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Real Madrid Fan Wants A LEGEND To Leave The Club! 🇪🇸

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Real Madrid Fan Wants A LEGEND To Leave The Club! 🇪🇸 #shorts
    ORIGINAL VIDEO: • Keep, Sell Or Ben...
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Comments • 2 893

  • jaymaestro
    jaymaestro Month ago +16421

    Dude benched and sold almost everyone who won the champions league

    • jayjit mahato
      jayjit mahato Day ago

      He knows ball... Now say something???

    • DzeDze 777
      DzeDze 777 2 days ago

      ​@Devin Halim Carvajal is not soo good as he was 1-2 years before. Bench is the best choice for him.

    • KinraCH
      KinraCH 3 days ago

      ​@STEELOya think this fifa career mode?

    • Ujjayan Das
      Ujjayan Das 6 days ago

      @Kj ROM but jn madrie age doesn't matter infaxt age players are doing better and mixture of age and experience with young makes you win so ofc it's not true age players are needed

    • Ujjayan Das
      Ujjayan Das 6 days ago

      @young_range007 no

  • Harsh Verma
    Harsh Verma Month ago +974

    Bro sold his coach 💀

    • PIKA OP
      PIKA OP Day ago


    • jacob murphy
      jacob murphy Day ago

      ​@Deng deng your being deluded

    • hard.szpadel
      hard.szpadel Day ago

      @Deng we fr need zidane back

    • Enock Banda
      Enock Banda 2 days ago

      ​@Harlan it's Madrid they expect excellence. Anything less is failure.

    • Harlan
      Harlan 5 days ago +2

      @Mo El Real Madrid fans are so wanting everything the best which of cause is good but that’s delusional and disrespectful towards Carlo Ancelotti

  • cappxd.
    cappxd. 28 days ago +1130

    This guy would be the best manager of all time. Who would’ve thought to bench the whole team that won the CL

    • Yeet Master
      Yeet Master 9 hours ago

      ​@AmanPlayz Modric still plays like he's 25

    • cappxd.
      cappxd. Day ago

      @jayjit mahato what

    • jayjit mahato
      jayjit mahato Day ago

      He knows ball... Now say something???

    • Gage Maru
      Gage Maru Day ago +1

      @Benehs i see what you mean the clasico is important and I understand you guys are Real Madrid, you have more champions leagues than most important clubs have league titles. But the man won you two champions leagues for any team, even for real, that is an amazing achievement. Sure if In the league he can’t perform a change is needed, but who could do better for certain ?

  • Bo4 Elite
    Bo4 Elite Month ago +3386

    “ who the fuck is that guy”😂😂😂

  • Ruben Monzon
    Ruben Monzon 27 days ago +80

    bro wants 8 players only and to play without a coach 💀😭

  • Romulo Chavez
    Romulo Chavez 21 day ago +160

    For me Modric and Benzema could play til 40. I am a Barca fan but both of them are magnificent players. Ancelloti, world class coach.

    • Swanwatcher
      Swanwatcher 2 days ago

      Ancelotti ain't good anymore, literally every time he loses its unlucky 😂😂

    • Abhishek Basu
      Abhishek Basu 4 days ago +2

      Carlo raises his eyebrow to thank you 🤨

    • Mkt Tv
      Mkt Tv 5 days ago

      You are right bro

  • Mourath Das
    Mourath Das Month ago +9241

    He forgets that football includes 11 players per Team

    • Ujjayan Das
      Ujjayan Das 2 days ago

      @Neymar da Silva Santos Junior neymar

    • Neymar da Silva Santos Junior
      Neymar da Silva Santos Junior 4 days ago

      @Ujjayan DasCristiano Ronaldo ?

    • Wow
      Wow 25 days ago +1

      @Louis Ninie real Madrid made a 160m offer for Mbappé they have the budget

    • Law Bl
      Law Bl Month ago

      You forgot that when you sell players, you usually also buy players to replace them.

  • Aaryan Sharma
    Aaryan Sharma Day ago +7

    My man just benched Modric 💀

  • Ahmed Djaber Lethied
    Ahmed Djaber Lethied 13 days ago +15

    To all people who blame him, we didn't win 14 UCL with low expectations.

    • Aydin Cakiroglu
      Aydin Cakiroglu Day ago

      This kind of squad overhaul is crazy. Selling your top striker and manager after winning the UCL is mad

  • Abhinav Bordoloi
    Abhinav Bordoloi Month ago +3029

    Man literally benched two of the greatest midfielders of this decade

    • Za B
      Za B 22 hours ago

      One is one of the best of his generation. One is one of the greatest midfielders to ever touch the football field. Tied with andres iniesta but below the greatest midfielder to ever play the game. Zinedine Zidane.

    • jayjit mahato
      jayjit mahato Day ago

      He knows ball... Now say something???

    • Jez4prez _
      Jez4prez _ 2 days ago

      KDB is better than Kroos. Kroos is a bum.

    • Tristan Hintze
      Tristan Hintze 3 days ago

      ​@J B Bro said Busquets > Kroos💀

    • Agreed
      Agreed 6 days ago

      ​@J B by what metric is busquets better than kroos? He's underrated overall but he's not better than kroos

  • Brian Easy
    Brian Easy 27 days ago +12

    Dude said “Bench” to RM’s iconic players, so I’d tell him “Sell yourself lil mofokr”

  • Viceroy
    Viceroy 23 days ago +5

    “Amazing marketing from Chelsea”💀💀

  • Stefano Ruggiero
    Stefano Ruggiero Month ago +706

    And this ladies and gentlemen is the explanation of ignorance

  • Uncle roger
    Uncle roger 21 day ago +5

    Watching golf be like:

  • Peal Netersen
    Peal Netersen 28 days ago +4

    I was afraid he was going to say: "Karim Benzema?"
    "Respect Benchema"

  • HecticPortugal
    HecticPortugal Month ago +2087

    Bench Toni Kroos? Hell no this man is insane

    • jayjit mahato
      jayjit mahato Day ago

      He knows ball... Now say something???

    • Anubis
      Anubis 8 days ago

      @Gamma Male this is absolute facts but most football fans are casuals caught up in a popularity and recency bias

    • raykoxsis
      raykoxsis 22 days ago

      because he thinks the ball is a square

    • Samuel Haftom
      Samuel Haftom 27 days ago

      ​@Gamma Male Wait what? What about now against Liverpool?

    • Yarrid de Vogelaere
      Yarrid de Vogelaere 27 days ago

      Hell yeah. It's been clear for at least one and a half years that Modric and Kroos together no longer works. They no longer have the legs. One of the two and 2 younger midfielders with more energy. 4 times out of 5 that means benching Kroos because Modric just offers more and has slightly more quality. Have to say the roles would have been reversed before the WC. September and October Kroos was the best midfielder. Not at this moment though.

  • I Assure You I'm Not That Guy

    Damn Nacho needs to chill💀💀

  • Arthur
    Arthur Month ago +28

    My guy got annoyed at a non native speaker struggled to pronounce a name but sold Modric and benched Benzema 😂

  • T.
    T. Month ago +3909

    " He's playing for Chelsea not for us. " 💀

    • Antoine L'Heureux
      Antoine L'Heureux 4 days ago

      ​@Sports Curator 100% - but to be fair I think he is also being meme'd in a way where it's just funny and cool to make fun of him. Bet most of these people never watched him play. Growing up, he was one of the players I wish I could play like.

    • Moustapha Thiam
      Moustapha Thiam Month ago

      That one smoked me 😂😂💀

    • Sports Curator
      Sports Curator Month ago +6

      The disrespect hazard gets after balling at Lille and Chelsea
      Is unbearable
      He was the closest thing to Messi in his prime

      FREE WILL DEFENDER Month ago

      He is right

    • Chill Noise
      Chill Noise Month ago +1

      They took him from us now they’re acting like we offered him to them🤡🤡🤡

  • Virgil
    Virgil Month ago +20

    people don't realize how underrated vazques is bro can literally play in any position

    • Benehs
      Benehs Day ago

      @Paul Paturel which is why Valverde can’t be a RW cuz he has to cover Modric who goes up to press but can’t track back and then leaves Vini and Benz up top

    • Paul Paturel
      Paul Paturel 29 days ago

      @Moi A but then if they move to a cdm position, they're not forward anymore, you realise that ?

    • Moi A
      Moi A 29 days ago

      ​@Paul Paturel you realize players can move around on the pitch theyre not stuck in one position right?

    • Paul Paturel
      Paul Paturel 29 days ago

      @Virgil Yes he can .. But he can't be TWO Valverdes ... so if he's in CM he is not in RB etc ...

    • Virgil
      Virgil Month ago

      @Paul Paturel no he can play rb and rw and even as a cm soooo

  • Joe badalamente
    Joe badalamente 5 days ago +3

    Carvajal is so underrated

  • Branx
    Branx Month ago +719

    Lost all credibility benching Benz and Modric. They’re older but they’re gifted and are absolute ballers.

    • Benehs
      Benehs 7 minutes ago

      @VRCMF glad we agree on that mate

    • Benehs
      Benehs 8 minutes ago

      @VRCMF what hell no my point is to not start Modric or Kroos together just keep one in the starting 11 with Cama and Valverde I mean I’d you look back last years UCL run Modric usually stays and Camavinga comes on to change the game with Valverde dropping back into midfield and boom there is your midfield for next season but Ancelotti is clearly dumb due to bias and not giving younger players a chance like giving the situation he might as well play Tobias Vini. He is much fresh player and needs game time

    • VRCMF
      VRCMF 3 hours ago

      @Benehs I agree. I think Modric. I never said don’t play the young players. I said benching ALL of the vets is stupid

    • Benehs
      Benehs Day ago

      @VRCMF doesn’t change the fact that there should be one veteran for me it’s Modric with the 2 other younger players. Also what can you expect from Fede who is put in as a Right winger and has to cover the midfield since Modric goes up to press its the coach fault for the same predictable formation

    • Benehs
      Benehs Day ago

      @VRCMF didn’t he lose the duel and got bodied by Lewandoski which led to a goal

  • suhayb alaa
    suhayb alaa 4 days ago +1

    Bro even sold the logo 😂

  • Stellan Hallerby
    Stellan Hallerby 20 days ago +3

    I always get astounded at how britts and yankies refuse to learn how to pronounce names from other countries. The fan even told the guy how to pronounce the name, and still he pronounced it wrong again. That is ignorance! 😂

    • evoke
      evoke Day ago

      it sounds cringe for english accents to try and do all the fancy foreign pronounciations so we just say it how it's spelled

  • Thapa Mukesh
    Thapa Mukesh Month ago +1571

    Real Madrid fans know how to respect their legends

    • Aidan Liu
      Aidan Liu 26 days ago

      Why you gotta generalize all of us?

      AKGAMING Month ago

      No tf they don’t 😂😂 that’s what they’re known not to do. But if you was being sarcastic then fair play hella likes

    • Luigie Özi
      Luigie Özi Month ago +2

      So I am a Real fan and I am also annoyed that some players like Casillas,Navas,Alonso etc were not treated respectfully. But on the other hand players like Ramos,Cr7,Zidane,Ronaldo etc are revered AND it's the best club in the world they just have a different level and expectation 🤷 nevertheless few would say no to Real and if then you have to offer billions and sell half the country like with Mbappe

    • gui*
      gui* Month ago +1

      they obviously do. respect them, but don't letthem take spots in the starting 11 out of just love. that's why they been on top for 10+ years.

  • Jeffrey Lopez
    Jeffrey Lopez 5 days ago

    Might as well put him as coach I think he knows what he doing🤣

  • Willibroad Ayambaeta
    Willibroad Ayambaeta 28 days ago +2

    This dude is a benchmark

  • L.F.C97REDS
    L.F.C97REDS Month ago +861

    Bro put his whole life into that "SELL" 😭

  • Fire Up
    Fire Up 5 days ago +1

    This bro got a 5-a-side team of Courtois, Militao, Alaba, Camavinga, Valverde.

  • Amantha Punnyasoma
    Amantha Punnyasoma 4 days ago

    Bro seriously benched Kroos, Modric and Benzema 💀

  • FootEditzMC
    FootEditzMC Month ago +44

    Guy benched Modric and Kroos💀

    • jayjit mahato
      jayjit mahato Day ago

      He knows ball... Now say something???

    • Benehs
      Benehs Day ago

      @kryss but his partnership with Kroos had come to a decline like how can Modric press but can’t track back and Toni who stays back even tho Camavinga is DM and should be the only one in the back. It can only be Kroos or Modric in the starting 11 with 2 other younger player like CM(Fede or Ceballos) & DM(Tchoumeni or Camavinga)

    • kryss
      kryss 16 days ago +1

      @pokepod Ain’t no way you just said Modric is playing low level. He still carries us even with his age

    • zQualified
      zQualified 16 days ago

      I mean they are 33 and 37

    • pokepod
      pokepod Month ago

      They are playing a low level

  • Medhat Magdy
    Medhat Magdy Month ago +37

    -Your son
    -Bench press or dm press
    - deadlifts or squats

    FLIMSY 4 days ago +2

    bro benched the whole starting 11

  • anonymous
    anonymous Month ago +293

    "Kroos, Modric', Benzema = Bench
    Ancelotti = Sell" - some lost guy

    • jayjit mahato
      jayjit mahato Day ago

      He knows ball... Now say something???

    • Elisa FR
      Elisa FR 21 day ago

      him objektif

    • BrutAnedda
      BrutAnedda Month ago

      @FLAME SIR I heard the rumour, I honestly don't understand why though. I have a problem with foreign managers in the first place, I understand that there aren't really great brazilian managers as for now (maybe, like, Dunga is cool) but why Ancelotti? I don't know, I don't think it will work.

      FLAME SIR Month ago

      @BrutAnedda May he come as the coach of Brazil🙃

    DOM TV GH 3 days ago

    They used the money to create football. Some used passion. ❤️

  • kxng bop
    kxng bop 2 days ago

    My guy benching the legends lmao

  • PierreLR
    PierreLR Month ago +161

    Benzema on the bench? This guy doesn’t like football.

    • Aboudjienna X
      Aboudjienna X 4 days ago

      ​@Davens the keyhe's done? and you are ON.... Clip-Share.

    • Beaver 252
      Beaver 252 6 days ago +1

      @DG Here's a non-ridiculous list then:
      What Benzema won in 2022:
      Champions League
      UEFA Supercup
      Club World Cup
      Spanish Supercup
      La Liga
      UEFA Nations League
      La Liga Top Scorer
      Ballon D'or 2022
      Benzema stats:
      52 appearances
      48 goals
      16 assists
      (1.23 goal contributions per appearance)

    • DG
      DG 6 days ago

      @Beaver 252 This list is ridiculous sure our guys are bit old but who in the world could replace them and not even gonna comment on selling Ancceloti for not being able to replicate previous season success which is almost unreachable . But if anyone could do it , it’s Ancelotti . Maybe just maybe another ucl is coming.

    • Beaver 252
      Beaver 252 20 days ago +1

      ​@Davens the key just won ballon dor ucl club world cup la liga top scorer copa del rey and u telling me he's finished 💀

    • Davens the key
      Davens the key 28 days ago

      Yes Benzema is done

  • mnl alx
    mnl alx 28 days ago +4

    "who da f'ck is this guyyy???"

  • AD
    AD 20 days ago

    Bro benched the whole midfield 💀

  • Chloe Price' #1 simp
    Chloe Price' #1 simp Month ago +79

    Real Madrid in Ohio be like:

  • Fraser Posford
    Fraser Posford Month ago +1

    That pronunciation of Vallejo though 😂😂😂

  • Sabas Chiwangu
    Sabas Chiwangu 10 days ago +2

    Camavinga, sell never to Arsenal 😂😂😂😂 killed me with laughter 😂😂

  • Khotun Khan
    Khotun Khan Month ago +121

    He is ruthless lmao

    • Benehs
      Benehs Day ago

      @oath you watched el clasico and tell me he is still ruthless?

    • Blanco
      Blanco Month ago

      And useless

    • Jawad
      Jawad Month ago +4

      More like senseless

    • oath
      oath Month ago +6

      more like clueless

    • NIcky_1790
      NIcky_1790 Month ago +2

      That is the way. Our way at least.

  • RyanLow_official
    RyanLow_official Day ago +1

    Man thinks he is the one who decide things😂

  • Eghosa Edayi
    Eghosa Edayi 20 days ago

    I think this guy was really Drunk during the whole interview ahaha

  • Erick S
    Erick S Month ago +100

    Dude benched or sold all the Spanish players. Lmao

    • Jose A
      Jose A Month ago +1

      @harry lol

    • harry
      harry Month ago +1

      ​@Tiernan Cregan nd lost

    • Tiernan Cregan
      Tiernan Cregan Month ago +4

      Well recently Real Madrid started a team without a single Spanish player in the 11 for the first time in their history, so maybe he’s onto something!

    • 70qdape 40tona
      70qdape 40tona Month ago +4

      That is why Casemiro said “hasta lá vista, babe!”

  • Shikhar Poudel
    Shikhar Poudel 4 days ago

    This man analysis and player identification is the best. Keep good young players in match, old experienced club legend on bench to share experience on dressing room and bring them on in their necessity and sold those nusiance. Perfectly said. Bold decision and the best too❤❤❤❤

  • Matthew Takaona
    Matthew Takaona 2 hours ago

    He didn’t sell a legend he sold legends

  • library gary
    library gary Month ago +497

    "vajaygo" 😭😭😭

    ROBO FF 3 days ago

    Vini doing 1 vs 11 clutch 👁️👄👁️

  • Anthony Graham
    Anthony Graham 28 days ago +1

    As an Arsenal fan: Must be nice to just want to dispose of top talent!

  • its me ting
    its me ting Month ago +545

    Imagine how many death threats he will get if he says "sell Ronaldo" 💀🗿
    Edit: Messi fans please don't comment here or people who don't know what Ronaldo did for RMA Ronaldo was the greatest player of RMA

  • danilo de luna
    danilo de luna 6 days ago +1

    I think he really likes the word bench and sell, that's my only explanation. 🤔🤣

  • Anurag Singh
    Anurag Singh 4 days ago

    I had enough when the man said sell for Lucas Vasquez. You don't disrespect the goats like that.

  • Jluyoungzone
    Jluyoungzone Month ago +547

    "I genuinely don't know who that is"

      KAREEM'S ASHY KNEES 22 days ago +2

      @Rossoneri can’t forget talented Brazilian winger Vinchensus as well

    • Alvaro Bosch
      Alvaro Bosch Month ago

      @Nick Danis it depends on the accent, in Madrid j is rough on the other hand on the canary islands it does sound like h

    • Rossoneri
      Rossoneri Month ago

      Can't forget about dani ceballos or as robbie says it "chabelos"

    • Abdullaahi Ahmed
      Abdullaahi Ahmed Month ago +1

      ​@Tonez I was looking for this just To see that i am not hearing things🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Jluyoungzone
      Jluyoungzone Month ago +2

      @Nick Danis Yeah, I know. My comment was quoting Robbie, who's English

  • Apex Predators
    Apex Predators 11 days ago

    Bruh woke up and chose to sell and bench every best player

  • king Hassan
    king Hassan Month ago +1

    We need Jurgen Klopp - Gvardiol - RB - Jude belingham - Mbappe - Saka

  • Limi
    Limi Month ago +12

    my guy would say "SELL" when his wife announces that she's pregnant.

  • Luka Kovač
    Luka Kovač 12 days ago

    My man ( reporter ) said Toni CrUiSe💀

  • Yakup Çıvkın
    Yakup Çıvkın 19 days ago

    I wouldnt bench Modric even if he was 50 years old, tf is wrong with this guy

  • fut_ed!ts💫
    fut_ed!ts💫 Month ago +7


  • Steven Nkoyo
    Steven Nkoyo 28 days ago +1

    Karim and Luka on the bench? You must be out of your damn mind

  • Anthony K EFC1878
    Anthony K EFC1878 3 days ago

    Imagine putting modric on the bench and benzema the 2 players who carry real Madrid 😂

  • Mihael Šenolt
    Mihael Šenolt Month ago +94

    Bro he made the whole Madrid squad play on the bench🤣

    • Ivan orlo
      Ivan orlo 8 days ago

      He benched the goat of midfield Luka Modric

    • raykoxsis
      raykoxsis 22 days ago +1

      he doesnt understand anything about football lol

  • Majdy Danaf
    Majdy Danaf 21 day ago

    When he saya bench, I don't understams why people get mad. Most of those players are well into their 30s ans I think he just says that so that they integrate youth and give them a chance. I meam common he probably took inspiration from us (Barcelona) and saw how bad we are struggling because we did not take the decisions we had to. I agree with his choices honestly.

  • DogeHatesLyrics
    DogeHatesLyrics 28 days ago


  • Just A J2
    Just A J2 Month ago +9

    This guy knows what he's saying

  • kxng bop
    kxng bop 2 days ago

    Shouldve asked him abt vini😂

  • Mark Howards
    Mark Howards 18 days ago

    The german sniper is OG can't get rid of him

  • Nevis
    Nevis Month ago +43

    Benzema and Modric benched, what is this guy smoking!?

    • Benehs
      Benehs Day ago

      @Sid Vyas but not together tho just one of them with 2 other younger midfielders

    • Sid Vyas
      Sid Vyas 29 days ago

      @Big Fundamental I watch every minute and I can tell you this lad is fkn mad, nutter I tell ya.
      Benz is 11 from 13 in La Liga with another 3 assists, tied 2nd for the Pichichi
      Modric is an absolute stud, running and gunning games like always. Kroos the same too

    • Bo4 Elite
      Bo4 Elite Month ago +2

      @Big Fundamental you gonna replace Benzema or what!?
      Prez doesn’t buy a world class striker to replace him and the club suffers because of it!

    • Guilty Bystander
      Guilty Bystander Month ago

      you know nothing

    • Big Fundamental
      Big Fundamental Month ago +8

      Because he actually watch madrid every week unlike you who only watch highlight

  • 4thM
    4thM Day ago

    Sell everyone I don't care, but don't you ever sell Lucas Vásquez. My boy he's the definution of a team player.

  • Ricar MC
    Ricar MC 28 days ago

    This guy need to live in a real world

  • mou zendonge
    mou zendonge Month ago +43

    Nah he wanna sell a Manager 💀

    • SamRalteGeetar
      SamRalteGeetar Month ago +1

      Bruh going places. Not to RM management room, but places

    • DOUGHX
      DOUGHX Month ago +2


  • Garvit Singh
    Garvit Singh 21 day ago +1

    Stopped the moment he benched luka modrić like CMON BRO WHY?

  • A Problematic problem

    Who’s expecting to play over everyone he just benched? He can’t be a Madrid fan if he doesn’t see Camavinga’s potential

  • FactoryEdits
    FactoryEdits Month ago +737

    If this guy was the coach they would have literally like 8 players
    Edit:thanks for the likes can we get 1k???

    • Ujjayan Das
      Ujjayan Das Month ago

      ​@Tyler_the_Curator stfu not all are same I want those legends on my team to improve and give more experience

    • Tyler_the_Curator
      Tyler_the_Curator Month ago

      What do you expect, it’s a Real Madrid fan. Always entitled to the next best thing

    • Shin
      Shin Month ago +1

      If he was the coach they would be on the third division😄

    • FactoryEdits
      FactoryEdits Month ago

      @HecticPortugal fr

    • Mayo_gib_ihn
      Mayo_gib_ihn Month ago


  • EggHead Gaming
    EggHead Gaming 3 days ago

    This man is deffo a Barcelona fan in disguise 🥸

  • Syed Syed
    Syed Syed 14 days ago

    This guy is the first person I sell to India league

  • HoseMourinho
    HoseMourinho Month ago +38

    Carva and Lucas are pure madridistas man I would never sell them

  • Amogh Joshi
    Amogh Joshi Month ago

    Bang on analysis 👏

  • Galang Jr
    Galang Jr 3 days ago

    bro want the owner to buy a whole new team players 🗿

  • Th3 W4yneTr4in
    Th3 W4yneTr4in Month ago +22

    Dude has such great ball knowledge

    • Yacine
      Yacine 12 days ago

      ​@Abdellah Fazza trolling duh

    • Abdellah Fazza
      Abdellah Fazza Month ago

      I'm not sure if u'r being fr or trolling?

  • Javier Castro
    Javier Castro 5 days ago +3

    You can tell he actually has no idea who tf Jesus Vallejo is

  • Adar Barrush
    Adar Barrush 4 days ago

    That's the mentality of 99% of real madrid fans- a manager wins back to back CLs but they say he's crap and want some hipster coach who gets sacked after 6 months

  • J7SportVideo
    J7SportVideo Month ago +6

    I swear some fans are really ungrateful to their legends.

  • Danut Popa
    Danut Popa 15 days ago

    Nacho going crazy with these affirmations

  • uzbkiller228
    uzbkiller228 16 days ago

    guy said that courtois is the best gk rn💀

  • I bill
    I bill Month ago +27

    How tf does he say bench to Modric and Kroos?

    • Robert Langdon
      Robert Langdon Month ago +1

      modric is 38
      i disagree on kroos though, he still has a good 3/4 years in him considering he's a deep playmaker

    • Avel Rosas
      Avel Rosas Month ago

      @Luka Kovacevic every day besides the day it matters in a WC semi? Yeah sure buddy

    • Luka Kovacevic
      Luka Kovacevic Month ago +1

      @Avel Rosas bro what are you on? First half croatia played with argentina midfield. The pen and that fifa goal led to that 3:0 and some messi masterclass. But still, croatia smokes argentinas midfield every day

    • Gaurav Yadav
      Gaurav Yadav Month ago

      @Avel Rosas wtf are you talking about? I am just talking about Modric who was good, not necessarily impactful, barely lost the ball and had nice link up and popped the ball around really well. That's his job and he did it

    • Avel Rosas
      Avel Rosas Month ago +1

      @Gaurav Yadav no, Modric had to keep them in check. It wasn't about keeping Modric under control, the croatians were the ones on the back foot. They lost 3-0 and were out of the game way before it ended lol

  • Elias Rosales Hamarova

    Wtf they picked a random man from a tribe in africa and they started to make him questions

  • Chandan Debnath
    Chandan Debnath 4 days ago

    Also bench this guy! Poor fellow 😂

  • Donnell Perkins
    Donnell Perkins Month ago +146

    Robbie and his pronunciations💀💀

    • Mollywop
      Mollywop Month ago +2

      I thought he said Fellatio💀

  • Ulmasbek Rakhmatullaev

    Reporter: Anchelotti
    The guy: Sell

  • Marlon Vasconcelos
    Marlon Vasconcelos 21 day ago

    My man bench the best cm in the world, more respect for Modric

  • アレックス
    アレックス Month ago +9

    Dude really benched the best midfielder of the last decade

  •  gloomzyZN
    gloomzyZN 18 days ago

    Dont let this man become a coach

  • Al-Sheber-الشبر
    Al-Sheber-الشبر 23 days ago

    As a real madrid fan I would like to keep the old top players and buy new young players with the talent so they can get the experience from them and get used for winning trophies and learn how to keep winning

  • Hy
    Hy Month ago +8

    I like the new 3-2-2 formation real are hoping for this season!

  • Mr. Espanol
    Mr. Espanol 2 days ago

    bro kept camavinga but benched Modric and Benzema💀

  • OnyX AsFin
    OnyX AsFin 3 days ago

    I couldn’t agree more

  • Joao Pedro Segura
    Joao Pedro Segura Month ago +11

    "Won 5 champions league for us , respect "