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FaZe Rug Goes Shopping For Sneakers With CoolKicks

  • Published on Jan 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • FaZe Rug Goes Shopping For Sneakers With CoolKicks
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Comments • 606

  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug Month ago +1908

    I love me some cool kicks 😍

  • louis joshua
    louis joshua Month ago +49

    This made me start liking fazerug for sure. Such a cool dude. And coolkicks with another banger as always. Weeks automatically complete because of the uploads. Much love

  • ezmunny
    ezmunny Month ago +206

    “It’s not cringe” -Rug
    Great words of advice

  • queen c
    queen c Month ago +90

    Def an inspirational show! Y’all started from the bottom❤️❤️ much respect! Many blessings to the whole crew!

  • Karndeep Singh
    Karndeep Singh Month ago +38

    Love seeing Rug come through - I think you two are some of the top Clip-Sharers who give back so when you come today, it’s even a bigger blessing to the community

  • Kessler Bishop
    Kessler Bishop Month ago +102

    Rug and Rami dapped up like 25 times 😂

  • Jacob Rodriguez
    Jacob Rodriguez Month ago +26

    everytime he slap the shoes i cant bruh😂😂😂 he has me dead everytime 😭😭😭

  • Andy M
    Andy M Month ago +91

    that kid just standing awkwardly in the back waiting for his shoe back 😂

    • Šmürf tv
      Šmürf tv 8 days ago

      That’s what I was gonna say

    • MythXGojo
      MythXGojo Month ago

      That's what I was gonna say

    • xCani
      xCani Month ago +1

      that’s what i was gonna say

    • Bryan De Paz
      Bryan De Paz Month ago +1

      that’s what i was gonna say

    • Toelover
      Toelover Month ago +1

      That's i was gonna say

  • Mason Leal
    Mason Leal Month ago +7

    Such inspirational people just doing what they love showing it all for their fans love both of yall and keep up the good work💪💪

  • Vimamba
    Vimamba Month ago +16

    I love y’all man! Always giving back to us ❤️

  • Martin Gomez
    Martin Gomez Month ago +24

    Keep it up Much love for all y’all’s workers ❤

  • GleamingShow YT
    GleamingShow YT Month ago +6

    Y’all always dropping fire videos 🔥coolkicks and rami are what got me into shoe’s definitely legends in the making 💯

  • blakkberryz
    blakkberryz Month ago +3

    This was fun to just watch. It must have been even more fun to be there. Love Cool Kicks! 😃

  • jayvetv
    jayvetv Month ago +4

    usually you always see celebrities and influencers cashing out on sneakers for themselves but faze cares more about his fans and the people, u don’t really see that too often, that’s love much respect.

  • Mason Risner
    Mason Risner Month ago +1

    Rug is such a genuine dude. I admire the amount of love that he shows everybody. Hes always finding ways to give back to fans and people in general. Such a selfless human. You dont know me Rug but i love you for being the person that you are! This world needs more FaZe Rugs, literally 🤣🤪

  • Avvanit Danng
    Avvanit Danng Month ago +4

    Love to what yall keep doing in the videos! Keep

  • Moris Garcia
    Moris Garcia Month ago +4

    I could never get tired of Fazerug. Hope to meet this guys one day. 👏🏼

  • Justice Velasquez
    Justice Velasquez Month ago +1

    Keep grinding ! Y’all going even bigger this year 🔥

  • JJ 17
    JJ 17 Month ago

    Damn the guessing shoe sizes I would’ve got. I work at a shoe store and I always be guessing the shoe sizes 😂😂

  • Randy Javier
    Randy Javier Month ago +1

    Keep it up the amazing work love seeing ya videos keep it going ❤️this is ya year for sure

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago +4

    Love seeing rug giving back, just hate when unappreciative people win😭 that bowl cut guy looked as if it was pocket change

  • Joey
    Joey Month ago +5

    loving these collabs ❤

  • Adam Pinette
    Adam Pinette Month ago +2

    Always a dope video with Faze Rug....he is just such a genuine and down to earth dude and always giving back which is dope

  • indian goddess
    indian goddess Month ago +4

    The dude who guessed the 9 1/2 deserves to be hired at cool kicks...#Legend.

  • Caleb Robbins
    Caleb Robbins Month ago +1

    kickinnnnn it wit the cool! keep it up fellas 🖤

  • Shakurrzz
    Shakurrzz Month ago +1

    Love them so much man i hope one day im gonna be able to open a sneaker business and be able to give back like them!!

  • Annica karen
    Annica karen Month ago

    When you said lets reach it to 25k likes..
    I like it ...
    You a humble guy man...
    You deserve everything you want it.. 😎

  • ezmunny
    ezmunny Month ago +5

    When Rami was like “that shits worth 100 bands now” 😂😂😂

  • Robinson
    Robinson Month ago +70

    kid in 4:45 thought faze rug was going to buy him those shoes😂

    • Kermit Of War
      Kermit Of War Month ago

      @Moahmed Ali
      If buddy with the mushroom head was an underage girl, Rug would've given dude the shoes, no questions asked.

    • alex
      alex  Month ago

      Hate people like that 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Dzkickz92
      Dzkickz92 Month ago +2


    • desmadre310
      desmadre310 Month ago +3

      @Moahmed Ali I think rug would’ve made him do a challenge for it and not just give it away for free

    • Ed Garcia
      Ed Garcia Month ago +3

      Yeah he still has them when rug was 1v1 people lol

  • Brother Nero Gaming

    Everyone’s a legend at cool kicks. I just hate how they try to force everyone to buy sneakers saying you need these, these are fire

  • Kermit the frog
    Kermit the frog Month ago

    fazerug always giving wat he gets the love❤

  • M Chiong
    M Chiong Month ago +5

    Y'all don't know how much you guys mean to me, this is just top tier quality. Thanks for the vids

  • 22q Warrior Drummer

    You know what might’ve gotten Rami a little bit better on the prank? Have an airbrush artist paint the same fake shoes a different color and switch the box with a different box/label. 😂

  • A P
    A P Month ago

    What a sick collab! Haha those fake shoes would go hard on my shelf with the autographs.

  • Brazy UnReleased
    Brazy UnReleased Month ago +7

    He should’ve got those Louis vutton forces . So fire 🔥

  • Miklas Olsen
    Miklas Olsen Month ago +5

    Rug is a real legend, he Keep blessing People. 2 mil soon

  • Ryan31
    Ryan31 Month ago

    i forgot how good of an actor rug can be. i could never hold a straight face like him

  • K
    K Month ago

    Love it ❤ respect 👊🏼

  • Sam Boyer
    Sam Boyer Month ago

    Love the vids and keep up the bangerss❤❤❤

  • Schuster_raps
    Schuster_raps 2 days ago

    Mad cool content! Keep it up cool kicks

  • Gephry Peña
    Gephry Peña Month ago

    Love the videos, Faze Rug always giving back since day one. One of you favorite Clip-Sharers

  • Villainousss
    Villainousss Month ago

    Wish you could do like a Charity event like you play ball with customers in the store like an actualy game! Also, Adeel looking fit man keep it up!

  • Diego Enriquez
    Diego Enriquez Month ago

    love the videos keep it up🔥💯💯

  • 9tailchris
    9tailchris Month ago

    great vid keep up the bangers coolkicks🔥🔥

  • BayArea650
    BayArea650 Month ago

    Brian is the humblest Clip-Sharers 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • So K_Otic
    So K_Otic Month ago

    still one of the greatest channels on the tube!!

  • dylan
    dylan Month ago

    vids always hit 👍 keep it up

  • Josh Gambino
    Josh Gambino Month ago

    Rug and Rami is such a good collab, we need to see that 1v1 🔜⭐️🕊

  • Alex Faubert
    Alex Faubert Month ago +2

    One day I’ll come down from Canada and get some shoes and see y’all. That would be lit asf

    • Momo FTM
      Momo FTM Month ago

      Prepare to be disappointed cause everyday not like this there

  • Raideyy
    Raideyy Month ago +49

    Who else knew this was happening because of the insta?? -->

  • Joszef Palmares
    Joszef Palmares Month ago

    I would love some signed shoes 😌

  • MuhMercy
    MuhMercy Month ago +4

    dude said "OG rugrat" he wasn't even born yet 💀
    nah but fr that's mad cool, stuff like that is something he'll remember for a long time

  • Ÿūžøh
    Ÿūžøh Month ago +2

    Faze rug is goat especially the giving back such an inspirational person❤️

  • Ray Hopkins
    Ray Hopkins Month ago

    Man I love when y’all got faze in the building lol love ya videos

  • Rafi04RD
    Rafi04RD Month ago

    Love this channel bro ❤️🙌🙌🙌🇩🇴🇺🇸

  • Kurt Gomez
    Kurt Gomez Month ago

    Selling fake joints to Rami is literally impossible 😂😂

  • Homero Torres
    Homero Torres Month ago

    Always amazing content

  • Kevin S
    Kevin S Month ago +1

    I've been waiting forever for this video to drop. Real legend in the building

  • mxds
    mxds Month ago

    We needed this collab

  • Berto Revolledo
    Berto Revolledo Month ago

    Imagine if he would of signed the real shoes 😂🤣

  • Taylor Phillips
    Taylor Phillips Month ago

    Love this video! Keep up the great content 🫶🏽🔥

  • Enache Dragos Marian
    Enache Dragos Marian Month ago +1

    I wish you guys had an online store for buy some snk frome you! Love from Romania!!

  • Isaac Daniel Magtaos

    Lovin it once again, 💯

  • Adrian Tadeo 2012
    Adrian Tadeo 2012 Month ago

    Loving the videos, keep it coming. 3 great Clip-Sharers Cool kicks, Ramitheicon, Faze Rug

  • ComicalPingo
    ComicalPingo Month ago +1

    "I'm a legend but not in the building yet" - Faze Rug

  • Jonesy
    Jonesy Month ago

    Dope vid and always giving back 💪🏾💯

  • Danny.45
    Danny.45 Month ago +1

    that lock on them shoes is the one i seal my semi trailer with after i get loaded 😂

    • Juan5172
      Juan5172 Month ago

      That was the most craziest thing I’ve heard and disrespectful. RIP VIRG 🕊🕊🕊

  • Gabriel Hussler
    Gabriel Hussler Month ago

    Another great video ❤🔥

  • RogueBandit999
    RogueBandit999 Month ago

    Absolute banger 💯

  • Rosalyn Sanchez
    Rosalyn Sanchez Month ago

    Who else has been waiting for this video ?😝

  • Biggyballe
    Biggyballe Month ago

    I loved this ❤❤

  • Tyrone
    Tyrone Month ago

    brian is really a givin person 💯

  • SRT_Jayden
    SRT_Jayden Month ago

    Love watching the collab videos

  • Jacob Robles
    Jacob Robles Month ago

    Ayy i’m in the back. Ya’ll were chill af everyone is super genuine

  • Dzkickz92
    Dzkickz92 Month ago

    Lmao rAmiz face was like WTF are these shits 😆 😆

  • peanut
    peanut Month ago

    Rami tried knocking the smell out when he told em to smell em😂

  • chris_kuddi Ondagram

    Real legend fr dude so humble how can anybody not like this man

  • W21
    W21 Month ago +3

    Nice video ❤

  • Real Lava
    Real Lava Month ago

    I love both of you much love gotta go one day there

  • Isabela❤️
    Isabela❤️ Month ago

    Love getting a cool kicks notification and seeing faze rug!

  • Ronald Ronald
    Ronald Ronald Month ago

    Good luck & more power coolkicks! 👍

  • Hunter dabber
    Hunter dabber Month ago

    We always love faze rug Collaborations.

  • Omar Villa
    Omar Villa Month ago +2

    Lets go another banger 🔥🔥🔥

  • Supadupaya
    Supadupaya Month ago +2

    bro i literally left the store and checked instagram 10 min later and i see rug get dunked on

  • mobbinonthedaily707

    This video was dope 😂

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin Month ago

    Your the best continue like that ❤️🔥

  • I'm Nick Eachus
    I'm Nick Eachus Month ago

    Let's goooo!! Cool Kicks gonna hit 2 mil this year!

  • Zammian
    Zammian Month ago +2

    rugrat coppin some heat😮‍💨

  • Rayan Hussain
    Rayan Hussain Month ago


  • HairGelml
    HairGelml Month ago

    Man I love these vids shopping with cool kicks

  • Adam Pinette
    Adam Pinette Month ago

    New Cool Kicks merchandise looks dope as hell

  • Adrian Tadeo 2012
    Adrian Tadeo 2012 Month ago +1

    Hopefully you guys can reach 2 million by the end of the year

  • ChiinoFx57
    ChiinoFx57 Month ago +1

    props to all that buy and keep for profit. i tried for a bit cause of my kid but ended up wearing them

  • Luka F
    Luka F Month ago +1

    Good ass video. Never got into gaming so I haven't seen much of Faze Rug's content. Saw him on Juan's recent video and now this one. Great dude always wanting to give back!!

  • Mari C
    Mari C Month ago

    “Rami’s being playing games” 😆

  • Cristopher Lopez
    Cristopher Lopez Month ago

    “Do you guys have the Dior low tops?” “Dream bought Louis Vuitton forces”

  • It’s Me
    It’s Me Month ago

    Awesome video!! Legend in the building

  • JARA !
    JARA ! Month ago

    16:10 Rug finally realize nothing costs 250$ in the store

  • Matt E
    Matt E Month ago +2

    Need me that signed dunk ! 🔊🔊🔊

  • 592 talk
    592 talk Month ago

    Rami can’t be prank that easily with sneakers 🤣🤣 w Rami