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How I Transformed My Body in 30 Days

  • Published on Jun 7, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • My favourite weight loss meals and updated upper body workout!
    Today's Recipes:
    Chocolate Brownie Pancakes:
    * 1/2 cup Oatmeal blended
    * 1/2tsp Baking powder
    * 2tbs Cocoa powder
    * 2tbs Coconut flour
    * Stevia to taste (optional)
    * 2 Eggs
    * 6tbs Greek Yogurt
    * 1tbs Water
    - Combine all dry ingredients together
    - Add wet to the dry and mix into a batter
    - Makes 4-6 pancakes!
    Chicken Bacon Patties:
    * 1 Can White beans (drained and rinsed)
    * 1lbs ground chicken
    '* 1/4 cup fresh dill
    * 1/4 cup fresh parsley
    * 1/3 cup greek yogurt
    * 1 cup shredded low calorie cheese
    * 3-4 slices turkey/ chicken bacon
    * salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder + any other seasoning of choice
    - Mash beans (not completely smooth, a little chunky)
    - Add all other ingredients to the beans in a bowl and combine well
    - Form into patties
    - Airy fry at 390 degrees for 15-20 minutes flipping halfway through
    Mac & Cheese??
    * 1 small head cauliflower
    * 1 cup uncooked pasta
    * 1.5 cups Cashew milk
    * 2 cups low fat cheese
    * 3tbs flour
    * Salt
    * Bread crumbs (optional)
    - Cut the cauliflower into small bite size chunks and boil with the pasta
    - Add 2 cups of cashew milk to a pan along with salt and 3tbs flour. combine and let simmer until thickens
    - Add 2 cups of cheese to your thick cashew milk mixture and combine well
    - Drain your pasta and cauliflower. Put back into the pot
    - Add cheese sauce to your pot with pasta and cauliflower and combine well
    - Pour into a baking dish and top off with some breadcrumbs
    - bake in oven until bread crumbs become golden brown!
    INSTAGRAM- willtenny
    MY WEBSITE: willtennyson.ca/
    General Enquiries: corporate@willtennyson.ca
    Business Enquiries: willt@bottlerocketmanagement.com
    #gym #food #fitness

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  • Zach
    Zach 3 months ago +2228

    Gotta love how consistent Will's been with his content lately.

    • Baleb Cates
      Baleb Cates 3 months ago +38

      My boy has a baby on the way and they are not cheap! He has to keep the grind up now!

    • TIM Z
      TIM Z 3 months ago +5

      It’s his full-time job!

    • Hyper Shadow Sniper 176
      Hyper Shadow Sniper 176 3 months ago +1


      REPPIN TIME FITNESS 3 months ago +1

      Facts definitely needed information 💯

    • J
      J 3 months ago +5

      @TIM Z that’s true but consistency at any full time job is something to be proud of. I mean, companies give promotions based on your consistency + improvements.

  • Lukas I. Werenskiold
    Lukas I. Werenskiold 3 months ago +294

    I swear, if you made an app with your recipes, your program, your videos and a calorie/macro calculator, kept it updated and fresh - and made it fun and “you” with your humor.. I’d pay monthly for life for that thing.
    Your content is so far above and beyond anything else regarding bodybuilding and life around it!

    • David Pierson
      David Pierson 3 months ago +16

      Do 10 sets of wrist curls, then wash your hands type stuff. 😂

    • Jacob Wright
      Jacob Wright 3 months ago +2

      He’s the best body builder Clip-Sharer in my opinion

    • SЕИА
      SЕИА 3 months ago +1

      @Jacob Wright agreed

  • rasheed sadien
    rasheed sadien 3 months ago +364

    Will really needs his own Netflix cooking show. As much as he is a bodybuilder, he's a damn good cook too. Also his timing is 10/10

  • Toby
    Toby 3 months ago +51

    As a chef it’s so nice to see fitness you tubers use a good amount of seasoning, fresh herbs and salt!! No bland food to be seen here

  • Gymgarageman
    Gymgarageman  3 months ago +434

    Awesome Will! My 2 teenage sons are big fans of your channel also! Keep smashing it man!!!

    • Mario Mirquis
      Mario Mirquis 3 months ago +4

      God loves you he sent his one and only son and if we walk in the path Jesus walked in we will enter the kingdom of Heaven.

    • kevin ross
      kevin ross 3 months ago +5

      ​@Mario MirquisGod doesn't like people who spam

  • Peter Parker's Pizza Face
    Peter Parker's Pizza Face 3 months ago +66

    Wills advice and general tips have really helped me on my cut since January. I over bulked and despite training for over 8 years and gaining a strong foundation, I just have too much bodyfat and wanted to get lean.
    January I was 212lbs and as of today I am now 195lbs, losing 17lbs in the process and sitting around 14.5/15% body fat.
    Thank you Will, for not just helping me out massively but for also being so entertaining!

    • Pucie
      Pucie 3 months ago +4

      Same man. I overbulked from 185 lbs to 272 lbs. Been trying to cut since January, 27 lbs down. Still a bit to go

    • zooofsocks
      zooofsocks 3 months ago

      @Puciegood luck bro wishin you the best

  • Androctonus TV
    Androctonus TV 3 months ago +1946

    Love the " fasted cardio... and then I get out of bed" 😂😂 I'm sure that went over some people's heads.

  • jenna m
    jenna m 3 months ago +66

    Literally the past 4 day I've been binging your older videos from 1-2 years ago, and then saw this video in my recommended. Your gains now compared to 2 years ago are INSANE. You look fantastic man :)
    (btw female viewer here, idk how rare we are in this type of audience)

    • tori
      tori 3 months ago +16

      We’re not that rare lmao

    • Starseedmtrfkr
      Starseedmtrfkr 3 months ago

      @tori hah..

    • jenna m
      jenna m 3 months ago +5

      @tori in one of his other videos, Will showed his analytics and was like 80% male gender dominant viewing. so yaa we are kind of rare for his audience

    • tori
      tori 3 months ago +1

      @Starseedmtrfkr Funny?

    • tori
      tori 3 months ago

      @jenna m 20% is not that rare lol. nice meeting u tho

  • Simon Crawley
    Simon Crawley 3 months ago +14

    Man these videos are keeping me consistent and motivated on my diet and gym routine. Keep up the stellar work Will

  • Gregory Ferreira
    Gregory Ferreira 3 months ago +13

    As someone that already did a cutting in 2022 ending and 2023 beginning, I saw something that represents the most about when its about cut times: you really starts to be more and more creative when it comes to food recepies and you sense of flavourness starts to become more sensible; where even the regular and normal foods tastes amazing as we speak 😂 its literally stars to craving to big amounts of regular foods (in big amount quantities; like rice, potatoes, fruits, even vegetables become more tastier than before). Keep the good work Will!

  • Christopher Jahn
    Christopher Jahn 3 months ago +5

    I always come by and watch a video of yours when I need some inspiration to keep going. Down to 215 from 222 post bulk stage. Thanks for the content!

  • Ollie
    Ollie  3 months ago +5

    I’ve been binging your content lately and loving it! Amazing video. I can’t say how jealous I am right now as I’m struggling through my first (summer) bulk. Thank you for the amazing content as always!

  • Ryan Watson
    Ryan Watson 3 months ago +359

    Bro I’m down 30lbs in the last 6 months and looking/feeling the best I have. Just like Will I had a eating disorder the first time I lost weight, but now we’re doing it right. Keep inspiring us and cranking out the best content brother. Appreciate you🤟🏻

    • Its LeviOsa not LeviosAR
      Its LeviOsa not LeviosAR 3 months ago +15

      Haha, I love how anyone with succesful fitness results always goes through difficulties like eating disorders or other complications. This just shows how much we have to learn and work to get success. Congrats man, you are just as inspiring.

    • Wat
      Wat 3 months ago +6

      Literally my same exact story a year ago. Dropped 30 lbs in like 3 or 4 months bc I had an eating disorder, but from their I’ve built myself up significantly. Complete body transformation

    • brian ross
      brian ross 3 months ago +3

      Mine is gluten, if I eat gluten free I'm 180lbs shredded without trying, gluten im 200+

    • Ryan Watson
      Ryan Watson 3 months ago +1

      @brian ross I’m also GF rip brother😂

    • brian ross
      brian ross 3 months ago +1

      @Ryan Watson man I could never figure it out, sucks not having gluten but it's better then bloating and bad gas lol

  • Karim Soliman
    Karim Soliman 3 months ago +3

    I've been watching your channel for a couple years and I really feel like your relationship with food has improved a ton. Love to see it Willy

  • Cathy Correa
    Cathy Correa 3 months ago

    I love being along for your journey Will. Looking great 👍 The recipes are very interesting, I may have to try.

  • Plates of Tate
    Plates of Tate 3 months ago

    Recipes and results looking awesome!! Always love your content.

  • emZee1994
    emZee1994 3 months ago +21

    For the burger patties, you can replace the bread by wrapping it in a huge lettuce leaf. This gives you the experience of eating a burger with your hands, but there's no calories. If the wrap is secure enough, you can even add sauces and pickles, etc

    • Demodiums
      Demodiums 2 months ago +1

      i've done this and its a game changer

  • Ffs
    Ffs 3 months ago +5

    Thank you will, I really appreciate everything you do for your supporters 🙏

  • Andy Legend
    Andy Legend 3 months ago +356

    This past week I’ve discovered your channel and binged all your videos you’ve made the past 2 years. Keep it up Will you’re making amazing content 🙏🏻

    • The main boy Poo
      The main boy Poo 3 months ago +1


    • The_Nma
      The_Nma 3 months ago +9

      a man binge watching another man is crazy.

    • XXXDongBong
      XXXDongBong 3 months ago +29

      ​@The_Nma fellas is it gay to watch videos

    • Lexi Bennett
      Lexi Bennett 3 months ago +5

      Dude that happened to me I found his channel a couple of months ago and watched all his videos so fast

  • Devin Miller
    Devin Miller 3 months ago +2

    I always look forward to your posts Will. Always very helpful for my own health and is always entertaining! Keep up the great work!!!

  • Neal Davis
    Neal Davis 3 months ago

    Awesome video mate. Love the food ideas great to keep me motivated doing cardio 💪

  • couu alis
    couu alis 3 months ago +2

    Wills advice and general tips have really helped me on my cut since January. I over bulked and despite training for over 8 years and gaining a strong foundation, I just have too

  • MJ Kraft
    MJ Kraft 3 months ago +3

    Great content and awesome cut results. Thank you for the recipes. I just made your protein coffee muffins from a previous video.

  • A. S.
    A. S. 3 months ago +2

    Looking forward to those pancakes...if I get it right next time! I mistook the tbs (tablespoon) to be lbs (pounds). After dumping quite a bit of coconut flour, I noticed it. I call it protein mash!

  • E V
    E V 3 months ago +73

    Those pancakes have become my go to recipe recently.
    They're so filling and the macros are great. Also, super easy to make.

  • Joshua Teeter
    Joshua Teeter 3 months ago +3

    Been watching Will’s videos for the past 30 days now. Love the content especially the recipes and comedy! I’m down 13 lbs..

  • Brent Grotjahn
    Brent Grotjahn 3 months ago

    Looking great Will, definitely tell you are doing things right! Nice work!

  • Álvaro Serrano Ferreira
    Álvaro Serrano Ferreira 3 months ago +2

    Dude, I've been following Will's channel for a little while now and I always crack up with his jokes, there's something so natural about them that I genuinely enjoy. Keep it up man, love your content!

  • Michael Aparicio
    Michael Aparicio 3 months ago

    Would you ever do a cookbook Will? All your stuff looks so good, would be awesome to have it in one place

  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 months ago +3

    Love this channel. Got hooked on the fitness content but the love for donuts is priceless. Great stuff Will.

  • Blackriff99
    Blackriff99 3 months ago +45

    Hey Will! Would love to see you do a video on the volume/intensity argument and how to create your own workout program based on your needs. A lot of people say to do 1-2 really hard sets to failure and a lot of people say 3 sets of 8-12 reps. I feel like due to the mass amount of information out there now, it’s gotten a lot harder to know how to program an effective workout split with set/rep schemes.

  • Ditz3n
    Ditz3n 3 months ago

    Thank you SO MUCH for the recipes in the description! Appreciate it, Will!

  • Patrick Walters
    Patrick Walters 3 months ago +1

    Will you're looking powerful and shredded! Great video with plenty of good tips, including the fact that you are doing a bit of cardio which some ppl say is bad for your gains. I personally enjoy a bit of cardio and im cutting rn so it works. Good shit bruh!! 👏🏼

  • Diogo Filipe
    Diogo Filipe 3 months ago

    Dude your content is so educational and entertaining to watch! You inspired me to be better, i never post any comments but if you by chance see this it was worth it because you helped me change for the better! Ty!!😁

  • Connor Brown
    Connor Brown 3 months ago

    This is exactly what I needed! Thank you!

  • Ain't First You're last

    Wills recipes and workout routines have honestly helped me a lot. I hate having to make my own decisions so I just copy and paste this info

  • Derrick Adao
    Derrick Adao 3 months ago +26

    Holy Cow Will! I really see the progress compared to your last cutting video. You're looking huge! Keep it up man! Motivating me!

  • gamefire74
    gamefire74 3 months ago +20

    Will's jokes are so funny to me! In addition to being educational/informative, Will's content is funnier than committed comedy content. I hope he becomes a comedian one day! The "used cucumber" thing was a good example of his deadpan delivery.

  • Max bruggeman
    Max bruggeman 3 months ago

    I am doing the same 3 big healthy meals! And it’s going great I got the sixpack I wanted for years so awsome and on a cut is a big meal is awsome💪🏻 it keeps you full for around 4/3hours!!

  • A Mix Of Geek Content
    A Mix Of Geek Content 3 months ago

    Yes! Thank you for including protein and calories for the recipes!

  • One Meal Monster
    One Meal Monster 3 months ago

    Love the work you do man Will... keep up the awesome :)

  • Kuroda Tsu
    Kuroda Tsu 3 months ago +1

    Sitting here wondering if I can turn the pancakes into waffles cause I'm lazy and the waffle maker is easier. Love the content and looking forward to more videos like this. Been following some of coach greg's recipes but variety is the spice of life. The mac-n-cheese is a total game changer for me.

  • Scotty
    Scotty 3 months ago +32

    Went from 195 lbs -165 lbs myself the last few months. Amazing what cleaning up your nutrition, committing to walking and/ or moving your body every day can do.
    I have a long way to go on strength and physique goals but it feels nice to not be a total fat ass now lol.

    • tate66
      tate66 3 months ago

      what’s ur height

    • jon hill
      jon hill 3 months ago

      Try being 200Ib and you ride your peloton bike everyday for 6 months for 20 minutes (8.50km) and still can't get to 165Ib. I would take a starting weight of 165Ib anyway.

    • Scotty
      Scotty 3 months ago

      @tate66 5’10

    • niomi :3
      niomi :3 2 months ago

      @jon hillyoure eating too many calories

  • Adrian Smith
    Adrian Smith 3 months ago

    I sometimes substitute the extra noodles with just more Cauliflower, personally love Cauliflower. :) Great work Will, doing the lords work out there. Thanks for the Recipes

  • Keaton de Jager
    Keaton de Jager 3 months ago +5

    Will is looking really good lately. Like time to start prepping the Natty or Not videos. So proud of the progress

  • Hazeydaze22
    Hazeydaze22 3 months ago

    I like the idea of adding cauliflower to mac & cheese - we have a popular dish in the uk called cauliflower cheese which is literally just cauliflower baked in a cheese sauce and they go so well together.

  • ChaoticRose
    ChaoticRose 3 months ago

    There are pancake recipes that taste amazing mate. Try adding watermelon and sweetener strawberry syrup. You could also add many things and variations. Including greek youghurt with strawberry syrup, it's fantastic.

  • Zachary Nelson
    Zachary Nelson 3 months ago +8

    Not sure if you’d be interested in making a 2nd channel mainly focused on taking recipes like these and breaking down how to make them and what you can do to “switch them up”, definitely would constantly watch! Great vids

  • pikusionexio
    pikusionexio 3 months ago +38

    The subtle camera setup when he 'wakes up' adds on to his golden collection of making informative content that is also hella entertaining.

      ELECTROCHEETAH 3 months ago +1

      Fasted cardio for a few minutes, THEN he gets out of bed lol

  • kip taylor
    kip taylor 3 months ago

    Hey Will my mom has always struggled with weight loss since having 4 kids, even with having consistently exercised her whole life. Can you do a video with your mom detailing her advice and opinions with regards to weight loss, dieting, motivation, and workouts? I love helping her with weight lifting but that is the extent of what i can do for her and it sucks. I am a man and have always had a high metabolism so any advice on dieting, weight loss, or motivation isn’t worth much. Thanks for the video, posting this comment twice in hopes of it reaching you!

  • dzudiy
    dzudiy 3 months ago +1

    I know what I’m meal prepping this weekend! Have you thought of testing 75 Hard challenge for few days? It could be a cool video concept 😊

  • Allison Asher
    Allison Asher 3 months ago

    Will! I love your videos and your recipes! Can you put a section on your website with all of your recipes on there?

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez 3 months ago

    I freaking love you man, you have no idea how much i needed this rn. Keep up the good work!!

  • Walid
    Walid 3 months ago +3

    Brother William. You're so creative with your calories, your cutting food actually looks good. I disregard taste and just get my calories/macro split and micronutrients where I want it, and call it a day. Mostly out of laziness for spending too much time cooking, to be honest (I also suck at it). You've given so many recipes over the years though, a lot of which look like I'd love. I really have to give some of them a shot. Cheers Will, let's get ripped for the summer baby 😎

  • KorDo
    KorDo 3 months ago +18

    Bro you'r one of the reasons I'm still lifting! I'm trying to reach your physique and I'm getting there. My start BW was 130lbs and now I'm at 190lbs. Love you and your videos!!❤

    • NameNathan
      NameNathan 3 months ago +6

      That's awesome man! I started lifting almost a year ago at 145lbs and am now at 180lbs. I want to reach 200 by the end of the year. Will was one of the first fitness influencers I started watching and he has been my biggest inspiration by far.

    • KorDo
      KorDo 3 months ago +3

      @NameNathan Thank you. I'm 100% sure you'll reach ur goal and more!!💪💪

  • Taylor Nichol
    Taylor Nichol 3 months ago +4

    Everything you made in this video actually looks amazing and perfect for cut satiety.

  • 2s2bs
    2s2bs 3 months ago +3

    New to this channel and so far, no regrets. The comedy, the ominous music, love it all

  • Garrett Reyman
    Garrett Reyman 3 months ago

    Will looks absolutely shredded, probably more so than when he was 175. God damn. I'm hyped this video came out today too, I'm day 6 into my cut and needing some motivation

    ENBOW 3 months ago

    You look great Will! Thanks for the inspiration

  • A Great Day For Hockey
    A Great Day For Hockey 2 months ago

    So far, my wife has made me the turkey bacon patties (we subbed in turkey in place of chicken) and the Mac and cheese with cauliflower. Gotta say, these two recipes were amazing and full of flavour. Looking forward to getting the cookbook in a couple of weeks (preordered already)!

    • Bottom Text
      Bottom Text 2 months ago

      try to cook some yourself aswell

    • A Great Day For Hockey
      A Great Day For Hockey 2 months ago

      @Bottom Text That’s the plan! I usually do all the cooking in my home, and am definitely excited to use the recipes in the book.

  • Tim Li
    Tim Li 3 months ago +26

    Thank you Will for posting this video today! My godfather passed away eighty six days ago due to lymphoma. This video has really brightened my day!

    • Jorge G Figueroa
      Jorge G Figueroa 3 months ago

      Sorry to hear about your godfather dude. Wishing all the best to you and everyone he knew!!

    • Greg Kareem
      Greg Kareem 3 months ago

      Sorry to hear that man I seriously hope u feeling better

  • Timothy 5556
    Timothy 5556 3 months ago

    I used some of those tricks during my prep 😅 I especially remember the low calorie protein ice cream, 3 big meals and a snack to keep hunger levels low and having cucumber with no sugar sauce or smth. similar when I‘m still hungry at night.

  • 26of151
    26of151 2 months ago

    It would have been cool to see what the difference calorie wise was in both the mac n cheeses ;) I love Mac but never eat it cuz I’m trying to lose weight. Love this recipe tho!

  • Because it’s golden
    Because it’s golden  3 months ago

    Great video. I’m teaching my students about lactic acid and how aerobic and anaerobic respiration affects exercise I love the information you give people it’s great

  • Reece Andrews
    Reece Andrews 3 months ago

    Yo will, do you do the 100 lateral raises after every single session, or just a few days a week?

  • Thepoolman
    Thepoolman 3 months ago +2

    Always a school day with Will. Nice to see him back in the kitchen with some great recipes. More more more.. oh and come on Will fasted cardio for a few minutes lol hmmm

  • Manny Lee
    Manny Lee 3 months ago +13

    ive been cutting for about 6 weeks now, steady 1-2 lbs a week off and still gaining strength! Just focusing my protein intake mainly to get a gram per lb of bodyweight. Been working great!

    • FreshRh1no
      FreshRh1no 3 months ago +1

      I don’t get how people need to focus on protein to hit 1gr per pound. I have to watch out that I don’t eat too much protein and get enough carbs and fats lol

    • Mohamad Ibrahim
      Mohamad Ibrahim 3 months ago

      @FreshRh1no In some countries like mine protein is kind of expensive to get high amounts of and some people genuinely don’t like foods like chicken and stuff (I don’t know how ) but that may be some of the reasons people dont get enough protein

    • FreshRh1no
      FreshRh1no 3 months ago

      @Mohamad Ibrahim yeah could be the reason. I spend about 10 euro’s(12dollar or so) on meat a day. Mostly beef complimented with chicken

    • Manny Lee
      Manny Lee 3 months ago +2

      @FreshRh1no for me personally it's not more about focusing on hitting my protein goal alone, it's more hitting the protein goal while staying in my desired calorie deficit which I have to focus on somewhat. When im not cutting I also find it super easy to hit 1 g/lb

  • Chances
    Chances 2 months ago +1

    We made the chicken burgers with Turkey bacon today. Even my picky 6 year old loved them! Thanks for the recipe!!!

  • Alex
    Alex 3 months ago

    Hoping to see a mobility/stretching video! Hard to find reliable content on it. Seems like whatever you're doing is working for you.

  • aaron livell
    aaron livell 3 months ago

    Hey Will,
    Could you do a video on muscle groups you pair together on your training days?

  • kip taylor
    kip taylor 3 months ago +1

    Hey Will I have a question/ request! I love showing and watching your videos with my mom, she’s struggled with weight loss for YEARS after having 4 kids even though she’s always exercised. She has gotten back into working out again and is getting down because she isn’t seeing the weight loss that she desires. I know women and men have to approach their goals differently and I hate not having any additional insight besides when it comes to lifting. Can you do a video with your mom and show her diet, exercises and advice regarding weight loss, diet, and workouts? I think it would bring additional insight to my mom that I cannot provide.
    I love the videos! Love watching these new videos with a side of the old ones to see just how much progress you’ve made! Keep up the great work!

    • babybathduck
      babybathduck 3 months ago +1

      Hi, Will's only female subscriber here. There are a TON of female fitness influencers on here, but like the dudes, it's hard to find people as legit as Will. I'm particularly fond of Natascha Oceane and Megsquats. Stephanie Buttermores food content is weird but her programmes are legit and also very similar to Jeff Nippards with more of a lower-body focus (I suspect they had the same company help with the publishing).
      Will's mum is goals 💜

    • babybathduck
      babybathduck 3 months ago +1

      Also that's extremely cute and nice of you to think of your mum and her wellness.

  • Ryan Deffley
    Ryan Deffley 3 months ago

    Walking is the great equalizer. 💯
    If you throw on 20 min of max incline walking where you don't hold on after lifting sessions and daily outdoor walking, it makes cutting really bearable.
    Nobody thinks that walking can be such a powerful fat loss tool because it's so simple to do. But it doesn't interfere with lifting at all, and burns cals consistently.

  • InStrong Workout
    InStrong Workout 3 months ago +68

    Dude that's just unbelievable how you can change yourself by just using your will power and working hard every day,
    Honsetly thanks to your videos I started changing myfelf a few month ago. And I''m sooo glad that I found myfelf in fitness. Now even trying to film my home workouts and dreaming of becoming a fitness influencer, even if ti's not the best quality content yet, I'm working hard, So thank you bro for changing my life! Keep it up! Millions of views you deserve!

    • Are
      Are 3 months ago +6

      Will -power

    • Ben
      Ben 3 months ago +2

      It's not just willpower! He has a million tricks he's gathered over the years to make his transformations _as easy as possible_ for himself

    • Emma
      Emma 3 months ago +1

      He does a great job of finding techniques that work for him which is inspiring for everyone! We are all a little different :)

    • Burner
      Burner 3 months ago +1

      Am I the only one who just doesn’t find cutting difficult in any way?.. it’s easy to eat fewer cals. You literally do less!..

  • TwoWheel_
    TwoWheel_ 3 months ago

    That is a niiice cut Will! Awesome recipes, i definitely need to try these

  • Benjamin Pearce
    Benjamin Pearce 3 months ago +6

    Your content is great, another funny video. I'd love to see a series where you organise your day around a 9-5 job. We all can't wake up, go for a walk, come home then make breakfast at 10am XD

  • heitildeg
    heitildeg 3 months ago

    Looking good, Will ! Cheers for the recipes, gotta try em out

  • SokrasDim
    SokrasDim 3 months ago +1

    Amazing content every time. Bro tip: Add 1 or 2 egg yolks, depending on how much mince you're using. They will never even try to crumble again when you flip them.

  • cosborne
    cosborne 3 months ago

    I’m going to try your pancakes. I make a mean vanilla protein pancake but more cocoa based sounds like a good change of us 👍

  • Ben Prins
    Ben Prins 3 months ago +5

    Just did some cardio, now enjoying a large black coffee and Boston cream while watching one of the best Clip-Sharers out there
    Awesome video Will 🙂

  • IItzphantom
    IItzphantom 3 months ago +1

    You made that last meal look so good I’d definitely eat that whole pan of food🥵

  • Chris Gomez
    Chris Gomez 3 months ago

    I did not feel like going to the gym today but now I’m feeling motivated! Let’s get it!

  • TDrew95
    TDrew95 3 months ago

    These types of videos are so good. So informative and inspiring. Wills out there making me excited to cut calories wtf

  • Snally
    Snally 3 months ago +1

    Love the recipes dude. Cant wait for the cookbook. My diet is entirely things youve shown😂

  • Alex Keele
    Alex Keele 3 months ago +3

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    TruthHurts 18 3 months ago

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    Sam Rice 3 months ago +3

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  • KrisLuckPhoto
    KrisLuckPhoto 3 months ago

    Damn this food looks so good. On April 18th I was 260, now at 240. Working hard 7x a week (20-40min cardio and 1 hr lifting daily) and I'm at 1600 calories, If I bump it any higher I gain about.2 lbs/day. I don't know why my BMR is so low for my size. Anyway, those chicken burgers will be my dinner tonight!

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    • Jenekins
      Jenekins 3 months ago

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