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  • Published on Jan 5, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • As I start my BMW M3 on the starting line, I can feel the anticipation and adrenaline coursing through my veins. The roar of the engine is music to my ears, and I can't help but smile as I rev the throttle a few times, feeling the power of the car beneath me.
    I glance over at my competitor, a young woman driving a sleek and shiny Porsche 911. She catches my eye and gives me a confident nod, revving her own engine in response.
    The light turns green, and we both launch off the line with a burst of speed. I feel the G-forces pressing me back into my seat as I shift through the gears, the car responding to my every command. The Porsche is right on my tail, staying close as we weave through the turns and twists of the track.
    As we approach the final stretch, I can feel the heat of the competition. We're neck and neck, both of us pushing our cars to the limit. I glance over and see the determination on the woman's face, and I know that I can't let her beat me.
    With a burst of speed, I pull ahead and cross the finish line just inches ahead of her. I let out a triumphant cheer as I bring the car to a stop, exhilarated by the rush of the race.
    As we both exit our vehicles, the woman approaches me with a grin and extends her hand. "Great race," she says. "I'll have to get you on the track again sometime."
    I laugh and shake her hand, already looking forward to the next time we can hit the track and test our skills against each other.

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  • Daryoush Khalvat
    Daryoush Khalvat 2 months ago +8810


  • Lo Lingo ENT
    Lo Lingo ENT Month ago +225

    Passenger -“Dude that was a chick “
    Driver -“Seatbelt now !!”

  • K_ Reaper
    K_ Reaper Month ago +1133

    Dude was not having any of that bullshit 💀

  • t0pClwn
    t0pClwn 2 months ago +1384

    Bro was NOT letting that slide 💀

  • Arone
    Arone Month ago +230

    Bro turned his X6 into a M6 🗿

  • Barti_68
    Barti_68 Month ago +105

    Girls : making fun from men in BMW
    Men : *changes to manual gears* 🗿

    • vex
      vex Month ago +2

      💀 goofy ahh English

    • Da gnöm
      Da gnöm Month ago +4

      that ain’t english.

  • T_Clueless gaming
    T_Clueless gaming 2 months ago +3395

    He saw it was a female and was not letting that slide 💀

  • Sonictheporcipine
    Sonictheporcipine Month ago +163

    That was a real "You do not know everything boy" moment.

  • YourLocalGamerGuy
    YourLocalGamerGuy Month ago +15

    When a women pulls up to a drag race in a supercar and races the man in a casual suv:

  • Vasto Lorde
    Vasto Lorde 2 months ago +1366

    Man activated equal rights equal fight mode🗿
    Edit: Mom dad i'm famous🗿

  • RESPECT    • 24y ago •                           .

    when u think u are the fastest but the camera man appears

  • ScottIsAMenace
    ScottIsAMenace Month ago +12

    Bro said "Screw this" and just full throttle it.

  • Mathew Eldho
    Mathew Eldho 2 months ago +1215

    Sugar daddy girl thought her daddys money can save 😂

    • Mathew Eldho
      Mathew Eldho Month ago

      ​@Minimal admin ☕ was high on drug

    • Cool Gamer
      Cool Gamer Month ago

      @DROPPED fr

    • Minimal
      Minimal Month ago

      @Mathew Eldho laugh at the person who wrote the description not me.

    • Minimal
      Minimal Month ago

      @Mathew Eldho it says it in the description

    • Mathew Eldho
      Mathew Eldho Month ago

      @Minimal wonderful bro porche with Mercedes in steering 🤣

  • ProjectSam
    ProjectSam Month ago +5

    Bro was like ahh hell nahh i aint letting my pride be smashed by a woman

  • Altera
    Altera Month ago +11

    BMW to the Mercedes: "You merely adopted the highway, i was born on it."

  • Mark Anderson
    Mark Anderson 2 months ago +2299

    When a woman thinks she is the same as a man

  • Cyber_969
    Cyber_969 Month ago +2

    bro those gear changes💀☕

  • Blade_lol
    Blade_lol Month ago +54

    „Objekts in mirror are closer than they appear“ 🔥

  • syed asrar
    syed asrar 2 months ago +700

    Her sitting position ,and the way of holding the steering 😂

    • syed asrar
      syed asrar Month ago

      @FrostOp okay enjoy the coffee 🫡

    • FrostOp
      FrostOp Month ago

      @syed asrar 😂 can do, if it wasn't that damn far. Me near the hague. Also got university classes.

    • syed asrar
      syed asrar Month ago

      @FrostOp can we meet in Utrecht?

    • FrostOp
      FrostOp Month ago

      Most guys can drive with 1 hand once they got their drivers license. Atleast over here in the netherlands. Mostly cuz we are capable driving manual.

  • Guest1394
    Guest1394 Month ago +2

    Women: *overtakes*

  • Filiz Küçükrecep
    Filiz Küçükrecep Month ago +1


  • Tee nigga
    Tee nigga 2 months ago +405

    Never underestimate a man driving a BMW: Teenigga 😂😂😂😂

    • *Tobirama_senju*
      *Tobirama_senju* Month ago

      @Χαράλαμπος personally I don't mind you saying it😂but don't say it it the hood, lots of people are trigger happy these days💀you'd be surprised at what can make people pull out Glocks and .9's

    • Kami_dred
      Kami_dred 2 months ago

      @BronxiiH its not slave mentality m. Its called respect. Your making a big deal out of someone saying you cant say it.

    • Kirusanth
      Kirusanth 2 months ago +1

      Never underestimate a man

      MARK DESALES 2 months ago +2

      ​Bro saying N is racist

  • Saltenpepa
    Saltenpepa Month ago +41

    My dad drives that same x6 but the m50d ,that bih pulls 😩💪🏾💪🏾

    • CJ Steib
      CJ Steib Month ago

      Scoop me my neighbor is like 45 and whips off our street every morning in one

  • Mr.Grimツ
    Mr.Grimツ Month ago

    That dude was not having it💀

  • Fun Gameplay
    Fun Gameplay 2 months ago +235

    When HE takes it Serious☠️☠️

  • SoldierFC
    SoldierFC Month ago

    "You don't need a new recourse to be good, you need to be good out of what you have"

  • Bxsketbxll cxn
    Bxsketbxll cxn Month ago

    Bro took never let them know your next move to a whole new level

  • adri
    adri 2 months ago +132

    When your gf tell you a "loser" 💀

  • MinecraftEasyYT
    MinecraftEasyYT Month ago +2

    Bro Sigma 💀

  • muhammad karam-elahi

    You missed the part where she activated “ultra womanstinct” and drives off a cliff and hit every car known to man

    TRASH GHOST666 2 months ago +142

    The way she holds the steering wheel💀💀bro nahhw just let me out the damn car

    • 3
      3 Month ago

      Watch them be like “iT’s SAfeRrRr TO HoLd thE BoTtTUm of tha WheEeel”
      … While driving 100 mph ☕️

  • Umut Yılmaz Şimşek
    Umut Yılmaz Şimşek Month ago +1


  • Oh no no •
    Oh no no • Month ago +7

    My man just needed to do launch protocols before taking off🤷🏽‍♂️

  • phoon
    phoon Month ago +114

    Bro didn't let that slide👌🗿

  • AlaN
    AlaN Month ago

    He should've held a sign on the window that said "Sell It"

  • hoyyyeaaahh
    hoyyyeaaahh Month ago

    Dude was like:wtf are you even trying to pull up?

    HANU GAMING 2 months ago +46

    My bro took it personal 💀

  • M.r. Bot
    M.r. Bot Month ago

    The waffle House has found its new host

  • Rock Lobster
    Rock Lobster Month ago

    Her crystals give her a 5% speed boost but it still wasn't enough

  • BenjaaaxX
    BenjaaaxX 2 months ago +99

    literally my dad in a race and they bet him a supra
    My dad:

  • Fails Work
    Fails Work Month ago +2

    When he takes it serious 💀

  • pestel 5
    pestel 5 Month ago

    A real top g never lets a w...

  • TP Gaming.
    TP Gaming. 2 months ago +24

    Once a legend said:- matter who is behind the wheels....
    Dominic torreto

    UNAFF Month ago

    I think it was the capri-sun infront of the center console that slowed her down.

    CHOKOI Month ago

    May I ask what BMW is that (like what version)?

  • zero
    zero 2 months ago +104

    Don't underestimate 1: boys
    2:and their ego....

    COVER DRIVE 🏏 Month ago +5

    Bro took it too personally 💀

  • 2slow_e82
    2slow_e82 Month ago

    That sound was not from this video if y’all really thought it was I’m very sorry 😭

  • Sriram
    Sriram 2 months ago +37

    Bro just dropped a gear and disappeared 🤣🤣

  • Mah Rez
    Mah Rez Month ago

    Emotional Damage Mode : Activated

    ARMIZ Month ago

    Dude was casually driving then sees a Mercedes speeding pass him with a camera and is like nahh your not lying today!

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones 2 months ago +168

    That jaw drop at the end made her realise, there's always a better men out there

  • White _dev
    White _dev Month ago

    The cameraman knew it was gonna happen so he turned the camera to the side immediately

  • CR7.aep7
    CR7.aep7 Month ago

    Women's going fast 😂
    Said the boy 💀
    The boy pops up and ends up in a bad mood going fast 💪🗿

  • Nayeem Hasan
    Nayeem Hasan 2 months ago +43

    You can feel the cameraman is praying for his life 😂

  • Sigfrid de Sagun
    Sigfrid de Sagun Month ago

    "Its not the car, its the player."

  • Special Forces Guy
    Special Forces Guy Month ago

    If she did that to my dad..Supra would leave her speechless..PERIOD.

  • alpha gaming
    alpha gaming 2 months ago +593

    Never underestimate a guy who’s driving a bmw and Volkswagen 😂
    For your info it’s a joke my cousin made me do it don’t take it seriously

    • Summerfag3k
      Summerfag3k Month ago

      @Boyza Ice ok i hope i will drive one someday then

    • Dauntless
      Dauntless Month ago

      Good ol german engineering

    • Boyza Ice
      Boyza Ice Month ago

      Everyone saying Vw is bad in SA if you drive a be golf R or GTI I promise you your words would be something else

    • Moon Cake
      Moon Cake Month ago

      @The D3-FNC GOD Thanks, seems like some people need to be educated.

  • Why am I Alive
    Why am I Alive Month ago +1

    bro did not let that slide💀

  • ʃɪnanɪɡənz..!!

    It's the driver. Who knows how to push it through.

  • Maher Imanuel
    Maher Imanuel 2 months ago +30

    The mercedes be like: i just 143 km/h
    The bmw be like: 280 km/h

  • Giga_ Chad
    Giga_ Chad Month ago

    I appreciate cameraman for risking his Life...

    SUJITH S Month ago


  • Ахмет Нарметов
    Ахмет Нарметов 2 months ago +60

    hahahah women 🤣

  • Donakon98
    Donakon98 Month ago +1


  • Gamer
    Gamer Month ago

    Sigma rule 1: *Take the revenge on everything*

  • Akhand_Bharat_Gamer🇮🇳
    Akhand_Bharat_Gamer🇮🇳 2 months ago +585

    Supra and GT-R laughing in the corner ☠☠☠

  • Razor.Editz0
    Razor.Editz0 Month ago +1

    She didn't drive fast but men can💀

  • Eddy V
    Eddy V Month ago

    Oh, that's nice of her to bring Daddy his car

  • Omarabazid2009
    Omarabazid2009 2 months ago +31

    Girl pass a guy:
    Guy: nah I am not letting that slide.

  • Ehsan
    Ehsan Month ago

    Well done bro🗿💪

  • Porsche Lover
    Porsche Lover Month ago

    “What do you do for a living”
    “Only fans”

  • IllusiveElk255
    IllusiveElk255 2 months ago +8

    That's the sign of a true rat racer. Drop back behind your opponent, and just when they think they got you, you assert your dominance.

    SCP VS SCP Month ago

    Never judge a book by its cover

  • Ted Kaczynski
    Ted Kaczynski Month ago


  • Resul Resul
    Resul Resul 2 months ago +50

    B.M.W 💪❤️

  • januuel
    januuel Month ago +1


  • John
    John Month ago

    Never heard a Mercedes sound like that and I work on them for a living. Plus, you can see her foot lift off the accelerator while the engine is being revved up.

  • Last One
    Last One 2 months ago +30

    From happiness to disappointment to ass whooping. In less than 30 seconds.

  • Alvin Sithole
    Alvin Sithole Month ago

    Challenge accepted 💪


    base model mercedes: cruising
    X6M: i can't get insulted again, even if it's not an AMG

  • Soham Dimber
    Soham Dimber 2 months ago +6

    He said know your worth💀💀

  • Dylan
    Dylan Month ago

    They got hella quiet

  • Connor Grace
    Connor Grace Month ago

    Never shoulda doubted the bmw driver 🤣

  • Erback
    Erback 2 months ago +5


    RBINBL99D Month ago

    If there were a man sitting in the girls position they would have raced ngl😂😂

  • Makaveli
    Makaveli Month ago

    Shes doing almost 200 and uses only one hand. This shows how serious she takes the car shes driving

  • The Leon
    The Leon 2 months ago +49

    Damn she was just cruising and the bmw guy went: 🚀🚀🚀

  • Masood Ali
    Masood Ali Month ago

    Dad is always dad

  • صلو علي النبي صلي الله عليه وسلم

    Luckily, it wouldn't be a Supra that might have been fired

  • cr7andmessi edits
    cr7andmessi edits 2 months ago +18

    Lady really thought she was fast for a sec😂

  • Amin Tehmezli
    Amin Tehmezli Month ago +1

    BMV 👌👌👍👍

    SHUBHI. Month ago

    Ninja h2r be like..haa yeh krlo pejle😂❤️

  • Yoriichi Tsugikuni
    Yoriichi Tsugikuni 2 months ago +6

    Man drinks red bull 🗿🍷

  • Ayxan2011
    Ayxan2011 Month ago

    King BMW

  • LP_Alex007
    LP_Alex007 Month ago

    He did Not let that slide💀

  • MadxxKunalrao
    MadxxKunalrao 2 months ago +7

    Yes sir it is stock 😂

  • A.D.C (Alpha Delta Charlie)

    ???:LOL. It's echo mode, but it makes me turn on sports mode.

  • A Tuck
    A Tuck Month ago

    BMW: Sport+ mode actived

  • Marko Batanozic
    Marko Batanozic 2 months ago +6

    Old volvo box joins the chat