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Putin is using conscripts as ‘battlefield meat’ | Kira Rudik

  • Published on Feb 16, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • "Putin will launch a new offensive. He started doing a mobilisation last year. Huge amounts of people are being trained and used as battlefield meat."
    Ukraine is creating a new strategy that relies on western weapons to repel Putin's offensive, says Ukrainian MP Kira Rudik on Frontline with Lucy Fisher.
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Comments • 300

  • Tele Bubba
    Tele Bubba 3 months ago +45

    Thank you Kira for a very well spoken explanation how it is to live in a war zone. It is important that we listen and understand as far as possible. And above all meet your needs to defeat this monster that is killing your nation as it also could be our nation.
    With people like you Ukraine will prevail. Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦

  • Christopher Baker
    Christopher Baker 3 months ago +7

    Ms. Rudikn is a very effective communicator. She makes it look easy. Vivid and gut wrenching.

  • Aussie  Mocha
    Aussie Mocha 3 months ago +8

    Thanks Times Radio for a longer interview with Kira ❤🇺🇦✊🏻
    We need to hear her voice of reason more often.
    Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦

  • Lianne George
    Lianne George 3 months ago +9

    The problem was the fear of either WWIII or putlers nuke threats. But weighing it up now, the worst would be to not give them what they need. Such a smart nation the Ukrainians and their amazingly smart army, Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦💪💙

  • Hugo C
    Hugo C 3 months ago +45

    Smart and humane politician from a heroic nation 💛💙 slava Ukraina

    • Tommaso Turek
      Tommaso Turek 3 months ago

      As heroic as the 2000nato and Azovs hiding behind 600 old men, and women and kids in Azovstel, Mariupol, till surrendering en masse, with a US Col. captured crawling out of a drain.
      Keeping in mind that US/nutto -UKR shelled Donetsk and Lugansk for 8 years wrecking coal mines, electrical substations, water pumping stations and residential housing killing 21,000 civilians.

    • Sujac
      Sujac 3 months ago +4

      @Tommaso Turek The 'headline only' -'facts' - that turned some heads at the beginning of russias war last year, just ooze sweaty desperation a year later.
      The russian inspired headlines mean nothing when everyone has the backstory, context and undeniable facts my friend... the entire world hasn't been 'kremlinised' and are free to view conflicting informations from many sources and employ discretion, critical thought, morals, and humanity in understanding the big picture and Russias part in it .
      Slava Ukraini!
      Replying to;
      Tommaso Turek
      2 hours ago
      As heroic as the 2000nato and Azovs hiding behind 600 old men, and women and kids in Azovstel, Mariupol, till surrendering en masse, with a US Col. captured crawling out of a drain.
      Keeping in mind that US/nutto -UKR shelled Donetsk and Lugansk for 8 years wrecking coal mines, electrical substations, water pumping stations and residential housing killing 21,000 civilians

    • I'm invisible
      I'm invisible 3 months ago

      @Tommaso Turek we've all

  • John Tickle
    John Tickle 3 months ago +6

    I wish we had politicians like Kira in the UK that stood for what is right and true. Keep up the good fight long live Ukraine.

  • M Tam
    M Tam 3 months ago +17

    That's was a brilliant conversation from the Ukrainian lady, she make us to understand that who are the Russian people.

  • Wendy Dunn
    Wendy Dunn 3 months ago +12

    Thank you Kira for sharing with us about the challenges for Ukrainians of this dark evil war of putin and his gang. The Resilience and Great Inner Strength we see from the Ukrainian People is truly Remarkable as they defend their Freedom and Rights against the darkness of evil, we pray for your victory as your light shines brightly over the evils of aggression. 🙏🏻🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🙏🏻

  • Kevin Bailey
    Kevin Bailey 3 months ago +6

    Kira Rudik is an eloquent, articulate, and intelligent lady, who has communicated superbly throughout the war with Russia. Ukraine has been totally under estimated by Russia, and they will prevail

  • Judith Campbell
    Judith Campbell 3 months ago +9

    Thank you Kira 💛 for your strength and conviction that Ukraine has! Putin and Russia must not only stopped, but also crippled to the point where they will never be able to get up again. Ty

  • Bixby Snyder
    Bixby Snyder 3 months ago +38

    "358 days into my 3 day war, I am still master strategist" -Vladimir Putin

    • tonupharry
      tonupharry 3 months ago +3

      Well he did call it a "special" mission . Mummies little soldier was home schooled .

    • Consider This
      Consider This 3 months ago +3

      He has an answer to that” It’s all going to plan” . Plan deliberately secret.

    • Bob
      Bob 3 months ago +3

      ​@Consider This the plan is figured out afterwards

  • M Tam
    M Tam 3 months ago +25

    I like the phrase Putin using his own people like a "battle meat".

  • Sher Moore
    Sher Moore 3 months ago +9

    The people of Ukraine never cease to inspire my admiration. I don't think we, who have always known peace, can understand, can truly imagine, what they are going through. All this on top of mourning loved ones, seeing the destruction of all that constituted your childhood, your adolescence, your place on earth. Slava Ukrainie! Heroyam Slava! I just wish the dithering, short sighted, cretinous, western leaders would act instead of 'considering' or 'talking to our allies'. War demands action, not words, and not hypocritical standing ovations.

  • Brian Mosley
    Brian Mosley 3 months ago +29

    Let's get those supplies to Ukraine... Whatever they need to push back the Orcs.

    • Withnail1969
      Withnail1969 3 months ago

      we have given them $100 billion already. What more do they want?

    • The Straight Road
      The Straight Road 3 months ago +6

      And as soon as possible.

    • A K V 🇱🇧🇱🇧
      A K V 🇱🇧🇱🇧 3 months ago

      Let them throw stones 😂😂

    • kyle
      kyle 3 months ago +8

      @Withnail1969 everything we have given Ukraine has been old stock that is close to expiring. Yes we've given some advanced systems, but mostly it has been stuff that needs to get replaced anyway or is on the way to getting replaced.

    • Tommy Gun
      Tommy Gun 3 months ago +9

      @Withnail1969 ...As much as they need, considering these weapons were made for this. As long as they continue to fight well why not?? We're not dying and i absolutely love seeing Russia get payback for Korea and Vietnam.

  • Lee Collins
    Lee Collins 3 months ago +26

    Kira is such a wonderful and strong lady ❤️

  • timothy brady
    timothy brady 3 months ago +11

    MP Rudik is such a wonderful representative of her country and people. She has provided us with a straightforward, honest, and accurate portrayal of the situation in Ukraine during the past year. Kira has become a member of all of our families!!! Best wishes to Kira, her family, and Ukraine.

  • David Prange
    David Prange 3 months ago +8


  • Eric Doyle
    Eric Doyle 3 months ago +26

    Very impressed with Kira Rudik and all the Ukrainian leadership. Their bravery, resilience, and passion for democracy should be an inspiration to us all.

    • David Murphy
      David Murphy 3 months ago +6

      From dark days will come a bright future. It's a fine nation.

    • xia en Gao
      xia en Gao 3 months ago

      @David Murphy Obviously you don't mean the "resurgent" Russian Empire.

  • Stephen Rickstrew
    Stephen Rickstrew 3 months ago +9

    Just like in every other war Russia is using Conscripts as meat ..!

  • Assonance
    Assonance 3 months ago +16

    Kira is great - 💛💙 Slava Ukraina

  • Nave Mafe
    Nave Mafe 3 months ago +18

    I'm amazed how Ukrainians are able to face the Putin invasion in the beginning with simple molotovs' and old Russian weapons, here's hoping Ukraine gets Jets and more ammo to thwart that maniac's plans and send them back to where they came from weakened to a point where invasion becomes a history lesson not to repeat.

    • Gerry Houska
      Gerry Houska 3 months ago +3

      I believe Molotov cocktail was a Finnish invention when invaded by the Russians.

    • Lianne George
      Lianne George 3 months ago +3

      Brilliantly said 👍🏻🇺🇦💪💙

    • xia en Gao
      xia en Gao 3 months ago

      @Gerry Houska They were a reply to the Molotov's Soviet "humanitarian supply" bombs sent to Finland. An apertif after Russian artillery shelling.

    • David Welch
      David Welch 3 months ago

      She needs your support otherwise she might give up and the country will survive.

  • Peter Antaki
    Peter Antaki 3 months ago +39

    I have heard Kira Rudik speak many times and I am always impressed by her honesty and conviction to the cause of Ukraine. Now is the time for democracies around the world to step up and support Ukraine in this war. It is our collective war against all forms of repressive and autocratic regimes like Russia.

    • Sean C Creaney
      Sean C Creaney 3 months ago

      Wise up , honesty , are ya having a laugh . lies after lies

  • Science Lad
    Science Lad 3 months ago +13

    Pukin and his regime must be held accountable for their crimes.

    • Science Lad
      Science Lad 3 months ago +1

      @Paul Langton-Rogers That seems not only a realistic scenario but also inevitable. It seems like Putin knows it too. Perhaps his unspoken goal now is to outlast the war , However, that may not be possible judging from the current state of the war.
      Putin’s days are numbered, in my humble opinion.

  • Aco747lyte
    Aco747lyte 3 months ago +11

    Except most of the Russian conscripts said "Yes". So that was their decision and if they become 'battlefield meat', then their training wasn't good enough. Sorry, but I served my country and survived because the UK has troops specially trained - including the all the other volunteers of our Armed Forces. Proper training keeps people alive. Slava Ukraine! 🌻🇺🇦 🌻

    • Jon S
      Jon S 3 months ago +1

      “Most of the Russian conscripts said yes.”
      The thought of conscript and “yes” does not compute.

    • Dragan I
      Dragan I 3 months ago

      @Jon S There are always alternatives and everyone has to live with the consequences of their decisions.

  • Hung Hoang
    Hung Hoang 3 months ago +43

    If the West is half as brave as the Ukrainians, meaning giving everything Ukraine needs to win the War, the War was already finished to Ukraine's favor, no doubt in my mind! I'm ashemed for the passive posture of the West which costs a lot of precious lives of Ukrainians. I'm praying for Ukraine, Slava Ukraine!

    • Chexsum
      Chexsum 3 months ago +2

      war is shameful

    • Marilena Ganea
      Marilena Ganea 3 months ago +8

      @Chexsum I'll pay you one way ticket to Moscow to tell that to poo-poo-tin

    • Marilena Ganea
      Marilena Ganea 3 months ago +11

      @Ruwayda Struwe what exactly Russia did for Ukraine??? Besides killing 3.5 million of them in state sanctioned starvation, deporting to Siberia and sending to gulags another 1.5 million (including the Crimean Tatari, using them as canon fodder in ww2... What exactly Russia ever did for any nation they subjugated?

    • NJ Swampfox
      NJ Swampfox 3 months ago +7

      @Chexsum what's shameful is violating international law, invading a sovereign neighbor, committing war crimes, and most of all the people who justify such evil.

  • It’s me
    It’s me 3 months ago +5

    Great interview! 🇺🇦

  • Bill Moretz
    Bill Moretz 3 months ago +10

    The trouble with jets are training and logistics. More drones and longer range artillery and surface to surface missles and better air defense can be provided fairly quickly.

    • timothy brady
      timothy brady 3 months ago +3

      You provided a thoughtful comment. To prevail on a modern battlefield requires Infantry, Armor, and air assets working together in a coordinated operation. Training to fly an F-16 obviously takes a long time. The training should have begun February 25 of last year, not last week as may be now happening. You left a good comment.

    • Paul Langton-Rogers
      Paul Langton-Rogers 3 months ago +2

      But the problem is, how does Ukraine fight against an invader that has almost complete air superiority over your country with 100's if not 1,000's of fighter jets and bomber planes? No amount of ground air defense or missile systems will be enough, and their soldiers on the battlefield, artillery and missile launcher positions will be highly vulnerable to attack. So far oddly, Russia has been unwilling to use its fighter jets air superiority in Ukraine and is focusing on pounding the country with artillery and missiles, the typical Soviet style war method.. but once they feel confident enough to use their air power advantage, Ukranian will be at a major disadvantage.
      Historically in conventional warfare, no military has lasted long against another which has superior and vast air power. We saw it in WWII with the German airforce that made short work of countries, even cities in Russia initially, wiping out nearly all their tanks. We've seen it with the US in Gulf Wars. Overwhelming air power crushes a country and its armies rapidly. Look how effective Israel has been at defending its little country against constant missile attacks, and in the 6 days war where multiple Arab countries launched a massive tank offensive on Israel which the Israeli airforce destroyed almost completely using just their advanced fighter jet air power advantage.
      Ukraine will need modern fighter jets, even if Russia doesn't use its air power superiority and air force, just to give Ukraine the strategic edge on the battlefield, and to more effectively protect its airspace from ever more long -range destructive missiles and drones Russia is firing. The sheer quantity of them Russia is using makes it difficult and expensive for the West to re-arm Ukraniane at the rate they're using missiles and artillery shells. Ukranian's military leader said they're only at present able to stop 70% of Russia's missiiles and drones. Giving Ukranian fighter jets will make a huge difference as well as the tanks, they'll be able to target Russian positions from the sky and push the Russian's further and further back.
      Then there's the enormous cost (to the West) of rebuilding Ukraine after this is all over, which is now into the trillions of dollars, with large areas reduced to rubble. Everyday Ukraine is getting pounded by Russia, and that rebuild cost to us gets higher and higher. We should stop dithering and just give Ukraine 1,000+ tanks, 200+ fighter jets asap once they're trained to use them. It's in their immediate interest to save lives and give them everything they need to defeat Russia's ground forces, protect their airspace more effectively at a sustainable cost. And its in our interests to preserve what's left of Ukraine to limit the future cost of rebuilding Ukraine's cities. TBH, I don't know why NATO countries don't just send at least some tanks and fighter jets with NATO personnel in Ukranian uniforms right away, We're already in a proxy-war with Russia, so why not deploy NATO covertly while the training of Ukranian forces is underway. What does NATO have to fear from Russia? All Putin's threats have come to nothing as we've crossed each of Putin's red lines on NATO invention, how much worser can it get?
      Russia could keep this going for years, pounding away at Ukraine's cities, even if they withdraw their ground forces...Ukraine absolutely needs full control of its airspace and a longer range defensive capability to stop Russia doing that and to show Russia they're equally capable of hitting targets inside Russia.

    • xia en Gao
      xia en Gao 3 months ago +1

      @Paul Langton-Rogers Russia barely has an air force and they are afraid to risk it. Air superiority my a$$.

    • Bill Moretz
      Bill Moretz 3 months ago

      @paullangton-rogers2390 I should have been more clear. Even if the ball got rolling today it would be at the end of this year or next before you actually got any. Russia uses rail exclusively for transportation to Ukraine. If you had weapons immediately that took out bridges within 150 miles of your borders it would a much greater advantage than waiting for jets. Soldiers win battles logistics win wars.

    • timothy brady
      timothy brady 3 months ago

      @Paul Langton-Rogers I don’t disagree with the position you present. The fastest way to end this war is to empower Ukraine to win the war. Imposing real economic sanctions against Russia and secondary sanctions against Russia’s enablers would also help.

  • timothy brady
    timothy brady 3 months ago +4

    There is only one resolution to this conflict. Ukraine must recover all territory it had in 1991, and become a NATO member. Anything less invites perpetual wars with Russia, and poses more threats to democracies around the world.

  • timothy brady
    timothy brady 3 months ago

    Ms. Fisher conducted an outstanding interview. Many thoughtful questions presented here that developed issues of interest to us all.
    What can be said about MP Rudik? Everyone watching this presentation wishes she were our representative!!
    Thank you Times Radio for another fantastic presentation.

  • cyberGEK
    cyberGEK 3 months ago +27

    Thank you Kira❤
    Слава Україні! 🌻🇺🇦

  • Patrick Fordyce
    Patrick Fordyce 3 months ago +1

    God bless Ukraine in every way !! Amen !!! Every week Ukraine is getting more support from other countries that now know Ukraine should be a free country and are aiding Ukraine too !!!

  • Michael Mazowiecki
    Michael Mazowiecki 3 months ago +7

    Stabdard , traditional Russian and Soviet tactics: soldiers are just cannon fodder to be used in mass frontal attacks regardless of human cost. All that matters is to win by whatever means necessary.

    • Michael Mazowiecki
      Michael Mazowiecki 3 months ago +1

      @Paul Langton-Rogers Putin has made it abundantly clear that Ukraine is just the first step: anywhere where there are Russian minorities is fair game fir his territorial ambitions: Moldova, Belarus, the three Baltic States, Finland, Kazakhstan and other central Asian Republics , Georgia, Armenia etc etc. Reimposing a Soviet Russian Empire in countries which have become independent plys disarming central Europe eg Poland. Putin is a megalomaniac. He and his elite know full well that using a nuclear weapon will result in devastating counter strikes. That is why no nuclear weapons have been used since 1945. All Putin has managed to do is increase the joint borders with Nato by 1000km so he now borders Nato members directly : Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, USA (Alaska). Nato has land based neucs in Europe only in western Germany and Belgium. There are none in central Europe.

  • Patrick Fordyce
    Patrick Fordyce 3 months ago

    Ukraine has almost every country in the world standing with them now for now they are understanding how important it is to be your own country and culture period !!! Amen !!!

  • Bill Gibbard
    Bill Gibbard 3 months ago +10

    If Russia is losing 800 or more troops a day, and if Ukraine is losing far fewer, then it benefits Ukraine to remain on the defensive and increase its defensive capacity.
    If Russia is losing 800 troops a day, that's 5,600 troops per week. And at that rate, Russia would lose over 250,000 troops per year. Over 4 years, Russia would lose over a million troops.
    At some point, the Russian establishment is going to realize that such losses are unaffordable and at that point something in Russia will change.

    • Stomp City
      Stomp City 3 months ago +7

      And then the wounded ….times 2-3 which is an enormous quantity of Russian trauma. Plus, a generation of Russian males wiped out!

    • timothy brady
      timothy brady 3 months ago

      You wrote a thoughtful comment, but Russia is an autocracy with security forces eliminating any dissent. Putin, the Oligarchs, and senior government officials don’t care about casualties. Russia fought single battles in WWII where they had casualties approaching one million. Russia will not run out of soldiers. Ukraine needs to re-occupy all of its territory, then engage in the defensive posture you suggest. Good comment!

    • xia en Gao
      xia en Gao 3 months ago

      @timothy brady Without American Lend-Lease the Soviet Union would have been obliterated. Now Lend-Lease is helping Ukraine. The failing hegemonic Soviet Reunion is on its own now.

  • Gloria Houlihan
    Gloria Houlihan 3 months ago +1

    I really respect Kira Rudik. Such a tragic waste of so many young lives and for what?

  • Fred Greening
    Fred Greening 3 months ago

    Poor kira i can see the strain in her face of this terrible invasion of her country

  • jpa5038
    jpa5038 3 months ago +4

    141k Russian KIA x2 wounded, more than 1k Russian KIA on average per day.
    Born in Russia, died in Ukraine.

  • Ben
    Ben 3 months ago +1

    An outstanding representative.

  • lucas ridinger
    lucas ridinger 3 months ago +3

    America needs to improve the history classes in high school. We are lacking! Educated in Canada Slava Ukrainian.

  • Travellingisagift
    Travellingisagift 3 months ago

    Thank you for interviewing Kira. Her message is very important. Let us continue to help Ukraine beat these terrorist russians.

  • Big Daddy Rat
    Big Daddy Rat 3 months ago

    Success on the battlefield will ensure Ukraine's continued support.

  • Lee Collins
    Lee Collins 3 months ago +8

    Its such a sad situation...

  • Robert Wysocki
    Robert Wysocki 3 months ago +2

    Regarding the United Nations, the question you might want to pose to them is whether they want to follow in the footsteps of the League of Nations and end up just as discredited as it was. Ask them if they can read the writing on the wall or do they need a prophet to interpret it for them!

    • David Lium
      David Lium 3 months ago +1

      Considering that the UN Human Rights Commission has included countries which are severe violators of human rights how much credibility can it have?

  • Lee Britnell
    Lee Britnell 3 months ago

    Love the way the headline picture shows Putin looking angry or insane.Press.always used to select photos of union leaders with a similar look.

  • Brendan Armitage
    Brendan Armitage 3 months ago +1

    An extremely-skilled and effective leader of and proponent for Ukraine.

  • Patrick Fordyce
    Patrick Fordyce 3 months ago

    Ukraine pilots have been getting trained with F16’s since 2014 when Russia 1st invaded Russia!! Ukraine has been getting trained on modern weapons systems and are showing how well they learn to use them to be very effective to eliminate the enemy period !! Much more to come for they have a systematic to fighting this war and it’s working in every defensive and offensive side !!! Amen !!

  • Mark Goicoechea
    Mark Goicoechea 3 months ago +3

    Kira Rudik is a soldier of Ukrain

  • peter tyson
    peter tyson 3 months ago

    Salva Ukraine 💙💛

  • Alix Chatelain
    Alix Chatelain 3 months ago +2

    What a wonderful Lady !

  • William Fragel
    William Fragel 3 months ago +7

    Beautiful and intelligent:
    How often do you find both in one package?

  • JustKeith
    JustKeith 3 months ago

    Because of sanctions, Russia has to tighten its belt, and not having to feed, clothe and house prisoners is a big relief

  • Sumiland
    Sumiland 3 months ago

    I am 100% support Ukrainians defending themselves and their country! My country of USA should be preparing for war and sending EVERYTHING Ukraine needs to protect themselves and keep supplies moving.
    🇺🇦 🌏 🇺🇸

  • Lee Collins
    Lee Collins 3 months ago +3

    I love her thinking

  • Allan Chapman
    Allan Chapman 3 months ago

    Sadly the west as not done enough to support Ukraine. The only thing that Russia understands is strength. From the very start we have allowed Russia to call the game play.

  • Alan Ross
    Alan Ross 3 months ago +4

    What a remarkable human being this Woman is,Slava Ukraini.

  • Shaiah Eyes2c
    Shaiah Eyes2c 3 months ago +2

    22:31 Western politicians, take note.

  • Dale Crocker
    Dale Crocker 3 months ago +10

    The problem of course is that Ukraine could find itself short of Western weapons long before Russia runs out of "battlefield meat."

    • Daniel Ördén
      Daniel Ördén 3 months ago +7

      You also need equipment not only manpower.

    • Dale Crocker
      Dale Crocker 3 months ago +1

      @Daniel Ördén Which they have.

    • Daniel Ördén
      Daniel Ördén 3 months ago +3

      @Dale Crocker yes. Increasingly older and older stocks.

  • zameisie
    zameisie 3 months ago +2

    Petunia is so nuts . He can stop this war right now and withdraw his troops back into Russia. They do not belong there anyway

    KEN LIEBERMAN 3 months ago

    The UK has agreed to provide a long strike capability. It is the capability that's important, not the means. The problem with jets is time and resources. Missiles/rockets could be deployed more quickly, with less support. ATTACMs would be ideal, and I can't help but notice that Congress ordered 800 new ones; there haven't been any orders in 15 yrs, and the US has plenty in stock. Clearly, they are thinking about giving them at the right time - whatever that is. The likelihood is that the UK will give missiles. How many, I don't know but even a couple of dozen could be significant.

  • F r e e A s s a n g e
    F r e e A s s a n g e 3 months ago

    This is projection, Ukraine is far more guilty of this than Russia. This is why Ukraine has lost 350,000 troops & is on their 8th round of forced mobilisation, kidnapping their men from the streets. Ukraine refuses to withdraw from places such as Bakhmut leading to an extreme amount of casualties on the Ukrainian side, whereas Russia does withdraw to preserve their men such as Kherson city.

  • Consider This
    Consider This 3 months ago +2

    I am worried! Only 800 and not 2000 Russians dying daily. Give Ukraine all the weapons and training they need.

  • Brian Connor
    Brian Connor 3 months ago

    And yet Zelensky sends untrained 16 year olds to the front line.
    Well let's see you head to the front line whilst you pick up your cut of the money being provided and a 70% pay rise.
    No, didn't think so.

    • Elijah Freeman
      Elijah Freeman 3 months ago

      Putin troll alert

    • brian connor
      brian connor 3 months ago

      @Elijah Freeman
      The old favourite labelling without telling me where I am wrong. I must also be a Racist, Marxist, list is endless.
      Give me some facts please where I am wrong and this may change my mind but on your reply this shall not change any facts.

    • Elijah Freeman
      Elijah Freeman 3 months ago

      @brian connor Prove it with credible evidence. Bet you can't

    • brian connor
      brian connor 3 months ago

      @Elijah Freeman
      Look, just look at sites like the Duran, colonel Douglas McGregor, New Atlas, Gonzalo Lira, Jackson Hinkle, etc.
      Surely you seen the report by Seymour Hersh on Nordstream pipelines or is that lies as well..... a renowned investigative journalist.
      As I said before list is endless.
      Where is your factual evidence for me as I said to change my mind.

  • Brian Mosley
    Brian Mosley 3 months ago +1

    How unfortunate is that lighting? 😎

    • Nerdy Ali
      Nerdy Ali 3 months ago

      @mysteryrosebud5914 Agreed, but it's the fault of the lighting and the Ukrainian nose.

    • RobT
      RobT 3 months ago +1

      The lighting the host is using is pretty dark

  • Boban Stojanovic
    Boban Stojanovic 3 months ago

    “It may be dangerous to be America's enemy, but to be America's friend is fatal.”
    ― Henry Kissinger - It's too late for Ukraine.

  • MrLarsenTube
    MrLarsenTube 3 months ago +1

    Slava Ukraini 💙💛

  • Wayne Hegland
    Wayne Hegland 3 months ago +2

    Even though English is the 2nd or 3rd language of the leaders in Ukraine they speak it much better than Biden and Kamala Harris.

    • Withnail1969
      Withnail1969 3 months ago

      of course. they need it to ask for money in London and Washington.

    • Tele Bubba
      Tele Bubba 3 months ago +1

      Please keep your US shenanigans to yourself. We are not interested. Besides her English is by far better than yours and Trump belongs in jail.

  • Consider This
    Consider This 3 months ago +1

    As a Cabinet Minister, she would know how many Ukrainians are dying, so knows what is required and how soon.

  • Andygb78
    Andygb78 3 months ago +5

    Battlefield meat with a distinct smoky flavour.

  • Chexsum
    Chexsum 3 months ago

    imagine all the world just group hugs russia on the map and we all good

  • Darren Babych
    Darren Babych 3 months ago +6

    When they run out of men the women better be ready to step up fight for daddy p.

  • diX
    diX 3 months ago

    Not to be expected otherwise from a mobster.

  • garybalatennis
    garybalatennis 3 months ago +1

    Pootin did a poo-poo in Ukraine, and now he’s makin’ Russian meat-ball in Donbas.

  • Anthony Mitchell
    Anthony Mitchell 3 months ago


  • FOROW99
    FOROW99 3 months ago

    Loaded f-16s take out the hiding Black Sea Fleet. God speed

  • --Charlie--G
    --Charlie--G 3 months ago +1

    Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦

  • Tony Gould
    Tony Gould 3 months ago +1

    stop saying "that's fascinating to hear" every time the guest finishes a sentence.

    • Teresa Fisher
      Teresa Fisher 3 months ago

      It's been said..over n over again..Time does not stand still...PLEaSE send military support for Ukraine...NoW...u all want to...so SPEED..speed..speed...stop this Ghastly Tyrant...!!!

  • goldfinch 💜💜
    goldfinch 💜💜 3 months ago +7

    Very nice woman💙💛

  • FV
    FV 3 months ago +5

    BOTH Presidents of IRAN & SERBIA have Stated that CRIMEA & DONBAS Belongs to Ukraine , Chinese Officials have Stated there is " NO FUTURE FOR RUSSIA " Everyone is abandoning the Russians . 😂😂

  • S L
    S L 3 months ago +6


  • xia en Gao
    xia en Gao 3 months ago

    Putin can be trusted as far as I could throw him, if I were a quadriplegic.

    GUILLERMO 3 months ago +3

    Russia will run out of men 🤣💯🇺🇦

  • Dee Cee
    Dee Cee 3 months ago +3


  • esko kauppila
    esko kauppila 3 months ago

    "...stop fighting by finland

  • Dale Keys
    Dale Keys 3 months ago

    Well they are

  • busking karma
    busking karma 3 months ago

    How many of them are still pro Russian?

  • John Whitehurst
    John Whitehurst 3 months ago

    Need 2000 plus per day would be better.

  • Big D's Gaming
    Big D's Gaming  3 months ago

    Bullet Sponges LOL

  • Niklas Wikholm
    Niklas Wikholm 3 months ago +4

    Z= Zinc coffins

  • Chexsum
    Chexsum 3 months ago

    all wars end in a truce

    • Chexsum
      Chexsum 3 months ago

      and recompense ofc - ouch

  • Sean Emmett
    Sean Emmett 3 months ago

    Turn your lights off!

  • Rangatiratūmeke
    Rangatiratūmeke 3 months ago

    She didn't have her cat.

  • beachcomber1able
    beachcomber1able 3 months ago +1

    Just like Stalin did in WW2.

  • wayne loadsman
    wayne loadsman 3 months ago


  • Stomp City
    Stomp City 3 months ago +1


  • Chexsum
    Chexsum 3 months ago

    missiles inc russia 2023

    • Chexsum
      Chexsum 3 months ago

      russia needs to feel our offensive

  • Shaiah Eyes2c
    Shaiah Eyes2c 3 months ago +1

    The Israelis should help Ukraine with the ''Iron Dome'', after all, the Americans are the ones paying for it anyway, not the Israelis.

  • X2 Gaming
    X2 Gaming 3 months ago

    so is Ukraine lol...

    • boink800
      boink800 3 months ago

      They are not Putin Nazis

  • Nico Edel
    Nico Edel 3 months ago

    I'm happy to pay taxes to help ukrainians

  • Jovon Biggart
    Jovon Biggart 3 months ago

    Bare projection. Putin doesn’t have to show his people nothing… Ukraine on the other hand🤷