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I Didn't Want to Talk About This

  • Published on Nov 24, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    This is the greatest worthless drama of All Time
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  • Teclinsoro

    Sneako trying to insult Charlie’s relationship by showing off the happiest, healthiest looking picture of them is hilarious

  • Samson Sparks

    Ain’t no way sneako tried to diss Charlie’s relationship and he shows the most wholesome picture of a couple I’ve ever seen

  • Bury The Light Listener

    Sneako is the type of person who claims that he loves dark humor, but when someone makes a dark joke on him: He would immediately throw a fit.

  • Samui
    Samui  +2

    Bro destroyed sneako and then proceeded to show off new merch 💀 respect

  • Gamerjunky 247

    Sneako defending cuties is quite awful. He's literally like, "yes its softcore cp, but it's amazing and I love it"

  • Dragus Thargon

    Charlie, my guy. I gotta say you and you're girl are adorable, I wish you both much love and respect. Y'all look adorable together, a perfect couple. Sorry if this seems like I am stroking you off, just wanted to say this

  • Dry Soup
    Dry Soup  +57

    Imagine living in a society where a fair amount of people consider it "cringy" to have a healthy relationship.

  • James Clegg

    A stable relationship is something any person like him could wish he had, so let him talk his shit, because he isn’t shit

  • Xannual
    Xannual  +4

    Bro destroyed him in a kind manner💀

  • Devon Lawson

    how could he make fun of Critikal's appearance? bro is majestic

  • kaiti
    kaiti  +240

    he’s just the kind of person who thinks being loud = winning an argument. they know they’re wrong they just don’t care

  • tim othy
    tim othy  +547

    But why did cuties need to be made? There's better ways to convey the message than letting soft core child pron be made

  • drkRoss
    drkRoss  +14

    Charlie: Has a girlfriend and a stable family.

  • King Gerard

    only charlie can ruin someone with a totally neutral monotone voice

  • Ronald Nixon

    Sneako: claims charlie doesn't go outside

  • K Dog
    K Dog  +205

    “Child p*** is ok because it’s already exists” WHAT💀

  • (not-so) dead inside

    i swear to god charlie is like the undertaker of youtube beef. man's absolutely fucking undefeated.

  • Rj Indian
    Rj Indian  +270

    The saddest part is his audience of teenagers who follow all his dumb takes.

  • D_
    D_  +18

    Charlie in white shirt is someone you can agree with. Charlie in moist robe is impossible to disagree with

  • Nathaniel Titan

    Sneako defending cuties is the single most hilarious thing I've ever seen (Glad I managed to start a war)