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Best PC Cases of 2021 So Far: $60 to $200 Airflow, Silence, & Budget Cases

  • Published on Dec 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  Year ago +188

    Individual case reviews & links in the description.
    PC Case Review Playlist: clip-share.net/video/94l1c5dMRX8/video.html
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    • Roger Dodger
      Roger Dodger Month ago

      XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Anyone on the planet know What is the Best BUDGET Case that has at least one (pref TWO 2) DVD/CD/Blu-Ray Drive Bay/s AND AND Room for at least FOUR Proper spinners like the 6Tb WD Blues?

    • Roger Dodger
      Roger Dodger Month ago

      Going back in time here because any decent case with a Drive bay & room for 4 x 6Tb HDD's is over $300-to-$1,000 in my country; so am looking for a cheaper model from over a year ago, maybe to import.

    • Robert Gallardo
      Robert Gallardo 6 months ago

      Steve need help! I have a 320mm GPU and a 4x 3.5mm Raid setup. I need a case that can fit everything and still has decent airflow

    • Alexis Zurex
      Alexis Zurex 9 months ago

      feb 2022 - my choose goes to abkoncore AL700 sync....

    • jjjsoc
      jjjsoc Year ago

      Should review phanteks p600s, I'm curious to see how it would perform

  • Pratyush Pahuja
    Pratyush Pahuja Year ago +3274

    Alternate name for this series- "Best Case Scenario"

    • SyntheticID
      SyntheticID 3 months ago

      Funny guy

    • Alpha T
      Alpha T 6 months ago +1

      I came to type exactly this in the comments! Touché my guy, touché

    • Koragh
      Koragh 6 months ago +1

      Looking to reopen a cold case
      Get it xd cooling is a priority

    • Shreddy Krueger
      Shreddy Krueger 7 months ago +1

      thought this, looked down, read this.

    • NotMrBeast
      NotMrBeast Year ago +1


  • 993mike
    993mike Year ago +15

    Favorite case by far this last year is the Phanteks P600S. Great airflow and filtration in the mesh configuration, super nice build quality, great fan & radiator support, and just plain good looks in general

  • Flan Flan
    Flan Flan Year ago +27

    I ended up buying the meshify c earlier this year since I never keep the stock fans and I couldn't be happier with it even if it is an older case compared to the newer stuff out there but I'll always appreciate these videos since it really does help with deciding!

    • FiCTiON
      FiCTiON 9 months ago

      What fan setup did you end up going with? I'm curious if I can improve on my current layout. My Meshify C has 2 Corsair Sp 140 intake front, 2 140 top exhaust, and 1 120 rear exhaust

  • Anvi
    Anvi Year ago +2

    Great review as usual 👍
    Noise-normalized testing is super useful and it's the only performance metric that I refer to these days.
    With so many cases in similar performance category, mechanical and QoL features are usually what determines the winner for me.

  • Beefonweck
    Beefonweck Year ago +46

    You need a category for best airflow outside of stock configurations. A lot of people are going to buy a case in order to install their own fans, and it would be useful to know how these cases perform in some of those configurations. I suggest a category for best airflow with all fan mounts populated.

    • No0pe…
      No0pe… 6 months ago


    • CoolCat
      CoolCat Year ago +4

      Yes, indeed. With the current methodology, cases which provide more air intake opportunities, e.g. by moving the power supply to another chamber, cannot demonstrate their superiority over boring stock designs with power supply shrouds.

  • Thalles Alves
    Thalles Alves Year ago +1306

    MSI won "best worst case" when their closest competitor was a case that caught on fire...

    • twitch mania
      twitch mania 11 months ago

      I think the msi case looks really good. If the replaced someof those panels with a little mesh, it could be a really sick case

    • creeply joes
      creeply joes Year ago

      :D MSI again ... Best Scrap metal Casing again. cut so many cost & going to own by CCP china soon to SPY's on us also...................................: xxx

    • Gary Yates
      Gary Yates Year ago

      planned obsolescence at it's best.

    • Bryen750
      Bryen750 Year ago

      @asdrubale bisanzio no biggie. Sometimes it's hard to convey our thoughts in text.

    • Bryen750
      Bryen750 Year ago

      @asdrubale bisanzio where did I say there top tier ?? All i said is that i didn't have issues with my B550 Tomahawk and I prefer MSI bios interface. A couple of their X570 had terrible VRM. I'm aware that MSI did shady stuff to silence bad reviews of their products.

  • Dark Thoughts
    Dark Thoughts Year ago +3

    Really nice to see airflow being an important factor again. It feels like the last decade it was all about just clean looks, blocking all the ways air could move through. And all those "silent" cases would run really hot, instead of providing good airflow at low (and quiet) fan speeds.

    • Mike Edwards
      Mike Edwards Year ago +2

      I never understood the "I want the most silent case ever!!!!!"... I grew up with multiple 80mm fans, so these modern "loud" cases are pretty much dead silent to me lol

  • Chizeron
    Chizeron Year ago +4

    Picked up the meshify 2 compact and so far love it. Time will tell if I'll add even more dust filtration but it's a promising start.

  • Simon Reuter
    Simon Reuter Year ago +15

    I would love to see the category "Best ITX case". I love the in-depth content/testing provided by GN, but there are only a few ITX cases tested compared to "normal" ATX cases.

    • creeply joes
      creeply joes Year ago

      :D MSI again ... Best Scrap metal Casing again. cut so many cost & going to own by CCP china soon to SPY's on us also.....................................: Z

    • Ravi
      Ravi Year ago +2

      NR200P is the only good itx case I've come across. www.amazon.com/dp/B08BF8YMXC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_09QKQ2DPMVK1TPSM7PC3

  • svxnger
    svxnger Year ago

    I switched from a corsair 750d to a corsair 7000d a couple of weeks ago and the only thing im missing from the 750d is the option to have two 120 fans in the bottom of the case, allowing direct COLD airflow from your floor into your GPU, so without this my 2080ti runs about 15 *c hotter. Alot of new cases seem to forget how useful bottom mounted fans actually are for airflow

  • Blas_de_lezo
    Blas_de_lezo Year ago +448

    "Neutral to positive for us: glowing praise from other reviewers", probably the best way to understand gamer's nexus review style. And yes, sometimes it feels they are too stingy, but considering almost EVERYBODY else gives way too positive reviews it seems a good trade off.

    • creeply joes
      creeply joes Year ago +1

      :D MSI again ... Best Scrap metal Casing again. cut so many cost & going to own by CCP china soon to SPY's on us also......................................,,,

    • Pumciusz
      Pumciusz Year ago +1

      @mjc0961Linus from LTT also said to just buy Noctua instead.

    • Raymond Zhang
      Raymond Zhang Year ago +2

      "There are no two words more harmful than good job" - Terence Fletcher

    • MrAsus3571
      MrAsus3571 Year ago

      @mjc0961 yeah remember 3dgm?

    • mjc0961
      mjc0961 Year ago +44

      Remember that stupid Corsair air cooler with the sliding fans? Everyone else giving it glowing praise because of the pointless sliding fans, as if the average user changes their configuration enough to get any benefit from that feature. I have an air cooler with the "awful wire clips", I clipped them on once and haven't touched them again. No concern whatsoever for how it performed as a cooler, they all gave it thumbs up because of a gimmick. GamersNexus is the only one to say "Hey this thing sucks as a cooler, buy something else."

  • Kensworth
    Kensworth Year ago +26

    Love the case award videos, and it's so nice to see such a rich market of good cases these days.
    Maybe one day we'll be able to buy something to put in them. A man can dream...

    • creeply joes
      creeply joes Year ago

      :D MSI again ... Best Scrap metal Casing again. cut so many cost & going to own by CCP china soon to SPY's on us also.........................................: xxxxx

  • Carter Thiel
    Carter Thiel Year ago +16

    I enjoy these roundups, as someone who builds PCs pretty often it's nice to know what to buy. I watch every full case review you put out but sometimes a roundup is all you need.

    • Carter Thiel
      Carter Thiel Year ago

      @creeply joes What are you even saying?

    • creeply joes
      creeply joes Year ago

      :D MSI again ... Best Scrap metal Casing again. cut so many cost & going to own by CCP china soon to SPY's on us also....................................... : x

  • Ots_Cicky
    Ots_Cicky Year ago +4

    I love my Lancool II mesh non rgb and bought it because of your first review on it! Easy to build in and cable management is impossible to mess up and hide cables if you are new to pc building! Great case!!

  • Rich Scott
    Rich Scott Year ago +1

    Hey! Steve, surprised that the Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2 w/ tempered glass didn't make your list. Really like the PSU vertical mounting, abundance of space, and that cable management is a breeze. Price is right too, making it a TOP 5 budget Full size case for anyone and everyone. Paid $119 USD for mine minus the fact Phanteks doesn't include any case fans. Still you managed to have a half way decent list considering there are several hundred cases that could been evaluated. Still waiting on the next Ultimate Challenge between you, Jay and Linus.

  • Black Frost
    Black Frost Year ago +1

    I finished my build a month ago and your reviews is why I picked up the Lancool II Mesh. So far it's been amazing. Paired with my NH D-15 my temps have been great. I have a 10600k overclocked @ 5Ghz and thermals haven't hit above 65 degrees even at full load

  • Just Some Person
    Just Some Person Year ago +5

    I really like the case reviews and especially these cluster of best cases. Thanks! I have one suggestion though: a new category for workstation cases. IE a good airflow case that has both mounting for four 3.4" spinning rust bays AND at least one 5.25" optical bay. I know it's not a "gaming" category, so isn't necessarily a Gamers Nexus focus, but your study of airflow and mechanical design is superb, so would fit this well. Just an idea. Because some people do more than game on their gaming PC. LOL

    • anon763
      anon763 Year ago +1

      GN will probably never see this comment but I want to make the exact same request. There are definitely modern improvements to be had over my current case - it'd be nice to have side panels move convenient than those old sliding metal clips and thumbscrews, and I'd like USB 3 in the front I/O - but not having a 5.25" bay is a dealbreaker.

  • YouStayClassySanDiego

    So, based on this, I'm thinking my decision to upgrade my Raven RV-02 to a full custom loop rather than get a new case is a good call. Regular temps aside, I built a collector and duct system to vent the computer directly to a window fan sucking air out of the room to help keep ambient temps as low as possible when not running air conditioning on warm San Diego days.

  • Bethany Bloomfield

    Heads up for the P360A, there's also a Plus variant that has a third fan, and I highly recommend it as someone who has one. It was $129AUD compared to $119AUD for the standard version

  • R D
    R D Year ago

    Phanteks has some good budget case options in their MetallicGear lineup as well. The Neo Air is a bit cheaper version of the P360A. Their O11 clone Neo Qube I used for my own build and is a nice alternative for two-thirds the cost mostly trading the dual PSU/HDD trays for the RGB accent of the O11 XL.

  • uncle tham
    uncle tham Year ago +38

    If anyone is worried about noise levels on any of these air flow cases just buy some Be Quiet fans.
    I legit threw in 3x PWM140mm (front) + 1x PWM140mm (rear) and a Dark Rock 4 into my Phanteks P500A.
    I can't even tell if it is on or not. Just pure bliss.

    • matt k
      matt k 3 months ago

      @Magnulus76 Fans don't have to be loud to offer airflow. Servers in data centers aren't desktops and most people don't need some obnoxious delta fans. My case is fairly quiet running a 200 phanteks up front (though will replace with 2x 140's before long), 2x noctua redux 140's in the top and a phanteks 140 in the rear. The 140's don't have to spin as fast and while people often think my fans are unbalanced in terms of intake vs exhaust they're really not. That's what fan controllers are for, the exhaust fans are dialed back and there's just a slight soft sound of air passing out the rear.

    • Magnulus76
      Magnulus76 5 months ago +1

      Be careful, though... if you run the fans too low in terms of CFM, they do next to nothing in terms of added thermal performance, and you might actually be better off with a more closed case that channels air over components better. There's a reason servers in data centers have such loud fans, after all.

  • Animalyze71
    Animalyze71 Year ago +1

    Bought the Lian Li Lancool II Mesh last year and still lovin it. Does everything, holds everything and the temps are always well under the limits. For the price it's one I've been recommending to customers with no regrets. Great case in all respects, a little tight with AIO's in place but solid anyway.

  • Nixitur
    Nixitur Year ago +1

    The "Best Noise-Normalized Thermals" category is seriously _so useful._ I know airflow is important, I know lower noise is important, but I just don't have enough experience to know where the balance lies. That category precisely answers this question, so thanks for this video!

  • pretendawatch
    pretendawatch Year ago +4

    I upgraded from a H440 to a Lancool II Mesh because of your reviews and I went from 75C on the CPU and 95C on the GPU to 60C and 65C on my 2700x on a Kraken X63 and 6800XT. Thank you so much for your super detailed content it made the whole process so much easier!

  • eric cardinal
    eric cardinal Year ago +3

    I currently use a Fractal Design Focus G case and I am completely happy with the Thermals and the ease of build. It shipped with 2 120mm fans in the front, i have added 2 120mm on top and a 120 in the rear. It has plenty of filters to help catch dust and pet dander. All in all, I would most definitely recommend this case for someone working on a budget.

    • Studio LD
      Studio LD Month ago

      I used that one for my first build but I struggled so bad with cable management, and after a few weeks the fans got loud fr fr

  • dragonlabs
    dragonlabs Year ago +2

    Based on your reviews, I bought a Fractal Meshify 2 last week, and it's been working well. Keep up the good work, GN!

  • Hypurr FPV
    Hypurr FPV Year ago +1

    Great information in this video. I've had my eye on the beQuiet Pure Base 500DX for awhile and I finally got one and replaced my Fractal Focus G cheapo case. One thing that I found out is the 500DX says it can handle 2 140mm front fans but I was easily able to add 3 140mm to the front. I used the 3 140s that came with the case in the front and added an Arctic F140 to the rear. I'd like to see where it places on the thermal charts now since it didn't score badly before and now the thing is downright chilly inside.

  • ZeroDayVirus
    ZeroDayVirus Year ago +4

    Got myself the Fractal Meshify 2 XL a week ago moving over from the Define R4, and I've got to say, the case design, building process and putting everything together was truely enjoyed. Fractal did an amazing job.

    • Duh
      Duh Year ago

      nice i got my self a obsidian series 1000d from corsair

  • matthieu zglurg
    matthieu zglurg Year ago

    if you want some MSI cases to be a "redeeming factor", they do have some mesh cases that are -I believe- quite competitive in price to performance.
    that includes the MAG Forge 100M, 100R and the MPG Gugnir 100M (NOT the 100R that has glass over mesh)
    the Forge comes with 3 fans, and the Gugnir comes with 4. I think they are quite competitive for pricing (the Forge is about 60€ and the Gugnir about 90€ in France, taxes included)

  • CrimFerret
    CrimFerret Year ago +5

    A good run of cases it looks like. I'm glad to see Fractal Design continuing to work on their high airflow designs. I'm getting a system built into a Phanteks P500A. Since I'm going strictly air cooled with a 5900X I figured I'd want something that would push a lot of air through the case without having to run the fans at jet engine speeds. I also plan to play a little with some fan configuration ideas and it's hard to think of a case that would make that easier.

  • Scribblette1
    Scribblette1 Year ago

    I have the fractal design r5 and a couple pet birds in the same room. The dust filters being easy to access is a big deal for my bad back, and the sealed top panel is even more important as I tend to have it covered to protect the parts. The low noise levels also really help when working. I'm looking at giving it to the kids and getting another case but it's so dang hard to find anything with easy access dust filters!! I feel a bit locked in to fractal cases, but I don't know if the define 7 is better or worse than the r5.

    P4RADIGM Year ago

    Sharkoon VG7-W is a good case. Top airflow, 3 fans. can even put 3x3.5" HDDs inside, although the mounting-options could be better. 50-60 bucks only.

  • Thomas
    Thomas Year ago

    I'd be curious to see if the meshify 2 compact's GPU temps would be significantly better with a GPU that doesn't exhaust from the front and back, many modern GPUs are opting to exhaust from the side, and or through the card (like the 30 series founders editions.)
    I like that its mentioned in the "meshify 2 compact" video, but a test would be nice to see if its true and how much of a difference it makes
    P.S. I'm pretty biased (I think the meshify cases look cool), and I want to justify these cases to perform well too.

  • Rog Dolos
    Rog Dolos Year ago +3

    I love these roundups. Cases are still one of the most interesting aspects of PC builds.

    • creeply joes
      creeply joes Year ago

      :D MSI again ... Best Scrap metal Casing again. cut so many cost & going to own by CCP china soon to SPY's on us also...................................... : PP

  • Jacky Rants
    Jacky Rants Year ago

    I went for the Corsair 5000X and I feel like I made a very wise choice and I'm pleased with its performance 🙂

  • DarkLonestar
    DarkLonestar Year ago

    I already kinda miss when some PC cases had a side panel fan,
    and additional 5.25 bays, as almost every PC case designs starting to look the same,
    as they are lacking some unique designs and features,
    compared to some older PC cases.
    While some older airflow focused PC cases had both looks and functions,
    with more extra features, without sacrificing both 5.25 bays and airflow,
    compared to those recent PC cases, with their glorified tempered glasses,
    that can easily get shattered.

  • thestrongbow
    thestrongbow Year ago +4

    The Phanteks P600A has been an amazing blend between airflow and noise in my experience. It was a joy to build in. The plastic sliders were pointless, but are inconsequential. I wonder why there are never any reviews on Cougar cases. The Cougar Panzer Max full tower looks really good too.

    • david J
      david J Year ago

      Do you mean p600s can't find a 600a

  • Natsumi
    Natsumi Year ago +2

    A best small case category would be a great addition but I dont think you guys have too many ITX focused case reviews.

  • Platinum
    Platinum Year ago

    Just finished a build in my new Silent Base 802. Just really liked the idea of picking what you want in a case in one package. Great to see it win the best mechanical design award.

  • hsb401
    hsb401 Year ago +1

    I think there are still many other brands which are not included. Like no case from Antec and TT which is surprising as they also have some very exciting new cases in the lineup which are much better in terms of price to performance. I believe more brands can be part of this to give users more options to decide. I wish steve can include products from Antec and TT on regular basis aswell.

  • Stuff Stuff
    Stuff Stuff Year ago +1

    Thanks for introducing me to the wolrd of airflow cases, GN!
    I bought the lian li lancool 2 mesh to improve gpu thermals and i love it. I was previously unaware of the importance of the case when building a pc and usually spent the least money possible on the case, provided that looks and i/o-panel features were still okay. I am really thankful for your insight and am now convinced that better airflow should usually result in a more silent performance than noise dampening in a case. Keep up the good work!
    Oh, and btw, I love your cat content

    • creeply joes
      creeply joes Year ago

      :D MSI again ... Best Scrap metal Casing again. cut so many cost & going to own by CCP china soon to SPY's on us also................................ : P

  • Victor Vega
    Victor Vega Year ago

    I picked the Phanteks P400A after I saw the 2019 best case video and it's still an amazing airflow case with a great price. The only "issue" being that it can't officially fit an AIO cooler.

  • trauma50disaster1

    I think I'm seeing the best/coldest gpu at 36db as the Enthoo, which I thought is pertinent to me. Don't we want the coldest gpu at low noise? I wonder why the Enthoo pro2which is still the winner in that category is not being touted. I mean we can get cooler gpu temps if fans are at max but we don't want the noise. Also, maybe it doesnt matter if the gpu is 44 or 54 above since they can get pretty hot.

  • Dominik J
    Dominik J Year ago

    Was looking for a case few months ago, took me weeks to find what i liked due to shortages and inaccessibility, but i ended up getting Thermaltake S100, and i really like it. Pretty easy to build, the glass panel is super nice and comfortable to open, and airflow seems pretty decent as well. And i got it for about 45eur, which was a drop from about 65eur few days prior

  • Thomas Loney
    Thomas Loney Year ago

    I upgraded a few months ago to the LIan Li 011D-XL, and it's been great so far, as long as you don't plan on moving the case too often. I like being able to put all of the drives in a wide bay behind the motherboard, and the bays that hold 3 drives to limit the number of wires being used.

    • creeply joes
      creeply joes Year ago

      :D MSI again ... Best Scrap metal Casing again. cut so many cost & going to own by CCP china soon to SPY's on us also..............................: c

  • blizbiggy
    blizbiggy Year ago

    A good alternative to the Lancool 215 is the Lancool 205 mesh (slightly more $), especially if you happen to be in Microcenter and can't find the 215 currently (currently sold out on their website/in stores). I see the 215 available on Newegg right now.

  • zephyr
    zephyr Year ago

    Just picked up a mouse mat, super happy to get a high quality product while also supporting this channel! Thanks for the good work Steve!

  • 45eno
    45eno Year ago

    Phanteks P360 case I bought for my kid and it turned out looking cleaner than any of the other 7 systems in the house. Perfect case for what I was shopping for. RGB controller works great and Vetroo v5 cpu cooler fan matches perfectly as I use it as exhaust. Well thought out and quality for the price.

  • Seithon Jetter
    Seithon Jetter Year ago +832

    NZXT should get a reward for "Hottest case, literally on fire"

    • josh McDzz
      josh McDzz 6 months ago

      Da incinerator!

    • Tùng Nguyễn Thanh
      Tùng Nguyễn Thanh Year ago

      I am planning to build a PC and am referencing the H510 case because it is beautiful, I mainly play games. Can anyone give me a review of the H510? And I heard in my country that the H510 Airflow version is coming, will it be hot? I go with B550 and 5600G (more GPU will be added later)

    • Aephοra
      Aephοra Year ago

      @JoeSchmoe regarding airflow and value, it's still better than 99% of cases cheaper than it, and better than 30% of cases around its price range and even some above it.

    • Robert A
      Robert A Year ago

      Their new H510 flow probably won’t get on fire.

    • Q8 Tech تقنية الكويت
      Q8 Tech تقنية الكويت Year ago

      I have Nzxt s340 elite and R9 5900x , using Noctua NH-U12S chromax Black but i changed cooler fan to NF-A12x25
      no issue at all in game 4.8 core , maybe i upgrade to water cooler when i have issue

  • materferguson
    materferguson Year ago

    I have gray and black Phanteks Eclipse p600s and I love it. All my components stay super cool, it was extremely easy to build in, it's very quite, and it looks great. With the addition of a 280 aio (also a Phanteks, the new Glacier one) I didn't even have to buy any additional fans. What more could you ask for. I don't understand why you guys didn't review it.

  • Brandon Howes
    Brandon Howes Year ago

    I would love to see another version of the 900 with some of the changes made in the 802, such as the mesh front or the removable radiator on the top. I'm running a 900 with two 420mm rads and it's a bit starved for airflow, and these changes would make my case that much better.

    • creeply joes
      creeply joes Year ago

      :D MSI again ... Best Scrap metal Casing again. cut so many cost & going to own by CCP china soon to SPY's on us also................................: zz

  • Brent
    Brent Year ago +8

    When you do these case reviews will you add the category “Most potential air cooled case”? So using a “standard” fan and as many as the case will most effectively allow using the fan mounts provided. I don’t mind buying extra fans to get temps down so what fans come with the case doesn’t matter to me. If a case allows 20 fans but only comes with 2 then with your scoring it may get a low score. Buy utilizing more of the fan mounts provided that same case could be the #1 air cooled case. Kinda like what you did with the Lian Li 011 dynamic series. You swapped out more fans to see how good it could be. I want to buy the case (open or closed) that will be best for air cooled. Maybe minus having an AIO for the cpu. Thanks!

    • creeply joes
      creeply joes Year ago

      :D MSI again ... Best Scrap metal Casing again. cut so many cost & going to own by CCP china soon to SPY's on us also..............................xxxD

  • shredman59
    shredman59 Year ago

    Another awesome blast of content. Love your channel. Unfortunately this just gives me the PC build Bug, but without any new GPUs, that idea is going nowhere. Anyhow, another case that has caught my eye is the ANTEC DF700 FLUX. It seems to have everything going for it. Good value, decent looks, lots of fans, possibly great cooling. Can you review it please?

  • 07wrxtr1
    07wrxtr1 Year ago

    Thanks for this! Went with the P500A being that I live in Utah / Arizona, so we need all the airflow we can get! Amazon has a bundle deal right now $250 for the case + glacier one 240 aio... I have a Phanteks Entho Lux TG for my first build, and the thing is SOLID!! So decided to stick with Phanteks again!

  • MrWasian
    MrWasian Year ago

    In love with my Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL still!! Always love seeing the case reviews, so many cool designs makes recommending cases to friends a lot easier.

  • TheSparrowsJourney

    You helped me choose the P500A for my new AMD build and I couldn’t be happier with the choice, thank you. Coming from a Phanteks Evo the graphics card is breathing a whole lot better.

  • Mor Bue
    Mor Bue Year ago +4

    I love how you test cases, but instead of "best noise levels & silence" and "best noise-normalized thermals" i would love to see a case test where all cases use the same fans and you install a gpu with coilwhine or maybe something that can emulate coilwhine and then look at noise-levels. (for example it feels almost impossible to get a mid/high-tier gpu that has no coilwhine .. or maybe a dedicated video define 7 vs. meshify 2 with strong coilwhine, if in this instances a noise dampend case can benefit and how much ?) Still Great Video !

    • Mr Anonymous
      Mr Anonymous Year ago

      @irridiastarfire Yup. Got 7 clicky drives. BeQuiet!

    • irridiastarfire
      irridiastarfire Year ago +1

      Yep. This, but also add a couple of clicky drives. Some people still use spinning rust in their builds. I love GN's case testing methodology and rigour but I don't like their airflow-or-bust mentality. Sometimes people put noisy things in their cases, eg. noisy GPUs, mechanical drives, whiny coils, screaming toddlers, etc.

  • Sic
    Sic Year ago

    I think Meshify 2 Compact is a pretty poor choice for stock thermals, it failed quite badly in the GPU test, 3D Mark stress test also wasn't its strong point. I'd presonally choose something more balanced like Phanteks P400A.
    Can you please test Corsair 275R Airflow? From other reviews it looks like a really capable and well priced case.

  • Wigglythegreat2
    Wigglythegreat2 Year ago

    I just got the Be Quiet silent base 802 and it is a really nice case with excellent air flow. There is lots of room and it's easy to work one.

  • cdurkinz
    cdurkinz Year ago

    Wish you had the 011D mini in there. It works well for me but I wonder how it’d stand up to your testing. Great video as always!

  • A. Sanford
    A. Sanford Year ago +1

    Using your reviews from last year, I went with the H500 blank for my new build, stepping up from my previous Cooler Master Scout. Thermally, it's very good. Visually, it's great. My only gripe is the back panel can be difficult to install of you've got an abundance of wiring, but that can be easily remedied by better cable management on the builder's part.
    Love your content, keep up the great work.

  • John Totten
    John Totten Year ago +1

    I bought the Be Quiet Pure Base 500DX and I am super happy with it. It does the job for me (Top 10 on most of the charts) and looks amazing.

  • Jasper Jones
    Jasper Jones Year ago

    I was kinda neutral on this review, even though I want a new interesting case for my slowly evolving system. Then I watched someone else's video! The Attack Helicopter was the first one shown. And surprisingly it got worse. They featured a case that depending on size weighed up to 59 pounds -- I think without a PSU. Reminds me of the old mainframes with elevated floors for the cabling. Sheesh. Your video had solidly designed cases in a range of prices and sizes -- much better.

  • Secret Hero
    Secret Hero Year ago +5

    Could you also include a list of "best available cases" that includes even older models that are still available? (I feel like the O11D would still be on the list in this instance)

  • xPerri
    xPerri Year ago

    Personally I would like to see more itx case reviews. DarkFlash looks pretty promising with the Dlh21

  • Jason
    Jason 4 months ago

    I love my 215, prices have gone up since this review but it's got everything you need to be easy to build in, look clean, and good airflow.

  • Ben7seven7
    Ben7seven7 Year ago +2

    There needs to be a list that includes cases that have optical drive bays as there are many including myself that use them.
    Yes of course you can use usb optical drives but for someone who regularly uses them having an internal drive is better.

    • It's-turning-against-you
      It's-turning-against-you 11 months ago

      i absolutely agree not everyone want flashy rainbow led fan with no airflow i want a minimum of 2-3 drive bays and no front glass just a filter with 2 fan 120mm is enough just a glass on the side i like the concept of hiding cable in the back and hide the powersupply with a back plate but i love to get many space to add more hdd the main ssd is nvme anyway we dont really need of sata ssd with low capacity and a hdd cost less and get more capacity and is more a solid choice in term of reliability there is more chance to loose all your files using an ssd than an hdd

  • Spiny Slasher
    Spiny Slasher Year ago

    Steve, I love your reviews, but I do have something to address about 'stretching the budget' on budget cases. Given how these cases will be oriented at people with a tight budget, you can already guess that these people have already stretched to their limits on the CPU, GPU, MOBO, RAM and storage. The casing is probably the last thing on their list, and that's the part where they reach their limits and absolutely can't stretch even 10 more dollars.

  • Brian Fox
    Brian Fox Year ago +1

    Thank you for having such detailed content that I don't feel the need to look elsewhere for case information

  • ednegroni
    ednegroni Year ago

    I wish Mini ITX cases had more solid options. It feels like the H210 is still the best overall option and it could 100% use a front panel mesh. The upcoming SSUPD Meshilicious looks promising, but I don't know if I can justify the $50 premium for an even smaller case.

  • SolutionVoid
    SolutionVoid Year ago +1

    I've just installed a 3090 (Asus Strix) and I was surprised that they do not take air from the backplate (outside) but from the bottom and the blow it out 90 degree (directly on the side of the case).
    Basically the strong airflow from the side is pushed back down, so it sucks in a part of the hot "exhaust" once again.
    This forced me to open my case (a Pure Black 700) on the side so the air can escape (the glas got hot)
    Seeing that I came to the impression that most cases are not compatible with modern high end GPUs when they blow out the air against the side. This just creates a turbulent hot-zone.
    What's the best for these cards ? I guess those CPU extenders/risers could help in placing the card into a better position but I dislike the idea to have such a high bandwidth connection modified by additional cables and connectors.

  • Spindini
    Spindini Year ago

    Bought the Corsair 5000D airflow after watching this video and is a great case. Thanks for all the work you guys do.

  • Nizkus
    Nizkus Year ago +41

    I would love to see a content piece on how much silence focused cases actually help with non-fan noise, like HDD, coil whine and pump noise.

    • K A
      K A Year ago +3

      As an owner of the bequiet dark base 900 (rev 2) I can say: the only Thing you can hear are the fans, no sound of my AIO Pump or HDD Whatsoever, coil whine is nonexistent on my TUF 3080
      Case fan noise on max is not the best, though

  • Jonathan Bruce
    Jonathan Bruce Year ago

    Excellent video! you make it very clear and easy to understand and for us to choose "good" cases which makes a huge difference for building and upgrading systems.. btw I'm from England, love your channel.. keep up the great work you do..

  • Sergeant Shaft
    Sergeant Shaft Year ago +2

    I bought a P400A because of you and I don't regret it one bit!
    Idle CPU: 31*C / GPU: 37-38 *C
    Max load CPU: 56 *C / GPU: 67-68 *C

  • Matheus Oliveira
    Matheus Oliveira Year ago

    Got a Riotoro CR1288 Prism and just loved it. Really good space and airflow, a case can really make a difference on your setup.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago +4

    I really like the (new?) animation/transition when switching categories. Looks very cool

  • DJgregBrown
    DJgregBrown Year ago

    xigmatek I did two RGB builds last year after doing one the case worked so well I did another identical build, both Ryzen 2200G. Their build was good and only £25 each case but you have to look at the included list as no fans etc. but they also did and 3 fans RGB kit for £20 but all in £45 . air flow was good and noise not bad considering the slow speed 3triple fan kit match with a RGB cooler on the Ryzen in looked nice, perfect child's build to play mobile games the 2200G is fine. Tempered glass at front cheap ass plastic side glass but for £55 pound the build quality was so good. it had fans behind glass and the intake on to which is not the best route but worked enough to keep the 2200G cool. It a brand that never gets much of review because it is rock bottom priced and but certainly worth a look in to. I would love to see a cheap as chips case review. one licence of Windows 10 cost me more than both the cases. the second one I kept for a little Linux box. But Childish RGB fans get on your neives after a while so I re-homed it in to a old Bitfenix Pandora case I had from a old i5 build..

  • atdt1991
    atdt1991 Year ago

    I sure wish there were more varieties of micro-atx cases up for review, it seems like an amazing form factor for people to really get creative. I mean it's 2021, and everything but my video card is on my MB, why do I need 4 PCIe slots?
    Speaking of, even though I imagine it is a (nearly literal) trash fire, I keep looking for a review of the gamekm tube case because it's just so different.
    Thanks for your diligent reviews!

  • Juan800 Pimpbot
    Juan800 Pimpbot Year ago

    Montech Air X is what I have and it's pretty decent especially great with airflow.

  • Jacob Clark
    Jacob Clark Year ago +14

    Big problem GN has just created for themselves and consumers. MSI can now advertise their case as winning a GN award for design. Not only is this an award they won, it's one they didn't pay to win.

    • Tsunero
      Tsunero Year ago +1

      true but now then "best worst case award" is not something to be proud of lol, especially when their competition literally caught fire

  • Zander Henriksen
    Zander Henriksen Year ago +11

    I wish there was a "best dust protection" award - basically which case is the most resilient to dust and can protect your components from degrading (or fire).

    • Stuff Stuff
      Stuff Stuff Year ago

      Well, they specifically honored the fractal meshify 2 for good thermal performance while providing good dust filtering (front, bottom, top, basically everywhere you would maybe place intake fans). A friend of mine has one of those and is really happy with it. But ofc you will probably get more dust compared to a more closed case with less airflow:)
      As Steve mentioned though, a case is basically just a box, so maybe you are fine with trading thermal performance for dust protection. Not sure, which aspect is more important for the longevity of your components.

    • BwenGun
      BwenGun Year ago

      So, personal experience, but I've had my Fractal Define R6 in my room, around me and my partner and my very fluffy cat for over a year now. I clear the front filter every time I vacuum but beyond that haven't paid it too much attention. Had to swap out an SSD a few weeks ago and figured I'd use the ol' compressed air can to get rid of the dust buildup at the same time. Was genuinely surprised at how little dust had built up over that time compared to my previous case (Which was an old beast of an Antec P280) would have gathered in a similar time frame.
      The R7 is similar enough that I'd assume it would do a similarly good job, but the R6 is also quite cheap at the moment if you can find it in stock as it's been superseded by the R7.

    • JC Gong Avoe
      JC Gong Avoe Year ago +2

      Thats exactly what I'm looking for to buy a case, my PC is in bedroom and I have so far bought a small vacuum, an air purifier just to combat dusts

  • Elias Doganis
    Elias Doganis Year ago

    Nice video overall,and surely can help buyers cleverly pick a good case.
    Although im not suprised to see MSI in the "Best" worst case of 2021.
    Myself i have a MSI MAG Vampiric 010X that i got for 40€-48$ (84€-100$ original manufacturer price ) and thermal are kinda terrible.
    My A10-9700 went from 75°C to 87°C under load with the stock cooler,and the Sapphire Radeon RX 5500XT Pulse 8GB from 72°C to 83°C under load.
    You should also check this case out guys.

  • Michael Soliman
    Michael Soliman Year ago +14

    No joke, you guys should do tier lists for cases by type/size year over year. These vids rock.

    • creeply joes
      creeply joes Year ago

      :D MSI again ... Best Scrap metal Casing again. cut so many cost & going to own by EV!!L CCP china soon to SPY's on us also...................................... xxxZ

  • Infected_Chris
    Infected_Chris Year ago

    I love, love my LanCool 2 mesh! Everything stays well-cooled and it's a beautiful case! Also, cable management is a breeze!

    • creeply joes
      creeply joes Year ago

      :D MSI again ... Best Scrap metal Casing again. cut so many cost & going to own by EV!!L CCP china soon to SPY's on us also................................... : P

  • Smackteo
    Smackteo Year ago

    I’d like to see one of these but for abstract cases. I really want a strange looking case but I’m not sure what to go with.

  • Rafa Allegretti
    Rafa Allegretti Year ago +43

    I'd love to see you guys reviewing cases from more brands like Deepcool for example. It seems you guys only review the top dogs in the market. You guys are the best on YT so it would help a lot to see you guys talking about other brands.

    • Rafa Allegretti
      Rafa Allegretti Year ago

      @Esat'ın Maceraları thanks for the idea. Will try to do it in the future

    • Esat'ın Maceraları
      Esat'ın Maceraları Year ago +2

      @Rafa Allegretti yeah I feel you. If it's a mesh and non restrictive case you can try looking for the fan model it uses and try for a fan review. It can give a good idea. That's what I did for my zalman case. Result was, almost as expected.

    • Rafa Allegretti
      Rafa Allegretti Year ago +4

      @Esat'ın Maceraları yeah, I imagine it's hard, but it sucks when you want a good review of a case that seems really cool but can't find any, or just find those ones that go over the features without talking about thermals, etc.

    • Esat'ın Maceraları
      Esat'ın Maceraları Year ago +3

      its a hard process so they prefer the top models. Id like to see more brands featured too. Also brands that go for europe and middle east even. Low down group...

  • Houdini111
    Houdini111 Year ago

    I'd be interested in a Best High-end Case. You have best overall which targets the middle of the pack and budget which targets the bottom but what of the best? What if you've got some extra and want to go above and beyond?

  • Drakarious
    Drakarious Year ago

    great video thanks! i still can see why anyone would choose anything over airflow.... nothing matters more to me than fitting my components and keeping the cool

  • Temptor
    Temptor Year ago

    Phanteks P300A with the mesh front panel is one of my favorites. It's a tiny case that can fit full ATX motherboards and larger GPUs- AND has great aircooling. love it!

  • Jordan K.
    Jordan K. Year ago

    I have to say I hugely respect the honesty of GN reviews. If something is trash, they'll tell you it's trash, and if it's good they'll tell you it's good. You'd think that would be a basic component of a review, but it's sadly lacking these days in a lot of other sources.

  • Brendan Hoffmann
    Brendan Hoffmann Year ago

    I just got a Corsair 4000D Airflow. I haven't bought a new case since 2005! (I'm running a z270 i7 7700k build though). It feels like such luxury! I ended up buying an extra 2 Corsair L120 fans to replace the front and rear and put the ones that came with it on the top exhaust and bottom front of the case to cool my hard drives/basement. I have an RGB motherboard and until now haven't been able to see the pretty lights! lol Good guide here.

  • heli lolo
    heli lolo Year ago

    Would be really nice if you could do one similar video on big tower cases. Theres a lot less choice with bigger cases sadly

  • Herr L.
    Herr L. Year ago +2

    Thanks for taking the Filter into consideration! For some of us it really matters. I got carpet floor and live close to a mainroad. Dust really piles up quick here !

    • creeply joes
      creeply joes Year ago

      :D MSI again ... Best Scrap metal Casing again. cut so many cost & going to own by CCP china soon to SPY's on us also........................: C

  • Joseph Agundez
    Joseph Agundez Year ago

    I was intrigued by the Be Quiet 802 until I looked online and saw the price tag of nearly $450!

  • Soprano
    Soprano Year ago

    I'm surprised the Corsair 5000D solid got the best for noise level, thought that would be loud. I really like the Corsair 5000X rgb version though, how would the noise on either of these compare to a fractal R5? To be honest my R5 used to be silent when I first had it, so silent that I had to check if the light on the tower was still on when I came back in my room but ever since I got a gpu few years back which is a blower card then its never been silent as the card always likes to run the fan at 30% default (even when idle) which I can't change, not that loud but definitely noticable than before. I don't mind fans getting a bit loud when under load but for idle or light usage such as email/web browsing I would like it still to be silent as possible. Was looking at R6 and R7 but nothing new from fractal, same recycled design.

  • Zoomborg
    Zoomborg Year ago

    Thank you as always for your amazing content GN!

  • Spartacus
    Spartacus Year ago

    I love the P500A, it's been great and actually keep my room cold compared to before haha

  • Chuu Ni
    Chuu Ni Year ago

    If I could ask for something, I wish you would test the rigidity of cases. The one reason I'm still using my absolutely ancient Chieftec Dragon case is that I can basically jump on without it deforming, whereas the panels on most modern cases seem to bend almost like paper. I'd like to upgrade, but I've yet been unable to find a case that is even remotely as rigid, and I've found noone that tests this.