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Style Theory: You’re Shaving Your Face WRONG!

  • Published on Sep 16, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Today, loyal theorists, we’re learning how to shave your face. But, we’re not just grabbing a razor and having at it; no, we’re using 8 guys and 10 different blades to find the absolutely PERFECT way to shave. Which razor works best: five blade, safety razor, straight edge, electrical or something else? Lather up that shaving cream and get ready for some awesome grooming tips!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Amy Roberts
    Editors: Tyler Mascola, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Warak, Dom Sealion, and AbsolutePixel
    Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
    Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
    Talent: Matthew Patrick, Josiah, Sam Dantona, Justin Pack, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Yosi Berman, Melvin Biteng, and AJ Retland
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  • Drone Strike
    Drone Strike 15 days ago +11058

    This is MatPat’s most sane video this month

    • Kayla Mazaya Alam
      Kayla Mazaya Alam 15 days ago +144

      And that is saying something🤣

    • Xenon
      Xenon 15 days ago +41

      For real 😂

    • spiral ☆
      spiral ☆ 15 days ago +18

      @Xenon9 seconds ago

    • spiral ☆
      spiral ☆ 15 days ago +28

      i feel like your gonna have alot of likes

    • illegality
      illegality 15 days ago +21

      it's only going downhill from here bro🙏

  • Nicholas Herczeg
    Nicholas Herczeg 11 days ago +1542

    As a follow-up to this episode, you should do shaving cream vs shaving gel vs shaving foam vs dry shave. Also aftershave vs aftershave lotion vs nothing.

    • Fabelaz Nyan
      Fabelaz Nyan 10 days ago +45

      There are also methods of using soap or hair conditioner (for especially sensitive areas).

    • Leathandris
      Leathandris 10 days ago +30

      Should add in post shower to that list. Read somewhere that hair soaked in hot water for five minutes has 15% less strength.

    • Yossi Shohat
      Yossi Shohat 8 days ago +7

      farther still, I shave after a swim in the pool and\or after hot sauna, easy as butter. I also know of the hot wet towel method, although I don't use it myself

    • alexanderespinoza
      alexanderespinoza 8 days ago +5

      @Leathandrisit makes a huge difference for myself shaving after a shower
      So I'd heavily suggest it

    • A. M.
      A. M. 8 days ago +6

      I love shave soap. Used to use gels like gilette. But using soap allows me to use a brush to lift up the hairs. The soap feels better on my skin when it lathers. It feels better using soap and a brush. The gels always felt either too light or way too easy to wipe off when using my blade, leaving a too slick surface.

  • Gurgus
    Gurgus 11 days ago +225

    As a dude who’s face is so sensitive I’ll get razor burn from anything. I learned how to do the straight razor shave to myself for my cheek and chin lines and a single blade shaver for my neck. I have not had bad razor burn in years!

    • Harty Biker
      Harty Biker 6 days ago +14

      I have a beard, but I use a straight razor on my neck and to clean up my upper cheeks. 10/10 best shave.

    • Smile
      Smile 5 days ago +1

      Was your face too sensitive for a single blade shaver?

    • DerpLvlAsian
      DerpLvlAsian 3 days ago +8

      I was looking for a comment like this! The guy in the shop Matt mentioned probably did not sharpen his razor correctly or at all. When prepared and handled correctly, there is nothing that compares to a straight razor shave.

    • Constantinos Papapaschos
      Constantinos Papapaschos 2 days ago

      Same but I use the Philips one blade as a in between of that and an electric razor

    • Leor Koubi
      Leor Koubi 2 days ago +2

      I loved using my straight razor but unfortunately, my straight razor has become too blunt to be used. I am so lost with all the directions of wet stones etc. Do you have any guidance? It would be greatly appreciated.

  • AccurateMemin
    AccurateMemin 8 days ago +331

    Funny fact! I showed my mother this video for the funsies, and what I didn't expect was for her to call out the safety razor. As I had also noticed, it was the razor my grandfather used when he was alive, and I remember it specifically because it felt so heavy and intimidating to me.
    My mother was shocked that those razors were still around even in modern day. I guess we all just got really used to seeing him with his metallic ikea razor.

    • Jayesh Mange
      Jayesh Mange 7 days ago +32

      Those safety razors are no joke, my grandpa has one razor with him which is actually older than me.

    • agentmikster44
      agentmikster44 6 days ago +18

      It kinda makes sense though. From the beginning I knew that safety razor would easily be the cheapest out of all the options.
      Having said that, if you go for the nicer sharper feather blades it will bring up the cost a fair bit.

    • random asshole
      random asshole 4 days ago +6

      It's because their still the overall best razors for a close shave unless you have it in you to learn to use a straight razor and most men won't touch those

    • Umbra Weiss
      Umbra Weiss 3 days ago +1

      ​@agentmikster44I tried everything this video has, my fail was , safety razor was the last, the classic is the best, and I can change blades in it as many times I want without worrying about the cost...

    • Calum
      Calum 3 days ago +4

      i'm slightly confused - aren't all of these blades (except the straight and electric) "Safety razors". The Mach 5 is just a 5 bladed safety razor. Im assuming by "Safety razor" you mean the specific old fashioned 2 bladed (or even single bladed) models? A safety razor is any razor that has a protective bit so you cant dig straight into your skin. The number of blades doesn't matter.
      They're still all safety razors.

  • DanelerH
    DanelerH 11 days ago +125

    I remember when I was a kid, my youngest sister would see our dad shave and think "I want to do that." She was too young to realize it was a bad idea, so she would occasionally go get our dad's razor (don't know if it was disposable or safety) and try to use it to shave her nonexistent facial hair. She would then come downstairs holding the razor with a bloody face.

    • Caity Trina
      Caity Trina 5 days ago +20

      Semi related but I was that dumb kid too. I was like 4 or 5 or something, and I after watching my dad shaving his face with one those triple blade razor one day(but not knowing why he was doing) , after he left I took a new razor from his set to look at it, I ran my thumb across the blades really hard and worked out (kid logic) "oh it really sharp it must be for cutting hair. Neat"
      My thumb looked like it had gils

  • theangryricefarmer
    theangryricefarmer 5 days ago +141

    I always hated shaving and I used a five-bladed razor for most of my early life but I recently switched to a safety razor and it has completely changed my shaving experience for the better. I haven't gotten a single ingrown hair or nicked any bumps since the switch.

    • Dude
      Dude 2 days ago +1

      Do you use shaving cream or can you do it without it with the safety razor?

    • tomi 420
      tomi 420 2 days ago +1

      @Dude lmk when he answers u

    • theangryricefarmer
      theangryricefarmer Day ago +1

      I usually use shaving cream but I have had to shave with just water a few times and I didn't have any problems.

    • Rift
      Rift Day ago +1

      ​@Dudeas someone who shaves with a safety razer every other day, ALWAYS use a shaving cream. It softens your hair, lubricates your skin for a smoother shave and doesn't leave your skin burning and red (as long as your skin doesn't react to the cream).

  • Cathy Grandstaff
    Cathy Grandstaff 14 days ago +1827

    Hey Matpat, speaking of shaving, there’s an idea that shaving your armpits makes them less smelly, but is that actually true and does it even matter if you use deodorant?

    • Joey
      Joey 14 days ago +237

      The hair soaks in your smells. Imo it's more hygienic to shave armpit hair than to wash it.

    • may‼️‼️
      may‼️‼️ 14 days ago +46

      ​@Joeytbh, to me it makes no difference, maybe that me tho

    • Flaming Pi
      Flaming Pi 14 days ago +300

      Please wear deodorant

    • winny
      winny 14 days ago +15

      it sure does (but don't shave close to the skin)

    • Bromaxx
      Bromaxx 14 days ago +11

      nice one! Also if there are some brand deo odorants/sticks that cause irritations to the skin.

  • Salem The Succubus
    Salem The Succubus 12 days ago +100

    Even if you don't like it, I can assure you that I want the closest shave possible. I _hate_ the feeling of having even a tiny bit of facial hair.

    • birb
      birb Day ago +7

      What if i tell you that even after shaving there’s still facial hair but it’s too tiny for the blades to shave

    • Salem The Succubus
      Salem The Succubus Day ago +7

      @birb Yeah. I can tell.

    • Stella's Lab
      Stella's Lab 16 hours ago +9

      Speaking as a trans girl, I definitely feel the same. I've found that while shaving can help, there really isn't a way to completely get rid of that last little bit (especially as far as feel, but makeup can help).
      That said, laser is actually pretty reasonable for getting rid of the majority of the hair and thinning out the rest to make the shave far better. If you really dislike it and don't plan on growing a beard in the future, it might be worth considering!

    • Fat Controller Productions
      Fat Controller Productions 16 hours ago +10

      ​@Stella's LabI hope you find help for you mental disability. Praying for you 🙏

  • Urr Turr
    Urr Turr 3 days ago +88

    I’d love a follow up video to see what kind of razor is best for legs. My mom taught me and my sister to use the disposable and never said if there were other ways to shave sensitive skin
    This video helped explain why my skin always gets so red and bumpy afterwards!

    • Fancypants McVomitshirt
      Fancypants McVomitshirt 3 days ago +16

      5-bladed cartridge for sure. Leg shaving is usually done against the grain, due to nobody wanting 5 o'clock shadow on their legs (and also just the mechanics of pulling the blade towards you being easier than pushing it away from you), and 5-bladed gives the closest shave with the least irritation and cuts. A cartridge also lasts longer than the manufacturer would have you believe, unless you are particularly hirsute, so it's not usually as expensive as shown here.

    • Olgierd Von Everec
      Olgierd Von Everec 2 days ago +2

      Same rules apply, so long as it's sharp you will get smooth, from there it's just a matter of comfort in use.
      I am tempted to recommend a safety razor because it's what I use on my face, and if you decide to use it just make sure to glide it across the skin, it shouldn't need any pressure (that's what the weight is for btw).

    • Tom Foolery
      Tom Foolery Day ago +3

      Safety is my favourite just because of the cost, so much cheaper, especially when shaving your full body

  • Ene_AI
    Ene_AI 9 days ago +32

    For a compromise between the ease of use of the gillette with the economy of the safety razor, I'd recommend looking at the leaf razor. It has a pivoting head and multi blade design similar to the gillette but uses standard safety razor blades (though you either have to get single edged which are widely available or snap the double edged ones in half, which is easy because they're designed to do so). Only issue is that its a bit bulky so getting close to the nose can be more difficult. They have a separate detailing razor for those areas if that is a concern.

  • Magness Skippton
    Magness Skippton 12 days ago +116

    DE shaver here (Safety Razor).
    It looked like you used the Personna blades (based on the paper). They are higher end on the sharp scale, and will give you more weepers/nicks. Better to use a more forgiving blade like the Astra Green.
    The actual razor also contributes to the aggressiveness (gap/angle etc), so you need to find a beginners razor.
    From the very short sequences, I can see a lot of pressure being applied to your skin. This is a bad thing. You only want to use the weight of the razor to lean against your skin. It's better to have 2x super light passes, than a single pass with a little extra pressure.
    And the last thing is the soap. Don't use the canned/aerosolised foam. The propellants/chemicals do react to some peoples skin.
    Try find an old fashioned soap stick and use a brush. It also makes a better lather.

    • Echorise
      Echorise 11 days ago +18

      Agree with that. Safety razors work best with least pressure. Not only you eliminate the risk of cutting yourself, it actually cuts better.

    • noburt9
      noburt9 10 days ago +5

      1000% agree with all you had to say. Been using DE for like 2 years now after getting sick and tried of cartridge razors costing so much and giving me a garbage shave after 4 shaves or so, and then me stretching our the blade for another 3 shaves because I'm a cheapo.
      I enjoy my $0.15 Russian blades

    • Bob Stevenson
      Bob Stevenson 6 days ago +5

      I've been shaving with DE razors for a few months now and I can absolutely attest to all of this

    • Harsh Mehta
      Harsh Mehta 5 days ago +1

      @Echorise yup, one and only rule with safety razor is that ''let it glide''

    • Sunny Ost
      Sunny Ost 4 days ago +4

      They are using Gillette King C. safety razor kit and the Gillette King C. razors, you can see the little box at 11:58. They are expensive and in my experience they get dull very fast, so it's certainly a single shave blade. Idk if they are much sharper at the start, but I did have more issues with them than the cheap generic ones.

  • BigTex
    BigTex 11 days ago +11

    Hey Matpat, you should look into the Supply Safety Razor. It’s a safety razor, but it’s more engineered. Definitely top-tier of the safety razors

  • ThinMints
    ThinMints 15 days ago +2008

    With the beard, matpat looks like he evolved into his third form.

    • MordecaiHeller
      MordecaiHeller 14 days ago +136

      He has evolved into dadpat

    • ketchup
      ketchup 14 days ago +46

      Dad pat 3/4 evolution

    • O
      O 14 days ago +8


    • YB FriendlyStrawberry
      YB FriendlyStrawberry 14 days ago +16

      Matpat had a beard before for a while. I think they should be somewhere on the GT(not)Lives. I remember he said that Ollie didn't seem to recognize him because he was so different to his usual look ^^

  • Victor Barrios
    Victor Barrios 8 days ago +10

    Something I've kept hearing lately is how the multiblade razors cause ingrown hair & the safety single blade is the best option to avoid it

  • Kyle Clark
    Kyle Clark 10 days ago +28

    When I was still shaving, I quickly learned how to use the safety razor as well. Disposable razors would just clog up so quickly and I'd feel the need to toss them after little use. But another thing I'm surprised MatPat didn't include was any alternatives to typical shaving cream.
    The grand majority of what's in shaving cream is soap. It provides lubrication, but it also dries out the skin and created the market for aftershave. I would have liked to see them try out typical moisturizer or oil like jojoba and see how it compares. Yeah, it's not as easy to clean off, but at least you don't feel like you set yourself on fire.

    • Oliver
      Oliver 2 days ago +2

      do you tap the razor against the sink? Similar to how you see old school shaving in movies. That removes most of the clogging, then you just rinse out the rest. You can use them until the blade dulls if you do that.

    • Ikate Keda
      Ikate Keda Day ago

      Fun Fact, Silicone Personal Lubricant is an amazing shaving cream alternative :P

    DELCARAJO TV 11 days ago +20

    This is the best undercover commercial ever!

    • JayAlastor
      JayAlastor 5 days ago +2

      if think its undercover for the beard growing kit for the beginning of the episode...
      PS dont tell the higer ups i found out!!

      DELCARAJO TV 5 days ago

      @JayAlastor Nop! There's something else that was just "ohh, so perfect" on the video! XD

  • Ethan Styant
    Ethan Styant 4 days ago +12

    I end up using a combo of both because I get lazy and have long periods between each shave.
    I find electric WAY easier to deal with long growth but it doesn't get as close as I like so I sometimes use manual to finish it off

  • JW
    JW 7 days ago +8

    I have a moustache and I think it looks best when the rest of my face is clean shaven. Moreover, my jawline is more pronounced because with the hair everything kinda blends together. Thank you for this comparison guys!

  • TriAurora R
    TriAurora R 15 days ago +2058

    I would love a version of this episode for women because I desperatly want to know how to make shaving myself more efficent, so it doesn't take an hour or more to shave because I'm not shaving every day or every other day. Also I would love the episode to anwser how often should you shave and should you shave in the shower or bath or somewhere else. I know that this would be a lot of ground to cover, but I(and I belive many others) would find it extremely helpful and eye opening.

    • Sarah Grace
      Sarah Grace 15 days ago +228

      I totally agree, shaving my legs is one of my least favorite chores, but I also like being clean shaven. Please tell me the female theorists (or some more brave others) will be working on this!

    • Aravis
      Aravis 15 days ago +87

      I was about to type the same comment! These were my exact thought throughout the whole video. Also would like to see some men shaving their legs as well (trans inclusivity)

    • kerricaine
      kerricaine  15 days ago +80

      ​@Aravis I'd love to see some experimenting because I've found that mens razors are more comfortable on my face but women's razors handle leg and body hair better...which i guess is what they're designed for lol..

    • Bredarie
      Bredarie 15 days ago +52

      I would love to see them do an episode on this. Right now I use two different razors. One for my beard (yes, women can grow beards), and one for my legs/ other areas. I would love to see them do an episode on whether I really need two razors, in addition to all the great points @triaurorar3291 mentioned.

    • Sarah Grace
      Sarah Grace 15 days ago +51

      Also, what's the deal with shaving arms? Armpits? Is there something we can use from head to toe or if not, what are our best options?

  • Tr1cKy
    Tr1cKy 2 days ago +11

    A small thing barely mentioned in the video is styling. I want 99% of my beard to be a certain length - but for styling, I want to be able to get those edges very close and short!

  • Atom
    Atom 7 days ago +2

    I find this an interesting theory I started with the expensive 5 blade stuff went to the 1 blade safety razor because it’s way cheaper and now I’m using the straight razor because it’s even cheaper and it ain’t to bad if you get use to
    Ad it’s mainly for around my beard

  • Hussein Hisham
    Hussein Hisham 10 days ago +17

    I started shaving regularly since I started uni 3 years ago. At the start, razor bumps, cuts, acne for like 3 month, until I finally mastered how to shave, I would say preparing your face beforehand and using an after shave would really help reduce adverse effects.

    • J. H.
      J. H. 2 days ago +1

      I totally agree! Letting the hair soak in soap to get a bit soft helps a lot already. The blade will pull on your hair much less. That's why I also felt almost a bit shocked when seeing the guys in the video run the blade over their dry skin! Maybe they had seen too many action movies where the protagonist does a machete shave??? ;-)

  • JaredLil2000
    JaredLil2000 7 days ago +2

    Love me a straight razor, or rather a shavette (straight razor with replaceable blade). The learning curve really isn’t that bad, and it’s totally worth a shot for all you shavers out there

  • Jordan Miller
    Jordan Miller 9 days ago +21

    Idea for a Halloween theory for october: how much does your costume affect trick or treating efficiency (I.e candy yield, how long you can go before being tired etc)

  • PrincesJules
    PrincesJules 15 days ago +1326

    I'd love to see a companion episode to this for leg/underarm shaving with the same perimeters. I personally like the cheap razors, but i know women in my life who hate them, so im curious if the results would be similar to these tests or different.

    • Gloomy_Gal
      Gloomy_Gal 15 days ago +55

      I've only ever used cheap razors so I want to know if there's any big differences between those and fancy electric ones I've seen ads for.

    • KayleeMae
      KayleeMae  15 days ago +20

      YESSS I was literally just thinking thiss

    • puppybunnysquid
      puppybunnysquid 15 days ago +24

      ​@gloomy_gal I use both electric and the dollar store ones. The electric is great for the long hair if you let it grow out like I do (because I shave if I know I'm gonna show leg at all), but it leaves like the stubble, even on the short hair setting. It's also nice since I don't have to get into the shower with it, so less warm/hot water used. The cheap razor I use to get the smooth finish, but I wouldn't use on long hair. Razor burn

    • Twincalibration
      Twincalibration 15 days ago +24

      God right? I was thinking about this as well. The legs have a lot more surface area and dull out the razor fairly fast. Then there was a comment i saw below about the difference between woman's and men's products with the price differences and performance.

    • Crimson cloud
      Crimson cloud 15 days ago +20

      Also for the legs, you could test alternative hair removal techniques such as an epilator or wax strips

  • zombie_pegasus
    zombie_pegasus 9 days ago +7

    I personally have a beard and I use a combination of electric for trimming and safety for sculpting. I think it works pretty well.

    • Jose Guadalupe Martinez Torres
      Jose Guadalupe Martinez Torres 2 days ago

      I use a straight razor getting tired of my neck beard and use a comb and barber scissors for sculpting. Come spring/summer, I shave down with my electric and then use a 3 blade razor to get rid of my shadow.

  • Creative Prop
    Creative Prop 11 days ago +2

    I have a full beard and a handlebar mustache, but I still use a safety razor to line up my beard once a week. About every three months or so when I get my haircut, I have the guy line up my beard with a straight razor. If you’ve never had a professional use a straight razor it will change your life.
    Note. Definitely call ahead to a barbershop to see if they have someone that is skilled with a straight razor. I got lucky that the guy that does my hair is also proficient with a straight razor.

  • Hannah Kidd
    Hannah Kidd Day ago +2

    I'm really interested in a follow-up video about shaving legs and the different razors.

  • Jonathan Davis
    Jonathan Davis 7 days ago +3

    Doooood I’ve been so invested in learning more about shaving and getting my style up… so glad you’re bringing an objective perspective instead of other vids either not going into much detail and just shaving their face or advertising and biased

    • J. H.
      J. H. 2 days ago

      You've been "so interested"? If you want or need information, why not simply look it up by yourself? ;-) It's what I did when changing from cartrige razors to the old style safety one. There's no need to wait until someone serves you information, you can also actively get it 🙂

  • Ryan VanLoh
    Ryan VanLoh 10 days ago

    Having to shave my face every day I've learned what works best for me and what doesn't. I've personally found the Gillette pro glide to get the most hair when I shave, probably due to the 5 blades and the vibrating motor it has in it. Along with that I've used the Gillette saftey razor and really liked that aswell but i feel like with my inexperience with it I can't get as much facial hair shaved. I do like to use the Gillette foamy sensitive shaving cream. I just find it easier for me to apply. When i shave i start with the grain, then immediately follow up with against the grain to get a closer shave. Overall it's hard to go wrong with any kind of shaving since it all comes down to what you like, and what works best.

  • Kendra Taylor
    Kendra Taylor 15 days ago +911

    As a professional hairdresser, I can testify of the anxiety surrounding the straight razor😳😂Also, you guys should totally do a theory about how facial hair/hairlines can accentuate the shape of your face🧔‍♂️
    Edit: Thanks everybody for the likes! P.s a backup theory about how different hair textures compliment the face shape could go along with the first one I mentioned💇💇‍♀️💇‍♂️

    • Emily Hoselton
      Emily Hoselton 15 days ago +8

      I second this! I'm not a hairdresser, but I agree lol

    • Silvrous
      Silvrous 15 days ago +6

      I 3rd this. Also not hairdresser but think this would be a sick idea

    • Counterfeit
      Counterfeit 15 days ago +11

      Third non-hairdresser, I fourth this

    • Max Mustermann
      Max Mustermann 15 days ago +6

      As a non professional myself, i fifth this

  • Vlazorous
    Vlazorous 4 days ago

    I appreciated this video Mat, I will most definitely start using the electric razor for now on I never really thought too much about it before but I felt like you made some pretty valid pointers an yes definitely a to each their own kind of thing although you are the man. Love yuh pal. Great video.

  • hancarv
    hancarv 12 days ago +1

    I've replaced shaving foam for ANY soap or shampoo I have laying around. It just works, the soap lubricates the face and some also hidrate the skin.
    Some razor heads will also have a kind soluble band/"pillow" that at least lubricates the face. You can wet and apply to the skin by rubing the razor againts the face in the direction oposite to cut and then cut normaly

  • Hashbrown Cracker
    Hashbrown Cracker 8 days ago +1

    I would love a video on the best way to remove unwanted hair. Maybe do it on the legs or armpits.

  • Jorgen Mikkel
    Jorgen Mikkel 12 days ago +1

    Great episode, now do one on 4 months of facial hair growth and the maintenance that comes with it

  • Frank
    Frank 11 days ago +3

    Went to safety razors about a year ago after years of getting 1 or 2 shaves of 5 blade cartridges, best decision I ever made.

  • Johnyliltoe
    Johnyliltoe 13 days ago +1156

    We need more BeardPat! He is ROCKING that facial hair.

  • Raphael Lewis
    Raphael Lewis 11 days ago

    Im pretty familiar with all categories of razors. Personally i prefer the saftey razor for several reasons, altho being inexpensive is critically important for me because i also shave my head and as such i have to replace the blades more frequently. Also for some reason the safety razor gives me a sense of satisfaction that the other razor methods don't. There is a bit of a learning curve but once you get the hang of it it isn't really any slower than a cartridge razor.

  • Acting Apple
    Acting Apple 12 days ago +1

    I personally prefer a close shave and I don’t shave again for about 6 days or until it starts to get itchy, but if I could choose a permanent style for my facial hair I WOULD prefer to NOT have any at all

  • Unlocked Summit
    Unlocked Summit 9 days ago +3

    This stuff is what I like. I knew I liked the 5 blade but I had no idea I could save money with the safety blade. Will be looking into it 💪

  • Peter Ford
    Peter Ford 12 days ago +2

    I've always found Bic 2 Sensitive Razors to be absolutely fine. I do get a razor bump on my neck here and there, but that might just be because of my technique getting sloppy when I rush, or just the way my skin sometimes reacts.

    • Spanky Jeffro
      Spanky Jeffro Day ago

      Shave with the grain if you get ingrown hairs a lot. It also helps to warm and moisten your face and hair before shaving, like getting showered. :)

  • First Last
    First Last 3 days ago

    I use an electric, but one of the ones with the horizontal guards, not the weird 3 head thing Mat had, and I've found it the easiest way to shave for someone who doesn't shave daily

  • Sound of Music
    Sound of Music 15 days ago +979

    As a woman with PCOS that causes me to grow facial hair I very much appreciate this episode lol I’m always looking for that close shave 🪒

    • Texas Nationalist
      Texas Nationalist 15 days ago +19

      Can you grow a beard

    • Sound of Music
      Sound of Music 15 days ago +98

      @Texas Nationalist lol idk maybe if I didn’t shave for months. Now that’s a style theory 👀

    • Tomie
      Tomie 15 days ago +63

      @Texas Nationalist my wife has PCOS, and she can't grow a beard. It never gets that thick. Her hair is more of a peach fuzz that grows everywhere then the regular kind of facial hair you see on men. It's def an issue that bothers her so she shaves a lot, but it never actually grows like fully beyond a certain point.
      If she didn't shave at all, her facial hair would become noticeable. But it's not anywhere as thick as mine gets. That said, not everyone with PCOS has the same exact condition. Can only speak for what I know.

  • Timo jissink
    Timo jissink 9 days ago

    I've heard many times that the multi bladed cartridges pull out the hairs and cutting them so short that they get pulled back in and cause ingrowth hair.
    I'm a straight razor kind of guy (stable hand required) but I would think the second best would be the high quality safety razors.
    We've all seen those Henson shaving sponsorships and all I can say is I believe em 😜

  • Tyler Lexvold
    Tyler Lexvold 12 days ago

    When I shaved my head last summer, I used a 5 blade and it made a WORLD of difference!!

  • Shawn Warnick
    Shawn Warnick 12 days ago

    Originally i used to use an electric razor then used a multi bladed razor and now i only shave with a single safety razor. If you do it correctly it is insanely smooth and less irritating due to fewer blades. I still use a electric clipper though to trim

  • Johnson Le
    Johnson Le 12 days ago

    I think it would be interesting if instead of a try everything and see what works approach,
    Taking a "what must I do to make this work" approach, and experimenting with different ways of using it until you get a close shave and seeing if all that work is worth it

  • asleepellie
    asleepellie 15 days ago +1130

    i would love to see if y’all can find any differences between women’s shaving products and men’s. talking about the pink tax would be so interesting too!

    • Emmerz Leigh
      Emmerz Leigh 15 days ago +31

      At my Walmart, Gillette's women's 3 blade WAS 10 dollars for 2 sets. Men's 5 blade for a set of FOUR? Seven Dollars. Men get a set of four 5-blade for $7, women get two 5-blade for 10 dollars. The only women's 5blade i could find was a different brand for 9 dollars for a set of 6. Anyways that Pink Tax is ROUGH. We get less blades for More Money. Men's 5 Blade is worth it, they last long and are really Gentle in sensitive areas.

    • Tammy Hendrickson
      Tammy Hendrickson 15 days ago +36

      Lol. Just buy men's. I don't even buy women's deodorant anymore

  • cagatayy
    cagatayy 4 days ago

    Making sure you stretch the skin as you are shaving and exfoliating beforehand (does not need to be anything fancy, I use used coffee grounds mixed with soap) can also make a real difference.

  • Icesticker
    Icesticker 12 days ago

    wihtout even watching I can tell you yes, yes the shaving gel/cream helps a lot. Barring soap I would say it is essential, not optional unless you want to mess up your face and tug out hairs

  • Juni Pierce
    Juni Pierce 7 days ago

    Hi MattPat, tell Josiah and AJ that a random stranger on the internet with similar skin sensitivity recommends using your chosen sensitive skin soap as shaving cream. Get it all suds up and shave. Glides like butter and is skin sensitivity approved. 👍

  • JxC250
    JxC250 9 days ago

    I've used a gilette 5 blade, a safety razor, a 3 blade electric and a phillips oneblade and i have to say that the oneblade cuts just as well as the first two and i never enjoyed the 3 blade electric. without a guard i can still get ingrowns and irritation from the oneblade but it's literally impossible to cut yourself with it. i mostly use it for edging my neckline now, and maintaining my beard to a reasonably short length. I actually bought some off brand additional attachments to increase it's cutting length to 9mm but they'll arrive in the next few days

  • A Laughing Wolf
    A Laughing Wolf 15 days ago +816

    Honestly a funny thing is, my father wasn’t able to grow proper facial hair until he was in his late twenties, and I immediately began growing a beard when I was like 17. He knows infinitely more about shaving and styling it than I do but he always complains how it doesn’t make any sense lol

    • Sherlock Who
      Sherlock Who 15 days ago +12

      I have a patchy beard that grows like barbwire
      So I use an electric razor to give myself a stubble

    • sasukeuchiha998
      sasukeuchiha998 15 days ago +13

      The facial hair came from your mom.

    • KingBlitz
      KingBlitz 15 days ago +1

      ​@sasukeuchiha998you're absolutely right... even if my hair didn't come from my mother I would still be bald or balding

    • Gokaruto
      Gokaruto 15 days ago

      ​@sasukeuchiha998as your mom i can confirm❤

  • If It's Not Fun
    If It's Not Fun 12 days ago

    Honestly this is something I wanted to figure out on my own, so thank god you can do it for me.

  • XT
    XT 10 days ago

    I've used them all, and I think the safety razor is the best...though I use a combination of that with a trimmer for the beard. I think your cost is off for the safety...not sure why you'd need to buy a new handle every so many years unless you simply lose it. What I will say is that while I buy safety razors in packs of 100, and they are dirt cheap, the main issue is I tend to lose a percentage of them due to them getting lost in a drawer or tossed out by my partner. :p

  • castiel_the_smol_nugget boop

    If you learn to use a straight blade, it's even cheaper than the safety blade, since you sharpen the blade instead of replacing it (on traditional straights anyway, the one I bought my boyfriend actually has a relaxation blade using regular razor blades)

  • Vincent Barnett
    Vincent Barnett 11 days ago

    I have used so many shaving products in my life for both face and scalp. I have found convenience and speed (or laziness😊) leads me down the electric path. I currently use SkullShaver for everything. If I want a smoother (for special occasions) shave, I go to the safety razor. I have used the straight razor on occasion and found, after a lot of practice, it gave me the closest, most comfortable shave and it was fairly fast. I have gone to the barber (a proper one, not SuperCuts) and the experience was, what I think, women experience when going to the spa. Relaxing, ritualistic and made me feel like I was in an old western movie. It made me feel just a little pampered. 10/10, 100% recommend, will do again!

  • Spirit Animates
    Spirit Animates 11 days ago

    Could you do a video similar to this, but for shaving legs? like for ex: What would be the best technique, and razer, to use for shaving legs?

  • Rubin Harvey
    Rubin Harvey 15 days ago +325

    Hey MatPat,
    I would love to see you do a video covering a lot of the 3 in 1 or 5 in 1 shampoo, conditioner, body wash products and how effective they actually are.

    • Duck Song Fans
      Duck Song Fans 15 days ago +3

      5 in 1?

    • Colin G
      Colin G 15 days ago +7

      @Duck Song Fanshair wash, conditioner, body wash, face wash, and “deodorizer”. It’s an Irish spring one that I use, but it’s for sure just a marketing gimmick lol

    • Duck Song Fans
      Duck Song Fans 15 days ago

      @Colin G the most I saw was 4 in one and I can't remember what the 4th was supposed to be

    • LeafaPlayz
      LeafaPlayz 15 days ago +1

      15 in 1

    • Hunthunt
      Hunthunt 15 days ago

      That’s a video I need lol.

  • egypshun03
    egypshun03 12 days ago

    Almost 38, I shave 2-3 times a week but only around edges and keep a short beard. I always use 4-5 blade razors and no shaving cream or gel. Because of less shaving I use mine longer than most I would think

  • Jae Gaskins
    Jae Gaskins 11 days ago +35

    I just have to say that the bit with the straight razor at the beginning is hilarious to me because I’ve gone into black barbershops my entire life and every single Barber in the shop knows how to use a straight razor because our hair is so coarse lol
    I just love seeing little cultural differences like that sometimes lol

    • Rico Iglesias
      Rico Iglesias 10 days ago +3

      Same. Haha. Always have gone to Black or Latino barbershops until recently (my current barber is my Filipino friend from high school). Each one has always been able to line up my hairline and beard with a straight razor.

    • Jer Bear
      Jer Bear Day ago

      My friend in basic training had so many problems with shaving because of his hair type. He would get terrible bumps and rashes. I feel for you folks.

  • Kristen Chaehan
    Kristen Chaehan 12 days ago

    I'd like to ask for another shave episode! Is there really a difference between the "male" and "female" razors? Is there any difference at all?

  • Mikka Brightheart
    Mikka Brightheart 8 days ago

    I have a pointy face and so its tough for me to get a very close shave with really any tool but ive found a glycerin based shaving soap to do the best job of lubricating my face so i dont get razor burn so bad 🤷

  • Remy the Rat :)
    Remy the Rat :) 11 days ago

    I've never shaved my face in my life but I'll watch anything this man puts out LOL

  • x
    x 15 days ago +565

    I love episodes where more of the team is on camera. I love Matpat & Steph but it’s fun seeing the other faces behind team theorist too!

    • Naokarma
      Naokarma 14 days ago +3

      Couldn't agree more. Reminds me of LTT, where each team member has their own specialty, and can add in their own perspective on something for a better experience on both sides.

  • Ashley D
    Ashley D 9 days ago

    I used to use an electric shaver from ages 14-18 and it does pull when you first use it (or when you use it on a new area). I don't know why, it just does and it does it consistently. At 18 I switched to cartridge razors because my face felt dirty after rubbing an electric shaver all over my dry face - I felt dolphin smooth but yucky.
    I'd love to switch to safety razors because the metal handles don't attract mould in a moist bathroom and the razor blades are a lot more recyclable, but I shave a lot more parts of my body than my face and I just don't want to risk slicing something important!

  • Cameron Davis
    Cameron Davis 12 days ago

    One thing I think you need to account for is that any change in saving technique takes a couple weeks for your face to get used to. You're going to be left with irritation whenever using a new type of product

  • SeraphGR81
    SeraphGR81 9 days ago

    AJ I use this cream called "bump stopper" and it helps with the irritation and removing the bumps after shaving. I hope it helps.

  • daniel
    daniel 12 days ago

    I always use a straight edge razor, and it's pretty easy to use.

  • Alex Mint
    Alex Mint 4 days ago

    I just use soap when shaving, but I've never cut myself or gotten razorburn. I usually use the bic 3 blade. It's a lot cheaper than the gilette but has a rotating head as well. That said, a "women's" handle is very much worth it when getting the legs.

  • Tessa Spierings
    Tessa Spierings 15 days ago +516

    Dear Mat, my groupmate and I in chemical engineering class were discussing anti aging creams, and she told me that a professor had told her is that what anti aging creams basically do is cause a mild allergic reaction to the skin which makes it swell and thus makes the wrinkles dissapear. I need a theory on this really really bad, I mean she heard it from a professor in chemistry but he majored in biophysics so could you find out if it is true or not??🙏🙏

    • Pandora Vex
      Pandora Vex 15 days ago +49

      😂 Retinol one of the most common anti-aging creams doesn’t work that way.
      Retinol increases skin cell production (proliferation). It helps unclog pores. Retinol also exfoliates your skin and increases collagen production, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving your skin a fresher, plump appearance.
      Retinol is also known as Vitamin A.

    • Cinnabar
      Cinnabar 15 days ago +6

      I'd like to see a theory on this as well.

    • Suzanne MacMillan
      Suzanne MacMillan 15 days ago +2

      Was this Olay Regenerist? That happened to me!

    • JustRE
      JustRE 15 days ago +1

      botox is most likely what theyre talking about

    • Movies Are Dope
      Movies Are Dope 15 days ago +1

      I'll never need this information, but I would appreciate having it. Please, Team 💚

  • Chatsu8o
    Chatsu8o 12 days ago

    Tried all of 'em, landed on safety razor. You don't HAVE TO replace the blade so often: A light touch and knowing the feel of the angle is all you need. Not shaving as regularly also helps. After a while you can be blitz with that thing. Just takes a bit of practice.
    BUT, I do every now and then opt to go smooth baby face with it... and it's not for me, but for my wife, who LOVES it. You asked _the men_ what shave they prefer, but part of the question is what do the women prefer! (You even hear a ringing endorsement right in the video) Is that advertiser indoctrination? Who knows...

  • Patrick-Julian Q. Fulgado

    For sure technique and experience make a big difference. For me, who does want that close share yet not irritated, I use a safety razor every 2 days or more. Also, shaving cream or soap with a brush is much better than shaving gel. Lastly, a big plus for safety razors versus cartridge is when you really get the technique down, I can shave with and against the grain in 10 minutes or less and I only have to rinse the blade twice if anything because it doesn't get clogged up like the cartridges.

  • musiogo
    musiogo 9 days ago

    I have a really thick beard. I only used disposable blades twice (13 years of shaving so far) in emergencies.
    I used to use Fusion5 but each head only lasted me 1 to 2 shaves, It got really expensive. So I now use eletric to trim most days and a few times a year I shave completly with a safety razor since even using the blades only once it still is dirt cheap

  • Spiv Zit
    Spiv Zit 10 days ago

    For that 5 o'clock shadow look I have just used a beard trimmer. Without chasing it with a razor it gets that clean "close enough" shave

  • oakmage
    oakmage 12 days ago +1

    I use a Henson Shaving safety razor and it's great. 1 blade is all you need if the product is engineered correctly.

  • E M
    E M 15 days ago +328

    Can we all respect how the team sacrificed their precious facial hair 😭🙏

    • Bunny_Bill
      Bunny_Bill 15 days ago +20

      My school did this with the teachers and I had no idea who the male teachers were without their beards🧍🏼

    • The Dullohan
      The Dullohan 15 days ago +8

      I feel there pain. I am 35 and have never been with out my facial hair since I was 13. During covid I let my beard grow really long, and last Halloween I cut it short for a Halloween costume. The day I cut it my 5 year old daughter looked at me and said What's going on with your face? I thought it was really funny.

  • Lish B
    Lish B 12 days ago +1

    I haven't finished watching, but I've noticed that using an unscented conditioner, particularly a solid conditioner bar for my legs/underarms works better than shaving cream. I've been suggesting it to my husband for when he shaves, though he doesn't shave often. He's had a at least some sort of beard for 15 years.

    • allenrb2
      allenrb2 Day ago

      Yes, yes, yes. They make shaving specific soaps like La Toja Shaving Stick, and Arko Shaving Cream Soap. There are a million others, but those are my favorites. They are a million times better, and slicker, for shaving than typical creams.

  • Mikhail Krassavin
    Mikhail Krassavin 10 days ago

    I love the 5 blade thing: super clean, fast, safe, no irritation. Maybe I should give an electrical a try

  • Thomas
    Thomas 11 days ago

    The three circle blades are meant to get a closer shave once the hair is already trimmed

  • Pablo Chavez
    Pablo Chavez 3 days ago

    I had to shave everyday when i was in the Army, hands down the safety razor will always be mt favorite. Refilling it is so cheap and it take little room too. Plus I dont have to worry about batteries or anything. Really hapoy it's getting recognition

  • Jace O'Brien
    Jace O'Brien 11 days ago

    I shaved my face today and i couldn't stop feeling it through the whole video 😂. I used a Gillette

  • KenJyn76
    KenJyn76 15 days ago +386

    That's crazy that Matt managed to find a barber who can't use a straight razor. Never been to one who didn't use one

    • KenJyn76
      KenJyn76 15 days ago +50

      So with a straight or safety razor, the technique is to pull your skin tight and shave, and avoid moving the razor back and forth. Because it's one sharp blade, it'll never pull, so shaving against the grain is fine. You are more likely to get ingrowns the smoother you cut it though, because you're pulling the hair out of your pores by pulling on the skin and then it goes back under the skin when you let go. If you're prone to ingrowns, it's likely your hair will curl instead of coming back out of the pore
      It's also just the cheapest. You can get 100 blades for $10. Learn once, find a blade you like, and you'll just have to order a couple times a year depending on how often you shave (less often because with better technique it's a much closer shave)

    • Sherlock Who
      Sherlock Who 15 days ago +11

      It's not a talent that is always taught especially as most men shave at home

    • KenJyn76
      KenJyn76 15 days ago +13

      ​@Sherlock WhoYeah I was taught to shave with an electric trimmer and a 5-6 blade razor. Much worse experience imo. I keep a beard so it was more than worth learning a safety and straight to line up my cheeks and neck lol. I haven't bought blades in years

    • Morrigan KASA
      Morrigan KASA 15 days ago +7

      Sadly many barbers nowadays can't use "Straight Razors".

    • Tsamane
      Tsamane 15 days ago +5

      I get one everytime I get my hair cut, cause its so relaxing when you have someone who knows what they are doing.

  • SciencerZ
    SciencerZ 7 days ago

    can you make a video on perfumes / deoderants? which ones better the spray or the liquid rubbing thingy?id love to see that also i love ur content

  • Sanguisuga
    Sanguisuga 7 days ago

    I mean, since I'm going for a more feminine look, a close ''babyface'' shave is exactly what I'm going for

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia 7 days ago

    Haha this is so great, I love using the disposable razors 😂 one pack costs me about 2-3 bucks for 12 and 12 lasts me about 36 days, so i'm spending about 1215 if i live until i'm 75 lol disposable gang!!

  • dreamerjazz352
    dreamerjazz352 4 days ago

    double razor disposables always do the trick for me. I can't shave properly with more than 2 blades, lots of tugging and pulling. I feel like shaving now.

  • FirewallDaProtogen
    FirewallDaProtogen 10 days ago +2

    id love to see something similar for leg shaving !

    • Tamril
      Tamril Day ago

      I agree cuz we have our own kind of demons with that😂

  • Naoise Brosnan
    Naoise Brosnan 15 days ago +187

    MatPat with a beard and head editor Dan without a beard are two things I didn't expect to see today

  • Adam Outler
    Adam Outler 12 days ago

    The thing is, when you use an electric, your face adapts to it. It's not the technique. There's something that actually happens to the hair. Same when you go from electric to disposable razor. It's about the technique, as much as it is about the adaptability. I've switched a few times in my life.

  • Eric W
    Eric W Day ago

    Lectric Shave for keeping the skin wet and lubricated is the way to go if you're looking for the closest possible shave with an electric razor! I went the dry route for years, but as we get older our faces tend to not react or bounce back like they used to, so adding the Lectric Shave beforehand is key!

  • Justin Sherwin
    Justin Sherwin 12 days ago

    I used to use the expensive 3/4/5 bladed razors. In my experience they get very clogged after about 3-5 uses and don't shave very well after that. They are also extremely difficult to clean. The more blades, the worse the problem. I found myself changing them every week. This would double the cost estimate in this video. I switched to the safety razor style years ago and never looked back. They also make them in the straight razor style for the smoother contours of your neck and cheeks to speed things up. For the cost of 1 pack of gillete mach whatever razors I can buy enough blades for my safety razor to last a decade.

  • matus jurcik
    matus jurcik 6 days ago +1

    As a highly ,,skin sensitive,, person I used to use 5blade gillette, it was smooth shave but my skin was swelling so much. Electric razors (Phillips) were better experience in my case.

  • Mateo Botello
    Mateo Botello 11 days ago +4

    I personally don't use shaving cream, but use soap. Bar soap. Liquid hand soap. Maybe a Cream vs. Soap episode would be interesting

    • Aerisa FoxFeather
      Aerisa FoxFeather 5 days ago

      Not a man, but when I shave my legs, I use hair conditionner. Does the same thing as the fancy foam for a fraction of the cost.

    • Grommash1000
      Grommash1000 3 days ago

      I just shower before I shave and make sure to wash my beard prior. Use to use shaving cream when I was younger and when I wanted to shave one day and had no cream, I just went for it regardless without using anything. 37 now, and haven't used shaving cream or anything prior to shaving for nearly two decades.

  • An Ma Narrative
    An Ma Narrative 15 days ago +148

    Definitely want a follow up episode covering body hair removal, not just with different types of razors but also with waxing, epilators, cream etc.

    • Dali
      Dali 15 days ago +2

      If anyone is struggling with their downstairs area I recommend waxing using a Himalayan salt scrub and la roche posay lipkar gentle body wash! I struggled for years buying all types of products but this simple routine cleared me :)

    • Catastrophic Failure
      Catastrophic Failure 15 days ago +5

      YES i was just about to ask this too! and i'd like to see some testing for remover of women's facial hair too (ik ik it's natural but i want to know how effective or safe each method is), because i've used a small electric razer for my upper lip hair (thanks genetics...), products like nair, tweezing, and waxing throughout my life and i've had varying success with each

    • Lee Jerrett
      Lee Jerrett 4 days ago

      @DaliI don’t wax but I am curious what the salt scrub does?

  • Alejandro Z
    Alejandro Z 12 days ago +3

    STRAIGHT RAZOR is by far the best shave. The issue with it is the technique that takes a few tries to learn and the fact you have to sharpen it to perfection.

    • Jose Guadalupe Martinez Torres
      Jose Guadalupe Martinez Torres 2 days ago

      I was surprised that a BARBER wasn't comfortable with a straight razor. Every single barbershop & salon in my town won't hire anyone that isn't capable and comfortable with it. Every single one of them gives a straight razor shape up at the end.

  • killcharge
    killcharge 2 days ago

    Man I love a straight razor shave, I do it and my barber is a magician with a straight razor but I'm on team double blade safety razor. Never knicked myself with it, mine is a twistable to mess with the blade but dang if it doesn't get a really smooth shave. I'm also with Sam, against the grain is the only way to go for the 3rd round

  • the1vampfire
    the1vampfire 11 days ago +4

    I've been using a straight razor to shave recently once you get thru the how to load a new razor and shave. You can get super accurate in touching up your edge of your beard and triming the neck part. Also been using a wash cloth to warm up the skin and then put shaving cream haven't had any razor burn since. I also recommend getting a ice face roller closes your pores after so you shave so you won't get acne also feels nice.

    • Jeffrey Minter
      Jeffrey Minter 11 days ago

      Straight razors don't have new razors. they are literal knives.

    • Degofhas
      Degofhas 10 days ago

      ​@Jeffrey Minter You can get straight razors with replaceable blades. I used one as a test before I got a proper straight razor.

    • the1vampfire
      the1vampfire 10 days ago

      ​@kwiztas it the one where its not a blade like a knife you break the razor in half then insert the blade in the straight razor to shave.

    • JUKE MAN
      JUKE MAN 6 days ago +2

      ​@the1vampfirewell thats a skavette. They're kinda something different .

    • R
      R 3 days ago

      Straight or safety? Don’t really load blades

  • Kral Meco
    Kral Meco 5 days ago

    I'm surprised about the bits regarding straight razors. In here, Turkey, every barber uses them to shave their customers' beards. It's the cleanest, most relaxing shave ever. It's also the only shave that doesn't cause skin irritation, at least for me.

  • abrim11
    abrim11 10 days ago

    There are disposable razors with three blades and pivoting heads. I wouldn’t shave with it from a full beard but if you’re talking about a daily shave, it works great