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Ludwig Gets Destroyed By LudwigBot

  • Published on Jan 30, 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • Evan Pauser
    Evan Pauser 2 years ago +13880

    They managed to make the bot funnier than Lud too

    • Julian Straubel
      Julian Straubel 2 years ago +148


    • kSmurf
      kSmurf 2 years ago +23


    • Hey Jamie
      Hey Jamie 2 years ago +279

      I understand that your photo is of a person in black tie. But all I see is someone’s legs from knee to ankle and they’re severely bow legged

    • Justin SkiUnfall
      Justin SkiUnfall 2 years ago +334

      @Hey Jamie what drugs are you on?

    • 5ft3StillPackin
      5ft3StillPackin 2 years ago +27

      Not that hard to do

  • Nogard
    Nogard 2 years ago +3312

    Fun Fact, if Lud would not have forfeited against his LudBot and let it win, the bot would have said "I see you were throwing for content"

  • SnipeTheGhost
    SnipeTheGhost 2 years ago +5285

    Ludwig: “My Bot’s terrible! He’s throwing!” then proceeds to blunder his Queen two games in a row.

    • oO PPH Oo
      oO PPH Oo 2 years ago +98

      Damn, before watching this video, I was playing his bot. I literally had a moment of "you blundered you knight on move 5, Lud. Wtf?". Later on, I of course blundered my queen. Still won the game though.
      Low rated chess bots are weird. They kinda have to play a random move here and there to simulate error so they might do stuff like just moving their king when it's completely safe, often forfeiting castling rights. They can't quite simulate human error.

    • Victor710
      Victor710 2 years ago +29

      Wonder where the bot got the throwing abilities from

    • NaClO
      NaClO 2 years ago +3

      Botez Gambit is how it be

    • Xann
      Xann 2 years ago +19

      @oO PPH Oo it doesnt simulate errors as such, it learns from the games Lud played before and tries to simulate them including everything, and that also means blunders, if he gave a free piece in some games before then the machine will think its a viable move from time to time too

    • orlock20
      orlock20 2 years ago +14

      That's because instead of watching the Queen's gambit, he watched the knock off called The Botez Gambit.

  • Chess.com
    Chess.com 2 years ago +6116

    Edited out the channel points scam, whaddaya know.

    • Jorge Galvan
      Jorge Galvan 2 years ago +60


    • Temp
      Temp 2 years ago +44


    • Payed Processing
      Payed Processing 2 years ago +462

      Did you guys change xQC’s rating because he cried about Ludwig having a higher rating?

    • 안드레Andre
      안드레Andre 2 years ago +8


    • Migs
      Migs 2 years ago +193

      Why did xqc become a 1200 rated bot 😂

  • Rylan Danielsen
    Rylan Danielsen 2 years ago +1644

    They should add an XQC trainer that always gets checkmated in 6 moves lmao edit: oh shit he did and it’s ass lol

    • Jotaro Kujo
      Jotaro Kujo 2 years ago +216

      The xQc bot always fall for the King's Gambit

    • georgie torrance
      georgie torrance 2 years ago +96

      I'd be down for XQC bot with Wooden Shield 100% success rate

    • AD
      AD 2 years ago +6

      @Jotaro Kujo not really true, they changed it

    • Jotaro Kujo
      Jotaro Kujo 2 years ago +17

      Oh they did? Bot always fell for the King's Gambit: Allgaier's Variation and never learned a lesson from the beatings.

    • AD
      AD 2 years ago +4

      @Jotaro Kujo Yeah, right now I think the bot is mostly playing the declined variation, so to get into allgaier's variation it has to play accepted

  • dono duzo
    dono duzo 2 years ago +2826

    The bot also says "I am not your friend", when you checkmate him

    • Mat
      Mat 2 years ago +22

      I love this

    • Aw damn here we go again
      Aw damn here we go again 2 years ago +13

      wait no it says short

    • Kittensniper -_-
      Kittensniper -_- 2 years ago +58

      Mine said "Awwwww! What did I do wrong? Clearly I need more coaching from my friend WGM QTCinderella."

    • dono duzo
      dono duzo 2 years ago +34

      @Kittensniper -_- i just made it up lmao

  • Mr. Adam
    Mr. Adam 2 years ago +743

    Imagine saying "Say hi to your mom for me!" to a 15 year old orphan lmfao

    • Bruh
      Bruh 2 years ago

      Jhames Razo ya?

    • Vixey Teh
      Vixey Teh 10 months ago


    • Vixey Teh
      Vixey Teh 10 months ago +1

      At least she's fictional.

    •     ​ ‎
          ​ ‎ 9 months ago

      How the 'lmfao' relevant here lol

    • Mr. Adam
      Mr. Adam 9 months ago +12

      @    ​ ‎ Because it's a funny thing to say?

  • Jaxon Stone
    Jaxon Stone 2 years ago +1675

    Alternative title: Ludwig calls himself a bot

    • Nico
      Nico 2 years ago +17

      Alternative title: I played myself

    • IzameBirb
      IzameBirb 2 years ago +11

      @Nico Alternative title 3: I played *with* myself

    • G
      G 2 years ago +2

      Tittle: ludwig is worst than the worst

    • Just A Fan
      Just A Fan 2 years ago

      @IzameBirb 😳😳😳

    • Name
      Name Year ago +1

      @G there is one person worse than ludwig i have actually seen play chess. Oh wait thats the base bot that blunders everything. Yea he’s not that good

  • Pickle Nik
    Pickle Nik 2 years ago +139

    The Ludwig boy is so accurate it even throws the first game for content just to win the next two

  • Oscar
    Oscar 2 years ago +2477

    "Something big is coming out, me!"

  • BrownieSenpai
    BrownieSenpai 2 years ago +380

    Ludwig: “I just came out as a robot today!"
    Viewer: “Pogchamp we can have otto program ludwig to be our friend!"

    • WIM
      WIM 2 years ago +2

      it's otto

  • Sugondese Nuts
    Sugondese Nuts 2 years ago +84

    I never thought I'd watch Ludwig play with himself on stream, very cool!

  • David Morgan
    David Morgan 2 years ago +316

    “You’re all talented” sounds like something a friend would say, or, better yet, a father figure

    • NotAMeme TheMeme
      NotAMeme TheMeme 2 years ago

      @Random White Kid You're talented. Hi, I'm your missing dad. Don't ask questions

  • Yoinky Sploinky
    Yoinky Sploinky 2 years ago +65

    Holy crap. Ludwig's bot was so accurate to him that it even threw for content

    YES MAN 2 years ago +19

    I laughed so hard when ludwig said hikaru's bot blundered😂😂😂i hope hikaru sees this and reacts

  • Lunar Priestess
    Lunar Priestess 2 years ago +503

    "I have never said anything intelligent" - Ludwig

    • Aaron Daniels
      Aaron Daniels 2 years ago +2

      Wait so now he has said something intelligent 🤔

    • PleaseEnterAName
      PleaseEnterAName 2 years ago +1

      @Aaron Daniels Then that makes the statement false, therefore unintelligent

    • Grim
      Grim 2 years ago +1

      @PleaseEnterAName which makes it true which means it's intellgient

    • Name
      Name Year ago

      @Grim thats not intelligent its just acceptness

    • Jp
      Jp Year ago +1

      @Name which acceptness makes it intelligent.

  • FlavaMonsta2008
    FlavaMonsta2008 2 years ago +8

    So glad you finally came out. I know it can be really hard for some people but we will support you Lug.

  • DPHStudios
    DPHStudios 2 years ago +11

    They should make the Ludwig bot good for the most part but then have 3 blunders every round
    Edit: They did exactly that

  • Eli Moore
    Eli Moore 2 years ago +54

    He’s finally done it.. he’s created the perfect scam.. no matter what.. scamwig wins

  • Matthew Carpenter
    Matthew Carpenter 2 years ago +8

    You know you’ve made it in life when you have yourself as a chess bot

  • bentley230
    bentley230 2 years ago +6

    Congratulations on coming out, Ludwig!!! You're an inspiration to me

  • Zillamon Animu
    Zillamon Animu 2 years ago +30

    Damn, LudwigBot born with the clear skin Ludwig worked so hard for

  • Mikil Johnson
    Mikil Johnson 2 years ago +18

    “Something came out today and that something is me” Congrats Lud i know it took a lot of courage

  • MixedVibes
    MixedVibes Year ago +20

    0:09 we support you Ludwig. No matter what you like, women, men, femboys whatever it is you're into I support.

  • Lighty
    Lighty 2 years ago +42

    lud changes setups more than he wins in chess

  • Schonhoff Art VODS
    Schonhoff Art VODS 2 years ago +5

    I got the honor of playing the actual Ludwig and getting my ass handed to me.
    Now I can relive the experience in bot form. Can't wait!

  • yo yo
    yo yo 2 years ago +57

    once i lost to ludbot after he sacked his queen for content, i was honored

  • Barna Bodicsi
    Barna Bodicsi 2 years ago +2

    I must assume that if the bot overpowers Ludwig in chess, it must be taller than him as well

  • BeanKingAidan
    BeanKingAidan 2 years ago +1

    This video was edited really well. Nice one Shake!

  • AJ vs Everything
    AJ vs Everything 2 years ago +5

    Bruh, I'm a 500 ELO and I still beat Lud's bot when it gave me a Botez Gambit on a silver platter...thanks for the confidence booster, Lud o7

  • Gavin Madrid
    Gavin Madrid 2 years ago +35

    Ludwig has really increased chess popularity so much that he has his own chess bot, wow

  • CROG
    CROG 2 years ago +17

    I wonder what was going through Ludwig's head when he told the HikaruBot to get a hobby

  • Logan Y
    Logan Y Year ago +1

    Ludwig: These bots are terrible!
    Also Ludwig: 11:47

  • Triggerfisk
    Triggerfisk 2 years ago +4

    The banter is fantastic. Now we just wait for Hikaru to react to it.

  • Mesudowoodo
    Mesudowoodo 2 years ago

    well done man. it takes a lot of courage to come out.

  • inoproprio
    inoproprio 2 years ago +36

    The ludbot almost mated me but he came up a little short and i won

  • Clark Alarcon
    Clark Alarcon 9 months ago +1

    Luds videos give me such a weird feeling when I watch them; He's not funny at all but his videos still give me a sense of satisfaction.

  • Nolan Rossiter
    Nolan Rossiter 2 years ago +31

    Ludwig needs a soundboard with just a bunch of different “Boys’” in different tones and emotions

  • jel
    jel Year ago

    lud's chess streams are helping me get into chess again

  • Jeremy Dumanski
    Jeremy Dumanski 2 years ago +34

    "we get it nerd, do a pushup" gold

  • Alex Joe Katz
    Alex Joe Katz 2 years ago +1

    Hey Ludwig, I'm not your friend but thanks for making me smile in tough times.

  • John Walker
    John Walker 2 years ago +11

    Ludwig: "That was dumb."
    (Spongebob narrator - "one move later")
    Ludwig: "NO! THAT WAS GENIUS!"

  • Totsureiyu
    Totsureiyu 2 years ago +1

    wow congrats ludwig on getting your own chess.com bot best of luck as always! :D

  • Hot Water
    Hot Water Year ago

    The fact that Lud gets annoyed by the bot quoting him is hilarious

  • chuckfrost
    chuckfrost 2 years ago +2

    mad respect to ludwig for coming out as a bot ludwigPride

  • Abdul Abdul
    Abdul Abdul  28 days ago

    Ah yes, a game Ludwig will win no matter what

  • Tar
    Tar 2 years ago +104

    Alternative title: Streamer plays with himself live on Twitch.

    • Drogon
      Drogon 2 years ago +3

      No way that could get misconstrued

    • That One Guy
      That One Guy Year ago

      ah, DarkSydePhil

  • Cgotz
    Cgotz 2 years ago +3

    Can’t believe the Ludwig Bot has more friends than Ludwig

  • Brun0z
    Brun0z 2 years ago +45

    I don’t know how the hell to play chess so when Lud asks why he’s doing terrible I’m like, “which Lud” lol.

  • Jake Thompson
    Jake Thompson 2 years ago

    Wow I thought Ludwig had it but then Ludwig started dominating

  • Seanderson
    Seanderson Year ago +1

    "This is the world's most difficult checkmate setup"
    *_proceeds to checkmate on the next move_*

  • liam beddoe
    liam beddoe 2 years ago

    Love how Jazz-wig comes out whenever he’s mad but really he’s screaming in his own head 😂😭

  • I.O.N. Prod
    I.O.N. Prod Year ago +1

    12:45 he was the happiest man alive for 10 seconds

  • Overfuzzball980
    Overfuzzball980 2 years ago

    No matter what Ludwig will always win in this situation

  • Vortex1000
    Vortex1000 2 years ago

    Ludwig VS Ludwig and yet Ludwig still manages to lose

  • BabushkaRoga
    BabushkaRoga 2 years ago +17

    Was really rooting for him against the 15 year old girl

  • steampunkerkai
    steampunkerkai 2 years ago

    pls more chess videos, i miss them mr. wig

  • Wes Chandler
    Wes Chandler 2 years ago +1

    Glad to know lud finally came out.

  • Hoppie03
    Hoppie03 2 years ago +3

    Just 3-0d the richest melee player, FEELING GOOD!!

  • Blake Lootens
    Blake Lootens 2 years ago +1

    when he played hikaru's bot i cried laughing

  • Justin Ours
    Justin Ours 4 months ago

    Congrats on Ludwig for coming out!

  • Danijel Blair
    Danijel Blair 2 years ago

    Lud played with fire against Hikarubot and got queen king forked. Classic Lud

  • michael.jackson
    michael.jackson Year ago +1

    "Something big today came out, it was myself!"
    Ludwig 2021

  • xd Roshi
    xd Roshi 2 years ago +97

    Isn’t he already a bot

  • Mattlantian
    Mattlantian 2 years ago +19

    That comment "Go say hi to your mom, I'll wait" made me laugh so hard I can already see hell

  • Internet Explorer
    Internet Explorer 4 months ago

    Alternative title: ludwig plays with himself for 18 minutes

  • Tidepod Eating Doctor Mike Fan

    I thought someone made a bot to beat Ludwig specifically in chess

  • Jonathan Gabriel
    Jonathan Gabriel 2 years ago +2

    10:16 What a move ludwig😂

  • Zaney
    Zaney 2 years ago +1

    ludwig came out today, im so happy for him

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah 2 years ago +3

    Therapist: Ludwig bot pfp isn't real, it can't hurt you
    Ludwig bot pfp:

  • NickiV99
    NickiV99 2 years ago +3

    When Ludwig is more Ludwig than Ludwig

  • A.F.K
    A.F.K 2 years ago

    Ludwig said behind the scenes: I can’t lose I win or I win I just always win nobody can make fun of me I always win.

    YES MAN 2 years ago

    Lmao I won the bot easily so wanted to see how Ludwig does against it to see if I can actually beat Ludwig lmao

  • Vixey Teh
    Vixey Teh 10 months ago +1

    "Gods do bleed!"
    Immediately gets FORKED 🤣

  • Ella
    Ella Year ago +1

    "don't quote me on things i say, nick. I have never say anything intelligent" a more true statement has never left Luds mouth hole

  • Molotov
    Molotov 2 years ago +2

    11:25 why did this make me laugh so hard

  • Rece
    Rece 2 years ago +6

    I love how hikarus bot is programed to play bongcloud

  • STOP_NotDAChess [Dark kitsune soldier anderson]

    Me when Beth was about to win: 😂😂😂😂😂
    Me when Beth threw:… I would like to apologize, first and foremost to Ludwig

  • Kittensniper -_-
    Kittensniper -_- 2 years ago

    after like 10 attempts I managed to checkmate Ludwig Bot lol

  • Anturangga Tantra
    Anturangga Tantra 2 years ago

    Well,we got to see Ludwig playing himself...

  • Aron Jones
    Aron Jones 2 years ago

    Watching Ludwig play with himself for 15 minutes

  • Karthikeya Jayanti
    Karthikeya Jayanti 2 years ago

    I love how he refuses to castle lol

  • jc
    jc 2 years ago +29

    Who else watches Lud’s content on twitch and then watches the content again on Clip-Share?

  • Schraps
    Schraps 2 years ago

    always the best when it comes to ludwig

  • Ridlay
    Ridlay Year ago

    “You gotta pick up a freaking hobby.”
    I mean, you could say Chess was a hobby turned profession for Hikaru.

  • King Clip
    King Clip 2 years ago

    Lol this is funny, last night I opened the chess app and saw all these streamers, went against Ludwig and also got CLAPPPPPPPPED

  • Radiaz
    Radiaz 2 years ago +2

    15:36 I find this zoom in irrationally funny

  • Kyren Cully
    Kyren Cully 2 years ago +1

    ( 13:23 ) Lud is stressed.. now we wait... (struggled he is)

  • sssamurai
    sssamurai 2 years ago +5

    "Congratulations, you played yourself."

  • Bulldozer
    Bulldozer 2 years ago +1

    Ive heard the bots are all basically just a real chess bot but to make them worse depending on how much worse they make a random move every so often. This would explain why Ludwig consistently gets his queen stole but then wins. Basically they’re all a good engine that uses the best move, but then if it’s supposed to suck as much as Ludwig, they make it do a random move every couple moves. This is why they seem really good some moves then randomly moves pawn to a3. Not positive but that’s how I’ve heard they work and it would explain why they don’t really seem to play like real players, especially at lower levels

  • Ash
    Ash 2 years ago

    He played himself like a damn fiddle.

  • BigShak06
    BigShak06 7 months ago

    At 14:27 ludwig could have won against hikaru by simply moving his queen to g7 checkmate

  • Saladbar
    Saladbar 2 years ago

    We’ve come full circle, Ludwig is now using himself as clickbait

  • Kekzeer
    Kekzeer 2 years ago

    Finally, more chess

  • Matthew Jackson
    Matthew Jackson 2 years ago +5

    “Something big came out today: and that’s me” I can’t be Ludwig came out

  • Ben Nichols
    Ben Nichols 4 months ago

    I played ludbot yesterday, not even knowing it was new, and beat it easily after ludbot hung his queen. He said he was throwing for content.

  • Evan Hammer
    Evan Hammer Year ago

    gods do bleed is one of the funniest Ludwig moments I've ever seen

  • Jiří Kadlec
    Jiří Kadlec 5 months ago

    Why tf is there bot for these guys and not Mr. Moist, the greatest chess player of all time, smartest man in multiverse, the ultimate being.

  • no one
    no one 7 months ago

    2:43 I wonder if an actual person had to observe his moves and study them or if its 100% generated by a computer data analysis. cause if so that's such a good AI roast