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Hermitcraft S8 Episode 1: You Will LOVE This!

  • Published on Jun 18, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Hermitcraft season 8 episode 1! We start out big with our Minecraft let's play ep 1 on the Hermitcraft S8 server with a massive starter base with the 1.17 copper as a roof for a Minecraft steampunk wagon house. The wagon base is for our new character the tycoon, who runs a wagon trading business with dreams of building a mega cloud city! The wagon will take a huge resource grind to make with all the copper needed. So enjoy all the fun and craziness that is involved to create it for the first episode of the new season. I hope you enjoy it!
    Hermitcraft SMP - season 8 info:
    We have 2 new Hermitcraft members for the new season:
    *GeminiTay: clip-share.net/user/GeminiTard
    *PearlescentMoon: clip-share.net/user/Pearlescent...
    We are all playing and building on one big Hermit island together with proximity voice mod.
    Seed: -7381235180058670651
    For more information and links to all things Hermitcraft, follow the link to the Hermitcraft website: hermitcraft.com/
    My Links and stuff:
    * Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=21298347
    * T-Shirt Shop: teespring.com/stores/goodtime...
    * Twitter: #!/GTWScar
    * Twitch: www.twitch.tv/goodtimeswithscar
    * Instagram: goodtimeswithscar
    * Facebook: on. 1LCWlMV
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  • GoodTimesWithScar
    GoodTimesWithScar  Year ago +7019

    I'm so excited for season 8 and had a blast building the wagon base. That is about 400 copper blocks for the roof! Let me know what you thought about episode 1 and what you want to see me do in the next episode! :D
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    • Debby Baldridge
      Debby Baldridge Year ago

      Scar how did you get into Minecraft

    • GemGirl2009
      GemGirl2009 Year ago


    • lexie
      lexie Year ago

      Hi Scar. I'm A HUGE FAN of Everyone's channels and also Hermitcraft Itself @GoodTimesWithScar

    • Foxclaw Wolf
      Foxclaw Wolf Year ago

      And Pizza is pulling the wagon house.

    • Foxclaw Wolf
      Foxclaw Wolf Year ago

      I loved the episodes and love your vids!

  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo Year ago +16649


  • marvelousspatuletail
    marvelousspatuletail Year ago +1936

    Mumbo this season: *won’t even kill animals for food*
    Scar this season: “I am so glad I paid for this murder.”

    • FoxInSocks
      FoxInSocks Year ago

      I mean, I’m with the benefit of hindsight, paying someone to kill something for him seems like something Mumbo would do this season

    • Notch Poodles
      Notch Poodles Year ago +3

      I️ watched this because I️ wanted to see what Scar was like in Hermitcraft because I️ just finished binge watching Etho’s Last Life and Etho’s Third Life and Scar sure was something in those. And my only exposure to Scar on the hermitcraft server was he let Beef try on a hat that was actually a pumpkin and he came and waxed Beef’s doors. So far he has exactly the chaotic vibes he had in the other series.
      What I’m saying is yes Scar craves chaos and it’s funny

    • DerMBen
      DerMBen Year ago +4

      Mumo: *lets voluntary death happen*

    • SizTS
      SizTS Year ago +72

      Mumbo: Won't kill
      Scar: Commisions killing
      Cleo: Does the killing

    • AidanSomething
      AidanSomething Year ago +52

      cleo this season: woke up and chose murder

  • JakeTheSnake6781
    JakeTheSnake6781 Year ago +1339

    Did Mumbo seriously just go," Anyway, here's Wonderwall"

    • Skyesong
      Skyesong 11 months ago +1

      yes he made wonderwall with noteblocks

    • Indieandfinn
      Indieandfinn Year ago +1

      I can already tell I’m going to love this series-

    • Galaxb33
      Galaxb33 Year ago

      The Dragon Prince did too!

    • Samy randome
      Samy randome Year ago +5

      @Ceviche Grace he's potato boy. He's our patat.

    • sam
      sam Year ago

      he did, indeed

  • Furbait
    Furbait Year ago +574

    Scar: *sees a very rare enchanted golden armored spider jockey*
    Also Scar: It's a Spider Man Bus!

    • Davi Clemons
      Davi Clemons 3 months ago

      @Thefoxiestmonster TFM nah, that was hella unrelated

    • Thefoxiestmonster TFM
      Thefoxiestmonster TFM Year ago +1

      @jmo mal en it’s not unrelated, he’s an optimist and saw this anomaly and happily joked about it

    • OrigamiMarie
      OrigamiMarie Year ago +2

      Oops! Bus crashed!

    • trishani
      trishani Year ago +2

      @Risel9672 lol wym

    • jmo mal en
      jmo mal en Year ago +22

      @Risel9672 ? unrelated

  • Yodabbito
    Yodabbito 11 months ago +243

    Rewatching this after the end of the season and listening to what Scar said at 20:04

    • CircusDremFnafSMP
      CircusDremFnafSMP 3 months ago +1

      @Gavintrub at this point I think they just heard what he said and we like “hey- that’s a great idea!”

    • Gavintrub
      Gavintrub 3 months ago +1

      this is the last hermit that I needed to watch season 8 for and I SWEAR SO MUCH FORSHOWDING

    • Keigan Clouse
      Keigan Clouse 4 months ago

      I was just about to comment about that lol

    • CircusDremFnafSMP
      CircusDremFnafSMP 4 months ago


    • Torzan
      Torzan 8 months ago +4

      Bro facts 😂

  • Richmon117
    Richmon117 Year ago +933

    Scar in 3rd life: Lasts till the end
    Scar in Season 8: Dies over 10 times in the first episode.
    Love the start to the season already Scar :)

    • Keysufv
      Keysufv 10 months ago

      So apparently you like when scar dies😕

    • Sharky
      Sharky Year ago +2

      HAHA funny

    • JAGer2700
      JAGer2700 Year ago +45

      Unlike players, Llama’s are merciless...

  • Petr Beránek
    Petr Beránek Year ago +519

    "Something no one ever seen in vanilla minecraft" So... Scar surviving whole episode without a death? That would actually be... a never seen before thing :D

    • MrBean
      MrBean 8 months ago

      Scar fixed it in season 9 L

    • Curious Cube
      Curious Cube Year ago +2

      @Coolguy08 was going to say that!

    • Makena Forest
      Makena Forest Year ago +18

      @Petr Beránek he may have lost a life, but he still survived multiple episodes and even almost won the game (he almost punched grian off the mountain twice at the final battle)

    • Petr Beránek
      Petr Beránek Year ago +32

      You mean after he died i first episode and was babysited by Grian ever since? End still managing to die even under Grian's watchful eye? :-D

    • Coolguy08
      Coolguy08 Year ago +11

      He’s done it on Third Life!

  • Laura Stimpson
    Laura Stimpson Year ago +112

    "Like the moon crashed on the planet!"
    That... did not age well.

  • UpsideDownTurtles311
    UpsideDownTurtles311 Year ago +342

    “You don’t just hop in a bunch of stacked boats and not be bros for life”
    Basically the same as
    “You don’t just hop in a coffin with another man and not be bros for life”
    😭 RIP 3rd life

  • BlueToadFan913
    BlueToadFan913 11 months ago +28

    “Like the moon crashes on the planet”
    He really is a wizard he was 6 months ahead and predicted how the season would end

  • AaronGrooves
    AaronGrooves Year ago +2225

    That intro!!! You truly are a wizard

    • Grant Fuller
      Grant Fuller Year ago

      It's probably the best transition I've ever seen

    • DrNai
      DrNai Year ago

      @The Troublesome Boy i added you aswell

    • minorsecond
      minorsecond Year ago +1

      Oh, hello! I'd love to see you on Hermitcraft. :)

    • SyntaxTsundere
      SyntaxTsundere Year ago +1

      I do really wonder how he did it…

    • Lucas _SF
      Lucas _SF Year ago

      🎶"Not anymore there's a little hat"🎶

  • MechaX1
    MechaX1 Year ago +222

    Scar: I’m gonna make a starter base
    Me: so like a little house
    Scar: makes a mortal engine wagon that looks like a boat

    • KittyCatKaii
      KittyCatKaii 11 months ago

      @Simply Lemonade How do u build ur base, I like making consecutive Connected bases

    • Simply Lemonade
      Simply Lemonade Year ago +13

      @ur mum huge most hermit craft starter bases are big*

    • ur mum huge
      ur mum huge Year ago +1

      @Simply Lemonade dirt house 👀

    • Simply Lemonade
      Simply Lemonade Year ago +3

      Most starter bases are big

  • OmgImKane
    OmgImKane Year ago +203

    This episode makes me wonder how Scars 3rd life series lasted so long

  • FroYo Frog
    FroYo Frog 11 months ago +38

    "Like the moon crashed on the planet"
    Well isn't that ironic.

  • Artie Fartie
    Artie Fartie 11 months ago +21

    you do realise that Scar literally prophesied the end of season 8, 20:04 minutes into the series.

  • Bamuel Sayden • 8yr ago

    A starter base: hermitcraft edition (aka most people’s dream base).

    • Ian Schrock
      Ian Schrock Year ago


    • explotion2000Tap
      explotion2000Tap Year ago

      @notanintern oh yea...

    • Ahmed
      Ahmed Year ago +1

      @Slurp let's see a Larry you can build

    • Dragonbro 186
      Dragonbro 186 Year ago +4

      Dream base:hermitcraft edition(aka mega builds that seem to be able to be built in creative)

    • stefan broers
      stefan broers Year ago

      @explotion2000Tap its part of his username

  • iceemia
    iceemia 11 months ago +15

    Scar: like the moon crashed onto the planet
    Me: ....
    Scar knew the whole time!

  • Cameron Grondzki
    Cameron Grondzki Year ago +252

    who wants to tell Scar he's just a player controlled Wandering Trader

  • Tobirama Uchiha
    Tobirama Uchiha Year ago +116

    A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to-
    Scar Tzu, The Hermit of Craft.

  • Alice Babb
    Alice Babb Year ago +23

    Man, I love scar so much. He's just has so much fun in everything he does and it's so wonderful and wholesome

  • Haz4ler
    Haz4ler Year ago +88

    "This is my last act of wizardry" i don't know why. That one just hit...

  • Superbux45
    Superbux45 Year ago +41

    I’m expecting to see a whole lot of trains this season, because as you said, this season is all STEAMPUNK.

  • Excalibear
    Excalibear Year ago +86

    I can see you building tiny hats on the other Hermits' bases.

  • Lorilú
    Lorilú 11 months ago +11

    "Like if the moon crashed on the planet!"

  • iJevin
    iJevin Year ago +4273

    Really looking forward to your builds this season!

    • lexie
      lexie Year ago

      Hi Dude @iJevin

    • Aiden
      Aiden Year ago

      @ᗩYTOᗩᗪ hIJevin

    • DoingwithDave
      DoingwithDave Year ago

      Mumbo: gets a heart from scar
      IJevin : am I a joke to you?

    • AngelofGrace96
      AngelofGrace96 Year ago

      Bioshock infinite island sounds like such a cool idea!

    • GacktheZyborg
      GacktheZyborg Year ago

      Thats everyone :-)

  • Kate M
    Kate M Year ago +17

    Tiny hats are called fascinators, and I'm fascinated to see the progression of Tycoon Scar and his army of wagons!

  • Arianna Luce
    Arianna Luce Year ago +9

    Scar, Grian and Mumbo will always be friends 😂

  • Quizilot
    Quizilot Year ago +6

    Most people when a mob picks up their gear: "That's annoying, now I need to kill it to get my gear back."
    Scar: "I'll make it more powerful!"

  • Leadona
    Leadona Year ago +17

    Scar: Do u wanna touch his thing over there? Its really fun.
    Mumbo: I mean are we allowed to, am i allowed to touch the thing now?
    Scar: I did :D
    Grian: No u are not allowed to touch the thing.
    Mumbo: xD
    Scar: Yes we are touching the thing! We are here to touch the thing, here touch the thing.

  • Allie R.
    Allie R. Year ago +1574

    Scar: *Builds insane giant “starter” base in the first episode*
    Also Scar: *Doesnt have diamonds yet*

    • spectator07
      spectator07 Year ago

      @Ender Creeper lol, but it's secret no more because s7 end.

    • Edwardbrown
      Edwardbrown Year ago +2

      P R I O R I T I E S

    • Nukclear
      Nukclear Year ago +1

      @spectator07 …

    • spectator07
      spectator07 Year ago +4

      @Nukclear it wasn't poultry man. it was part of grian challenge recieved from mumbo as the door stealer.

    • Nukclear
      Nukclear Year ago +5

      @Dutch Plan Der Linde XD

  • Crystal Dazz
    Crystal Dazz Year ago +32

    Scar, you need a vehicle called the "Good Times Services Car" with GoodTimesServiceScar

  • Meowth
    Meowth Year ago +29

    The therapist: Bdubs' evil laugh isn't real, it can't hurt you
    Bdubs' evil laugh: 2:58

  • Redstone Monster
    Redstone Monster 11 months ago +6

    09:32 Grian: "this is it, the northest north"
    Scar: "oh, I love the northesty northest" lol, this is my favorite part. Scar is so cute.

  • Tone
    Tone Year ago +10

    The Lanbo really reminds me of Howl’s Moving Castle, can’t wait to see how well this season goes!

  • Ruru
    Ruru Year ago +17

    it’s really weird and cool to just hear distant idle chatter bc of the voice mod. that would never be possible on a vc

  • Steven Allman
    Steven Allman Year ago +10

    I love watching all the hermits perspectives on the same adventure.

  • Cameron Edminster
    Cameron Edminster Year ago +22

    I love how scar is just casuly talking with a arrow in his eye

  • TakeDownTheLights
    TakeDownTheLights Year ago +9

    LOVE the bioshock inspired build plan. Cant wait to see Scar’s take on that style.

  • Sbeev
    Sbeev Year ago +2834

    WOAH I wasn't expecting Season 8 this soon - this is awesome!

  • JumJummus
    JumJummus Year ago +5

    When ever I find myself feeling sad or down, Scar's seemingly never ending optimism and amazing attitude never fails to cheer me up.

  • Kaori_Hyacinthus
    Kaori_Hyacinthus Year ago +3

    Real howls moving castle vibes with that build, it's incredible Scar! I really can't wait for more ^.^

  • rain!!
    rain!! 11 months ago +4

    scar: like the moon crashed on the planet!
    everyone after season 8's ending:

  • Ethan Smith
    Ethan Smith Year ago +21

    Scar: I’m a business tycoon who will rule the world and rides on a wagon
    Me: Wow I thought monopoly mountain blew up and I’m pretty sure it didn’t have wherls

  • Maou Zamiel
    Maou Zamiel Year ago +650

    Scar should build tiny hats on everyone's bases that made fun of his tiny hat.

    • Makena Forest
      Makena Forest Year ago +1

      @Boyo_rulz you cant see a comments dislikes

    • Boyo_rulz
      Boyo_rulz Year ago

      No dislikes, as it should be

    • No
      No Year ago +3

      Aight we need to like this so he'll see it sooner than later

    • LittleHat
      LittleHat Year ago +5

      I agree with this sentiment

    • Tess Napiñas
      Tess Napiñas Year ago +8

      i think scars tidious adorable hat is cute, it fits into scars personality ^w^

  • Jonathan Wutka
    Jonathan Wutka Year ago +64

    POV: It's your third time watching the same clips because you have made he rounds watching like 6 other hermits' videos already

  • Stephanie O. Santos
    Stephanie O. Santos Year ago +2

    I loved everything about this episode: the deaths, the laughs, the super cute tiny hat, the awesome wagon/boat house, Scar totally ignoring Grian cause he got too distracted with the Dragon's egg... You're amazing, dude! I just hope you don't forget about the swordskeleman. And the murder llama that pull your house deserves a cool name too!

  • ZubatMan _
    ZubatMan _ Year ago +3

    I like how all the hermits starter bases are us(the viewers) definition of a dream base

  • InfernoTitan115
    InfernoTitan115 Year ago +5

    Finally had a chance to sit down and watch this. Every time I see you time lapse something like your new starter base, you truly inspire me to strive to build better, and be more creative while doing so. I truly fell in love with your channel last season during the Big Dig project, and can't wait to see this season play out! Best of luck to your endeavors, Scar, and may the sun forever shine upon your lands.

  • KITH808
    KITH808 Year ago +182

    The fact that Scar built that first episode shows how amazing and dedicated the hermits are. Amazing build and episode!

  • Zephyr
    Zephyr Year ago +3

    I love how the montage showed Scar mining Redstone when I dont think he built anything with redstone even once during Season 7.

  • Jussi Raitoniemi
    Jussi Raitoniemi Year ago +12

    Grian is the guy who says, "we can't have nice things" when people prank each other 😂

  • Daniel Hale
    Daniel Hale Year ago +2

    I feel like a slime block launcher would be an appropriate mechanism for entry into a steampunk build

  • Respect Real Person
    Respect Real Person Year ago +4

    Scar, "Truly Amazing."
    Me, "Yep, your season 8 episode 1 everything is truly amazing!"

  • pernickely
    pernickely Year ago +855

    Scar: imma build a wagon
    Me: oh, that'll be a cute lil starter base
    Scar: *proceeds to make the coolest steampunk futuristic wagon i've ever seen

    • Kacper Drabikowski
      Kacper Drabikowski Year ago +4

      Well, he DID cut down an entire dark oak forest for profit in 3rd Life... Seems he watched all those animatics of Mycelium War with him being Once-ler and decided "Why not?"

    • Onder Erol
      Onder Erol Year ago

      SO TRUE

    • Benny Northeast
      Benny Northeast Year ago +7

      He was starting from a little wagon to build an empire. I've never seen Scar and the Once-ler in the same room... So....

    • SpaceFlye
      SpaceFlye Year ago +6

      @CamTheTendie for real, he took it way over the top. I like it.

    • CamTheTendie
      CamTheTendie Year ago +14

      I’ll be honest, I thought it would be just a huge westward expansion wagon 😅

  • Jacque Garza
    Jacque Garza Year ago +3

    This is my first time watching a Scar season from the start!! so excited!!

  • Kyle Blake
    Kyle Blake Year ago +1

    Scar’s epic starter base looks like it could have come from Howl’s Moving Castle! A wonderful first episode to season 8. What’s delight!!

  • Jack Van Schaik
    Jack Van Schaik Year ago +1

    I really enjoy how you start the seasons Scar. This time was so trippy, you're so awesome at making videos.

  • Ashley Cody
    Ashley Cody Year ago +1

    Great start to the season! I'm excited to see all the cool builds. Such a Howls Moving Castle vibe. It would be cool to see more Ghibli like builds. You're awesome Scar!

  • TheMisterGege1
    TheMisterGege1 Year ago +789

    “A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.” 🧙‍♂️

  • Perseus_08
    Perseus_08 Year ago +2

    Scar you are absolutely amazing and make my day whenever you upload. You are always so wholesome

  • Hansel Finn
    Hansel Finn Year ago +1

    Season 7 feels realy short but i think it's a good thing especially when this update is so amazing

  • Benjamin D.
    Benjamin D. Year ago +1

    Can't wait to see what you do this season! You're always an inspiration to me. Keep it up!

  • TheMaraca
    TheMaraca Year ago +1

    "A wizard arrives precisely when he means too"
    I'm gonna miss Wizard Scar and his magic.

  • Fafau06
    Fafau06 Year ago +515

    "A Wizard is never late, nor is he early.
    He arrives precisely when he means too" - Scardalf

  • Medium Jimmy
    Medium Jimmy Year ago +1

    I’m so excited to watch a new season as you’re recording it 💜 I’m new so I’ve been watching all your old videos 😅
    Ps this video came out on my birthday. Best gift ever.

  • Babayaga
    Babayaga Year ago +1

    Scar: does to multiple skeletons in a row.
    Also scar: precedes to let the skeleton spider free and give another skeleton a full set of armor

  • Samay Ghosh
    Samay Ghosh Year ago +1

    And this is how the boatem started!!
    It's so nostalgic to be back at EP 1

  • ItsUnpug
    ItsUnpug Year ago +16

    I love how some people wasn’t wearing a helmet like it’s third life

  • Trollege Eldritch Lord Of Horror

    The last season was so fun. Can't wait for the madness waiting for everyone this season

  • Sarthak Malhotra
    Sarthak Malhotra Year ago +2

    Grian thinking of doing war in the first 5 minutes of the season. Scar actually doing one. I love this man.

  • Oktavius
    Oktavius Year ago +1

    excited to see what comes of this season scar!

  • George Hunt
    George Hunt 10 months ago +2

    "Like the moon crashed on the planet" scar is still a wizard

  • That Person
    That Person 11 months ago +4

    20:04 “like the moon crashed on the planet”
    Oh no, he didn’t realize what he said

  • Jacob Parr
    Jacob Parr Year ago +1

    When Scar and Bdubs are together I can’t help but laugh

  • Cade
    Cade Year ago +3

    Hey I was normally just a Mumbo and Grian hermitcraft watcher but i decided
    to start watching
    And GeminiTay

  • Drawings And Things

    2:53 "It's a new season Scar, you're the little guy now." *pillager laughing*
    The seasons just begun but this is already my favorite quote

  • SizTS
    SizTS Year ago +1

    Your interactions with the other Hermits persuaded me to check out Hermitcraft on your channel. You have my sub!

  • Emma Rounsville
    Emma Rounsville Year ago

    The vibes from season 8 are already incredibly fun!! This is gonna be a great one, I know it!

  • Garry Lisle
    Garry Lisle Year ago +1

    I’ve watched all of grians and mumbos vids so far and it nice to see another perspective of you meeting them in the ocean . I’m going to enjoy this. You’re an amazing builder and entertainer . Definitely earnt a sub 👍

  • Alexandra Bauer
    Alexandra Bauer Year ago

    Loving all the fun shenanigans!! Can't wait to see what transpires this season!!

  • Татьяна Козина
    Татьяна Козина 10 months ago +2

    Ok, it's settled. Scar definetly has a prediction powers. In the begining of season 7 he said he will be the richest man of the server - and boom, he became mayor of shopping district. Now he is talking to Bdubs about Moon falling on the earth. Well, we all know how this season ended 🤣
    Scar, you really are a magician!

  • Pixelcraftian
    Pixelcraftian Year ago +1048

    This sure was a good time with Scar!

    DALLISA EGGERS 8 months ago +1

    20:02 I'm rewatching this after season nine started and I'm realizing that scar predicted the future. The season ended with the moon crashing down onto the planet.

  • squeakerboodle
    squeakerboodle 11 months ago

    Scar's ability to laugh at anything always cheers me up!

  • Saad
    Saad Year ago +1

    I downloaded the world download and scar was right, walking through the magical village really does put a smile on your face. :D

  • Shane Lee
    Shane Lee Year ago +1

    Can we just appreciate the wizard portal editing!

  • Metricate
    Metricate Year ago +1842

    10/10 for that intro!

  • Stephen J. Lazotte
    Stephen J. Lazotte Year ago +1

    This is an Ah-Mayzin' start to the season, Scar! I also half-expected that when you panned out from the build at the end, that your voice would also trail off with the lowest audio "...Scarrrred for life!", as a joke with the proximity mod.

  • Blake DeLong
    Blake DeLong Year ago +1

    About the Lambo, you had to get onto the island SOMEHOW! Having it be part boat part wagon is actually pretty impressive. Of course it wasn’t on purpose, but still. Point stands.

  • FinnishSpotter
    FinnishSpotter 11 months ago +3

    scar with bdubs: "so like the moon crashed on this planet?" oh yes it did

  • Mark Swan
    Mark Swan 10 months ago +4

    Scar: ...like the moon crashed on the planet

  • Mrunal Kalkonde
    Mrunal Kalkonde Year ago

    I am hyped to see what new and crazy creations this genius is going to create

  • Samus maximus
    Samus maximus 8 months ago +2

    "Like the moon crashed into the earth" foreshadowing.

  • Brendon Oliver
    Brendon Oliver Year ago +1

    Scar, you never cease to amaze me. i was just sitting here ready to sit down with my crunchy snack ad watch you join the new server and outta nowhere you hit me with that beautiful portal transition into season 8. that was so satisfying

  • KingNothin
    KingNothin Year ago

    GREAT idea with more wagons comin off the back. maybe even a "SuperSmelter" engine wagon.

  • A duck with a YouTube channel

    So, if Cleo found the geode, wouldn’t that make it a… Cleode?

    • Aaronboy
      Aaronboy Year ago


    • Nukclear
      Nukclear Year ago +2

      Sigh. Are one of you secretly chuggaaconroy?

    • SMB superfan
      SMB superfan Year ago +19

      Perhaps. Does xsisuma playing as an axolotl make him an… X-olotl?

  • Paladin Ash
    Paladin Ash Year ago

    The base looks like something straight out of mortal engines! Its really cool!

  • Duckierleader 47
    Duckierleader 47 Year ago +1

    Super excited to have you all so close to each other with proximity chat! We already know this season is gona be packed with shananigans❤️❤️

  • Ayden Jacko
    Ayden Jacko Year ago

    Scar's starter base reminds me of Howl's moving castle, as a suggestion you could have a little staircase like in the movie. or not. still I really like this build. very well done :)