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World's Fastest Bumper Car - 600cc 100bhp But how FAST?

  • Published on Mar 29, 2017 veröffentlicht
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    It's finished and it's FAST....so fast its the worlds fastest as approved by Guinness World Records
    This 600cc monster is the work of hours of shed time working out how to squeeze a sports bike and so wheels into a dodgem shell without making a death trap, but surprisingly in a straight line it's actually quite a solid ride, even when reaching 3 figure speeds.
    So did i make a ride fit for The Stig..................I think so.
    See how i made it here
    Part 1 clip-share.net/video/tEQopnaHipo/video.html
    Part 2 clip-share.net/video/oKANFyeGXxc/video.html
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  • Guinness World Records
    Guinness World Records 5 years ago +8422

    Congratulations Colin! Once again #OfficiallyAmazing 🚗💨

  • Mac Doodles
    Mac Doodles 3 years ago +2601

    The Stig: wears a suit, helmet *and* requires a rollcage
    Colin: *goes in without a helmet*

    • David Schmidt
      David Schmidt 9 months ago

      requires a rollcage...but doesn't wear a restraint harness (seat/shoulder belts)

    • Aeropunk
      Aeropunk 10 months ago

      Not sure I would want to sit astride a bike engine doing lots of RPM with nothing between the engine and my goolies. At least on a bike you have a bit of structure in the way. Have you ever seen a bike or car engine after it has let go at speed? It can be messy.

    • KindlyToxic
      KindlyToxic Year ago

      doesn't need one with his safety tie and balls of steel

    • imho
      imho Year ago

      Or leathers, pads, seatbelt....

    • Cubohedron
      Cubohedron Year ago +1

      And that’s a fireproof suit to avoid abrasion if he goes skidding along the track

  • Emperana
    Emperana 3 years ago +2088

    Imagine playing bumper car at the theme park then this thing rams you at full speed

  • Chay
    Chay 3 years ago +1067

    They should of got Colin to be the new host of Top Gear

    • Aman
      Aman Year ago

      That would be great

    • Smokey Yunick
      Smokey Yunick Year ago

      I miss old top gear UK and the three buffoons

    • BadIdeas101
      BadIdeas101 2 years ago

      Put him as the new host of roadkill. Hed fit right in

    • DiddyHop
      DiddyHop 2 years ago +2

      Colin and Rory Reid.
      They already worked together on a show before and have fantastic chemistry.

    • nzoomed
      nzoomed 2 years ago +1

      Definitely! Or else he could at least feature in their shows more often

  • Joel Hollingsworth
    Joel Hollingsworth 3 years ago +492

    I often catch myself thinking with Colin, "he is the only person I know smart enough to get away with being stupid with something like this."

    • Paille-Boy
      Paille-Boy Year ago

      If something is stupid but the something work it isn't stupid
      -Thor (probably)

    • AmB 123
      AmB 123 2 years ago +1

      Paul B 😂😂😂 I think it’s drivin us all nuts now!!

    • Chase Mountain
      Chase Mountain 2 years ago +1

      AmB 123 I read an article on Da Vinci and during those days it was recorded that he met a traveller warrior by the name Hang Tuah.
      In the notes, da Vinci wrote, “I sketched a vehicle after meeting a Malaccan noble”. However, the word after that was unclear. I have yet to see journals or evidence on this.

    • Chase Mountain
      Chase Mountain 2 years ago +1

      Paul B not offended brother its okay no biggie. After all we all on lock down and its been 28 days now I know what ant 🐜 man feels like.

    • Paul B
      Paul B 2 years ago

      @AmB 123 Yeah sorry that was my bad. I replied without properly reading. Beenbin lockdown for a month now. Probably affected my reading skills haha

  • fs87
    fs87 5 years ago +2981

    When a bumper car is faster than your actual car.

    • Toy Foxy
      Toy Foxy 2 years ago

      Lmao, we have a Dacia Sandero and, one day, we went at the speed of 170 km/h for seconds. That was really cool for an used car, we bought it for 1k euros lmao. It used to go at 210 km/h but due to a light incident, it can't go at this speed anymore :(
      But 170 km/h in France is pretty impressive lol. That was really cool :D

    • Psycho
      Psycho 3 years ago

      @Levin Be same in France, my poor peugeot 306 reach 115 mph (170km/h) but unfortunately we don't have autobahn.

    • BNW 543
      BNW 543 3 years ago

      The funny thing is you technically only need a motorbike licence to drive it.

    • pierre jean
      pierre jean 3 years ago


    • Mason
      Mason 3 years ago

      @Play-Doh woosh

  • Harry White
    Harry White 3 years ago +4107

    build 11 more, host the best mario kart game ever

    • Bryan Geisler
      Bryan Geisler Year ago

      i would etend if i was in the uk

    • Hanbill
      Hanbill Year ago

      Needs nitro and weapons tho

    • Trustierlamb920
      Trustierlamb920 2 years ago


    • Z Shieh
      Z Shieh 2 years ago

      @Alex Sands i'm going to comment about this on every new mr. beast video

    • Rezarion Byakudan
      Rezarion Byakudan 2 years ago

      If u run into a banana your actually cooked mate

  • isaac serbin
    isaac serbin 3 years ago +573

    Going 100 mph in that thing would be terrifying 🤤

    • M L
      M L Year ago

      @JACKnJESUS He did say MPH

    • Devon Fretwell
      Devon Fretwell 2 years ago

      No fun

    • Michael de Jager
      Michael de Jager 2 years ago

      I would drive that with one big skitmark behind me!🤣

    • Marko Vukovic
      Marko Vukovic 2 years ago +16

      @JACKnJESUS mph is used in UK. I'd be pretty disappointed if they only got 100kph with 100bhp. Here's the official record page www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/95779-fastest-bumper-car-dodgem/

    • Eternal Atake
      Eternal Atake 2 years ago +20

      100 mph= 160,9 kmph.

  • Spynmaster
    Spynmaster 3 years ago +433

    Remember 200cc mode in Mario Kart Deluxe? That's 3x that.

    • The Eh Team
      The Eh Team 17 days ago

      0.6L is baby number. Needs 10L single piston 2 stroke diesel!

    • Sam S.R
      Sam S.R Year ago

      @dnh300 they both are the same thing

    • skimpskomp
      skimpskomp 2 years ago

      @dnh300 no

    • dnh300
      dnh300 2 years ago

      Cc in mariokart has nothing to do with it

    • skimpskomp
      skimpskomp 2 years ago

      or almost 3 years

  • Jim V
    Jim V 2 years ago +1

    You made my day, Colin. That's the funniest and most amazing thing I've seen in a long time!

  • Connor Salvatori
    Connor Salvatori 3 years ago +294

    My mom when I’m about to go on a bike ride
    “Don’t forget to wear a helmet”
    Colinfurze going 107 in a bumper car with basically no protection

    • Miguel Cool
      Miguel Cool 2 years ago

      He is a immortal

    • LK_tutturu
      LK_tutturu 2 years ago +3

      @Max Mustermann nothing gay about still having a round head after hitting it against the asphalt

    • TheGaming Saint
      TheGaming Saint 2 years ago +2

      Simp Sheriff it’s because he’s wearing his safety tie

    • Brent Doolin
      Brent Doolin 2 years ago +1

      @AD-SkyObsidion And the worlds most wrinkly Safety checked shirt

    • Pinot Noir
      Pinot Noir 2 years ago +2

      @Dr. Johnson I don't have car... motorcycle is enough for me 🤣

  • Martin Hanke
    Martin Hanke 2 years ago

    You're truly amazing. I want one, not sure if brave enough to go that fast in a bumper car.

  • Will Challenge
    Will Challenge 3 years ago

    I love that he still had the pole and drag wire on it and replicated it in the roll cage. It is the little touches that make the genius.

  • Ian Cusipag
    Ian Cusipag 2 years ago +52

    The best youtube channel. It has no ads and the content is absolutely interesting!

    • Aspen
      Aspen 2 years ago

      Ads are not bad, otherwise they can't make this projects

    • Ian Cusipag
      Ian Cusipag 2 years ago +1

      ShadowMancer maybe we can call it sponsored

    • ShadowMancer
      ShadowMancer 2 years ago +4

      The whole video is literally an ad.

  • Petsto
    Petsto 4 years ago +2816

    Imagine that thing overtake you on the highway XD

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    • Sonikku Karafuto / カラフト
      Sonikku Karafuto / カラフト 2 years ago

      @Davi Ribeiro IM GONNA STEP ON THE GAS

    • DR.Mcstaby
      DR.Mcstaby 2 years ago

      he aint gunna get far in michigan XD

    • Sonikku Karafuto / カラフト
    • Mike Dsouza
      Mike Dsouza 3 years ago

      Hahaha u will get bump by that bumper car

  • BaldOldMan
    BaldOldMan 2 months ago

    Thank you for this fun video! I laughed my head off!
    What would be really fun to see is TWO of these bumper cars going just as fast and BUMPING into each other! I mean really, these poor bumper cars enjoy speed as much as the next guy, But, bumper cars want to BUMP!!!

  • Drewpy
    Drewpy 2 years ago +1

    This would’ve been the most damn fun as a kid, 3 of these and a super flat landing strip, I’d probably be dead rn if that was the case but it’d be one hell of a way to go

  • Jermain Barry
    Jermain Barry 3 years ago +97

    Imagine entering that in a neighbour hood go kart race😆

  • stub mandrel
    stub mandrel 2 years ago +1

    The secret part is that Colin is actually incredibly talented and skillful, even if he's as mad as a box of frogs.

  • Dan Snell
    Dan Snell 5 years ago +1178

    Don't worry about his safety kids.
    He's got a safety tie.

  • Joe Kelly
    Joe Kelly 2 years ago +2

    I love watching this guy building stuff. Amazing mate well done...

  • Patrick Dyer
    Patrick Dyer 3 years ago +43

    Much faster than I expected holy shit that’s incredible

  • Pea-tear Wingedlion
    Pea-tear Wingedlion 2 years ago

    Hi, wondering, Have you tried using 150 octane for fuel? You'd get more performance out of the engine.

  • Dee raZor
    Dee raZor 2 years ago +1

    Brilliant entertainment, spot on Mr Furze, Stig looked like he had fun! 👌

  • aphexteknol
    aphexteknol 2 years ago

    Truly warms my heart to see Mr. Furze is still mad after all these years. :)

  • Jonnybravo
    Jonnybravo 2 years ago

    One of the best- pure insanity. The simple ones are still the best - vehicle based, high speed, slightly scary, pushing things to the max 👍

  • Antonio González
    Antonio González 2 years ago

    I love what you do man I see this video like 100 times I wish to have money to do something like that

  • matuto maimotento
    matuto maimotento 3 years ago

    Adoro o trabalho desse cara ...

  • Felipe
    Felipe 5 years ago +726

    This channel is amazing. There's no clickbait, you get exactly what you read in the title, presented to you in an energetic, well-made video with some amazing punk rock for background music!

    • Michael Brucato
      Michael Brucato 5 years ago +3

      TheresNoWay he's a fucking mad man! I love it!

    • Jon Kroeker
      Jon Kroeker 5 years ago +17

      And those drone shots are freaking gorgeous

    • FlowerrrBoy
      FlowerrrBoy 5 years ago +22

      colin is always stylish af

    • Felipe
      Felipe 5 years ago +26

      And Colin is stylish af

  • maCrofage
    maCrofage 2 years ago

    You are a genius and this bumper car you made is purely awesome !
    107mph is 172Km/h :D I would recommand you an old school pilot helmet to fulfill the style :p (the one made of leather with glasses from the early 20th century)

  • Dan Neruda
    Dan Neruda 3 years ago

    Hahaha!! Dude i love your video's! Making things with motors is something i love to do also just not at the skill level your at. Keep the vids coming my friend. Sub for life!

  • The Wazzaboo
    The Wazzaboo 3 years ago +3

    I love how he just gets in/on everything without any safetygear whatsoever

  • garret hefner
    garret hefner 3 years ago +8

    I've watched this video around 6 times.
    This is the first time I've noticed the roll cage looks like a giant, stainless steel...Crotch Rocket. Which i guess is appropriate considering you took the engine out of a 600cc motorcycle.

    • Rick Sanchez C137
      Rick Sanchez C137 3 years ago +3

      garret hefner
      Get rid of that bunny, you don’t deserve it!

  • ... Funky Crumpet ...
    ... Funky Crumpet ... 5 years ago +530

    He is one of the best engineers I've ever seen, yet he makes things that someone who doesn't have a clue about mechanics would make, and yet pulls it off spectacularly.

    • Seku Valtur
      Seku Valtur 4 months ago

      Old thread, but let's say this. The problem with engineers is they overthink everything. Get it so your standing point is perfectly balanced, light cpu to maintain exact amp/volts running into the two motors. Match the blades on both. Use the magical human trait of having equilibrium, and congratulations. The bike will keep the front and rear balanced, you keep side to side and adjust the movement by leaning forward and back.

    • • Pepe •
      • Pepe • 3 years ago

      Yeah its pretty simple, i can do this, i can do that.
      So why dont u? stfu and admit he is engineer, for what he doing not what he thinking.
      You all might be more than colin in your mind, but that only work on yourself until you prove the world like him.

    • Adeel M
      Adeel M 3 years ago +1

      @Neolexious Neolexian he did mention that the hover bike had many many concepts and the final one was perfect in the sense that if there was even 10g extra weight anywhere, it wouldnt have worked. he wasnt wearing any socks that day lol
      it seems to be his method of working and perserverence which leads him to his pot of luck

    • Agent Lurmey
      Agent Lurmey 3 years ago +1

      ​@Neolexious Neolexian I very much agree with what Gah Bah said. The hoverbike isn't actually an aircraft. It's a hovercraft and operates primarily on ground effect so needs much less stabilization than a real helicopter. You can ride a bike, yes? Then you can probably ride his hoverbike. All it needs to be is balanced enough so that a human can pick up the slack, not perfect with active stabilization and everything. It's not a Chinook.

    • Andrés Pardo
      Andrés Pardo 3 years ago +1

      @Neolexious Neolexian You can clearly see how he rebuilt the chassis completely from scratch, so it hasn't been "rusting for half a century". The brakes and wheels are new as well, you can clearly see that too in the video. And considering this was a publicity stunt, in collab with the BBC, with the Stig behind the drivewheel and a Guiness World Record on the table... Yeah I bet my ass that BBC threw enough money in there to get someone with actual mechanical engineering knowledge to supervise the whole thing. Specially considering the fact that they made him install a safety anti-roll bar before the Stig gets on the bumper car.
      Edit: Oh also not in this particular video, but i have seen him use CAD for other projects so I guess he does plan and calculate more than he shows. As you said the hoverbike is something pretty insane to eyeball, even with careful planning I legit have no idea how he can keep that thing stable without active stabilization (besides his body moving and twitching around I guess).

  • TheBeteljuice
    TheBeteljuice 3 years ago +2

    This is all very nice, but I fashioned my bumper car using a solid rocket booster obtained from nasa's discontinued shuttle program and achieved a speed of 17,500 MPH, placing me in low earth orbit, and at the top of the world speed record, but disqualified me for the LAND speed record, which you still hold. Congrats.

  • FkSickk
    FkSickk 3 years ago

    Bro, I’ve just found your channel and I’ve got to say you are a legend, great content !!!!

  • GMRGaming
    GMRGaming 3 years ago

    But the real question is: How fast does it go around the Top Gear test track?

  • Jerry Bailey
    Jerry Bailey 3 years ago

    You are a Mad Genius Colin , fair play to you 👍

  • mcrsit
    mcrsit Year ago

    I can't believe that you broke a record AND got stig to test ride the thing! Bloody awesome!

  • геймер mudrunner

    You have made my dream true , I always dreamt of a go kart with a front bike engine and also with a body shell, you have made my day!

  • Nick Sebring
    Nick Sebring 3 years ago

    I love all the crazy stuff you build. Put a helmet on! We want more videos!

  • davouchi1
    davouchi1 2 years ago

    🤣 this series was awesome. I was half expecting the stig to snatch the gwr plaque off him 😂

  • Adam Novák
    Adam Novák 2 years ago

    i wonder how fast would it actually go if it was more aerodynamic

  • MijaroPrime
    MijaroPrime 2 months ago

    I love how he gets straight to the point without no over promoting and long ass explaination.

  • TheKingsWit
    TheKingsWit 2 years ago +1

    I'd buy that over any supercar! you should mass produce them! :D

  • Making it Happen
    Making it Happen 3 years ago

    That machine is totally fatal.
    I want to test drive it!

  • Justin Hodges
    Justin Hodges 5 years ago +405

    "These are all insignificant facts, cause all we want is to see it move." Colin knows why we're here

    • silentsushix3
      silentsushix3 5 years ago +1

      Justin Hodges That is why we love him

    • Mochi
      Mochi 5 years ago +6


  • Daisie
    Daisie Year ago

    OMG!!! I cannot believe that a flippin bumper car is doing 100mph and I cannot stop laughing at the same time! Brilliant and incredibly crazy too! Colin , this is great!

  • The Shipwrecker!
    The Shipwrecker! 2 years ago

    I would be having a blast if I was The Stig!

  • Rob Belk
    Rob Belk 2 years ago

    Colin- you are Awesome, love your channel!!!!! More please. Rob

  • Rob Leary
    Rob Leary Year ago

    Another epic, bonkers machine! Love it!

  • kmorsey75
    kmorsey75 5 years ago +114

    It always brightens my day when I see a new Furze video has been uploaded.
    The best channel on Clip-Share.

    • Deerq
      Deerq 5 years ago

      kmorsey75 Amen!

  • George Dennison
    George Dennison 2 years ago

    Considering he never changed the rear sprocket, it COULD be even faster... my gawd, that is terrifying.

  • flaagan
    flaagan 3 years ago

    I'm trying to mentally process the notion of going that fast in something with wheels that size. I mean, your fabrication work is amazing, but that is beyond mental. I cruise in my C7 Corvette at those speeds...

  • Calco
    Calco 3 years ago

    love those compound angle exhaust joints - magic

  • El Hombre Mo
    El Hombre Mo 3 years ago +1

    I want to know if ColinFurze had to sign a nondisclosure agreement and actually got let in on the secret, or if the Stig wore the helmet at all times and never disclosed his identity.

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 2 years ago

    Now we just have to turn it into a time machine like back to the future

  • Michael Andersen
    Michael Andersen 2 years ago +2

    This is the most silly/awesome thing I've seen in quite some time. Thank you for that! :D

    DANNY SULLIVAN MUSIC 3 years ago +1

    Topped out at 107 and able to smash others with relative ease? You sure this isn't just my '96 Volvo station wagon?

  • John Mutz
    John Mutz 2 years ago

    Ive never seen anything more dangerous that i really wanted to ride ever before in my life

  • dermott87
    dermott87 5 years ago +413

    For our European and other metric friends - 100.336 mph = 161.475 Km/h

  • Kenneth M. Price Jr.
    Kenneth M. Price Jr. 3 years ago

    Imagine if every commuter in LA drove one of these!

  • San s
    San s 3 years ago

    Honestly, he should have been one of the contenders for the new Top Gear, or even joined the old crew and become part of the Clarkson Amazon show.

  • Logan Perry
    Logan Perry 2 years ago

    This thing can go 107mph?!?! How stable are you in that thing when you're going that fast?

  • horst2k10
    horst2k10 2 years ago

    I would be so excited to build with Colin whatever he is up to build. Best Engineer in the world.
    There are no problems, just solutions.

  • hole - 1st drill press channel

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it is just Colin with a bumper car... WTF...

  • Zach Rollins
    Zach Rollins 3 years ago

    Imagine building something the Stig is obviously afraid to go all out in

  • W0LFY
    W0LFY 2 years ago

    I can’t stop laughing when i imagine if the bumper cars at theme parks were like that 😂

  • Jorge V
    Jorge V 3 years ago

    this is incredible. but it is a pity that there is no space for a powerful turbocharger. imagine how crazy it would be 😱😱. Great work

  • Senji Extra
    Senji Extra 2 years ago +4

    The fact Colin is still alive is 🤯

  • Kyle
    Kyle 5 years ago +785

    can anyone else imagine ramming full speed into another bumper car with this😂😂

    • Vent Williams
      Vent Williams 5 years ago

      +mysticalwonder7 lol😅😅

    • Ayden Sutton
      Ayden Sutton 5 years ago +6

      Kyle Sheets the fact that your comment has 666 likes is hilarious

    • Cortland Sluder
      Cortland Sluder 5 years ago

      Ethan Phillips l

    • Napalm
      Napalm 5 years ago +1

      It would be a weapon to surpass metal gear.

    • pon999
      pon999 5 years ago

      lol want to try it XD

  • Stephen R.
    Stephen R. 3 years ago +4

    I think to set the bumper car world record, all you need to go is above 5 miles per hour.

  • Shocker99
    Shocker99 3 years ago +2

    Should have taken it for a lap around the test track

  • Third Eye Jackleg
    Third Eye Jackleg 3 years ago

    I would honestly loooooove to see the look on a state trooper's face as he pulled me over.
    I've seen where these were converted into street legal 'motorcycles' (CA) but not one that still looked like a flat-to-the-floor bumper car.
    Awesome is not strong enough praise.

  • Scarpo1985
    Scarpo1985 3 years ago +1

    Actually the CBR 600 he salvaged the motor from has a top speed around 200kph so im a bit surprised he went "just" about 100...
    Btw surely was a really bumpy ride with actually no suspension ;D
    @Colin_furze Really amazing job doing this build, hope the Engine survives overheating due to the much smaller Radiator
    Greetings from a german Motorcycle mechanic

    • RK Neun
      RK Neun Year ago

      You talking from 200Kpa Also called kmh but in the video thats around 100mph that equals 160,934 kmh acording to google

  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  5 years ago +2279

    So it's quick,wouldn't want to take a corner in it though lol . Its surprisingly stable at high speeds,sounds awesome,and is now officially the worlds fastest Muhahahah it's what happen's when you get Colin Furze involved. Subscribe world as this is what i do.

    • Asher Highfill
      Asher Highfill 3 years ago

      Would u sell the bumper car?

    • trol
      trol 3 years ago

      hi colin

    • john cuervo
      john cuervo 3 years ago

      Okay, im going to build one now and beat your record.
      I'm making a eletric one to beat yours

    • Ideas by Suyash Desai
      Ideas by Suyash Desai 4 years ago

      please watch

    • scrapper276
      scrapper276 4 years ago

      Hey colin, I would like to try something similar with a bumper car or just get it so I can play bumper cars without it being on a bumper track with the electric. How did you get the engine in there and how did you remove the electric motor? Did you also redo the suspension and tires and did you put a new transmission in there with a crankshaft on one of the axels. You look like you had a blast riding that thing.

  • fizzie
    fizzie 2 years ago

    I always ask when he builds stuff like this... Is it street legal? Could he slap a license plate on it?

  • J3B Nepomuceno
    J3B Nepomuceno 2 years ago

    I love your builds sir colin

  • Sea_Imperium
    Sea_Imperium 2 years ago

    That's 160 km/h, INSANE!

  • Charlie Wilde
    Charlie Wilde 2 years ago

    Some say, that Collin furze built the universe in his shed

  • mgproryh
    mgproryh 5 years ago +1037

    Rather than the BBC sponsoring you to make that bumper car, they should sponsor you too make a robot on robot wars. We all want to see it done.

    • Craig
      Craig 4 years ago

      mgproryh oh that's a good idea

    • Valerio Bertucci
      Valerio Bertucci 5 years ago

      you are AMAZING.... i remember when your channel was very very little.....now you are one of the biggest GENIUS we can see here on this tube....YEAH! Furze Show must go on!

    • Rust & oil
      Rust & oil 5 years ago +1

      Well done Colin, another world record too!

    • Vaishnav V
      Vaishnav V 5 years ago

      mgproryh you are right

    • Skullman
      Skullman 5 years ago

      Ольга Романова fuck off m8

  • MattTheBeast
    MattTheBeast Year ago

    Imagine cruising at 75mph on the highway and this thing speeds by you at 100mph😂

  • Tim Price
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