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TMac Thinks He should've won MVP in 2003...Shaq Disagrees | The Big Podcast

  • Published on May 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Hall-of-Famer Tracy McGrady stops by and fits right into the Big Podcast family. The 7x NBA All-Star talks missing out on the NBA Top 75 list, what it means to be a ‘great player’, his Bleacher Report x Triller VERZUZ battle against Allen Iverson & more. The crew debates Matthew Stafford’s career and gives some advice on a new edition of ‘Love Shaq University.’
    Full Episode of The Big Podcast: bit.ly/3JBrcPP
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  • The_Frosty_Vette
    The_Frosty_Vette Year ago +1357

    5:35 talks about his Rookie year coach. 7:30 Shaq talks about instigating match ups and not helping on Defense. 9:15 talks about his welcome to the league moment when GP schooled him. 10:40 Talks Steve Smith teaching him. 11:30 can today’s guys play with them back in the day. 14:20 Joel Embiid. 15:00 top 75 list. 16:20 speak on HOFer. 16:50 MVP race in today’s NBA. 17:50 talks 2003 MVP and himself not winning. 19:00 Tim Duncan’s influence on TParker and Manu. 20:16 DeMar for MVP. 21:12 TMAC 1V1 league. 24:08 Shaq tries to take his shoe off. 25:00 Zion might have to get his body done. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ELEE
    ELEE Year ago +98

    Tim and TMAC are actually 2 of all-time favorite players of any sport...real skills, team leaders, no hype, and remained the coolest to do it.

    • Jackycakesv2
      Jackycakesv2 9 months ago

      Difference is when Duncan was leader they won 5 rings when TMAC was leader they finished last in an extremely weak east

    • nature93
      nature93 9 months ago +4

      @Jackycakesv2 tmac didn't have the help he did have pop,David Robinson, kawhi,parker,green,Bowen even horry to help big difference

    • kclayA111
      kclayA111 9 months ago +1

      @nature93 You included Bowen and not Ginobili. Kind of funny.

    • Raw Primal Covers
      Raw Primal Covers 9 months ago +1

      @kclayA111 I believe pretty much GInobili was the leader of that team, Tim was consistent but when the games were tough the one who never hesitated was Manu. And people who are not spurs fan wont ever believe it, but you have to watch the whole matches Ive seen Manu play and carry big time games, I believe thats why he is the winninges player In NBA History

    • Ronald Maxwell
      Ronald Maxwell 9 months ago

      @Raw Primal Covers You mustve didnt hear what Shaq said?

    LA PARA TUYA TV SHOW Year ago +113

    I like how Shaq keeps it real 😂😂😂

    • Common Sense
      Common Sense 10 months ago +22

      He keeps it real dumb

    • itshiho
      itshiho 8 months ago +8

      Finally someone of relevance said the truth about Bill Walton. The dude had like 1 and a half good seasons in his career and made the top 50 player list, he's the most overrated player in NBA history.

    • Alex Drakeus
      Alex Drakeus 5 months ago +1

      @Common Sense You're clearly a casual. Bill Walton in his prime was an unstoppable force. Won MVP, Finals MVP and won the NBA championship on the Blazers. Not to mention he also had a great run on the legendary 1986 Boston Celtics with Larry Bird. Bill Walton could score at the highest level, rebound, defense the paint, etc.

    • Zoso
      Zoso Month ago +1

      If he kept it real he would of said McGrady ain’t a HOFer

    • Harry Snothead
      Harry Snothead Month ago

      @Zosohe’s not keeping it real though. Tmac is right. The spurs were good enough to make the playoffs and the mvp is a regular season award

  • cy_young_9
    cy_young_9 10 months ago +19

    Respect to TMac for trying to set a good example for his kids and doing him.

  • Luke Koebele
    Luke Koebele Year ago +311

    Duncan's 2003 season is one of the greatest of all time.

    • Darius Robbins
      Darius Robbins Year ago +48

      Yet both *Kobe And T-Mac* had better seasons lol especially Kobe

    • Justin Chamoun
      Justin Chamoun Year ago +91

      @Darius Robbins nah fam cmon… 03 was Tim year.

    • Kobe
      Kobe Year ago +2

      @Darius Robbins Kobe yeah
      Not tmac

    • King Grime
      King Grime Year ago +5

      Drew obv tim hes 7ft

    • Andrew Stuart
      Andrew Stuart Year ago +47

      Tim Duncan was unstobbale that year and even Shaq defended him immediately

  • Gezza 77
    Gezza 77 Year ago +286

    So much respect for T-Mac. Each to their own but I’m with him - no need to flash tattoos or bling when you have riches in the bank and in your heart.

    • Kenneth Boone
      Kenneth Boone Year ago +10

      Well said.

    • Mr.shmekel Lost his shekels
      Mr.shmekel Lost his shekels Year ago +11

      Absolutely. Any man who earns his money has a right to do whatever he wants but at some point you’ll realize those material objects are meaningless because 8/10 times the just want approval from others.

    • johndowe17
      johndowe17 10 months ago +3

      Mr.shmekel maybe that’s how You feel, but some people just like what they like and after so long of liking something it will get old

    • R. Stu
      R. Stu 9 months ago +9

      The man grew up! There should come a time in your life when you realize what is truly important. The girl on this show, (whoever she is) said she's attracted to a man with tattoos, so what! She acts as if someone should be swayed to think and behave a certain way because she's speaking for what women like. T-mac didn't want to be disrespectful, but who gives a f"*< what you find attractive. That man is more concerned about teaching his kids what's important, than to try and live up to your expectations. So your attracted to men v with tattoos, so I'm supposed to live my life according to what you believe is important? Go kick rocks. I like Shaq, but he is very immature. He will never understand where Tmac is coming from.

  • TheSecretGaijin
    TheSecretGaijin Year ago +1164

    I actually gained a lot of respect for T-Mac in this interview after hearing him talk about his tattoos. Everyone on there is trying to pressure him and he stands by what he wants to do and what he believes. It can’t be easy on national TV, being pressured by the likes of Shaquille O’Neal-I have a lot of respect for that-he’s his own person.

  • BreakingTheNorm
    BreakingTheNorm Year ago +83

    Tmac is my favorite player of all time. Loved watching him play as a young kid. He single handedly helped me grow to love the game. I remember balling in the white/grey tmacs in middle school. He also had the first pair of shoes I had ever seen be 2 different colors. I think it was the all stars. I heard they are bringing his shoes back too. I gotta grab a pair for the collection..... I'm just here to give the man his flowers though. ALL respect my brother

    • Red Mamba
      Red Mamba 10 months ago

      One of my long time childhood ball buddies actually has a pair of his houston rocket addition all red adidas I love how they started selling those again and the Reebok Q's from Allen Iverson

    • Somebody Else
      Somebody Else 9 months ago


    • yahia kubara
      yahia kubara 9 months ago

      Me too bro I love tmac in Orlando magic

    • shyvee mickens
      shyvee mickens 9 months ago

      My favorite to

  • KOA
    KOA 22 days ago +1

    T-Mac's face at 24:45 after Shaq started talking 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tony H
    Tony H 11 months ago +25

    I swear Shaq is one of the funniest persons alive. I die laughing all the time.

    • Jay Payne
      Jay Payne 9 months ago +1

      He's hilarious!😂

  • Ivan Viera
    Ivan Viera 11 months ago +56

    I love the respect Shaq has for Duncan he made everybody better around him.

    • nature93
      nature93 10 months ago +8

      Yea but tmac was right they still make the playoffs but Duncan gets them over when it's comes to winning a ring

    • Dustin Powell
      Dustin Powell 8 months ago +2

      ​@nature93 not at allll. go back and what happened vs the sun's. ight then...remind me how that wasn't mono and toilet papers intro into the NBA and Duncan's double teams didn't make they lil 15 and 12 ppg

    • Dustin Powell
      Dustin Powell 8 months ago +5

      ​@nature93 who was going to make up Duncan's defense?? making them a top defensive team? or the double attention? the rebounds?? y'all straight wildin

    • fwf 1738
      fwf 1738 Month ago +2

      @nature93 the second option was a 20yr old sophomore Tony Parker. Not even close to being in his prime.
      Manu was a rookie averaging 7.8 ppg
      Robinson was a 37 yr old vet only averaging 8pts and 8 Rebs
      40 yr old Kevin Willis averaged 4 points
      37 yr old Steve Kerr averaged 4 pts
      And it just gets worse from there.

  • Shawn Butt
    Shawn Butt Year ago +210

    Tim had one of the greatest Carry jobs of all time in 2003. Tony and Manu are obviously hall of famers, but in 03 Parker was a sophomore point guard that was always getting chastised by pop lol and Manu was a 25 year old rookie. Great role players no doubt but not even close to what they ended up becoming. Tim that playoffs was a possessed man on a mission. He single handedly destroyed the the 3peat lakers enroute to a title.

    • Nile µ'ky
      Nile µ'ky Year ago +13

      i think they have old david robinson in 03 to nobody mention it like he is not a part of the team

    • florence smith
      florence smith Year ago +15

      Dirk in 2011 thwarts the rest

    • Al Marin
      Al Marin Year ago


    • Maurice Davis
      Maurice Davis Year ago +1

      @florence smith i agree, he had good players around him but everyone was out of their prime by that point..

    • Knight Rydah
      Knight Rydah Year ago +1

      Actually Robert Horry choked out that seriez for the lakers. He was completely trash in that series. Ko Horry and Lakers beat the Spurs that yr. Look it up. 0-18 from 3. Garbage fg% terrible on defense fhat series and 0-8fg in the clutch.

  • Merv
    Merv Year ago +213

    TMAC & SHAQ debating puts a huge smile on my face. I love this content

  • Van Jones
    Van Jones Year ago +38

    I liked the fact Tracy talked on his growth of removing his tats and being him. For those who want to keep them or put them on that's being you. But it is also refreshing to hear Tracy be himself as well with no compromise

  • CheezyGordito
    CheezyGordito Year ago +19

    Tracy needs a tv show. Dude is funny af lol

  • K12Entertainment
    K12Entertainment 9 months ago +17

    Me and TMac had the exact same reaction to Shaq 🤣🤣 24:40 I'm like "Bro where you going with this?"

  • Dennis Marvin Fanega
    Dennis Marvin Fanega 4 months ago +1

    There's a reason I idolized TMac. It's because his humility and how genuine he is to people.

  • NationOfAfrica
    NationOfAfrica 8 months ago +2

    21:14 such an excellent idea from someone who played in the AND1 era that had an impact globally. TMac you have to make this happen big time

  • TShorty929
    TShorty929 Year ago +269

    T-Mac & AI made me love the game of basketball. I don't think I can ever skip through a vid of him speaking his mind. Dope vid

    • Gangsta Gummy Bear
      Gangsta Gummy Bear Year ago +1


    • ballie dunning
      ballie dunning 10 months ago

      Two ball hogs who couldn’t make their teammates or team better, they scored a lot but that doesn’t mean nothing for rings.

  • Hienieken
    Hienieken Year ago +26

    Listening to this makes me miss Kobe. Man, it would have been fun to watch them team up. That would have been Showtime 2.0. It also made me think of all the great players whose career narrative would have been if they hadn't been injured: imagine where they would be on the GOAT list if T-Mac, Grant Hill and Kobe had been able to avoid the major injuries.

    • AKW Walker
      AKW Walker 10 months ago +4

      kobe didn't get injured until the end of his career. He was already a made man by that point. Not sure why you indluded Kobe on that list.

    • Broke Malone
      Broke Malone 9 months ago

      @AKW Walker facts he prob a lil kid

    • buddy boy
      buddy boy 9 months ago

      @AKW Walker Still... Kobe getting injured is pretty much like MJ getting injured for a whole generation .. so yeah . Lol
      T Mac was AI, VC , Barkley, Westbrook, Harden, Malone, Stockton, CP3 , level .

    • zerocal76
      zerocal76 7 months ago

      @buddy boy your comment is 2 months old but had to tell u to never compare TMac and Wrstbrook again please 🙏 😄

    • D W
      D W 15 hours ago

      Yes please don’t compare Westbrook & McGrady
      One is a MVP with 9 All Star appearances and 9 All NBA selections

  • Santiago Leon
    Santiago Leon Year ago +13

    As a life long Magic fan, it hurts my heart that Shaq never came back to Orlando to play with TMac. I feel like with them being so close and having Orlando ties, it would have made a dream scenario to have Shaq back to Orlando and bring us a Championship that we should have won back when Penny was here. Shaq would have redeemed himself to the city and Tmac maybe would have retired in Orlando. Both their jerseys would be hanging in the rafters today if it played out like that

    • Robin
      Robin Year ago +2

      @The Dodger idk why these small market teams dont secure they stars. if they ever go to a bigger market with structure and good coaching, ur done. thats self sabotage

  • morland
    morland Year ago +14

    24:42 Shaq’s questions and TMAC’s face is hilarious 😂

  • ChopOn⚔
    ChopOn⚔ 11 months ago +4

    TMAC, Shaq, and AI was my favorite players of all time.. Tracy was different man. I will never forget he single handedly beat the spurs with like 40 seconds to go. He scored like 11-13 points.. best performance i ever saw.

  • Marcel McHatchet
    Marcel McHatchet 11 months ago +9

    Shaq was right on the point. Duncan was on another level that year too he definitely was the Spurs and even Parker, Ginobli and Pop all admit there is no championships or the playoffs they might have been close to a 50/50 record but they don't win without Duncan and they aren't Hall of famers without Tim getting doubled constantly and feeding them the ball to give them the chances to develop and get easier shots off to become the players they became. Idc nobody compares to Kobe or even D Wade on his teams, Tim made everyone better and was the anchor for their defense which was always the top of the list as the best defensive team back than and you don't have the best defense without Tim Duncan

    • James Giampietro
      James Giampietro 9 months ago +3

      Man I miss early 00's Spurs vs Lakers. Those games/series were so intense. 05' finals of Spurs vs Pistons is my favorite of all time. I'm probably in the minority here but I miss me those 86-82 games. Back when playing defense mattered and you couldn't take 2.5 - 3 steps with the ball.

  • Ryan Phillips
    Ryan Phillips Year ago +785

    TMac: “In order for the game to go back to where it was, there’s gonna have to be another Shaq”
    Shaq: “That ain’t gonna happen because I got rid of all the blueprints”
    Bro😂😂 14:10

  • Xxxx Big Rich
    Xxxx Big Rich Year ago +2

    I had alot of fun listening to this podcast I can talk or hear basketball all day. Great podcast 👍🏾

  • ART by STRW
    ART by STRW 9 months ago +2

    T Mac is my favorite player of all time very insightful cool guy very honest skilled and always willing to learn and teach enjoyed this a lot

  • MrCandlewax
    MrCandlewax 9 months ago +7

    Tim Duncan deserved every bit of that MVP and he proved it in the end.

  • John Crighton
    John Crighton Year ago +1

    Thank you Tracy. Please help basketball players learn to grow up.

  • E dubb 414bound
    E dubb 414bound 10 months ago +4

    Nice interview good to hear from Tmac definitely in top 25 of all time hands down…

  • John Kaasheuvel
    John Kaasheuvel Year ago +387

    Tmac was unstoppable in his prime!! Him and Carter at Raptors ♥️♥️

    • Sharrief Lentz
      Sharrief Lentz Year ago +61

      His prime was in Orlando not Toronto

    • John Kaasheuvel
      John Kaasheuvel Year ago +16

      @Sharrief Lentz I never said his prime was in Toronto...

    • Garge Luy
      Garge Luy Year ago +43

      @John Kaasheuvel surely u can see how someone would read that and think that it was atleast implied.

    • Ruben Ocasio
      Ruben Ocasio Year ago +6

      Don't matter
      Black mama even said that T-Mac physically was his match

    • KingXavier
      KingXavier Year ago +18

      @Ruben Ocasio 'Black mama'

  • Chris Alexander
    Chris Alexander 9 months ago +3

    The Zion joke at the end had me dyinggggg 😭

  • Sith Lord
    Sith Lord 7 months ago +1

    I love how Shaq kept it real and stood up for Timmy D!!!!

  • Roberto Rodriguez
    Roberto Rodriguez Year ago +8

    I remember watching Shaq play. It was crazy. It looked unfair. He changed everything

    • D M
      D M 7 months ago

      A generational talent. The big Shaqsquatch

  • wbcfox
    wbcfox Year ago

    I was a huge TMac fan but TMac talking defense had my eyes rolling. I had two pairs of his shoes, rolled my ankles multiple times in them and kept balling in his kicks. That’s how big fan I was but him talking defense... 😂

  • browneyez
    browneyez Year ago +12

    I Don t think Parker would of been successfull on any other team without pop but manu was capable of going to different teams and starting be an all star. Tony carried the team as a scorer when Tim got to old but Tim was still a top 8 big even after his 20 PPG and 10+ RPG era

    • Ilkan Ali
      Ilkan Ali 9 months ago +2

      Y’all be tripping with these comments Tony Parker was one of the best point guards ever and he was pretty much unstoppable when he wanted to score. Not sure how old you are but no way you watched Games for you to say that

  • St. Henrik
    St. Henrik Year ago +353

    I love Tracy's laid back energy

    • TRJ2241987
      TRJ2241987 Year ago +10

      I remember he played super laid back in the 2003-04 season

    • Rene Chang
      Rene Chang Year ago +35

      Confidence never has to be loud or exagerated. It speaks for itself.

    • JustinsGr8
      JustinsGr8 Year ago +6

      His ge is smooth like that too

    • Mr. Onehundon
      Mr. Onehundon Year ago +12

      His game was also laided back and smooth

    • Rene Chang
      Rene Chang Year ago +5

      @Mr. Onehundon I liked his game.

  • Jandolph Macapinlac
    Jandolph Macapinlac 9 months ago +1

    Full on respect for T-Mac! This guy is doing his best to better influence the next generation and better himself. I want to get the nicest exotic whip, tats, and everything else but tbh that’s not real and it ain’t worth it. Keep it simple and your life will be better 😌

  • Bret Rohlf
    Bret Rohlf 7 months ago

    19:25 I love how T-Mac hit him the double take bc he legit thought Shaq was just messing with him with that comment 😂😂

  • da adfasf
    da adfasf Year ago +85

    2003 was the wrong year to question Timmy. He carried the Spurs. We are talking a broken Robinson rookie Ginobli and a sophmore Parker. 03 was the weakest Spurs championship team and with out Tim the Spurs dont make the playoffs.

    • Kiwan Jones
      Kiwan Jones Year ago +5

      Without timmy....they are still beating jazz and suns who was the 8th and 7th seed......

    • James Putman
      James Putman Year ago +6

      @Kiwan Jones facts. They were a real team. They played real organized fundamental ball. Not this freakish athletic stuff of today where all you have to know how to do is be fast strong or can shoot from a distance. They had a system and if I could compare to a system outside of basketball it would be the new England Patriots.

    • Mike Major
      Mike Major Year ago +2

      Its hard to say 03 was the weakest because of how great Timmy was and they won 60 games that year. They also beat Shaq and Kobe. I would say 07 only because i felt like the Suns were the best team that year and i think the Spurs got lucky with the Steve Nash Robert Horry situation.

    • da adfasf
      da adfasf Year ago +6

      @Mike Major I get that but if you look at the squads 03 had less fire power. You had less established stars and it forced Timmy to do more. I do think the Suns probably win that series if the Horry situation doesnt play out but the fact that there was a better team than them doesnt make the squad weaker.

    • Mike Major
      Mike Major Year ago +2

      @da adfasf That’s a fair point but i will say this, Stephen Jackson played a big role on that 03 team. But you’re right about Manu and Tony. They were much better players in 07

  • Shawn Butt
    Shawn Butt Year ago +2

    Giannis and steph would literally be unstoppable in any era. Giannis does come downhill a lot but he's not some slouch in the post either. Not to mention he's as strong as an ox, and with the previous eras rules of no 3 in the key or defensive 3 seconds, he'd be feasting in the paint. He's bigger than 90% of the guys in the 2000's. Also in regards to steph, these guys really undervalue his off ball skills which would also be a huge asset.

  • Danger369
    Danger369 11 months ago +2

    TMAC is the man.. Love how it takes someone of his calibre to take Shaq down a few pegs when he says he's right about something. When you can beat Kobe you kinda know what you talking about haha

  • K
    K Year ago +29

    Love these guys right here, true warriors of the game and always dropping gems for the younger generation 💯

  • h w
    h w Year ago +331

    Tracy Mcgrady was on an equal level to Kobe Bryant for about 4 ro 5 years. He is definitely a top 75 player. One of the most impressive players I've seen in the last 25 years. A true superstar.

    • Marcus Reed
      Marcus Reed Year ago +24

      Kobe played defense that's what separated them on the court obviously Kobe worked harder but tmac was more talented

    • Nic Tartaglino
      Nic Tartaglino Year ago +19

      @Marcus Reed Tmac was a great defender when he needed to be. The difference was Kobe lifted which made him last longer

    • Junior Davis
      Junior Davis Year ago


    • Countless World
      Countless World Year ago +4

      He’ll naw no top 75

    • Robin
      Robin Year ago +2

      he was older n bigger than kobe

  • Shawn Sharma
    Shawn Sharma 9 months ago +1

    Makes you imagine what a Kobe and Shaq podcast would have been like. RIP Mamba 4 Ever

  • Maui T
    Maui T Year ago +12

    That Zion body done got me rolling 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Daniel Ocean
    Daniel Ocean Year ago +1

    I always think it’s crazy how many of these guys think they should have won more mvps, dwade, shaq, bron, tmac, etc, but I guess they aren’t wrong because there’s no specific criteria. So whether you think it’s the best player on the best team or someone completely carrying a terrible team, technically you’re right lol.

  • Jodye¿
    Jodye¿ Year ago +5

    T-Mac will always me one of my all time favorites

  • BigAntTalks
    BigAntTalks Year ago +198

    T-mac should be a regular host he has great energy with the squad

    • Zac Fleming
      Zac Fleming Year ago +3


    • igNoble savage
      igNoble savage Year ago

      Only if he can actually learn to sit up straight I stead of laying almost completely flat.

    • Bijan Taghian
      Bijan Taghian Year ago

      @Zac Fleming KB uu

    • That didn’t age well
      That didn’t age well Year ago

      @igNoble savage he can sit however he wants to sit

    • igNoble savage
      igNoble savage Year ago

      @That didn’t age well good lord, is that what you took out of my comment? That I'm somehow seriously trying to dictate how the man sits? Can't believe I have to explain this.
      What I said had nothing to do with "telling" TM to do ANYTHING. It was an unserious observation based on the FACT that no host of any talk show or podcast is reclining to the degree that he does. I dont know, maybe you've seen shows where the interviewer (OR interviewee) is pretty much laying down.
      This wasn't even a joke per se...just a mildly humorous observation of his sitting habits. I notice it because I sit the same way, partly to keep various arthritic joints from hurting.

  • Edvin Mandzukic
    Edvin Mandzukic 10 months ago

    My favorite nba player of all time. Loved him playing for the magic.

  • HannaHanna
    HannaHanna Year ago +5

    Respect to Tmac doing his own thing with the tattoos

  • GottaBeMurph-V2
    GottaBeMurph-V2 Year ago +5

    Shaq's right, 2003 was TD. 2007 was Gino and Tony's prime by then the Spurs were more spreadout, by the end of that big 3, Tony was the best and it transitioned to being Kawhi's. Still T-Mac has a point that he was more qualified to win that year. Nash winning twice was also controversial.

    • Dustin Powell
      Dustin Powell 8 months ago

      tbh Timmy stepped back a bit, tony just a lil younger and body size made aging easier. I guess you could say father time made Tony the better player, but Timmy was still Timmy. our inside game was sore after he retired.

  • Raymond Ong
    Raymond Ong 10 months ago +1

    The last statement!!! T-mac’s kid stating facts 🤣🤣🤣

  • little things count
    little things count Year ago +71

    What McGrady and a lot of fans forget is that 2003 was sort of an in between season for the Spurs. Between the past greatness of David Robinson and the coming greatness of Manu and Tony. David was in his last season, still great at times but suffering from the back injury that finally ended his career. Although still the starter, he actually played fewer minutes than his backup, Rose.
    And Tony was still very young, and prone to disappearing at crucial times.
    Manu was a rookie with a bad ankle injury at the beginning of the season. He was just beginning to find his place on the Spurs and was q

    • Eddie Woods Remnant Outreach
      Eddie Woods Remnant Outreach Year ago

      Yes indeed!

    • megavolt67
      megavolt67 Year ago +18

      It's sad, but part of the reason relatively younger players such as T-Mac think like this is because the sports media since about 2015 has tried to convince us that the Duncan-led Spurs were a superteam. A superteam that couldn't ever win BTB and went through a finals appearance drought until they got a young Kawhi Leonard to offset an aging Duncan. Shaq is correct here.
      The Spurs were a very good team and very consistent team but despite all the credit Popovich used to get, it all hinged on Tim Duncan. His presence made them a 50+ win team every season. But they were never a superteam. Ever. It's just revisionism due largely to the GOAT debate over which some people want to dismiss LeBron's losses to the Spurs in 2007 (wherein LeBron played poorly and lost two very close games in Cleveland) and 2014 (wherein the Heat were absolutely in the series until Kawhi outplayed LeBron the last three games of the series). They weren't THAT good.
      Tony became an all star, but he was never a superstar. And Manu was a 6th man who could be clutch but perhaps would've been exposed on another team as the primary option. They're probably going to be hall of famers because they won 4 titles with Duncan, but some people (I think disingenuously) throw that term around too loosely when assessing how talented a team was; there are levels and not every hall of famer was a superstar caliber player (maybe they should've been to be allowed in, but that's NBA hall of fame standards for you).
      And to address T-Mac's specific point on the playoffs, maybe the Spurs without Duncan could still make the playoffs in the weak east of those days, but not the west.

    • ryanr20091
      ryanr20091 Year ago +4

      @megavolt67 it's all about what narrative you want to create because the 07 spurs will be labeled too old by the jordan fans in order to diss lebron . see they really arent fans of the old school as much as they are jordan stans. check the hypocrisy though they get salty when you bring up the fact the pistons in 91 were on their last legs from the wars with boston and the lakers from the 80s . teams are only too old when bron faces them lol.They use the same logic against the 2000s Celtics

    • Anthony Davis jr
      Anthony Davis jr Year ago +1

      @megavolt67 that’s what I said. I love Tmac but he’s tripping here. The west was stacked then. Orlando wouldn’t have made the playoffs out west.

    • MNFLLL
      MNFLLL Year ago +2

      @ryanr20091 Like Lebron fans say the Heat were old in 2014 just an excuse because they got blown out by the spurs.

  • User Love
    User Love Year ago

    I feel TMac on his coach playing mind games with him i went through that similar incident when i was in college playing ball!! It can be career changing!!

    • Tony
      Tony 11 months ago

      The might’ve just thought he wasn’t that good, plenty of players on play sporadically.

  • y2aat
    y2aat 9 months ago +2

    I think one thing TMAC forgot was in 2003, Manu Parker weren't NEARLY at their peaks and David Robinson was half dead

  • Keypushin Jackson
    Keypushin Jackson 10 months ago +1

    Its gotta be somewhat hurtful at some point to be that good but not get any real recognition. Banging with the best to ever do it like kobe and not even getting recognized. T-mac you one of my favorite players i wish you coulda stayed healthy

  • Gary Threat
    Gary Threat 9 months ago

    Shaq is a national treasure

  • DEAN D.
    DEAN D. 7 months ago

    TMAC - The player I would model myself if I ever play in the NBA.

  • lazydog081399
    lazydog081399 Year ago +111

    I remember meeting T-Mac when he was a rookie in Toronto and watching practices seeing all his talent. He's right Darrell Walker was a awful coach. He used to cuss out a rookie T-Mac all the time. I couldn't believe that's how these coaches talked to the players

    • John Carranza
      John Carranza Year ago +5

      Pop is like that. But hey, it worked.

    • Tevin Sherrill
      Tevin Sherrill Year ago +9

      @John Carranza Comparing Pop to Darrell Walker is like comparing a Ferrari to a 1980s Pinto.

    • John Carranza
      John Carranza Year ago +1

      @Tevin Sherrill I’m only comparing the way coaches talk to their players. There’s absolutely no one compares to Pop.

    • Freddy Calipari
      Freddy Calipari Year ago

      You worked for the team?

  • John Ndorosey
    John Ndorosey 11 months ago +6

    Tmac has grown so much as a person and man. Great response to the very first question.

  • Hasade O
    Hasade O 7 months ago

    Crazy how only in retirement did we know kobe and Tmac were good friends

  • Herson Sterling
    Herson Sterling Year ago +1

    The Zion Williams joke had me dying, came out of no where 😆😆😆😆😄😄😄❤👍. Pura Vida

    • Ohjonni
      Ohjonni Year ago

      Ong 😂😂😂😂

  • kyle
    kyle Year ago +1

    Tmac was the man back in the day. He was right there with AI and Kobe for a while with the adidas kicks and that 🔥#1 for Orlando. People forget.

  • bobs
    bobs 4 months ago

    Only Shaq would create a show where he is The Guest every episode

  • Corey
    Corey Year ago +424

    One point Tracy is overlooking is how stacked the West was back then. When the Lakers went on that 3-peat, everyone knew the Western Conference Finals winner was the Finals winner. THAT was the real championship. Facing the East's winner was just a formality.
    The Pistons bucked that trend at the height of the Shaq/Kobe beef, but ain't no way the Pacers, 76ers, Nets, whoever was going to win a series against the Lakers or Spurs (or even others) at that time. The Magic just making the playoffs in the East was not as impressive as what Duncan did when Manu & Parker were new & Robinson was on his last leg.

    • bee boy
      bee boy Year ago +24

      why are you even talking about Playoffs when it's about Regular season MVP?

    • sonofsarek
      sonofsarek Year ago +11

      When the Lakers went on their 3 peat, David Stern and Tim Donaghy already knew they were going to win.

    • Eddie Rivers
      Eddie Rivers Year ago +3

      I think he would know he was there in the West and the east lol

    • J P
      J P Year ago +14

      Beef or no beef with Shaq/Kobe Pistons were winning that. Just wanna clarify that for you Lakers fans

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha Year ago

    Ive been a fan of many NBA stars, but Tmac, man.. he always have a special place on my ranking.. he always been a laid back guy..and prime Tmac, ice in the veins Tmac, Man...

  • Eddie
    Eddie Year ago

    Love these guys, grew up watching them. You can tell, that just cuz Shaq got rings over "T-mac" he feels as if he has the upper hand. T-mac has a more relax personality, no wonder why Kobe and Shaq were always fighting, and why Shaq destroyed his house when Kobe got +1 over him. LOL

  • ksmith3200
    ksmith3200 8 months ago

    Shaq is hilarious 😂

  • Ryan Travelball
    Ryan Travelball 9 months ago

    How didn't I knew about this podcast? Loving the content so got yourself a new follower

  • False start Falcon
    False start Falcon Year ago +3

    Tmac was always one of my favorites

  • Dr. Swyts
    Dr. Swyts Year ago +56

    Yes T. Mac! Onr of my FAVORITE NBA players ever! I'm so proud of his growth. I love it. Maturity is a wonderful thing. Don't clown him for evolving. It's a beautiful thing ❤️

  • A Poet’s Corner
    A Poet’s Corner 11 months ago +1

    TMac was unstoppable from 2001-2003

    • almadeunrebel
      almadeunrebel 9 months ago

      yeah his Magic choked a 3-1 lead, so that statement is puffery

  • Kevin Kamba - COME&STAY
    Kevin Kamba - COME&STAY 9 months ago +2

    Tmac will always be my favorite player.. the guy was unstoppable!

  • Bighamza22
    Bighamza22 11 months ago

    Alhamdulilah. Good for TMAC for standing on his square and standing his ground and not apologizing for taking his tattoos off.

  • Dick Grayson
    Dick Grayson Year ago

    TMAC is humble and great.

  • Blurple Bear
    Blurple Bear Year ago +1

    Shaq is 100% correct. There's no player right now that could physical survive a whole season when they played.

  • grrrraffe
    grrrraffe Year ago +33

    Tmac is awesome. love the tattoo discussion. He is old school. Miss watching him play ball.

  • Bon Ost
    Bon Ost Year ago

    I think the one detail Shaq forgets it's the ability to adapt. Yea it's softer now but if it was rougher how would the players today adapt. Steph might be too delicate but Giannis might get even more aggressive

    • Timboslice23
      Timboslice23 10 months ago

      It made no sense a league where you can be more physical a physical player like Gainnis would struggle? I doubt it. Shaq is acting like Gainnis is bullying 15 year old right now.

  • tenzin jigme
    tenzin jigme Year ago

    I like the fact Shaq gives so much respect to the Mr. fundamental (Timmy).It means a lot specially when it’s coming from Shaq.. Timmy was his biggest rival.

    • Paul Sholar
      Paul Sholar 9 months ago

      No .. Hakeem was the Kryptonite for Shaq.

  • Olakunle Adewale Adegbile

    Lol I like Shaq said they better stand up and greet him when he walks into the bank. & Tracy Mcgrady’s growth is gr8 👍🏾

  • Jared
    Jared Year ago +1

    22:37 I know I'm not some nba legend, but this guy is insane. Random dudes who can obliterate KD 1v1?! That don't want to be in the league?! There's probably not even a handful of people in the world like that

  • Spicer C
    Spicer C Year ago +9

    Let the record show: In 2003, Ginobili was a rookie (wasn't even a starter) and Parker was 20 years old. Duncan had win shares unmatched by anyone of the era beside Jordan and MVP Shaq.

    • JewFroLegend
      JewFroLegend Year ago


    • Luffy Monkey D.
      Luffy Monkey D. Year ago

      He was never a starter??? Buddy was 6th man his whole career?????

    • Spicer C
      Spicer C Year ago

      @Luffy Monkey D. That's not true. He became a full-time starter in 2004 with the departure of Stephen Jackson. The sixth-man experiment didn't start until the 2005 postseason. Then with a dearth of talent, Pop was forced to put Ginobili back into the starting lineup in 2011, where he earned his second all-star bid. Reply if you learned something.

    • Spicer C
      Spicer C 11 months ago

      @Luffy Monkey D. Reply now.

    • Sean Cagney
      Sean Cagney 10 months ago +1

      PERIOD end of story, there is no questioning that... 2003 was Tims and he earned it and proved it.

  • Freshy
    Freshy Year ago +26

    That Zion Williamson joke at the end hit like a brick. Hilarious 😂

  • Derrick Martin
    Derrick Martin 9 months ago

    24:46 I made the same face as tmac 😂😂😂


    It’s crazy how huge of a brand that SHAQ is

  • David Rieger
    David Rieger 10 months ago

    LOL hilarious. Shaq is too funny

  • Dj Sweat
    Dj Sweat  11 months ago

    Shaq? They could've put Marc Gasol on that Spurs team and they could've still probably made the playoffs is what I think TMac was trying to say. Great interview. 👍🔥

  • 44 Bird
    44 Bird Year ago

    Tmac and shaq 2 of my top 5 players ever so even tho I’m late to this interview it’s so dope

  • rob bratcher
    rob bratcher Year ago +48

    I feel TMac. I feel just like this around my old friends.

  • X
    X Year ago

    Love that TMAC is growing up. Don’t be a 50 year old teenager like Shaq.

  • Nate Mcdaniel
    Nate Mcdaniel 9 months ago

    Seen him at Bank of America. They definitely love him lol. Whole staff

  • Dacoo Cat
    Dacoo Cat 10 months ago

    The ending was hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣

  • DG
    DG 7 months ago +2

    Manu was in his rookie year and Parker was in his sophomore year they definitely don’t make the playoffs without Tim, Tim turned that team into a 60 win championship team

  • r Li
    r Li 8 months ago

    Bring back the ATR line SHAQ!!! Bring back those golden ages!

  • Ryan Anthony
    Ryan Anthony Year ago +95

    I hated TMAC when I was growing up (as a player) mainly cuz I was an impressionable kid who LOVED Kobe. I remember we used to argue on the school bus about AI vs Kobe and then Kobe vs TMAC. I always sided with Kobe of course, but in my heart I would fear TMAC the most of taking over Kobe’s spot. As I got a littler older I really appreciated TMACs game and loved watching him. Never really saw him talk much during his career, but it really is awesome watching him talk, he’s so humble.

    • Jon Meyers
      Jon Meyers Year ago +4

      Same thing happen to me!

    • Ahmad Tahmass
      Ahmad Tahmass Year ago +3

      Same lol

    • QtheQuick
      QtheQuick Year ago +14

      From 01-03 it was all Kobe vs. Tmac on the school bus

    • St. Henrik
      St. Henrik Year ago +5

      Tmac better talent than kobe. Kobe just better work ethic

    • Two Sheds
      Two Sheds Year ago +4

      @St. Henrik their career averages are fairly similar, with Kobe having a slight advantage in scoring and efficiency. Take out the championship factor (which is a TEAM accomplishment), and you could have a legitimate argument. Same could be said of Clyde Drexler.

  • Maurri$co
    Maurri$co Year ago

    Tmac saying and Shaq agreeing that Duncan made them is totally unfair. Tmac messed up Shaq's point and Shaq is so stubborn that he went along with it. Their chemistry and ability to play their roles ultimately opened doors for each other. They dominated on offense because they could play in their own space. If you remove any one of them, would they have as many rings? I think not. That's goes for anyone of them.

  • Dustin Powell
    Dustin Powell 8 months ago +1

    ngl, Shaq giving Timmy his due, much props. can't stand that people think you can remove tim from that team and they're still a contender.

    EJAC FILMS 11 months ago

    That Zion joke 😂😂😂

  • Bomb Voyyage
    Bomb Voyyage Year ago

    Yo TMac. Give the guys records. A press Conference. That would go crazy!