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THE NIGHT SHIFT: i flew a foreign instagram model to la

  • Published on May 19, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    on today's episode, we finally meet up with dani torres after months of anticipation, plus we eat some cuban food, catch up with everyone's favorite influencer jeff wittek, bring emily back for round two with adin, and a bunch more. who else is doing it like us right now?!
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    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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  • Jeff Wittek
    Jeff Wittek Year ago +14469

    Bring me to Costa Rica I need this

    • Marcos a
      Marcos a 10 months ago


    • Marcos a
      Marcos a 10 months ago

      I love jeff witek

    • Jazz S
      Jazz S 11 months ago

      @Fresh’s lambo whos nurf gun?

    • Aitchbarz101
      Aitchbarz101 11 months ago

      Mike and jeffs humour together has been great to watch, loving the fact you two are collaborating more 🔥👏
      And killed it on the Jeff fm, than again what is a podcast without mike? 👑

  • Zach Samuel
    Zach Samuel Year ago +9

    Thank you for grinding bro. Even when you’re down, your content makes millions of us happy. Thank you for continuing to make this shit - it selfless and we appreciate it!!!

  • Adi Adk
    Adi Adk Year ago +73

    Bruhh, Jeff and Mike duo seems such a vibe man!! Need more of them two on the Night Shift

  • Bobby
    Bobby Year ago +3

    Hope you doing good mike, keep up the great content!

  • chapelmercury
    chapelmercury Year ago +1

    Love the content mike. Keep up the hard work. Videos like this make my day, hope to see you on the podcast after the fight brother

  • Ahmad Hussain
    Ahmad Hussain Year ago +144

    Low-key need more Jeff and Mike vlogs or some podcast you guys have good ass chemistry

  • Jennifer Seelbinder

    We love you Mike, keep putting out these old content kind of vids. This is the Mike we love!! Clocking out! P.S. ~ keep going, lots of love and support from the ATL.

  • Arlin Moore
    Arlin Moore Year ago +2377

    That girl is so hot if she showed up at my house i would just leave.

    • Clapppuccino
      Clapppuccino 9 months ago

      she's so hot man

    • Newbie 2k
      Newbie 2k 11 months ago

      to hot to handle

    • Abhiram
      Abhiram 11 months ago

      @Lilbenz its given in the video, dani torres or smth

  • Ocarina
    Ocarina 11 months ago

    Love this content keep the good work up mike 👍🏻

  • Mike Herron
    Mike Herron Year ago +1

    This was a great episode. The meet up with Jeff was hilarious 😂

    VEE3RDEYE Year ago +2683

    Jeff is a real friend

    • EL CHAP0 760
      EL CHAP0 760 Year ago +1

      Jeff probably piping out Lana behind the scenes but just says he denies her 😂😂

    • Skwala Boiz
      Skwala Boiz Year ago +1

      Mike is a fake friend and a clout chaser

    • Alexander Thennov
      Alexander Thennov Year ago +1

      @Sam Quick Why didn't you tag them both in the same comment? You literally wrote the same thing - just flipped.

    • the mandalorian
      the mandalorian Year ago

      @Sam Quick yeah they are but here is the thing not all youtubers talk smack behind there friends backs do they?

  • Ryan Choopa
    Ryan Choopa Year ago

    subscribed to your channel a year ago and honestly, you keep bringing it. keep doing what you are doing bro

  • Bridget Cervy
    Bridget Cervy Year ago

    Bad ass! Keep it rollin Mike! I’ll have 4 years in a couple months. I’ve been going through it also. But if I didn’t have cheery things like your content to watch and nothing to pull me through then my depression lately may have taken me down again. Your stuff always always makes me smile. Keep doing yours smiling is contagious and sharing happiness makes others happy. Keep moving forward- you’ve come so damn far in life. Places that you’ve been I am familiar with- and we must never go Back there. Keep doing you.

    SWISH Year ago +17

    I’m liking Jeff and Mike. They have a great vibe together. Fun outgoing real. That was so much fun 🤩

  • lil XerXes
    lil XerXes Year ago +372

    out of nowhere jeff wittek comes and took this video to another level ❤️

  • A Wolfe
    A Wolfe Year ago +2471

    I clicked faster than mike answering Lanas text

    • Skimpy _x_x
      Skimpy _x_x Year ago +1

      @Emily Pina who tf is you

    • A Wolfe
      A Wolfe Year ago +1

      @Emily Pina Lol I forgot you were best friends with Lana

    • Idk
      Idk Year ago +3

      They broke up lol mike just used her for views she even made a tiktok about it

    • Emily Pina
      Emily Pina Year ago +1

      Of course he liked this comment because he’s a lame. Amara ain’t answering his texts sorry to break it to you she’s texting other dudes. She’s single lmao

    • Johnwicky
      Johnwicky Year ago +1


  • Jalen Oates
    Jalen Oates Year ago

    Made my day 1000% better bro. You won’t see this but I love to see the boys winning when people try to keep you down

  • Dhruva S
    Dhruva S Year ago +18

    This guy is such a vibe bruh! Not gonna lie! Whenever I'm low I watch him! And it lifts my mood so damn much! He stays positive all the time no matter what...even after such a hard break up! But we all will miss lana too!!! But Mike is always the first priority

  • Anthony Osborn
    Anthony Osborn Year ago

    you’re amazing we all love you, keep your head up king you’re on top of the world never forget that!❤️🤞🏻

  • Edd Robinson
    Edd Robinson Year ago

    Keep pushing on Mike, you’re a good guy.

  • Brown Recidivist
    Brown Recidivist Year ago +586

    Jeff is that one guy from high school that re appears out of nowhere and starts spitting inspirational quotes lol

  • Kanwar Anand
    Kanwar Anand Year ago +1

    Hey Mike. You’re a solid dude. No need to keep proving it to us or anyone. Also people who use your age against you, they’ll probably never be 36 or so they think. Anyway .. keep going bro!

  • andrusk
    andrusk Year ago

    great video mike ! love you man and always gonna support you and your content !

    TEAMRIZ3 Year ago

    keep your head up mike you can take on anything thats thrown at you ✊🏻

  • Bonelessbilly
    Bonelessbilly Year ago

    Keep up the great work mike don’t let the bullshit get to you bro

  • Thxmas Anderson
    Thxmas Anderson Year ago +21

    jeff brings the vibes so much. Him and mike have such great chemistry and it seems like they’re always laughing together, would be great to see more content with the two of them

  • Samantha St. Laurent

    If MTV was still a thing like it was back in the day I could see Mike hosting something like that.

  • Kashton Palmer
    Kashton Palmer Year ago +5

    I hope you have Jeff on the podcast that you’re starting or vice versa! You guys make me crack up

  • Michał 92
    Michał 92 Year ago +57

    Jeff is so loyal and real. I like him

  • Easton Biggins
    Easton Biggins Year ago +150

    I’m dying every time she just calls Logan “Paul”😂😂😂

  • Matthew Crane
    Matthew Crane Year ago +334

    We need more content with Jeff or maybe he joins the house

    • Yoman Yomandx
      Yoman Yomandx Year ago +1

      @Jakey Lev what happened?

    • Krishna
      Krishna Year ago +6

      @Jakey Lev nah Jeff is too smart for that

    • Jakey Lev
      Jakey Lev Year ago +4

      just so he can backstab him like what he did to Logan?

    • Matthew Crane
      Matthew Crane Year ago +4

      @Olivier yeah there true

  • brainrot
    brainrot Year ago +125

    jeff looking like a model idk what it is but the way he carries himself is just THAT
    edit: just find out he is a model before being a youtuber. no wonder

    • Mats
      Mats 11 months ago

      Name on that mujer?

  • Fernando Marquez Jr.

    Thanks for the inspiration over the years man ! More updates OTW 🖤

  • Josef Christoffer Rizarri

    take care mah boi! hoping to see you happier on the next videos! stay safe and be happy! love from the Philippines

  • Charlie ChillaX
    Charlie ChillaX Year ago

    Keep Making it Happen!
    Team Nly.

  • UnrealEntGaming
    UnrealEntGaming Year ago +3934

    Who else thought that was Lana at first glance at the thumbnail? haha I see you Mike. I see you.

    • Nola Bets
      Nola Bets 11 months ago

      Lol 4:58 "are you getting sentimental now" hahahaha

    • undying ghoul
      undying ghoul 11 months ago

      What the fck are you doing unreal?... wait wtf am I doing here jfc

    • Cayton Hopson
      Cayton Hopson 11 months ago

      @Jaxon Brearley search up stepsislana reuploads

    • Jaxon Brearley
      Jaxon Brearley 11 months ago

      @Cayton Hopson where

    • Jaxon Brearley
      Jaxon Brearley 11 months ago

      Not me because I have eyes

  • Cf1991
    Cf1991 Year ago +2

    this duo needs to happen more. they’re hilarious together.

  • OG Dom
    OG Dom Year ago +1

    I’ve watched every episode of Impaulsive to date when they come out bro and I ain’t gon watch em without you not that your host status is or ever was in question just pointing out that you keep me on that channel

  • itsv
    itsv Year ago

    Love you mike! Stay strong

  • Vilon Moodley
    Vilon Moodley Year ago

    Love your videos bro.you inspire me
    Keep the videos coming

  • Zo
    Zo Year ago +61

    Jeff's turning into a whole other spirit, he's a real one for Mike.

  • Jason Jordaan
    Jason Jordaan Year ago

    Keep up the great work Mike

  • K Gg
    K Gg Year ago

    Mike is the realist on the planet super humble great humour people can look up to him

  • Josh Johnson
    Josh Johnson Year ago

    Great vid Mike. Definitely go to Costa Rica my guy. Hope everything is going good for you, keep your head up and keep doing your thing bro

  • Ashish Arun
    Ashish Arun Year ago +217

    Mike: what do you think of my face?
    Also mike: it looks good, I’ve been using moisturizers

    • Ban
      Ban Year ago +6

      Häir Löss

  • CoughE
    CoughE Year ago +12

    I love Jeffs attitude on his eye and how it relates to the come up of 50 cent that is some alpha mentality shit. Real role model stuff for men suffering from mental issues and lack of motivation.

  • Zweati
    Zweati Year ago

    Don’t if you’ll see this but just keep doing you bro. Keep grinding bro. F the bs in the past. You’re boss bro do you and keep posting. 🙌🏼 🖤

  • yu shaaa
    yu shaaa Year ago +26

    Bro jeff and mike seems the duo who don't know they can be bestfriend until one of their bestfriend left the city hahaha we want this duo love them❤💕

    SACHA Year ago +54

    Its cool to see jeff happy like that

    John APPLESEED Year ago +115

    How’s Mike gonna put us on a cliffhanger with jeff once at the start, but then do it again straight into an ad🤣🤣

    • David Lall
      David Lall Year ago +1

      @John APPLESEED yay😂

    • John APPLESEED
      John APPLESEED Year ago +1

      @David Lall yeah you’re not alone bro😂😂

    • David Lall
      David Lall Year ago

      dude that legit pissed me off 😂😂 i was searching if it was only me or every1😂

    • Rob Sutherland
      Rob Sutherland Year ago +1


  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones 11 months ago

    Mike I need your content you keep me at ease please start posting again fuck the haters we love you and need u

  • Paulina Slusarczyk
    Paulina Slusarczyk 11 months ago +1

    i feel like you're a lot calmer and more relaxed than when you were living with logan

  • drako rising
    drako rising Year ago

    Mike bro I love u so much man u fr make me see life in a different way and show me how to appreciate the little things I dont think ur a clout chaser bro I honestly think your an inspiration I had a rough life growing up as well and though I didn't go to prison many bad things happened to me I love u bro and I love Logan to but I just wish that he would forgive u for whatever and u guys could do your thing again because in my opinion u guys are much better together. I knew about Logan Paul half my life and I never got into him until u entered his life and he changed hes more mature understanding compassionate hes just a really good dude now and I dont want to take all the credit away from him but I do think alot of it had to do with u mike.

  • Josh
    Josh 11 months ago

    Bro I fucking love this dude😂 mike you the real MVP

  • Jake
    Jake Year ago +3

    Jeff and mike are a great duo

  • 562 Media
    562 Media Year ago

    Keep it going mike!!!!!

  • Amigo
    Amigo Year ago +149

    The part with Jeff was more entertaining, don't even have to ask people to prove me wrong, they'll agree with me.

  • Isaiah Donald
    Isaiah Donald Year ago +16

    Mike prolly one of the only guys I’d actually hang out with out of all these youtubers

  • Xavier Lopez
    Xavier Lopez Year ago +844

    “That’s cool... I like sex too.” - Adin .. The most accidentally funny line I’ve ever heard 😂

  • Samantha Whitter
    Samantha Whitter Year ago

    Loved a nightshift that felt like it used to feel. U skin was glowing fr

  • sewerin stoqnow
    sewerin stoqnow Year ago

    stay strong mike we aint gon let the logan paul kicking you from his life ruin you, do your own thing bro

  • S Arjun
    S Arjun Year ago

    Nothing can stop you, you're all the way up... Cheers Mike

  • jason staveley
    jason staveley Year ago

    Keep it up mike !! Love you and your contain,!! From montreal canads

  • akshat sethi
    akshat sethi Year ago +1047

    Jeff feature was much better than the costa rican models
    Jeff’s a real good friend

    • Sara
      Sara Year ago +3


  • Elmaximodylan
    Elmaximodylan Year ago

    Keep up with the good videos

  • Not Your Average Joe

    Been here since your start Mike! I’m a avid fan! Great content!

  • Tyler Anthony
    Tyler Anthony Year ago

    Need more Mike and Jeff videos!

  • Maxwell Beatty
    Maxwell Beatty 11 months ago

    love u mike stay strong

  • Andwele Denner
    Andwele Denner Year ago +13

    Can we agree that Jeff and Mike are the perfect duo 😂

  • Anthony Babbie
    Anthony Babbie Year ago

    Really glad to see you back mike

  • Volt BC
    Volt BC Year ago +3

    I’m from Costa Rica and you should definitely come!!!!
    You guys will for sure enjoy all activities here! ☺️

  • Kanwar Anand
    Kanwar Anand Year ago

    Also mad props for recalling the first rule of 48 laws. I love that chapter and the examples.

  • Aaron Matthew
    Aaron Matthew Year ago +1

    We need more of this! More her💯

  • ben dooling
    ben dooling Year ago

    My fav thing to watch on Clip-Share keep slaying the game homie 💯

  • Private Hudson
    Private Hudson 11 months ago

    Mike I was really sick with Covid this last two weeks your show help keep me positive bro thanks .

  • Tripz •
    Tripz • Year ago

    I can actually watch Jeff without the video being fucking age restricted

  • Siren Calypso Dæmon

    It would be a great idea if you and jeff do a podcast together

  • Carm 22
    Carm 22 Year ago +96

    Jeff is an amazing person & good friend to everyone!!!! & he’s still GORGEOUS!!!!

    • Carm 22
      Carm 22 11 months ago +1

      @Ron Doe you can’t be serious? Look him up on Clip-Share. ❤️❤️

    • Ron Doe
      Ron Doe Year ago

      Who is he?

  • Christine Thee Spartan
    Christine Thee Spartan 11 months ago +3

    Jeff’s the best thing on this vlog💯🏆

  • slomojo
    slomojo Year ago +127

    Mike lucky the costa rican girl didn't see Jeff or this video would have been shorter and she would've invited Jeff to Costa Rica instead, lol!

  • Josh Hohaia
    Josh Hohaia Year ago +1

    Mike and Jeff are a combo man #moremikeandjeff

  • Suzzyy
    Suzzyy Year ago +129

    Jeff is BAE, I don’t blame Lana for trying to holler at him....

    • Suzzyy
      Suzzyy 11 months ago

      @g h sure, why not honeybun :)

    • g h
      g h 11 months ago +1

      We say bae in this decade?

    • Suzzyy
      Suzzyy 11 months ago +2

      @Robert Henry foreals I’m confused 😂😂

    • Robert Henry
      Robert Henry 11 months ago +2

      @Anthoney wait what did Susie do wrong?😂

    • Suzzyy
      Suzzyy 11 months ago +2

      @Anthoney huh?

  • Isiah Garcia
    Isiah Garcia Year ago

    Please post more often bro. Love your content man.

  • Nr1ShqipStar
    Nr1ShqipStar Year ago

    Mike! You should make separate videos of youre burger-reviews. Per say 6-8 minutes short (or long) and then youre nightshift vlog as a separate artform.
    Name example: Nightshift taste by Mike Majlak

  • elmer ramos
    elmer ramos Year ago

    I love the different people in mikes videos man I love it!!

  • Diesel Lozano
    Diesel Lozano 11 months ago

    I came for Lana and stayed for Mike! No doubt seriously good entertainment

  • Reko Sanchez
    Reko Sanchez Year ago +212

    Damn Jeff’s a good dude! He told Mike when Lana was DM’ing him 👏🏾 Most guys would’ve made a move on single Lana 👍🏾

    • Kira
      Kira 8 months ago

      @Alex Chege more guys would’ve made a move on USED Lana 🤣

    • Meme Lord
      Meme Lord Year ago +1

      @Edgar Rodriguez down bad

    • Edgar Rodriguez
      Edgar Rodriguez Year ago

      @EWave easy to say but if it happened to you, you would’ve flipped tf out and go after her

    • EWave
      EWave Year ago +5

      Sloppy 88ths I’m good

    • Alex Chege
      Alex Chege Year ago +22

      most dudes would've made a move on taken Lana

  • Jack Carroll
    Jack Carroll Year ago

    We need more of emily, and we fs need more of that IG model

  • Bailey Keeton
    Bailey Keeton Year ago

    If you’re reading this mike we love you dawg

  • Hassan
    Hassan Year ago

    keep it pushing mike

  • Josh
    Josh 11 months ago

    Been watching your content since i seen you on impaulsive where Riley deep throats the mic you’re a legend 🤌🏻

  • connor prentice-chowen
    connor prentice-chowen Year ago +279

    Mike and Jeff go to Costa Rica!! That’s be such a banger video

  • Young Chris
    Young Chris Year ago

    We need more foreign females on the channel

  • Kivi Swu
    Kivi Swu 11 months ago +21

    Respect for Jeff, most of our homies would keep their mouth shut ngl😪

  • Kimberly Polasek
    Kimberly Polasek 11 months ago +1

    Went to Costa Rica for honeymoon. What a beautiful country ! Definitely recommend you going . Shout out from Lake Jackson, Tx

  • JCig
    JCig 11 months ago

    stay well Mike good work

  • imosbornee
    imosbornee Year ago +15

    Don’t wanna sound cliche. But I’ve been sad this whole week and I couldn’t stop smiling whilst watching this, thank you, keep it up ♥️

  • Tijo Joji
    Tijo Joji Year ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you are the best mike!

  • Logan.
    Logan. Year ago

    we love u mike never switch up on u. goated fan base

  • Anthony Thompson Diaz
    Anthony Thompson Diaz Year ago +14

    In Costa Rica they say "pura vida" all the time. That's why she taught him it. It basically means like 100 things haha. "Mae" is like dude if I'm not mistaken.

    • Cristian Ez
      Cristian Ez Year ago +1

      You are 100% percent correct bro, pura vida! (: