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Cowboys Fans During the 49ers Game

  • Published on Jan 22, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • How Cowboys Fans Reacted to the 49ers Game
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    Cowboys Fans During the 49ers Game:
    Directed, Edited, Written by: Scooter Magruder
    Shot by: SalmonsDontDie
    Starring: (in order of appearance)
    • Scooter Magruder: ScooterMagruder
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Comments • 2 615

  • ScooterMagruder
    ScooterMagruder  2 months ago +580

    What do the Cowboys need to do to win next year?

    • Wolf
      Wolf Month ago

      ​@Matt Shipley Sign Sarah Fuller

    • Wolf
      Wolf Month ago

      They won't. They'll choke again.

    • Donnie T
      Donnie T Month ago

      The nfl should allow you to use clips to show what you are reacting to.

    • GunFuMasterHS
      GunFuMasterHS Month ago

      Become likeable.

    • WesPhly
      WesPhly Month ago

      Nothing, it's a lost cause...

  • deathsyth8888
    deathsyth8888 2 months ago +1604

    “I used to think my life was a tragedy. But now I realize, it's a comedy.”
    - Cowboy fans since after 1996

    • Jason Shih
      Jason Shih Month ago

      Cowboys my 2nd fav team, yet I didnt feel anything

    • tgh0369
      tgh0369 2 months ago

      Cowboys fan since 1972……. I feel your pain.


      The Curse of Jimmy Johnson will live on past the life of Jerry Jones.

    • Erick H
      Erick H 2 months ago

      D*** you got bad timing, you missed all the glory days ?

  • BravoSixZer0
    BravoSixZer0 2 months ago +381

    When he said, "Why does our season always end in foolishness?" I felt his pain.

    • Game_Is_ Life51
      Game_Is_ Life51 2 months ago +1

      B/c it’s true!!!!! There has never been a respectable loss where you say they played great. The only time was the Dez no catch game vs packer (YES IT WAS A CATCH) every other playoff exit was unacceptable

    • Sebastian Espinosa
      Sebastian Espinosa 2 months ago

      @Mad Cow everyone should text him for 48 hours.

    • Sebastian Espinosa
      Sebastian Espinosa 2 months ago

      @X525Crossfire no

    • X525Crossfire
      X525Crossfire 2 months ago

      Why? Because Jerry Jones and Mike McCarthy.

    • Mad Cow
      Mad Cow 2 months ago +3

      I laugh so hard when he says "don't talk to me for 48 hours"

  • Youtube Watcher
    Youtube Watcher 2 months ago +251

    “Why does our season always end in foolishness!”
    Gotta go in the HOF of Cowboy quotes 😂

  • Ray Capetillo
    Ray Capetillo 2 months ago +70

    As a Commander's fan, I delight in the Cowboy's loss. As a football fan, I feel your pain. Cheering for a team that just let's you down is draining. Hang in there man.

    • Wolf
      Wolf Month ago

      ​@KING IN WILMINGTON Ha! The Bears are owned by the McCaskeys 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Roo
      Roo 2 months ago


    • James Lavelle
      James Lavelle 2 months ago

      Yep. Same.

      KING IN WILMINGTON 2 months ago

      I feel you man. Bears fan .

    • Dmoney8720 Desrosiers
      Dmoney8720 Desrosiers 2 months ago

      I’m originally from Boston. We’re turning into the Cowboys as well because of BB. Will be another couple decades b4 they win an SB again

  • Terrell Cooper
    Terrell Cooper 2 months ago +13

    " Why does our season always end in foolishness?" i'm in tears bruh 🤣🤣

  • Kyle Davis
    Kyle Davis 2 months ago +26

    As an eagles fan, this is so fun to watch. Sorry for your misery, but it’s awesome that you’re able to make light of the situation. I would not be as mature about my team getting eliminated.

  • SkrubZero
    SkrubZero 2 months ago +1265

    So when do the Cowboys fans realize they’re not getting out of the divisional round as long as Jerry continues doing what he’s always done?

    • Wolf
      Wolf Month ago

      ​@David Parkes Dick Prescott

    • Wolf
      Wolf Month ago

      May they re sign Jason Garrett

    • Marcus Gary
      Marcus Gary 2 months ago

      The fact that they just can’t figure this out after almost 30 years 🤣🤣

    • Patrick Taylor
      Patrick Taylor 2 months ago

      I’m hoping to see Jerry’s head with Futurama Robot body. Live forever and never win again. Love it

    • andimproud
      andimproud 2 months ago

      @anuar0307 so what? Wtf is wrong with optimism?

  • Christopher Hyde
    Christopher Hyde 2 months ago +74

    “I give so much to this team”
    That hit me hard 😢

  • jomidom
    jomidom 2 months ago +75

    “I JUST WANT TO WIN!” That came from your soul man. I definitely felt that,with my own teams. Thanks for amazing videos this season!

  • Daniel Coulthard Jr
    Daniel Coulthard Jr 2 months ago +53

    'You know what I learned from this game? I hate George Kittle!'
    Had me in tears, mate. My condolences

  • Ramsrock39
    Ramsrock39 2 months ago +14

    I'm the farthest thing from a Cowboys fan but the line "Why does our season always end in foolishness" came so much from the heart I felt for you man

  • Steven Farmer
    Steven Farmer 2 months ago +6

    As a 49ers fan, I felt the opposite of this...Great skit.

  • RC from the NYC
    RC from the NYC 2 months ago +673

    It doesn't matter what happens to the Cowboys every season...Scooter MacGruder is...A GROWN MAN!

    • Circle Track75
      Circle Track75 2 months ago

      @Justin Pitt YEA we kept it moving right into the Super Bowl !!!!!!!

    • Naveen Varghese
      Naveen Varghese 2 months ago

      Don’t joke about McCarthy tcu cheated

    • Circle Track75
      Circle Track75 2 months ago

      @What u Say to me I'm a 60 y o guy that knows very little about the internet !!! This is the extent of it !! Do I know what you just said ??? Not a clue and I really don't care !!! If it was to insult me you missed !!! Nice try though !!!

    • What u Say to me
      What u Say to me 2 months ago +1

      @Circle Track75 you know what an Internet personality is? If not your an actual child

    • Circle Track75
      Circle Track75 2 months ago

      @Oh Yeah Mr Krabz absolutely agree !!!! That's a Cowboy fan mentality thing !!! Happens every year around this time !!!!

  • Do Better with Christian
    Do Better with Christian 2 months ago +65

    You nearly made me cry scooter. This is clearly an abusive relationship but you can walk away. You don't have to let the old senile man hurt you anymore 🥺

    • Greg DeAndrea
      Greg DeAndrea 2 months ago

      @J Chung I'm always interested in this. What made you switch teams?

    • J Chung
      J Chung 2 months ago +3

      I did.
      It feels great.

  • iPrimeTimeTV
    iPrimeTimeTV 2 months ago +12

    I still don't understand why so many Cowboys fans were expecting so much this year considering how we started.

    • Big Blue
      Big Blue 2 months ago +2

      @iPrimeTimeTV I'm referring to the fans. Every year my friends say yall are winning the SB 😂

    • iPrimeTimeTV
      iPrimeTimeTV 2 months ago +1

      @Big Blue Mathematically, analytically, league opinions put us as the favorites every year. Not the fans

    • Big Blue
      Big Blue 2 months ago +2

      I don't understand why they expect so much any year.

  • Nyquillus Swirvithan
    Nyquillus Swirvithan Month ago +2

    I’m a cowboys fan and I’ve finally come to watch this video after the super bowl. The pain was real y’all

  • Diesel Jester
    Diesel Jester 2 months ago +14

    Hugs from a 49ers fan here! Y'all played one heck of a game, your defense was awesome and tough to get through. Respect, man.

  • Rick C-189
    Rick C-189 2 months ago +16

    This was me last year, so I took this year off of hardcore cowboy football. I casually tuned in for the playoffs knowing this would happen. Watching that cowboys game was soooo much easier not being so invested in it. Here's to the same next year cowboy nation 🥂

  • Deeann Mathews
    Deeann Mathews 2 months ago +428

    I have the greatest respect for you, as a 49ers fan, for you doing this two years in a row ... I knew on that last play that your pain would be very real ... and it was ... and you made a work of comedic art out of it. Absolute art. I am a 49ers fan, and you made me laugh AND CRY with this. Thank you for the way you care about YOUR FANS, Scooter. Salute to the Cowboys, who played hard, and without whom none of us would be privy to the magnificent work you do all season.

    • Jacobgg can
      Jacobgg can 2 months ago

      @Deeann Mathews well said

    • Patricia Souders
      Patricia Souders 2 months ago

      Salute to the Forty niners they beat cowboys

    • hendeeze
      hendeeze 2 months ago +1

      @2for99cents rofl, cope harder

    • Circle Track75
      Circle Track75 2 months ago +1

      It will be an honor to play the 49ers and not those lousy Cowboys and their stinky whiney arrogant fans !!!! May the best team win !!!

    • Deeann Mathews
      Deeann Mathews 2 months ago

      @DREAMRestore I respect Scooter for his work all year, and the way he works his faith in gently ... not that many content creators taking time out to ask, "How can I pray for you today?" on a regular basis. A whole channel full of good clean fun and real concern about his subscribers -- we're not going to write all of that off just because ... I mean we COULD, but, nah... if I was an Eagles fan, maybe, but we are more laid back out here on the Left Coast about these things!

  • AnonymousB
    AnonymousB 2 months ago +2

    It took me five days till I could finally watch this, the pain was just too much. You’re good at representing us cowboys fan scooter 😆
    Well,I can’t say next year, maybe someday

  • Mohammad Cooks It
    Mohammad Cooks It 2 months ago +8

    Scooter's screams are pure comedy

  • Hallow334
    Hallow334 2 months ago +1

    I feel your pain. You speak for all of us!

  • MtelH
    MtelH 2 months ago +19

    Scooter, you are legitimately one of the only Cowboy fans that I actually feel bad for. Massive respect for doing this and I hope we are able to beat the Eagles so you don't have to hear them talk... and so we get to the Super Bowl, more importantly. Lol.

    • Circle Track75
      Circle Track75 2 months ago

      Well buddy boy us Eagles fans are screaming from the highest mountain tops and your going to have to hear every bit of it pal !!!

  • al black
    al black 2 months ago +2

    The only reason I'll miss the Cowboys. Been loving this dude's comedy for years so funny..GO EAGLES BABY.

  • James Forshaw
    James Forshaw 2 months ago +216

    That part where you said.. “I give so much, I give so much to this team.”
    Bro almost had me shed a real tear.
    Why does this loss hurt worse then so many others??

    • leather neck
      leather neck 2 months ago

      When a team plays a first round play off game against a sub par team and runs up the score for no reason other than to make their self look like a great team, they have a QB that is not a real team player, they played teams that were sub par and when they played a good team ,they got beat, so I don't understand why you all are so upset, wait till next year, they finished in the playoffs this year, so it's going to get a lot harder from here, I'm sure your going to get your wish, the EAGLES will be waiting for you.

    • leather neck
      leather neck 2 months ago

      Because the only thing you heard out of Daxs mouth was i

    • Les Mortz
      Les Mortz 2 months ago

      I laughed throughout that whole video because F the Cowboys! But that at the end had me a lil choked up... I felt bad for @ScooterMagruder

    • Sandy The Tarnished
      Sandy The Tarnished 2 months ago +1

      Well, when a 3rd string rookie quarterback back who was the last pick in the draft comes out and plays better football than you when you get paid 20 times more than him. It tends to depress people

    • Austin Burwell
      Austin Burwell 2 months ago +3

      @Adrian MartinezI think this year and maybe Dak rookie was the 2 years where legit the Cowboys could’ve won. You can count 2015 as well the year Dez Bryant did that catch non catch. However year after year Cowboy fans will say we beat ourselves when really they are losing to teams that’s just far and away better. Doesn’t matter who the QB is, doesn’t matter who the coach is, doesn’t matter who the runningback is, doesn’t matter who is on defense, the kicker, whatever. This franchise since 95 has been just good but not good enough

  • Sober Surfer
    Sober Surfer 2 months ago +6

    When you exclaimed in anguish leaning on the table, “I JUST WANNA WIN!!!!!” As a Vikings fan, same.

  • Patrick Morrissey
    Patrick Morrissey 2 months ago +10

    I feel your pain. I do.
    Now, I was alive, for Troy, and Emmitt, and Michael, and the Great Wall of Dallas, and all of it... that kind of domination, lasts a lifetime.... Heck, I'm so old, I remember Super Bowl 12, Dallas & Denver in the New Orleans Superdome... Roger Staubach and Tony Dorsett took apart the Denver Broncos in dominating fashion... I was a small child, but I remember it.... The Dallas Doomsday Defense... Ed "Too Tall" Jones... Harvey Martin... Tony Hill.... Randy White...
    Anyways, my point is, we're not as good as these other teams. You look at Kelce, Kittle, Goedart.... those are big play tight ends, trucking people on the way to the end zone.....
    Dalton Schultz is a nice player... I have no problem with him... But he is not those guys... He's going backwards out of bounds, he's not getting the foot down... those are critical little lapses in big situations..... Losing Cooper hurt us... Injuries....
    Its just a case of, these teams are better than us, on the margins, here & there.... So we need a heroic effort every week, we need Dak to carry us with perfect play, every week.... It's not fair, to ask that...
    That all being said, I welcome an explanation for that last play.... How was that going to work??? What was the concept there?? You lost me at "Zeke is going to stand there by himself, and snap the ball..."
    I have serious questions about the Coaching Staff as well... We've already seen that McCarthy is loyal to a fault, to his struggling kickers.... He stuck with Mason Crosby through thick & thin in Green Bay.... And at times, I wonder what Kellen Moore is up to... Dan Campbell, quite honestly, coached his butt off this week. the defense seemed very ready.
    Jerry himself, has to share the blame. He's willing to do anything to win, which, as a fan, you love it... But what he very much is NOT willing to do, is hire a real GM, and let that person run the football operation.... That would be a real good idea, if he wants to lift another Lombardi Trophy before he passes away.... But at this point, I would say it is not happening... He'll never do it....

  • sassyone82
    sassyone82 2 months ago +17

    “Why does our season always end with foolishness?”….EXACTLY how I feel. SMH.😐

  • Irwin Keitt
    Irwin Keitt 2 months ago +17

    I was telling Cowboys fans that Amari was a HUGE loss this off-season, especially because they didn't replace his production with anyone, and now we're here 🤷🏿‍♂️

    • Irwin Keitt
      Irwin Keitt Month ago +1

      @CedLove I honestly think it could've been a changing of the guard this year with Cedee being yall number 1 and amari being a 1b. Like how we have in Philly or how the Bengals got it. Cedee can't be a lone wolf out there

    • CedLove
      CedLove Month ago +1

      But from what I remember, Amari only gave production 40% of the time. He wouldn't try on the road, and once you got CeeDee, Dak couldn't commit when throwing to a receiver. It felt he was forcing to receivers, instead of going through progression, and throwing to the open man.

  • rawknroll5150
    rawknroll5150 2 months ago +1

    Love ya, Scooter! Been following you since my then 13 year old son introduced me to you. Love celebrating the wins with you and you make the heart-wrenching losses bearable with your hilarious antics and quick cut production! You rawk! Peace

  • David Harris III
    David Harris III 2 months ago +302

    Little known fact, in the past 27 years, 27 different teams in the NFL have made it to the final 4, a conference championship.
    There's only 5 who haven't.
    The Dolphins
    The Commanders
    The Lions
    The Browns
    Dem Boyz
    Shout out to y'all who have been going hard for an irrelevant y'all whole lives, at this point I can do nothin but respect it

    • oliver trevino
      oliver trevino Month ago

      @Aaron Lomas Dude, you're the exact reason us dallas fans are hated with a passion.

    • Greg DeAndrea
      Greg DeAndrea 2 months ago

      @Max Carrasco You realize that makes it worse, right?
      The cowboys are the Maple Leafs of Football

    • David Harris III
      David Harris III 2 months ago

      @Eric Nelson they were only out of operation for 3 of those years, they were gone I think in 96 at the start and back in '99

    • Eric Nelson
      Eric Nelson 2 months ago

      ..and The Browns didn't exist for a lot of those years. LOL

    • J B
      J B 2 months ago

      @Ham at the time, nobody knew Jerry sold his soul in order to win SB30. Cows just haven't been the same since the salary cap took full effect.

  • Evan Anderson
    Evan Anderson 2 months ago +3

    This was probably painful to make, just to entertain us, thank you Scooter.

  • D's World
    D's World 2 months ago +10

    I swear the instant I saw Tony on all fours and not getting up, my heart sank and I knew the season was over.

  • Gseric47
    Gseric47 2 months ago +1

    As a 9er fan...GG to you guys. That offense you had this season was something else.

  • Nathan Lau
    Nathan Lau 2 months ago +4

    I feel your pain. Yet you take that pain and you make something outstanding with it. Kudos to you.

  • eclectic chameleon
    eclectic chameleon 2 months ago +2

    Hilarious and very well made! Brought me some joy as a Niners fan 😈

  • Drew
    Drew 2 months ago +258

    Why does our season end on foolishness 😂😂😂 Hilarious

  • deciuswtasby
    deciuswtasby 2 months ago +1

    As a 49ers fan I love this man’s videos 🤣🤣🤣. See y’all in the regular season 👊🏾

  • Marquisse Curtis
    Marquisse Curtis 2 months ago +4

    I've been waiting on this since the clock hit triple zero on the cowboys season and it was just as glorious as expected. Bravo Scooter

  • FitmomRN
    FitmomRN 2 months ago +1

    😂 watching this was so relatable! Thanks for bringing some humor to another crushing season-ending game Scooter

  • Klint Keating
    Klint Keating 2 months ago +4

    I rely on these videos to validate all my feelings about the boys

  • Bailey M
    Bailey M 2 months ago +8

    "Why does our season always end in foolishness". ... Hahaha, great line!

  • Bob Clift
    Bob Clift 2 months ago +86

    As an Eagles fan, I was kinda hoping Dallas would win so the two teams could finally face each other at full strength in a game for the ages!

    • Lenra90
      Lenra90 2 months ago +1

      @Hemperzzzz9999 lol thats what they really mean. They wanted dallas cuz it wouldve been easier than playing the niners

    • Mister Taz
      Mister Taz 2 months ago +1

      @f1b0nacc1 sequence whaaat? Nooooooo. We absolutely wouldn't plant one our own into the ownership of a rival to watch them crash and burn every single year when it matters most.

    • Hemperzzzz9999
      Hemperzzzz9999 2 months ago +1

      More like cowboys will be an easy win for eagles.. that y ya wanna see them 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

    • f1b0nacc1 sequence
      f1b0nacc1 sequence 2 months ago +5

      The Cowboys will NEVER be at full strength as long as Jerry Jones has any kind of control over the team.
      The more time goes by, the more I am convinced that Jones is an Eagles plant....

    • Bob Clift
      Bob Clift 2 months ago +1

      @Cozey Exactly!

  • Zach
    Zach 2 months ago +6

    I laughed right at Scooter at the end. “For WHAAAAAAAT!!!??” 😅😅😅
    Fly Eagles Fly baby 🦅

  • Richard Gonzales
    Richard Gonzales 2 months ago +2

    Thank you ScooterMagruder your videos help me get through this season hopefully I’ll get to see them next year #HBTC

  • Creative_userid
    Creative_userid 2 months ago +2

    Scooter, you’re my bro for life! Hopefully next season, Cowboys will have figured it out. And thank you for giving your fans a spirit lifting commentary 😅😂👍🏿👍🏿

  • Dean
    Dean 2 months ago

    Man I've been waiting for this one, it did not disappoint. Go Eagles!!

  • BruhmanMoses
    BruhmanMoses 2 months ago

    As someone who isn't a Cowboys fan (Steelers Nation here🖤💛🖤💛) I actually rooted for you guys the first year of Dak and Zeke (mainly because I liked Zeke and I lived in Dallas at the time) that year was amazing! I really thought y'all would make it to the Super Bowl, I came out of the 80s so I've seen how the Cowboys ruled the 90s...let's just say even at Cowboys best they still find a way to lose and after that 2016-2017 season I was done; As long as Jerry keeps doing what he's been doing y'all won't make it back to the glory days, also STOP believing y'all going to the Super Bowl every year, you literally do it to yourselves.

  • James Fisher
    James Fisher 2 months ago +111

    “What can go wrong will go wrong. Just wait, be patient. The fall is coming” - Stephen A.

    • Jeff Baldelli
      Jeff Baldelli 2 months ago


    • Generic BG
      Generic BG 2 months ago

      @John Rion Thats good in all, but they lost

    • Daniel Freeman
      Daniel Freeman 2 months ago +4

      His song and cowboy-hat wearing mockery is cathartic annual viewing for 31 other franchises... xD

    • John Rion
      John Rion 2 months ago

      But the game wasn’t like that. Both sides made mistakes ; both sides did some good things, what all could go wrong didn’t happen but I get it you haters have false narratives to live by

    • TheotheSir
      TheotheSir 2 months ago +7

      "The Dallas Cowboys are the biggest accident waiting to happen!"

  • Cowboy Drive
    Cowboy Drive 2 months ago

    I have never known anyone to understand me more than this man right here. I love you, I love the Cowboys(still) and I love this game. Don't talk to me for 48 hours.... seriously it like you are me. Go Cowboys.

  • Lawrence Baxton
    Lawrence Baxton 2 months ago

    Scooter the end killed me " Every year it's done foolishness!" 😂😂😂😂

  • Travis Orozco
    Travis Orozco Month ago

    As a Raiders fan, I felt all the pain when that piano started to play at the end.

  • Tayler Troutt
    Tayler Troutt 2 months ago +6

    The only cowboys fan I actually feel bad for but only after watching his reaction video. This man is a national treasure.

  • Liam renaud
    Liam renaud 2 months ago +2

    I feel u 😭I low key hate my father for making me a cowboys fan

    • Plain Bubble
      Plain Bubble 2 months ago

      i was born and raised dallas, in my opinion you support the team youre from... im stuck with this team till the day i die

  • Cherlyn Travis
    Cherlyn Travis 2 months ago +117

    Scooter...I felt our shared pain but when you said, "why does our season always end in foolishness?!" 😄😄 That was hilarious! Can only be proud they got this far. Rooting for Cincy at this point...

  • Steve Maurer
    Steve Maurer 2 months ago

    I'm not even that big of a football fan, and this was a masterpiece!

  • Charles Thompson
    Charles Thompson 2 months ago +1

    Scooter thanks for all you do, we need to laugh after this playoff loss punch in the gut game.

  • Melissa Noelle
    Melissa Noelle 2 months ago

    I’m crying tears of pain for this saga. This is truly the most pathetic team. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  • Rhino Gorexx
    Rhino Gorexx 2 months ago +1

    Bro this was awesome man but I’m sorry you guys are goin through this man I truly am as a fan I feel your pain

  • Marcus Richardson
    Marcus Richardson 2 months ago

    I felt this entire video , especially the post game commentary

  • Jamazoid
    Jamazoid 2 months ago +86

    That last part wasn't even scripted, that was straight from the heart.

  • Kenneth White
    Kenneth White 2 months ago +4

    I watched the end of this 17 times and I feel you Bro…. That was the definition of how we “All” feel at the end of the year you aren’t by yourself 😢😢😢 and that music in the background doesn’t make it any better 😒😒

  • GenesisSyn
    GenesisSyn 2 months ago +1

    This month marks the 54th anniversary of the Jets SB III win. 54 years. You guys are just getting started. You might as well enjoy the ride. I remember the 40th being particularly painful...

  • BlackGoat32
    BlackGoat32  2 months ago

    We will forever be in this situation as long as JJ is the GM

  • rem10921
    rem10921 2 months ago

    Yes, yes the vid i was waiting for after a cowboys loss. Thanks scootermagruder for making us non cowboy fans happy especially in the post season. The world is saved again after another cowboys playoff loss

  • Chris Carbaugh
    Chris Carbaugh 2 months ago

    Love these. I’ll always be here to watch Scooter’s reaction to a Cowboys loss.

  • Cherlyn Travis
    Cherlyn Travis 2 months ago +109

    The entire team and all personnel need to see this video and realize your *extreme* pain, Scooter.
    I feel ya...

  • Christian Andrews
    Christian Andrews 2 months ago +1

    This was me to the tee, I felt this in my heart and I dropped a tear at the end… I’m taking a 2 season break from the Cowboys

  • Space African Jesus
    Space African Jesus 2 months ago +1

    “Dak didn’t throw a pick against the Bucs!”
    Dak: “And I took that personally”

  • Karl Spillman
    Karl Spillman 2 months ago

    The ending is spot on. 99% of Cowboys Nation said those exact words #SadButTrue

  • William C
    William C 2 months ago

    Love the last FOR WHAAAAAAT to end the video 😂 Man, this loss is a tough one to swallow. Not because it's another foolish blunder to end the game/season but the fact that these core guys are getting old and showing their ceiling. Gonna hurt for awhile

  • Seeker of Truth
    Seeker of Truth 2 months ago

    I 💯 feel that dead look in your eyes at the end. Sooooo hard being a Cowboys fan.

  • John Ray
    John Ray 2 months ago +49

    I swear if Cowboys fans come into a season humble that year they'll probably win the Super Bowl. But all this, this is our year, every single year is why they haven't gone

    • oliver trevino
      oliver trevino Month ago

      @Phillybyrd34 Couldn't agree more Dallas fan here and i would have loved to see a good birds vs girls championship game

    • Phillybyrd34
      Phillybyrd34 2 months ago

      @TD I couldn't agree with you more buddy_ This was exactly what I was thinking about once it got to Friday last week__ I thought their choke job against Jacksonville would have been enough to make them want to at least do everything they could to try to redeem themselves and meet us one more time in what very well could have been the most exciting, anticipated game in NFL History...! I hate Dallas to my core, but I can honestly say this was the 1 TIME I actually wanted/was "rooting" for them to win- Now don't get me wrong, I already knew there was a strong chance they could/would lose to SF, but if nothing else I thought they would at the very least lose the game in an HONORABLE WAY.. As a result, they did NEITHER of them and in a span of just 1 day, I completely witnessed what it has been like for other die-hard Cowboy fans over these last 3 decades [and counting)... Them losing made me so angry/disgusted that despite us winning our game, it messed up my whole shift at work on Monday..😮‍💨😮‍💨 However, after I slept on it and started to think/listen to insight/analysis about this matchup with SF, I'm starting to feel a little more better now..👍👍 So that being said, I have now come to reach 2 conclusions: 1) This game Sunday will feature the game of football in it's PUREST FORM which will be absolute beauty to watch👌👌__ and 2) I will NEVER TAKE A CHANCE ON THE COWBOYS TO ACTUALLY DELIVER IN A BIG-STAGE, HIGH-STAKES GAME EVER AGAIN...!!😡😡 PERIOD.
      That being said, I'm glad we took care of business Saturday night and I am definitely looking forward to this Sunday_ it will be our absolute toughest game of the year by far- but this would also be our best WIN of the year!! [outside of a 2nd Lombardi Trophy, lol] Should be a lot of fun... Lol lol_ Go Birds!🦅🦅

    • Toob_Noob
      Toob_Noob 2 months ago

      @Derek Johns you are just a drop in an ocean of people who do the exact opposite
      You're the exception unfortunately

    • Derek Johns
      Derek Johns 2 months ago

      @Toob_Noob I don't know about you but I have no problem not watching Cowboys games but if there's only one game on in prime time some people are going to watch regardless of who's playing

    • Toob_Noob
      Toob_Noob 2 months ago +2

      @Martin maybe they'd realize if they stopped watching cowboys games they wouldn't get all those prime time slots and stupid media pundit debates
      Watching just to hate only makes them richer

  • Gern Blanston
    Gern Blanston 2 months ago +2

    In think Nick Wright said it best. "Last year, they ran a quarterback sneak. This year, they made it worse." I still wonder what that last play was supposed to be. I want to see a diagram of what was going to happen if it was successful.

  • Matty Ice
    Matty Ice 2 months ago

    Usually, I laugh super hard at these videos. But this time I felt like crying and laughing I felt the pain.

  • Wendy
    Wendy 2 months ago

    From an Eagles fan who loves your videos (even when y'all beat us), I truly felt your pain at the end of this video. That pain was real!!

  • Sleep More Worry Less
    Sleep More Worry Less 2 months ago +1

    He didn’t even say we going to the Super Bowl at the end. His heart truly hurts

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith 2 months ago +1

    It’s messed up when the first thing I thought of when they lost, was Scooter’s sanity. Stay up homey!

  • brovawinston
    brovawinston 2 months ago +57

    When he said "Every Year some Nonsense" I felt that. I am a Eagles fan and enjoy seein this pain but I do feel his loss. E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles, and I say that with all due respect. Gotta respect Scooter's work ethic, best YT channel on sports hands down

    • brovawinston
      brovawinston 2 months ago

      @cameron zwicke We will see

    • Megan Phung
      Megan Phung 2 months ago

      There is still room for you on the 🦅🦅🦅bandwagon.

    • cameron zwicke
      cameron zwicke 2 months ago

      @J B pass rush doesn't matter when the eagles have the 21st run defense ova and the 49ers will run 40 times and control the clock the entire game. 49ers have CMC and E Mitchell to keep that ball moving and the clock running. The eagles don't actually match up well at all. Everybody acts like 49ers have to throw with Purdy to win, they can simply grind out a low scoring win, the eagles are not physical enough to hold up against the 49ers for 4 quarters. No team has been able to last 4 quarters against the 49ers this year.

    • J B
      J B 2 months ago

      @cameron zwicke nah, eagles match up very well against the niners. Plus, eagles have more than 1 good pass rusher. We also have a great secondary. The SB will be Eagles vs. Bengals. You're gonna be forced to watch the Eagles win another SB 😄 🤣

    • cameron zwicke
      cameron zwicke 2 months ago +1

      49ers vs Bengals Superbowl. Sorry eagles fans.

  • D's World
    D's World 2 months ago

    The last 20 seconds of this video was real and how Cowboys fans truly feel. "I give so much to this team and for what?

  • Nico Cabral
    Nico Cabral 2 months ago

    "Why does our season always end in FOOLISHNESS?!?!?" 🤣😅😂 I mean... damn, man. As a 9er fan, I wasn't comfortable the entire game, but those last 2 minutes were just head-scratching. I don't know what to say to Cowboys fans. 😐

  • Baron_von_Noob
    Baron_von_Noob 2 months ago

    This is pure gold for a Commanders fan 🤣

  • MarioSonicPhillyFan700
    MarioSonicPhillyFan700 2 months ago

    As an Eagles fan his channel is priceless (very fun to watch)

  • Austin Garrett
    Austin Garrett 2 months ago

    Eagles fan here. Dak, Jerry and Mccarthy are great and i hope they are a part of Dallas for years to come!!!!

  • Gotyourtags30
    Gotyourtags30 2 months ago +115

    The George Kittle part I felt on a personal level

    • Sandee Milhouse
      Sandee Milhouse 2 months ago


    • Jeffy2n
      Jeffy2n 2 months ago

      @titaniumtitan Like the dog food, Kibble & Bits.
      What do you expect from a Seahawks fan.....

    • M Rod
      M Rod 2 months ago +1

      @GriffinG223 Totally not true. Did you even watch and understand how offensive line works. Kittle is registered eligible as a TE and the only people that can't catch are the 5 interior linemen, the 2 tackles, 2 guards and center. Kittle was not an interior offensive lineman on that play.

    • TheSpecter
      TheSpecter 2 months ago +2

      Chargers fan having the same problem with Kelce (Tho I just hate him as a rival player, I respect him as a person and is a very skilled TE)

  • Becky Kalmon
    Becky Kalmon 2 months ago

    Your Videos are absolutely Hilarious 🤠 I'm not a Cowboys fan I bleed Green and Gold but the feeling is spot on for Packer Fans Also why does it always End in some kind of dramatic foolishness!!! 😩...... and give so much to this Team LOL I get that too 😂

  • hecker
    hecker 2 months ago +4

    this season broke my heart i almost cried we went so short this season 😔

  • Antonio Lima
    Antonio Lima 2 months ago +5

    “The 49ers didn’t beat us, we beat ourselves” 🤣🤣🤣

  • L.L.C.
    L.L.C. 2 months ago +1

    Bro, as a Cowboys fan of over 45 years, we're all on that couch with ya.... "So when does summer practices start?"

  • the dungeon
    the dungeon 2 months ago +1

    "Why does every season end in foolishness?" hahaha

  • stormtrooperholds
    stormtrooperholds 2 months ago +19


    • DK Metcalf
      DK Metcalf 2 months ago

      @Token!! so

    • Token!!
      Token!! 2 months ago +1

      @DK Metcalf they couldn’t shut up before the game starts

    • Notes Dear Videography
      Notes Dear Videography 2 months ago +1

      @DK Metcalf it's because they are jealous of those nice looking jerseys lol jk
      (Not about the jerseys, they actually look cool in my opinion)

    • DK Metcalf
      DK Metcalf 2 months ago +5

      Why do you hate the cowboys what did they ever do to you

  • Colter Grammer
    Colter Grammer 2 months ago

    I swear I just relived the entire game again in 3:57. Hilarious!!

  • Zech Rojas
    Zech Rojas 2 months ago

    I felt that final scene. I felt it.

  • willease
    willease 2 months ago

    I look forward to your post game video MORE than watching the actual Cowboys game!

  • Guillermo Vasquez
    Guillermo Vasquez 2 months ago

    As much I laugh at Cowboys fans, I can't laugh at Scoots for his honesty and his love of this team.
    Me, being an L.A native and being a Rams fans since 2016 (when we got the team back). I would be honored to be and have fans like Scoots on my side.
    He may be overly optimistic and a bit brash but this dude loves the Cowboys and their potential and for that I have nothing but respect and love.
    Maybe next week Scooter

  • Marc P.
    Marc P. 2 months ago

    As a die hard eagles fan this is the first time I’ve felt empathy towards a dallASS fan

  • Joshua D.
    Joshua D. 2 months ago +43

    As a 49ers fan, I have been waiting for this. LOL.

    • Alpha Red
      Alpha Red 2 months ago +1

      Go away... now is not the time.

    • Deeann Mathews
      Deeann Mathews 2 months ago

      @C. Stone We will do our best to give the Eagles the whipping the Cowboys would have if they were there ... we expect to uphold the responsibility of having the baton!

    • C. Stone
      C. Stone 2 months ago +6

      Yeah yeah at least we don't have a widespread problem with homeless people pooping all over our city...y'all better beat the Eagles. Brock Purdy going to the Super Bowl would at least be a nice story but the Eagles suck on account of being Eagles...even if they go undefeated one season the Eagles will still suck on account of being the Eagles.

    • House Suns-Kings
      House Suns-Kings 2 months ago +4

      same, smoking that cowgirls pack

  • Kristian Garcia
    Kristian Garcia 2 months ago

    “Go for 2 every time!”
    Me talking about strategy game strategy all week lmao

  • japri111
    japri111 2 months ago

    "Why does our season always end in foolishness?" LMAO