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People think Apple should kill this next!

  • Published on Jan 19, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Apple's killed many of their unpopular products, but what should they kill next? #shorts
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  • germani gameing
    germani gameing 2 months ago +10151

    Bro really wanted apple to kill off laptops ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

    • The Engineering Nerd
      The Engineering Nerd Day ago

      @sadman hoque she is a thumbnail artist. And use apple.

    • The Engineering Nerd
      The Engineering Nerd Day ago

      @Dread1 she an apple user tho.

    • Eduardo Robledo
      Eduardo Robledo 9 days ago


    • SaVaGePaNdA
      SaVaGePaNdA 16 days ago

      Apple's first successful home computer was the original Macintosh, (aka the Macintosh Classic) announced in 1984 and to this very day, the humble Macintosh is one of Apple's best selling computers next to Microsoft's Windows XP, released in the late 1990's and evolved in the 2000's and today as well.

  • Selbor Robles
    Selbor Robles 2 months ago +3305

    Sometimes I want Apple to listen to the customers. And then I see this and I’m glad that they don’t care.

    • J. Quam
      J. Quam 6 days ago


    • Saihara Ren
      Saihara Ren 9 days ago

      I’m pretty sure this is satire though

    • Ahmed35Gaming
      Ahmed35Gaming 13 days ago

      @TvNuke it’s okay bro they don’t know the ways to customize iPhones

    • Grey Hunter
      Grey Hunter 17 days ago +1

      So you want Apple to kill everything and not kill everything all at the same time? Cause, and I know this might be a strange concept to you, but not everyone thinks the same way and wants the same thing as you.

    • iyoe
      iyoe 20 days ago +1

      To be fair, everyone has different opinions that divide the customer base. 😅 Got some unpopular ones I would like as an option on all my devices.

  • P3akerNearASpeaker
    P3akerNearASpeaker Month ago +1926

    If they remove Face ID I’m gonna slap that guy.

    • The Engineering Nerd
      The Engineering Nerd Day ago

      @Lucky Clutch ud fps is just better. Admit it.

    • The Engineering Nerd
      The Engineering Nerd Day ago

      @Len lmao it was so horrible during the lockdown. And without picking up the device.

    • Thtn66arsc
      Thtn66arsc Day ago

      Everybody saying their face has to be at a certain angle is lying my phone pretty much unlocks anytime I look at it, or in the general direction of it

    • MangoMemeMan
      MangoMemeMan Day ago

      @Lucky Clutch what? u been writing paragraphs that nobody read

    • Jen Elizabeth
      Jen Elizabeth Day ago

      Agree, bc Touch ID you leave fingerprints residue it won’t read your fingerprint

  • dtemp132
    dtemp132 2 months ago +4040

    Anthony and Sarah had the best answers. 13” MBP shouldn’t exist any more, and neither should first gen pencil.

    • FizzyCape
      FizzyCape 7 days ago

      @Vladimir Mikhailov the 13 pro IS good, but its not a meaningful upgrade from the air. It bridges a gap that doesnt need to be bridged. just stick to the air and higher end pros

    • orchid
      orchid 13 days ago +2

      Bro, I think 13” MBP is the coolest one bc of the Touch Bar. I’m actually sad that the 14” and 16” don’t have it.

    • Pee
      Pee 23 days ago

      @Vera It’s the fact u can charge both at the same time too, she was completely wrong 😭

    • Pee
      Pee 23 days ago

      I got an old iPad, I’d have to buy a whole new one for the 2nd gen 😭 I actually love 1st gen apple pen

    • Нетипичный Хейтер
      Нетипичный Хейтер Month ago

      @Vera , it’s not even about the fact that you have to charge this crap whilst you don’t have to charge second gen pencil, but the fact that you charge it via inserting it in an ipad. it’s exposed to any accidental graze which can break it and possibly ipad too. Besides, you can’t even charge it from ipad 10 without extra cables

  • Samuel Lundy
    Samuel Lundy Month ago +150

    Now I know why Apple doesn’t listen to the customer💀💀💀good lord those were some bad opinions

    • A Polar Bear
      A Polar Bear 2 days ago +2

      @janska what more can they add to homescreen customization? Rn you can change the background, add widgets, make folders, hide apps, and change the app covers. I feel like that’s as good as it gets.

    • janska
      janska 6 days ago +1

      the 1. gen Apple pencil, homecreen customisation thing were good imo

  • Coolkidd tree leee
    Coolkidd tree leee Month ago +123

    She wanted to kill off laptops, but she’s using one right now

  • HectorinGele
    HectorinGele 2 months ago +1113

    Never let these people speak their opinions

    • Nolan Nosike
      Nolan Nosike 11 hours ago

      @CDG not wit Face ID

    • CDG
      CDG 16 days ago

      @Jake yeah i like touch ID. I think iPhone 12 mini and SE were both similar in price but i opted for the SE purely for touch ID because Face ID.

    • Jake
      Jake 16 days ago +2

      Touch ID > Face ID.
      With my Samsung phone, I'm already on my homescreen by the time I bring my phone out of my pocket. Can't do that with an iPhone.

    • CDG
      CDG 26 days ago

      @Daniel Braaten while you’re asleep I can unlock your phone with both

    • slm
      slm Month ago

      ​@IMIBUKS well yes, but than you result into touching your screen anyways, so why not an on screen finger id?

  • Tanmay Arora
    Tanmay Arora Month ago +121

    Moral of the video: Always listening to customers is NOT a great idea

    • Its Zify
      Its Zify Month ago +1

      Also yes laptop girl stupid, laptops are awesome

    • Its Zify
      Its Zify Month ago

      @Tanmay Arora then specify ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Tanmay Arora
      Tanmay Arora Month ago

      @Its Zify Here I am talking about that laptop girl

    • Its Zify
      Its Zify Month ago +2

      So youre telling me that you like the 1st gen apple pencil

    • M4TTYN
      M4TTYN Month ago +2

      Shouldn't listen to apple either of all companies who is anti consumer and repair as hell though like what!

  • EdFed
    EdFed Month ago +7

    Now I remember why I stopped caring about what phone/brand I have. People really pick a side and make it their life's goal to defend it to the death.

  • TronTrek
    TronTrek 2 months ago +841

    I want both Face ID and Touch ID. Sometimes Face ID is way better, i.e. the cold and wet hands. Other times Touch ID is better for instance when I am laying down Face ID refuses to recognize my face.

    • DBGMLV
      DBGMLV 11 days ago

      I agree. Keep FaceID, integrate TouchID in the power button, like my gfs Galaxy Flip 3 has.

    • FirecatHD
      FirecatHD Month ago


    • Just a weeb
      Just a weeb Month ago

      @Batrachotomus Kupferzellensis then how would you unlock your phone with gloves

    • Thewaterspirit57
      Thewaterspirit57 Month ago

      iPhones have been water resistant for ages :X
      Also wipe them wet hand down anyway.

    • M4TTYN
      M4TTYN Month ago

      More options are good yes but apple doesn't like options.

    [PROFILE REDACTED] 18 days ago +20

    Everyone in that office is clinically insane

  • SwingingChoke
    SwingingChoke Month ago +3

    Steve Jobs would be so furious with apples current “way too many” products selection.

  • ArnoldsK
    ArnoldsK 2 months ago +740

    The girl that wanted laptops gone probably has never worked with anything that requires... an actual computer.

    • Gurosama Bltch
      Gurosama Bltch 8 days ago

      @jomsart I'm really curious what kind of work you do. I don't think anyone who actually does computer work would ever say that.

    • Rick Anapaz
      Rick Anapaz 8 days ago

      @Qwerty the problem is that Ipads are drawn back by both software and size
      that´s a Macbook air is better than an Ipad for example

    • Qwerty
      Qwerty 9 days ago

      @Rick Anapaz iPad Pro M2: yes yes, a MacBook Air M1 is way faster yes yes of course

    • Niko
      Niko 11 days ago

      @Pandazsleeping I wouldn’t like to get things done without a big monitor, keyboard and mouse lol

    • Pandazsleeping
      Pandazsleeping 11 days ago

      All computers are becoming pointless due to phones getting so powerful

  • Josh Mustillo
    Josh Mustillo Month ago +114

    Face ID is so good, they definitely do it the best.

    • Nihal Jackson
      Nihal Jackson 7 days ago

      @Justin Leahy touchid

    • Justin Leahy
      Justin Leahy 7 days ago

      @Nihal Jackson so do you use touch id? or just a passcode?

    • Nihal Jackson
      Nihal Jackson 12 days ago

      @O.K. -Oll Korrect or Ole Kurreck that's not how it works, you're not volunteering to record your face as data in the device

    • O.K. -Oll Korrect or Ole Kurreck
      O.K. -Oll Korrect or Ole Kurreck 12 days ago

      @Nihal Jackson they can simply use the camera if they want your face

    • Nihal Jackson
      Nihal Jackson 12 days ago

      @O.K. -Oll Korrect or Ole Kurreck how do you know a backdoor can be installed at any time

  • Ralph S
    Ralph S Month ago +3

    The home menu does need a revamp and to let us customize it

  • byGDur
    byGDur 2 months ago +12

    The lightning cable is the most obvious choice imo

  • Give me a welkin moon
    Give me a welkin moon 15 days ago +1

    Last woman doesn't know that you can charge the 1st gen pencil with the included adaptor with a normal lightning cable

  • Pablo Gonzalez
    Pablo Gonzalez 5 days ago

    I love my Touch Bar Mac. So convenient when I’m writing lots of notes. As well as video editing is much more convenient to precisely trim video and audio

  • HicTurbaEst
    HicTurbaEst 2 months ago +567

    Controversial opinion: The Touch Bar was fcking epic.

    • Chris Darley
      Chris Darley Month ago

      @Jsterbeast how does it utilise logic?

    • Heriberto Sarmiento
      Heriberto Sarmiento Month ago +1

      My friend has one and is so good for video scrubbing

    • Aaron Dolan
      Aaron Dolan Month ago

      Yes people only hate it because the internet says they should!

    • Bryan Martin
      Bryan Martin Month ago

      It is fantastic, you just need to find the perfect use for it.

    • smzda
      smzda Month ago

      That’s not controversial at all. It is amazing. You never have to watch an ad on anything ever.

  • crazyerrorstuff
    crazyerrorstuff 4 days ago

    this channel is the only bit of hope left for linus

    BIGGA BABY 18 days ago

    “It needs to be different. It’s the worst” 😂

  • Kai Vrox
    Kai Vrox 2 months ago +1017

    Magic mouse (at least a redesign)

    • TvNuke
      TvNuke Month ago

      @Ruly Ardiansyah I mean it’s not like it takes 2 hours to charge it literally takes a few minutes to fully charge

    • Tim Wiesler
      Tim Wiesler Month ago

      @James Reno And who cares? I use it over 8 hours a day and I love it

    • Frank
      Frank Month ago

      @James Reno I have. Never had problems like that. I can easily rest me hand on it. That flat design is the worst thing about it but for me it works well. I’d like to test that case for it though. Can’t remember the name.
      My main mouse is MX Master but Mighty Mouse goes with me in my laptop case. That is where the flat design is a positive thing.

    • James Reno
      James Reno Month ago

      ​@Frank Have you used it for extended periods? It's terrible because you can't rest your fingers on it without it thinking you're trying to right-click because it's capacitive touch-based. It's also quite flat with no palm support

    • seven
      seven 2 months ago +1

      ​@Ruly Ardiansyah nah they're just aware that left-handed people exist

  • CuppaV2
    CuppaV2 10 days ago

    Bro wants a customizable menu but the dots aren't connecting apparently. I'm sure he knows exactly what the solution is

  • nefty018
    nefty018 Month ago

    What needs to come back is the headphone Jack so we can charge and use headphones at the same time again.

  • Developer
    Developer 2 months ago +325

    I want them to get rid of high prices 😂

    • Brad Haines
      Brad Haines Month ago

      @Marcin theres a lot more to that than you think. for instance in the US the tax is added at the register, europe has it in the price. so thats like 10-15% depending where you live. plus the logistics of shipping, makes sense yours is more expensive

    • X3KO
      X3KO Month ago +1

      Absolutely the best answer. Kill high prices (keep the cheap prices like m2 mini but def kill the high prices like the prices they charge for ram and storage upgrades)

    • Zeth Loveless
      Zeth Loveless 2 months ago +2

      @Marcin so just take a trip somewhere buy one then go home 🤣. Jk jk

    • Marcin
      Marcin 2 months ago +2

      @Michael Timpsonthey need to lower prices outside of US, in some European countries iPhone pro max can cost over $2000

    • Naufal F
      Naufal F 2 months ago

      @Anakin Skywalker iPad 10 gen not ipad pro lol

  • Kalvin Dick
    Kalvin Dick 4 days ago

    That crazy lady that said no laptop is definitely a only child

  • Lama
    Lama 7 days ago +1

    You can customize it, but it's a difficult time consuming process of making a shit ton of Siri shortcuts

  • Andrew Sampson
    Andrew Sampson 2 months ago +358

    I like Anthony's reasoning, it makes much more sense than kill all laptops

  • GameThrone2077
    GameThrone2077 Month ago +2

    I rlly hope Apple doesn’t do any of these things, I want there to be a lower end touchbar MacBook Pro with the standard M series chip

  • pilotEJE
    pilotEJE Month ago +1

    "I want to actually be able to customize my menu" Android has WAYY more customization for the home menu ☠️

  • Tanner
    Tanner 2 months ago +293

    Lightning cable is over a decade old using two-decade old technology 😂

    • Jordan
      Jordan 2 months ago +3

      ​@Topher Caesar wired charging is significantly faster than wireless

    • ‍
       2 months ago +1

      @Micah Furse USB-IF created usb-c, and thunderbolt is both Intel + Apple

    • Ruby_LoveYT
      Ruby_LoveYT 2 months ago +1

      @Topher Caesar It would hurt the independent repair companies or even Apples own repair shops. They often use the charging port to test if it is receiving any power.
      Better to switch to USB-C then remove the charging port because of that (but that is just my opinion on that situation)

  • Vasanth Mohan
    Vasanth Mohan Month ago

    A detachable 2-in-1 mac sounds awesome

  • Hydrodictyon
    Hydrodictyon Month ago

    As someone who actually lives in a cold country, I can say one thing for sure: the face ID killer is a tinfoil hat guy.
    Face ID is so fucking good when your hands are in gloves (which is, apparently, 6 to 9 month for us here₽

  • Chopin124
    Chopin124 2 months ago +415

    Sarah with the best opinion x) that pencil is a monstrosity…

    • Just Some Guy
      Just Some Guy Month ago +2

      But... without the 1st gen Apple Pencil I wouldn't have been able to tell that my desk slants by a quarter of a degree.

    • James Reno
      James Reno Month ago

      ​@BoscoStick They should just kill it and make a lightning charger adapter so you can use the new Pencil with the old iPads

    • Fatal
      Fatal 2 months ago

      @The Game Dragonwhich one?

    • tyaty
      tyaty 2 months ago

      It is only solid because older style iPad-s are not compatible with Pencil 2.

    • milanfan81
      milanfan81 2 months ago +1

      Logitech Crayon ftw... Had it for my lightning mini 5 and it still compatible with my usb-c mini 6

  • Travis Edrington
    Travis Edrington Month ago

    I need them to keep Face ID because I have damaged fingers and fingerprint readers do not work.

  • thavolk84
    thavolk84 Month ago +1

    These people clearly don’t know what they’re talking about. Thank you Apple for listening to yourself.

  • GodlyK
    GodlyK 2 months ago +265

    Does anyone remember a thing called 3D touch? Apple seriously should bring back this feature. It's just hundred times better than the haptic touch, espectially moving the cursor while typing.😕

    • Gloween
      Gloween 2 months ago

      @Wiggy! I’m on xs max and 3d touch is present in settings and working.
      Edit: IOS 16.2

    • Sophie macquet
      Sophie macquet 2 months ago

      @Wiggy! not for everything. You can still use it for multitasking and playing games. Apple never disabled 3D touch functionalities

    • Wiggy!
      Wiggy! 2 months ago

      @Gloween It is not, unfortunately. They completely removed force touch as of a couple iOS’s ago, even on older devices.

    • Wiggy!
      Wiggy! 2 months ago

      @Sophie macquet It is disabled in software, unfortunately. Even on my 6s, which has a pressure sensing screen, a hard press does nothing. They disguise it by making long presses seem like hard presses, but if you gently rest your finger on something, it will behave the same as if you pressed hard.

    • Shaurya Awashti
      Shaurya Awashti 2 months ago

      @SamMcPie must've been a slight game changer tbh

  • AL4
    AL4 13 days ago +1

    they literally add adapter to the first gen apple pencil to charge it with normal cable

  • iBrowneye 126
    iBrowneye 126 21 hour ago

    Never ever kill Face ID, that’s the best!

  • Brandon Grant
    Brandon Grant 2 months ago +220

    I remember thinking Face ID would be a huge downgrade from Touch ID, and then I started using it and realized that I no longer have to worry about frequently cleaning the touch sensor just to get it to read my fingerprint… I would welcome the addition of Touch ID under the screen, but don’t remove Face ID.

    • iwannalaugh
      iwannalaugh Month ago

      Wild that I never experienced that and all I was using was an iPhone 6 not even one of the later versions. Pro tip! Keep your pinky as one of the fingerprints because you’ve got to be really messing around for your pinkies to be dirty 😃

    • keep it clean
      keep it clean Month ago

      You can set your fingerprint multiple times. The more you have of the same type the more likely it is to recognise your print.

    • TheOneAndi
      TheOneAndi Month ago

      i never cleaned my touch sensor and my touch sensor under my screens works even with dirty/wet fingers and i never need more then 2-3 trys. most of the time it unlocks while im grabing it and its ready to use^^

    • Simoxs7
      Simoxs7 Month ago

      I absolutely hated touch ID, sometimes my finger was too dry or too moist then tthe sensor was dirty, I honestly don’t understand how anyone liked it…

    • Amir Torhan
      Amir Torhan Month ago

      As an android and iPad Pro user face ID is so frustrating sometimes. Just give us a fucking touch ID ffs that actually work all the time.

  • NotMyName
    NotMyName Month ago

    Even when talking about killing something, Sarah is smiling. Pls bring back her to some full videos!

  • ArgueWithDont
    ArgueWithDont Month ago

    Imagine constantly buying product after product from a company and continuously being disappointed...yet you continue to buy products from the company. Apple people are the definition of insanity.

  • Spencer Kraisler
    Spencer Kraisler 2 months ago +311

    Touch ID is no where near as good as Face ID on the iPhone

    • Aaquib Attawala
      Aaquib Attawala Month ago

      @Air Freshener I have a Xs it only works with iPhone 12 and Up

    • Air Freshener
      Air Freshener Month ago

      @Aaquib Attawala if you choose, it can scan your face even with a face mask

    • Air Freshener
      Air Freshener Month ago

      @Boku no Sekai it makes their phones even more expensive than before, leading to complaints about how apple decided to put a useless feature in and make the iphones cost more

    • Air Freshener
      Air Freshener Month ago

      @Strangely Ironic iphones scan the infrared light, basically giving it night-vision

    • Air Freshener
      Air Freshener Month ago

      @Bc Az same thing with my huawei p smart 2019, i decided to go with face id and touch id but it completely wiped the fingerprint scanner off and made me question my decision

  • Alyssa Mazlan
    Alyssa Mazlan Month ago

    I honestly like both ID’s. If they could combine both then it would be better. We could choose to use either one way to open.
    The most annoying part about face id, is when you’re not even using your phone but it turns on and automatically scans only to not find your face. Then the next time you use it you’ll have to resort to typing the passcode again. Touch id is annoying because it doesn’t always detect the thumbprint and its kinda of a hassle to ensure the fingers are completely dry before opening
    Though touch id is more subtle than face id. I could immediately open my phone without having the teacher looking at me weirdly as I try but fail to get the camera to acknowledge my face.

  • Der Silvesterkarpfen
    Der Silvesterkarpfen Month ago +1

    For the pen, there is a adapter for charging it with a lightning cable

  • MCPilot1201
    MCPilot1201 2 months ago +5

    I'm still shocked at how many people don't know about the adapter that CAME WITH the 1st gen pencil that allows you to charge it separately.

  • 2k_AdrianDaGoat
    2k_AdrianDaGoat 28 days ago

    Bro said Touch ID is better than Face ID 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • topgamer1000
    topgamer1000 Month ago

    "You only need one camera" I agree I don't even know how to enable the other cameras

  • Prophet-Ray
    Prophet-Ray 2 months ago +258

    They need to add back the Finger print reader on the side and give us both. A Choice of the FaceId or FP. 🙏

    • 10Meisterbälle
      10Meisterbälle 2 months ago

      As much as I would love that, it’s never gonna happen.

    • Hause
      Hause 2 months ago +1

      @*BEN BENDY* You can put touch ID under screens but I like face ID more

    • *BEN BENDY*
      *BEN BENDY* 2 months ago

      They want the screen to be bigger thats why they remove touch id

    • Peter Jörgenson
      Peter Jörgenson 2 months ago +1

      Face id works 100% of the time no need to wait or place your finger on some place. Sometimes i even forget i have a lock on my phone becoue its always unlocked when i place my eyes on the screen

    • Prophet-Ray
      Prophet-Ray 2 months ago

      @Hause very much so

  • Villan7h
    Villan7h Month ago +1

    “How am I supposed to charge This and my iPad” - With the charger that’s supplied to you in the box 💀

  • GearsGamer
    GearsGamer Month ago

    I would want them to kill off bad business practices, which includes not really listening to users, not making there software open source, and having a closed ecosystem

  • Sam TropicsTM
    Sam TropicsTM 2 months ago +13

    You know, dont kill the face ID but just bring back also touch id. Having both is better lmao

  • Sithum Wijekoon
    Sithum Wijekoon 16 days ago

    i love my touch bar on my mac, it’s really useful for shortcuts when note taking

  • VG
    VG Month ago

    As a man with Hyperhidrosis I would hate if they’d bring Touch ID back…

  • Derek Huber
    Derek Huber 2 months ago +60

    Big disagree on Touch ID being better than Face ID. As a person with sweaty/clammy hands I needed to wipe both my thumb and home button with my shirt every time I needed to use Touch ID on my older iPhone. Now that I have Face ID it is a godsend.

    • Annelies De Cleyn
      Annelies De Cleyn 2 months ago

      Same here: I have super sweaty hands all the time and Touch ID was such a pain in the ass for me. Face ID Works so much more for me. The inkt thing i dont like with Face ID is that you cant put more faces in. Which was possible with Touch ID. I just think its the best of they put both in so the person can choice What to use of even use both

    • Jordan
      Jordan 2 months ago

      ​@goJesusandStarcraft go and re-register your finger bruh 😭

    • goJesusandStarcraft
      goJesusandStarcraft 2 months ago +2

      @ATMaui that’s 🧢. I have the S22U which uses ultrasonic, and the scanner has like a 60% success rate at best. Always fails after a shower or when hands aren’t perfectly dry. I think even the S10e with the scanner in power button was more reliable than this 💩 under display scanner

    • ATMaui
      ATMaui 2 months ago

      Ultrasonic fingerprint sensors dont care if your finger is underwater, they work 10x better than face id

    • Operanix
      Operanix 2 months ago +9

      Exactly. Face ID works like 99% of the time, Touch ID was awful.

  • Gurosama Bltch
    Gurosama Bltch 8 days ago

    They should just make MacOS as fluid as iPadOS and add basic features like turning off mouse acceleration

  • Lulu
    Lulu Month ago +1

    u actually can charge both the pencil and the ipad at the same time there’s a small piece that comes in the box, that piece can connect to a lightning cable

  • Luka OLD acc
    Luka OLD acc 2 months ago +187

    one of them should‘ve said „kill the magic mouse for its charging design“

    • Andrew
      Andrew Month ago +4

      have you ever used a wireless mouse you charge it once a month for an hour. I could care less where they put the port

    • Corn on jaCob
      Corn on jaCob 2 months ago +2

      Don't even need to specify charging, trying to use it at all is a pain

  • Ryan Wall
    Ryan Wall Month ago

    I want to be able to place app icons wherever I want on the home page. I want my dock to change what’s on it depending on focus mode. I want Touch ID on the power button AND Face ID at the same time.

  • Kade Freeman
    Kade Freeman 4 hours ago

    1st gen Apple Pencil was the most practical answer imo

  • Fernando Monrroy
    Fernando Monrroy 2 months ago +298

    Really? Face ID? I come from an android phone with fingerprint scanner and I thought Face ID would be just a gimmick, but oh boy I was wrong, having everything available without even thinking about it is amazing

    • MarchuxProductions
      MarchuxProductions 2 months ago

      My phone has both, if I only had face id, it'd suck big time.

    • Kyloluma
      Kyloluma 2 months ago

      masks + face id just doesn't like me and never works, no matter how many times i reset it

    • The True Doom Slayer
      The True Doom Slayer 2 months ago

      ​@Isaac Kvasagerno it doesn't.

    • The True Doom Slayer
      The True Doom Slayer 2 months ago

      ​@Yukinoryuface id is more secure than a fingerprint scanner? Ok bud sure. Try my phone.

    • The True Doom Slayer
      The True Doom Slayer 2 months ago

      Face ID is dumb though

  • Jyotiraditya Naik
    Jyotiraditya Naik Month ago

    Bro sneaked a discord mod in 💀

  • mitski
    mitski Month ago

    there is an attachment in the apple pencil box that lets you charge it directly from a cable

  • Ashish Gupta
    Ashish Gupta 2 months ago +103

    These humans are the reason AI will take over us. Period.

    • asdfghyter
      asdfghyter Month ago

      you do know how current generation AIs works, right? by mimicking humans. it’s just going to be the same thing we already have but worse

  • Wezzerm
    Wezzerm Month ago

    I purchased the 2022 MacBook Pro just for the touch bar. Love it

  • Cory Skiseng
    Cory Skiseng Month ago

    I don’t know about killing this product but I want them to move the charging port on the Magic Mouse from the bottom to the side so I could actually charge it and use it at the same time.

  • Mr Jester
    Mr Jester 2 months ago +16

    The cameras aren't necessarily cameras. They're more so lenses to allow you to zoom in crazy far and still have good details.... the cameras actually have a purpose

    • C G
      C G 25 days ago

      So only one camera can’t zoom that much? Wow, news to me.
      I agree that the multiple cameras don’t look good.
      2 cameras looks better imo. I think the whole lineup of iPhone X’s looked great. And I feel like the colored iPhones and Apple products look tacky and cheaper than sleek black white grey gold rose gold and metallic colors.
      The pinks and blues and greens look cheaper.

    • slm
      slm Month ago +1

      And actual cameras also have a purpose. What's your point

    • Jared Connell
      Jared Connell Month ago +3

      So they are cameras...

  • Sean Goulden
    Sean Goulden Month ago

    Face ID has been a life saver for ppl who actually work for a living and not play on computers. Touch ID being under the screen tho I’ve never understood why they didn’t run it like that without the button

  • James Gich
    James Gich Month ago

    Apple spends millions to know what majority of customers wants/needs

  • Newt
    Newt 2 months ago +60

    That’s a good point. How did apple fuck up the ability to not give the regular 10th gen ipad 2nd gen support

    • SimonLYW
      SimonLYW 2 months ago +1

      @EliN Back in my day, Apple would release a new version of a product, it would be the best version of the product and they'd proudly announce it being the same price as the previous version. I miss those days.

    • EliN
      EliN 2 months ago

      @Mica White well iPad 10 is supremely better than iPad 9 so I think that’s how the justify the price jump

    • Ariyatat.
      Ariyatat. 2 months ago

      Yeah, If they can’t support the 2nd gen pencil then just don’t change the design at all. I really wouldn’t mind if they don’t change the design, At least it’s better than needing to use dongle to plug from the iPad to the pencil to charge.

    • SimonLYW
      SimonLYW 2 months ago +1

      @Nick B I think you misunderstood my point, "I’m guessing Apple has data which shows the vast majority of standard iPad users don’t use the pencil", they may well have data suggesting the iPad Pro users differ and are more likely to use the pencil than not. The consideration is also of an experience that was generally disliked anyway (charging off the lightning port with the pencil sticking out) vs an experience which was received with positivity (magnetic charging off the side).
      When the 2022 iPad Pro was released a lot of the commentary was wishing for an iPad Pro with the same camera placement as the 10th get iPad Air.
      My guess is that when the Pro is redesigned it will feature a landscape camera and they'll figure out a way to retain the charging coils.
      It's obviously a compromised design, like the notch on the iPhone, but sometimes compromises have to be made.

    • Nick B
      Nick B 2 months ago

      @SimonLYW which is why they made the iPad Pro the same way. Oh, wait...

  • doc B
    doc B 2 months ago

    faceID is 1000x better than touch ID ... never get rid of FaceID.

  • Lukrezia Laval
    Lukrezia Laval 15 days ago

    Absolutely agree on the face and touch id thing. face id is just creepy.

  • Joseph Dickson
    Joseph Dickson 2 months ago +24

    Move the Magic Mouse charging port so it can be used while charging.

    • Bob Ross
      Bob Ross Month ago +1

      Just plug it in when you aren’t using it

  • Iplayvideogames 22
    Iplayvideogames 22 15 days ago

    Bro really wants them to rework the whole springboard

  • Omar Fattal
    Omar Fattal 2 months ago +24

    I want a cheaper MacBook
    Like instead of MacBook Air being the cheapest
    A new model will be 20% cheaper then the air and be called the MacBook, just the base one basically.

    • Omar Fattal
      Omar Fattal 2 months ago +3

      @Daniel Naron That's actually true!!

    • Daniel Naron
      Daniel Naron 2 months ago +8

      The Macbook 12” from 2016 would be amazing if the M1 chip paired with it

  • iMrParker
    iMrParker Month ago

    Besides killing laptops in general, most of these are good ideas

  • Cinogard
    Cinogard Month ago +1

    I get what you mean with the killing off the laptops, but I think a better way of doing it is to just keep the macbooks and put MacOS on the iPads

  • Fractal
    Fractal 2 months ago +5

    she really wanted apple to kill off their best product

    • sas
      sas Month ago +1

      wom*n ☕

  • namelesswalaby
    namelesswalaby Month ago

    I have a feeling faceID reduces unit cost because it doesn’t require additional equipment like touchID does

  • John Robson
    John Robson Month ago

    Face ID is really useful if you wear gloves all day long (for instance if you push a wheelchair all day long)
    Pain in the neck with masks though…

  • Alireza Rajouldezfooly
    Alireza Rajouldezfooly 2 months ago +22

    I would say the base iPad! They should offer the air for the price of the base iPad! Also ,I would hate for faceID to get booted! Touch Id was always a hit or miss, especially if you had sweaty, dirty hands😅!

    • annihilaiser
      annihilaiser 2 months ago +1

      Yeah I can see how office clerks might want to have touchID. I need to unlock my phone in like -30 degree weather sometimes, and most of the time my hands are dirty. Ain't no way I'd be happy with fingerprint scanner.

  • Samitha Goldfish
    Samitha Goldfish Month ago

    She’s gonna flip when she realizes that you can just use two cords

  • Pavlos Pavlou
    Pavlos Pavlou 2 months ago +2

    @Mac Address
    The same i believe also that they should kill the 2 cameras and keep only 1 Great Standard Camera Sensor 48-50MP.
    1. OmniVision OV48C PureCel®Plus-SHDR.
    2. Sony IMX700.
    At least 48MP sensor, 36 mm equivalent f/1.7 -aperture lens, Third Generation Sensor-Shift OIS, Dual Pixel AF.

  • BXu
    BXu 2 months ago +7

    macOS on iPad sounds like a nightmare, as a user of both, they accomplish different tasks for a specific reason 😂 I do not want to use final cut on my iPad 😂 or at least in its current form 😂😂😂
    Also, Face ID works much better now especially now with facemask compatible facial recognition, I wish they bring this onto the iPad.

  • Ray Coleman
    Ray Coleman 18 days ago

    Thank you for MacAddress and also I agree with Anthony they should kill off MacBook Pro and just focus all options into one model.

  • Matatabi
    Matatabi Month ago +1

    Real talk they should really get rid of the lightning cable or engineer something better

  • External3.16
    External3.16 2 months ago +21

    “You can’t charge the Apple Pencil and the iPad at the same time” the adapter that comes in the box that lets you do that: I don’t exist in her reality.

  • Izak’ Photos
    Izak’ Photos Month ago +1

    As a photographer I would gladly welcome a fourth camera as long as it didn’t come at the expense of my other 3

  • AudiLover
    AudiLover Month ago

    Face ID is a lot easier for someone to use to open your phone, just face it at you…

  • Operanix
    Operanix 2 months ago +12

    The person who said get rid of Touch ID and 2 other cameras. WTF
    Something is wrong with them

    • Crow
      Crow 2 months ago


  • Jacinto vera
    Jacinto vera 13 days ago

    bro the last one and the one who wanted laptops removed💀💀💀

  • Paulo Cardoso
    Paulo Cardoso 2 days ago

    Kill the notch. Every phone has one nowadays because Apple unleashed that shit upon us .

  • BBK MotoLove
    BBK MotoLove 2 months ago +53

    I’ll stop using iphone if they get rid of face id. My palms sweat a lot and most of the time touch ids don’t work.

    • NSB
      NSB 2 months ago

      @BBK MotoLove 😂😂

    • BBK MotoLove
      BBK MotoLove 2 months ago +1

      @NSB enga paathaalum😂.

    • NSB
      NSB 2 months ago +1

      @BBK MotoLove Poda poda

    • BBK MotoLove
      BBK MotoLove 2 months ago

      @ADee SHUPA യായായാ ഒകേ

    • ADee SHUPA
      ADee SHUPA 2 months ago

      @BBK MotoLove あっぷ

  • janska
    janska 6 days ago

    Touch ID under the display with good haptics to feel like clicking a button... They definitely know how to do that.
    OR put it into the power button since you're already pressing it anyways

  • Herald
    Herald 8 days ago

    i think camera will be 1 in the future, given physical zoom lens already existed on some android phone

  • issacman18
    issacman18 2 months ago +6

    Dude really wants Face ID gone. It’s gotten 10 times better than it’s inception

  • Vlogs through the pinhole 📸

    "This shouldn't exist!". It's like she's on the hunt for the infinity stones, she already have the gauntlet!😆😅

  • Gamefreak
    Gamefreak Month ago

    The guy with an iPhone that doesn’t know he can move apps and customize his Home Screen 💀

  • Skulls
    Skulls 2 months ago +5

    “Get rid of beats”