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RM Wild Flower REACTION | Destructive Media Indigo Reactions

  • Published on Dec 4, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • As requested, my reaction to Wild Flower MV by RM! What do you think of Wild Flower?
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  • Destructive Media
    Destructive Media  3 months ago +2

    Watch all my RM Indigo Reactions here: clip-share.net/p/PLUmpmFbk1A230Djgey4VaVbJjq5-2V1Uj

  • Amiree
    Amiree 3 months ago +145

    If this doesn't win all sort of awards across the board... been playing it non stop. Absolute masterpiece it has it all. SONG OF THE YEAR...MV OF THE YEAR...INSTRUMENTAL OF THE YEAR...FEATUREOIF THE YEAR and omg the lyrics and vocals...doesn't get better than this 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Briony Fakatou
    Briony Fakatou 3 months ago +125

    Don’t worry, Wild Flower actually improves with every listen. Not too many songs that can do that, but this one does.

    • Kyesha
      Kyesha 3 months ago

      Soooo Truee it hurts and comfort u at the same time

    • ZariDV
      ZariDV 3 months ago +3

      @Susan K. Oh I saw his episode on Suga's show. They were so adorable together. Just two best friends chatting about music and their history together. It was wholesome yet fascinating. Basically everything I hoped that that episode would be. I love it when both of them talk about music, but I loved it more to see them talk about it together. I hope Suga does one with Hobi so I can hear them chat about Jack in the Box. Borahae 💜

    • Susan K.
      Susan K. 3 months ago +2

      @ZariDV wait till you see him with Suga on his new show out today! It was cool. I loved the talk too,like all the VLIVEs as he explained each album process over the years. He's not my bias,but I love him hard as rain, day I saw and heard his first speech at the UN. I don't know how many people I've sent that to when they ask my why I like BTS so much. Borahae 💜

    • ZariDV
      ZariDV 3 months ago +6

      @Susan K. I think initially I'd had a long day and it didn't release in my country until like 1am so I stayed up extra long to see it. I was so hyped all day to see it (esp since RM is my bias). But when I saw the MV I thought it was breathtakingly beautiful but the music did nothing for me at the time. Then I went to bed, woke up and listened again and suddenly I could feel the impact much more.
      Then after I listened to RM talk more about the album. I really thought about him as a person and the fears he's shared with us. I thought about all of the layered context behind the lyrics and the full impact hit me. I mean I got goosebumps listening and was so close to tears for him once I really understood it. But still I'm so proud of him for opening up about it all and sharing that.
      He truely has always been more of a simple soul thrust into superstardom and he's adapted so well that we forget that all of that flashiness isn't truly in his nature. He's more at home in museums, park benches, hikes in nature and quiet lakes. He likes drinks with close friends, looking at animals, collecting cute figurines, tending to plants, and reading by himself. He's a poet and artist first, celebrity second by consequence of being so talented.

    • Brian Campos
      Brian Campos 3 months ago +6

      Absolutely agree. It gets so much better with more listens and deeper understandings. It’s the SOTY Imo.

  •  3 months ago +37

    Thank you for a beautiful reaction. I’m 62 and have honestly never been so moved in every way by a song. This is a masterpiece and it has already changed my thought process. Don’t worry, It retains its initial power every time I hear it. RM is so special. My words are inadequate to explain how much this music means to me. Love you Army.

  • sierranicole
    sierranicole 3 months ago +57

    The featured vocalist on this song said in the Indigo Magazine Film (that I think you would love) that she doesn't think this song is meant to be a comfort but rather a catharsis, that it's about exploding all those emotions and getting them out. Namjoon just gets it.

    • coffee vanilla
      coffee vanilla 3 months ago +2

      Yuups true....beautiful song but pain at the same time🤧🤧🤧im burst in tear when the second i hear that....and my heart feel broke of pain

  • dee rogerson
    dee rogerson 3 months ago +68


  • Edana Ulf
    Edana Ulf 3 months ago +24

    This song, the first moment I heard it, gave me goosebumps. He talked about it being "risky" doing such a long song for the title track and it being mostly in Korean compared to the others and damn can I just say that I wish it went on longer and I always love when the guys sing in Korean. It's just sooo beautiful. It sends me someplace, every time I listen. Thank you for reacting to it. 💜💜💜

  • JujubeesBTSARMY
    JujubeesBTSARMY 3 months ago +29

    YES....this entire album is a masterpiece. "Wild Flower" resonates with me the most because I can identify parallels with my own life. But, from track 1 to 10 - this album is worthy of "Album of the Year"!!!

  • Cadence
    Cadence 3 months ago +46

    Thank you for appreciating namjoon 💜

  • sarah shirva
    sarah shirva 3 months ago +37

    This is such a beautiful song. Every time i listen to it, still gives me goosebumps 💜💜💜💜💜

  • Velicia
    Velicia 3 months ago +14

    when RM said i'll return someday it brought tears to my eyes...indigo album is a masterpiece..with touching lyrics accompanied by collaborations with amazing artists... Pls react Rm tiny desk concert thank you borahae 💜

  • Eric Lai
    Eric Lai 3 months ago +5

    RM's lyrics are always deep. It will takes a long time to digest and as time goes by, you redigest them and you still get new nutritions.

  • aaRCee and Tannies
    aaRCee and Tannies 3 months ago +8


  • WiseOwl 2020
    WiseOwl 2020 3 months ago +4

    The whole album, every track gets better with repeated listening… the production details, the instrumental arrangements, the inflections and voice quality of each collaborator… all of it so thoughtfully done. I still can’t decide on a favourite, it keeps changing from Lonely, to Change Pt 2, and the charming parting track, No. 2. The irresistible bops, Still Life and All Day… Even the samplings get to me, like the opening and ending on Yun, to hear the voice of the artist long gone that RM loves and honours in this album. And Wild Flower stands a little apart like a monument: Youjeen will be remembered for this chorus!

  • Kitty
    Kitty 3 months ago +20

    Wild Flower is such a beautiful song... it really swept me away. Pure poetry. It was ethereal and melancholy, powerful but dreamy and soft. As complex as Namjoon is. The more I listened to it the more physical emotional responses it elicited. Hand on heart my fav song from 2022. Which is odd as I personally don’t usually identify so much with Namjoon’s music (his lyrics are a different matter) as much as some of the others. Thanks for your lovely reaction Brian. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Luzero M
    Luzero M 3 months ago +2

    No te voy a mentir, el 90% de mi fin de semana ha sido índigo, los primeros 3 días cada que escuchaba esta canción o veía el video se me llenaban los ojos de lágrimas y se me hacía un nudo en la garganta, ahora solo se me apachurra el corazón y se me erizó la piel viendo tu reacción; Wildflower me pegó duro 😢 y ni que decir de índigo, cada canción es exquisita, su voz, la música, la letra, las emociones, las voces de los otros artistas, es una obra maestra.

  • Smarterrrs
    Smarterrrs 3 months ago +9

    I’ve listened to this so many times, yet still tear up everytime I hear it. It moves me in ways I didn’t know were possible from a song. Just stunning.

  • Louise Dawn Author
    Louise Dawn Author 3 months ago +7

    This song is perfection. It’s slicing pain and a warm hug rolled into one. It’s all heart and agony and I love it.

  • Ksmk8
    Ksmk8 3 months ago +8

    I’ve never expressed that but you are right you can only hear first time once. 💜

    • Destructive Media
      Destructive Media  3 months ago +4

      I want a memory eraser from Men In Black so I can experience music for the first time again!

  • Gigi S.
    Gigi S. 3 months ago +3

    I loved your genuine reaction & how touched you were by his poetic lyrics, baring his soul & letting us in. I can only imagine what pressure he's had to endure all these years being the leader & voice of BTS. He wants us all to know that he is not just RM of BTS fame but Kim Namjoon, a talent in his own right. Well this album 💯 proved that Kim Namjoon can stand alone on his own merit because of his immense talent as a songwriter, rapper & singer. Kudos & much respect, I hope this song in itself or the whole album will bring him many rewardsThis whole album is amazing‼‼💜💜💜

  • Su Bo Bing
    Su Bo Bing 3 months ago +14

    Argh! I can’t stop the tears every time I see this video!! It’s very beautiful and emotional. This is why I love RM. what a genius

  • Gretchen D
    Gretchen D 3 months ago +7

    This reaction was like watching my own emotions about this song being played out in front of me- Including the pauses and repeats. Lol. 💜

  • Кристина Ива
    Кристина Ива 3 months ago +9

    thank you so much for your reaction. your emotions are contagious. the song has been on repeat for 4 days now

    • Destructive Media
      Destructive Media  3 months ago +1

      Thank you for watching!

    • Maizatul Ummira
      Maizatul Ummira 3 months ago +2

      Same girl.. Same.. And still bawling my eyes out. Love and much respect to our beloved leader

  • Ashleyder
    Ashleyder 3 months ago +3

    This is possibly the most beautiful song I have EVER heard, lyrically, sonically, visually...it absolutely pierced my heart the first time I watched the music video and I don't think I've recovered.

  • Anna Na Moose
    Anna Na Moose 3 months ago +5

    Wildflower is just an amazing song

  • Kecia and the Purple Heart
    Kecia and the Purple Heart 3 months ago +19

    I can't pick a favorite from this album.💙

  • My-key
    My-key 3 months ago +6

    This whole song was just so beautiful but when youjeen comes in with those vocals, I was just 😭

  • KT Redmane
    KT Redmane 3 months ago +2

    Exceptional song, amazing album. Every time I listen it just gets better and better. BTS has been struggling with this issues for years - this song has resonances for me in Suga's Shadow, J-Hope's More/Arson and BTS's Black Swan - BTS is now beyond big and successful - they are megastars and I can't imagine the pressures they feel as a result of that. I used to be Jimin/Suga biased but can't help but be OT7 now - they are all so uniquely talented and that's what makes BTS what it is.

  • Cherripie
    Cherripie 3 months ago +2

    RM’s writing is amazing. This song is beautifully sung.

  • marcela cervigni
    marcela cervigni 3 months ago +4

    Es verdad! Todos esperábamos tu reacción!!! Y que te emociones y disfrutes con nosotros! Muy agradecida por tu reacción! RM no tiene nada que demostrar. Todos sabemos el ser humano y el artista que es. Desde Argentina 💜 ❤️ 😍🙏🙏🙏

  • Candice Smith-MacKenzie
    Candice Smith-MacKenzie 3 months ago +5

    This song wrecked me. Reminds of "Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, And waste its sweetness on the desert air." Thomas Gray

  • Lida Smith
    Lida Smith 3 months ago +2

    It gives me goosebumps each time. What a masterpiece. RM a genius, period.

  • Connie Gheer
    Connie Gheer 3 months ago +2

    This song is beautiful...the MV takes my breath away and makes me so emotional. Rarely in my life has music done that to me, but with Joonie and the other members it seems to happen more than I'm comfortable with lol. Someday I'll figure out what it is about Namjoon's lyrics over the last 10 years that pull on my heart strings. He is truly amazing 💜

  • Joelma muniz🇧🇷
    Joelma muniz🇧🇷 3 months ago +3

    this song is so beautiful it's full of emotion i cried listening to it 🤧💜 loved the vocals just perfect our leader delivered everything on this song i'm so proud of him ❤💙💙💙💙💙💙

    BTS ARMY 3 months ago +3

    Where do I even start. I was anticipating Indigo a lottttt. Because c'mon it's Namjoon 💙 And he never disappoints ! I loved Wild Flower in just 1 listen too. The lyrics, oh my god, are so beautiful. They depict his dark feelings and still give off a hopeful vibe. Like everytime Namjoon has a pen, he writes these lyrics full of duality!!! He is amazing ❤️❤️
    Thankyou so much for reacting to BTS 💜

  • Hobi's Heavy Breathing
    Hobi's Heavy Breathing 3 months ago +2

    I could write an essay about this song after getting my bearings after all the tears. Can't possibly do it while getting my heart ripped out and put back in, over and over.

  • Izzaty S
    Izzaty S 3 months ago +1

    I am so glad that RM released Indigo, the distraught state he was during Festa and the worries that he shared what if he no longer love music - make me so worried for him. It’s like he have a lot on his plate and is like a ticking bomb for him before he breakdown. As a fan of his (and the boys) I just want them to be happy. Listening to Wildflower make me so happy that he finally lifted those burden and openly share with us his vulnerability.

  • Lans Velarde
    Lans Velarde 3 months ago +1

    Wildflower wont hit you the first time listening to it. But as you listen to it more and more you will say that it is amazing- lyrics, emotions, mv. RM is so talented and a true leader indeed

  • Jack 🐾
    Jack 🐾 3 months ago +4

    Namjoon es un artista de vocación, le gusta enseñarte a través de su música y sus letras, y no todos lo saben apreciar de esa forma, y como le gusta usar mucho juegos de palabras, a veces los traductores no saben hacer una buena interpretación de su mensaje, Namjoon ya dijo que su trabajo ya está hecho, y que ahora le toca al oyente darle su propia interpretación.

  • AFBF bangtan4life
    AFBF bangtan4life 3 months ago +9

    indigo is a masterpiece!!!

  • Giovanna Benso
    Giovanna Benso 2 months ago +1

    First time I listened to the song I started crying and just wanted to hug him. Things haven't changed a bit, after more than one month still tearing up and wishing I could hug him and talk to him....

  • Arlene Espiritu
    Arlene Espiritu 3 months ago +4

    Lol, how you said, God I love Indigo. And yes, I also love Indigo. Wildflower is on repeat for me.

  • Ulvia Elisea Gomez Mendez

    Namjoon es el mejor es un genio

  • Julia Reijonen
    Julia Reijonen 3 months ago +1

    Namjoon loves to be a part of BTS but his fame has become astronomical so he can't go even to a park by himself which he likes and being RM is different than being Namjoon ❤️‍🩹 I'm very proud of him for opening up to us🫶🏻

  • MissV 99
    MissV 99 3 months ago +2

    "I love Indigo... I can't wait to know what it does to my thought process when I'm done with it." The best reaction. Thank you Bryan 💜

  • zbea mu
    zbea mu 3 months ago +4

    army everywhere how are you feeling. remember listen to indigo from top to bottom. joon has said this a lot and said today. and pay attention to the lyrics he really wants us to think and feel the lyrics his main wish for us. thank you. thank you bryan for reacting to indigo and thank you for paying attention to the lyrics that is what joon wants the most. Its seems indigo has touched your soul and if so i am sure joon would be so happy because that is all he wants for the listeners of this album. also bryan joon said today he will be releasing a new album next year right before he goes to the military as a gift for us to hold onto until he gets back serving from the army. he also said he has plans to write for bts so that in 2025 if everyone is health there will be new music for army. so we have a lot to look forward. -side note i don't know how you spell your bryan sorry if i spelled it wrong. and i wish to give you an army hug and wish you a good day.

  • Ashleyder
    Ashleyder 3 months ago +1

    Indigo is the sort of artistic musical masterpiece that SHOULD be winning Grammys but we know probably never will...

  • A A
    A A 2 months ago +1

    For me, Indigo has been painfully beautiful and insightful its like RM ripped himself open once again and is begging for someone to understand his burden, and to love him as Kim Namjoon the man, not the artist. But who's going to understand him and love him? I've never felt so powerless to help someone, but who am I to even try. Im just a fan.

  • irishanime08
    irishanime08 3 months ago +1

    Those lyrics reminds me of festa🥺
    How namjoon said, how they have to hold back. How they each can't voice out. The weight of fame and expectations.. As he said, how he wish they can just talk and speak without thinking about the rules of the world.
    As I said before, they fear of disappointing the ARMY, their families and companies, but they have given us so much. They gave us their best. They give us their best efforts to the point they started their own identity. Disappointing ARMY, WILL NEVER HAPPEN.
    DEAR NAMJOONIE, Don't worry too MUCH. WE will always be here.. As u find ur self, we will watch u along the way💜
    Ps. At first I really wanted to have all of them enlist all at once. But now, I realized why they didn't. Cos they know army too well. So as one leave to enlist, the members left will be there to comfort us. ☺☺
    And I am sure, they are stacking up contents for us, that although we will miss the member. We can always go to their contents.
    And honestly, if we just rewatched everything, from all episodes of Run BTS, in the soop, bon voyage, AHL, rookie King, concert documentaries, summer/winter packages and other side project and solos (this not even including the Web toons, novels. Games) we haven't finished all and they are already back as OT7. 😅😅😅😅😅 That's how much, 9years worth for us... They left us.. So they fear that no one's gonna be there when they comeback.. Are they kidding us Army. Their CB concert will be worldwar for tickets. 😅😅😅😅😅
    3 years (2026 definitely) save up army. It will be a real battle for those tickets. I'm. Scared. 😅
    #WeWillWaitBTS #apobangpo #Bangtanwife #Indigo #Wildflower

  • Ulvia Elisea Gomez Mendez
    Ulvia Elisea Gomez Mendez 3 months ago +1

    Me encanta todos los días lo escucho es relajante hermoso

  • Shel
    Shel 3 months ago +2

    Wild flower's lyrics were so honest i didn't know what to do with all my feelings the first time i listened to it, i was so overwhelmed 😭I love indigo so so much :( thanks for the reaction!!

  • Liselle Viljoen
    Liselle Viljoen 3 months ago +2

    And that's why I love watching reactions. You can never experience your first watch again, but you can experience other people's first reactions with them. Thank you.
    What is your favourite song from Indigo? For me, at the moment, it's 1. Wildflower 2. Lonely 3. Change Pt 2 4. Yun

  • Taequila Silver7
    Taequila Silver7 3 months ago +3

    This is my favorite song on the album and it's one of my favorite songs overall along with So Far Away, Sea and Paradise. I'm planning to get a Wild Flower tattoo soon

  • Taequila Silver7
    Taequila Silver7 3 months ago +2

    Docksim (the producer of the song) was planning to quit producing but he said working in wild flower with namjoon gave him hope and helped him to find his passion and love in music again. I hope you can react to the RM 'Indigo' Album Magazine Film, Namjoon and the artists who collaborated with him talk about the process to make Indigo

  • Evan 에반
    Evan 에반 3 months ago +2

    I've been putting this off because I wasn't ready for the feelings. I decided to trust you to get through it with me. 💜 Thank you.

  • Daav8rswyf
    Daav8rswyf 3 months ago +2

    Makes me cry at the end, every single time.

  • Calico Capricorn
    Calico Capricorn  2 months ago +1

    Real, raw and unfiltered..and Joonie..we honestly wouldn't want it any other way from you! The trust he has to open up to Army..just wow. Beautiful song from a beautiful soul

  • Cheryl Truong
    Cheryl Truong 3 months ago +1

    Thank you for this sincere reaction. I love to see others truly grasp the beauty that BTS brings.

  • Jhoselin Acarapi Alegre
    Jhoselin Acarapi Alegre 3 months ago +1

    The MV is so beautiful 🥺💙

  • MDC
    MDC 3 months ago +7

    Wildflower is amazing indeed! 💜

  • heySTOBit
    heySTOBit 3 months ago +2

    This is such beautiful, ethereal and kind of a sorrowful song.
    Lyrics are poetic and beautiful.
    He recently was interviewed by Zach Sang. He talks about his album and a pretty deep one. Here's the link.

  • xiBlaaZeD
    xiBlaaZeD 3 months ago +3

    More I listen better are ..is just a MASTERPIECE..thank for you reaction 💜

  • V_NYC
    V_NYC 3 months ago +2

    Omgosh! Had to skip a few of your reactions to see this one!
    Our Wild Flower Kim Namjoon accompanied by the incredible voice of Ms Youjeen ~ I can’t stop playing it… hearing it in my mind’s eye! It has so many layers,… like our Joonie. I love it so much. Thx for enjoying it Bryan! :]

  • madz613 kim
    madz613 kim 3 months ago +1

    Never fails to give me goosebumps or teary eyes every time I listen or watch Wild Flower. Such a powerful song. Thank you for reacting to this. 😊

  • nash
    nash 3 months ago +2

    Please do a full-album reaction of INDIGO, the whole album is so beautiful 💜💜

  • Kels GM
    Kels GM 3 months ago +1

    I'm surprised you didn't comment much on the featured vocalist! Her vocal style is very much up my alley as a rock enthusiast and learning that she's the lead singer of a 90s rock band in Korea made my day!
    Nevertheless, great reaction! I too will have this song on repeat all week

  • Andrea E
    Andrea E 3 months ago +5

    I'm sure other people have already told you it but I highly recommend that you watch the Indigo Magazine Film on bangtantv's channel. Even if it is in your own time, it's very good.

  • Em
    Em 3 months ago +1

    Thank you! We can always count on you for a sincere and heartfelt reaction.

  • Tina Lie
    Tina Lie 3 months ago +1

    The greatest song from Joonie perception with Youjeen vocals is an angel sound and your pure reaction of the song is great too B. keep safe 💜💜💜

  • Suzette Rollin
    Suzette Rollin 3 months ago +2

    This is a master piece!

  • Carolina Oltra
    Carolina Oltra 3 months ago +2

    love love love Indigo.... real work of art

  • Elle
    Elle 3 months ago +1

    I was waiting for your reaction because you do break out the song and understand the struggles of BTS and know them as a fan. This album is amazing, I have a new favorite song at different hours of the day since late Thursday night.

  • coffee vanilla
    coffee vanilla 3 months ago +1

    This song is masterpiece but this is type of bittersweet song🤧🤧🤧💜💜💜beautiful song but feel pain at the same time when you hear that....

  • Kay
    Kay 3 months ago +3

    Please react to RM's Tiny Desk concert, it's awesome!!💜💜

  • fi0rella
    fi0rella 3 months ago +2

    ahh maybe not to react cause it's a LONG video but just for you to help you learn a lot of really interesting details regarding the album/album writing, all the features and how it came to be Joon made a great video called: RM 'Indigo' Album Magazine Film (I had to check my bookmarks).

  • jjjjjjj
    jjjjjjj 3 months ago +1

    RM's song title is 들꽃놀이 in Korean (not 야생화). The reaction was so good :)

  • Silvia Muñoz
    Silvia Muñoz 3 months ago +6

    Good morning to everyone! What a beautiful introduction!!!

  • fi0rella
    fi0rella 3 months ago +2

    pls Bryan if you can, read the lyrics from doolsetbangtan blog! no disrespect to BH translators hard work but they obviously can't write references nor asterisks anywhere unlike our ARMY translators. It's such a beautiful song, it's hard to hear what he's saying though we already knew cause he'd let us know since 2020 abt his conflicting emotions but being so graphic abt it hurts! Hurts to know he was hurting as we already imagined he was

    • fi0rella
      fi0rella 3 months ago +1

      also this song is a classic, I know it's gonna sound as amazing or even more next year, next decade and in 20 years too! and they wonder why we love them and are so protective of them.. pls just hear their music!

  • 현명한 코야
    현명한 코야 3 months ago +2

    Firework=BTS RM, flowerwork=kim namjoon

  • Paula Gráve
    Paula Gráve 3 months ago +1

    I am waiting till the 16th December to buy the album. Available im Portugal only at that time. ⌚😊💜

  • TigerChick
    TigerChick 3 months ago +1

    His best song!!!

  • Sybel J
    Sybel J 3 months ago +1

    Thank you. Maybe you could do a "review" of this again in a month to see where you're at with this then. As you said, you can only see this for the first time once. The descriptive word for me right now is thoughtful or thought provoking. (It's many other things besides, of course.) In a month, what could your thoughts about this be? Just a thought. 🙂

  • Aurore . B
    Aurore . B 3 months ago +3

    I don't know what time it will be at my place, but I hope I can be there before going to work...otherwise I'll have to wait for the evening ! I'm gonna wait to talk about the song ( or not to :P )

    • Destructive Media
      Destructive Media  3 months ago +2

      You can hit the bell on the video, and it will remind you in your local time, what time the video will be on!

  • docinho
    docinho 3 months ago +1


  • S B
    S B 3 months ago +4

    I hope next one is Lonely. Thanks for the video.

    • bitemegenesis
      bitemegenesis 3 months ago

      @Destructive Media Change Pt 2, then. 🤭

    • Destructive Media
      Destructive Media  3 months ago +1

      I will release whatever song that gets most requests next!

  • tanc1
    tanc1 3 months ago +1

    What can I say but… 💜🫶🏼

  • 달마새우소금구이
    달마새우소금구이 2 months ago +1

    Oh my rm boy

  • Rachel Holt
    Rachel Holt 3 months ago +1


  • Tejpal Ranshi
    Tejpal Ranshi 3 months ago +1


  • Mariam Faizul
    Mariam Faizul 3 months ago +3


  • Anita Sunarno
    Anita Sunarno 3 months ago +1