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Thank you, Benny

  • Published on Dec 5, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Maximilian Dood
    Maximilian Dood  Month ago +14010

    Very much appreciate all the love, care and support you all have provided all these years. Benny meant the world to me and Jessica, and your kind words and fanart would always brighten up our day. If you have any memories of Benny you'd like to share, please feel free to tag @maximilian_ or @pbandjaejae on twitter with #ThanksBenny.

    • Zachary Pollard
      Zachary Pollard Month ago

      Max I'm so sorry...this dog I felt was a part of you an extension of your own personality while remaining unique in his own way. Sorry man my best wishes.

    • Hayley Waalen
      Hayley Waalen Month ago

      @kalawaski I bet he's in the Rainbow Bridge now.

    • kalawaski
      kalawaski Month ago

      Rest In Peace Benny. Shine On in our hearts forever.

    • Hayley Waalen
      Hayley Waalen Month ago

      One day you'll get a new doggo.

    • Freddie Jones
      Freddie Jones Month ago

      A powerful video....I know it had to take everything to make this,rest in peace benny❣️ and peace be with you and your family maxx

  • Johnny Kinard
    Johnny Kinard Month ago +4506

    Rest in peace, Benny. My condolences to you and your family, Max.

    • LifeSux Man
      LifeSux Man Month ago

      Noooooo 😢😢😢

    • SG Waris
      SG Waris Month ago +4

      Benny the best

    • PrinceRemielAleks
      PrinceRemielAleks Month ago +5

      @Kayne why are you laughing

    • Kayne
      Kayne Month ago

      @monstersinthecity I cried a lot 🤣😭😭

    • valentds
      valentds Month ago +15

      @Phili the Gamer already? he was not so young and with 3 years of malfunctional kidney

  • YouTube
    YouTube Month ago +898

    benny was the greatest actor and will be so missed!! thanks for opening up about this and sharing some of the joy that benny brought to the channel and the world🤍

  • Elratauru
    Elratauru Month ago +98

    What matters is that you guys gave him the best life he could have. He'll surely never be forgotten, long live his memory!

  • Ricky Grimes
    Ricky Grimes Month ago +89

    Benny was a huge part of your channel for me. He'll be missed. RIP, Benny.

  • Steve Eric Jordan
    Steve Eric Jordan Month ago +87

    i'm not crying, we're all crying

  • Diego Fernández
    Diego Fernández Month ago +69

    I’m sorry for your loss.
    This absolutely shattered my heart and I can’t help the tears.
    He’s a legend and will forever live in our hearts and the internet.
    Thanks, Benny!

  • Tiny Face Nagito
    Tiny Face Nagito Month ago +18

    Benny will never be forgotten. Rest in peace, legend.

  • SnoreLax504
    SnoreLax504 Month ago +11

    Benny wasn't just a dog. He was the co-pilot of this channel. I'm so sorry for your loss Max. Benny will be missed. Keep your head up man. He's in a better place now.

  • Trillian
    Trillian Month ago +13

    This made me cry, r.i.p. Benny, you'll always be remembered

  • NicoB
    NicoB Month ago +500

    He'll always be a part of this channel and its community, even if he's not physically with us. His legacy will live on.
    Rest in peace, Benny.

    • TheNawaf258
      TheNawaf258 Month ago

      Especially in assist me i will miss Benny

    • OtakuD50
      OtakuD50 Month ago +1

      Did we ever get a Benny / Bernie collab?

    • Leone Devaudier
      Leone Devaudier Month ago +11

      We'll miss you Benny

  • Devon Espinosa
    Devon Espinosa Month ago +39

    Benny got me into fighting games just as much as you, Max. That little dood will always be a part of why I even picked up UMVC3. My condolences. Rest in peace, little Dood!

  • Deshaun J
    Deshaun J Month ago +11

    You can tell Benny was a little super hero! The relationships we build with dogs is like no other. Sorry for you loss Max 😢.

  • ChewyLocos210
    ChewyLocos210 Month ago +24

    That little dude made a big impact in so many ways for your family and the community you made throughout the years. He'll never be forgotten because he's a legend of your channel. Losing a companion is tough but he was there for you when you needed him the most. He was more than a dog or a pet, he was friend and he will always be remembered by many. Rest in Peace Benny. Thank You Sir.

  • JJ
    JJ Month ago +15

    Im a very casual viewer of yours, popping in every few weeks or months. Benny was such a pretty and cute boy! Its always hard losing your best friends. Rip Benny

  • Wolfenstrike
    Wolfenstrike Month ago +398

    NEVER remove him from the channel's iconography, he was such a big part of it that it's impossible to think of the channel without his goofy face. RIP pupper, you were such a good boy.

    • Taygon45
      Taygon45 Month ago +1

      @SadeTryce And have it shine

    • SadeTryce
      SadeTryce Month ago +14

      He can put a halo over him like dbz

    • Nicholas Adeptus
      Nicholas Adeptus Month ago +13

      I second this.

    • Fishman465
      Fishman465 Month ago +20

      Yes, and he lives on in a number of things.

  • Arch Briceño
    Arch Briceño Month ago +14

    This channel might always be known as the "fighting games dog and guy" channel for years to come and that's actually an incredible thing. Rest in power, Benny. A pet that is so involved in everything that we do is not just a pet, it's a business partner and a companion too!

  • Luke Cooksey
    Luke Cooksey Month ago +19

    The unconditional love of your dog is like no other they are with you till there end RIP Benny

  • MrKevin486
    MrKevin486 Month ago +10

    Shine on Benny. He is was a true legendary Doggo. He was definitely so important to your channel, he was the channel mascot, its symbol. He will always be missed but never forgotten. RIP.

  • AJ Grumblestilch
    AJ Grumblestilch Month ago +21

    I'm so sorry to hear about Benny, he was an absolute Prince of a dog, we'll all miss him.
    It's never easy losing a family member, pets hold a powerful place in our hearts.
    Rest up lil dude.

  • Jesús Velarde
    Jesús Velarde Month ago +593

    A stranger's dog passing away has never hit me this hard. I'm truly sorry for your loss Max.

    • SamandColbyfan
      SamandColbyfan Month ago +1

      @Console Master you are bro stop

    • Console Master
      Console Master Month ago

      @SamandColbyfan bro nobody is making jokes. Calm down and fix ur attitude

    • SamandColbyfan
      SamandColbyfan Month ago

      @Console Master S H U T U P you are making unnecessary jokes when somebody’s dog died! That’s rude! You are the person in the wrong here not me!

    • Console Master
      Console Master Month ago

      @SamandColbyfan bro don’t be rude on the comments of a serious video. Show some respect

    • SamandColbyfan
      SamandColbyfan Month ago

      @Console Master bro shut up you aren’t making a single person laugh bro. You are the one being disrespectful

  • Talon Shepherd
    Talon Shepherd Month ago +6

    My heart goes out to you, man. Folks without dogs sometime don’t understand how much they become a part of your life. May that little ball of light that was Benny rest in peace.

  • A Sneaky Lawn Gnome
    A Sneaky Lawn Gnome Month ago +3

    I’m truly thankful for all the times you’ve shared Benny with us. He was truly one of the goodest of the goodest boys. I literally yelled NO!! In the hospital parking lot because seeing that title just hurt so bad. Stay strong Max.

  • UltimoLegend
    UltimoLegend Month ago +3

    Had to say goodbye to my dog a few months ago after 12 years together from the same illness, so this hit even harder after my brother told me about this video. So sorry for your guy’s loss. Benny will always be a legend and his memory will live on forever.

  • Peyton Redulfin
    Peyton Redulfin Month ago +6

    As someone who lost their beagle last year after giving them the best life after they were saved from a lab, I know how you feel. Avery was my boy, just as benny was your boy. It’s hard, but remembering the years you’ve spent with your best friend will live with you until you die. Hope you’re doing well max.

  • Dillon George
    Dillon George Month ago +542

    One of the most iconic dogs on Clip-Share, he will always have a place in everyone’s hearts. ❤😭

    • Raider87
      Raider87 Month ago

      @Paraguai123 been a while since I watched Funhaus. Didn't know Benson passed too. RIP good bois.

    • Chris Rock
      Chris Rock Month ago +1

      @ADukesJustice And Gunnar from Poiised

    • ADukesJustice
      ADukesJustice Month ago +7

      @Paraguai123 Yes. And Portillo from Kinda Funny

    • Paraguai123
      Paraguai123 Month ago +16

      I hope he has fun up there with Benson from FunHaus. The best bois.

  • Razgriz Straitz
    Razgriz Straitz Month ago +8

    *Max is truly a good guy. I'm happy to see you had such a good friend for so many years. Rest in peace, Benny.*

  • Skyler Tipton
    Skyler Tipton Month ago +6

  • Emmanouil Mandelenis

    I've been watching you for almost 10 years now Max, you sparked my love for fighting games. Benny is a friend I remember fondly from my own childhood. I adored him as a kid watching your videos and he'd always bring a smile to my face, in the skits, the streams or just in the background. Having recently lost a dog, seeing this video breaks my heart. This loss is immeasurable to you, I offer you my undying sympathy. In these difficult moments in life, we must always remember the fond memories we created with our pets, who are by our side even more than people sometimes. I am so sorry for your loss, I'd like you to know that it also pains me deeply and as I am typing this with tears in my eyes, I hope you can overcome this grief and continue to live your live with nothing but smiles, just as Benny would have wanted. RIP to the dog that was so far away but always felt like one of my own, rest easy pall.

  • ryan hashimoto
    ryan hashimoto Month ago +3

    Benny will forever be in everyone’s hearts

  • Super
    Super Month ago +167

    sorry for your loss. losing a best friend is the worst pain ever. the beautiful thing is memories of benny will live on through video form forever. he meant a lot to everyone. i hope you guys can recover with time.

    • JeffxBlack
      JeffxBlack Month ago

      Condolences out for Princess as well 🙌🏽

  • Manny Jimenez
    Manny Jimenez Month ago +2

    Damn, even I teared up. Benny is the reason I would ever consider a Pomeranian. He was such an adorable little guy and the hypest furry dood in the world. Rest in peace, Benny.

  • Ringabel
    Ringabel Month ago +4

    Rest in Peace Benny, you were one special little dog 💙

  • Juice77
    Juice77 Month ago

    Thank you Benny for the memories. It's amazing how we all can feel like a family through Clip-Share. Godspeed!!

  • Blake Asheart
    Blake Asheart Month ago +3


  • Akyurashi
    Akyurashi Month ago +465

    Rest in peace you absolute legend of a pupper. Shine on little dude, you will be dearly missed.

  • Leonard Oliveira
    Leonard Oliveira Month ago

    You're amazing max! Benny was a really good friend and he's still being with you. Our beloved little buddys will always be by our side and he definitelly had awesome moments with you guys. All love for Benny, and for the amazing parents you guys were to him!

  • ransax
    ransax Month ago +2

    Damn man. I know how you feel. Tearing up watching this.
    EDIT: OMG the montage at the end got me. I joined the channel way after the fact, after Benny stepped back from the spotlight. What an amazing little guy. He was truly special and what a personality. We're here for you. Losing someone like him has to be devastating.

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez Month ago +2

    Rest in peace to best boy benny. He will be missed but not forgotten. All my condolences to you max, keep on being amazing.

  • David Shuttleworth
    David Shuttleworth Month ago +2

    So sorry to hear brother. I’ve been watching your channel for many years, probably since around 2016. You single handedly got me into 3S/MVC/CVS, but you’ve also gotten me through a lot of tough times, including the loss of my dog. Just wanted to let you know that you and Benny had a positive impact on my life and I hope the universe returns the favor

  • Lens Hunter
    Lens Hunter Month ago +350

    Saw this notification pop-up and went "nooooooooo". What a sweet boy.

  • Careless Ninja
    Careless Ninja Month ago +5

    God that is heartbreaking. Sorry for your loss. Benny was always the highlight in videos for years with his big bright eyes and huge personality. He will be missed.

  • PSWii60
    PSWii60 Month ago +2

    My fiance and I just lost our dog quit literally the day this video came out. The timing on it is weird for me but yeah it leaves a hole where you look for them and keep thinking you'll see them in places they were just for a moment before you remember they're not there anymore. Definitely feel you on it being one of the harder things to go through. Benny will be sorely missed and dogs need to be made immortal.

  • Duvan Bula
    Duvan Bula Month ago +2

    The fact that he lived more 3 more years than he was supposed live, shows how much you loved Benny. I Remember seeing him In Your early assist me videos and he looked very happy all the time. I don’t doubt he had a beautiful life besides you max. I rarely comment on Clip-Share and this shows how much I got attached to Your little fella. I know that nothing will replace him max but I wish the very best to you Jessica and his spirit. You will be missed Benny 🐕❤ the cutest “dang puppy that looks like a puppy”

  • Skyrimslayer
    Skyrimslayer Month ago +3

    Man this really got me! I’m so sorry Max and Jessica! Your so lucky that you have all these wonderful videos of this little rockstar and he will live on forever!! He was truly the cutest Pom I had ever seen! I have two small schnauzers and they are my first dogs that i have had as an adult and they are my everything! Thank you for sharing him with us for all these years!!🌹

  • The G Man
    The G Man Month ago +366

    Rest on little soldier, you will forever be a legend among us

  • Felix Rivera
    Felix Rivera Month ago +3

    I’m happy to be able to be a part of Benny’s life. RIP Benny. You have brightened so many lives who encountered you.

  • Hpesoj Ogladih
    Hpesoj Ogladih Month ago +1

    I have sometimes thought of the final cause of dogs having such short lives and I am quite satisfied it is in compassion to the human race; for if we suffer so much in losing a dog after an acquaintance of ten or twelve years, what would it be if they were to live double that time.

  • Renato P.
    Renato P. Month ago +3

    Rest in Peace, little guy. Many of us know how precious our pets become to us... a friend, part of the family... almost like your own child in a way. You gave him the best possible life I'm sure, he gave all his love to you guys. That's what counts. His memory will live on! Talking about it will eventually help you to process.Thanks for sharing this, we appreciate it Max!

  • The Weasel from North
    The Weasel from North Month ago +3

    It's always hard to lose a loved one. Benny never be forgotten. Thank you Max for sharing with us. Rest in peace, Benny

  • Otaku The Great
    Otaku The Great Month ago +180

    My condolences to you and your family, Max.
    He was the little ray of light even in the thumbnail (never seen a dog smile before)
    R.I.P. Little Warrior 😭

  • Hatuj
    Hatuj Month ago

    Heart wrenching news that got me bawling, so, I can only imagine how it's been for you and JJ.
    Benny will forever live on, but greatly be missed at the same time. There's no filling the void a loved one leaves, but we can always honor its imprint into who we are thanks to them.
    Much Love.

  • Justin L
    Justin L Month ago

    damn man. that dog is a legend. we will all miss him dearly. Thank you, Benny!

  • CrimsonCloud
    CrimsonCloud Month ago

    Sorry for your loss, Max! Benny was and will always be a legend on your channel and in your lives. I love what you said about the bonds we form with our pets, it is 100% true. I would feel absolutely lost without my cat and when I think about him dying one day I break down into tears, pets bring so much joy and comfort to us. I am so glad that you not only have mental memories of Benny but you have so many videos of him just chilling on your lap, those are to cherish.

  • BIGGZMcGEE 2.0
    BIGGZMcGEE 2.0 Month ago

    I remember first getting into fighting games when my friends got me to play XTekken on the 360 and then 3rd strike. I remember finding you around then and always loved seeing Benny. Throughout all your videos he was in he was always such a bright ray of energy and what an amazing dog. We all miss him. He's been a part of our lives too. We love you Benny. Rest easy now and thank you for all the memories.

  • BusterSwordUser
    BusterSwordUser Month ago +246

    Oh God, this is sad beyond words. Benny was such a fun face to the channel and YoVideoGames. My condolences to you and Jessica, as well as the rest of the YVG crew. Rest in Peace, Benny.

  • Darby Reviews
    Darby Reviews Month ago +186

    RIP Benny the FGC legend , Max’s dog , friend and his son , so sad he will always be in our hearts . Thank you Benny

  • Please let me change my name Goddammit

    Stay strong my Dood and know this, you gave Benny one of the best lives a dog could've ever had

  • Otaku Alex Retro Gaming Enthusiast Collectionist

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Benny will be missed. I loved his participation in your streams and the merchandise he was in. He was an awesome pup. We're all here for you. Strength and prayers for you Max.

  • cristian nunez
    cristian nunez Month ago

    You could always tell Benny had that look of love when he was in your videos, I can only imagine ow much he meant to you. Rest in Love Benny

  • The great 100
    The great 100 Month ago +301

    I don't know how Max can do this video without being in tears this is making me want to cry...everyones gonna miss ya Benny

    • nman551
      nman551 Month ago

      @Console Master no one cares Twitter user

    • Silent Andy
      Silent Andy Month ago +1

      @Console Master I'm not mad, I'm laughing at u. U ratio'd ur self. Also, ur comments under just about EVERY other post are nothing but negative or trolling, so I can tell ur just desperate for attention. Ur a clown, buddy. 👎

    • Console Master
      Console Master Month ago

      @Silent Andy y u so mad bro?

    • Silent Andy
      Silent Andy Month ago +1

      @Console Master Ur 0 to their 6, so who's being ratio'd here? Yourself? 🤦🏻‍♂️ Clown. 🤡

    • Console Master
      Console Master Month ago

      @《Black Prince》 L + ratio + anime profile picture

  • Nick the Dark Hero
    Nick the Dark Hero Month ago

    Thank you for everything in these past years, Benny. Shine on little dood~ o7

  • Craig Jorge Kinjo
    Craig Jorge Kinjo Month ago

    Rest well little one. I remember watching first during the Assist Me years & Benny was always one of my favorite parts during that series. And was the reason I picked up Sabrewulf in KI! Cause of the Boss Rage vid against Shadow Jago. Much love to you Max & Jae Jae. And Benny thank you for saving the day and our heroes throughout the years. Shine on to the dog of dogs!

  • Bruvva
    Bruvva Month ago +1

    I lost my little furball over a year ago and it still hurts, take your time grieving Benny, there is no time limit.

  • Marvin The Martian
    Marvin The Martian Month ago

    Damn! I can’t believe it.
    I first started watching your videos back when you were making them with Benny.. loved those videos. My favorite videos on your channel.
    The Fighting History series are some of my favorite videos on Clip-Share, period.
    I’m sorry for your loss, dood!

  • P1xel Brain
    P1xel Brain Month ago +224

    I saw the title and thumbnail and my heart just sunk, Benny was a legend and a part of the family

  • lj .
    lj . Month ago

    RIP benny, he was a goat. Love you Benny, you’ll always be a legend. ❤️

  • Mu Jones
    Mu Jones Month ago

    Thank you, Benny! For wonderful years of Assist me and Max Adventures. You'll always be with us. ❤

  • skyuru
    skyuru Month ago

    Thank you Benny, no one will forget you, never, you will be always in our hearts!

  • Keke Leyana
    Keke Leyana Month ago

    it’s so crazy that I have been following this channel for so long. I have watched Max grow so much in life as well as in his career and Benny was there from day one. We miss him so much and I hope you’re healing just fine. His legacy lives on ❤❤❤

  • aceofAces44
    aceofAces44 Month ago +191

    Rest in Peace Fluffiest Dood. You're soul will live on in the hearts of those you've touched. Hope you're gaming in that big arcade in the sky, bub. We'll all miss you.

  • Bear King Dre
    Bear King Dre Month ago

    God I just remembered losing my dog of 15 years as I watch this and my heart goes out to you all Max

  • Tim Harrison II
    Tim Harrison II Month ago

    Sorry for your loss Max, sending love!!!! Brent was a legend ❤

  • Venomwraith
    Venomwraith Month ago

    hey max. thank you for sharing benny with us. he was always great to see when you were able to show him with us. the community loved him so much . this kind of situation always sucks. me personally having to deal with a similar situation with my chihuahua a few years ago when the pandemic was bad. (that definitely didnt help anything) he had congestive heart disease. something that was painful to even hear about im not sure how long before that happened but he survived it about at least 3-4 years he lived to 13 years old. so he did have a great life. he meant a lot to me and letting him go was the hardest thing to even deal with , i have been able to move on but seriously never forget the joy a dog will bring you . and seriously thank you so much for charing benny with us

  • Gavin Sammons
    Gavin Sammons Month ago

    Rest in peace angel pupper, you've brought countless hours of happiness to everyone that came to this amazing channel thank you so much R.I.P Benny❤❤

  • TheOtherBlue
    TheOtherBlue Month ago +186

    This hurts. And my heart is breaking because he’s a big part of the community and an icon. We the community will miss him and honor him.

  • bonafye
    bonafye Month ago +1

    Damn this got me tearing up 😞😢 Benny is a legend and will forever be remembered...shine on Benny, Shine on 🥲🙏🏾💖

  • Fantasia Project [sobihiro]

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Max. Rest in Peace our beautiful Benny.😢🙏🏻

  • Pluvia Salutor
    Pluvia Salutor Month ago

    I wasn't really around for the early days of the channel, by the time I started watching Benny wasn't an on camera figure anymore. But from what I can see, from the way you sound when you talk about him Max, I can tell that Benny was the best of boys. I'm sorry for your loss and hope that the good memories of Benny outweigh any of the sad ones at the end. Thank you Benny for being a good boy and rest in peace.

  • Nohkan
    Nohkan Month ago +3

    RIP and hail to Benny. Greetings and my condolences Max from Lima, Peru.

  • Major
    Major Month ago +182

    I... literally just lost my cat yesterday... damn, it is really rough. I cried a little watching this cuz, damn, the pain is still pretty fresh. Losing a pet is not an easy thing, so I hope that you and Jessica are doing better. Rest in peace, Benny, you were a legend. And rest in peace Extra, my cat that passed away yesterday. Our pets are the real legends, so shoutout to all of them, because they carry us on their shoulders at the times we need them most.

    • Otaku The Great
      Otaku The Great Month ago +2

      Sorry for your loss mate
      I remember when I went to the vet to help my cat
      and the guy comes in with a weak dog then close to a hour later I hear him crying
      So yeah I feel for you wholeheartedly

    • Shaun
      Shaun Month ago +2

      It's really hard when you lose a pet. My cat passed away earlier this year too.

    • SilverNightx1
      SilverNightx1 Month ago +3

      I'm sorry for your loss

    • Orange Drink
      Orange Drink Month ago +3

      RIP Extra - sending hugs to you

    • hunterofcomedy
      hunterofcomedy Month ago +2

      Your kitty knows how much you loved them, just like Benny knows how much Max and Jessica loved him. I lost a 6 month old kitten last year to a rare heart condition, so I understand your pain. Pets are family and I wish you the best as you mourn.

  • Kalery
    Kalery Month ago

    RIP Benny you were loved and will be missed. I’ve been a casual viewer of this channel from back in SF IV days. I would always come back and wonder what Benny was up to. My favorite memory was you playing Sabrewolf on KI and had Benny’s picture in the corner over Sabrewolf’s picture next to the health bar.

  • Manuel Agius
    Manuel Agius Month ago

    He had the most wonderful life with you all! He will always be there for you and your family Max. You have such great wonderful memories of him. RIP Benny.

  • Jake Macias
    Jake Macias Month ago

    This hit me so hard I'm currently dealing with my dog going through acute renal disease and him essentially having days to weeks is one of the worst pains ever and this video popping up was I think no coincidence....... whoever sees this just please say "I love you Stanley"

  • Eric Mata
    Eric Mata Month ago

    Rip Benny. Felt like I knew him through the videos. Much love to you and your wife.

  • Muro_Mayo
    Muro_Mayo Month ago +265

    Benny will never truly die because he’ll never be forgotten. Thank you Benny

  • Phyxia4
    Phyxia4 Month ago

    Benny is flat out iconic to me -Benny is family, when I found this channel Benny is like max the face of the channel before I met the dudes it was Benny and max and I haven’t been here long but Benny was by maxs side through most if not all his biggest videos at least for me.
    Rest In Peace Benny , best player 2 anyone could have asked for ❤️

  • sleepalaska
    sleepalaska Month ago

    I lost my baby at the beginning of the year, hardest thing I've ever gone thru. I'm sorry for your loss dood. RiP Benny, you were a good boi.

  • badmodem
    badmodem Month ago

    Benny will live on forever in all of our memories! He was the best!

  • xKslice928x
    xKslice928x Month ago

    I remember starting to watch your content when you first got Benny. To me he always was a big part of YoVideoGames, and I will truly miss him (I still call Sabrewulf Bennywulf in KI 2013).
    May he shine on in the Afterlife.

  • cryofist
    cryofist Month ago +247

    crying over a dog ive never had the pleasure of meeting...shit man...im sorry...i always watched your beeny vids when i was feeling depressed and a little hopeless they always helped me laugh and smile...so i guess i just wanna say that he helped more than just you and jae jae..and that im incredibly sorry for your loss..the world will be a little dimmer without benny here.

    • cryofist
      cryofist Month ago +2

      @Console Master all dogs go to heaven don't you know that?

    • Otaku The Great
      Otaku The Great Month ago

      @NOMSI4 Ignore this freak he has been on other comments being wierd, tap his profile pic and you can see his recent comments.

    • NOMSI4
      NOMSI4 Month ago +1

      @Console Master I think it's heaven.

    • Console Master
      Console Master Month ago

      @NOMSI4 where is a better place?

    • NOMSI4
      NOMSI4 Month ago +4

      I was thinking, where was he lately? But he is in a better place. Loved the vids with him in it. Miss Benny already. I will pray for him.

  • Jasin Johnston
    Jasin Johnston Month ago

    Max, I'm so sorry to hear about Benny. He was an amazing soul and brought a lot of joy to many people and my condolences to your family on your loss. 💔

  • Carlos Lins
    Carlos Lins Month ago

    Thanks for all the great moments Benny, we'll miss you

  • MrSilvertrance
    MrSilvertrance Month ago

    Much love to you all, been watching only a few years but Benny constantly stole the show. Remember all dogs go to heaven, he’ll be watching over Ripley still. Rest in peace good boy

  • Voski Edwards
    Voski Edwards Month ago

    I’m so sorry for your loss man! That dog was amazing.

  • OpticBlast63
    OpticBlast63 Month ago +7878

    that dog was a legend……rest up, Benny
    edit:i appreciate the likes and responses, guys. Benny smiles at how much we miss him 😢

    • Moan A Lisa
      Moan A Lisa Month ago +1

      @Shiro Satsuma yes

    • nman551
      nman551 Month ago

      @Shiro Satsuma rot in hell

    • Shiro Satsuma
      Shiro Satsuma Month ago

      @Brett Reynolds no

    • Shiro Satsuma
      Shiro Satsuma Month ago

      @OpticBlast63 no

    • OpticBlast63
      OpticBlast63 Month ago +1

      @Shiro Satsuma My guy, you might think it’s cool to be edgy, but there’s a time and place to act like this. Now is neither of those. It’s wasting your time as much as it is ours, Please stop the edgelord act.

  • C Gee
    C Gee Month ago

    Seeing Benny in your stuff was great, he really did help your brand. From the videos I saw you could tell that Benny was a good dog.

  • Bee Lord
    Bee Lord Month ago

    been watching this channel since middle school and im 23 now. it hits hard seeing someone you look up to have to go through this but im glad that we all had the moments we did with benny and i wish you all the very best. thank you for everything youve done man. Shine On

  • River Snow
    River Snow Month ago

    Sending love to you both and rest in peace to a real one! This one hurts

  • David Garnica
    David Garnica Month ago

    I lost my dog this Sunday, so I know that feeling.
    Benny will be missed.