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ATEEZ(에이티즈) - 'Paradigm' Official MV (Performance ver.)

  • Published on Nov 28, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • prince of namhae
    prince of namhae 2 months ago +5195

    Congratulations to Ateez for being the only group that has Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung and Jongho.

  • K A R I N A
    K A R I N A 27 days ago +51

    I don't know that much about them (yet), but with the few songs I've listened of them I can say this is such a talented group and I'm pretty interested to listen and know more about them

    • K A R I N A
      K A R I N A 25 days ago +1

      @All haters got no jams bye STRM BS&T and HALAZIA I'll do it. thank u!

    • All haters got no jams bye STRM BS&T and HALAZIA
      All haters got no jams bye STRM BS&T and HALAZIA 26 days ago +1

      *whispers* check out Wave too

    • K A R I N A
      K A R I N A 27 days ago +1

      ​@All haters got no jams bye STRM BS&T and HALAZIA I already listened to Deja Vu and Answer AND I LOVE THEM! I'll take a look at Say My Name. Thanks for recommended it!

    • Nova LOVE
      Nova LOVE 27 days ago +1

      Ateez have no bad songs, all songs, MVs And performances are even better than MVs.

    • All haters got no jams bye STRM BS&T and HALAZIA
      All haters got no jams bye STRM BS&T and HALAZIA 27 days ago +2

      listen to say my name, deja vu and answer please. I love these ones really much

  • Clary San
    Clary San 29 days ago +54

    MINGI that jacket, that hair, those glasses🤩😍😍that look is so dangerous SO HANDSOOOOMEEE

  • CKC
    CKC 29 days ago +20

    I have some sort of HALAZIA\PARADIGM megamix going on in my head. HALAZIA still so new.

  • cthlzia
    cthlzia 29 days ago +12

    yeosang whispering still gets me

  • marinelaaa92
    marinelaaa92 Month ago +541

    ATEEZ are such good group, they need more recognition

  • bee ♡
    bee ♡ 29 days ago +5

    my fav japanese cb

  • mayu
    mayu Month ago +12

    SBS stages! Fantastic!!! ✨✨

  • Rose with thorns
    Rose with thorns Month ago +10

    Ateez has no weak link all members are best vocalists, dancers, visuals and performers ♡ get ready for next comeback in 4 days!!!

  • Анастасия Садовская

    Боже мой, пусть о них узнает весь мир
    ну посмотрите как это потрясающе😭😭

  • prince of namhae
    prince of namhae 2 months ago +45

    Everyone: "This is the worst year ever." Ateez : "Sorry but not for us."
    people need to understand that ateez aren't a distraction . they are an inspiration
    STAN ateez FOR A happy LIFE

    • Anu 💜️ SL
      Anu 💜️ SL 2 months ago +4

      ATEEZ never hv worst years , Every year is bright for them 👊🔥

  • ide gas
    ide gas Month ago +12

    the songs ateez released this year r such masterpieces!

  • Bree B
    Bree B Month ago +10

    2.5 coming soon!

  • 🌻🌛Passion, young, fever  - GANAMOS LA TERCERA

    Temazo para finalizar el año

    SU-CHIN CHIU Month ago +9

    I keep wanting #ATEEZ more and more. Thank you for this wonderful and whole new Paradigm comeback. ♡~♡

    KRIS LUNA 2 months ago +3452


    • Passion.Young.Fever! With Treasure💎
      Passion.Young.Fever! With Treasure💎 Month ago +1

      @time machine Mkay

    • time machine
      time machine Month ago

      @Passion.Young.Fever! With Treasure💎 The way you’re blatantly ignoring the hate he gets within the fandom speaks volumes. I could care less about what other fandoms say, but the fact I’ve come across a lot of his naysayers in atinyville is a huge problem.

    • time machine
      time machine Month ago

      @Passion.Young.Fever! With Treasure💎 You didn’t show me anything new with any of the videos you showed me. Just say you don’t want the group to artistically grow as individuals and go. If you want the same two songs in different fonts over and over again, that’s on you.

    • Passion.Young.Fever! With Treasure💎
      Passion.Young.Fever! With Treasure💎 Month ago +2

      @time machine And how did the topic go from Line distributions to San hate train?🤨 idek what hate train u r talking about🤷‍♀ All I know is that even on Everglow-up's talks about sp, I defend my boy when they say he overperforms all the time(when all he has is natural sp)

    • Passion.Young.Fever! With Treasure💎
      Passion.Young.Fever! With Treasure💎 Month ago +2

      @time machine My case still stands that San Yunho and Jongho get some of the best vocally good parts, cuz they deserve them, even Seonghwa as well. Don't forget to check out that Clip-Share channel Koko3op, then you'll know what I'm talking about luv. It's giving ''You aren't a fan and only listened to a handful of their songs(mostly tts)'', but you somehow want your opinion to be heard, even tho your opinion is quite wrong, bcuz again, the four vocalists get the vocally best lines, and it's actually mostly Yunho and Seonghwa that do the ''chanting/barritone battle-cry'' parts. If you have a problem with it, go and meet the people who compose the songs and interrogate them as to why they construct the songs that way?? I mean afterall aren't they the geniuses behind Ateez's music? So, don't you think they know what's better why they would do it that way?

  • Mariana R
    Mariana R Month ago +9

    Te amo Paradigm, te amo Ateez 😭😭😭

  • Yana Gers
    Yana Gers Month ago +14

    They are really the best boy group in kpop. They deserve billions views. They work hard and every time sth new. Nobody works as hard as they. But their work in underrated. So disappointing and not fair

    • Aiën
      Aiën Month ago +4

      Ikr😭 they deserve so much more recognition

  • 🌻🌛Passion, young, fever  - GANAMOS LA TERCERA

    Todos resaltan, increíbles vocales, increíbles raperos, increíbles bailes. Sin duda es un temazo

  • Hwaa’s wife
    Hwaa’s wife Month ago +12

    Most talented group of 4th generation

  • Semiʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    Semiʕ •ᴥ•ʔ 2 months ago +73

    I really love the chorus and also Yeosang's whisper part that hand move is so cool!!!

    • Jess Rose
      Jess Rose Month ago +2

      I love the chorus very much too!! And Yunho's hair is so cool this time TT

      DAZZLING LIGHT  2 months ago +4

      @Semiʕ •ᴥ•ʔ 🥰

    • Semiʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
      Semiʕ •ᴥ•ʔ 2 months ago +5

      @DAZZLING LIGHT Yasss girl!!!🥰

      DAZZLING LIGHT  2 months ago +4

      @Eli Durfee 😇you too

      DAZZLING LIGHT  2 months ago +4

      @Semiʕ •ᴥ•ʔ 🥰let's stream this masterpiece ...fighting

  • Nova LOVE
    Nova LOVE 28 days ago +8

    Almost 2,6M. Fighting Atiny.

  • Mariana R
    Mariana R Month ago +8

    Necesito con urgencia tremenda joya en vivo 💖💖💖

  • Britney Prieto
    Britney Prieto Month ago +7

    Me encanta aaaaa la canción y la coreografía se complementan muy bien

  • Bonnie_hhj
    Bonnie_hhj Month ago +7

    omg I love Mingi's voice Aaaaaaa

  • atiny present 🌼 R에바R
    atiny present 🌼 R에바R 2 months ago +75

    Everyone is shining in their own way .. the whole mv is Soo perfect they're on another level.

  • Ten Twenty-four Eighteen

    HALAZIA has completely blown me away... ATEEZ is truly a paradigm.

  • María Burgos
    María Burgos Month ago +7

    Volviendo a sorprender, como siempre mi querido ATEEZ

  • Ahgd GG Bdhchc
    Ahgd GG Bdhchc Month ago +10

    Y'all I'm daying this group is too good 😍❤️

  • eTXTernally
    eTXTernally Month ago +10

    Literally slightly screaming bc of hongjoongs rap EVERYTIME I LISTEN TO IT I do the lil glitch movement he does lol I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!! AND SANS WHOLE NEW PARADIGMMMMM AT THE END CHEF'S KISS

  • Swagata Pal
    Swagata Pal Month ago +573

    I don't care what other people says, Ateez is the best whatever genre they try. No one can pull off like them. Their clothes, fashion, even this song itself is beyond perfect and I love it.

    • emi lii
      emi lii Month ago +5

      @milli maybe they mean they're listening to kpop for 10 years now

    • milli
      milli Month ago +1

      @ATEEZ best song Be With You ? Ateez debuted in 2018..

    • ATEEZ best song Be With You
      ATEEZ best song Be With You Month ago +7

      agree. I've been in 10 years now and as a group they're just "that group".

    • Karla Vasquez
      Karla Vasquez Month ago +13

      You said it

  • Swagata Pal
    Swagata Pal Month ago +10

    Did y'all hear "HALAZIA"? Damn, Yeosang's voice is so deep, his parts is awesome. I love my Ateez so much, just love them.

  • 2Mixinger M
    2Mixinger M Month ago +11

    hongjoong killed it with that rap

  • Ericaアチズ
    Ericaアチズ Month ago +9

    Just opened all my gifts , now I am here with ATEEZ and Tinys ❤ Happy Christmas everyone!

    • Ericaアチズ
      Ericaアチズ Month ago +3

      @mayu -san! Thank you

    • mayu
      mayu Month ago +3

      There are also many contents of ATEEZ!!🥰 Happy Christmas Ericasan! ❤

  • acai ♡
    acai ♡ Month ago +10

    i’m so excited for their cb !!

  • викечка
    викечка 2 months ago +38

    ateez never disappoint. every their comeback is really unique. they deserve all the world but the world doesn’t deserve them 😔

    • bella
      bella 2 months ago

      don't forget to sp4m like the comments too for make it tr3nding❣️

  • Sammi
    Sammi Month ago +11

    I need to shout "ATEEZ, YOU ARE THE COOLEST!"

  • Amanda Gonzalez
    Amanda Gonzalez 29 days ago +10

    these japanese comebacks need more respect from atiny like fr
    this song, the king, dreamers.. they’re all bangers and need more views and praise

  • Lavender
    Lavender Month ago +8

    Paradigm se merece todas las vistas 💕

  • justwyoung
    justwyoung 29 days ago +9

    besides the great song the visuals of this mv are soo aesthetic and simple

  • JIMIM's Wooyoungie 🦑
    JIMIM's Wooyoungie 🦑 2 months ago +278

    It's sad that not every ATINY knows about ATEEZ' Japanese cbs :( Their Japanese cbs are as perfect as Korean cbs. I hope that in future we will be better in streaming Japanese cbs. Fighting✊🏽

    • Yes I exist
      Yes I exist Month ago +9

      @DAZZLING LIGHT it’s just common in K-pop that Japanese comebacks aren’t as popular because the companies don’t promote it as much

    • bella
      bella Month ago +1

      how come they didn't know?

    • mingi
      mingi Month ago


      DAZZLING LIGHT  2 months ago +10


  • Isabella Moraes
    Isabella Moraes 20 days ago +9

    Eles são perfeitos meu Deus ATEEZ te amo

  • mayu
    mayu 7 days ago +9

    3M!! Congratulations!! Paradigm ❤

    • Ericaアチズ
      Ericaアチズ 7 days ago +4

      Yeah!!! Group hugs! Thank you Mayusan ❤

  • Ericaアチズ
    Ericaアチズ Month ago +10

    Let’s make Guerrilla to 30M before comeback! Also inception is close to 76M! Fighting Tiny!

  • Yonkook forever
    Yonkook forever 15 days ago +8

    Это прекрасно: шикарные образы, интересный танец, красивый вокал и крутой рэп. Печально только то, что нет выступления с этой песней. Люблю вас, Эйтиз❤

  • The WebsterGaming
    The WebsterGaming Month ago +466

    4 years later and they still express their facial expressions while dancing. Ateez is that group

  • Ten Twenty-four Eighteen

    ATEEZ is a whole new paradigm~!

  • CKC
    CKC Month ago +5

    Woo and Yunho using left hand movements is suss.

  • AMA shorts
    AMA shorts 28 days ago +9

    Love it

  • mayu
    mayu 7 days ago +10

    Good morning, Atinys!
    Almost there! 3M! Paradigm ❤

  • M.M
    M.M 2 months ago +125

    It's their first Japanese comeback in their own yt channel. Plz let's give Paradigm the hype it deserves

  • justwyoung
    justwyoung Month ago +7

    this song honestly just keeps on getting better and better !! Woah !!

  • DonottalktomeMy8pirateshavesomanyjealous

    Using this as a halazia filler. Because this song is masterpiece! If you don't wanna agree with this argue with the wall!

  • ateez san
    ateez san Month ago +7


  • Breiner Luque
    Breiner Luque 29 days ago +6


  • Viviane Rodrigues
    Viviane Rodrigues 2 months ago +35

    yeosang is another level here. we know he deserves more time because he is so talented.

  • R3dden
    R3dden Month ago +8

    I got goosebumps during the entire song. I love it, love the choreo, the looks, everything.

  • Mᴀʀ_Sᴇᴏɴෆ
    Mᴀʀ_Sᴇᴏɴෆ 20 days ago +5

    La coreografía sus voces los atuendos lo visuales que son siempre dando lo mejor de ellos

  • Alys in the Mist
    Alys in the Mist 27 days ago +10

    Don't worry my princess I'll come here every day and multiple times bc you deserve so much better.. :(

  • louis cypher
    louis cypher Month ago +10

    i love this guys just tooooooo muuuuchhhhh

  • Bree B
    Bree B Month ago +334

    Jongho slays in that sparkly blazer

  • Ten Twenty-four Eighteen

    Break everything, dear ATEEZ! 😆

  • eastasianlover
    eastasianlover 29 days ago +8

    no matter who says what, no one in this world can change my belief that ateez has DA BEZT costumes/outfits in EVERY SINGLE FUCKING MV AND PERFORMANCE.
    if you do not agree,
    please go and watch every performance again.
    you’ll know what i’m sayin’

  • solcito
    solcito Month ago +10

    Let the streaming begin :)

    KAOURU Month ago +15


  • Key Li
    Key Li Month ago +194

    No. 1 on japan billboard, congrats ateez. You'r the best

  • Ansi_Rev
    Ansi_Rev 9 days ago +10

    Ok, new revolution for Ateez ♡

  • Lila Mora
    Lila Mora Month ago +7

    Love u so much my Halateez 💜

  • kim bab
    kim bab Month ago +8

    My feed is flooded with ATEEZ's concept photos and I’m not complaining tho!!

    • Ericaアチズ
      Ericaアチズ Month ago

      Thank you Kim bab san! Have a wonderful day!

  • Kg m
    Kg m Month ago +8

    That's so so so good, can't wait for the comeback in 5 dayssss

  • ArmyxStay
    ArmyxStay 2 months ago +171

    Ateez is my ult group and let me tell you they never fail to impress me. This comeback is just amazing and I am once again impressed with what they have made. ATINY let's carry on supporting them for future comebacks!! ATEEZ you are absolute Kings 💞 FIGHTING!!!!!

  • Rose Blue
    Rose Blue 27 days ago +7

    THIS CONCEPT IS🔥🔥🔥 love ateez!!

  • Lalita
    Lalita Month ago +7

    Love it absolutely nailed it

  • Kpisodes
    Kpisodes Month ago +8

    Fighting Atiny chingus. Even though I can't leave a comment here all the time but I always listen to this bop everyday. It has become a part of my routine.

  • Ericaアチズ
    Ericaアチズ 9 days ago +7

    I wonder will we have a complete performance for this one day ~~?

  • a-tiny p1ece
    a-tiny p1ece 2 months ago +1768


    • Jenny W
      Jenny W Month ago +1

      Not me thinking it was Hongjoong TT0TT

    • nita baruah
      nita baruah Month ago +1

      Yesss Seonghwa is murdering everyone lately. My bias is lit💜💜💜

    • shalanda
      shalanda Month ago


    • Huong Tran
      Huong Tran Month ago


    • Woo
      Woo Month ago


  • Jherain Mae Pajares
    Jherain Mae Pajares 20 days ago +8

    how do y'all even get to become better and better every comeback when I thought that your last comeback is the most perfect ever 😩😩😩

  • Ten Twenty-four Eighteen

    I still love the visuals here in Paradigm.

  • Kg m
    Kg m 29 days ago +8

    their sound are so addictive

  • Almost a multistan. STRM BS&T, BUTTER, VIBE

    AS I SAID SOME MONTHS AGO - I'LL NOT REST IN PEACE UNTIL ATEEZ GET THE RECOGNITION THEY DESERVE. These guys deserve so much more! Korea and others who sleeps on them, WAKE UP! Not knowing ATEEZ = you lose in life.

  • Atiny Dear
    Atiny Dear 2 months ago +29

    The way ATEEZ is the only group that I stan where even their jp comebacks I anticipate, and still get jaw-dropped. You're hella insanely good ATEEZ!

  • song minmin tomlinson
    song minmin tomlinson Month ago +7

    using this as a filler but yeah this slaps HARD AS ALWAYS

  • kidi
    kidi Month ago +6

    Did anyone noticed something? About the entrance lyrics? "Someone call my name, wake me up"
    And about this mv just remind me to halateez Awakening?? 🤓idk tho..

    • kidi
      kidi Month ago

      @San B ohhhh i got it now

    • San B
      San B Month ago +1

      yup, like waking them out of Inception too

  • All haters got no jams bye STRM BS&T and HALAZIA

    I want them to become so famous that they will be known all over the world

  • Clarouche🙄
    Clarouche🙄 29 days ago +12

    Ateez slay🤭

  • juliathecarat
    juliathecarat Month ago +75

    i'm so glad yunho got so much center. he really deserves this as his voice is really attractive and his facial expressions are very catchy. and i'm also happy for woo&yeo getting more lines and this couple part ☹️💓
    i love ateez so much!!!!!! can't wait for the comeback 😋😋💓💕💖💗💖💗💞💗💕

    • B wane
      B wane 12 days ago +2

      yesss! 3:11 this is the most gorgeous Yunho shot ever and there's so many to choose from because he is beautiful everyday all day but this shot is the one. I can't cope.

    • Miss Busy
      Miss Busy 15 days ago +1

      Love how you pointed that out, couldn't agree more 👏🏼👏🏼

  • Atiny jjang
    Atiny jjang Month ago +8

    I love paradigm sooooo much

  • CKC
    CKC Month ago +8

    Looking forward to Ateez stage tomorrow !!

    • bee ♡
      bee ♡ 29 days ago

      is there any link ?

  • hala Ateez
    hala Ateez Month ago +8

    the best all time my kings best and amazing kpop boy group in whole life

  • Breiner Luque
    Breiner Luque 29 days ago +4


  • prince of namhae
    prince of namhae 2 months ago +26

    ATEEZ really doesn’t have a bad song, all of ‘em are BOP! They are truly proving that they are the 4th gen leaders in kpop! ATEEZ WORLD DOMINATION

  • AbiSol
    AbiSol Month ago +6

    Ateez’s discography is immaculate!

  • Ten Twenty-four Eighteen

    Break everything, ATEEZ! LOL.

  • ItzSophiaPlayz
    ItzSophiaPlayz Month ago +5

    Ateez always slaying!! ❤ ( like always) :D Mingi’s hair and glasses , like his whole fit is so cute ^^

  • 🌻🌛Passion, young, fever  - GANAMOS LA TERCERA

    Te amo vocales de Jongho, te rezo, te admiro, te amo.

  • prince of namhae
    prince of namhae 2 months ago +64

    I'm literally shouting out of my lungs. ATEEZ never fails to make me go insane , Ateez put the standard high every single time they always bring art in every little return and work, thanks to the production team and ATEEZ for bringing total art
    . Lets prepare well for this comeback tomorrow

  • Dawn Marie
    Dawn Marie 25 days ago +7

    Hongjoong is that hidden part of all of us we are afraid to show lol! Love him to death!

  • Ten Twenty-four Eighteen

    I was supposed to be doing something else, but I had to see these 8 incredible, humble, and lovable people~!

  • thatclumsyhuman
    thatclumsyhuman Month ago +6

    i always say this with every cb: but my god, the stylist really outdid themselves in this. they all shine (and destroy) in this one

  • Xsyren •
    Xsyren • Month ago +10

    Noooo - my headphone power is dying :o I wanna go watch Halazia again with them =o Don't die on meeee!!!