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White Male Privilege Isn't Real

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • This is my first comedy special, Bring Back Apu, and it truly is special to me. Because somewhere along the line, South Asians started trying to cash in on victimhood currency. Complaining about cartoon characters, people mispronouncing our names, and God knows what else.
    But we were raised better than that. Our parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties taught us dominate everything we do, just like they did when they made it here. And it is our privilege to carry that tradition forward. So it's time to end all the victim sh*t and taking our identity back.
    I hope you enjoy
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  • The Andrew Schulz
    The Andrew Schulz Year ago +26611

    LET’S GO BHAI 🇮🇳

    • William Dmitriyevich
      William Dmitriyevich Year ago +67


    • Jose Hernandez
      Jose Hernandez Year ago +238

      Bluuueeewwww cheeeewwww!!

    • Deepesh Dhull
      Deepesh Dhull Year ago +36

      Lets goooo !!!

    • Topher Esco
      Topher Esco Year ago +188

      This shit was hilarious. He definitely deserves a Netflix special but make that shit a full hour.

    • Titan
      Titan Year ago +74

      im one of the Patreon assholes and im just sad that this is only 20 percent , pure gold 20 minutes but still I wished there was more. Akash and Andrew the future of comedy 🚀

  • RedDragonM1
    RedDragonM1 2 months ago +390

    Apu was one the smartest guys on the show, he had 8 kids, a lovely wife, a firebird car, a business owner, has a doctorate in computer science, takes his religon seriously (when homer mocked him about it..Apu was still VERY polite about it.), he's friends with Sir Paul Macartney, builds his own furniture, has a great singing voice, and he's seen as a THREAT???

    • Bazerk
      Bazerk 26 days ago +16

      He is threat because Aziz Ansari said so. And was voiced by an Italian American.

    • SpiritGear
      SpiritGear 24 days ago +2

      I mean it's weird he's working in a convenient store with a CS degree dough

    • nr63kish
      nr63kish 20 days ago +10

      He's not a "threat", some Indian guy found it offensive that he was voiced by a white guy and not an Indian. Isn't acting supposed to be pretending to be people that you're not, ESPECIALLY voice acting? Doesn't matter, get rid of him or the liberals are gonna boycott your show.

    • Happy John
      Happy John 15 days ago +7

      @SpiritGear He owns said store. He's saving thousands a month by not hiring another employee.

    • Spud
      Spud 10 days ago +2

      I wish I was Apu

  • Luke Barber
    Luke Barber Month ago +528

    One thing the "cancel Apu" crowd seems to miss is the fact that Apu seems to be the only character in The Simpsons that actually enjoys his job...

    • CazRaX
      CazRaX 28 days ago +23

      Even had a whole song about how he needed the Kwik-E-Mart when he was fired once. He loves his job, he was successful, a good husband, good father and a stand up citizen and yet he was the one who was removed...

    • TotalVoid
      TotalVoid 8 days ago +1

      Ok, now I want him cancelled.

  • JorJorIvanovitch
    JorJorIvanovitch Month ago +533

    "Name one thing a white guy isn't allowed to have?"
    "An opinion." Lmao. Truth.

    • dipyaman chakrabarti
      dipyaman chakrabarti 24 days ago +12

      Its because for the last couple of centuries their opinion has been enforced as the norm.

    • MrGabe
      MrGabe 24 days ago +38

      @dipyaman chakrabarti Welp doesn’t mean their opinions shouldn’t be heard all of a sudden lol

    • Netto Yante
      Netto Yante 22 days ago +24

      @dipyaman chakrabarti right, because the rest of the people in the world; white females, blk, brwn, yllw, red sat around and did nothing/said nothing for the last couple of centuries, right? Can you please pretending this bs is true and stop being disrespectful to my ancestors?

  • お前はもう、死んでる
    お前はもう、死んでる 11 months ago +1089

    Jesus Christ. That might be the best 20 minutes of comedy I've heard in a decade.

  • Imperial Guardsman
    Imperial Guardsman 2 months ago +192

    This was spicy and made my day
    As a SE asian dude, I'd be mad AF if they cancelled our stereotypical characters

    • Prax
      Prax 26 days ago +9

      I hate woke terms like SE Asian. It was the orient forever. And that term described the exact same thing! And the only reason they got rid of it was because "colonizers" used that term. ...As told to us by the NEW woke colonizers, who are doing it more than the British empire ever could.

    • Sunset Red Snow Leopard
      Sunset Red Snow Leopard 24 days ago +4

      They tried to kill Speedy Gonzales but failed

    • Binskee
      Binskee 20 days ago +1

      WTF South East Asia if further away from the Orient than Washington to Moskau. Idk about the colonizer stuff but calling SE Asia or India as “Orient” makes no sense 😂

    • Prax
      Prax 20 days ago +1

      @Binskee Nearly no one in the 20th century used the term "orient" to refer to India. In some crazy old writings where they didn't know anything east of where things were it was. It's a perfectly useful word, and those insisting on it's disuse are doing so under the auspices of the worst ideology in human history.
      I have zero concern for what megalomaniacs think.

    • Binskee
      Binskee 20 days ago

      @Prax i don't care if it's been used or not, i just can't comprehend an example where it has to be used in my head.

  • BillyBallin93
    BillyBallin93 11 months ago +3427

    Bro Apu is like one of the only stable and reasonable adults on the entire show...

    • DS
      DS 2 months ago +130

      He does have his shit together better then anyone in the show lol.

    • DMG Roberts
      DMG Roberts 2 months ago +215

      I also liked how the jokes about Hinduism were mainly about the American characters being dumb or ignorant. My favourite Apu moment was when Homer is...being weird about Apu's Ganesha statue, and Apu, in a very dignified and firm way, says: "Please do not offer my god a peanut."
      The joke isn't "Ooo, weird foreign religion!" it's "Americans are ignorant about world cultures."

    • mokiloke
      mokiloke 2 months ago +33

      Exactly he was wise empathetic and no comedy with his in it was of negative intent.

    • 2QIK4U GAMES - (2QIK4U)
      2QIK4U GAMES - (2QIK4U) 2 months ago +18

      And Barney when he's sober

    • Cultural Liberator
      Cultural Liberator 2 months ago +12

      @DS I mean, maybe compared to Burns. But I'd rather be with Apu then Homer. What? He tries to squeeze some extra cash from time to time because his shop is failing? There are worse things.

  • Gautam Insan
    Gautam Insan 2 months ago +653

    bro representing the whole indian community to world.. hell yeah bro...! you killing it...

    • heckin frog
      heckin frog 2 months ago +7

      You South Asians and your "bros" and "sirs", man.

    • Mihir Ojha
      Mihir Ojha 2 months ago +6

      ​@heckin frog that's the entirety of Asia, I believe.

    • Theo Teddy
      Theo Teddy 2 months ago +1


    • James Hill
      James Hill 2 months ago +2

      @heckin frogisn’t that just the world?😂

    • Bee Dot
      Bee Dot 2 months ago +5

      He's not funny. He laughs at everything his boss says. And its 'hey look at me' laugh and its sad and pathetic. He got mad at a person in the audience cause
      he, himself, wasnt funny.

  • Adz Haler
    Adz Haler 2 months ago +217

    Well shit, I feel like I just saw a Dave Chappelle special. You smashed all the preconceptions that make people feel bad, and it was fuckin' true. It was funny as hell too! #bringbackapu

  • Paul Horton
    Paul Horton 2 months ago +62

    This man is a legend. Saying what everyone is thinking. Especially that last part. I've never subscribed to someone so fast. He's funny but hits everything know the head. Makes people laugh at uncomfortable topics. That shouldn't be uncomfortable! I'm honestly shocked he hasn't been "canceled" yet. Bro you keep doing you!

  • Freakshow Filmfestival
    Freakshow Filmfestival Month ago +56

    Apu taught me a lesson. In the episode where Apu and Marge go to a warehouse store, he tells Marge to go to the line with only men because it's the fastest. He's like "Cash only, no chit chat."

  • Ghost in the Sea
    Ghost in the Sea 2 months ago +28

    This man so effortlessly skirts the line between hilarious and offensive, it's actually incredible

  • SeanDoesMagic
    SeanDoesMagic Year ago +892

    I’m soooo stoked about this!! Let’s go!

  • Sad X
    Sad X 8 months ago +148

    I saw the short and had to come check this out. It was absolutely amazing, you’re one of the first comedians where I’m like oooooh I gotta go see this man do a show.

  • Ken
    Ken 2 months ago +156

    Akaash is so reserved on Flagrant. I come here to check him out and he's a freakin BEAST! Was not expecting to go that hard and that dark lmao.

    • skp
      skp 2 months ago

      Recently... Before he was a wild boy.

  • Timothy Dickinson
    Timothy Dickinson 2 months ago +35

    1: you reminded me how much I miss my parents, they were so strong and worked so hard, I feel like I'll never be as great as they were.
    2: that was hilarious dude, you are awesome

  • True BackLash: TV
    True BackLash: TV 3 months ago +7

    Apu was:
    - College graduate
    - Able to earn his American citizenship.
    - A volunteer firefighter
    - A vegetarian and made Lisa a better one by telling her not to judge people.
    - The only playable character in Hit and Run outside of the Simpsons family
    - A complex character
    - A good character
    I would have rather they re-cast Apu than just get rid of him.

    • skp
      skp 2 months ago +1

      Exactly... Compare that to groundskeeper Willie and the depiction of Scotsmen.

  • Mr. Awesome
    Mr. Awesome Month ago +21

    Apu was the only Non-Simpson playable in Simpsons Hit and Run. An entire towns worth of characters and they had to narrow it down to him says a lot about his character and why they chose him to represent the brand in a now classic video game.

  • TBustah
    TBustah Year ago +1995

    Here’s another one: Apu was a consistent voice of reason. He wasn’t a simpleton in a minstrel show, he was somebody whom many characters turned to for advice because he was knowledgable on a number of topics and one of the few stable adults around. That’s why I knew most of the people complaining about him probably hadn’t actually seen much of him in action. He owns a convenience store? That’s a harmful stereotype? I’m busting my ass working minimum wage (or less) at one of the few jobs in this shitty border town I’m qualified to do (options are severely limited when you don’t know Spanish), owning a convenience store sounds like a DREAM!

    • TheRandompaint
      TheRandompaint Year ago +63

      My man ran a successful business

    • TBustah
      TBustah Year ago +72

      @TheRandompaint He certainly did, but that is the most obvious thing about him if you ask me. Akaash mentions it, and other commenters have. Hell, they actually made a point of highlighting it in ON THE SHOW, in the episode where he gets married. All of the single guys at a bachelor auction were losers whom none of the women wanted to bid on, and somebody pointed out that Apu had a lot going for him (including the business).
      He’s more than his business, though, which is my point. He has a Ph.D in computer science, which is how he ended up in America in the first place, to pursue a doctorate (which he also earned).

    • TheRandompaint
      TheRandompaint Year ago +5

      @TBustah very true, I guess I'll (maybe you too) never know how it effects indians and Indian Americans since I'm not one. I'm just sitting here trying to think of other Indians in cartoons amd can't think of one

    • TBustah
      TBustah Year ago +32

      @TheRandompaint It’s true that we can’t tell other people how to feel, but stereotypes are just what the show DOES. If I were Indian, I think I’d be more offended if they DIDN’T do a little ribbing, like they thought I couldn’t take a joke like everyone else the show pokes fun at.

    • TheRandompaint
      TheRandompaint Year ago +9

      @The Large Hardon Collider so true LHC😂 as a Jew I absolutely love mort and whenever Jews appear in the cartoon.

  • Doug McCool
    Doug McCool 2 months ago +82

    The best lesson... we can't allow ourselves to lose our sense of humor.

  • Brainfryde
    Brainfryde 2 months ago +13

    all good comedy takes is the ability to see the truth that is going on around us, and a great sense of timing to slap us with that one thing most of us forget is actually true. I've never seen this guy before, and how amazing is it that his entire set talks about his heritage, but never once mocks his parents' accent. I about died at the Hindi joke!!!

  • ae.lorenz0
    ae.lorenz0 Month ago +16

    THIS man's the hero we need

  • Google Home1
    Google Home1 2 months ago +23

    This guy's a genius... telling the truth no one else will.

  • Jack Walker
    Jack Walker 2 months ago +17

    Man, just discovered this guy and damn is he good. This dude be putting every last late night 'comic' to absolute shame

  • Ghost Viper
    Ghost Viper 11 months ago +552

    Apu and Willie are probably the most respected foreign characters for simpsons, Willie is a true man when it comes to his home and Apu owns a business while providing for his family like any good man

    • slane troyard92
      slane troyard92 2 months ago +31

      Exactly. I was born in the early 90s and I grew up on these guys. Willie taught kids to be proud of their heritage, to stand tall, proud and strong. And Apu taught kids the value of hardwork. Sure he made mistakes but he owned up to it instead of ignoring them.

    • StillCant BeSilenced
      StillCant BeSilenced 2 months ago +26

      "grease me up woman!" Lol😅

    • The Admiral
      The Admiral Month ago +2


    • Sarah Breisch
      Sarah Breisch Month ago +7

      Every single Scottish person does it!

  • Fungus
    Fungus 21 day ago +62

    This dude is spot on. It isn't white privilege, it's western privilege. I would drink toilet water in the U.S. before I drank tap water in the Philippines or Brazil. Not because of racism, but because of facts.

    • winky dinky
      winky dinky 16 days ago +1


    • visualpun650
      visualpun650 16 days ago +1

      There is the privilege he described and there is also white male privilege which is more subtle.

    • Jimbo Doomface
      Jimbo Doomface 13 days ago +1

      Cistern, or bowl?

    • UVH
      UVH 12 days ago

      As a Brazilian i concur

  • Falk Firebeard
    Falk Firebeard 10 months ago +13

    First time seeing his standup. He is actually incredibly talented, both in standup and just letting loose on Flagrant.

  • Jaime Flores
    Jaime Flores Month ago +6

    Thank You, Schultz and others for bringing back reality checks as part of next gen comedy... you do sound like Steve Buscemi.

  • Kyzer McSlyzer
    Kyzer McSlyzer 2 months ago +6

    My friend just sent me this, and it has been a very, very long time since I've actually laughed. Your jokes were fire, they had actual punchlines, and dude, the fat jokes made me laugh even harder due to being overweight myself. Been working my ass off losing these last 40 pounds though. But dude, consider me a fan and I definitely plan to see one of your specials if you're ever in my state. Stay safe dude and keep being awesome.

  • powerofthesun1000
    powerofthesun1000 Month ago +4

    I found this by complete accident, and 100% serious, it's the funniest thing I've seen since early Kat Williams/Kevin Hart stuff. I am in tears, and it feels really good to actually laugh out loud. You just got a new fan, thanks for making me feel better!

  • Nick Panacci
    Nick Panacci Year ago +958

    Respect for putting out a tight 20 as an independent special instead of selling an hour "special" to a streaming conglomerate. A special should be special, and this work of art exceeds the criteria.

    • Bada Bing
      Bada Bing Year ago +11

      I think if he could of or when he can he will sell to Netflix or whoever. Akaash just ain’t at that level yet in their eyes. Sucks for them because they could of got great content from him for a lot cheaper than it will be next time around. I can’t wait to see my guy on Netflix in the next couple years.

    • hollywood dc
      hollywood dc Year ago +5

      @Bada Bing fuck all that. Netflix doesn't define comedians. You act like it's winning an Emmy. Akaash clearly likes having the freedom of speaking the taboo, and him posting on Clip-Share let him do it how he wanted and that's why we're watching. While I do hope he gets paid, I hope he never sells out and always keeps it real

    • John Lewis
      John Lewis Year ago +9

      @hollywood dc I can understand your arguments, but I think having a Netflix special kinda legitimizes you wether we like to admit that or not honestly. Also you get more outreach if you are on Netflix too.

    • hollywood dc
      hollywood dc Year ago +3

      @John Lewis I disagree. at most Netflix has just become some empty corporate paycheck that you've become mainstream. Like NBA players today getting fat contracts is more about how many shoes they sell and IG followers they got. Netflix also got Amy Schumer and Hasan Minhaj, signing fat contracts for just being popular and they suck shit. There's so much prime talent that don't have mainstream Netflix specials now. Congrats if he does get a special and it leads to movie deals or sitcoms, but as a fan it don't make a difference to me one way or the other as long as he's staying 💯 and he's still on air

    • Adam Seidel
      Adam Seidel Year ago +11

      @hollywood dc It would be great if Akaash got a Netflix special, not because he needs them to prove he’s funny - he’s funny without them - but just because it would mean him getting a shit ton of their money and more people seeing him.

  • Veggie Love
    Veggie Love 11 months ago +17

    Saw you in Houston, you blew the audience away. love it "funny in a karmic way" always honest.

  • AR Pann
    AR Pann 2 months ago +14

    Truth bombs left and right! This guy is awesome!

  • Rafael Tavares
    Rafael Tavares Month ago +6

    You managed to put into words what everyone think, and managed to be heard at the same time!
    I hope you keep up the quality of your interventions 💪💪💪

  • Shannon Peacock
    Shannon Peacock Month ago +16

    He has got to be the most genius, brilliant comedian I have ever heard in my life!

  • Caesar Americanus
    Caesar Americanus 2 months ago +12

    That last speech goes to all youth in this country no one owes nothing from the the start you earn what you make. What amount of attention, determination, patience, and ingenuity into something that you make yours.

    • berk sterb
      berk sterb 6 hours ago

      You earn what you’re paid. If we earned what we made, many of us would only need to work 10-15 hours per week. I would be retired already.
      Entitlement mindsets are lame as hell, but many youth are fighting for their fair share and don’t deserve to be lumped in with the entitled brats, who tend to be disproportionately loud.

  • Valentine
    Valentine Year ago +1141

    The last speech - after the ending - really fundamentally expressed my feelings on current immigrant culture in the United States better than I've ever seen anyone else do before. I'm not Indian - my parents came from central Mexico, but the speech at the end fully encompasses every problem I've seen in second generation immigrant communities I've seen.

    • MOON BASE ∙ [Monk Mode]
      MOON BASE ∙ [Monk Mode] Year ago +6

      But why have kids if you just want them to struggle?

    • SeaDee
      SeaDee Year ago +101

      @MOON BASE ∙ [Monk Mode] So only super rich, insanely happy and healthy people can have kids now?

    • Hedrox Ladimon
      Hedrox Ladimon Year ago +44

      @MOON BASE ∙ [Monk Mode] 1. Third world countries aren't very keen on abortions. You do the nasty you're stuck with it. 2. Life is beautiful

    • Qad
      Qad Year ago

      @Hedrox Ladimon which he generation are u from ??

  • The Trump News Network
    The Trump News Network 2 months ago +8

    This was one of the best 20 minutes I've spent in a long time. Straight up you sound like Steve Buscemi. You've got yourself a pocket of comedy gold here. Subscribed.

  • Martin Buckingham
    Martin Buckingham 2 months ago +8

    So inspiring. A fresh voice of reason and realism punching at the borders of hypocrisy.

  • Nobu
    Nobu 26 days ago

    “Thats my guy” made my friend jump out of his seat with an “ AMEN BROTHER!” Lmao had me dying

  • chivomartinez
    chivomartinez Month ago +7

    This guy is so awesome. Hope he doesn't get cancelled.

  • Breaking Points
    Breaking Points Year ago +4837

    Congrats Akaash!

    • Lisa Beard
      Lisa Beard Year ago +81

      Love you guys! Thanks for letting me know about this.

    • MajorCanada
      MajorCanada Year ago +53

      Yaaaaas! Krystal and Saagar FTW! Please clap back at the haters calling you hawkish on China!

    • Brian Melendez
      Brian Melendez Year ago +52

      Ayeee Breaking Points in the building 🔥🔥🔥

    • Komodojoe
      Komodojoe Year ago +33

      Saagar, is like this Texas Indian is speaking my language

    • DMR
      DMR Year ago +43

      Breaking points brought me here

  • Aidan S
    Aidan S 24 days ago +1

    Wow that was incredible. This guy knows how to work a crowd!

  • Terronymus Braddock
    Terronymus Braddock 10 months ago +6

    This special is masterful. Consistently hilarious, and drops some straight truths.
    Best special I’ve seen in a good while.

  • Zachary Platt
    Zachary Platt 2 months ago +6

    First time hearing you, Akaash, and I just started my day laughing so hard I cried. Thanks for that

  • zeeshan muhammed
    zeeshan muhammed 2 months ago +8

    I love the new age comedians going at it against the woke !

  • Amphibian Enthusiast
    Amphibian Enthusiast 27 days ago

    "You didn't let them say anything, then one guy showed up and said *EVERYTHING*" insane line

  • Sammy Sam
    Sammy Sam Year ago +764

    I always respected Apu's hustle, he was an honest,hard-working man, even as a kid, i could see that

      GIDAEON GILGAMESH Year ago +27

      Dont forget he had a rooftop oasis that included a whole ass Paul McCartney.

    • SquidwardBussy
      SquidwardBussy Year ago +46

      As a white boy I never thought Apu was a character to be laughed at. He’s a friend of the Simpsons that just happened to be Indian. He’s an Indian stereotype but isn’t every single person on that show a stereotype of something

    • kdoeone
      kdoeone Year ago +4

      Apu has the best episodes. Songs too

    • CrzyLion
      CrzyLion Year ago +15

      theres literally two different episodes about how hes the best guy in springfield and it bothers the other men...apu was the shit

  • william martin
    william martin 4 months ago +4

    I fucking love it dude! I am a huge fan of stand up comedy and I KNOW the history....YOU are excellent...keep your nose to the grind brother. I think a huge audience is well deserved.

  • Scott Oradesky
    Scott Oradesky 20 days ago +1

    Bro that podcast message at the end was honestly hands down the best message in this whole video and this dude is amazing at his craft!

  • Aqualust
    Aqualust Month ago +2

    That end monologue. My man, that's exactly why I changed careers and got into art. 100% of my success is my own doing promoted by those who helped me with great advice and guidance. Can't wait to be king.

  • Easttowest
    Easttowest Month ago +1

    Apu is a volunteer firefighter, dammit! A role model for his community!

  • A. Taylor
    A. Taylor 2 months ago +2

    Props for spreading the amusement around, Akaash! Wit some truf!!

  • CezaMVO
    CezaMVO Year ago +769

    Akaash went too hard with that ending speech. Really resonated with my mexican heart 🇲🇽 . My mom came here with nothing, has been working ever since I can remember, then one day got deported, guess what she did when she got back? Got right back to work. Unstoppable, let's get it. Make it happen.

    • Calixto Salinas
      Calixto Salinas Year ago +40

      Not gonna lie, as a Mexican, that ending speech made tear a little bit.

    • CezaMVO
      CezaMVO Year ago +13

      @Calixto Salinas hell yeah

    • Jon Hanson
      Jon Hanson Year ago +46

      It's funny that super woke Mexican Americans and racist white Americans both seem to believe that it's impossible for Mexicans to succeed in America.
      Meanwhile, I'm driving around in the real world seeing Mexicans working hard, running businesses, raising families, and rising up.

    • Israel Adame
      Israel Adame Year ago +1

      Ahuevo carnal. Real ones understand the struggle.

  • Maria Guild
    Maria Guild Month ago +1

    Wow, What you said at the end really hit home! You spoke so much truth! Thank you!

  • Sal Daghstani
    Sal Daghstani 26 days ago

    Your crowd work and stand up is great! You're funnier on your own.

  • Xyro911
    Xyro911 Month ago +2

    14:48 Every dude with their partner there just avoided eye contact and started sweating😂

  • Milos
    Milos 25 days ago

    17:07, This guy checking with his wife if it's ok to laugh had me dying.

  • Mike Burch
    Mike Burch Month ago

    Don't know how I'm just finding this. Absolutley hysterical, can't wait to see more man. Keep it up

  • John Edward
    John Edward Year ago +316

    It was only a matter of time before Akaash got recognized. He's earned it 👏

    • Dahlen O
      Dahlen O Year ago +4

      If I was religious, I would pray for him to get the recognition he deserves, because this was genuinely impressive. Didn’t hold back because he was afraid of offending people, just keeping it real. I’m glad I heard about this, he’s upper echelon

  • Sam Kula
    Sam Kula 2 months ago +2

    Bro Dropping Facts 🙌

  • IKE
    IKE 2 months ago +4

    Protect this man at all costs.

  • Havoc Faction
    Havoc Faction 28 days ago

    This is one of my new favorite specials of all time

  • タヌキ
    タヌキ 3 months ago +2

    Damnnnn. Major respect 🙏

  • sparkeykills1
    sparkeykills1 2 months ago +1

    God dammmm my boy out here spitting FACTS!! Nothing he said on that stage is wrong. I haven't laughed this much in a long time

  • Medlife Crisis
    Medlife Crisis Year ago +797

    Love it. Apu was my hero growing up, serious! Awesome special, the white privilege bit and the ending minute are especially great 👊🏽

    • bliglum
      bliglum Year ago +18

      And now we have an Indian dude, doing an impression of a white dude, doing an impression of an Indian dude... Impression-ception.

    • Pine Gap Island Territory
      Pine Gap Island Territory Year ago +3

      Great channels collide.

    • Gino Benedetto
      Gino Benedetto Year ago +1

      That ending was fucking 🔥🔥🔥. Needs to be on billboards and a Super Bowl commercial

      PIYUSH YADAV Year ago

      Love you bro.
      also I've request for you :
      Please talk with Dr. Tess Lawrie ( Cochrane reviewer ) and how WHO's sponsored meta analysis on Ivermectin was botched up by UNITAID funding of 40 Million dollars and how they changed the conclusion of Dr. Andrew Hill's meta analysis, who was so pro Ivermectin and then flipped within a week.

  • Gregory Porch
    Gregory Porch Month ago +1

    He's at the top of the game for working a crowd.

  • Plazmalord Soban
    Plazmalord Soban Month ago +2

    first time ever seeing this guy.... fuckin epic! Thank you for being real!

  • detonator82
    detonator82 Month ago +1

    This is hilarious, nicely done Akaash! 😂

  • Dallas Stuart
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    • Nine Tailed Fox
      Nine Tailed Fox Year ago +5

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