* and mark playing em make em 10x better 💕

  • Aiden Armendariz
    Aiden Armendariz 3 months ago +7

    Hi Markiplier you’re probably gonna look over this but I just need to say this I graduated last Friday from high school and I just wanna say thank you for being a part of my childhood since third grade you’ve really meant a lot to me. My whole life got me through a whole lot when I was at my worst you always bring me up. Thank you Mark for everything ❤😁✌🏽

  • Ruby
    Ruby 3 months ago +3789

    Mark being totally befuddled by the...unique...E.A.P. and rap mash-up at the end gave me a good chuckle.

    • pickles🐶🍃
      pickles🐶🍃 3 months ago +90

      That was so hilarious 🤣

    • da1chinese
      da1chinese 3 months ago +70

      the rap was the best part xD

    • H:ZDWatcher
      H:ZDWatcher 3 months ago +153

      Didn't need to go as hard as it did but damn.

    • MenagerieofOrigamiBirds
      MenagerieofOrigamiBirds 3 months ago +145

      If you want to read the poem that is being rapped, it s called a dream within a dream by Edgar Allen Poe.

    • JUDEBUG1997
      JUDEBUG1997 3 months ago +18

      where can i lisin 24/7

  • m22nch
    m22nch 3 months ago +8

    I love how mark makes every game funny somehow

  • Guy in a Robe
    Guy in a Robe 3 months ago +7

    i must say, I love the the fact that they turned into actual squids. it was very creepy for an otherwise very silly game. good stuff

  • Ardyn
    Ardyn 3 months ago +11

    this had me constantly giggling, i love the confusion and just the botched game energy

  • Junebun
    Junebun 3 months ago +11

    I love that SpongeBob is a horror genre. It all still has the essence of SpongeBob, but it also has a new essence with a unique sense of horror. I love when things just twist and turn and go brrr until they become a whole other thing.

  • MassHysteria
    MassHysteria 3 months ago +6

    This is the first time I've watched Markiplier in years. How far this lovely man have gone.

  • Sandapaperdaisy Art
    Sandapaperdaisy Art 3 months ago +3365

    Much love on whoever converted Edgar Allan Poe's "Dream Within a Dream" to music and then on the game dev(s) for using it.

    • Nikki Lespuier
      Nikki Lespuier 3 months ago +98

      is that the song that plays at the end?

    • Philosophy_Bot
      Philosophy_Bot 3 months ago +67

      Beep bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote:
      "Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught"
      ~ Oscar Wilde

    • Grimaria
      Grimaria 3 months ago +10

      @Philosophy_Bot wat

    • DoomSlayersNephew
      DoomSlayersNephew 3 months ago +66

      @GrimariaDID HE STUTTER

    • Victor Conway
      Victor Conway 3 months ago +16

      @Philosophy_Bot uhhh nothing against oscar wilde but that's a really dumb quote

  • LuvDuvJaney
    LuvDuvJaney 3 months ago +14

    at 12:55, Mark's face perfectly emulates the confusion that I've had during this entire video😆

  • Pengmaeda
    Pengmaeda 3 months ago +40

    4:04 I don't think Mark knows the flying guy with a reef blower is referring to Squidward at the end of the Squidville episode.

  • DochEE
    DochEE 3 months ago +8

    15:28 I love Mark's confused dancing 😂

  • Junebun
    Junebun 3 months ago +4

    This is honestly a very well made game for the resources the developer had.

  • skippy
    skippy 3 months ago +6

    there was way more content in that then i was expecting 😂 the developer did a good job im impressed

  • Shovel Guy
    Shovel Guy 3 months ago +2758

    as always Markiplier is just making any horror game funny and all in all enjoyable, espically the SpongeBob horror games

    • Scott
      Scott 3 months ago


    • Shovel Guy
      Shovel Guy 3 months ago +9

      @Chris Schaffer bot

    • Miner Diner
      Miner Diner 3 months ago +2

      I mean SpongeBob horror games aren't even scary

    • guy113
      guy113 3 months ago +3

      Bro what are you doing here in the reply section??
      Go back to watching markiplier

    • E
      E 3 months ago


  • FreddyFazbear
    FreddyFazbear 3 months ago +5

    Most recently I watched the walkthrough sinister squidward, and now I see that a new horror based on spongebob has been released. Thanks Markiplier♥️

  • Rohan Crow
    Rohan Crow 3 months ago +5

    Mark’s videos always make my day/night :)

  • Servant of the King
    Servant of the King 3 months ago +5

    *Important Reminder:* We're still waiting eagerly for that toothpaste review, Mark.
    We never forget. Not about dental hygiene.

  • Linkfan007
    Linkfan007 3 months ago

    This was hilarious to watch! Thank you mark for playing this interesting and weird game! Haha😂 your reactions/confusion and facial expressions were priceless!

  • •Puddingl0l!•
    •Puddingl0l!• 3 months ago +1568

    From the little details of spongebobs shoes squeaking when you move to what I assume are 15ai voices, this game was high effort and honestly amazing. I, for one, am all for these spongebob fangames, there's obviously alot of love put into them.

    • SuperSonic04
      SuperSonic04 3 months ago +5

      Love SquidWard❤

    • Morgan Beck
      Morgan Beck 3 months ago +29

      Sorry, what? While this is an OK game, that’s all that can really be said about it. The voices were spot on, but the grammar was bad enough that I would’ve preferred there to be no voices. Of course, we can’t forget the most important part, it wasn’t scary at all, and I don’t think it tried to be.

    • E
      E 3 months ago +1


    • Sierra
      Sierra 3 months ago +90

      ​@Morgan Beck This is literally a fan game, made with whatever the developer(s) had available. They envisioned something, made it happen and credited everyone who helped them get there. It's clearly a starting point for them since they've listed basic tutorials in the credits, but it's something nonetheless.
      So if you can't appreciate it for what it is and can't provide valuable insight on how to improve it, be quiet.

    • ShinyRayquaza9
      ShinyRayquaza9 3 months ago +19

      ​@Morgan Beck it had some decent atmospheric horror, atleast it didn't rely on jumpscares like most do 😅

  • TheIronFox™
    TheIronFox™ 3 months ago +6

    I need mark to play games with an eye tracker, I don’t understand how he misses certain things 😭😂

  • Dylan Wolf
    Dylan Wolf 2 months ago +3

    AI voices aside, the atmosphere of this game is actually insanely good.

  • morgan sutts
    morgan sutts 3 months ago +6

    Mark: Im beginning to think this is futile
    Also Mark: carried his dog Bullet for over an hour in Blair Witch

  • Colin Timmins
    Colin Timmins 3 months ago

    Well written game, very nice. Keep up the good work all! 😊

  • bevy 🌚
    bevy 🌚 3 months ago

    I love watching marks videos especially his horror game ones they're always so amazing and raise my mood no matter what, i think itd be an amazing experience to play the horror game 'we never left'

  • YuniAura
    YuniAura 3 months ago +771

    I deeply appreciate how Spongebob's shoe squeaking when walking was implemented in the game :)

  • lauren
    lauren 3 months ago +1

    whoever made this game is super creative. one of the coolest spongebob horror games i've seen ever :)

  • FoolMaster69
    FoolMaster69 3 months ago +2

    Mark scrolling through the episode at the beginning and knowing the plot immediately implies he watches Spongebob. Incredible.

  • REDemon14
    REDemon14 3 months ago +1

    Always love the spongebob horror. Now all we need is for Mark to play Around the clock at bikini bottom

  • Strawberry Milkshake
    Strawberry Milkshake 3 months ago +1

    Mark falling more and more into confusion as the song at the end plays will *never not be funny*

  • Lane Rowe
    Lane Rowe 3 months ago +14

    The metal thrown in during 17:00 100% deserved 🤟🏼

  • Thesquid
    Thesquid 3 months ago +632

    I love how it looks so frantically put together. Reminds me of those old creepypasta games from like 2016

    • SuperSonic04
      SuperSonic04 3 months ago +2

      Love SquidWard❤❤

    • Kung Olaf
      Kung Olaf 3 months ago +6

      It was made in 2017.

    • Thesquid
      Thesquid 3 months ago +5

      @Kung Olaf probably why it made me feel that way tbh

    • Krexar
      Krexar 3 months ago


    • Joe Dingo
      Joe Dingo 3 months ago +4

      This feels like someone had a fever dream and decided like they had to make it a reality before the memory of the dream faded too much.

  • Kat Blep
    Kat Blep 3 months ago

    This game blown my expectations! Just kept escalating 😹

  • Shadowl
    Shadowl 3 months ago +1

    16:13 I laughed so much, even when I watched it for the 3rd time. I love how confused Mark looks XD

  • DogsWithPurpose
    DogsWithPurpose 3 months ago +4

    These SpongeBob horror games are such a guilty pleasure

  • Logan Entertainment
    Logan Entertainment 3 months ago +1

    I love that in the game is labeled as Battle for Bikini Bottom, and seeing the final battle, that isn't far off. XD
    This game may not be perfect, but you can tell that there was effort put into it. Gotta give it to the creator for shouting out everyone, and I love that he gave tribute to Steven Hillenburg when the credits first started.
    Overall, loved the video, and love the Spongebob franchise, as well as the fan made horror games. 😱😀👍

  • matthew Heaven
    matthew Heaven 3 months ago

    This Was A Pretty Good SpongeBob Horror Game And Having A Tribute To Stephen Hillenburg in There As Well As Mark Playing It Makes It Very Good Indeed. 😊

  • A-Cow_13
    A-Cow_13 3 months ago +828

    Woohoo, Markiplier playing another spongebob game is always awesome.

  • Theblockbuster Funstuff

    God I love when mark plays SpongeBob based horror games 😂

  • Shadow The Edgy
    Shadow The Edgy 3 months ago

    This isn't that important, but I think it's a coincidence that the prelude to the game is right under the suggestions to this video, but it's with the full show. Anyways, watching Mark play these SpongeBob horror games lately are always interesting to see, especially with what happens in them, like Sinister Squidward and it's crazy moments lol.

  • Meowers Meowington
    Meowers Meowington 3 months ago

    Markipliers complete and utter confusion the entire game is hilarious and i love it.

  • CommanderTaco
    CommanderTaco 3 months ago

    I love how every game mark plays has had too high a sensitivity

  • Pop Culture Data
    Pop Culture Data 3 months ago +842

    Love these Spongebob horror games, they're amazing

    • lunarbcy
      lunarbcy 3 months ago

      They are, and it’s so cool.

    • ForniteYT
      ForniteYT 3 months ago

      amogus 🦍🦍

    • ForniteYT
      ForniteYT 3 months ago


    • E
      E 3 months ago


    • Richie
      Richie 3 months ago


  • hEyY JaCk iM fLyiNg
    hEyY JaCk iM fLyiNg 3 months ago

    I like it how markiplier plays SpongeBob horror games and it always enjoying to watch!!

  • Mateusineo
    Mateusineo 3 months ago +5

    In case someone is curious, the credits song is called Ukulele and Chill, by Del Playa. It is one of my favorite lofi tunes, so it was kinda funny hearing out of nowhere haha
    It was probably credited in the game itself, but was cut out in some of the editing, i guess.

  • Aaron Lopez
    Aaron Lopez 3 months ago

    man im glad Mark asked about the fire underwater AFTER he finished. if he said something sooner, idk if he'd of won

  • Sam Izze
    Sam Izze 3 months ago +8

    That was a solid little game! The music was good, and the WTF factor definitely elevated the whole thing. My only gripe is the AI voices... if you want a game with characters like this, do your own impressions!

    • DI5H3V3L3D
      DI5H3V3L3D 3 months ago +3

      Can you do a spongebob voice?

  • Cheese burber
    Cheese burber 3 months ago

    I love these types of games and especially when mark plays it

  • peegion
    peegion 3 months ago +344

    Love how Mark knocks on every door in a 100 mile radius knowing damn well nothing will answer

  • BasicallyBen
    BasicallyBen 3 months ago +3

    If you want an amazing SpongeBob horror game I highly recommend “Around the Clock in Bikini Bottom”. It’s made by Dave Microwave Games and it was in development for 3 years, in came out 2 years ago but it’s still a super solid SpongeBob horror game with lots of story in it!

    • Some guy
      Some guy 3 months ago +1

      W game, an absolute must play

  • some random dude
    some random dude 3 months ago +1

    Another masterpiece from mark

  • iexclipse
    iexclipse 3 months ago +1

    Markiplier is like the John Wick of video games lol

  • Twisting Beanie
    Twisting Beanie 3 months ago

    Spongebob horror games specifically played by Markiplier is one of my favourite sub sub sub genres of content on the internet

  • FlyinC4T / violent
    FlyinC4T / violent 3 months ago +425

    you know it's a good day when you get to watch a good markiplier video without interruption

  • Ethanwizardcool
    Ethanwizardcool 3 months ago

    Ever since making a movie Mark has become such a better actor

  • Lonely Sandwich
    Lonely Sandwich 3 months ago +1

    The series shall never die.

  • Firock Finion
    Firock Finion 3 months ago +2

    Crazy how Mark actually predicted the flying heads. XD

  • Slug_Knight
    Slug_Knight 3 months ago +9

    the squidville purge music was unexpectedly good

  • PineapplePerson
    PineapplePerson 2 months ago

    Seeing Mark enjoy this makes me think he'd enjoy Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom

  • GayGhostGuy 👻
    GayGhostGuy 👻 3 months ago +238

    This sudden wave of SpongeBob horror games is unexpected, but very welcome.

  • Cynicisam
    Cynicisam 3 months ago

    the voice acting... phenomenal. I got shivers.

  • Burnt Pork
    Burnt Pork 3 months ago

    Markiplier playing SpongeBob horror is like Vanoss playing Backrooms games it doesn’t always happen but when it does we all know it’s gonna be a goofy time

  • Quinn
    Quinn 3 months ago

    I love how Mark just completely ignored the cannibal squidward that crossed the road I'm front of him💀

  • RapXBattle
    RapXBattle 3 months ago +1

    Man I love these kinds of games so much.

  • Chris S
    Chris S 3 months ago

    The starting quote is always memorable.
    "Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier."

  • Nick Zakrath
    Nick Zakrath 3 months ago +369

    Whoever made this game has excellent taste in music.

    • Bendy
      Bendy 3 months ago +5

      Kara square don't miss

    • Namuri
      Namuri 3 months ago +8

      I’m gonna need the credit scene music doe

    • Bendy
      Bendy 3 months ago +14

      @Namuri Ukulele and Chill - Del Playa

    • Ostro
      Ostro 3 months ago +1

      Gonna need that Fight at the End Music

    • Bendy
      Bendy 3 months ago +3

      @Ostro ukulele space metal

  • Grant Anderson
    Grant Anderson 3 months ago +1

    that was actually a good game to watch him play

  • Luke Wertins
    Luke Wertins 3 months ago +1

    I wanna see Markiplier play around the clock at bikini bottom because I think it's a good SpongeBob horror game despite not being too scary.

    • Some guy
      Some guy 3 months ago +1

      Looks like someone never got to the goofy goober shack! Trust me when I say that around the clock can be scary if it wants to, it never tries to hard to be scary to the point were it’s just cringe, like red mist. not to mention how BIG the game is being long enough for a whole series. All this makes it the perfect, and my personal favorite SpongeBob horror game, and I would sell my soul to get mark to play it!

  • Yermom
    Yermom 3 months ago +1

    Markiplier never fails to take off my socks and roll them up

  • KittyKaidoodles
    KittyKaidoodles 3 months ago

    Definitely the creepiest SpongeBob horror game so far

  • Quel Tipo Sul Tubo
    Quel Tipo Sul Tubo 3 months ago +1

    This video gave me a weird feeling. I had just watched a video about how the age of youtubers is coming to an end and the top channels being only big companies. And you can’t deny it’s true, nowadays gameplays are almost not a thing anymore, then I remembered Markipliet and checked his channel and this video is exactly what I wanted, an old styled gameplay, I just hope the next generation will find a way to raise their own voices and create a better platform where simple content without much pretense will once again be popular as it should. Thank you

  • yoshiixw
    yoshiixw 3 months ago +423

    I love how the sensibility is always waaaayy too high in these games, it leaves them with something in common lol

    • Grey_World
      Grey_World 3 months ago +18

      Do you mean the cursor sensitivity? I think it denotes fear, as you look around fearfully.

    • Kzkaa
      Kzkaa 3 months ago +44

      @Grey_World I think Mark played a game where the option were actually called "sensibility".

    • Blake Spohn
      Blake Spohn 3 months ago +8

      @Kzkaa IT WAS ronald mc donalds

    • chillstorm
      chillstorm 3 months ago

      ​@Kzkaa lmao