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Slipknot - Yen: Director's Cut (Bone Church)

  • Published on Feb 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Slipknot's official video for "Yen - Director's Cut (Bone Church)", directed by M. Shawn ‘clown’ Crahan.
    “On the road, we have a “jam room” set up backstage at every show, where we play, practice, warm up and sometimes try out new ideas. Bone Church started life in a jam room on the .5: The Gray Chapter tour. We’ve been bringing it closer and closer to life ever since, and finally, here it is. This one is for the fans - a further vision deeper into Slipknot’s history, which is still being written. Enjoy.” -clown
    Stream "Bone Church" here: slipknot1.lnk.to/BoneChurch
    Site: slipknot1.com
    Instagram: slipknot
    TikTok: tiktok.com/slipknot
    Facebook: slipknot
    Twitter: slipknot
    iTunes: itunes.com/slipknot
    Directed by M. Shawn Crahan
    Executive Producers: Nic Neary, Olivia Hines, Andy Hines
    Producer: Nic Neary
    Post Producer & Editor: Dustin Dooley Director of Photography: Jeff Powers
    1st AD: Mike Hart
    2nd AD: Robert Torres Production Manager: Joey Fitzsimmons Production Coordinator: Autumn Swope Executive Assistant Jessica Knight Script Supervisor: Anna Asher Casting Director: Becky Wu 1st Cam AC - A Cam: Jared Wennberg 1st Cam AC - B Cam: Bryant Marcontel 2nd Cam AC - A Cam: Jeanna Kim 2nd Cam AC - A Cam: Alex Myers DIT: Tim Gaer, Shiblom Wixom Steadicam - A Cam - Anthony Foster Steadicam - B Cam - Brian Sergott Drone Op: Mike Yutkin Additional Photography - Anthony Scanga VTR: Micah Lashbrook, Sabi Tulock Audio Playback: Justin Johnson CLT: Michael Creasy ACLT: Joel Reaves SLT/Fixtures: Kurtis Myers SLT: Neelix Ramirez, Abby Menzel, Randy Nguyen, Nick Schulte, Kamran Khezri Board Op: Chris Smith Key Grip: Randy Garcia BBG: Armando Colunga
    Grips: Tommy Villa, Michael Madrid, Oswald Colunga, Marty Lange, Michael Moore, Jesse Hernandez, Jake Santa Cruz, Connor Loock, Daniel Holguin Grip Driver: Roger Santos Slipknot Wardrobe/Make-Up: Alexandra Hodges Slipknot Seamstress: Brenton Coon Additional Stylist: Dawn Ritz Make-Up: Lola Ramirez Make Up Assistants: Monica Rojas, Erin Sebestyen Wardrobe Stylist: Leah Smith Wardrobe Assistants: Abi Arcinas, Hanna Aaronson Tailor: Jessica Louise Witness Mask Maker: Paul J Vick Production Designer: Pele Kudren Illustrator/Graphic Arts: Linn Gellert Art Director: Ciara Flynn Set Decorator: Marlene Guidara Shopper: Ryan Goodman Prop Master: Philip Steiger Leadman: Lyle McPherson On Set Dresser: Cory McPherson Set Dressers: Mikey Cuellar, Darren Cantone Hyphenate Driver: Berni Herrera Art PA: Rachel Colonna Stunt Coordinator: Tim Soergel Cinematographer: Ryan Page Testing Coordinator: Alex Gordin Medic/H&SS/Testing Tech: Cody Vlach H&S Assist: Megan Ruiz Sani Tech: Zack Harris Stunt Performers: Anthony Molinari, Sarah Molasky Stunt Riggers: Bryce Branagan, Constant Schell, Thomas Vu, Thomas Vu Pyrotechnic: Chris Bailey SFX: Tom Spera SFX Asst: Youstina Sadek Lead Craft Services: Mora Walker Craft Services Assistants: Camila Castiglione, Sofia Castiglioni Layout Techs: Mike Morales, River Mata, Santana Castro Fire Safety Officer: Rudy Ortega Police: John Washington Security: Jack Gomez Catering: Full Moon Pickles
    Office PA: Susie Chong Truck Pas: Matt Jarnagin, Roly Garcia Runner: Elise Schatz PA/Stakebed: Donovan Wilson Set PSs: Jaime Connors, Flora Tennant, Matisse Pasillas, Moses Okunoren, Josh Prezgay, Ernesto Luna, Chozan Behn, Cole Ewing Pass Van PA: Adam Pinless, Sebastian Romero, Maria Nunez
    Colorist & Sound Designer: Dustin Dooley
    Head Witness: Dallas Jay Hunter Witnesses: Mariana Maldonado, Biz Betzing, Jamie Taylor Ballesta, Ezenwa Ilabor, Cindy Maurine, Chloe Howcroft, Devynee Smith, Rebecca Lynne Morley
    Shadow Women: Maija Knapp, Tess Hewlett, Jamie Donovan Window Women: Ezenwa IIabor, Cindy Maurine, Biz Betzing Background Talent: Merrill Witham, Sidney Pierre Robert, David Drinkwater, "George Delano aka (George Nakar)", Bennie Arthur, Stephaun Pender, Brian Park, Cesar Davila, Gregory Mykael Dixon, Brayan Murguia, Patrick Koocheradis, Albert Kuo, Carlos Mulia, Fabian Jaime, Alfredo Castillo(Angelo), "Saidtha Suwanavisootr (Chok)", Paul Fiumano, Justin Valle, Armando Hart, Jay Parikh, "Mohammad Hassan (AlMoslim)", Jin Choi, Colby Smith, Jared Muros, Aaron Feder, Ramon Cantarero, Gerardo Vitale, Coda Li Marcus, Charlamagne Latimer, Jason Rivera, Cartrell Daniels, Alfred Shriver, Patrick Breen, Jeremiah Choo, Baptista Kawa, James Garcia, Ryan Ali D. Romanes, Jayson Wright, Claudio Scandella, Jason Flowers, Nathaniel Shipley, Ben Watts, Drew Constantine, Samuel Scott Peterman, Ed Gage, "Kendrick “Kenny Ferragamo” Griffin", Jean-Pierre Giagnoli, Angel Rivera, Mark McGaha, Mathew Tan, Phinehas Yoon, Michael Majors, Justin Fassett, Justin Zarodkiewicz, Kashyap Mori
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  • Live Your Life
    Live Your Life Month ago +5031

    On the road, we have a “jam room” set up backstage at every show, where we play, practice, warm up and sometimes try out new ideas. Bone Church started life in a jam room on the .5: The Gray Chapter tour. We’ve been bringing it closer and closer to life ever since, and finally, here it is. This one is for the fans - a further vision deeper into Slipknot’s history, which is still being written. Enjoy. -clown

    • Relix Nova
      Relix Nova 3 days ago

      A jam room you say? Is there a peanut butter room?

    • James Condrey
      James Condrey 4 days ago

      I love it!!!

    • Digitalhunny
      Digitalhunny 5 days ago

      Very creepy undertones, am I sensing a fan of Pink Floyd's The Wall? Would you'se maybe consider creating an entire album like this _please?_ Slipknots Rock Opera? This was a tease ya know. 💕💕

    • Visca el Barça•
      Visca el Barça• 8 days ago


    • ktazero
      ktazero 10 days ago

      Nice words clown

  • Bobby Humberdee
    Bobby Humberdee Month ago +381

    It's like if Pink Floyd and Slipknot did a song together...THIS IS IT! Love it guys. Keep rockin in that jam room.

    • Miss S
      Miss S 12 days ago

      I was just thinking the same!! 🔥

    • iSpy
      iSpy 12 days ago

      We said that with Adderall too. Dunno if this one has the Pink Floyd vibes for me, but something interesting that I enjoy.
      I love bands exploring and doing different sounds, that's what got me into Slipknot in the first place, was Snuff. I'd heard it before but it didn't do much, until I was at THAT point in my life, then when I heard it again....😢😭 And have gone down the Knothole ever since, that was 4 years ago

    • nikki farris
      nikki farris 19 days ago

      so much i love it so much

    • Dillon Miskell
      Dillon Miskell 25 days ago +1

      I was actually thinking more of a Black Sabbath vibe!

    • Rob Tallent
      Rob Tallent Month ago

      Eh...I guess

  • VerdarJei1386
    VerdarJei1386 17 days ago +34

    Anyone else been playing this on repeat? Something about this song just can’t leave my head.

  • assnassassins
    assnassassins Month ago +89

    Slipknot needs to do more stuff like this and Acidic. I love me some fast placed Slipknot with Corey's screams, but this is soooo good

    • iSpy
      iSpy 12 days ago +3

      Yep and Adderall.
      Many fans don't like bands changing sounds to find the artistic expression that they need to find because 'thats not metal, Iowa was better' or some shit.
      I used to be that guy.
      Now I keep an open mind and listen to many different genres, so I love Knot exploring

    • FragramtElm 81
      FragramtElm 81 13 days ago

      @Ne0nGuy no

    • Ne0nGuy
      Ne0nGuy 13 days ago +2

      and Adderall

    • FragramtElm 81
      FragramtElm 81 15 days ago +3

      Please no

    • SkoldierVike
      SkoldierVike 27 days ago +1

      Acidic might be my favorite track on the album. A true gem

  • Thiago Lima
    Thiago Lima Month ago +169

    Escutaria um álbum de músicas como essa, Adderall, My Pain, Spiders, If Rain Is What You Want e afins tranquilamente sem reclamar. SlipkFloyd é bom dmais

    • Mordekaiser Sincero
      Mordekaiser Sincero 16 days ago

      meu amigo, seria um álbum FODA

    • Nekros Varos
      Nekros Varos 21 day ago


    • Arthas Gaius
      Arthas Gaius Month ago

      tambem curto muito!

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy Month ago

      Look Outside Your Window.

    • Manoel Gomes blue pen
      Manoel Gomes blue pen Month ago +3

      til we die, circle, danger -keep away, if rain is what you want, gehenna, killpop,yen director's cut, my pain, spiders, vermilion pt2, snuff
      só ouço essas

  • Atomic R4y
    Atomic R4y Month ago +241

    I really love that Slipknot is diving into the more Blues, Stoner, and Grunge side of the Rock & Metal industry. It's so cool for me.

    • spencer gibney
      spencer gibney 4 hours ago +1

      Music is universal! Listen to waterver moves you. True maggot here!!!

    • iSpy
      iSpy 12 days ago

      ​@mxson For real mate.
      Many Knotheads weren't impressed with anything after Self Titled, but I thought We Are Not Your Kind was sick. I'm still keeping my eye out for limited vinyls here in Aus and the artwork, loved it.

    • Baelphu
      Baelphu 18 days ago +1

      @Saturday Nighto Rive I know, I wasn’t forcing anyone to like the new slipknot music, its just a logical statement since they have a possibility of not returning to that exact style, im personally fine with both. Sorry if my tone came off that way.

    • Saturday Nighto Rive
      Saturday Nighto Rive 18 days ago

      ​@Baelphu it's okay not to like it.

    • Baelphu
      Baelphu 23 days ago +1

      @mxson same but being a Maggot is also embracing change in newer years as Slipknot went through changes and turns

  • Adam DeBoer
    Adam DeBoer Month ago +788

    This group of musicians..... I can't imagine growing up and not having Slipknot to listen to. Thanks for still dropping fantastic music Slipknot

    • Adam DeBoer
      Adam DeBoer Month ago

      @ALX Official yes if you didn't appear to be so ignorant I would go into depth as in to how they have some heavy songs but I won't. if you had any experience in writing music or can read music or know where any of it is about you would know they have a couple heavy songs


      @ManlyMan bro cant read a paragraph 😂😂

    • ALX Official
      ALX Official Month ago

      @Adam DeBoer Ghost has heavy songs? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Shorter
    Shorter Month ago +170

    Я невероятно рад что Slipknot экспериментируют с разными жанрами,это однозначно очень здорово,не останавливаться на чем то,а идти дальше открывая новые идеи.Это перерождение slipknot,практически их новая и лично для меня гениальная эпоха.Гарможка в начале это что то гениальное )

    • Юрий Фрост
      Юрий Фрост 16 days ago

      Это конечно интересно , но before I forget that !!!!!!

    • Tony's Channel
      Tony's Channel Month ago

      For those of you who don't speak Russian,he/she said: "I'm incredibly glad that Slipknot are experimenting with different genres, it's definitely very cool, not to stop at something, but to go further discovering new ideas. This is the rebirth of slipknot, practically their new and for me personally brilliant era." (god bless Google translate)
      Для тех, кто говорит по-русски, я согласен (да благословит Google переводчик!

    • Shorter
      Shorter Month ago

      @Puchkov Kirill однозначно

    • Puchkov Kirill
      Puchkov Kirill Month ago

      @Shorter ну то есть альбом плохой выходит, иначе никак. К слову, я за выходные научился ценить вот эту песню, Yen. Мне она как-то даже зашла. Но альбом всё равно слабый.

    • Shorter
      Shorter Month ago

      @Puchkov Kirill все прошлые были шикарными,а этот слабый

  • Jacob Thomassen
    Jacob Thomassen Month ago +61

    I’m astonished by the depth and thought Slipknot put in the work of creating their music - constantly evolving presenting us with little gems like this… I feel it - the Pink Floyd vibe wrapped up in Starscream’s sound universe, topped off with Corey’s lyrics and vocals..
    I love it!

    • Sharky
      Sharky Month ago

      @Duality yea

    • Duality
      Duality Month ago

      @Sharky The pinned comment from Clown literally says it was from the .5 tour... maybe it did have some influence from Look Outside Your Window (I assume that's what you're referring to with the 2008 and four members making it) as well.

    • Sharky
      Sharky Month ago

      @Justin Time its based around 2008 when they were done reccording all hope is gone, four of the members got together and made it

    • Justin Time
      Justin Time Month ago +4

      From what iv read this song is around 10 to twelve years old.recorded around the grey chapter

    • Sophia Roldan
      Sophia Roldan Month ago +1

      and also some king crimson vibes from the drums!! amazing

  • Marcus Junho
    Marcus Junho 13 days ago +11

    Slipknot é foda! 🤘🏽

  • David Cáceres
    David Cáceres Month ago +7

    Corey Taylor el metal fuerte es lo que nos gusta a todos nosotros los maggots y es lo que te define VIVA SLIPKNOT Y QUE NO MUERA EL METAL FUERTE QUE LOS REPRESENTA.

  • The Vezir
    The Vezir Month ago +35

    I think The End, So Far each song has a little something from each album and song that they have released prior to this date, it was like a touch of nostalgia becasue i recognize sounds and melodies simmilar to older songs combined with something experimental while and still keeping it new and fresh as it should be, its like... its like watching a 6 season show and then in the end there is a beautiful montage of each season combined with new stuff and experimental stuff its like 3 in 1, to me its art and i dig that. Bone Church is like a Bonus episode. Fucking perfect

    • Tew Bryant
      Tew Bryant 21 day ago +3

      Maggot since 99 and they keep hitting my heart and soul. Currently getting off meth, 5 days clean. This band is helping through one of the hardest times of my life. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

  • t1 ag
    t1 ag Month ago +560

    Burned my hands wrapped around the sun
    Raise my walls, but the damage is done
    I see bugs from the corner of my eyes
    Just a shadow, a figment, another empty lie
    We kill what we love
    We love what we kill
    Nothing ever changes
    Oh, nothing ever will
    At my heart is a memory of the pain
    I don't need a miracle
    Prayers will not save me again
    Prayers will not save me again
    Prayers will not save me again
    Prayers will not save me again
    We kill what we love
    Oh, we love what we kill
    Do no harm
    Reminders of the flesh
    Blinded storms
    The ignorance of ash
    One man's jewel is another's moist in eye
    Another coward, another cripple, another savior in the light
    Don't take the place of my sins
    Prayers will not save me again
    Prayers will not save me again

    • Cut me Mick
      Cut me Mick Month ago

      Yo, so it’s NOT moistened knife it’s moissanite -it’s a natural silicone carbide discovered by a French chemist in 1893
      The lyric is- One man’s jewelry is another’s moissanite
      Cause when I read your interpretation I was like WTF? That’s a weirdo lyric

    • Martin P
      Martin P Month ago

      @Jordan Reader Most of the "lyrics websites" agree with you! 👍
      An amazing little ditty, irrespective of what he actually says or means!

    • Jordan Reader
      Jordan Reader Month ago

      @Martin P Just checked Apple Music, looks like the lyrics have been added. It’s none of the above, it’s moistened knife 😅

    • Martin P
      Martin P Month ago

      @Jordan Reader Hmmm, not so sure "One man's jewel is another's jewel" ??
      Damn....going to have to listen to it again & again &......

    • Patrick
      Patrick Month ago

      Yep lyrics....

  • WhatIsThisChannel
    WhatIsThisChannel Month ago +167

    Se siente tan bien el escuchar esta música de Slipknot, me da gusto que estén experimentando diferentes géneros pro así decirlo

  • Dominic Marr
    Dominic Marr Month ago +15

    For People who think slipknot isn't the same as they used to be. its because they aren't they grow and change with the times. And if you don't like change you probably still order chicken strips and fries everywhere you because it's what you like. Rock on 🤘

    • Август Студенов
      Август Студенов 8 days ago

      There’s a difference between evolving and degrading. They do the latter. It’s like what’s the point of trying hard when they already have guitar riffs, drum patterns and lyrics, let’s change it just a bit and give the song another name. Nothing new, it’s just a worse past.

    • Grandmaster
      Grandmaster 11 days ago +1

      What wrong with chicken strips and fries.

    REVENGEACE Month ago +11

    Some people dislike the song but, i enjoy it !

  • Stolas
    Stolas Month ago +17

    Slipknot is so important to me. It makes me escape from the bad reality i'm in right now. Thanks You for make me feel better.

    • qw
      qw 18 days ago

      @Stolas Nice to hear that

    • Stolas
      Stolas 19 days ago

      @qw I'm tryin to afront reality. Everything is good now, i'm happier. Tysm!

    • qw
      qw Month ago +3

      You will regret. Do not escape from reality. You cannot decide what is bad or good

  • Ash P
    Ash P Month ago +30

    There is something so ethereal about Slipknots slow ballad type songs.

  • Sebastian Viecco
    Sebastian Viecco Month ago +691

    This was a pleasant surprise. I LOVE SLIPKNOT. This made my day

    • CaptainEpix
      CaptainEpix Month ago

      If you’re 555 I’m 666

    • Sebastian Viecco
      Sebastian Viecco Month ago +1

      Keep this at 666 likes please

    • Rath
      Rath Month ago


    • Luan Lima
      Luan Lima Month ago +1

      The reason that I love Slipknot so much is because the rhythm and the tone of their songs dont sound like any other heavy metal songs, basically their songs are like on another level, and Corey's screams still has a tone to it, unlike any other screamer vocalist, whos scream dont really sound that desirable.

    ANNUNAKI TRACKS 22 days ago +4

    Just heard this for the 1st time yesterday and I'm on play #784 now ...This is a Masterpiece

  • Suzanne Derungs
    Suzanne Derungs Month ago +1

    I'm so loving the diversity of Slipknot 🤘🏻🖤🖤🤘🏻

    • Corey Taylor
      Corey Taylor 6 days ago

      Hello, How are you doing today? Nice meeting you here.

  • Lena
    Lena Month ago +16

    É muito bom ver o Slipknot experimentando novos traços musicais ao invés de somente repetir a sonoridade de outrora. Ainda que seja algo diferente, a essência pode ser capturada nos detalhes e na composição estética dos clipes, mesmo que alguns fãs sejam mais favoráveis ao estilo old school da banda. Mas o processo de se reinventar faz parte da rotina de qualquer artista que não queira cair na mesmice, então é ótimo ver o que os membros estão propondo.

    • Lena
      Lena Month ago

      @deidara dá pra gostar das duas bandas, inclusive.

    • deidara
      deidara Month ago

      Linkin Park >>>>>>>>>

  • ThatOneMusicGoth
    ThatOneMusicGoth Month ago +15

    I know people dont like this song for being different. But I like that its different. I think that represents Slipknot as an artist. It also shows their obvious inspiration to Mr. Bungle, as they don't ever stick to a certain style for each releases.

    • Nirvana 7x7
      Nirvana 7x7 5 days ago

      I don't know what you mean by different, it's a bad copy of til we die, itss a bad copy of an old slow song of theirs, nothing new, Corey is lazy and unwilling, very repetitive, there's nothing new, it's a lack of enthusiasm, they've lost their desire and believe me I loved them but it's not the same for years

    • Shwat
      Shwat Month ago

      Where are these people? Haven't seen any complaints..

    • Alan Heyes
      Alan Heyes Month ago

      @The Death of Zenith It was more obvious when they still showed their funk influence.

    • The Death of Zenith
      The Death of Zenith Month ago +1

      Glad someone finally saw the Bungle influence. Hell yes 🤘

    • Ramon Carneiro
      Ramon Carneiro Month ago +3

      Haven't see anyone complaining so far

  • Visca el Barça•
    Visca el Barça• 8 days ago

    The energy is so liberating. People who don't listen this type of music will never understand

  • Garrett Griffin
    Garrett Griffin Month ago +177

    This band can do no wrong in my opinion. They’re seasoned and constantly evolving. This sounds fantastic.

    • Garrett Griffin
      Garrett Griffin Month ago

      @Zach Blackwell Thank you, Zach. I always like to use that phraseology. I never think my views are gospel. Just one li’l ol’ metalhead’s opinion.

    • Garrett Griffin
      Garrett Griffin Month ago +1

      @Randall Hahahahahaha. I know right? I guess people just want the same album over and over for 30 fuckin’ years.

    • Randall
      Randall Month ago +1

      But..but.... it's NOT IOWA!!😫

    • Zach Blackwell
      Zach Blackwell Month ago +4

      @Marty martz the dude literally said it was his opinion. You *my point of view is the only correct point of view" need to behave.

    • Garrett Griffin
      Garrett Griffin Month ago

      @troubled named Iowa is hands down my favorite album of all time.

  • Regazt
    Regazt 5 days ago +2

    Thank you for Slipknot for coming to Indonesia, it's really extraordinary. I, as a spectator, am very enthusiastic about enjoying your performance. Once again, thank you

  • DieEevee
    DieEevee Month ago +5

    this song gives such a strange vibe, i love it 🔥

  • kylelee1911
    kylelee1911 Month ago +1

    goddamnit clown why is every song you put your hands on so good youve captured exactly how i feel in every album release to a T

  • Zach Griego
    Zach Griego Month ago +18

    This is an absolute masterpiece! I get a Pink Floyd vibe from this. Fantastic song!

  • Maggot
    Maggot Month ago +2

    Experimental Music Slipknot knows how to do really well, I just love it when everything starts to get longer. Amazing Song.

  • Snoopy Cat
    Snoopy Cat Month ago +156

    This is such an art. Not for everyone, not meant to always be understood. But this speaks in various forms and it's incredible

  • Terri Jones
    Terri Jones Month ago +4

    Great new song, relaxing love it

    • Corey Taylor
      Corey Taylor 6 days ago

      Hello, How are you doing today? Nice meeting you here.

  • Khotso Moloantoa
    Khotso Moloantoa Month ago +27

    So SLIPKNOT decided to drop this banger without notifying us? I gotta say this is bloody amazing

  • Craig Jukes
    Craig Jukes Month ago +2

    Fan going on 24 years now!! Keep up the good work!!!!!

  • Biedacha
    Biedacha Month ago +9

    Talvez essa seja a melhor música do Slipknot que eu já ouvi. Ficou plenamente incrível. Melhor música deles.

  • Victor Smith
    Victor Smith Month ago +2

    Music Evolution, most musicians can't seem to understand this! From all Music categories! Thank you Guy's!

  • ялюблюкруассаныахэтаваренкапростошикарнаяедаобожаю

    Corey's voice is AMAZING🐹

  • Iracema Silva
    Iracema Silva Month ago +17

    Ouvir Slipknot sempre é prazeroso, eles nunca fazem música genéricas como muitas bandas fazem. Sempre tentam surpreender seus fãs com músicas especias como essa. Obrigado por existir Slipknot

  • Cauã Gabriel DW
    Cauã Gabriel DW Month ago +44

    Essa banda sempre surpreendendo, um salve meu povo brasileiro...🖤🇧🇷

  • Márcio Fernando
    Márcio Fernando Month ago +36

    Topzeira slipknot sempre,fã dessa banda desde 1999🖤🤘

    • deidara
      deidara Month ago


    • Александр Дюма
      Александр Дюма Month ago +1

      Я в 1999 продавал аудиокассеты. И услышал Slipknot. Жизнь поменялась)))

    • Luiz
      Luiz  Month ago

      Conheci em 2002 com My Plague, fã desde então. 🖤🤘

    • Nefasta
      Nefasta Month ago +1

      Nossa, cara, eu sou fã desde 2021, porém conheço a banda desde 2016 🤘🤘

  • Bruno Rafael
    Bruno Rafael Month ago +32

    Lançaram o clip de surpresa? Banda foda pra caralho
    Salve Pra todos do Brasil 🤟🏽🇧🇷

    • Daniel Menezes
      Daniel Menezes Month ago

      @Richard Guilherme mano vdd nesse quesito concordo com vc

    • Richard Guilherme
      Richard Guilherme Month ago +1

      Cara tô super decepcionado com a banda desde a saída de joey jordison (o jay nao deixa desejar como batera, o cara amassa demais), não consigo escuta mais pelo fato de que a banda está saindo do rumo diferente do meu, então por isso nem fico mais ancioso ou surpreso pelas novas música, infelizmente nao consigo escutar mais slipknot.(lembrando que isso é apenas minha opiniao.)

    • Daniel Menezes
      Daniel Menezes Month ago +1

      @Adelson Marques n achei n mano achei muito boa a música e com a assinatura de sempre do slipknot

    • Adelson Marques
      Adelson Marques Month ago

      Banda é boa, mas essa música ficou ruim demais rsrsrs não é nem pq é um bagulho experimental, e sim pq ficou sem alma, meio tosco!

  • jt conley
    jt conley Month ago +16

    I think it’s really cool to see this “come to life” as they put it, given it being born during their gray chapter time and I love the darker Yen vibe it carries throughout. Really solid track!

  • Meat Eating Orchids
    Meat Eating Orchids Month ago +137

    This album is great and the lack of fan support as usual every time you drop an album is typical. I have been with you since day 1. And until I die I will be. This is a sign of future SLIPKNOT I think we are seeing right now. RIP JOEY & PAUL. RESPECT FOR THE 9 & FAMILIES

    • Milo Puffs
      Milo Puffs Month ago

      Aren't most band members more or less approaching 50 years of age. Earlier albums we're from a different time and feel. No shit everything isn't Iowa. Nothing will be. Music is subjective, your consensus is meaningless to everyone but you. 🤘

    • gothsteeze
      gothsteeze Month ago +4

      The old Slipknot & og Maggots back in the gave no fucks about people hating on Slipknot and now the band & fans get all butthurt & whiny when people say anything negative about their new music.

    • Broseph Broheim
      Broseph Broheim Month ago +2

      Typical indeed. I'm never sure if I like the new Slipknot when it comes out. I wasn't about to start saying it isn't any good because only a few songs immediately resonated with me.
      It's a good album. Very different. I'm a huge fan of The Dying Song, The Chapeltown Rag, Yen, Finale, De Sade. The others are all okay in their own right but I don't feel the need to listen to full album from cover to cover like Iowa. This band has got me through the worst parts of my life and I'll always give their music a chance.

    HOPE.EXE! 27 days ago +3

    Umas das melhores bandas de Rock 🤘🖤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • luv u
    luv u 13 days ago +3

    I love you Slipknot.

  • jotavenoy
    jotavenoy Month ago +9

    mal lançou e já me conquistou! talvez uma das minhas músicaa favoritas do Slipknot

  • enso88
    enso88 Month ago +7

    Man f all the slipknot haters, this shit was fucking beautiful. The talent these guys have, goddamn. Fuckin beasts.

  • Myrina
    Myrina Month ago +31

    The beginning of the song, the accordion reminds me of childhood, wild and strange. A lyrics that also interprets my thoughts. And a melody which combines all together. I just love this song 🖤

  • Tripzy MC
    Tripzy MC Month ago +23

    i thought this was behind the scenes of making yen but its actually a song lmao

  • goshish666
    goshish666 Month ago +3

    Really interesting shift, didn't expect them to go into some kind of psychedelic blues. This would be really interesting if they would develop this kind of sound further.

  • Timothy Gorman
    Timothy Gorman Month ago +2

    I always go to slipknot for that adrenal pick up. This band has creeped into my head in a new way. Amazing visuals. Damn

  • I G
    I G Month ago +1

    First we had yen! Love it, now crushing on bone church! Loved you guys since 98! Keep going! I'm so proud to be a long time fan of the 9 :)

  • Jarrod Calmese
    Jarrod Calmese Month ago +1

    This present had made my whole day. This is a beautiful piece of art

  • Denizcan Özden
    Denizcan Özden Month ago +1

    Another masterpiece, may the god give you long lives boys 🤘🏼

  • Miss Dillinger
    Miss Dillinger Month ago +294

    What a gem… Slipknot never disappoints.

    • Jesus is God
      Jesus is God Month ago

      @bob Wade You are spiritually discerned and therefore have no understanding of God's words. We are created in Gods image and we have a soul, body and spirit. God = soul, Jesus = body, Holy Ghost = spirit.
      John 1:1 KJV In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
      John 1:14 KJV And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.
      1 John 5:7 KJV For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.
      Matthew 1:23 KJV Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.
      When Jesus says the Father He is talking in the spiritual sense, not physical sense.

    • R3grET
      R3grET Month ago

      @Super Hamster I will respect that, n say that I wholeheartedly disgree. Nothing will ever reach Iowa and/or the self titled album. At least not in my opinion. This singy shit will never grow on me.
      Edit: mind you, I've been listening to Slipknot since MFKR.

    • Super Hamster
      Super Hamster Month ago +1

      @R3grET Wtf dude? .5 is their best by far. AOV, The Devil in I, Killpop, Custer, Nomadic, TOTKTL, Goodbye, IRIWYW, Override, The Burden... All bangers. People who hate on the gray chapter didn't probably never listened to it or only to The Devil In I.

    • R3grET
      R3grET Month ago +1

      Did you, not hear the gray chapter? Or this album? They surely do disappoint.

    • chili
      chili Month ago

      @Chloe Smurf Bland. Just an uninspired, money grab of an album.
      Cringey lyrics, boring songs that just trudge on and adds no little twist or special ingredient to things.
      At least the new album is progressive and not a bland mess

  • Tanvir Rana
    Tanvir Rana Month ago +1

    Corey's voice 🙌
    Love from 🇧🇩

  • luv u
    luv u Month ago +3

    It would be amazing to hear that in a concert!!! I wanted to hug each of the members! you are amazing!
    Sid, I know who you are.

  • Jeordidicus The maleficent

    Funky, groovy and creepy. Great stuff. Especially the HD light leads and glitches. My favorite 😍 💓

  • Arush
    Arush Month ago +5

    sounds just like goodbye a real masterpiece


    Nunca dejan de sorprenderme esta hermosa y talentosa banda carajo.

  • TMoneyz
    TMoneyz Month ago +279

    Thank you guys for being you! This was a nice little treasure.

  • Hammer Smashed Spud
    Hammer Smashed Spud Month ago +1

    Not a fan but I enjoyed this . Real depth in this song . Didn't know where it was going but that could be why I liked it .

  • Osas With the plug
    Osas With the plug Month ago +5

    This one is a master piece 💯

  • xaufojjj
    xaufojjj Month ago +3

    I got chills from this song. Love it!

  • Andres Ospina
    Andres Ospina Month ago

    El tema es muy bueno pero la producción de la parte visual es una locura total, mis respetos para todo el equipo👹

  • junglistkid
    junglistkid Month ago +1

    Masterpiece ❤️‍🔥

  • the_shatmenZ93
    the_shatmenZ93 Month ago +110

    Wow. It felt like I was listening to something by King Crimson for a minute. I swear Slipknot never disappoints when they try to take something in a different direction and I'll never stop loving them for that

    • chikenman320
      chikenman320 Month ago

      @Nyau I'm sure it is an Accordion

    • Keve Kornél Szűcs
      Keve Kornél Szűcs Month ago

      B GHz a addig é

    • the_shatmenZ93
      the_shatmenZ93 Month ago +1

      @Nyau I could be entirely wrong since I'm not good with instruments but to me it sounds like an accordion

    • Nyau
      Nyau Month ago +1

      Anyone know the instrument being played at the begining?

    • Pyros
      Pyros Month ago +2

      its like king crimson with a CVA

  • BAAL
    BAAL 28 days ago +4


  • Flip Jupiter
    Flip Jupiter Month ago +3

    Been listening to Slipknot since day 1. Saw the video for Wait and Bleed around the summer of 1999. Instant love. Over 20 years later and I still listen to them on a weekly basis. I like this track a lot and have been listening to The End, So Far a lot. Love it. Love all you Maggots. ✌️

    • Flip Jupiter
      Flip Jupiter Month ago

      @Mesha Helms Marolt awesome! Where did you see them? My first time was the 2000 Pledge Of Allegiance tour in Los Angeles. System and Mudvayne opened for them. It was awesome. Last time was in Chicago in 2018. It was outdoors. That was amazing.

    • Mesha Helms Marolt
      Mesha Helms Marolt Month ago +2

      Same here. I was finally able to see them for the first time last year and just bought tickets to see them again this year.

  • Felipe Shotgun
    Felipe Shotgun Month ago +4

    Slipknot Forever!! 🤘🏽🖤🇧🇷

  • Aware087
    Aware087 Month ago +3

    From a fan to a Maggot since 96.
    Every album a chronicle of my life.
    Very few artists have this ability, to rip your throat out and mend your heart.
    Words cannot express how much I needed you throughout my life.
    So many songs play on constant loop in my head to keep me sane....and it's beautiful.
    Thank you.

    • Air
      Air Month ago

      Man is an og of og's

  • franklin sampaio sampaio

    muito foda🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Lil Jessi
    Lil Jessi Month ago +163

    Amazing song by Slipknot as always🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • Meredith Grubb
    Meredith Grubb Month ago +6

    These lyrics r hauntingly beautiful to me and the visual on top of it is a chef's kiss type of perfection.

  • James Davis
    James Davis Month ago +1

    This song will go platinum

  • diego luna
    diego luna Month ago +10

    Siempre dando al 1000 slipknot, ellos nunca me dejaran de sorprender. Sin importar que pasen 100 años o mas. No dejaran de ser grandiosos!!!

    FANVACOOLT Month ago +3

    This is so great, and somehow gives 2000s vibes, thanks a lot guys. Thanks for not stopping. Maggot for life ✌️

  • Ibnus Samit Official
    Ibnus Samit Official Month ago +4

    Now this is pure ART

  • Jerry Stirpe
    Jerry Stirpe Month ago +38

    Has a kind of Pink Floyd sound to it! Amazing 👏

    • Bonar
      Bonar Month ago +1

      @9LivesGamer Hahaha!!!!!😁😁😁Got me there!!!

    • 9LivesGamer
      9LivesGamer Month ago +4

      @Bonar It sounds nothing like Shine on You Crazy Diamond 🤣

    • Bonar
      Bonar Month ago +1

      Yes it’s a copy paste version of shine on you crazy Diamond

  • Nicky T
    Nicky T Month ago +1

    Can already envision corey recording an acoustic version of this, masterpiece like snuff was.

  • Corey Tailor
    Corey Tailor Month ago +2

    The style of this song makes me wish they would do some killer Bowie covers; I'd love to see what they'd come up with.

  • MaloFFM
    MaloFFM Month ago +1

    Nice song! Respect, Slipknot!

  • Laser blast
    Laser blast Month ago +1

    Good God this was needed! Fucking hauntingly beautiful.

  • Patricio Vallejos Ortega

    No me lo esperaba y me tiene encantado, que sea super pesado, que sea más blues, mientras sea buena música, No pido más, las dos me encantan

  • Carlos David Contreras
    Carlos David Contreras Month ago +150

    Hoy ganó la música, es un gran tema, felicidades slipknot.

    • Sebastian M.C
      Sebastian M.C Month ago

      Temasoo lokooo

    • Carlos David Contreras
      Carlos David Contreras Month ago

      @Lucas Correa también da vibra a "Goodbye"

    • Lucas Correa
      Lucas Correa Month ago

      Me encantó!! Necesito más de éstos temas.. Parece como una onda "Till We Die". Genial

    • Stevie Rau
      Stevie Rau Month ago +2

      @kevin abrego Presente desde México viva Slipknot 🤩

    • King Kind
      King Kind Month ago +1

      @kevin abrego aquí estámos. Slipknot!!!

  • Cole
    Cole Month ago +62

    One of the few bands that never downgrades

    • OmarHyari
      OmarHyari Month ago

      You all are forgetting that Slipknot is an experimental band. This is one of their many experimental songs.
      Listen to Circle, Vermilion 1 and 2, Gently, Danger - Keep Away and Goodbye.

    • Lucas Hernandez
      Lucas Hernandez Month ago +1

      @Raymond L see this guy gets it

    • Lucas Hernandez
      Lucas Hernandez Month ago +2

      Wdym, massive down grade imo. Anything past ahig kinda sucks with few exceptions

    • Blurreaper123
      Blurreaper123 Month ago +9

      Not saying this or the last album are bad but nothing compares to the older albums

    • Raymond L
      Raymond L Month ago +15

      I love Slipknot as much as the next guy, but would you honestly say this is an "upgrade" of songs off their first two albums?

  • Mengão Até Morrer•

    I Love Corey's new vocal style on this record like it's a great mixture between the new Grey Chapter voice and a throw back to the Iowa voice, it's a perfect blend.
    Can't imagine a world without Slipknot!

  • Toni
    Toni Month ago +5

    Wow! I found this piece of art on the morning when I started to shuffle different songs. I'm glad I found this song, catchy and good! Slipknot is delivering good stuff, as always

  • NivekE
    NivekE Month ago +2

    This was unexpected.
    And i love it.

  • Kodexz
    Kodexz Month ago

    Not heavy but still a masterpiece of a song to say the less, can’t argue with that.
    Still hoping this next album has atleast a couple of Iowa type tracks but if not irdc because it’s Slipknot! This band is amazing and will always.

  • Leandro Lima
    Leandro Lima Month ago +116

    Slipknot é mais que uma banda, é uma obra de arte !!

  • Selenarion
    Selenarion Month ago +3

    Wow. This hits heavy. I feel as though this highlights the ever-driving need for balance and harmony.

  • Brother 13
    Brother 13 Month ago +4

    The band Slipknot is like Life itself
    Constantly evolving

    • T E R M I N A T O R
      T E R M I N A T O R Month ago +1

      They didn't evolve much at all in the mid to late 2000s but I feel like it's when we are not your kind and the end so far came that you can here bits and pieces of them evolving and changing their sound at least to me.

  • Relix Nova
    Relix Nova Month ago

    I love the authenticity of each sound eyes closed making it easier to wake up to certain sounds.

  • PepperDaddy #WeTheChiliheads

    Video of the decade!!!!! Damn they killed it.

  • Skyler Diotte
    Skyler Diotte Month ago +1

    Giving me Vol.3 vibes. Absolutely love it

  • Moisés Santos
    Moisés Santos Month ago +57

    Minha banda favorita! 🇧🇷🤘🏾

  • Tony_deluxe_
    Tony_deluxe_ Month ago +7

    Idgaf what anyone says about slipknot, man their music is just different, you have to really pay attention to all the instruments in the background to understand how this band operates,i used to hate vermillion pt1, but adter hearing so many different versions from conserts it has become my favorite song of all time, and then Corey's voice is just killer,I noticed alot of their songs I have to listen to them a few times to like them, this song has already become my new favorite slipknot song, in my opinion slipknot is the best band to exist, of course that's just My opinion...

  • Fake Do fake
    Fake Do fake Month ago +6

    Barões da pisadinha 2.0? Sksksksk
    Música braba dms slipknot sempre inovando e fazendo músicas incríveis
    Como sempre🤘🏻

  • D4NY BL4Z3 TV
    D4NY BL4Z3 TV Month ago +1

    Yet another masterpiece.