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THE NIGHT SHIFT: jeff wittek stole my girl (sad)

  • Published on Aug 12, 2020 veröffentlicht
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    on today's episode we take a trip to a new fried chicken spot in los angeles that creates quite the spicy situation with jeff from the vlog squad, plus we almost get eaten by giraffes in indiana.
    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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  • Jeff Wittek
    Jeff Wittek Year ago +17766

    Mike should go get a haircut at Jeff’s barbershop

    • catpope
      catpope 27 days ago

      Is there enough hair on mikes head to cut in the first place?

    • Alien apprentice
      Alien apprentice 5 months ago


    • JC
      JC 10 months ago

      I want more lana on the night shift me likey the chemistry

    • Trick OP
      Trick OP Year ago +2

      Did u get botox??????

    • Rut Lopez
      Rut Lopez Year ago

      Yooo invite me bRuH

  • I S
    I S Year ago +4189

    jeff’s humour is literally the best thing ever

    • WillAWJ
      WillAWJ 10 months ago

      @Retro drago 2 yes, but it is also Northern British humour, I did not know what New Yorker humour is in particular so why would I say his humour is like a New Yorker when I don't know what a typical new Yorker humour is like

    • Retro drago 2
      Retro drago 2 10 months ago +1

      @WillAWJ so u said northern British humor but That’s New Yorkers humor

    • WillAWJ
      WillAWJ 10 months ago

      @Retro drago 2 two sets of people can have similar senses of humour, I do not personally know Italian New York people so I could not judge their sense of humour

    • Retro drago 2
      Retro drago 2 10 months ago

      @WillAWJ what that’s New York humor and Italian

    • JC
      JC 10 months ago


    SWAPNIL WAGH Year ago +2250

    Others: here to see Lana
    Me: to see Jeff wittek

  • Jay Jameson
    Jay Jameson Year ago +581

    Imagine being 13 and seeing Lana Rhoades at a zoo while with your parents

  • Caleb Stephan
    Caleb Stephan Year ago +681

    Lol. Lana confirmed in a podcast recently that she tried to go out and hook up with Jeff after her and Mike broke up but Jeff shut her down and snitched on her to Mike.

    • Amadeus
      Amadeus 6 months ago

      @Tavian girls aren’t used to approaching guys especially hot ones. She has probably never had to ask out a dude before

    • David Hunt
      David Hunt 7 months ago +1

      He a real nigga for telling mike he really liked that girl

    • Joker7530 tuning
      Joker7530 tuning 7 months ago

      @Danna Ol and just cause jail don't mean u understand someome

    • Joker7530 tuning
      Joker7530 tuning 7 months ago

      @Danna Ol thats a negative she's nuts fr

    • james anthony
      james anthony 9 months ago

      Lana tried it with everyone after Mike broke up with herm even David said she was acting suspicious around him, she is definitely a bitter revenge girl.

  • Chase Peacher
    Chase Peacher Year ago +8079

    Mike is one of the only person that I won’t skip through a sponsor

  • Fox Inc.
    Fox Inc. Year ago +679

    Jeff has good chemistry with everyone weather its with James Charles or Lana

    • iRealDeal
      iRealDeal Year ago

      @Llama Cebu he meant whether

    • Llama Cebu
      Llama Cebu Year ago

      @oChapu "Rather" is an adverb, meaning with preference for one of two things, or more willingly. "Whether" is a conjunction with several meanings, but the two words are not synonyms. We might say, "I'd rather not have the seafood platter," meaning we'd prefer not to have it. But we'd never say "Rather OR not."

    • Llama Cebu
      Llama Cebu Year ago

      @oChapu used to indicate one's preference in a particular matter.

    • oChapu
      oChapu Year ago +1

      Llama Cebu how u gonna correct him and still get it wrong 🤣🤣

    • Fox Inc.
      Fox Inc. Year ago +1

      @nick abramov go be a teacher then and i still dont see what you get out of it

  • Michawk Walter
    Michawk Walter Year ago +641

    I don't know these people. But damn he got himself a beautiful girlfriend honestly a bit jealous. And this other dude, Mike looked great too.

    • James Burnett
      James Burnett Year ago

      @Chri ssy I known a lot of girls who didn’t do porn but I considered them worse than pornstars. Sleep with a new guy everyday lol

    • Michawk Walter
      Michawk Walter Year ago

      @Eddie Don’t trip little late here but thanks man Rly appreciate it.

    • LaVonne Harris
      LaVonne Harris Year ago

      @John Beidleman 😂😂

    • Chad Ohunayo
      Chad Ohunayo Year ago

      @Chri ssy I agree too. She belongs to the Shadow Realm

    • Musab Sayed
      Musab Sayed Year ago +1

      Should we tell him?

  • Jake Hittle
    Jake Hittle Year ago +12

    dude love how genuine of a guy Mike is and just how this seems like they’re actually having fun vs most people in hollywood who are social influencers who stage their vids!

  • james2774
    james2774 Year ago +31

    Lana has great charisma and personality, no matter what she’s doing, and the smart stuff just pops out of her non-stop, even when she’s acting like a silly goof-ball.

  • Alejandro Dominguez
    Alejandro Dominguez Year ago +1612

    That was unironically the best ad I’ve ever seen. Not even joking. More companies should do this style of an ad. If I wasn’t 16 I’d buy blue chew on the spot

    • MoronicBat
      MoronicBat Year ago

      Same, if i wasn't 14 ofc

    • Alejandro Dominguez
      Alejandro Dominguez Year ago

      Swazi I’m just joking

    • tksaint
      tksaint Year ago

      Alejandro Dominguez of you’re not buying it for Ed then what else would want it cause that’s it’s only function lmao?

    • pookymoog420
      pookymoog420 Year ago

      i'm 6 and i have that shit

    • Maxime
      Maxime Year ago

      enw 20
      This doesn’t make any sens. You can’t be in anyone’s fetus. You were a fetus

  • missael suazo
    missael suazo Year ago +10

    The promotions in these videos are just so well done and funny, i hope you’re getting a lot of money for them.

  • Brotalian Can
    Brotalian Can Year ago +1

    These Vlogs are just getting better and better every episode!! Luv the chemistry between Mike n Lana, its seriously the best couple on Clip-Share!!! 100% Keep up the amazing work Mike!

  • detty curn
    detty curn Year ago

    You two warm my heart x

  • Relax
    Relax Year ago +1

    I love the chemistry Mike has with the guest especially this episode!

  • zeke G
    zeke G Year ago +3

    Hey mike I’m a felon too and have struggled with addiction and mental illness too. You are a true inspiration to ppl like me. I feel worthy of life as I watch yours progress. And ps if you’re hiring let a brotha know !!!

  • Simao Silva
    Simao Silva Year ago

    Congrats to Mike on putting so much effort on the sponssors part !

  • Enough Toast Boy
    Enough Toast Boy Year ago

    I love this comedy! Keep up the awesome work!

  • Emilio Barrientos

    Love the person Mike has become

  • Stop stalking me
    Stop stalking me Year ago +1881

    Honestly imagine if all youtubers put this much effort into their sponsorships

    • Stop stalking me
      Stop stalking me Year ago +1

      Mike but Jesus never said he is God. Why do christians say he is god.

    • This Christ Of Ours Ministries
      This Christ Of Ours Ministries Year ago

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    • Andrew Zavala
      Andrew Zavala Year ago


    • Eemeli Kauppinen
      Eemeli Kauppinen Year ago


    • Niels Kercher
      Niels Kercher Year ago +1


  • Austin Olson
    Austin Olson Year ago +2

    That’s some straight great advice from mike tho... just showing up is really usually 99% of the battle. Got me into tattooing, now I’m doing life how I want to do it

  • Water Fall
    Water Fall Year ago +167

    That’s exactly the type of truck I’d imagine Jeff would drive

  • B m.h
    B m.h Year ago +2

    I really hope blue chew (and other sponsors) are paying you twice as much as Logan for the ad-reads because you're immaculate!

  • Ben
    Ben Year ago

    Hey Mike, awesome video man, really loving the content you guys have been putting out. How does that burger compare to other burger places?

  • German Ruiz
    German Ruiz Year ago +784

    Mike is the only guy who makes me not mind endorsements lol.

  • Jameson Turnbull
    Jameson Turnbull Year ago +1

    Mike that commercial was like a SNL bit. Great job, always my favorite part because you get to show how your a smart person I bet you write and setup the whole thing

  • Oscar CH
    Oscar CH Year ago

    Soo cool!!! Haha I love every single vlog even the ads haha funny af! Love you guys

  • E Lo
    E Lo Year ago +12

    I can’t wait to see Mike’s next sponsorship that shit is hilarious!

  • Anjuli Mack
    Anjuli Mack Year ago +1

    You and Lana are sooo cute! Her personality is so much fun!! Love the vlogs

  • Caleb Vonderheide
    Caleb Vonderheide Year ago +375

    Mike deserves an award for that blue chew segment.

    • Prince Cal
      Prince Cal Year ago +10

      When he put that mustache on he looked like Adam Sandler twin fr

  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez Year ago

    Keep winning mike and lana I hope your love gets stronger for each other everyday be safe 💰🖤🤟

  • Charlotte Cosentino

    literally the ONLY channel that I don't skip through the sponsorships because they are actually funny

  • Weronika Karpiej
    Weronika Karpiej Year ago

    I love to concept of the night shift rn, keep up the good work man

  • missael suazo
    missael suazo Year ago +2

    I never thought they were gonna last this long, but i have to say they make a lovely couple.

  • lil m
    lil m Year ago +1766

    came for lana, stayed for mike.

    • Kuachii
      Kuachii Year ago +1

      im not even gonna lie

    • E
      E Year ago +4

      Came for Jeff, stayed to see if Jeff was in it again. Spoiler, he isn’t.

    • lil m
      lil m Year ago +2

      demardlo square up

    • Sho Shaun
      Sho Shaun Year ago +1

      I’m not askin for subs or anything but can someone give me advice on how to improve on my vids?

  • Megan Mary
    Megan Mary Year ago

    Hands down.. mike does the best sponsored videos with his sketches.. everyone else just mentions the product and how they like it.. and it feels cheap and forced. I ❤️ that he takes the time to make a sketch it’s so much better..

  • Oliver Gee
    Oliver Gee Year ago +8

    Not gonna lie, you and Jeff could do a SERIOUS podcast

  • Jayson Landman
    Jayson Landman Year ago

    Is it bad that I like watching mikes sponsor skits, they’re so good 😂😂😂

  • Cayton Hopson
    Cayton Hopson Year ago +3

    jeff mike and lana are hilarious all together

  • Tobz Dav
    Tobz Dav Year ago +1617

    No one:
    Literally nobody:
    Mike every video: If u didn’t know the night shift is gonna become a food channel

    • Zen
      Zen Year ago +1

      TMP Sho don’t play modern warfare lol

      LAMAR DAVISKAT Year ago +1

      Come on grow up he's promoting his channel

    • Sho Shaun
      Sho Shaun Year ago

      I’m not askin for subs or anything but can someone give me advice on how to improve on my vids?

    • Jesus Franco
      Jesus Franco Year ago +14

      He says this shit on every episode and i think he should keep trolling us love his channel lol

  • J F20
    J F20 Year ago +1

    Get Jeff Wittek on every episode, infact let him own the show, sign your fights over

  • Benjamin R. B
    Benjamin R. B Year ago +1

    Give this man an Oscar for that sponsor video :D.

  • Zehra D
    Zehra D Year ago +35

    The way Jeff hugged the girl lmao

  • Daniel Burubeltz
    Daniel Burubeltz Year ago

    you 2 goes so well together

  • Felipe Pedraza
    Felipe Pedraza Year ago +630

    Imagine Mike on Jeff's barbershop, they would go back and forth w their dark pasts. NEEDS TO HAPPEN

    • Iz Ro
      Iz Ro Year ago


    • Victor B
      Victor B Year ago +4

      I mean jeff was on Mike's channel so mike could return the favor by going on his channel.

  • Ismael Nenna
    Ismael Nenna Year ago +1

    Mike and lana are the only two people who id happily watch their sponser ads and acc enjoyable.

  • Jeremy Vantgeloof
    Jeremy Vantgeloof Year ago +59

    When she talks about his friends seeing her choocie and mike goes they already have gone funny asf

  • 𝓑𝓵𝓾𝓮 𝓒𝓱𝓮𝓮𝓼𝓮

    Damn this man got a lot of clout with him. 1 day 2.1M views? You're on fire Jeff!

  • Richard morgan
    Richard morgan Year ago

    MIKE I swear to God you need to start a advertising company outside of influencer marketing. FUCKING GOLD 😂😂

  • Alex N
    Alex N Year ago +801

    Mike needs to go on an episode of Jeff’s barbershop now.

  • Inspiration Motivation

    Here after Lana said she’s been trying to hookup with Jeff 🤣

    • james anthony
      james anthony 9 months ago

      Lana tried it with everyone after Mike broke up with herm even David said she was acting suspicious around him, she is definitely a bitter revenge girl.

    • Bully Garfield
      Bully Garfield Year ago +3

      i could see why

    • your mom
      your mom Year ago +1

      @Bat dog what is the interview called

    • Bat dog
      Bat dog Year ago

      @Kelly Sweeney in a interview

    • Ara Ichh
      Ara Ichh Year ago

      When did she say

  • عبدالعزيز المطيري

    I literally have fun watching the night shift

  • YousufOwnZu
    YousufOwnZu Year ago +17

    Jeff-“ i do it mentally, im doing it right now”😂💀

  • user1986
    user1986 Year ago

    Haha that sponsorship was goddamn hilarious..that's how you do it

  • Zxzxzx
    Zxzxzx Year ago

    Gotta say Amara looks happy and so does Mike 👍

  • Jay
    Jay Year ago

    Lana's so supportive! 🔥 Nailed it mike!🔥

  • j0k3r
    j0k3r Year ago

    hehe, great one! :D cheers from Poland to both of you

  • Kevin Kang
    Kevin Kang Year ago +12

    "The only difference between the people you look up to is that they show up" great quote

  • Kassia Vincente Barbosa-Nier

    LOVED this one!

  • Devyn Martin
    Devyn Martin Year ago

    y'all that was the best sponsor plug I have ever seen from a Clip-Sharer that shit was so good

  • steivene2hot
    steivene2hot Year ago

    Bruh, been watching your other videos, got to admit, they're entertaining! Subscribed!

  • nndr3w
    nndr3w Year ago

    idk why but mike and lana together is so entertaining 😂

  • Joell D
    Joell D Year ago +128

    Jeff is really the funniest guy i know on youtube. His barbershop show is genius

  • Yonnie S.
    Yonnie S. Year ago

    Hey Mike you know what it be cool, I follow both you and Logan Paul vlogs (huge fan of both) but it would be cool if you and Logan did like a vlog together with one leading to the other with like a Marvel thing..just a thought but keep doing what your doing and have fun!

  • Sean Mapara
    Sean Mapara Year ago

    Mike is hands down the best vlogger!

  • Jbh LLC
    Jbh LLC Year ago

    I was about to compliment you on the blue chew skit (fire 👌 as fuck) and then I saw Lana start bitching and getting pissed lmao. Great shit Mike.

  • Archer 96
    Archer 96 Year ago +32

    Mike : Jeff stole my girl
    98% of Males in California: Our girl

  • Donovan Cook
    Donovan Cook Year ago +135

    Mike is cool cuz he’s so personable that he’s friends with pretty much every creator in LA so you could literally expect anyone to be on the night shift

  • Adrian Ferreira
    Adrian Ferreira Year ago

    That sponsorship skip was hilarious 😂 😂😂😂

  • Seon Woo
    Seon Woo Year ago

    Good job with the blue chew ad, I usually skip over sponsored portions of every video but you got me

  • Bailey Sanders
    Bailey Sanders Year ago

    Good video but it takes a very weird person to be okay with what she does LOL good on you champ 😂😂😂

  • Seizmic Optic
    Seizmic Optic Year ago +88

    Dude my state is so unpopular. I can’t believe Lana and Mike were literally standing in the same parking lot I was in. 😢

  • julius
    julius Year ago +755

    Mike giggling at everything Jeff does, like a little girl who has a crush lmao

  • Jake Hammond
    Jake Hammond Year ago

    Let’s get George on ! I want some og content ! 🙌🏻 mixed in with the food and vlog

  • Alec Schmidt
    Alec Schmidt Year ago

    Mike your sponsor vids are the best 😂

  • Jay Arthur
    Jay Arthur Year ago +1

    How crazy is it that people claimed mike to be a “Logan wannabe” and now his content is Better than Logan’s and he has grasped Clip-Share... good for you mike good for you, you deserve everything that’s coming your way my guy... LOVE FROM THE UK 🇬🇧 ❤️❤️❤️

  • Olivia Carrell
    Olivia Carrell Year ago +311

    That Blue Chew Advertisement is literally the only ad I have never wanted to skip! Iconic!

    • Ed
      Ed Year ago +2

      Say what you want about mike but he’s low-key a genius at marketing in everything he does

    • TheManTheMitchTheLegend
      TheManTheMitchTheLegend Year ago

      Or Dr. Squatch

  • Charlie
    Charlie Year ago +624

    lana is hilarious , I honestly don't see her "that way anymore " she's too funny 😂

    • Lana davis
      Lana davis Year ago

      Connor M its not very hard to do as a beautiful young white woman in America. Lets be real.

    • kylan harve
      kylan harve Year ago

      Giancarlo Salva I’m 13 and yah she is funny but @Owen ur prolly weird and annoying ur self

    • Connor Michael
      Connor Michael Year ago

      Owen Campbell I mean honestly it’s because she is. The fact she transitioned to the adult film industry to main stream popularity is very hard to do. Gotta give her props for that.

    • John Harding
      John Harding Year ago

      “that way” anymore *

    • Short Shorts Films
      Short Shorts Films Year ago +1

      Charlie, You need a new sense of humor, and obviously you do see her “that way” because you’re commenting about it. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Prinsen Brorson
    Prinsen Brorson Year ago +7

    3:44 Lana: I love to see Jeff put meat in his mouth.
    Jeff: You guys are crazy
    Mike and Lana: *laughing crazy*

  • Joshua Wright
    Joshua Wright Year ago

    The sponsor part of this is absolutely quality!!

  • TripleOJesus
    TripleOJesus Year ago +1

    fam since watching lana on mikes vlogs its hard to even think of her as sexual anymore she deadass like a sister with how goofy she be.. i love it yall perfect together hope yall last awhile!

  • Adam Prior vlogs
    Adam Prior vlogs Year ago +4

    Jeff can steal anything and sell anything

  • eli ヅ
    eli ヅ Year ago +511

    Mikes sponsor ads are the only ads I’ll actually watch and not skip on Clip-Share

  • Simol zxx
    Simol zxx Year ago

    how much have mike change since 2 years ago. From a yes man to the best man. His mentality now is just real, unlike the pauls LOL.

  • מטר רול
    מטר רול Year ago +46

    Lana is such a good actress. I think she should have a professional acting job😇😇

  • Bree Landon
    Bree Landon Year ago

    came for Mike, stayed for Jeff

  • Miranda Rojas
    Miranda Rojas Year ago +15

    Interesting. She recently said she tried to get with Jeff.

    • Miranda Rojas
      Miranda Rojas Year ago

      @your mom on the new Barstool podcast. I forget what it’s called.

    • your mom
      your mom Year ago


  • Robbie O'Mahony
    Robbie O'Mahony Year ago +489

    Mike's ads are unreal , should be getting a premium for these brand deals

  • Benjamin Das David

    Hey man ! Needed that motivation 6:40
    Always show up !

  • Jon Adams
    Jon Adams 9 months ago

    Mike is a naturally funny guy!

  • Fashion & lifestyle
    Fashion & lifestyle Year ago +1

    Thank you for sharing!Hope everybody here becomes successful on Clip-Share.

  • Josue Holguin
    Josue Holguin Year ago +1

    Your girlfriend should start acting ! She’s amazing

  • Seth Knox
    Seth Knox Year ago +32

    Mike just bought the book couple days back. Listening to it on audible. Honestly as someone from CT and grew up in a similar situation. It means a lot. I’m a year and a couple months away from being 2 years sober off heroin and crack. Your so inspiring. I’m just a painter in a small town in the northwest corner of CT but when I see your videos. I have hope that I can do whatever I want. At 29 I know it only goes up.

  • Danny
    Danny 4 months ago +1

    I actually can’t believe that this video is over a year old already! I remember watching this video like it was a few weeks ago🤯

  • Felix Antwi-Mensah

    that ad was def worth the watch 😂😭 well done mikey 🤝

  • Michelle Froelich

    These blue chew commercials are getting funnier and funnier! love it!

  • DGenerate FPV
    DGenerate FPV Year ago

    Mike you need to lift your game, I only watch the night shift because of Amara, not because she's hot but because she's funny as fuck! 😂

  • Teach Me Something
    Teach Me Something Year ago +20

    I’m happy that Mike is happy, you can just tell he’s glowing inside and out

  • Austin Moyer
    Austin Moyer Year ago

    I love how Lana just holds the sign in every video

  • Imperial
    Imperial Year ago +12

    Mike every vlog: hey guys the channel is probably going to become a food vlog!