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Why Is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 SO AWESOME?! (2022)

  • Published on Jan 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • The Act Man
    The Act Man  2 months ago +2326

    Download Opera GX today for FREE: mtchm.de/4i4az
    So I had a couple sections on SBMM and some other multiplayer stuff that I ended up cutting from the video cuz it’s too damn long. I’m thinking about review Warzone 2.0 in a separate video or at least doing a gameplay/highlights video for it but we will see.
    Also I had sex with your mom last night. It’s good to be back.

    • Minecraft assassin 6512
      Minecraft assassin 6512 6 days ago

      @Oscar O'sullivan I wish they continued the story of cod ghosts instead of leaving it on a cliffhanger but they is a cutscene where somehow (don't know how but not questioning it) rorke survived being shot and drowning in a train cart and after being impressed with Logan (you) he drags Logan away and telling Logan that we are going to destroy together (considering that Logan has broken arm after rorke breaking it and kicking hash right in the face knocking to his left) and they is one more cutscene if you wait throughout all the credits (no joke) showing Logan in a pit in the middle of the jungle (my guess rorke dragged Logan to the very same pit he was thrown in to by the federation all those years ago and gave Logan the same treatment that the federation gave to rorke and most likely broke Logan just like rorke)

    • matthew cherrington
      matthew cherrington 6 days ago

      That down the mountain mission is probably based off a special forces mission gone wrong

    • Minecraft assassin 6512
      Minecraft assassin 6512 16 days ago

      Question for you act man which mission between these 2 is the darkest mission (in your opinion) 1: no Russian from call of duty modern warfare 2 the original (as well as the remastered version) or alone from call of duty modern warfare 2 made in 2022 bc I think the mission alone is just as dark as the mission no Russian if not darker

    • AJayAnswersYou
      AJayAnswersYou 21 day ago

      F that slow crap. Chromium baby!

    • Oscar O'sullivan
      Oscar O'sullivan 22 days ago

      MW2019 even had lines at the start and end of multiplayer matches such as “Who dares wins”. It should have Hassan being the way he is because an important family member to him was imprisoned or killed because they opposed the Shah of Iran which leads to his radicalisation and ending up being an agent unintentionally of Shepard. I think the double crossing should have been in the perspective of Alejandro and happened just after you up meet up with graves with like in all of the game multiple choice actions like in Black ops two. You can either end up dead with you getting to play Rodolfo as you storm the base looking to kill Graves after you are rescued from the prison because you were captured or Alejandro gets captured first person perspective including being knocked out with the gun. Hopefully the story is better next time and after that maybe a reboot of ghosts.

  • Flowers
    Flowers Month ago +1378

    I never thought I’d see a day where the act man approved a COD game , what a time to be alive

    • Tissue Box Man
      Tissue Box Man 12 days ago

      Such a waste of fuckin time (if you know you know)

    • The Real Caesar
      The Real Caesar 14 days ago

      I'm glad I can finally play a good CoD game online for the first time.

    • 紫銅隊長
      紫銅隊長 20 days ago

      @Tasha nerfing aggressive players:This change makes me died less and gives me more time to response.(from a KD

    • Tasha
      Tasha 20 days ago

      @紫銅隊長 long post but: movement being number 1 alongside the ADS being too slow and the ttk being too fast. The visual recoil on the guns are disgusting. Too much red (blood inpact) screen visuals while being shot at if that makes sense. The characters look weird, the UI is the worst of any cod game ever. Perk system is complete trash. The maps suck and all basically feel the same. Large warehouse buildings akin to warzone in mp maps. There’s no predictability and the team spawn system is repulsive. They nerfed aggressive players with things like nerfing dead silence and having team spawns. The art style doesn’t look good at all. So yeah that’s why that game is a downgrade to the last three cods. You had mentioned that it was one of the best FPS and a lot of ppl disagree.

    • 紫銅隊長
      紫銅隊長 21 day ago

      @Tashawhat's downgrade part?

  • Gaming Moth
    Gaming Moth Month ago +750

    I honestly thought that letting Hassan go was a pretty dumb plot point too. As you said he crossed the boarder illegally, assaulted someone, attempted murder and was an arsonist, but how about we list all his crimes…
    1. Assault with a deadly weapon
    2. Illegally crossing the boarder
    3. Arson
    4. Attempting to murder a law enforcement officer
    5. Successfully murdering a law enforcement officer
    6. Acts of terrorism
    7. Associating with the Cartels
    8. Theft
    9. Grand Larceny
    10. Possession of illegal weapons
    11. Trespassing onto private property
    All this shit and you’re telling me that they “weren’t allowed to arrest him”? As someone who trained in the Military Police Corps I gotta say that is a load of bullshit. I mean, MPs are pretty careful about who they arrest and I’d say that even they would be willing to jump on that guy pretty damn fast.

    • tapircrusader88
      tapircrusader88 7 days ago +1

      from a development stand point it seems like originally they were going to have Hassan die and then focus on Shepard but probably realized the plot point would be to similar to 2019.

    • HX20 games
      HX20 games 15 days ago

      @robert ford yes infact Shepard ordered his execution

    • Remington _ ACR
      Remington _ ACR 27 days ago +3

      It’s not that he couldn’t be arrested, the higher ups didn’t want him to be arrested.

    • Frederick Cooper
      Frederick Cooper 29 days ago

      I can't let this scene go solely because as far as I could tell the only people who knew where he was then and there were Shepherd, Laswell, Soap, Ghost, Alejandro, Roldalfo, and Graves. That's it. Who tf would even know they disappeared his body in the middle of the mexican desert? Even then what prevents blaming the cartel specifically, it's not like they are trustworthy. This plot hole bugged me something fierce.

    • Alonemax
      Alonemax Month ago +2

      @Shade, shepherd wanted to kill him

  • Cabnbeeschurgr
    Cabnbeeschurgr Month ago +465

    I think the story was made more low stakes on purpose. As cool as the world war 3 scenario from the og mw2 would be in a modern game, it simply doesn't fit with the whole stealthy spec ops "bravo 6 going dark" style they had for 2019. Obviously this campaign takes a lot of inspiration from movies like Sicario and Zero Dark Thirty, where the focus is more on small, surgical operations rather than an all out war. If I had to guess, mw3 will be Makarov causing ww3, and that'll be the big finish.

    • Martin Holt
      Martin Holt 15 days ago +1

      @Jacob D +1 for Keith David man is the GOAT

    • Daniel Welser
      Daniel Welser 22 days ago

      I just feel like the Shepard twist was kinda contrived and that they should’ve killed a couple characters off tbh

    • McLovin 99
      McLovin 99 26 days ago

      Correct me if I’m wrong but this game will have a Year 2 and in the updates they’ll release more missions to this campaign which will explain why this campaign, although amazing, didn’t feel too high stakes. The second addition to campaign will probably ramp up the stakes to lead into MW3. If I’m wrong though, this campaign was very fun regardless.

    • Juan Manuel Penaloza
      Juan Manuel Penaloza 26 days ago

      Yeah but the surgery is pretty much touch and go. I mean, Mexican Special Forces were seen operating in US soil. Mexican villages and towns took a pounding from an AC-130. Univision and Fox News would have a field day with these stories and we'd never hear the end of it.

    • Remington _ ACR
      Remington _ ACR 27 days ago

      Makes it more realistic imo. Keep in mind that countries are almost always at war. It doesn’t have to be both sides invading each other for whatever reason. I like the whole kicking in the back door style missions.

  • SpaceJamz YT
    SpaceJamz YT Month ago +126

    I had the coolest experience in DMZ, I was in the airport thinking it was just a random new design and then while under fire and not sure where to turn I suddenly realized that part of the airport map layout is from MW2 and I instantly knew the map layout from all the CoD MW2 I played back in 2009. First time I ever experienced nostalgia like that and it was unexpected. I should have expected it considering it's a remake of MW2 but I had lost faith in Activision's ability to do things right. Well done on that one Activision 👏

    • jesse house
      jesse house 3 days ago

      @Ham iunno about that back in the day paid DLCs brought maps that actually felt fresh, this whole live service free update bs let's company's like Activision do bare minimum and have people grovel at their feet

    • Ham
      Ham 4 days ago

      @jesse house Honestly better than nothing but yeah kind of lazy

    • jesse house
      jesse house Month ago

      @SpaceJamz YT I'm talking about how warzone 1 had scrapyard the station map and a few others, that they then release as "new remastered maps" in content updates

    • SpaceJamz YT
      SpaceJamz YT Month ago +1

      @jesse house wtf are you talking about

    • jesse house
      jesse house Month ago

      It's absolutely lazy I reckon they put these maps in warzone just to release them as "free maps" in the future

  • Tiller Markets
    Tiller Markets Month ago +248

    I'm pleased to hear you bring up the gun name issue, because that's something that really pisses me off. It's a modern warfare game. All of these guns are recognizable, it's not like we wouldn't notice. Maybe it's literally just to save money on licensing.

    • Colin Newman
      Colin Newman 12 days ago

      @peoplewhoshuldnthaveainternetconnection talking bullshit.

    • ODST Stalker
      ODST Stalker 17 days ago +1

      I just call them all what they really are anyway so jokes on them

    • BlueSquirrel
      BlueSquirrel 19 days ago

      they aren’t allowed to use the names

    • Knuckles Sammich
      Knuckles Sammich 21 day ago +1

      @buddermonger2000 oh it gets even stupider apparently some manufacturer straight up say that our guns can only be used by the good guys in the game so basically some manufacturer it's going to make stupid rules that they might as well either use a nickname or make something up

    • taizai
      taizai 26 days ago

      @buddermonger2000 not too sure about that, I remember some games like goldeneye not using the name for the ak's actual name and I don't see any other reason for them not using the real name aside from licensing

  • MOTO 357
    MOTO 357 Month ago +85

    So my take on the low stakes campaign and hear me out here is that I felt like they wanted something a little more realistic. Not every sf mission is the fate of the world. Also if you jump straight to the gate of the world it’s like alright well what are we gonna do with the next game. Kinda like how mass effect had main story’s that were all leading to the reapers arriving in the third game.

    • Dick Bicycle
      Dick Bicycle 25 days ago +4

      @GoodDoggo No. he literally complains in the video about the missiles being too low stakes.

    • GoodDoggo
      GoodDoggo Month ago +7

      i don't think, thats what he means. I think he means the vulnerability of main characters, they don't have a lot of support from the US gov, and what they do is "skirting the line of legal" so characters being in actual danger is never really a threat. Since all the main characters have plot armor

  • Brandon Baum
    Brandon Baum 25 days ago +18

    This biggest plot hole to me is when laswell is captured, even though that mission is awesome, it serves no real purpose to the story, it’s not like Hassan captured her and you have to fight until the end of the game to get her back, you just go and get her right back, it’s almost like it was just a way to bring in Farah for a cameo

    • Ham
      Ham 4 days ago

      Now that I think about it
      Yeah, story's stupud

  • PKFireFawx
    PKFireFawx Month ago +66

    Act man is definitely a unique human being in that he actually enjoys the border crossing map. Maybe out of spite but even so.

    • Kiwi
      Kiwi 6 days ago

      @Jrtrashman Yeah! It's a good map

    • Jrtrashman
      Jrtrashman 23 days ago +2

      I think it's a great map lol

  • Ivan Nevarez
    Ivan Nevarez Month ago +71

    This is the first CoD I've invested into in years. The crashing is the main issue. Besides that I'm happy with the purchase.

  • Kyle
    Kyle Month ago +32

    as fun and unique as the campaign missions were, the plot could've been better. im still happy about a few things though and can appreciate the level designs.

    • Victor F
      Victor F 23 days ago

      @Kyle The mission on the oil rig from the first MW2 that turned into the original ship mission from the first MW.

    • T E L E G R A M ME👉@Theactman10👈
      T E L E G R A M ME👉@Theactman10👈 Month ago

      Winner🎁Direct message👆I got something for you🔝🔝

    • Kyle
      Kyle Month ago +1

      it also seems like some of the missions were reminiscent of some of the first mw2 missions

  • Dtweeb
    Dtweeb Month ago +25

    I really feel like the plot could have been tensed up slighty more and link better together of the missles were tactical nukes or something. Put some more tension and stakes into the matter, maybe even link them together with the broken arrow accidents? (American accidents where nuked were lost or disappeared)

  • ColtForce Player
    ColtForce Player Month ago +10

    So I’ll admit, letting Hassan go was stupid, but from the fact that that mission happened mid-way into the story it was ought to happen

  • The Dude
    The Dude Month ago +10

    Just here to say how spot on Act was with most of this. I share many of the same opinions. Well done. Thank you for the video.

  • akaJay314
    akaJay314 2 months ago +9949

    Disregarding the video title, the fact that this review came out less than a month after the game’s release is a testament to how much Act Man enjoyed this game compared to Vanguard, with its review coming months after launch.

    • Ian From The Internet
      Ian From The Internet 11 days ago

      @The Act Man I thought vanguard was good until the level with the train everything after that was ass

    • imCracked
      imCracked 12 days ago

      @DevlinskyI always say, if you’re a casual thats mediocre at the game, you will like it. If you are a good player, you will hate it

    • JuicyGalaxy
      JuicyGalaxy 29 days ago

      @Abnormally Large Monkey almost everyone refers to team fortress as tf2 I’ve never seen anyone call titan fall that.

    • Prophet of the 8th Legion
      Prophet of the 8th Legion Month ago

      @The Act ManI hate to say it but do you actually love this game or have you been tricked into loving it by Nostalgia

    • Billy Badass
      Billy Badass Month ago

      @Christopher Lowery all joking aside your pic is like the text book definition of the words WEAKNESS & uckC

  • thedeafBoyZ
    thedeafBoyZ Month ago +15

    I find progression is better than previous call of duty. The attachments, camo challenge, and platforms is spread out to encourage (forced) us to use variety of weapons and I think it awarding to suffer the worse weapons in order to unlock attachments and camo for my favorite weapons or unlock better weapon platform rather than give up on it completely.

    • Ham
      Ham 4 days ago

      Camo challenges might be way too easy this time
      But longshot challenges are still as painful as they have been in modern 19

  • nope
    nope Month ago +18

    I will admit, the intro music to each mp game in mw2 is fucking phenomenal. But then again, mw2 had the mastermind Hans Zimmer on the ost so that shit slapped no matter what

  • Daniel Jackson
    Daniel Jackson Month ago +19

    37:59 I didn’t even know they added that, thanks for including that because I much prefer score streaks to kill streaks, especially with how hard SBMM kicks my ass

  • Dr4iners4christ
    Dr4iners4christ Month ago +2

    My whole issue is with the classic MP. The SBMM in my opinion really makes all the small inconsistent bullshit worse IMO. It's a fun game if you can get into a casual lobby, ya know maybe a little sweat here and there, but grinding anything in this game that cannot stand a chance against meta options is annoying especially with how complicated the UI and weapon attachment unlocks are especially since most fucking weapons in this fucking game work better without attachments its like why even grind?
    I like to grind out different weapons, I like the fast arcade gameplay, but I rarely have the ability to really do it. The only real fun I can consistently have in this game without abusing the skill based algorithm through reverse boosting is using an RPG.
    But most of the time, I'm forced to play with meta weapons, camping and just holding sightlines so I don't get absolutely fucking pubstomped for playing call of duty like an actual call of duty game.
    I hate how most of the weapons work better without attachments especially at the high level IM FORCED to play in (even worse when I can actually play with my friends who are better than me for an hour before it crashes) because of some stupid algorithm all because I'm not fucking brain dead in this game.
    Don't get me wrong there was always stupid BS in call of duty especially 2009s MW2, but it was stupid enough, casual enough and more importantly fun enough to sorta just let it be and I wasn't automatically matched up with TEAM SWAMPASS every time.
    It just this game feels more geared towards cultivating the metacels and e sports team Sweatnuts community which wouldn't be an issue, but don't force me by fucking do it with SBMM.
    Also the MP content for 6v6 sucks, And still sucks with the release of season 1. I like DMZ but there's not that much to do, and it just feels like battle royale with some extra lazy padding. I also like warzone, but just sometimes I don't want to wait 15 minutes to gear up, wait like an extra 10 more minutes of just running around for 2 minutes of fast shooty gameplay.
    The campaign is one of the best though I cannot complain about that.

    • Ham
      Ham 4 days ago

      Just saying the campaign is good you are already goated
      also I love the m13b

  • A Guy That Thinks
    A Guy That Thinks 2 months ago +946

    Man I'm really glad you won the fight for your monetization because your videos deserve it.

    • Exo
      Exo  2 months ago +4

      @Ken Look back through his videos, there was a big drama which resulted in his demonetisation, which was stupid.

    • Flynn Carter
      Flynn Carter 2 months ago

      @Ken he was... demonitised? Lol

    • Ken
      Ken 2 months ago +1

      What happened ?

    • RasEli
      RasEli 2 months ago +23

      Man, I think that's awsome too my guy

  • JinxySaberK
    JinxySaberK Month ago +25

    For me black ops 2 was also the last story I cared about but Ive been thinking about going to buy this game so I'm excited to see a review that sees it in a positive light

    • Ham
      Ham 4 days ago

      @TheBtremb Im not even gonna sugarcoat it youre just fucking stupid its hilarious

    • TheBtremb
      TheBtremb Month ago +2

      He's hyping it for views. This game doesn't do anything the last 7 cods haven't done

  • Harry Difelice
    Harry Difelice Month ago +141

    37:01 As a melee player who’s most used weapon in Cold War was literally a machete this section was very satisfying to watch. Thanks Act Man !

    • Assassin657
      Assassin657 2 days ago

      @user0178 ?

    • user0178
      user0178 3 days ago

      @Assassin657 .

    • Assassin657
      Assassin657 Month ago

      What’s the song called at 37:10

    • Joshthemigpro1
      Joshthemigpro1 Month ago

      did u use the e tool only melee worth using

      NINJASMOKE Month ago

      The knife lunge is nice but how do you like not being able to melee while sliding?

  • randomguygam
    randomguygam Month ago +15

    I swear the cod timing force is very strong in this game

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman Month ago +2

    There's way too many attachments and the more attachments you put on your gun, the worse the gun gets. Both those factors make grinding attachments unrewarding.

  • A Laughing Wolf
    A Laughing Wolf 2 months ago +5363

    It’s really awesome seeing Act Man finally review a recent Cod game as awesome, and it’s good to see that he’s actually enjoying it

    • Ham
      Ham 4 days ago

      @Troy Chin the gunsmith
      I HATE IT
      exaggeration but they keep making the ads time longer and longer I hate it
      other than that, its decent

    • Ham
      Ham 4 days ago

      @Miroslav Sevcik Overtly negative

    • Ham
      Ham 4 days ago

      @Dorkster81 because opinions can change
      I mean cant yours?

    • Ham
      Ham 4 days ago

      @Cub play the campaign and you'll know

    • Troy Chin
      Troy Chin 19 days ago

      i feel like this game is a major improvement from vanguard fs, and i can't stop playing the campaign personally. but i feel like it's a downgrade from mw2019. i wish we were able to use all of the weapons and customize multiple loadouts of our own for multiplayer and i wish we had more features offline (i.e. all of the maps, kill confirmed, SND, cyber attack, free for all, etc.)
      i strongly believe though that the game is going to get better if infinity ward spends their two-year contract with mw2 wisely and not have it squandered by activision. or it could get worse and make vanguard a much better game.
      all we have to do is let time take its course. if i have to rate this game, it's definitely a nice 7/10.

  • M644theawesome
    M644theawesome Month ago +1

    While playing the game, bit of the open beta, and right now the free trail) it's fun enough, but still few problems still with the game and CoD in general, still after all these years, bad spawns especially is still a problem all these years later, luckily there was a free trail, as no way paying $70 for a game like this, a battle pass and the CoD points thing, it plays like any F2P game, but pay $70, fun enough for a free game, but its not a free game, even though with the business practices of one

  • gat war
    gat war Month ago +2

    The only thing that i agree with according to having (lootboxes) was bo3 zombies with liquid divinium that was fun too get and spin.

  • German Biscuit
    German Biscuit Month ago +8

    To be honest, i hope we get more of shadow company without them being a AI punching bag

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  • Elite Gamer
    Elite Gamer Month ago +6

    Damn, its the first sponsor spot I'm actually interested in. You did a great job delivering it man!

  • Liam McBride
    Liam McBride Month ago +2

    Didn’t graves betray them because Shepard didn’t want anyone but the shadows and himself learn of the mistakes they made that led to the missiles being taken in the first place?

  • Huh?
    Huh? Month ago +3

    Our new dog model was taken from high resolution scans of an actual seal team service dog, every detail replicated right down to the scars on the nose and the tattoo inside the ear

  • StormFish
    StormFish Month ago +15

    I honestly think this game leans more towards bad than awesome. There’s just so many missing features and changes that don’t make sense. I also don’t really have that much fun with the guns because every gun feels the same due to the platform system. Playing with friends and the gameplay in the campaign are honestly the only things that I like about the game.

  • JTGwin
    JTGwin Month ago +2

    Remember kids, the original director of the first call of duty has been quoted as saying "we weren't going to include shotguns at first, why would we right? At first, some thought no one would use them, others thought everyone would and they would ruin the game. Eventually we changed our minds because we wanted to give kids with handicaps and other cognitive or physical disabilities a fighting chance. They deserve to play call of duty too. We decided that no regular player would use them since it would show the other players they weren't skilled at the game. We assumed the shame would be a big enough deterrent and it wouldn't be an issue. " -Ken Turner director call of duty 2003

    • Ham
      Ham 4 days ago

      Genius quote honestly

  • Yusuf Chopp
    Yusuf Chopp Month ago +3

    Awesome video thanks for your hard work and underrated insight very accurate and hilarious

  • Shady
    Shady Month ago +66

    Damn I might actually buy the game now. This is probably the best promotion for the game.

    • Ham
      Ham 4 days ago

      @BlurrSplurr It kinda is

    • Ham
      Ham 4 days ago

      @TeeGeeTommy I think im kinda skilled
      And sometimes I want to rip my hair out and sometimes I like the game

    • august lavdal
      august lavdal 14 days ago

      Sooo, you guys happy you brought the game lol?

    • Sam
      Sam 18 days ago

      He got paid for this review the game is trash and rigged

    • Schmeatballz
      Schmeatballz Month ago +2

      are we gonna all ignore the 70 dollar price tag, and how activision has the audacity to decrease it to 60 for a sale.

  • Brandon D
    Brandon D Month ago +3

    last cod i played was mw2 09 (i been told black ops one was good) so about 11 years ... finally worth buying a cod game again.

  • James Guy
    James Guy Month ago +11

    Just wanted to say, great review Act Man. It's my birthday today, and mentally I've been feeling real low as it's been a bad day, but watching this has made me smile for the first time today. Thank you.

    • Dreamative
      Dreamative Month ago +4

      Happy birthday brother. Make it a awesome day

  • Virasman
    Virasman 2 months ago +959

    I like how Sheperd's name tag goes from blue as 'friendly', to yellow as 'unsure', then red to 'enemy'.

    • Friedrich
      Friedrich 4 days ago

      @Ham Roblox profile photo, opinion automatically disregarded.

    • Ham
      Ham 4 days ago

      @Friedrich Dont be that person who thinks they are the main character on planet Earth and thing revolve around you

    • Friedrich
      Friedrich 12 days ago

      @Colin Newman Please enlighten me on how its not anonymous oh 300 IQ genius one for I am not worthy, tell me what city im from

    • Colin Newman
      Colin Newman 12 days ago

      @Friedrich you think the internet is anonymous? Boy are you an uneducated child.

    • Andrea Capuano
      Andrea Capuano 23 days ago

      @Friedrich grow up

  • Dylan McGlade
    Dylan McGlade Month ago +4

    Another great video, nice job man! And I agree, this is the best CODs been in many many years, cheers m8.

  • Shadowkiller 420
    Shadowkiller 420 Month ago +7

    Actman has lied to us about this game. This is one of the most broken COD’s since the first month of Cold War. The game crashes, random ping drops/laggy lobbies, SBMM being way out of control, and perks/field upgrades that just don’t work half the time. The title should be “Why is MW2 so bad/meh”. Don’t be fooled by these content creators they will lie to you to make money. Don’t buy MW2

  • Duplicarus
    Duplicarus Month ago +2

    I really enjoyed the campaign and I’m really enjoying the Multiplayer. I’m grinding out the battle pass without it feeling like a grind.

  • Optimus Han
    Optimus Han Month ago +2

    I just realised mid this brilliant video ‘the act man’ is wearing the plate carrier backwards cuz the Carrie handle is at the back lol idk if that’s on purpose but it’s really funny
    (Edit) then I noticed near the end of the video the plate carrier is right so idk it’s still funny tho

  • ShiiroHasu
    ShiiroHasu 2 months ago +2349

    I think we can all agree that Alejandro Vargas is EASILY the best character in the whole campaign. If they make him an operator, it's gonna be impossible to kill him. The only one who can kill him is Alejandro

    • John Price
      John Price Month ago

      @Galena bro, that'd be funny af if they did it xD

    • Chris
      Chris Month ago

      Yes he is but ghost just to awesome

    • class1c
      class1c Month ago

      Ghost and soap personally are the best

    • ShiiroHasu
      ShiiroHasu Month ago

      @BIngus Khan This soap ain't shit compared to the OG Soap

    • BIngus Khan
      BIngus Khan  Month ago

      no soap is better because of his name

  • AR Breez
    AR Breez Month ago +78

    can we all appreciate how organized and well thought out this mans videos always are? hes been consistent since i started watching back in the halo 5 days

    • The Act Man
      The Act Man  Month ago +11

      Appreciate it, boss. I do my best

  • Joseph Wee
    Joseph Wee Month ago +6

    Tbh on its own, the dialogue for this game still sounds hella cheesy. But the voice actors did a hell of a job beefing it up with as much bravado and sass as they could. For that the characters and the cutscenes are hella fun and entertaining

    • Téx mé ón télégrám @Rgt003👈
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  • Ryan Woissol
    Ryan Woissol Month ago +1

    I think it’s time for a why was Call of duty 4 a masterpiece?! video.

  • jonathan rodriguez
    jonathan rodriguez Month ago +1

    Campaign was beautiful, but the writing was really eh. Less intense than the original MW2, but still the best in a long time

  • august lavdal
    august lavdal Month ago +2

    Mabye it's beacuse you have not played enough of the mp in the game, but the multiplayer has such strong SBMM it's not even fun trying to have fun. I have a 1.4 kd, witch is not even that good. And every time I try to play the game I play 3-4 fun matches and then the game sends a swat team to eliminate my fun the next 9-15.
    It's not that I don't ruin games for others aswell, it's the fact that we are all beeing graded like it's a school. Everybody knows that for a school grading system to work the whole class has to be graded all over the place, but what makes it fun is that everybody, smart, dumb, unintrested or trying are all mixed in one slushie. If everybody was smart there whould probably be no class clown.
    See, games nowdays are not nesseseraly bad, but they all lack caracter. They lack all the other grades from your grade.
    Now the campain is ok, but at the same time it does not make me intrested enough. The campain has great visuals, but there are so many characters that they all slowly lose their identity. If I am going to play thr game for the campain, I whould 100% rather play God of war or The Witcher 3.
    Usually I agree with you Act Man, but this time I strongly dissagree.

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith Month ago +8

    Nice to see World At War get a mention. What a goated game, especially the campain!

    • Ham
      Ham 4 days ago

      My first cod is world at war because of zombies
      And god damn I have never had so much fun in my life

  • Aruto Hiden
    Aruto Hiden Month ago +3

    The PTSD of hearing General Shepherd was actually true.

  • Mike Rotch
    Mike Rotch  Month ago +1

    DMZ needs to be 4 player so friends can go from quads to DMZ seamlessly

  • TheBudaPower
    TheBudaPower Month ago +1

    Modern Warfare 2 game modes need More! We need resurgence in warzone 2 ASAP! And please bring back shoothouse back or do a shipment and shoot house 24/7 Playlist! The maps in-game honestly suck and are confusing to get used to in time before getting absolutely destroyed randomly!

  • JussWunuhSmial
    JussWunuhSmial Month ago +12

    I've taken a long break from gaming, and the last CoD I played a lot was BO2, so to hear that this is the best CoD since BO2 is awesome! Sounds like I came back at the right time. 😎

    • NoobKiller Roof
      NoobKiller Roof 4 days ago

      @Ham If you like having a 1KD and dying to veteran bots in online matches

    • Ham
      Ham 4 days ago

      Decent game, I recommend

    • august lavdal
      august lavdal Month ago +1

      Not a good game btw

    • NoobKiller Roof
      NoobKiller Roof Month ago

      You are so gullible LOL

    • sus boy the imposter
      sus boy the imposter Month ago +4

      @𝐓𝐞𝐱𝐭 𝐦𝐞 𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐦 @𝐌𝐞𝐥𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐞𝐦𝐚𝐜𝐠𝐨no

  • Ofek cohen
    Ofek cohen Month ago +1

    Yo act man, have you played outer wildes yet ?
    I suspect there's another masterpiece video for you to make.
    Also just an awesome game

  • Sibi Dinakaran
    Sibi Dinakaran Month ago +1

    Modern warfare has always been about revealing something realistic about, well, modern warfare. Be it Clean House, civvy casualties, or NO Russian, IW always has something to say about the nature of warfare. In this game, it's a simple misplacement of missiles with a small under the table deal that leads to a larger cover up that ends up screwing up everything. Its something that has happened before IRL, and will happen again. I'm not saying the plot is 10/10, but I think a 5 is a bit disrespectful.

  • Unsocial
    Unsocial Month ago

    Why haven't infinity ward employed act man if they did we would have the best call of duty ever brilliant video

  • StormySky48
    StormySky48 Month ago +2

    I like it how even though he likes the game he's not going to pander to it and still admits that this cod is one the least crappy one in a while since Black ops 2.
    That's being a good unbiased reviewer.
    Let me just say when he's talking about standing his ground but sneaks in that b**** at the end is hilarious. Very meta 😎

  • CptSparklFingerz
    CptSparklFingerz Month ago +2

    One thing that's killed CoD for me, and no its nothing serious, but the menu music. CoD4-BO2 had the BEST menu music. But also, General Shephard, not a fan of who it is that plays him compared to 2009, and the voice actors being completely different for these reboots. They should've gotten the OG voice actors

  • I like dah weed.
    I like dah weed. Month ago +1

    Yeah the actual reviews for this game day otherwise. Even calling it awesome is a pretty big statement especially when people are saying the first one was waaay better than this one and the reviews for this game are not good at all. They took to many good things out from the first one to replace with even worse gameplay mechanics. And the writing is apparently really shitty and boring. So yeah this game is far from awesome. Look up a video called why call of duty franchise has gone to shit and you definitely see what I'm talking about.

  • BAnchee
    BAnchee 2 months ago +476

    I was really bummed when Shepard just ended up being the “twist” villain again. Especially since the scene where he betrays you in the original MW2 is one of the most memorable moments in gaming history. Would have been cool to write his character as an ally, that would have been an actual surprise since everyone and their mother knew was going to betray you the second his name was mentioned

    • Ham
      Ham 4 days ago

      @ඞ ඞ I laughed at the human patrik star

    • A Dak
      A Dak Month ago +1

      There's a moment in this game where you talk about how you are going to covertly take down the cartel...while standing 10 feet away from the cartel. I think the intention was for the story to be stupid.

    • Nate
      Nate 2 months ago +1

      @Rektalof Blades no he is a villain

    • Noob3ykiller The Legend
      Noob3ykiller The Legend 2 months ago

      @ඞ ඞ stfu he talking about mw2 2009 not the garbage only story. Remaster also black ops 1 and 2

    • Noob3ykiller The Legend
      Noob3ykiller The Legend 2 months ago


  • Dump Nutz
    Dump Nutz Month ago +1

    Loved the first 10 minutes of the cargo mission. The rest was just boring driving for about 30 minutes

    • Téx mé ón télégrám @Rgt003👈
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  • Figure Films
    Figure Films Month ago +1

    When Act Man talked about the mission where you fight enemies on the mountain ,I was waiting for a BO2 reference

  • Bryan Day
    Bryan Day Month ago

    The connection between Shepherd and Graves could of worked if handled better than a fan fic writer throwing away drafts.

  • Jojolio
    Jojolio Month ago +7

    Wow, an unbiased mw2 review where they don't complain about the game not being perfect running at 240 fps with max settings and perfect gun balancing

    • Ham
      Ham 4 days ago

      an unbiased mw2 review where they dont complain about the game just existing

    • Sam
      Sam Month ago

      Mw2 sucks and is rigged asf

  • XL
    XL Month ago +4

    That plot was almost bad until I remembered the USA giving The Most Dangerous man in the world to Russia for a basketball player 😅

  • Lowlife 13
    Lowlife 13 29 days ago

    MW2 2022 doesn’t have the guns named the real names because of the lawsuit Mossberg had a while back with the shooting. Speculation is that Activision didn’t want to risk a lawsuit like that happen to them.

  • General
    General Month ago +8

    It's funny that Act Man says that there is no one on Earth who would say "Violence and Timing" is lame
    Well, unfortunately there is
    So many people complained about this mission simply because it's a driving mission while they also give you options to switch to different vehicles and shoot at Al-Qatala who are shooting back
    I really love this mission and I wished it lasted longer and the reasoning behind it to be more than just a rescue

    • Burber3000
      Burber3000 23 days ago

      @Contact👉cyberpunk_hack on instagrambot

    • Victor F
      Victor F 26 days ago

      I hate this mission because it glitched beyond belief for me.
      That said, I was really enjoying it until then, would've been one of my favorites.

    • Contact👉cyberpunk_hack on instagram
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    • ThatDude
      ThatDude Month ago +1

      I think he was talking about the portion where Gaz falls out of the chopper specifically. But I agree I really enjoyed the mission.

  • justin kuhn
    justin kuhn Month ago +2

    Aight all jokes aside, the Verne Troyer joke was outta pocket. Tht was nuclear 😂

  • HW Schimmel
    HW Schimmel Month ago +3

    Why Is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 SO AWESOME! ... AND PERPLEXINGLY INCONVENIENT?! (2022)

  • Zane Platt
    Zane Platt Month ago +3

    A businesses job is to make a successful product, the consumers job is to decide what becomes a successful product. Gamers kept buying COD year after year and deserve more of the blame for the state of the industry...

    • Ham
      Ham 4 days ago

      imo the game is fine
      Because personally im not expecting much

  • Tom lloyd
    Tom lloyd Month ago

    When you realise infinite warfare and modern warfare are a lot more common then you think

  • Flamevell
    Flamevell Month ago +2

    6:00 nobody, not even actman is safe from the phenomena called "COD timing"

    • monkey D. luffy
      monkey D. luffy Month ago

      Makes me want to commit a few war crimes of me own

  • Aj the trex
    Aj the trex Month ago +2

    The map with a whole underwater section underneath the main area of the map is fuckin rad

    • Téx mé ón télégrám @Rgt003👈
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  • Don Smith
    Don Smith Month ago

    The reason the Guns have weird names this time is because California made a law that said “all gun advertising in video games marketed to minors is illegal” and having real gun names applies I guess

  • Walter White
    Walter White Month ago

    Probably the most/second most important series as the mw series is a top g but black ops is also

  • Music Guy
    Music Guy Month ago +1

    Kill chain perk needs to be added

  • JTron83
    JTron83 Month ago +3

    This review was paid for by Activision

  • inamadworld
    inamadworld Month ago

    The fact that Act Man's carrier is on backwards has me wondering if this video is honest opinions, or like some form of a meta-ironic tirade on all his gripes for the series.

  • ESssss
    ESssss Month ago +5

    It is not awesome. Worse than old Cod, and pretty much the same as all the new ones.

  • Fulcrum 67
    Fulcrum 67 Month ago +1

    To counter Act Man’s argument on arresting Hassan. It’s stated that he’s part of the Quds which is part of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. That’s like killing a spec ops member.

  • Morgan Williamson
    Morgan Williamson Month ago +2

    The only thing I know from this game is that the guy with the mask has become a reaction meme.

  • nicolae-alexandru Luca

    Cod 2022(strategic actions exist) halo=yeah, that's what I'm known for finally cod learned it from me

  • FlameBro
    FlameBro Month ago +2

    I surprised here didn’t bring up “what kind of name is soap” modern warfare 4 reference. 😊

  • Alexander G
    Alexander G Month ago +6

    Enjoy being drip fed content that should have been launched with the game. 👍

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Pedro Rodrigues 2 months ago +234

    I liked how the duty was called on this one, specially considering how modern the warfare was.

    • Pedro Rodrigues
      Pedro Rodrigues Month ago +1


    • XRPhoenix
      XRPhoenix Month ago


      77ELCREADOR 2 months ago +13

      My favorite part was when Call Of Duty said "it's Modern Warfaring time" and Moderned Warfared everyone a second time but now in 2022

    • Lakshya D
      Lakshya D 2 months ago +9

      i agree, this game represents one of the warfares of all time

    • Interviolet
      Interviolet 2 months ago +16

      truly one of the games of all time

  • Shaggy on a truck
    Shaggy on a truck  Month ago +2

    When Hassan realises Farsi and Arabic are both thousands of years older than ‘medieval’ english.

  • SimonSELF
    SimonSELF 26 days ago +2

    Love the 2019 mw tbh. Liked the multiplayer better in 2019. But warzone2.0 is way better.

  • Maakitu
    Maakitu Month ago +1

    32:03 Im pretty sure they dont use the real names to not get into legal trouble, that indie game that uses it probaly is free or just doesnt care about that legal stuff. Anyways great video dude

  • Ivan V Ivanov
    Ivan V Ivanov Month ago

    My main and only guess on the weapon names is that's it's not based off money rather those weapon companies don't want their weapons associated with call of duty anymore. I'm not sure if that's it, it's only a guess. But it's what I hope so they have a reason to not include the real life names

    • ENiX
      ENiX Month ago

      The real reason is actually lamer than anything we could have thought of. The real reason COD uses fake names on real guns is to avoid adhering to the specs of it's real life counterpart.
      It's so they never have to worry about players complaining about how unrealistic the M4 knockoff is. They never have to worry about accurate muzzle velocity, RPM or recoil because it's not real so it doesn't matter. Fake guns gives fake specs and it means if a gun is too powerful they can retune for future players, and gun nuts/players who know their shit, don't like that.

    • T E L E G R A M ME👉@Theactman10👈
      T E L E G R A M ME👉@Theactman10👈 Month ago

      Winner🎁Direct message👆I got something for you🔝🔝

  • Michael Eggleton
    Michael Eggleton Month ago +1

    When you were doing the montage of everyone saying missiles, you should've ended it with Sgt Foley from the original MW2 shouting Ramirez

  • Sune Poulsen
    Sune Poulsen Month ago

    This was great man - thanks ! 💪😃♥️

  • Connor Aldersley
    Connor Aldersley Month ago +1

    Does anyone else wish that instead of rebooting the Modern Warfare series, they just made a prequel set before the first game instead. There is also 4 years in-between MW1 and MW2 where they could have made games for. Imagine we have the original Ghost, Soap and Price, along with other characters that were still alive before MW2 like Roach and Sandman, on new missions. There was so much potential there, but instead they chose to reboot it and now we have these knock off versions. Don't get me wrong the actors do a fine job, it's just hard not to compare them to the original characters.

  • Lord Corporal
    Lord Corporal Month ago

    Soo funny that me watching this video months after release has the next video being recommended to me about how they cancelled the two year cycle and that there’s going to be a next yearly “full premium” COD release 😂

  • TR_VA.
    TR_VA. 2 months ago +365

    It’s a rarity to see The Act Man enjoy a modern CoD game. It’s a beautiful thing. Like seeing a quadruple rainbow, watching a solar eclipse, or catching a glimpse at what’s under Ghosts mask. Wonderful.

    • Flynn Carter
      Flynn Carter 2 months ago +1

      @GoofBall1 _ if there are two games he enjoys in 2-3 years with annual release times that's not uncommon at all. That's a positive average mate

    • TR_VA.
      TR_VA. 2 months ago +1

      I mean, c’mon it’s Cold War it wasn’t good until a year after it was launched

    • Deathmare
      Deathmare 2 months ago +1

      @TR_VA. not the full game though

    • Deathmare
      Deathmare 2 months ago +1

      @Anakin Low Ground not the full game though

    • TR_VA.
      TR_VA. 2 months ago +2

      @GoofBall1 _ you get me, thank you.

  • DJ North
    DJ North Month ago +2

    Glad we have the true ActMan back fully.

  • HyperCalmeQc
    HyperCalmeQc Month ago

    For the connecting bug I just choose another game mode mode and go back into the one I wanted to play. That way nobody has to quit the party.

  • JRBillKill29
    JRBillKill29 Month ago

    2 years with this game nooooo!!! I hate the long grindy weapon progression system, the game is slow and takes away game mechanics that can separate really good players from weaker players. It has bugs, crashes, and weird glitches I haven't seen since older games released in 2002. They push to make microtransactions, have a small map pack for release date, and... there's more but too much to even go there. Let's make all players the same!!!! Welcome to the new Call Of Duty!

  • Datt Mamon
    Datt Mamon Month ago

    Strongly disagree with the multiplayer part, i am a casual player who is above average player. Every game is like i am trying out for a CDL comp. It is a struggle using off meta weapons against above average players and complete the camo grind, its never a relaxing experince! Maps, radar, perk system, spawn points etc... all cater to a certain play style and forcing you to play a campy style. When did it become ok for game devs to ask for money that we played and then force us to play or use that product how they want?! Multiplayer for the casual below average i can see it being enjoyble any higher its a rough time of constant CDL games... im a casual to just better than most.

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson 2 months ago +706

    I'm pretty sure no-one is going to mention it, so I will: I really appreciate you including a segment at the end of the video where you respond to questions from your Patrons. It's a really nice way to wrap things up, and I hope to see it return in the future (maybe you could use it as a chance to give your take on current issues like MandaloreGaming does).

    • David Wilson
      David Wilson 2 months ago +12

      @The Act Man Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond to my comment! It really means a lot.

    • The Act Man
      The Act Man  2 months ago +92

      Yes I should do it more often 😅

    • Raccaroonie
      Raccaroonie 2 months ago +11

      Reminds of of Racevick videos. Very appreciated!

    • Keksimus Maximus
      Keksimus Maximus 2 months ago +1

      ur ghey

  • AltAccount
    AltAccount Month ago +2

    "General who? :(" felt that