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Pastor Admits to Crime in Front of Church

  • Published on May 29, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Azo
    Azo Year ago +21738

    Imagine calling child rape "adultery" just to minimize it to only later be called out by that very brave victim the next minute. wow.

  • Austism
    Austism 11 months ago +7341

    You're missing the huge part.... he didn't go there to confess.... SHE WENT THERE TO EXPOSE HIM, and he must of seen her in the crowd so he decided to reveal his interpretation of what happened before she could out him. if she didnt have the courage to go, this would have never happened. Brave girl.

    • Noremac
      Noremac 9 months ago +517

      Yup he wasn't confessing he was doing damage control

    • Ivan Mora
      Ivan Mora 8 months ago +16

      Make me remember to Ellie of The Last Of Us

    • J Cole Taylor
      J Cole Taylor 8 months ago +201

      Oh my God. You’re fucking right. His tone of voice was not repentant, it was declaratory. It was like saying what he ate from breakfast. He didn’t care. You’re so fucking right. Underrated comment.
      He kept defending himself and correcting the people in the audience. If he really was sorry he wouldn’t have been able to stand on that stage or look the members of the crowd in the eyes. He probably would have resigned weeks prior if he actually had been convicted of his crime. But no. He didn’t care. He was anxious he’d be ratted out like you said. This makes me so sick to my stomach, having grown up in church this kind of thing could have happened and I wouldn’t have known what to have done as a kid. This makes me so sick how twisted they use the scripture. It makes me sick to my stomach to see how they disregard justice just to save face and appear godly. Using “forgiveness” as a means to sweep it under the rug and dismiss the whole thing of responsibly for his crimes.
      100% fucking pure evil. God has a special place in hell for this guy. That’s biblically endorsed too. Just read Matthew 23. Jesus literally would be disgusted and condemn these kinds of people. Half of Jesus’ ministry was **against** the so called “Pastors” of his day and age, the Pharisees and Sadducees. He literally warns people to “do what they teach you but not what they do” because he wanted to make a distinction between actually following the law and acting unjustly and lawlessly as the hypocritical teachers would do.
      If Jesus was around today I bet he would fucking disown Christianity. 100%
      These fucking hypocrites defend their faith more then they do their fellow man. Disgusting what people will do when you dangle eternal life on a string in front of them.

    • Goobernator50K
      Goobernator50K 7 months ago +35

      @J Cole Taylor I didn’t read all of this but understanding the gist, It truly is horrible that stuff like this happens, we can’t let it get to us to much though. God deals with it all in the end of it and he’ll get his due-diligence in the end.

  • ewitzniq
    ewitzniq 9 months ago +4647

    As a rape victim, this whole thing is just totally unfair. It's not the church's place to forgive him. That power belongs to the victim. I don't understand how they could possibly go up to hug the guy after finding out what he did.

    • wac lac
      wac lac 9 months ago +52

      maybe because he confessed in the house of god in front on gods followers. the church belongs to god not the people. so its not the “church’s place” forgiving him. it’s her choice like you said. But really it’s up to god to forgive him for god will present his judgment upon him when he dies. the victim is also a sinner as everybody in that room is a sinner so none of them are better then him not even the victim. forgive your enemy as god forgave you and pray and show love to those who persecute you

    • Ryan Walsh
      Ryan Walsh 9 months ago +383

      @wac lac sounds like a big old excuse to me.

    • wac lac
      wac lac 9 months ago +12

      @Julia de Soto everything I just said is from the New Testament. and that’s crazy you mention “mental health” could you actually imagine everything I seen and went through that made me believe in god was all fake? that’s an interesting thought. I’ve seen some dark things in the night, I’ve seen paranormal activity worse then the movies in real life. I call upon Jesus for help and watched these things coward in fear. i never stop believing in him sense

    • Justin Hogan
      Justin Hogan 9 months ago +98

      Believe it or not. As a Rape Victim myself.
      I make the choices of Repentance AND Forgiveness myself.
      It doesn't matter what you think is "unfair" or not.
      She is brave for confronting him,
      For once she has said her piece, she has already won.
      We hold our ground and nothing else.

  • GippyHappy
    GippyHappy 5 months ago +2702

    “I got baptized twice just cause I was afraid God might have missed the first one”
    Is the actual funniest sentence to come out of this man’s mouth for me. I was not expecting that at all.

    • cookie jay
      cookie jay 5 months ago +15

      RIGHT 😭

    • Celeste White
      Celeste White 5 months ago +29

      To trust in God so much and believe he's this out right almighty being that can do anything but then say some shit like that. Like oh, so God does mess up then I guess?
      Not shitting on anyone's belief. Just pointing out irony. It's funny.

    • Erick Reyes
      Erick Reyes 5 months ago +8

      @Celeste White well... he kinda did mess up since his perfect humans didnt listen and became imperfect

    • Santa Clause
      Santa Clause 5 months ago +5

      @Erick ReyesNo, we are made perfect but our actions are imperfect, that is the gift of free will and it is in our nature to do evil with our will, God does not want us to sin but it is His gift he gave so gracefully.

    • Erick Reyes
      Erick Reyes 5 months ago +16

      @Santa Clause so basically still no, we aren't made perfect because if we were we wouldn't have that nature of "doing evil"

  • dan_the.man_
    dan_the.man_ 10 months ago +2038

    Imagine telling your SA story in front of your abuser and his followers only for them to hug him later. That isn’t just a slap in the face, that is a hard kick in the crotch with a stab in the back, yet that still doesn’t amount to the pain that poor girl felt

    • the wild madcat
      the wild madcat 7 months ago +26

      literally tho :c

    • Prithya-Chan
      Prithya-Chan 6 months ago +83

      Fr real man my blood was boiling. Like how dare they?

    • Lexi Speaks
      Lexi Speaks 5 months ago +8

      And this pain on top of it. Damn

    • Ember Dragon
      Ember Dragon 4 months ago +30

      A priest could probably walk into his follower's houses, grab their baby in front of them and leave and no one would stop them. Probably also applies to their money.

  • Mikey Blake
    Mikey Blake 4 months ago +316

    The fact that they came up and surrounded the abuser in a giant group hug but didn't do that for the victim says a lot about this church.

    • 《🕊》Seraphim《🕊》
      《🕊》Seraphim《🕊》 3 months ago +14

      Oh I definitely agree with you that hugging him was awful. But just as an FYI, with victims, especially, be careful with hugging or any form of physical touch.

    • Mikey Blake
      Mikey Blake 3 months ago +8

      @《🕊》Seraphim《🕊》 Yes, very, very true.

    • Patricity
      Patricity 2 months ago +2

      It's not a "group hug"... a lot of churches do this where they put their hands on somebody and pray for them

    • Mikey Blake
      Mikey Blake 2 months ago +2

      @Patricity I know, my church does this, too. I'm using "group hug" as a term of brevity. Describing that whole act would make it a run-on sentence that becomes confusing. But you're right, I could've been more specific

  • Benner
    Benner Year ago +10573

    The "You didn't tell us she was 14" was actually genius. It forced him to actually say the number 16 out loud, lest he looked even worse.

    • Danielle Lopez
      Danielle Lopez Year ago +627

      @Pure Gameplay which is SO disgusting. We need reform.

    • Benner
      Benner Year ago +427

      @Pure Gameplay That is correct, but the law aside, many consider it unethical if the age gap is so large. It would at the very least be considered very weird and creepy, especially from a pastor. I would also make the argument that he was an authority figure to the girl, which would make it illegal.

    • Zay
      Zay Year ago +74

      @Pure Gameplay which is fucking lunacy

    • TezalTube
      TezalTube Year ago +9

      @Danielle Lopez He literally lied.

  • MetalDisturbed
    MetalDisturbed 10 months ago +2293

    I’m a Christian, and I’d like to thank you for not attacking Christianity for the disgusting actions of this pastor. What that man did is horrific and disgusting and he should’ve been thrown out of the church right then and there

    • Nathan Knight
      Nathan Knight 10 months ago +67

      Agreed I’m Mormon and whatever is going on in that church was wrong. If I’m correct you have to admit to keeping the law of chastity for getting roles like these. And adultery doesn’t fall in line with the law of chastity or laws since it was a child.

    • juno
      juno 9 months ago +129

      most people hate what the religion has done to their lives, not the innocent people who follow it. it’s kinda impossible to not be resentful after some of the shit we were put through. i am very biased lmao i’m aware of it. we all have different experiences, so i understand a lot of people love it. sadly a lot of people have also been abused, it’s just hard to see past that. and i don’t really want to, organized religion is something i can never support. taking advantage of people’s faith is truly evil.
      i’m native american so i think i have a different perspective than most people. half of my family is missing because of christianity. i really don’t like being hateful, but this is a feeling most of us share. we were and still are treated like animals, because the church thought we were too “barbaric”. yeah i can never forgive that.

    • Kain
      Kain 9 months ago +31

      @juno It is indeed very horrible what happened to your ancestors and they didn't deserve any of that, makes me angry how the murderers probably never got what they deserved

    • juno
      juno 9 months ago +59

      @Kain these weren’t my ancestors, they were my parents’ aunts and uncles. this happened in the 50s. that was the last time they tried to get rid of us.

    • Ary
      Ary 8 months ago +16

      @juno that’s horrific my god. i wish you the best in life

    NIETZSCHE143 10 months ago +1151

    The "yes WE did it" after being asked if HE did it makes this even more disgusting. Trying to put part of the blame on her like this. 🤢
    I don't know if it's the same in America as it is in Germany, but if it is, he won't even have to face consequences, as the church has their own laws and they will likely not sentence him for his crimes. Its truly sickening 🤢

    • Magnus
      Magnus 9 months ago +55

      He definitely won't be punished, by the law at least. There's a thing called statute of limitations in most places, meaning you can't be arrested for a crime after a certain amount of time has passed. Sad, but true.

    • Evil Overlord
      Evil Overlord 9 months ago +34

      The church here in America does not have its own laws, buuuuuut the people enforcing the laws here are very corrupt. So if he did go to prison, he's probably out already.

  • Michael Gifford
    Michael Gifford 5 months ago +899

    It was kind of smart on the part of the lady who said “you didn’t tell them she was 14 years old.” In doing that she had him admit verbally that she was 16

    • NoodlyBoi101
      NoodlyBoi101 4 months ago +4

      But the age of consent is 16 in Indiana.

    • Michael Gifford
      Michael Gifford 4 months ago +138

      Well it doesn’t really sound like this lady consented

    • Plexy Glass
      Plexy Glass 4 months ago +108

      @NoodlyBoi101 oh so it's ok to abuse your power then 🤡

    • Unmarketable
      Unmarketable 4 months ago +69

      @NoodlyBoi101 Your litany of comments defending pedophiles and animal abusers is telling

    • NoodlyBoi101
      NoodlyBoi101 4 months ago +4

      @Unmarketable Not defending a pedophile and don’t know where you got animal abuse from, I would never hurt either of my chihuahuas. She was 16 at the time, the age of consent in Indiana is 16, there was no problem unless it wasn’t consensual, which we don’t know. In France it’s 14, but no one is claiming that French people are pedophiles over there.

  • TheRedPandaCat
    TheRedPandaCat 8 months ago +843

    The pastor at the church my parents took me to as a child was always bringing up how he murdered an innocent woman when he was 18.
    It was so common to hear him say he killed a random woman, went to jail for it, found god, and got out of jail as a changed man who eventually became a pastor. It felt like he was bragging about taking a human life. And people would cheer for him when he mentioned that he committed murder and still became a preacher to a massive, successful church.
    I later read the details of the murder. He nearly decapitated the woman with a buck knife because "I don't know, man. I just went fuckin' crazy."
    He never dared to mention how brutal the crime was. He blamed it on hard drugs, even though weed was the only thing found in his apartment. He only served 8 years.
    The crime happened in 1975, but it still genuinely pisses me off. How can you call a cold-blooded murderer becoming a millionaire after only 8 years in prison an act of god? Something to be celebrated, something to be seen as inspirational?
    Maury Davis is a piece of shit. He always brought politics to his sermons and even told his congregation who to vote for. He jokingly mentioned how he threatened to run over his wife's dog. He was openly homophobic, claiming that all lesbians are abusive alcoholics. He wrote an autobiography and advertised it during a sermon. I could go on and on about how loved he is in the community despite being terrible. I'm fine with people being religious, but I do find it an issue when you're practically worshipping someone who boasts about his sins.

    • Psychadelic Potato
      Psychadelic Potato 7 months ago +39

      Wait i just googled him and am surprised to see that this guy is quite famous 😳.

    • CaptainFreeze_
      CaptainFreeze_ 6 months ago +32

      @Psychadelic Potato yeah, this guy has whole video docs about his rise and fall, not only was he a millionaire owning a very successful church(s) he is also a paster coach so he's also teaching teens and young adults into being pastors.

    • kilderok
      kilderok 6 months ago +41

      Sounds more like Satan found a disciple and gained a whoooole lot more false Christians for his flock.

    • Pink Lemonade
      Pink Lemonade 4 months ago +21

      I wasn't surprised whwn you said he's homophobic, but that is a weirdly specific stereotype he has about lesbians.

  • chaire :]
    chaire :] 9 months ago +766

    fun fact: the Bible says if a man just looks at a woman in the wrong way, he's supposed to gouge out his own eyes

    • Kazuma
      Kazuma 8 months ago +137

      Damn Jesus ain't fucking around!

    • Ethan Retzepis
      Ethan Retzepis 7 months ago +1

      Kind of as a last resort thing though right?

    • CHINitA
      CHINitA 7 months ago +131

      @Ethan Retzepis no, the scripture says that if your eyes cause you to sin(looking at someone with lust), you must gouge them out, if your mouth causes you to lie, cut off your tongue.. etc and etc. I may not have explained well.. but i hope this answers your question

    • Aggressively Amicable
      Aggressively Amicable 7 months ago +102

      As a kind and loving christian I will offer to gouge out his eyes for him.

  • pickled buns
    pickled buns Year ago +44964

    That woman is so insanely brave. Not only to speak out in front of her abuser but in front of all of his supporters.

    • BJGvideos
      BJGvideos Year ago +1643

      She's got him on video now to take him to court too.

    • Renegade Pyro
      Renegade Pyro Year ago +393

      3 bot comments on your one comment. These bots are crazy

    • pickled buns
      pickled buns Year ago +179

      @Renegade Pyro ikr and the bait comments. wild

  • CompletelyNormalPerson
    CompletelyNormalPerson 11 months ago +646

    I was assaulted by an old man when I was 15, I couldn’t imagine what it’d be like if i had to sit and watch him talk about it like it wasn’t what it was, and then people hit him and clap for him. What an awful situation

    • Los muertos brewery gaming
      Los muertos brewery gaming 11 months ago +24

      Sorry for you and i hope you are better

    • Sidney Smith
      Sidney Smith 11 months ago

      the details of this aren't made clear here, and 16 is consenting age in half the country.

    • Isfet Solaris
      Isfet Solaris 10 months ago +92

      @Sidney Smith yeah, but here's the issue with that: SHE DIDN'T GIVE CONSENT. Age of consent means jack shit when consent isn't given.

    • TychoPanda
      TychoPanda 10 months ago +29

      @Sidney Smith are you sure this video is in that "half" of the country? Are you sure she consented?

    • fbi agent
      fbi agent 10 months ago +44

      @Sidney Smith oh so now you can't be sexually assaulted if you're not underage?

  • MetaDHedge28
    MetaDHedge28 9 months ago +223

    There was a pastor at my church who was caught cheating on his wife (the one he was cheating with wasn't underage btw). He admitted it to the congregation, lost is pastoral status and was asked to leave the church not long after. The fact that there are churches who congratulate pastors admitting to adultery, and that it seems pretty common at that, honestly disgusts me

    • 05Fire
      05Fire 4 months ago +6

      True I think they should have been happy he had admitted it but still punished him taken his pastoral privileges and then kicked him out

    • MrSeriousDude
      MrSeriousDude 4 months ago

      Become Catholic Christian..

    • 05Fire
      05Fire 4 months ago

      @MrSeriousDude why

    • 05Fire
      05Fire 3 months ago

      @MythrilTV you you know it in the Bible that if a pastor cheats they should be kicked out and read the bible

    • 05Fire
      05Fire 3 months ago

      @MythrilTV then don’t say crap about how to run our church

  • Daniel Burr
    Daniel Burr 3 months ago +96

    Can you imagine coming to this church for the first time and this is your first service 😳

    • Teloscopic
      Teloscopic 3 months ago +6

      bruhhh 😂😂

    • Desmond Dolan
      Desmond Dolan 3 months ago +5

      I would report it to the police

    • JoltyFlare
      JoltyFlare 2 months ago +2

      @fjsjgknd Not much happens in churches tbh lol. But I'm in Canada, not America, and apparently, churches are different? At least that's what I've been told. Weirdly enough, I've never seen anyone clap during a normal church session lol it seems that it's more appropriate to sit there in awkward silence

    • So?
      So? 2 months ago +4

      Someone who hadn't been converted yet would have been like, "I knew it was b.s." and headed right out to the bar. They'd need a stiff drink after this insanity.

    • Daniel Burr
      Daniel Burr 2 months ago

      @JoltyFlare hmm see, I find sitting in silence the whole time weird. In the churches I've gone to clapping at the least is pretty normal. Even in the foreign countries I've been to. But I understand in some it is different. To each their own I say

  • Jena Tarulli
    Jena Tarulli 4 months ago +75

    This woman is my hero. I wouldn't be able to stand up to my abuser like that. I fear for my life everytime im in public scared to see him. I bet she was incredibly scared, but im glad she got that closure of telling him off.

  • Piggyyy
    Piggyyy 9 months ago +230

    This is no Pastor, he’s a man who proclaimed to be a pastor and blasphemed the Lord by abusing his power over a young girl, its disgusting and horrific

    • Charlie Cowie
      Charlie Cowie 6 months ago +14

      Are you seriously pulling the "No true Scotsman" card? He IS a pastor, and dismissing that is disrespectful to his victim who was only in the position to be hurt by him BECAUSE HE IS A PASTOR.

    • 05Fire
      05Fire 4 months ago +8

      @Charlie Cowie He’s saying he’s not a true pastor or like a true Christian for doing it as a pastor and hiding it

    • 05Fire
      05Fire 4 months ago +3

      He should not be a pastor

    • Piggyyy
      Piggyyy 4 months ago +1

      @Charlie Cowie Im saying he has the title of one and the office of one sadly, but he should is not a true christian and no true christian and pastor would do that. But yes sadly he is a pastor but should not have had that position

    • just a smøl tøwn gir
      just a smøl tøwn gir 3 months ago +4

      This is a pastor who abused his power

  • fklmrek
    fklmrek Year ago +9431

    Imagine being sexually assaulted as a teenager multiple times by a pastor and then watch him admit it and be forgiven because he is a pastor

    • Brandon Cook
      Brandon Cook Year ago +39

      I am the God of earthworm's and homeless people.

    • spiritbx1337
      spiritbx1337 Year ago +188

      This your brain on ideologies.

  • Rat Queen
    Rat Queen 9 months ago +241

    The only reason they clapped was because he admitted to it and acknowledged it was wrong.
    It was when she came up and exposed what he actually did that everyone got mad. They weren’t ok with the adultery, they were proud of him because he admitted, and then they were mad that he left out the details of the crime.
    I’m so glad she came forward like she did and exposed him like that. That takes so much to realize that what he did was horrible and that she wasn’t in the wrong.

    • T C
      T C 7 months ago +50

      When they hugged him though after learning, that is so messed up.

    • Rat Queen
      Rat Queen 7 months ago +30

      @T C absolutely. Imagine someone murdering your partner, then they’re exposed, the literally admit to it, and they manipulate the crowd into thinking your in the wrong. I’m so glad this is on the internet now because this man will be known forever because of his actions

  • Debbie Ballantyne
    Debbie Ballantyne 10 months ago +76

    Hello from the lady in Scotland. I have been dealing with narcissist most of my life. I find you a breath of fresh air. A man who actually feels compassion, empathy and love for others. This gives me hope for the future. Thank you

  • Star Lynn
    Star Lynn 9 months ago +89

    “Forgive your rapist” was taken literally. It’s messed up how forgiving they are.

    • Viridiana Cortes
      Viridiana Cortes 7 months ago +5

      I think once they found out he raped a girl. Most of the congregation rejected him. Forgiveness is the choice of the victim (not the congregation) and if she does forgive him…it should for her own sake and after he faces some actual consequences.

    • AspireGD
      AspireGD Month ago

      Sadly I've witnessed how forgiving Christian fundamentalists are to child rapists first hand, despite the fact that they're the least forgiving people to things that aren't even 1/1000th as bad.

    • Jesus's name was Joshua
      Jesus's name was Joshua Month ago

      How is it messed up to be forgiving?
      Christianity teaches unconditional forgiveness for one another, because we are all sinners, and only God holds judgement over us.

    • msjademarvel
      msjademarvel Month ago

      ​@Jesus's name was Joshua of course it's okay to forgive, but that doesn't mean you the man should go without punishment.

  • Faye
    Faye 4 months ago +25

    That fact that people like this will threaten hospitals and teachers for helping queer kids feel good about themselves because they think it’s “grooming” yet will applaud pastors for actually grooming kids because “they were sorry 🥺” is just horrifying.

    • BarriaKarl
      BarriaKarl 3 months ago +1

      Hey now, two wrongs dont make a right.

    • Clauce Micro
      Clauce Micro 3 months ago +1

      Convincing minors to take hormones or even worse, to get rid of parts of their body is not helping them feel better about themselves. It’s actually setting them up for failure while virtue-signaling as caring for those children.

    • msjademarvel
      msjademarvel Month ago

      ​@Clauce Micro ...you know people feel suicidal because of dysphoria, right? Surgery isn't allowed for people under 18 I believe, unless the parents approve of it or their life is in danger...

    • A
      A 24 days ago

      @Clauce Micro
      What transkids go through is often first struggling to understand what about them is different until they somehow learn the language for it, then if they're lucky, they go to therapy and are seen by that psychiatrist for at least six months before even talking about any medical interventions. Once that kid reaches the age puberty starts they take puberty blockers first, not hormones. Those blockers are completely reversible and have been used on non-trans kids for decades to treat various conditions. While on puberty blockers the trans kid continues therapy and then maaybe if they have approval from the primary care, psychiatrist, and parent (depending on where you live), they stop the puberty blockers and start taking hormone replacement therapy. Kids aren't being handed this stuff. until they're a teenager, most transitioning is just changing clothes, name, and maybe pronouns. Even when medical transition comes up, it's very very rarely ever any sort of surgery. So don't try to pretend like that's what's happening when kids are told it's okay to be trans and are in a supportive situation.
      Its much better, ethical, and successful at giving those kids better quality of life than forcing children to not be trans.

  • Soup Can
    Soup Can 7 months ago +51

    This Clip-Share channel is my physiological therapist for the fucked up twisted world I have to deal with everyday.
    Thank you .

    • Kay Smith
      Kay Smith 3 months ago +3

      As an atheist, this is the only amen I'll ever give.

  • Vladimir Novikov
    Vladimir Novikov Year ago +19212

    fun fact: according to biblical law, if a pastor commits adultery he is no longer allowed to be a pastor

    • Taylor
      Taylor Year ago +1377

      Yup. My grandpa was an elder at his church and was kicked out for leaving his wife (my grandma) for an old flame. Southern Baptist btw.

    • Arlynne Cumberbatch
      Arlynne Cumberbatch Year ago +781

      cant believe they made them have no bitches 😭 thats amazing

    • lalo time
      lalo time Year ago +316

      That's catholic, or some other church that functions like catholics. In most churches, if you committed adultery but repented, you can still be a pastor. As long as it doesn't effect the church in a negative way.
      However churches like the Catholic Church, have all these rules and regulations that are more about business than worship. A recent priest has been saying lines wrong when baptising. So all these people think they aren't saved anymore because of a simple mistake. Dumb
      A lot of people think of Catholics when they hear christain. But really most christain churches in the US don't like Catholics. Not the people, just their beliefs. They have idols that step between them and God. A lot of abuse happens in the catholic church too. Bad rep for christains

    • Hilaire Belloc
      Hilaire Belloc Year ago +188

      @lalo time The Catholic Church, being the oldest institution in the world, with over a billion members across the globe, necessarily has an extensive Code of Canon Law that, ideally, guarantees a degree of oversight and provides channels for conducting business and addressing abuses.
      However, the form of the Sacrament of Baptism is not a matter of canon law; it is a matter of sacramental theology. So you are wrong to connect the baptismal formula with "rules and regulations that are more about business than worship." On the contrary, the sacrament itself depends in part upon the proper words being said, which principle may be seen in embryo in the New Testament; the baptismal font is not the place for personal ingenuity. The priest in question did not make a "simple mistake"; regardless of his intentions he was either extremely careless or willfully disrespectful of the Church's instructions.
      Finally, to say that the invalidly baptized are not "save[d]" is to misunderstand the Catholic doctrines concerning salvation, which see a more or less gradual human progress toward beatitude, in cooperation with the divine grace normatively received at Baptism.
      In other words, if you're going to call something "dumb," I suggest understanding it first.

  • Doorknob
    Doorknob 5 months ago +62

    Read into the story a bit more, and according to the victim, she was told at the time to sit in front of her abuser, listen to his apology, and forgive him for it because she "needed to forgive like Christ forgave, because essentially if I don't do that there is eternal damnation"
    Also, the reason it was kept secret within the family for so long is because they said they wanted to "do it the biblical way and handle the problem internally" and not contact any police

    • Alexa Puerta
      Alexa Puerta 4 months ago +13

      Doing it the biblical way means blaming the victim then stoning her to death.

    • Clauce Micro
      Clauce Micro 3 months ago +3

      @Alexa Puerta No, it isn’t. In adultery, both would be stoned. But, this wasn’t adultery, this was sexual abuse. There’s actually a Bible story about one of King David’s sons raping or molesting one of his stepsisters. He wasn’t punished and that carried terrible consequences for the entire family, because that caused Absalom to want to avenge his sister and kill.

    • Alexa Puerta
      Alexa Puerta 3 months ago +8

      @Clauce Micro You half-proved my point because he wasn't punished. Additionally, I refer you to Deuteronomy 22:23-27 for more victim-blaming.

    • froter cannon
      froter cannon 2 months ago

      @Alexa Puerta I mean I kind of agree to a point there, everyone has their role to play, that was the Old Testament as well. In the New Testament she would have to ask for forgiveness for not trying to get out of it. Which still sucks, but if you just let it happen and not even try to get out of it AND you’re betrothed? That looks bad and is a sin

    • Jesus's name was Joshua
      Jesus's name was Joshua Month ago

      Was it consensual though?
      If it was, then there is no victim, and she also needs to ask for forgiveness.

  • Alexander Saavedra
    Alexander Saavedra 10 months ago +39

    As a Christian when I first heard of this situation it's unbelievable how it was handled. The entire leadership structure failed. The pastor and all the elders/deacons needs to leave. That's how Paul mentions how it should be handled.

    • Popcorn1
      Popcorn1 2 months ago

      I’m not going against what your saying but since this is text I have to clarify that :). I would like to know more bc I’m intrigued and have questions. Where can I find the scriptures?

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M 6 months ago +26

    It’s beyond a sin, it’s a crime. I hope he was investigated and charged.

    • Jesus's name was Joshua
      Jesus's name was Joshua Month ago

      Investigated and charged for having intercourse with a consenting person of the legal age limit 20 years ago?

    • MoGumbo
      MoGumbo Month ago +2

      @Jesus's name was Joshua Pastor John Lowe is that You?

  • Spectre 576
    Spectre 576 9 months ago +41

    "Pastors are worshipped more than Jesus". I love that statement. Far too common and so damn shameful.

    DUCKY QUACKS 5 months ago +237

    So he admits to graping a child and they’re all buddy buddy giving hugs and prayers nah this church is crazy

    • Marinette R.
      Marinette R. 5 months ago +7

      They just want someone to tell them want to do

    • cc
      cc 4 months ago +16

      One of the reasons why I left Christianity. Not like I wanted to be one in the first place. Christianity has gotten such a bad rep, it's rare to find actual good Christians that aren't racist, pedophilic, or some other crazy, unforgivable sh*t. It makes me mad just thinking those people exist and people excuse it because "oh well gods says to forgive your enemy" or some sh*t like that.

    • NoodlyBoi101
      NoodlyBoi101 4 months ago +1

      Age of consent in Indiana is 16.

    • Hassassinator
      Hassassinator 4 months ago +18

      @NoodlyBoi101 Yeah... age of *consent.*

  • Living Corpse
    Living Corpse Year ago +13796

    People need to stop forgiving people who do not regret their actions because it just encourages them. This guy doesn't regret his actions, he is not confessing. He is bragging.

    • ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ
      ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ Year ago +77

      Hey guys it’s critical:
      Today we are taking yet another clip from my live stream watching a Clip-Share video that someone else made and getting millions view for very little I add with my boring and dry tired voice.
      Also for the comedic effect I will stretch the image on the Clip-Share thumbnail for the billionth time.
      Please laugh !!!

    • ForgiveZharion
      ForgiveZharion Year ago +29

      Ratio + yb better + nobody asked + this you 🤓🤓👨🏼‍💻👨🏼‍💻👶🏽

    • pineapple2.0
      pineapple2.0 Year ago +24


    • Cory
      Cory Year ago +8

      Don’t you have a gelbooru account?

  • Jaitnium
    Jaitnium 4 months ago +21

    Calling what he did "adultery" is like being upset about a scratch on my car that's completely totaled.

    • Jesus's name was Joshua
      Jesus's name was Joshua Month ago

      But what he did was adultery

    • Ketchup_lube
      Ketchup_lube Month ago +2

      ​@Jesus's name was Joshua you have to ask yourself what's worse, SA of a child or adultery.

    • Jack Cinephile
      Jack Cinephile 27 days ago

      TO BE FAIR, the word "adultery" in the Bible covers many things. Even premarital sex is considered adultery. So, if you wanna be technical about it, assaulting a woman is adultery, by biblical definition. However, he deliberately uses very broad vocabulary in order for people to not understand the true gravity of his sins.

  • Nomaski Magellan
    Nomaski Magellan 5 months ago +23

    The bravery of this woman is outstanding, much love and respect. Rough stuff

  • small burrito
    small burrito 6 months ago +93

    The victim was so brave.

  • meadejones
    meadejones 11 months ago +100

    My understanding is that he admitted to: 1. Adultery in his own speach. 2. Molesting a 16 year old when clarifying the age was 16 instead of 14.
    If enough evidence is presented that the victim had sex at any point with him, he could be convicted of those 2 offenses. (This comment is coming from a guy with 0 law experience)

    • Jasmine Ertha
      Jasmine Ertha 10 months ago +2

      Unfortunately, sexual crimes have a statute of limitation on them. Usually, it has to be reported within 5 years. He said this happened 20 years ago. It's too late to pursue legal action against him.

    • Viridiana Cortes
      Viridiana Cortes 7 months ago +12

      The police is investigating him. He was forced to resign.

  • Logan Balling
    Logan Balling 9 months ago +16

    I appreciate you addressing this Charlie. I myself am a Christian and I’ve seen so many churches that idolize their pastors in this way. Not all pastors are this abominable, but the ones who are need to be called out and stripped of their positions immediately.

  • Munsy
    Munsy Year ago +7777

    The victim is the only one who is allowed to “forgive him”, not this fucking crowd that had nothing to do with it.

    • Alexander Leonardi
      Alexander Leonardi Year ago +184

      i imagine forgiving him would just lead to him doing it to her again

    • Kudeshka
      Kudeshka Year ago +29

      Only God can and I assume word got out that's why he confessed to it

    • Ironica
      Ironica Year ago +14

      When the leader falls, it affects all the followers. Leaders are meant to follow a high standard to set an example to the followers on how to live. Thus, when he failed that high standard, it does affect everyone else.

    • Alex Rider
      Alex Rider Year ago +5


    • John Hallow
      John Hallow Year ago +1

      I get where you're coming from but that's not how it works in this case

  • Muleyw
    Muleyw 2 months ago +2

    As a Christian myself, I am absolutely disgusted by that man's behavior. He didn't have the right to ask for forgiveness and I am appalled that he even went so far. I truly hope he realizes what he has done wrong and repents, so that he can truly try to help and fix that girls life that he so obviously ruined. And for the member at that church, I really don't have much to say. To have someone you trust to teach you about God, suddenly confess to something so horrible and bad, I would've walked out that church the moment I could.

  • …⁠ᘛ⁠⁐̤⁠ᕐ⁠ᐷ

    Imagine being the girl seeing everyone you thought now knew the truth going up to hug him. It must have been devastating. Hope she's well

  • Alexei
    Alexei 2 months ago +13

    "you didn't tell them she was 14!"
    "no, 16 🤓"

    • Ava Gintz
      Ava Gintz 2 months ago +4

      Yeah, like that's any better 💀

    • jagerBehaviour
      jagerBehaviour 28 days ago +1

      @Ava Gintz still disgusting, arguably still better

  • 有牙秋蓮
    有牙秋蓮 11 months ago +26

    Man this is why while I’m still a part of my church and generally religious, I got in trouble for questioning shit
    Like we have confessions, and after a while, I was like “why would I force myself to confess things that I don’t actually feel sorry for??” Or even the whole forgiveness thing. It makes us think that we should just let things go with monsters like this, when we absolutely shouldn’t.
    I would never be able to physically come into contact with someone who used their body to abuse. I’d hate myself for ever having accepted bread from those hands. Are you kidding me
    The only power forgiveness gives is to him, cause he knows that he can use it as a shield. Ughhh

  • em☕️
    em☕️ 3 months ago +2

    my heart goes out to the victim. to see that within a community she had been in since at least the age of 16 must have been earth shattering to say the least. i hope she’s healing and doing as okay as anyone could be in a situation like this.

  • neo
    neo Year ago +7369

    this man should be in jail. imagine being the victim and telling your story and there goes the whole crowd hugging your fucking abuser that's a fucking slap on the face.

    • Kevin ONeill
      Kevin ONeill Year ago +370

      sadly abusers and rapists often get off very easy

    • ScubaSteve
      ScubaSteve Year ago +5

      I mean then call the cops

    • Post Bloom
      Post Bloom Year ago +205

      @ScubaSteve pretty sure shes taking him to court

    • ScubaSteve
      ScubaSteve Year ago

      @Post Bloom doubt it

    • Post Bloom
      Post Bloom Year ago +69

      @ScubaSteve he was given the death penalty

  • aggie
    aggie 4 months ago +8

    im christian, have been my whole life, and creepy pastors + the greediness of the church is what stopped me from going to church every sunday 😂 10000% agree with you, why do people love the pastors more then their own faith ?? beats me every time

  • Paradigm357
    Paradigm357 4 months ago +2

    she was so brave wow. What an inspiration to those that have had to suffer abuse. I hope she can find peace.

  • Norped Holland
    Norped Holland 2 months ago +5

    Ew. I went to church like this. They think that “forgiveness” and “trust” are synonymous and that everybody who admits to something they did wrong actually cares about making a change. It is clear that he doesn’t care about living his neighbor. He cannot be trusted. He needs to go to prison.

  • Shadow soul
    Shadow soul 11 months ago +8

    Having been a victim of shit like this I can feel alot of sympathy for the victim I'm still trying to recover from that but it's horrible how this shit can be done and then when some people see it they try to cover it up as if it's normal and there should be absolutely nothing to worry about and it's fucking disgusting. It's also still very hard to continue the "Christian belief" when there's shit like this but I pray that the victim receives the proper justice and that the church one day gets what it deserves

  • KalaPlays
    KalaPlays 8 months ago +9

    I understand admitting your "sin" I do. It's like saying "hey I done wrong and I'm sorry" like kids that break a vase. But this? When she said what she did I literally cried because even though I wasn't abused in the church I feel her pain of being taken advantage of that way. It makes me absolutely sick. If he wanted to admit his "sin" he should have confessed to the whole thing up front of he was truly sorry for it. Even then it won't ever take away the pain she dealt with and the years she has suffered it. I also understand the congregation at the end who seemed to have sympathy. That's only because we're supposed to love each other despite our flaws and whatever sins we may have committed. Either way, I'm ordained, and I'll say it....this guy is an absolute piece of shit that needs to burn in hell and be assaulted by Satan himself 24/7. I don't care if that gets me sent there I will gladly die on that hill. This guy needs the worst punishment hell can offer. You're not supposed to judge others, but I'll judge this guy and absolutely say he is the most vile and disgusting filth for what he's done.

  • Amber
    Amber Year ago +3068

    As a real Christian, just because God forgives you of a sin (no matter how bad), that doesn’t mean you get to escape the consequences of your actions. This man should be in prison.

    • good
      good Year ago +184

      exactly i don’t think charlie showed the rest because the congregation turned against him in the end

    • Major
      Major Year ago +90

      Hello, sibling in Christ. To this I say, AMEN.

    • Purefoldnz
      Purefoldnz Year ago +27

      at least it wasn't a fake Christian.

    • Aaron Landry
      Aaron Landry Year ago +176

      @good Good. That pastor was a devil in disguise. What he did was evil. Let’s hope these good people find a better church

    • PeaB
      PeaB Year ago +22

      What is a real Christian

  • slkjvlkfsvnls dfhgdght
    slkjvlkfsvnls dfhgdght 11 months ago +18

    man, forgiveness is always porttayed as such a powerful and good thing in society, and that even the worst of people should perhaps be forgiven. but imo, if you forgive a rapist or a murderer or anything on that scale, it doesn't make you a better person, it makes you a worse person. only a person with compromised morals cna forgive such monsters, unless they are thw victims themselves, of course.
    some crimes and soem criminals are beyond forgiveness

  • Michael L
    Michael L 11 months ago +7

    I used to love going to church when I was younger the one we went to was amazing everyone loved and no one judged and every person would give you a deep meaningful hug and the shirt off their back if necessary... And then there are places like this that just make me physically sick to hear about

  • Patchacuti
    Patchacuti 3 months ago +2

    As a churchgoer I have often been baffled by the way that people can turn into sheep, following the crowd. I usually don't go to the altar because I think it's weird when 20 other people follow me and put their hands on me. Like I came up here to pray by myself, chill. I hate it when pastors talk about gay people like they're monsters and everyone starts agreeing when I know damn well that some of them are supporters. If I had been in that church I would have walked out when he started defending himself and asking for forgiveness. If he continued to preach after that I would never attend a service there again.

  • pair a shoot pants
    pair a shoot pants 10 months ago +5

    I was raised in a particular Christian church as a kid and my family went there since long before I was born. The pastor scammed my grandma into donating all of her property except the half acre her house sat on bc he was begging every week for money to buy some land to build a church. So when my grandma signed over her land, he sold it to the highest bidder then left the country...

  • iamfriendly 64
    iamfriendly 64 6 months ago +12

    this is a situation where I question myself, "why do people like him have good health and others do not?"

    • John John
      John John 5 months ago

      hmmm.. perhaps as punishment to live as long as possible with what he has done and face any consequences or rumors or what have you. Who knows in the end why things are the way they are with that

    • Will Write
      Will Write 3 months ago +1

      @John John lol keep telling yourself that. These narcs have no remorse

  • Tyluw
    Tyluw Year ago +5319

    Imagine how the girl must’ve felt seeing all those people go up there and offer forgiveness… I hope for nothing but the best for her and her family

    • uzis baked
      uzis baked Year ago +51


    • Zach
      Zach Year ago +82

      Well I mean they are in a church. They doing what the bible teaches. She should take legal action if she wants him to be properly brought to justice. They have a confession and everything on tape. But I do agree forgiving that so quickly is crazy especially because it was done in his church office and 20 years of hypocrisy later after he can take a pension he reveals all smh. They are better belivers than I am.

    • Deathstar 21991
      Deathstar 21991 Year ago +229

      @Zach If this is what being a good believer looks like, then I don’t wanna have anything to do with it.

  • David Bakke
    David Bakke 10 months ago +11

    My church has this rule where every child in a youth program/confirmation class has to be with 2 other kids and with an adult who has gone through a trust program. Didn’t realize how important it actually was until I watched this video.

  • ♡ 𝒪𝓁𝒾𝓋𝑒𝓇 ♡

    wow. this made me completely sick. I can't imagine how brave she was to speak out in front of him. I applaud her.

  • Avery Shorter
    Avery Shorter 2 months ago +1

    As someone who has been in a small church my whole life, it blows my mind that there are places that would cheer over someone committing adultery. Idk if this is something that happens in huge churches or what, but where I'm from pastors and preachers are held to a higher standard of accountability for their actions. This would've never flown, and he most definitely would have and should have been prosecuted

  • ThatTrippieHippie
    ThatTrippieHippie 4 months ago +1

    Back when I actually went to church the pastor we had was the best you could ask for, loved the community, went to sick members of the church in the hospital to pray with them, and a very loving man, the only reason he left the church was so he could give his complete focus to his wife with dementia, if that man doesn’t get into heaven than I doubt heaven was ever real, that man was the kindest, most humble man I have ever met

  • Double o' Donut
    Double o' Donut 9 months ago +7

    Perpetrator grooms a minor and gets showered in the fragile concept of justification and forgiveness, hiding behind guilt and cowardice. No justice has been delivered.
    Imagine how the victim has to feel in this instance, witnessing this after putting everything out there to a large crowd of people.
    Now remember just how many of these scandals have actually happened, and how many times they were covered up. The effect of blind dogma is very real, and it needs to end.

    • Jake Garrett
      Jake Garrett 9 months ago

      Politicians must be pastors then. Old sniffem' Joe, his son, probably most other politicians as well.
      At least most people that know Joe never let their kids go near him because they knew something was off, but I doubt they will ever reveal what actually went on (think about how screwed up his son is, but why is he that screwed up? Its probably for good reason)

  • flaming corgis
    flaming corgis Year ago +5003

    I stood up in church when I was much younger and "came forward" about being sexually abused, when my abuser was in the congregation. Didn't mention him by name but it was a terrifying experience. I can't even imagine directly confronting them. The absolute strength of this woman.

    • Charles M.
      Charles M. Year ago +235

      And also a room of people that were cheering him seconds ago ! Thank god they saw the distress and stood up for the victim because it could have went a complete other way, and the poor woman would have to reconsider her own life because people minimized the trauma even more.
      But let's not talk about it I'm just glad it went the way it did !

    • Young Gangstah
      Young Gangstah Year ago +54

      Sorry that happened to you flaming corgis

    • freezy
      freezy Year ago +8

      Man up

    • JoshG679
      JoshG679 Year ago +5

      ​@freezy 😂😂😂

  • Lukáš Bahurinský
    Lukáš Bahurinský 6 months ago +3

    It was so fascinating to watch this video from a point of someone who was a Christian and now isn't. I am a Christian and just wanted to say that I agree with most of what you said. For me watching this was like finally! I know a bit of how do people think about us 😄 also just wanted to point out, at the end that wasn't a hug, they were praying for him by laying hands on him. Hope it clarifies 😄

  • Duolingo
    Duolingo 11 months ago +5

    that girl is a savage for not only calling him out but to call him out in front of his supporters yet they still gave him a hug that's just so wrong on so many levels

  • jeos neine
    jeos neine 5 months ago +5

    I hate when people use religion to justify bad behavior

  • Max
    Max 4 months ago +3

    A video that attacks the people and not the religion when they act wrong? A breath of fresh air.

  • ZacksHere
    ZacksHere 9 months ago +8

    I don't get how religious extremists or even just religious people can call an atheist, or non religious person, a sheep. While they'll forgive crimes simply because a person asked for biblical forgiveness

  • Prod. Shrimpter
    Prod. Shrimpter Year ago +10850

    I like how the woman filming says “You didn’t tell them she was 14” and he says “she was 16” as if that makes the situation any better

    • Brian Weissman
      Brian Weissman 11 months ago +247

      Well, depending on where this was filmed, it could be the difference between it being essentially legal and being statutory rape.

    • kempolar
      kempolar 11 months ago +748

      @Brian Weissman I feel like the legality of it isn't what people should care about here, but the fact that he has tried to make that distinction clearly shows that he knows what he did is illegal.

    • Johnathan Walker
      Johnathan Walker 11 months ago +580

      @Brian Weissman all rape is illegal

    • 1 take sidd
      1 take sidd 11 months ago +29

      one of those situations where it doesn’t make it any better at all but the aforementioned is definitely “worse” in a sense

  • Benjamin Garner
    Benjamin Garner 10 months ago +11

    It bothered me when he said “I’m not going to use the Bible to defend myself” like there is actually a defense for this crap in the Bible. The Bible is very clear that this isn’t tolerated at all, also this stuff isn’t supposed to be handled internally. This guy is supposed to be taken to the cops

  • Tina Witte
    Tina Witte 27 days ago +1

    Those that hugged him and prayed for him may well be the same people that would demand the death penalty if it were any other man but their pastor *smh* I think I saw an even worse case where the mother of the victim even forced her to puplically say sorry to her abusive pastor and participate in prayer for him - since, you know, *obviously* it's her fault for being this beautiful attractive seductress or whatever...

  • Ava Gintz
    Ava Gintz 2 months ago

    Me and my friends watched this video at church camp not too long ago and we just talked about our pasts and there were a lot of horrible things that had happened to my friends and their family's that are very similar to this. Church is very toxic.

  • Levi Nutter
    Levi Nutter 2 months ago

    i agree with most of what you said in this video, i just have to say that there are good pastors out there who lead with humility and don't seek attention from people

    PNUTBTERON BWLZ 9 months ago +1

    Dude your right on. It’s so disgusting that pastors are worshiped. And you are spot on that it is specifically unbiblical. I work in ministry but not as an ordained pastor. And my passion is to be a shepherd (pastor) but as it’s intended as a servant. Pastors are called to serve and wash peoples feet. To point them to God and Jesus. Not to be a God.

  • rats
    rats Year ago +5704

    bro imagine how awful and helpless she felt after spilling her heart out after so long of hiding it and thinking "oh yeah theyre finally gonna get to see how awful this man is and his life is over" just for people to CLAP FOR HIM and HUG HIM and FORGIVE HIM

    • Molly McDade
      Molly McDade Year ago +475

      It was really just him demonstrating power over her, yet again, this time, in front of a public audience. The sin was never corrected, so it grew exponentially, as is sin's nature.

    • CoreyThePeanut
      CoreyThePeanut Year ago +105

      @Molly McDade I want to believe, in the end, he’ll get his comeuppance. Maybe someday.

    • Alexander Leonardi
      Alexander Leonardi Year ago +43

      @CoreyThePeanut no one ever does. that would be justice, and justice doesnt exist

    • Callidus Vulpes
      Callidus Vulpes 11 months ago +40

      @Alexander Leonardi Many don’t receive it sadly, but justice exists still. Just because it isn’t objectively (it’s impossible for it to be objectively perfect) perfect doesn’t mean it isn’t justice.

    • Alexander Leonardi
      Alexander Leonardi 11 months ago +1

      @Callidus Vulpes if it isnt perfect, it isnt justice

  • Nathan Palmer
    Nathan Palmer 11 months ago +1

    as someone who is a christian and lives in indiana, i can't believe ive never heard of this but its just so disgusting. what he did is a legitimate crime, one that ruined this poor girls life, and he is admitting to doing in front of a group of people who proceed to show him love, respect, and forgiveness of which he has not even began to earn. he has a long way to go and no one should be treating him this way as it probably makes him believe he is already forgiven

    • Space duck of dreams
      Space duck of dreams 11 months ago

      Actually after doing this and a couple more things he would be fully forgiven by your god no matter how much harm he has caused.

  • pog champ
    pog champ 10 months ago

    If he was truly sorry I think he would have admitted to everything without excuses, not just glazing over the disgusting details. I’m so sickened by the church members and how willing they were to forgive this ingenuine “confession” of his. Poor girl :(

  • Xan
    Xan 4 months ago

    I feel so bad for that poor girl. I hope everyone who decided to hug that disgusting person is ashamed of themselves. This is why the last place I'd ever want to be at is a church.

  • the one dan
    the one dan 10 months ago

    I normally skip through things that make my body feel cringe if it makes me wanna curl up and die but listening to her talk showed me that u can't trust anyone and I'm glad that I listened to her

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow 2 months ago +1

    imagine how the girl felt seeing everyone go up and hug/forgive him after all this

  • Curtis Berg
    Curtis Berg Year ago +6514

    Imagine being a dad with a daughter who goes to this church. Then imagine how little self respect you must have to give him a hug after

    • Mikey_GC8
      Mikey_GC8 Year ago +57

      Dude, yes

    • Kendra M
      Kendra M Year ago +250

      So true. I'd be disgusted and honestly feel unsafe in my own house. How could anyone hug a person after you find out he did such a horrible thing?!?

    • Jake Finnicum
      Jake Finnicum Year ago +63

      The good thing is if you watch the whole thing a lot of people left

  • SacredBasil
    SacredBasil 7 months ago +2

    I love how he asks for forgiveness even though he made it look like he wasn't planning on stopping.

  • Panziks
    Panziks 12 days ago

    I grew up in an extremely religious family too and seeing this kind of stuff (nothing near as bad this though holy shit) is part of why I didn't keep up with it. So many people are in church because they think it makes up for the awful shit they enjoy doing.

  • magdalena
    magdalena 24 days ago

    Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has the power to forgive acts as vile and despicable as these except for the one against whom they were perpetrated. Forgiveness is utterly void if it comes from someone who has no idea what it means to live with the shame, the fear, the self-loathing that comes with being brutalised like this. Absolutely disgusting that people think they have any sort of right to forgive this man's sins.

  • CrackheadAdventures
    CrackheadAdventures 10 months ago +7

    "You didn't tell them she was 14 years old!"
    "No, 16."
    as if that's better??
    Honestly both the pastor and the crowd are horrible. Cheating on one's partner is wrong on several levels, and then on top of that it's child rape--it's just plain evil. I'm disgusted at the pastor for committing that heinous crime, and I'm disgusted at the crowd for applauding him.
    I hope that poor girl is doing better, she deserves to get far away from those assholes.

  • malamute
    malamute 8 months ago +2

    as someone who was raised roman catholic, this is pretty on par with the experience going to church every week

  • Ratt
    Ratt Year ago +3904

    “I told you I committed adultery.”
    “Uh, she was 16…”
    Yeah man that makes it MUCH more reasonable, absolutely vile human.

    • EuropaGG
      EuropaGG Year ago +13

      @Pure Gameplay and?

    • Matthew Grimaldo
      Matthew Grimaldo Year ago +10

      @Pure Gameplay but not in this country

    • ninevehgrey
      ninevehgrey Year ago +96

      @Pure Gameplay I mean lots of horrible things are legal in lots of places, doesn't make it ok.

    • M L
      M L Year ago +8

      @Pure Gameplay Romeo and Juliet law applies to most states.

    • Rick King
      Rick King Year ago

      @ninevehgrey I mean i mean i mean.. I mean.. I guess.

  • Isaiah 55:6-7
    Isaiah 55:6-7 9 months ago +5

    It's insane that it takes a "not so religious person anymore" to say the truth about wickedness like this. I couldn't agree more with you as well that their viewpoint and their worship of the pastor is so wrong. It sadly happens in many churches and has been happening for a long time.

  • 𝐃𝐮𝐱
    𝐃𝐮𝐱 9 months ago +7

    These people are hypocrites, As adultery is still a crime and the person shouldn't be praised for a crime.
    And no matter what age range there should be an age range even if your an adult. Trust me I've seen things that adults shouldn't see but It's not like I'm dead or it scarred me for life or anything. The things that mainly disgust me in this video however are the fact that the age gap between the one doing the crime felt no remorse and the fact about the age gap and not only the age gap but the fact that it is even rape is disgusting. Thing is there's a lot more to things then you'll realize. Hidden truths, hidden lies, people not telling anything just to get what they want for example. It's all just pain, suffering and hypocrisy. Well that's what I gave my definition for life anyways. And maybe I shouldn't have told some things as people might be disgusted with me for not being scarred or anything. Look, it doesn't give me validation or anything; I'm a person that cares for not just the victim but for everybody else involved as it is a very traumatizing event for a church. Just read things through and not bother me or try to harass me as it wasn't really my purpose for texting this derivative. I also don't want anyone to try to harass the people in that video ( which might be possible ) so please just leave others alone as it can hurt individuals not physically but emotionally and that's cyber bullying.

  • Wulf Heart
    Wulf Heart 9 months ago +1

    I hope this man was convicted for his crime. This is so disgusting.

  • Matthew Ihlan
    Matthew Ihlan 4 months ago

    I'm thankful that my pastor isn't anything like what Charlie is describing. He's a great guy and speaks like he's one of us, and doesn't put himself on any high horse. He's vulnerable like he's one of the people in the crowd, and i have nothing but the utmost respect for him. This however is extremely disturbing.

  • Fie
    Fie 8 months ago

    I will never understand the amount of pain people can inflict on others, even children, for sexual gratification
    I feel so bad for her. I can't imagine the sheer magnitude of a trauma like that.
    Also disgustingly disappointing how they group-hugged. Jesus christ how lame

  • Hank S
    Hank S Year ago +3236

    The fact that he has the ego to stand in front of the crowd, say “Ya I molested a minor, but now you’re going to forgive me because I’m undergoing the biblical recovery process” is somehow so suprising and yet almost expected

    • alaska
      alaska Year ago +59

      Wasn't at all surprising tbh

    • Greenlight X
      Greenlight X Year ago +72

      Bruh why he is using the Bible to justify his extremely unholy actions

    • EmberFlower
      EmberFlower Year ago +54

      Knowing religious bigots this isn't surprising at all.

  • Lucy Crenshaw
    Lucy Crenshaw 11 months ago +2

    There is power in forgiving anyone. I have personal experience with that. But this man needs to feel the repercussions of what he has done before he just gets a hug for the awful things he has done. Nothing has been done to punish this dude other than a few harsh comments from his church. He needs to be in jail.

  • BONNIBEL Emodino
    BONNIBEL Emodino 11 months ago +3

    I remember my old pastor admits that in the past he was a drug dealer and gone to jail multiple times, when he got into church he became a new person, I find that story inspiring but seeing the video of that pastor committing an horrific act on a child is way too far. He may be a pastor but I don't see him as a man of God nor I'll forgive him
    I'm very sorry for her but she is brave for speaking out

  • ScratchRabbit
    ScratchRabbit 9 months ago +1

    I'm glad you talk about stuff like this as a big creator thank you as always charlie

  • oldnursecarter
    oldnursecarter 11 months ago +1

    Absolutely disgusting. She left in tears, yet he left with arms of people around him hugging and supporting him.

    THUNDER FLAME 8 months ago +5

    I feel so sorry for that woman.

  • Oscar /W B
    Oscar /W B Year ago +3456

    I feel so bad for this girl. Imagine coming out and telling everyone you were sexually physically abused as a child and then the people you just told this to basically dont give a single f

    • Zorak
      Zorak Year ago +93

      That's usually what happens in the south. They just blame the victim no matter what.

    • 52 Blue
      52 Blue Year ago +60

      @Zorak this wasn’t even the south tho, it was Indiana. This shit can happen everywhere

    • BlueBleo
      BlueBleo 11 months ago +29

      @Zorak Indiana is about as far north as you can get in the Midwest without going into Canada.

    • Piper At The Gates Of Your Mom
      Piper At The Gates Of Your Mom 11 months ago +40

      @Zorak baseless & untruthful claim just to bash on the south. This was Indiana.
      It has nothing to do with the state, but house to house. You can meet terrible people in Texas, or great people in Cali, but then go down one house and you’ll meet great people in texas and awful people in Cali.

    • SarahAmira
      SarahAmira 11 months ago +25

      @52 Blue to be fair I've been to Indiana. It may not physically be in the south but it sure as hell is the south mentally speaking

  • Scotty Moxley
    Scotty Moxley 5 months ago +3

    To clarify, as a Christian minor myself: to all those who use Jesus's death on the cross as a bypass for their sin, unaware that even doing the smallest sin they deserve the fire of hell, you are not a Christian. You can become one, sure; but you are not yet.

    • G0tted
      G0tted 5 months ago +1

      I'm so sorry that you are trapped in the cult. Watch Theremin Trees. you can still escape the lies and self condemnation of christianity.

  • DJ Vining
    DJ Vining 3 months ago +2

    It's ironic how Charlie speaks more truth than most churches do about putting pastors on a pedestal more than Jesus. I'm a Christian and cringe when churches do things like this.
    Christianity is about Jesus and believing in his loving forgiveness in grace. Any pastor who thinks highly of themselves like this are sadly mistaken...

  • Micaela Leroux Burch
    Micaela Leroux Burch 3 months ago +1

    They probably cheered initially because they thought the woman he cheated with seduced him to do evil, and his sin wasn’t really his fault. But then when they learned she was a child, more people were like wtf that is evil (although some still forgave him…what in the world????)