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Biggest provocation for Putin amid war; U.S. to send long-range rockets to Ukraine | Report

  • Published on Jan 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Despite a raging war in Ukraine, the United States continues to provoke Russia. The U.S. has now reportedly "decided to send" longer-range rockets to Kyiv. This will give Ukrainian forces the capability to hit targets farther behind the frontlines, just as Ukraine threatens more strikes deeper inside Russia. According to Reuters, the United States is preparing a new $2 billion military aid package that will include the gift of 150-kilometer-range Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) rocket artillery munitions. Watch this video for more information.
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  • vix altaris monumentum monstrantum

    As it looks so far we can be 100% sure that everything they say won't be supplied will be supplied after all.

  • The One
    The One Month ago +4

    This is crazy. Unbelievable escalation.

    • Joe Monroe
      Joe Monroe Month ago +1

      Escalation will lead to deescalation by Russia as they will soon have no means to meaningfully wage conventional war.

  • Rajendran Parthasarathy

    Whenever Zelensky asks for more arms, Putin does not fail to deliver.....

    • CoolDued530
      CoolDued530 Month ago +3

      Yep, Ukraine has reclaimed at least 1,000 T series tanks and captured many to bolster their forces 😂😂

    • jjjs
      jjjs Month ago


    • John Davies
      John Davies Month ago

      Apna comment meh to bahut hasna kiya. Shabash.

  • Peter Boyd
    Peter Boyd Month ago +98

    the u.s. seems to think that russia has only fireworks in its arsenal.

    • Ivor Godanov
      Ivor Godanov Month ago

      @krupt Are you already a member?

    • Ethan
      Ethan Month ago

      No one is worried,

    TEXAS_GERMANIC Month ago +12

    I suspected this would happen from "defensive" to offensive weapons

    • Joe Monroe
      Joe Monroe Month ago +1

      All weapons are defensive.

    • HoneyBadger
      HoneyBadger Month ago

      Yep got to slowly slot all the chess pieces in place in the region before check mate

    • Yaële LERNER
      Yaële LERNER Month ago

      So did I!! With the US you can expect anything!

  • Jim Yost
    Jim Yost Month ago +77

    "There is nothing more frightening than stupidity in action." Wolfgang Von Goethe

    • CoolDued530
      CoolDued530 Month ago

      @Jim Yost Name-calling, lost all credibility. Seems like most Russian bots end up that way when they are proven wrong. What a shame...

  • Hannah mae Lim
    Hannah mae Lim Month ago +121

    Can this war reach the US as well let the citizens there feel the pains and cry that other citizens went through of what their stupid government is doing.. Let this war escalate straight to the US land simple as that .

    • Maramao12 Maramao12
      Maramao12 Maramao12 Month ago

      Don't worry India will be first. Russia started this criminal war!

    • Joe Monroe
      Joe Monroe Month ago

      @j These are not long range weapons. Only 150 km. The escalation will continue until Russia deescalates.

  • Yeo Cd
    Yeo Cd Month ago +29

    With this move by US, good luck to US mainland.Mastermind and instigator will usually gets a harsher hit than underling.

    • pokerDRV
      pokerDRV Month ago

      @Harold Smith Hate will get you know where in life . I don't care about your nationality because it means nothing to me .

  • Kevin Wa
    Kevin Wa Month ago +41

    If this happens, I think that we can kiss Kiev goodbye within 24 hours of the first strike possibly with a mushroom cloud.

    • CoolDued530
      CoolDued530 Month ago

      @Jack Parsons Nobody said I would survive but if Moscow uses nukes, it's game over and Putin isn't that crazy... for now.

    • Jack Parsons
      Jack Parsons Month ago

      @CoolDued530 That includes you.. in case you think you will survive this unscathed.

  • Marcus Lawrence
    Marcus Lawrence Month ago +18

    There's no turning point for Russia.
    For if Russia don't whack them once, they would whack Russia twice.

  • niraj shrestha
    niraj shrestha Month ago +91

    Russia needs to have military co-operations with South American countries and have a defensive alliance created In South America.

    • swoz
      swoz Month ago

      @ Angry Noodle interesting , will research

    • swoz
      swoz Month ago

      @Kahlistan freedom fighter actually they shouldn't provoke pak . by the looks Pakistan are there own worst enemy .

    •  Angry Noodle
      Angry Noodle Month ago +1

      @swoz acctualy post cold war cuban people really dislike russians and are more western minded , Its just the old crocodiles of the old regime that still hang on to old connections with russia, Eu have becaome Cuba biggest investor in last decade and because of this tention between Cuba and USA is degrading. In 10-20 year it will become again USA paradise to go 2

    •  Angry Noodle
      Angry Noodle Month ago

      @Delano Scorpio Its not because they say no , that they do not ship weopons , its all game

    • Question ?
      Question ? Month ago

      @The Great US Seal ( Cuba , Mexico , Hawaii ? )

  • Slippery eel
    Slippery eel Month ago +9

    Getting tired of “we’re reluctant to send…obviously you’re not.”

  • LamZ
    LamZ Month ago +52

    Doomsday coming 🇷🇺💪

  • Ring-Tone
    Ring-Tone Month ago +47

    NADO Game Plan said to Ukraine; “Ukraine ask for tanks”, after playing safe to gauge public opinion gave tanks. Said: "ask for missiles, we'll pretend to refuse" gauged public reaction, gave missiles. Now "ask for planes", play safe to gauge own public reaction then eventually give. After ask for nukes; refuse then eventually give. World seeing all this where it is heading pushing everyone to a dangerous war just to achieve a few peoples objective and madness.

    • Langoya Pa Masimo Banya
      Langoya Pa Masimo Banya Month ago

      @Lorraine Taylor you are right we never know what will happen next all of us are making guess.

    • Lorraine Taylor
      Lorraine Taylor Month ago

      @Langoya Pa Masimo Banya oh but they can lose to ukraine and they will!

  • Robert Alan
    Robert Alan Month ago +2

    One of those US carriers is going to make a great artificial reef.

  • d hui
    d hui Month ago +28

    Time for Russia to Hiroshima Kyiv, to end the war, or really kick it off...

    • Lorraine Taylor
      Lorraine Taylor Month ago

      @Shamsul Chong stop being a silly billy….get off mammy and daddy’s computer and go take ted to bed 😆😆😆

    • jama
      jama Month ago

      do not believe all trolls
      devil`s desires attacks be failed stopped in The name of Jesus Christ!

    • Shamsul Chong
      Shamsul Chong Month ago +5

      Yes i agree, next on the hitlist is pentagon and guam.

  • Sagar Jackie
    Sagar Jackie Month ago +92

    India should send Brahmos to Russia. If Pakistan supplied such weapons to Kashmiri separatists, wouldn't India consider that an act of war? Russia is our best friend, shouldn't we help them out? If NATO can shamelessly state that they're not involved in the war, can't India make the exact same statement?

    • Subham Sekhar Pandia
      Subham Sekhar Pandia Month ago

      @the thinking Man even 3rd largest manufacturer

    • Subham Sekhar Pandia
      Subham Sekhar Pandia Month ago

      @the thinking Man no man you just look out the data
      5th largest gdp (expected to become 3rd by 2030)
      4th largest military power and even 4th most powerful military also
      4th most successful space agency .
      And literally india will only go up from here in the coming future

    • the thinking Man
      the thinking Man Month ago

      @Subham Sekhar Pandia india is probably worse but pukistan is way down there with india !

    • Subham Sekhar Pandia
      Subham Sekhar Pandia Month ago

      @the thinking Man oh man please stop using cheap drugs , you can say that for Pakistan but not for india.

  • Gurinderpal Brar
    Gurinderpal Brar Month ago +14

    Too much provocation for Russia, if things get worse, whole world knows that it’s USA responsible for it.

  • Harry V
    Harry V Month ago +14

    It is going to take 8 months for those tanks to show up!

    •  Angry Noodle
      Angry Noodle Month ago

      Most leopards 2 are in polland already with ukrainians training on them, 200 Bradley and support vehicles arrived last month in holland and should be in polland and romania by now. Most tanks will be able to go to ukraine in March-april

    • Yaële LERNER
      Yaële LERNER Month ago

      I’d like you to be right!

  • Pookie Wookie
    Pookie Wookie Month ago +43

    As a European I hope Putin 'handles' the US. So far he is doing a great job

    • Lorraine Taylor
      Lorraine Taylor Month ago

      @CoolDued530 no mate it wasn’t a mistake the op was supporting russia 👆was the tool i was talking about!

    • CoolDued530
      CoolDued530 Month ago

      @Lorraine Taylor Lol, I support Ukraine. I thought the OP was supporting Russia, my mistake.

    • Lorraine Taylor
      Lorraine Taylor Month ago

      @CoolDued530 we will never be russian occupied that tool 👆is a russo troll talking usual russo dribble 😂😂😂

    • CoolDued530
      CoolDued530 Month ago

      I don’t think you will say that after you are under Russian occupation 😂😂

  • Mark Reddy
    Mark Reddy Month ago +1

    Genius Joe strikes again.

  • Planet Three
    Planet Three Month ago +15


  • aisyah tanjung
    aisyah tanjung Month ago


  • sadela100
    sadela100 Month ago +4

    I think he wants everyone to go with him hence his days are numbered, do people realise that ?

  • Musa Lumbi
    Musa Lumbi Month ago +10

    Biden will soon say, ' I wish'

  • nauman hameed
    nauman hameed Month ago +23

    Best men for the job, a demented old man and a comedian!

  • Francis Kiunga
    Francis Kiunga Month ago +2

    Next gift for zerensky should be atacams 👀🙏🙏3oo km is atleast better than 150 😆😆

    • Joe Monroe
      Joe Monroe Month ago

      not really neeeded. Better to send 2000 GLSDBs,

  • Terras hill
    Terras hill Month ago +20

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    • Davide Scott
      Davide Scott Month ago

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    • Deok Su
      Deok Su Month ago

      I have been able to gather enough funds to buy Bitcoin,I can't wait to finally kick off .

    • Francine Charron
      Francine Charron Month ago

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    • Kendra Anderson
      Kendra Anderson Month ago

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    • Amelia Walters
      Amelia Walters Month ago

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  • digbijay singh
    digbijay singh Month ago +98

    Hats off to Russia fighting alone against whole NATO and puppet of NATO

  • Michael Fuentes
    Michael Fuentes Month ago

    I think this has gotten and it's getting pushed to far to the point of NO Return territory

  • Killua Zoldyck
    Killua Zoldyck Month ago +19

    I hope that FAB 5000 and 8000 would not drop on the head of joker Zelenskyy 🤣 lol after this clown 🤡 Zelenskyy ask where is my office where is my bunker 🤣

  • Anthony Omoko
    Anthony Omoko Month ago +37

    May Russia prosper & be victorious!🇷🇺👏
    Peace to all men of goodwill!!! 🙏
    Maximum respect to President Putin 🙌 😇

    • jjjs
      jjjs Month ago

      @binoe mix tv There would be no need to come onto channels like this if you SERIOUSLY believed in what YOU THOUGHT was taking place. The rest of us are here 😂

    • swoz
      swoz Month ago

      @jjjs I understand this and so do a lot / not all but a lot of russian soldiers , a very large number of soldiers are disheartened with command and leadership but have no choice but to do what they are told regardless of what is right or wrong to them and to be fair that happens in all wars but it is what it is .

    • swoz
      swoz Month ago

      @jjjs same here bro 👍

    • swoz
      swoz Month ago

      @binoe mix tv honestly bro . ukraine still could even be defeted but I doubt it . unless nuke

  • Hoodrichkilla42o
    Hoodrichkilla42o  Month ago +1

    God help us all may you all pray for forgiveness for your sins and for your love ones…looks like the end is near god bless!….🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Spottエド
    Spottエド Month ago +4

    military complex is very happy
    people are sad of their taxes

  • Trevor Sutherland
    Trevor Sutherland 28 days ago

    Hasn't Russia been shooting down most HIMARS rockets? Longer range just means more flight time = more chance to shoot them down

  • Desmond Palecpec
    Desmond Palecpec Month ago +1

    go for it!

  • Chris M
    Chris M Month ago +9

    Putin should annex whole Ukraine for peace to prevail

    • Ahmed Saleh
      Ahmed Saleh Month ago

      Ukraine shall annex whole of russia for peace to prevail

  • ThreshingFloor
    ThreshingFloor Month ago

    The word of God is True. As the scriptures explain, everything has been fortold!

  • Serpis Lord
    Serpis Lord Month ago +2

    one country, Russia. facing the wealth, mercenaries, weapons, and intelligence of over 66 countries! including majors and top world powers while under severed sanctions and still undefeated! we all know who is the victors! undoubtedly, Russia!!!

  • മനു
    മനു Month ago +4

    Zelensky... Chapter is reaching last page😌

  • bela jarolics
    bela jarolics Month ago

    Greetings from Hungary !
    In my view, special military operations will end in the first half of this year.
    If the following two goals are achieved, everyone will be a winner (except Ukrainians)
    1., Russian target.
    The anti-constitutional Jacenyuk regime, which arose as a result of the terrorist coup by the Americans in 2014, based on a parliamentary decision on the day after the illegal takeover, established extraction rights for 1 dollar for 40 years on the largest Ukrainian gas field with Burisma, classified in the interests of Hunter Biden. On behalf of the EU, the stasis lesbian Angela Merkel signed a contract to take over this gas at the same rate as the production rate. The only problem that prevented the extraction is that this area lies below the Bakhmut-Kramatorsk area of the Dombasz region.
    So it was important for the Russians to split the Ukrainian (ie NATO) forces in the Kherson and Bakhmut areas.
    After that, they attack the area above the gas field with tremendous force, while keeping the forces stationed at Kherson from a safe distance.
    They are careful not to cross the border of areas that have always been inhabited by Russians. As soon as Bahmut is encircled and Kramatorsk is reached, at that moment the American energy goal becomes impossible.
    This is a font for the Russian leadership to win next year's elections.
    2nd, American goal.
    With the impossibility of the energy project, the attitude of the Americans will also change decisively, because a few days ago Zelensky, the "Kazarian Messiah", signed the exclusivity contract with the Blackrock-JP Morgan tandem, and therefore the new American goal will be peace, that the autumn sowing and harvesting be conducted in the new ownership structure.
    According to the contract, the acquisition of this enormous value must be completed during TENALadys presidential reign, because there will also be elections in 2024.
    Since the Alpha and Omega of achieving both goals is how the Russians can advance at Bahmut, a significant part of the media tries to trivialize what happened on this front in order to cover up these real goals.
    (Incidentally, the pipeline that supplies energy to Tiraspol, i.e. Transnistria, inhabited by "separatist" Russians, passes by Bahmut.)

  • Tommy yang
    Tommy yang Month ago +6

    Go Russian

  • LamZ
    LamZ Month ago +10

    Intimidation provocation ..🇷🇺🚀💣☄️💥

  • ASHOK Varatiya
    ASHOK Varatiya Month ago +1

    Zelensky will definitely destroy Ukraine to rubbles 😀

  • Steve Jefferson
    Steve Jefferson Month ago

    The US EMPIRE is using Ukro as a firing test ground and the UKROS are dying like flies.

  • rob roy
    rob roy Month ago +2

    well if mr. putin flattens kiev there won't be anywhere 2 send their tanks

  • B
    B Month ago +3

    Putin's conventional Army is finished. What a joke.

  • john cope
    john cope Month ago +2

    Now it starts🥶

  • Spottエド
    Spottエド Month ago +7

    look at the homeless people at America

    • Jak Leo
      Jak Leo Month ago +1

      Look at the people riding of top of 150 year old British trains in India!

  • Yaële LERNER
    Yaële LERNER Month ago +1

    Only ignorant people can blame Russia!
    Slava Rossyi 🇷🇺!

    • titch kay
      titch kay Month ago

      of course its not russia,s fault, its ukraines fault that the russians are bombarding innocent civilians, homes, schools, hospitals and the general infrastructure of ukraine, and unless your there or have been there lately, as i have and seen the truth, please dont say silly things, peace to all and god bless and stop this madness soon.

  • KasperTube
    KasperTube Month ago +4

    We will give the Ukranians exactly what's needed not to let the ruzzians win. If they need long range missiles or F16's they will get them. This is frustrating for the ruzzia fans but hey it is what it is....cope.

    • Jak Leo
      Jak Leo Month ago +1

      Yes, the fix is in. russia is going down.

    • Yaële LERNER
      Yaële LERNER Month ago


    • Юлия _{#}_
      Юлия _{#}_ Month ago

      @Otto Mais you're right. we have no other way out

    • Otto Mais
      Otto Mais Month ago +1

      Oh year everthing we gave them is called "game changer " and nothing changed. Russians a still win this war.

  • shashank rawat
    shashank rawat Month ago +2

    publically usa sending long range missles but their missiles won't cross border in real life condition as they will again do some altercation in range setting which Ukrainian don't understand.

    • avinash s.m
      avinash s.m Month ago

      Yeah ruzzian orcs celebrated new year with new gifts from himars. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Jordan Green
    Jordan Green Month ago +1

    Might lead to escalation but if Russia can launch missile strikes at Ukraine then Ukraine should be able to launch them back. Can’t let any country do what they want and make threats to everyone else not to interfere. If it’s allowed to happen this time then it will happen again by Russia or another country following suit. Things should be addressed at a world court and voted on. Not everyone can have their way but at least it’s not done by force

    • Jordan Green
      Jordan Green Month ago

      @Uriel Draconis frustration with the way things are I suppose. Why are u still replying if you’re not interested?

    • Uriel Draconis
      Uriel Draconis Month ago

      @Jordan Green what are you even blabbing about?

    • Jordan Green
      Jordan Green Month ago

      @Uriel Draconis Maybe one day the devil will be at your doorstep. Bet wether or not it’s your fault you will still hope someone will help you and your family survive.

    • Jordan Green
      Jordan Green Month ago

      @Uriel Draconis no idea what happened with Ukraine and don’t believe they are just innocent in all this. Doesn’t mean have at em. Homeless people are not your responsibility but geez it’d be nice to help them not be cold and hungry. Women in an abusive relationship isn’t your responsibility but it would be nice to help them if you could. I wish you were Ukrainian and there trying to survive. Then others can tell you it’s not their responsibility.

    • Uriel Draconis
      Uriel Draconis Month ago

      If what happened in Ukraine’s government is how you actually think it went down then that’s up to the Ukrainian people to figure out what to do about it and not any other country’s responsibility Russia or American but the shear force of a fight Ukraine is putting up right now tells a tale that the majority of its citizens agree with the government change or the front lines would have broken long ago

  • Voltron Universe
    Voltron Universe Month ago +6

    At this point, the gloves should be off for Russia.

    • Super Star
      Super Star Month ago

      We have been hearing this since last eight months. Russian preparation taking for even. Winter offensive is turning into summer offensive then Spring offensive and finally no offensive.

  • Mark Baabock
    Mark Baabock Month ago +10

    At this point if I was in the Kremlin, I would absolutely pound every square inch of Kyiv with artillery until there was nothing left World War II style the artillery in the Rockets don’t stop flying until you comply!

    • Mark Baabock
      Mark Baabock Month ago

      @ Angry Noodle I recognize that I do know about Russian history I mean if I had my way….

    •  Angry Noodle
      Angry Noodle Month ago

      Destroying Kiev would not go well with russian people, You clearly know nothing about history and the importance of KIev for russians. Kiev is about 850 square miles even russia biggest stocks are not enough for that size city

    • Super Star
      Super Star Month ago

      wishful thinking!

  • Trolly Powerhouse
    Trolly Powerhouse Month ago +19

    People in Ukraine : defending their dear country
    People in modern societies : helps Ukraine
    People in 3rd world nations : we love Russia more than our own family ( Truer than the Time Traveller's prophecy. Tricky 🇬🇧 was right. She's a genius. 👏🏻 )

  • TrilobitesRTasty
    TrilobitesRTasty Month ago +11

    00:59 Putin's image next to Zelensky's shows how old and bloated the Russian president has become. No wonder senior military and political leaders are discussing how to get him out of office.

    • Pranesh Balaji
      Pranesh Balaji Month ago +1

      bidenfellinhis bathroom ever 2 - 3 days. Where as putin does weights lifting swiming very fit. Where as biden needs a pper how to act and walklol

    • Tv Hits
      Tv Hits Month ago +9

      Just look at their eyes, zelenskys eyes are filled with horror and strain but putins are raging with fury., never compare a joker with a real man.

    • Balls In-holes
      Balls In-holes Month ago +3

      Lmao what? Are you slow ?

  • ChopStixSix
    ChopStixSix Month ago +1

    As an American I'm embarrassed and sick of the way out government is supporting Ukraine and escalating this conflict to the point I feel like we're walking into ww3. The arrogance of this regime I'm Washington and Kiev are going to get us all in deep shit!

  • apolonio llanera
    apolonio llanera Month ago +6

    Go go go USA, right time to provide Ukraine with longer range rockets...

    • Super Star
      Super Star Month ago

      @immanuel jebaraj No - Ukraine.

    • immanuel jebaraj
      immanuel jebaraj Month ago +1

      @Shea Reese I suppose you meant Russia.

    • Shea Reese
      Shea Reese Month ago +1

      Time they get a taste of their own medicine!

  • Nixon Bayabao
    Nixon Bayabao Month ago +1

    Its to late to send long range,maybe Putin will send very long range to US

  • Monico Alanis
    Monico Alanis Month ago +4

    Russia can fight alone but U.S cannot without coalition

    • Uriel Draconis
      Uriel Draconis Month ago +1

      Lol Americans can’t fight alone? You do know Russia and China supplied the Vietnamese, Koreans, while Russia supplied Iraq. and yet the Americans never cared. Did you ever hear them threaten nukes? Nope. Americans just enjoy a good fight no matter the handicap

    • Jak Leo
      Jak Leo Month ago

      No one want's to be on a losing team. A million russian men have run away from their country, under despotic rule of the runt.

    • Yaële LERNER
      Yaële LERNER Month ago


  • I am not Tricky
    I am not Tricky Month ago +10

    Reading some of the comments, I cannot understand the undeserved sentiment of dislike towards Ukraine by people from impoverished parts of our world like Brazil, Africa, China, India, Mid. East, Pakistan and ASEAN. I thought the services of my country modernised their lives by helping them build their best university, press, army and parliament. Tricky 🇬🇧 🇺🇦

  • someone
    someone Month ago

    if russia use the nuclear weapons the damage will include them as well and I think they know that because they not the only nuclear power, that why the best strategy is exhausting the russian military in ukraine and defenseing ukraine without attacking russia.

  • Pele Dollma
    Pele Dollma Month ago

    Don’t escalate war, World War III is close enough now

  • Khanaz Zanahk
    Khanaz Zanahk Month ago +13

    The US need some sting in their backyard to be awake. Dont think its far from home... Brandon it'll jolt you for sure..😆🤣😜

    • Uriel Draconis
      Uriel Draconis Month ago

      I guess you don’t remember what happened to the last 2 country’s to hit American soil one of them only crashed a couple of jets into buildings and got worked into the ground for the next 20 years. The other guys got nuked

  • Jaime Martin
    Jaime Martin Month ago

    Good. Lets just get this over with!

    BOSS WNL Month ago

    Instead US shall directly call Russia for War 😂😂

  • Grant
    Grant Month ago +4

    And how will the USA pay for these. There debt levels have been reached there broke

  • Marianne
    Marianne Month ago


  • Cora Shy
    Cora Shy Month ago +1

    No we are not looking to escalate the war!!

  • Sammy
    Sammy Month ago +3

    More scrap metal .

  • Agent-69
    Agent-69 Month ago +2

    Biden is poking The Bear 🐻

  • Bhavtosh
    Bhavtosh Month ago +2

    What did the US achieve with
    these weapons in Afghanistan???
    I think only shameful retreating.

  • Santhosh Reddy
    Santhosh Reddy Month ago +3

    Such a shame, this old man does not think of Humanity it seems Stupidity in every move by US and NATO

  • rob roy
    rob roy Month ago +2

    well the us, dumped afghanistan because they knew they were going 2 war with russia

    • covid1234
      covid1234 Month ago +1

      Zelenski would like all the ammo and weapons left there billions worth,

  • John C. Smith
    John C. Smith Month ago +1

    That will destroy Kiev for sure !

  • Ring-Tone
    Ring-Tone Month ago +11

    Is not Ukraine asking but NADO Instructing to make it appear like Ukraine just to circumvent and gauge own public opinion before shipping arms. Hypocritical game. Its the people of Ukraine suffering.

  • Joe Monroe
    Joe Monroe Month ago +1

    Russia is about to find out. The hand of God is about to fall heavy.

  • Janina K
    Janina K Month ago +1

    Kiev and Moscow are 578 miles apart. If tanks and long range missiles were that close to Washington how would the US feel? Probably why US only get involved if a conflict is a couple of thousand miles away and they can get someone else to do their dirty work.

  • Alipta Som
    Alipta Som Month ago +3

    Zelensky is indeed a joker now due to him Ukraine will be dashed soon.

  • Bengal Tiger
    Bengal Tiger Month ago +1

    I think both Russia and US target is Europe… Seems like they want to destroy Europe 😂🤣

  • Uton Johnson
    Uton Johnson Month ago +1

    If I was the leader of Russia this war would have been over already no one would be spared is one of two thing leave or stay if you leave you'll live if you stay you'll die because the parking lot mission is the course I would take, Zelensky is tough and my response would have to be tougher and I have got the good/ weaponry to do it.

  • Jean Louis TEMAKE
    Jean Louis TEMAKE Month ago +10

    Satan 2 can easily reach the Yankees .

    • Jean Louis TEMAKE
      Jean Louis TEMAKE Month ago

      @Jimmy Kim well u take things like u want but I know that my family are in safe since i became a successful business man so .

    • Jimmy Kim
      Jimmy Kim Month ago

      @Jean Louis TEMAKEyou tell funny fantasy stories I’ll give you that lmfao 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • Jean Louis TEMAKE
      Jean Louis TEMAKE Month ago

      @Jimmy Kim yep and im proud of what i accomplish coming from a really really poor family , I know what it means when there's no food on the table , when the electricity get's cut off becoz my dad couldn't afford it. And im not that DUMB guy who make's money and look people down , no way.

  • Abdi Abdullahi
    Abdi Abdullahi Month ago

    Give long range weapons to Venezuela and even nuclear

  • Dietmar Bitterlich
    Dietmar Bitterlich Month ago

    And Russia getting their submarines ready to strike US soil.

  • Frank Owusu Kedjah
    Frank Owusu Kedjah Month ago +10

    President Zelensky surrender to avoid more blood shed

    • avinash s.m
      avinash s.m Month ago

      President Putin surrender to avoid more blood shed

  • Mouse House
    Mouse House Month ago

    US send long range rockets to Ukraine Russia send long range rockets to US!

  • Jay Lindberg
    Jay Lindberg Month ago +1

    Its time Russia took out a couple aircraft carriers in the European theatre.

  • Life With Pets
    Life With Pets Month ago +9

    Joe Biden should be called president Blunder.

  • Mary jane Bernal
    Mary jane Bernal Month ago +1


  • Zia Arambam
    Zia Arambam Month ago +1

    Jst click the nuclear button towards US.

  • krupt
    krupt Month ago +12

    NATO After the war:
    North Atlantic Transgender Organization🤣😂🤣😂

  • Eeshwar _18
    Eeshwar _18 Month ago +1

    Devil boys play with deadly toys.

  • Abdus Serally
    Abdus Serally Month ago +1

    KO to western soon.

    ANTONIO BELTRAN Month ago +4


    • Lorraine Taylor
      Lorraine Taylor Month ago

      @ANTONIO BELTRAN come to Mexico and see you? Have you heard yourself take a day off pal! 😆😆😆

      ANTONIO BELTRAN Month ago

      @Lorraine Taylor come to Mexico and see me

    • Lorraine Taylor
      Lorraine Taylor Month ago

      @ANTONIO BELTRAN I think you need checking in pal! You are very strange! 🥴🤔

  • Rommel Corbito
    Rommel Corbito Month ago +1

    RS 28 Sarmat is coming soon

  • Kyle Hannon
    Kyle Hannon Month ago

    This meeing suppoused to for peace plan not for longer fighting i cant belive

  • Racism is a myth
    Racism is a myth Month ago +3

    LMAO! As aggressive as the title is, it screams an absolute coping mechanism. Is this where people get their daily news ? I feel sorry for the poor folks. Curry people doesn't seem to realise that Russia is trying to occupy Ukraine.

    • Benjamin Johnson Boston
      Benjamin Johnson Boston Month ago

      @David S. But US bombed Iraq 🇮🇶

    • David S.
      David S. Month ago +1

      most of them have not attended school or received any education, what do you expect

  • Parrot
    Parrot Month ago

    Babylon gravestone deepdown in the ground.Hegemony must fall.

  • Ivor Godanov
    Ivor Godanov Month ago

    Kremlin and Kerch Strait Bridge here we come.