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Electricity is dangerous

  • Published on Mar 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    EPISODE 149
    In this episode we trick Patty with some fake poop, we shock our faces with microcurrent in the name of capitalism, and we discover the best places to warm tortillas on your diesel engine.
    On a more serious note, we also talk about the dangers of electrocution at sea and catch up with progress on Tally Ho’s systems - including a full explanation of the electrical distribution locker, the black water plumbing system, and the hybrid shaft-clutch mechanism.
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    Electricity is dangerous (Rebuilding Tally Ho EP148)

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  • Sampson Boat Co
    Sampson Boat Co  2 months ago +247

    The FOREO BEAR makes a great gift! Get 20% off by using the code SAMPSON20 at foreo.se/rzps - and let us know if you were impressed by Clifton and Pat’s transformation into younger men?!

    (also we hope you don’t mind us having a little fun with these ads, making them really does give us some nice occasional distraction from boatwork)

    • Bosun Hawk
      Bosun Hawk 2 months ago +32

      Have all the fun you want creating ads. If they benefit you, might as well enjoy the process. I'm happy to watch professionals get silly 👍

    • ruud buursema
      ruud buursema 2 months ago +27

      Haha, brilliant! Now waiting for an ad for sextoys!

    • Callidus -13.X
      Callidus -13.X 2 months ago +27

      Oh please do have fun with the ads. They're hilarious to watch. A boring straight faced ad read would just be an annoying interuption to skip though, so this is much better.

    • John Harris
      John Harris 2 months ago +11

      Multiple use of the phrase ‘dry mounting’ throughout this episode may be an indicator of carnal frustration in the team, drilling holes in things is also a potential hint, not sure how increased carnal input can be had to stop further holes are made in things. Stroking a Curley head whilst working on the head is a way to get a head
      There …just like at my end, every thing is well vented.
      I’m now going to Tazer my face with said product standing in a pool of cider

    • Dee Parks
      Dee Parks 2 months ago +9

      Being ever so fair skinned have no need of a Foreo Bear... cough cough wink - but I have bumped up my monthly Patreon so you guys can find relief from joking your way through the ad's. Enjoyed the video - I simply allow the too tech stuff to waft over my head...

  • pierpalicious
    pierpalicious 2 months ago +427

    This is going to be the coolest sailboat of all time. Most youtube channels are focused on quantity of content, changing the subject matter from video to video, staying under 15 minutes, annoying clickbaity titles and people making dumb faces in the thumbnail, etc. People have short attention spans, I guess. But Leo, somehow you've cracked the code on going deep on the subject matter, doing your work to a very high quality standard (and giving the crew the necessary time to do so), putting out longish videos that are also to a very high standard, and keeping the audience engaged and entertained. So impressive. This is my favorite youtube channel by far- I've watched every video for many years now. I can't wait to see the project done, but I'll also be sad to no longer have these awesome videos every two weeks.

    • Ralph O. Michels
      Ralph O. Michels 2 months ago +25

      I can only agree. Rarely have I seen a crew deliver such excellent work with so much enthusiasm over such a long period of time and yes, I too hope that after the Tally Ho is launched we will continue to see the path this wonderful ship takes. I wish her always good winds and always enough water under the keel.

    • The 333
      The 333 2 months ago +17

      Well said - agree 100%. This is my fave channel too and I don't know squat about boats or sailing.

    • trep53
      trep53 2 months ago +19

      Leo has been serious throughout the entire Tally Ho project, no corners have been cut. However he does have a great sense of humor and enjoys a good hearted laugh! Hats off to Leo and the entire Tally Ho crew.

    • Thomas Becker
      Thomas Becker 2 months ago +5

      Or, they're like Doug Jackson, and just beg for money while doing incredibly slapdash and dangerous things. Leo and his crew are the polar opposite and a joy to watch.

    • Roger Fisher
      Roger Fisher 2 months ago +3

      ​@Thomas Becker reading your comment I wanted to respond but realised you are not worth the effort as I would never get those seconds it takes to write a reply back again but as you see I wasted part of life.

  • AR_119
    AR_119 2 months ago +49

    This is the only channel where I am happy to see sponsor ads. It means leo and the team can continue their amazing work and it all goes to a good constructive wholesome place.

  • Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg 2 months ago +26

    Leo should publish a book of his illustrations over the years on this project. I also found myself laughing out loud several times during this video. So informative and yet so entertaining.

  • CalamityBrainBand
    CalamityBrainBand 2 months ago +104

    Like any great sailor, he immerses himself into every detail of his vessel, he has knowledge of all of them, so that he can quickly assess issues, and track down their causes. He is involved in the design and layout process, and lets the experts deal with the higher technical details. He is an amazing young leader, and he has been so from the get go. Love watching their progress, and growth as humans and craftspeople. As a fellow lowly house carpenter, I am always infinitely impressed!!

    • chru cas
      chru cas 2 months ago +2

      Dear CalamityBrainBand
      👍👏👌 Very well said, very well indeed. Exactly my thoughts too. Therefore I wanted to comment similar, but fortunately you already did all the writing work. 😁 ;-)
      Best regards, luck and health in particular.

    • Venturi Life
      Venturi Life Month ago +1

      Good summation. Most sailors in time, become Jacks of all trades, because they have to be able to fix a boat, sometimes alone at sea, in less than ideal conditions without a warehouse of spare parts and tools on hand. Knowing your vessel, and the way it functions back-to-front, makes you a good and safe sailor that can perform repairs, and perform emergency actions when needed.

  • Werner Hoffmans
    Werner Hoffmans 2 months ago +40

    It's good to see everyone is having fun too! One of the main things I like from this channel is the high standard of quality that Leo sets for every part of the boat. And secondly, that he doesn't try to do everything by himself but instead is able to source experts and craftsman to realize it.

  • Silas Marner
    Silas Marner 2 months ago +51

    The wiring, so far, is SUPER ELEGANT and well laid out. My compliments to whoever is installing all wiring. For sailboats, this is crucial so you can quickly follow things when you have trouble. Nicely done!

  • Danny Archer
    Danny Archer 2 months ago +717

    The horrific ad sketches are now an integral part of this channel's value.

      TUNSTAVERN 2 months ago +68

      I rather enjoy their fresh take on them... plus, it's good income that makes these super quality videos possible. 😊

    • Kari Salonen
      Kari Salonen 2 months ago +35

      Hurray for integrated ad's, team should be hired as ad team.

    • J Adams
      J Adams 2 months ago +50

      I think they do a hilarious job of these, and still promote their sponsors.

    • Jim Dear
      Jim Dear 2 months ago

      I had to look this one up because I thought he was surely advertising a sex toy.

    • Astrodiver 1
      Astrodiver 1 2 months ago +31

      I gladly watched it.

  • Andrew Crabb
    Andrew Crabb 2 months ago +11

    Joe really seems to be the sort of person you call when you want everything done right. The knowledge and attention he puts into the systems is very reassuring.

  • Cody Eakle
    Cody Eakle 2 months ago +4

    Your videos get better and better each time! I’ve been hooked for a couple years now. I literally start counting down the days to the next episode the moment the latest episode ends.

  • Daniel Hoven
    Daniel Hoven 2 months ago +10

    Thanks for throwing the engineers in the crowd a bone once in a while!

  • Brad Bloxsom
    Brad Bloxsom 2 months ago +6

    So much redundancy, so much neatness, so much "ship shape" in everything on and in Tally Ho, she really is and will be a thing of beauty! Well done guys, can't wait to see the rest of the fit out. Cheers👍

  • Phil Evans
    Phil Evans 2 months ago +11

    Leo, don’t worry about getting too technical. I simply love it when it goes all techy!!

  • Duncan Frere
    Duncan Frere 2 months ago +406

    Leo's (potentially) burgeoning career as a top-notch illustrator is only furthered by this episode!
    The staggering level of quality and workmanship the Sampson crew routinely delivers obviously extends to the electrical and plumbing systems! This isn't your grandfather's pilot cutter!
    Tally Ho is a 21st century, cutting edge vessel from stem to stern!

    • David Vivian
      David Vivian 2 months ago +7

      Spot on Duncan.

    • Rob Swan
      Rob Swan 2 months ago +10

      Leo ONLY does quality 👌

    • Larry Hall
      Larry Hall 2 months ago +2

      Amen brother you are spot on

    • Chris Kirkman
      Chris Kirkman 2 months ago +1

      Hear hear

    • Zoggizzle
      Zoggizzle 2 months ago +1

      Still dont understand why would you not go with electrical pump for the toilet.

  • SALAM1
    SALAM1 2 months ago

    I can’t even describe what being able to see this progress means to me. First video that was recommended to me a year ago was the 4 year montage (EP 100) which made me start from the beginning. Now this has become my favourite thing to watch, twice a month. I love every video you make, but theres a small percentage of my soul that drools over these more techical videos.
    Love the crew and the vibe, also you guys make sponsor segments that I have no need to skip, so quality in all forms. Keep up the good work and cheers from Finland.

  • Peter Müller
    Peter Müller 2 months ago +4

    I have never seen anyone who can put a legal disclaimer as elegantly as you, Leo 👍🏻

  • Steven Hodgson
    Steven Hodgson 2 months ago +17

    That episode so enjoyable it only seemed to last 15 minutes, congratulations on all aspects, what an incredible team you have put together.

  • Clement 7
    Clement 7 2 months ago +7

    Tally ho is becoming a boat that is combining the best of old and new technology. It really takes someone with Leos experience to put something like this together It is not just the quality of the build that makes this special, it is knowing what you need in a boat to make it a comfortable boat to cross an ocean. A lot of boats may be built with perfect craftsman ship but they may also hardly ever leave port. I don't believe Tally ho has a history of being one of those boats and Leo has never built her as a floating museum piece. But instead he is building a cruising boat as good as the best out there. This combined with Tally Ho history makes it something special.

  • Wilber Peebody
    Wilber Peebody 2 months ago +6

    It's nice to see the fun and family you guys have become.

  • Karl K
    Karl K 2 months ago +361

    Weekend is always great when there is a new Sampson Boat Co video

      KEN BOUDREAU 2 months ago +7

      You can tell Leo and the crew have a great sense of humor/humour and to feature it in the ads gives us that much better sense of their toil and trouble and loves.

  • Steve Kish
    Steve Kish 2 months ago +5

    Living in land-locked Atlanta and not a boat builder, I have watched this series from the beginning and my anxiety level reaches its max whenever a through hole is drilled in the boat. I get the shear terror of getting it wrong so hats off to you all for being brave enough to drill those holes!

  • elChado Lives
    elChado Lives 2 months ago +4

    The content and format on this channel just keeps improving like the boat, slowly, purposefully and with class. When they both are polished and complete the videos and the boat itself are gonna be purely amazing.

  • Gottenhimfella
    Gottenhimfella 2 months ago +20

    There's an unlimited number of sailing channels which gloss over some or all of the detail, so it's a real bonus that one of the few which does routinely go there, goes there so lucidly and comprehensively (and comprehensibly). Kudos!

  • Vid Vak
    Vid Vak Month ago +3

    I have been watching this from the beginning. If leaving a like and dropping a comment gets a little more money to help out with the build, I'm going to do it every time. Please, if you see this, hit the like and drop a comment. Best wishes to the Sampson Boat Co. team!

  • Hayden W
    Hayden W 2 months ago +165

    I think Albert Stranges mind would be blown if he knew all these technological systems would one day be in one of his boat designs 113years later. Impressive team

    • NoSpoon
      NoSpoon 2 months ago

      Until he had some experience of salt water and electrics.

  • Andrew Beardmore
    Andrew Beardmore Month ago

    Another fabulous video Leo. It's brilliant to see the detail and have your explanations. Such a top quality job being done on everything and it's great to see you all enjoying the whole experience at the same time. Keep it up! Well done to your whole team, they all come across as such wonderful people.

  • Rick Simpson
    Rick Simpson Month ago

    Absolutely my favorite sailing/marine channel. Always a great mix of impeccable talent & craftsmanship, technical expertise and slapstick comedy. Please keep 'em coming!

  • JoeClarkCinema
    JoeClarkCinema 2 months ago

    The technical details made me excited. This was in my top 5 favorite episodes you've done so far.

  • Al Shaver
    Al Shaver 2 months ago

    Love the episodes dedicated to working wood and building but am also one of the many who appreciate the technical videos that go into detail. There are more of us than you think. Never apologize for a video. They are all fascinating thanks to subject material, your thorough explanations and artful illustrations. I will use what I learned here while outfitting and assembling the solar/power system for my camper van. You've assembled a great team and are leading them like a champion! Carry On.

  • Blakkbiird
    Blakkbiird 2 months ago

    Leo, It's my opinion that you set the standard for DIY videos. The whole channel is amazing and well balanced. Your doing a beautiful job! Keep up the great work!

  • stickhillfarm
    stickhillfarm 2 months ago +161

    Yours is the only channel I watch the in-video adds, truly remarkable talent. Any advertiser is lucky to have a spot with your team

    • Peter T
      Peter T 2 months ago +5

      Yeah, could imagine the conversations between the companies and their advertisement consultants after they saw these?
      "We pay you millions and these boat builders give us a better result"

  • John King
    John King 2 months ago

    I love the design of the systems and all the careful considerations you made. The diagrams and detail that you go into explaining the systems are excellent!

  • Josh Robillard
    Josh Robillard 2 months ago +2

    As a nerd for all things electrical or mechanical, I loved the additional technical detail. Bring it on!

  • John Hine
    John Hine 2 months ago +2

    Really appreciate the level of technical detail and the manner you guys handle the sponsorship. The humor works great.

  • Mark O
    Mark O 2 months ago

    "I just want to work in a safe place" had me laughing out loud

  • Jonathan Kayne
    Jonathan Kayne 2 months ago

    I can appreciate that you went into detail about this because that's what fascinates me as an electrical engineer. All the other boat building channels are afraid to go into that level of detail

  • Doitean
    Doitean 2 months ago +412

    As an engineer, I love when you go into the technical details, but I do understand that others might not be so enthused.

    • captainslam
      captainslam 2 months ago

      A lot of it is beyond me… but I appreciate it. I’m learning a lot. One of which is that I should never attempt that lol. Two, it makes sense in my brain how it all goes together like a puzzle. I really appreciate that.

    • m
      m 2 months ago

      Me as well

    • Dave Coz
      Dave Coz 2 months ago +38

      As a non-engineer I found Leos' drawings very helpful - it's amazing how a moveable arrow or red X make the mass of wiring understandable

    • matty b
      matty b 2 months ago +19

      When I started my apprenticeship as an electrical engineer many many years ago, I got told by a tutor that dc made your hair stand on end and smoke, ac made it wavy and curly and smoke more. 😂

    • Ken Stein
      Ken Stein 2 months ago +14

      Agreed. I'm here for the details

  • Tsugumori
    Tsugumori Month ago

    HEY LEO, what a fantastic project. It is so amazing that communities around the world are pouring in their resources to save Tally Ho. Because of their generosity, Tally Ho has been provided with a project leader, a team of skilful shipwrights and some fantastic equipment to ensure she is restored in full, having being constructed using heritage techniques.

  • Mrcaffinebean
    Mrcaffinebean 2 months ago

    Haha the crew banter always cracks me up. Not only are you all amazing craftsmen but you’re all very funny!

  • Randy Murrell
    Randy Murrell 2 months ago

    After all the years. Probably the first video that put me to sleep. But rewatched. You guys are doing great stuff.

  • Sergiu Mocan
    Sergiu Mocan 2 months ago +1

    Every time a new video comes out the first thing a look is "how long it is"... hoping it's the longest yet. Too bad that the amount of work that needs to be done leaves no space for a video every week. Been watching since day one... I hope it will keep going for ever... beats the crap out Discovery and other channels, thank you for the quality you put in every detail, boat wise and filming

  • trukdriverfred
    trukdriverfred Month ago

    Keep the technical stuff coming Leo! Also, I love the outtakes and the comedy. Great job everyone!

  • John A
    John A 2 months ago +124

    Augmenting Leo's already impressive list of skills is his ability to illustrate and lucidly explain the various systems onboard his vessel.

  • Larry325
    Larry325 2 months ago

    Awesome video. I am retired from the Marine service and install business. It’s nice to see the latest equipment being used today! Thanks Leo! 👍👍👍

  • Forge20
    Forge20 2 months ago +1

    I know everyone likes to watch woodworking but systems are the heart of the boat. It's good to see the details of such a high quality installation. Tally Ho is going to be reliable and comfortable. Nice work.

  • Greg Mottram
    Greg Mottram 2 months ago

    You are preaching to the converted here Leo. Everything you have presented over the years I’ve have been watching the build has been on point. We’ll leave it to you to keep taking us on the journey in which ever way you see fit. Can’t wait for my skin to start looking younger!
    😂 And can’t wait for the next ep. 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Citizenone
    Citizenone 2 months ago +1

    Your level of detail and craftsmanship is rare in these times. I’m encouraged by what you have accomplished. As always fantastic work my friend.

  • Shaun Crinion
    Shaun Crinion 2 months ago

    By far the best restoration channel on You Tube. The technical level was bang on.

  • Tau
    Tau 2 months ago +89

    The design/engineering eps where Leo puts everything down in pencil sketches are easily my favs from the whole project.

  • SlungBlade
    SlungBlade Month ago

    It's great to see all the systems being installed along with the logic and reasoning behind their design. Never feel bad for providing us that view into this important aspect of boat construction.

  • Brian H
    Brian H 2 months ago +1

    you could go into twice the technical details and I wouldn't complain one bit. though having redone much of more than one boat's electrical systems before, I can really appreciate just how much work has went into yours. To say I'm impressed is an understatement.

  • Tim Johnson
    Tim Johnson 2 months ago +2

    Leo, these are some of the best explanations I’ve ever seen, especially of how head plumbing works! Love the movable arrows 🔝 notch.

  • Martin da Costa
    Martin da Costa Month ago

    Beh, it was great. As always Leo. Kudos and fine things to you and the team.

  • Dave Prchal
    Dave Prchal 2 months ago

    Love the way you take the sting out of the ads! You and your crew are amazing!

  • Mandolina & Grogu
    Mandolina & Grogu  2 months ago +65

    I swear Leo - there is NO ONE from your team accross all the years you rebuild Tally Ho, that i do not like :D
    Everyone is so symphathetic, so energized, so up to teamwork and filled with joy of doing something great together that I desire to work with you all

  • meteorplum
    meteorplum 2 months ago

    Great set of updates, Leo. Also, the ad reads are entertaining. Keep it up.

  • Tony Urquhart
    Tony Urquhart 2 months ago

    Thanks Leo & Crew. As always an informative & enjoyable video. (PSA - I'm an electronics engineer, so the electrical part was right up my alley!)

  • Torwel
    Torwel 2 months ago

    Such an amazing Crew around this Gentleman. Thank you all for the Videos of your hard Work.

  • Kane Oliver
    Kane Oliver 2 months ago +1

    The amount of information you put into the videos is perfect 👍

  • Doug Cunningham
    Doug Cunningham 2 months ago +1

    The editing is really well done in this video. Looks like it took quite a bit of time. Thanks for doing that.

  • Rob in the Shop
    Rob in the Shop 2 months ago +54

    Most channels I skip the ads, but I like watching Leo and the crew put on a great performance.

    • Mad Mick
      Mad Mick 2 months ago +1

      That's funny because I skipped the ad to see what was happening this episode, I then went back and watched the ad, lol!

  • IcyMidnight
    IcyMidnight 2 months ago

    Great video, Leo! I love the more technical videos and your diagrams really help understand what's going on. 😁

  • Peter McCall
    Peter McCall Month ago

    It’s so much fun to watch you guys do really good work and have fun. I have been working on an electrical system design for my boat, so really appreciate the detail!
    Thanks guys.

  • Brigidz
    Brigidz 2 months ago

    I love that you go into so much detail on all the systems

  • Scott Jones
    Scott Jones 2 months ago

    If that thing makes the companionway hatch look like that then I’ll buy two 😂.
    Seriously though, I’ve been watching for a long time and totally understand the benefits of sponsorship. I’m glad you put the effort into the sketches, I actually watch them instead of skipping through like all my other subscriptions. Can’t wait to see Tally Ho in the water soon!

  • barmus90
    barmus90 2 months ago

    Love the diagrams and technical detail! For someone like me with engineering knowledge but no clue about boats, it's amazing to see all the peculiar systems and their purpose!

  • John Sears
    John Sears 2 months ago +72

    I love the fact that your team makes the videos for your sponsor instead of some canned advert.

    • Aussie Chris
      Aussie Chris 2 months ago +6

      Agreed, and it's obvious they have fun doing them. I'd love to see how many bloopers they've had.

    • More and row
      More and row 2 months ago +4

      Still, what a ridiculous product they advertised this time-.

    • Alexander Menzies
      Alexander Menzies 2 months ago +4

      @More and row Still, it made it much easier to lampoon.

    • Steve Holder
      Steve Holder 2 months ago +3

      And I'm never tempted to skip over them!

  • Mark Clifton
    Mark Clifton 2 months ago

    This has brought a 100 year old yacht bang into the 21st century. This is a lot of cool tech , but hopefully this yacht will now see another 100 years of life . Great job Leo and your very talented team 👍

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 2 months ago

    Im starting to like the adds more than the actual content. :D Thank you for doing the overly detailed videos once and a while. Some of us are re-building our own sailboats and can keep up and learn from them.

  • Matthew Petersen
    Matthew Petersen 2 months ago

    Absolutely loved this video. The systems explanations were top notch. Even enjoyed the plumbing theory which is probably not something I'm usually into. As a small boat owner, I loved the discussion around the integration of the various voltage systems and how they interact.

  • Marty B
    Marty B 2 months ago

    I really appreciate the amount of technical detail that you included. I am in the process of restoring a much smaller sailboat and it really helps. Thanks for making this video!

  • Geoff Keeler
    Geoff Keeler 2 months ago

    The technical details are certainly welcomed by me, it's so good to see the boat progressing well. Thanks for the videos!

  • Gilbert Appleby
    Gilbert Appleby 2 months ago +52

    The way Leo breaks down the electrical system was great. Coming from an engineer who always has to explain technical topics to laymen/developers/architects.

  • brownhouse16
    brownhouse16 2 months ago

    Blessed by the great crew and very capable people that surround you. Craftsmanship and humour. A great mix

  • Normand Landry
    Normand Landry 2 months ago

    Very informative as usual and also very entertaining too. This is one case where the length doesn't matter! Keep up the good work and the always enjoyable videos.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 months ago +2

    Would love to hear the reasoning behind going with Galvanic Isolators over an Isolation transformer. I am building my own boat and was leaning heavily towards a transformer.

  • Angus McC
    Angus McC Month ago

    Love seeing all of the interconnected systems and how they function in such a special case.

  • Ray Theron
    Ray Theron 2 months ago

    Fantastic to see and hear all the technical aspects of Tally Ho. And a pleasure to watch and hear craftsmen (and -woman) at work. Love the humour, too.

  • Stephanie Willey
    Stephanie Willey 2 months ago +44

    I like the redundancies built into the electric systems. At sea, what ever can go wrong will eventually go wrong and it's those multiple backup systems that will get you to a safe port. I especially like the dedicated engine cranking battery with the ability to employ the house battery. Many years ago I taught that type of setup and installed it in several sailboats myself.

  • Confessions of a
    Confessions of a 2 months ago

    I think companies will be crawling all over this channel to get a slot with Leo and the team taking their 'alternative approach' to product marketing. Keep it coming, it makes me laugh and brings much needed money in for a superb project.

  • Warron Williams
    Warron Williams 2 months ago

    Excellent description of systems operations Leo. Good one! The cost must be extreme to fit a system such as this. Very cool

  • Greg Larkin
    Greg Larkin 2 months ago

    That was a good level of detail and your explanations were really well done and easy to follow - ‘couldn’t have been better!

  • Allan Weber
    Allan Weber 2 months ago

    I personally really enjoy the level of detail that you put into your videos. The detail allows me to learn and expand my knowledge of what you're doing. Something I know nothing about. I really enjoy learning so I guess I'm saying keep up the good work my friend.

  • Anthony Elam
    Anthony Elam 2 months ago

    The Layout of all the Electricity is awesome ... the plumbing is awesome ... Tally Ho is awesome ... the people who work on Tally Ho is awesome ... attention to detail is awesome ... to see Tally Ho going through her Sea Trials and Maiden Voyage will be awesome ... just to be watching the videos will be awesome ... this will be truly Historic ... will be watching ... thank you ... Leo and Tally Ho Family and Clip-Share ...

  • Endangered Marmot
    Endangered Marmot 2 months ago +38

    I will 100% continue to fully watch your sponsor sections if you keep doing them like this. Boat is coming along nicely, too!

  • Bill C.
    Bill C. 2 months ago

    Wonderful episode. Full of useful and interesting information. I really enjoy the cornball antics and camaraderie of the team. Nice!

  • Mat Walker
    Mat Walker 2 months ago

    Absolutely loved it... You answered many questions I have been pondering for months! Steady on epic job and channel

  • Rick te Kronnie
    Rick te Kronnie 2 months ago

    Loving these tech video's! Keep 'm coming. Great to see the boat coming together a bit more every time, been watching since EP2!

  • Eric Takakjian
    Eric Takakjian Month ago

    Great video! All the systems work is truly first class in every respect! I'm a surveyor and ABYC technician and I must say it's rare to see that level of workmanship in systems today, even in new boats.

  • Mio69
    Mio69 2 months ago

    The one or other boatbuilding project that I have watched so far became either bland, boring or protracted towards the end.
    But with you it gets better and better, funnier and more exciting. Even the interior work, which usually doesn't excite me as much, gets me excited.
    A massive, massive thank you back for making this great series of videos!

  • Megan Luke
    Megan Luke 2 months ago +37

    Loved the longer and more technical aspect of this video. These systems have gotten more technical and certainly were not imagined when the boat was first built.

  • Duncan Brown
    Duncan Brown 2 months ago

    Wonderful vid, I know you feel uncomfortable with adverts but they actually add to the whole story. Fantastic team you have assembled!

  • Ian McClure
    Ian McClure 2 months ago

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    Ian Jones 2 months ago +19

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    Alan Mahaffey 2 months ago

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    Joe's wiring jobs remind me of a building inspector who told me he can tell by looking at an electrical panel for 10 seconds whether he should inspect more carefully. The neat and orderly layout makes it easy to appreciate the skill and knowledge level of the craftsman that installed it.

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