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Shrekvember - The Final Shrek

  • Published on Nov 21, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • BonBon
    BonBon 10 months ago +2569

    Can't believe he finally reached the 3rd movie of the Shrek trilogy!

    • Pascal G.
      Pascal G. 10 months ago +163

      Exactly. Shrek the third is a fever dream

    • YourAveragePlayer432
      YourAveragePlayer432 10 months ago +142

      @ Pascal G. Wait, what’s Shrek the third again?

    • Marcus Holder
      Marcus Holder 10 months ago +201

      @YourAveragePlayer432 Just non-canon fan fiction, nothing important

    • hol up
      hol up 10 months ago +102

      @Marcus Holder a fundraiser for shrek forever after

    • Dumpster McGee
      Dumpster McGee 10 months ago +12

      @YourAveragePlayer432 it’s what the fans call Shrek Forever After, since that should’ve been the title for the fourth one instead.

  • AceSpartan
    AceSpartan 10 months ago +2739

    As a shrek 4 defender I’m very happy that I was redeemed

    • Pascal G.
      Pascal G. 10 months ago +76

      Ι didn't realise people hate it

    • RuffinIt
      RuffinIt 10 months ago +222

      If you pretend Shrek 3 doesn't exist you've got a pretty much perfect trilogy

    • Hector Garrido
      Hector Garrido 10 months ago +35

      Actually, I think that you can pretend it didn’t exist without any continuity problems 🤔

    • Watchie
      Watchie 10 months ago +4

      @Pascal G. No one really does, that's 3.

    • Coolio Star Stache
      Coolio Star Stache 10 months ago +8

      Shrek 4 slaps imo

  • Julia Giles
    Julia Giles 10 months ago +2649

    Loving the redemption arc of “this looks lame as hell” to “oh shit this is actually decent”

    • Sara Samaletdin
      Sara Samaletdin 10 months ago +17

      This is decent film but not really good.

    • JakeSpacePirate E
      JakeSpacePirate E 10 months ago +200

      @Sara Samaletdin nah its downright good and a retrospective for the whole series.

    • Guilherme Ribeiro
      Guilherme Ribeiro 10 months ago +91

      @Sara Samaletdin it has its problems and is not a comedy like the others, but it's really entertaining. It's definitely good enough

    • The Movie Critic
      The Movie Critic 10 months ago +22

      @Guilherme Ribeiro I'm glad it went down the dark path tbh

  • chronisi
    chronisi 10 months ago +4040

    I'm beginning to forget what Marcus sounds like when he's not sick. He can't stop being sick someone help him 🤧

    • fluffytoaster427
      fluffytoaster427 10 months ago +135

      Healthy Marcus is basically 2% less vocal fry

    • Glendar jj
      Glendar jj 10 months ago +40

      He sounds about the same honestly

    • Jack Taylor 046
      Jack Taylor 046 10 months ago +11

      Did he take the jab?

    • Doug
      Doug 10 months ago +4

      Watch the star wars the clone wars video he sounds so young but that was 5-6 years ago

  • HMAlba
    HMAlba 10 months ago +1140

    Marcus doubling down on that brief Walmart bit is HYSTERICAL for some reason

    • CertifiedHoodClassic
      CertifiedHoodClassic  10 months ago +1

      was thinking the exact same thing

    • Fredegunde Stratton
      Fredegunde Stratton 10 months ago +1

      What part of the video is this 😂

    • L. Titus
      L. Titus 10 months ago +1

      @Fredegunde Stratton 16:50

    • Tyler King
      Tyler King 10 months ago +3

      Is was how deadpan he was that made it so funny

    • FranK
      FranK 9 months ago +2

      Not a bit that shits true

  • ThatNerdKM
    ThatNerdKM 10 months ago +1130

    Don’t think we’re not expecting a shrecktober viewing of Puss in Boots.

    • A Person
      A Person 10 months ago +71

      Another film I actually think is decent, maybe that's an unpopular opinion

    • CoolGuy77
      CoolGuy77 10 months ago +51

      @A Person Nah man, Puss in Boots is awesome! I love that movie.

      GMYSTERY 10 months ago +27

      Don't forget the Sequel

    • Glendar jj
      Glendar jj 7 months ago +10

      ​@GMYSTERY In Marcus's own words, it's too good to do a picture show on. It's amazing. Everyone knows it's amazing. There would be nothing to comment on.

    • AnderMike Studios
      AnderMike Studios 6 months ago +2


  • Icy Diamond
    Icy Diamond 10 months ago +2045

    I was disappointed by the lack of Shrektober this year, luckily Cosmonaut and his friends came in clutch when I thought all hope was lost

    • Blue-Apple
      Blue-Apple 10 months ago +3

      Why do I see you everywhere?

    • ☠︎ arggg ☠︎
      ☠︎ arggg ☠︎ 10 months ago +9

      Maybe we’ll have Shrekmas next year

    • Icy Diamond
      Icy Diamond 10 months ago +7

      @☠︎ arggg ☠︎ Well then they have to watch Shrek The Halls

    • Icy Diamond
      Icy Diamond 10 months ago +1

      @Blue-Apple Where else do you see me?

    • Blue-Apple
      Blue-Apple 10 months ago +2

      @Icy Diamond I forgor

  • Unorthodox Individual
    Unorthodox Individual 10 months ago +887

    "I still don't think it was very good."
    I'm already on it

    • Br 1
      Br 1 10 months ago +23


    • Zeta
      Zeta 10 months ago +24

      Yes mr. homeland security guy, this one right here

    • Cardrabitt
      Cardrabitt 10 months ago +3

      Woah look it’s unorthodox individual!

    • 47 til infinity
      47 til infinity 10 months ago +10

      Your FBI agent must be real relaxed for them to let this slide

  • LiamHKW
    LiamHKW 10 months ago +308

    The silence and horrified look on all of their faces at 15:37 is my new favorite moment on this channel

    • Nosferathai
      Nosferathai 10 months ago +45

      Dan isn’t horrified, he’s got a huge smile haha

    • Luiz Floriano
      Luiz Floriano 9 months ago +32

      Marcus: 😳
      Megan: 😱
      Dan: 😃

  • Ben
    Ben 10 months ago +595

    15:36 the genuine horror in marcus' voice

    • Kyonak
      Kyonak 10 months ago +64

      sounds like it could be used for a tik tok meme

  • Lost Elysium
    Lost Elysium 10 months ago +53

    Shrek is so nimble because he’s considered small in his race. He has a ninja build in their world lol

  • Connor Healy
    Connor Healy 10 months ago +327

    Marcus is so powerful that he can retroactively turn the entirety of November into Shrektobor.
    Truly a force to be reckoned with.

  • TheRealTaylor
    TheRealTaylor 10 months ago +349

    The shot of everyones mouth gaping open after the Cookie guy dies sent me to the fucking moon

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 10 months ago +674

    We can only hope there will be another Shrektober one day. Let's enjoy this one to the fullest, friends!

    • Skyrus456
      Skyrus456 10 months ago +1

      Please no, I don't want DreamWorks to ruin Shrek.

    • Bobby Shewan
      Bobby Shewan 10 months ago +22

      @Skyrus456 there’s more Shrek stuff they can watch…

    • Francesco
      Francesco 10 months ago +24

      There is still the puss in boots movie. Unless they've already watched it and I just missed it

    • Scrappy
      Scrappy 10 months ago +7

      there's always shreck 2 since the last time they tried it, it got messed up

    • Taz
      Taz 10 months ago +13

      I'm pretty certain there is a Shrek 5 in development.

  • Adloquium Dubious
    Adloquium Dubious 10 months ago +200

    I really do love how all 3 of them are just genuinely funny without trying.

    • Dankerbell, Ruriko's Chosen
      Dankerbell, Ruriko's Chosen 10 months ago +26

      i'll never forget "that's a low blow from a tall girl'

    • Adloquium Dubious
      Adloquium Dubious 10 months ago +15

      @Dankerbell, Ruriko's Chosen “Is this all I am, a tall girl”
      “Cause I feel very small now”

    • Limbo Bilbo
      Limbo Bilbo 8 months ago +4

      @Adloquium Dubious
      “This is not good dunkles, I am in witness protection. Help me dunkleman, help me be unpopular.”

  • Chilled Bambino
    Chilled Bambino 10 months ago +226

    “I’m sorry I’m enjoying this movie, I’m missing your bits” is the best compliment this movie could’ve gotten.

  • Scrumpors
    Scrumpors 10 months ago +768

    That's Marcus' secret, he's always sick

    • MrLFJ7
      MrLFJ7 10 months ago +19

      Sick bro

  • Noah Kidane
    Noah Kidane 10 months ago +290

    I was chuckling from Marcus’ reaction to Gingy’s death, but I was DYING when the video had cut from that and straight to an ad. Fantastic timing lol

    • Horatio
      Horatio 10 months ago +2

      I occassionally miss stuff like that happening when my internet was bad and someone would ask a question, cut to the other person thinking, then it starts buffering.

  • Chris Sakai
    Chris Sakai 10 months ago +47

    I loved Megan's "You guys do stuff without me?!" It was such a genuine moment

  • Armando Rodriguez
    Armando Rodriguez 10 months ago +64

    Marcus unknowingly repeating everyone’s jokes is so funny

  • Christian Bossart
    Christian Bossart 10 months ago +638

    It's still Shrektober in our hearts

    • Slushi Simcambi
      Slushi Simcambi 10 months ago +11

      Always has been

    • RoachDoggJR
      RoachDoggJR 10 months ago +4

      It can always be Shrektober if you put All Star on loop forever.

    • Kirsten
      Kirsten 9 months ago

      Literally watching this on Christmas lmao

  • StarFishHugger
    StarFishHugger 10 months ago +76

    15:34 Marcus' "OH MY GOD!" is so hilariously genuine!

  • heptonaut
    heptonaut 10 months ago +78

    i'd just like to congratulate dan on "shrekhdel test"

  • Zobatron 21
    Zobatron 21 10 months ago +206

    15:38 the two are shocked and Dan is just smiling because Gingys dead 😂

  • johnnyeppelseed
    johnnyeppelseed 10 months ago +91

    I never have laughed out loud harder than I did at “shrektel test”

  • Oh Okay
    Oh Okay 10 months ago +81

    3:11 Marcus’s coughing syncs up with Rumplestiltskin shaking the paper

  • Tribrachidium heraldicum
    Tribrachidium heraldicum 10 months ago +172

    I'm in love with Meg and her outfit is on fire in this video.

    • Sara Samaletdin
      Sara Samaletdin 10 months ago

      I just watched the last Shrek video right before and I liked her blond/brunette look better.

    • Amf
      Amf 10 months ago +23

      Yeah... I hate to be that guy, but she really knows what she's doing with that skirt

    • Tribrachidium heraldicum
      Tribrachidium heraldicum 10 months ago +3

      @Amf I can say that because I also wear skirts.

    • Amf
      Amf 10 months ago +2

      @Tribrachidium heraldicum I'm jealous

    • TortleTalk
      TortleTalk 10 months ago +3

      She's smoking

  • DimaJeydar
    DimaJeydar 10 months ago +20

    15:38 I love how both of them are terrified and Dan is just smiling
    It’s like that one gif

  • Randy Butternubs
    Randy Butternubs 10 months ago +199

    I would love to see a review of the entire Lord of the Rings/Hobbit series from you. Setting it up the way you reviewed the Harry Potter series.

    • kdusel1991
      kdusel1991 10 months ago +12

      I agree. Maybe he can throw in rings of power too, I bet he'd have a lot of opinions on that show.

    • Randy Butternubs
      Randy Butternubs 9 months ago +8

      Let’s gooo this man did it!

  • Rising-Jay
    Rising-Jay 10 months ago +58

    Sad that we never got a proper Shrek 2 vid, but glad to see the saga come to a seamless close~

  • Francisco P.
    Francisco P. 10 months ago +196

    Thank you Cosmonaut Crew for giving us one last time old Shrektober vid 🫡

    • ramsoomair
      ramsoomair 10 months ago +6

      We still have the musical

  • BigMilk13
    BigMilk13 10 months ago +30

    So many quality jokes in here, and yet I'm still laughing at "he looks like Dream" XD

    • ThatPhatBaby
      ThatPhatBaby 10 months ago +6

      Shane Dawson got me because I can’t unsee it now

  • Hush3d Hustla
    Hush3d Hustla 10 months ago +69

    Shrek's power couldn't be contained to a mere d&d stat sheet

  • Nightf4ll3R
    Nightf4ll3R 10 months ago +113

    I was scared that it wasn’t going to happen this year but now my life is complete again.

  • thetourist
    thetourist 10 months ago +56

    These are unironically my favorite Marcus videos he makes.

  • RBGGaming
    RBGGaming 9 months ago +49

    8:27, man, the fact that he caught that had me dying.

  • Asianeyes007
    Asianeyes007 10 months ago +11

    This movie was such a good payoff to the first two films. I love how the tone was entirely different from the others. Even though the previous movies had some serious tones, the darker themes and serious tones are more prevalent all throughout this movie, which I love because of the emotional story beats we get from the film. It’s amazing that the Shrek films grew in tone and seriousness alongside its initial viewers from the first film, (but obviously we don’t talk about The Third).

  • StrandedGecko54
    StrandedGecko54 10 months ago +61

    In a couple of years we will all be here for Shrek 5: The Last Shrek To Be Defeated

  • Gulorful
    Gulorful 10 months ago +14

    I've been outside in the cold dark for an hour waiting to be picked up so thank you Marcus for giving me this little bit of entertainment.

    • Lucas Robin
      Lucas Robin 10 months ago

      Did you make it home ok?

    • michael
      michael 11 days ago

      @Lucas Robinapparently not

  • Ecall
    Ecall 10 months ago +27

    I was so sad after it didn't come out for Halloween, was an annual thing I looked forward to, so i'm super happy to see that it still happened! It has been a great adventure, thanks so much for all the years!

  • V
    V 10 months ago +14

    The sheer disbelief they had when Gingy got eaten is priceless.

  • Dylan Gosland
    Dylan Gosland 10 months ago +7

    God it's so good to see you all together again
    Love y'all, thank you for all you do

  • Edward Gil
    Edward Gil 10 months ago +3

    So glad the three of you still take time to do these

  • Ian Whippie
    Ian Whippie 10 months ago +7

    Shrekdel Test was impeccable, amazing, A+ pun and delivery

  • Apple Istory
    Apple Istory 10 months ago +1

    Can we simply take a moment to congratulate how much time and passion he put into these vids?

  • Mr. Movie Mafia
    Mr. Movie Mafia 10 months ago +5

    In their “Shrek the Third” picture show, Marcus and Meg both predicted that “Shrek Forever After” was worse, but I’m happy to see them immediately change their tune 10 minutes in!

  • John Stewart
    John Stewart 10 months ago +19

    I literally got so excited when Meg came back

  • OceanFlex
    OceanFlex 3 months ago +1

    that take at 15:50 was revelatory. I don't think my life will ever be the same again.

  • Ricardo Chavez
    Ricardo Chavez 8 months ago +4

    I like how right when the Final Shrektover is posted a month later we get the Last Wish teasing a Shrek 5 seems like we aren't over yet!

  • wardtf
    wardtf 10 months ago +38

    its a crime that the transformers 3 video got taken down, that was seriously the funniest video I've watched in so long. I tried showing my friends it and it was gone then I cried

  • JakeSpacePirate E
    JakeSpacePirate E 10 months ago +9

    This in my opinion is the best Shrek movie. Better than the first. Of course if you only ever saw Shrek as "lol meme fart joke" then you arent going appreciate it. It isnt the World showing Shrek that he is ungreatful, after his "Happily Ever After" he grew to think his life was pointless, but Rumple Stiltskin showed him a world where he never existed, and it made him realize that he was a hero.
    Its also an inverted version of the first movie, because there it was a normal Kingdom oppressing Fairy-Tale Creatures, in this Movie, a group of Fairy-Tale creatures are oppressing everyone else. The stakes are also higher, because in the first or even Second movie, Shrek always had the choice to walk away and live his life in his Swamp, he never has this option in Shrek 4 Ever After.
    Thanks for listening to my Onion-Talk.

  • Surp Da Wurp
    Surp Da Wurp 10 months ago +11

    Until someone points me to a video where Marcus doesn’t sound sick I’m going to just assume he permanently has an incurable cold

  • Misty Rose
    Misty Rose 10 months ago +33

    OH HELL YEAH! This has been one heck of a journey. I'm just sad that it's all ogre now 😭

  • Kenji
    Kenji 9 months ago +26

    Next year, I hope we get a real Shrek 2 (the best shrek) picture show, I feel like its been long en ough

  • casey collins
    casey collins 10 months ago +6

    The only good thing about my year so far was watching this video. Thanks cosmonaut crew

  • Fire Brand 72
    Fire Brand 72 8 months ago +2

    I saw the final scene as a kid and I realized how good this movie was.

  • Mortem Kombat
    Mortem Kombat 10 months ago +51

    I love how they just geniunely loved the movie

  • Drinny
    Drinny 9 months ago +62

    “He looks like Dream.” 💀

  • JadenSmithEyes
    JadenSmithEyes 10 months ago +11

    2:47 is the revelation my subconscious has been searching for.
    I can finally sleep for the first time since Dream's face reveal

  • JDK Incorporated
    JDK Incorporated 10 months ago

    😂😆🤣 Every time I watch y’all watching something it’s pure COMEDY GOLD! Love you guys!

  • Sunsetvibe
    Sunsetvibe 10 months ago +3

    Let’s hope Shrek 5 does come out just so we can get more of this enthralling series of videos.

  • Joseph Rion
    Joseph Rion 10 months ago +1

    I do in fact like 4. I think it does a lot for the characters; what-if story lines can do that. You can explore things they never talk about, that they keep hidden about themselves. I do not like 3 though. Also they got a chance to be creative and the visuals are cool. The reimagining of the world.

  • Filip Vadas
    Filip Vadas 10 months ago +7

    1.I honestly never understood the hate for this movie. I mean, yeah, I get that people were pretty sour on the franchise because of how bad Shrek the Third was but this movie gave a pretty decent ending to Shrek's story and its a fun movie on its own merits
    2. The opening minutes are a pretty good synopsis about what the franchise became after Shrek the Third. Loud, annoying and obnoxious; with Shrek's desire to go back to before he met Fiona mirroring how the fans felt.
    3. I love Marcus's arc through watching the movie.
    He went from expecting it to be bad, to tolerating it, to thinking its pretty interesting and decent, to actually kinda liking it

  • Rashaan Burns
    Rashaan Burns 10 months ago +2

    15:38 is the most amazing frame out of any of these videos lmao your guys’ reaction is priceless.

  • gray4675
    gray4675 10 months ago +2

    I actually really like this movie. good comedy, great story with stakes and emotional core, and a really good ending to send off the franchise

  • Hugo Eriksson
    Hugo Eriksson 10 months ago

    please continue to watch more Shrek bonus content each year, do not let the tradition die

  • Cwking342
    Cwking342 10 months ago +3

    Dan: Yeah, I still don't think it was very good
    Schaffrillas: I can feel a disturbance in the force

  • WintersAkiller
    WintersAkiller 10 months ago +9

    The finale we were all waiting for.

  • Karine Bélair
    Karine Bélair 10 months ago

    So glad they finally watched this one! Funniest Picture Show yet!

  • Alexander Yodice
    Alexander Yodice 10 months ago

    Happy late thanks giving Marcus to u and the other cosmonauts,thank uuu for this video guys🖤

  • Anmonik Korelik
    Anmonik Korelik 10 months ago +3

    I love it when the Golden trio watch movies together, hopefully we'll see more soon

  • Katie Cooper
    Katie Cooper 10 months ago +23

    Comparing Rumple to Dream had me rolling! 😂🤣

  • Taylor Russell
    Taylor Russell 10 months ago +5

    god damn this video is so fuckin funny. the jokes and the edits are so on point it's ridiculous

  • Bryce Cross
    Bryce Cross 10 months ago +1

    I'm excited for this (almost) yearly tradition of Shrek, but I'm sad it's ending 😩

  • Abram Francis Black
    Abram Francis Black 10 months ago +1

    I never paid any mind to this movie, but it looks way more nuts, in a fun way, than I ever would've thought. Also Marcus's comparison of Knives Out came so out of left field, but it works so well.

  • Crooked
    Crooked 10 months ago +2

    I like the implication in this movie that Shrek's birth somehow caused either the extinction of ogres in his timeline or at least a significantly lower population of them.

  • Maxwell Davidson
    Maxwell Davidson 10 months ago

    Of all your movie viewings, this is the one that made me laugh the most. That Kingdom Hearts joke at the end was GOLD

  • ulises
    ulises 10 months ago +4

    Shrektober… I missed this trio so much!
    We need an annual Christmas movie viewing. 🙏

  • RealPantsMan
    RealPantsMan 10 months ago +1

    I’ve been on this journey with you guys since 2019 too now, let’s just say I’m emotional…….

  • SpaceBees
    SpaceBees 10 months ago +1

    Shrek's Cha is probably his third highest stat after Str and Con. He's not super Dex or Int, but he does have moderate Wis because of the onion speech. But he for sure gets by on high charisma, that's his saving trait

  • Gabe Mac Aodha
    Gabe Mac Aodha 10 months ago +1

    always good to see the trio on screen!

  • Nizar Hadeli
    Nizar Hadeli 10 months ago +5

    Shrekdel test line was a banger

  • LaurenTheorist
    LaurenTheorist 10 months ago +1

    I didn't love Shrek 3, but I really enjoyed Shrek 4. It came out when I was 10 and was a perfect end to an era.

  • Abel Medaris
    Abel Medaris 10 months ago +10

    “I usually just tune Marcus out when he starts a sentence with ‘The implications…’ “ is pretty much how i think all my friends see me except “the implications” is actually anything I start a sentence with

  • Shoto42
    Shoto42 4 months ago +1

    Had all my friends over one time and my best friend says "Hey so I have the entire fourth movie of shrek downloaded onto my phone" we proceeded to watch the whole thing saying how good it was

  • Delix.
    Delix. 10 months ago +2

    Shrek the 4th is definitely a heartwarming movie!! 💚

  • Kinto’s Kitchen
    Kinto’s Kitchen 10 months ago

    Love your content Marcus!!! Been tuned in since your Twilight watch series and been hooked since! You should do a review/watch party on the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation for the holiday season! I would watch the hell out of it!!!!

  • BlauBug
    BlauBug 10 months ago +4

    deadpan saying ''that's funny'' instead of laughing. love it

  • Limbo Bilbo
    Limbo Bilbo 8 months ago +2

    “No day drinking doesnt make you a bad father.”
    Marcus….everything ok?

  • Duncan Sligh
    Duncan Sligh 10 months ago +4

    Next year you should do the weird cassette audio sequel they did. I remember listening to it in the car. Pretty sure shit goes down, they drown the ghost of Farquad if I'm not mistaken?? Anyway, obviously it's a masterpiece.

  • Justin Winterholler
    Justin Winterholler 10 months ago

    I think Meghan's hair is great and she makes incredible solo and cosmonaut content

    MŪÑDĀŃĒ 10 months ago

    I actually LOVE this one. Don't know why a lot of people dissliked this one

  • The boi
    The boi 8 months ago +3

    Okay so like I’m hoping they’re gonna continue Shrektober with puss in boots or something , but just saw the new one so now I’m hoping they’re gonna watch it

  • Jayden P
    Jayden P 10 months ago +26

    This is genuinely the best movie to ever end an animated franchise!!!

    • J.D. Laney
      J.D. Laney 10 months ago +8

      Used to be Toy Story 3, but then 4 came in and fucked that all up. Shrek 4 is pretty great.

    • Jadon Clow
      Jadon Clow 10 months ago

      How to Train Your Dragon 3 wants to know your location

    • uknownada
      uknownada 10 months ago +2

      @J.D. Laney Toy Story 4 was great!

    • J.D. Laney
      J.D. Laney 10 months ago

      @uknownada disagree. Ruined Woody’s character way worse than people say TLJ ruined Luke.

    • uknownada
      uknownada 10 months ago +1

      @J.D. Laney Exaggerating.

  • Nick TheQuick
    Nick TheQuick 10 months ago

    Marcus I loved your TF 1 & 2 videos although I think you should do the ending to TF2. Never thought you’d release a third and it was by far the best content from any Clip-Sharer. I was dying the entire video and was so entertained. Hope you can re upload soon and it remains faithful to the original

  • Sean Green
    Sean Green 10 months ago +10

    I do not know any adult that loves Shrek as much as this man.

    • Dommbuscus
      Dommbuscus 10 months ago

      I am a 22 year old boyman, and I love Shrek 1, 2, and Forever After

    • Christopher Nigro
      Christopher Nigro 10 months ago +6

      Schafrillas Production: Am I a joke to you?

  • womp womp
    womp womp 10 months ago +2

    Marcus's comments during this were really wholesome lol

  • Vasco23
    Vasco23 10 months ago +16

    I was wondering when we would get this. Let’s goooooo!

  • Dorsen
    Dorsen 10 months ago +4

    This movie is actually good, and the only reason people think its bad is because the previous movie was so terrible.

  • Donovan Womble
    Donovan Womble 10 months ago

    YOOOOOOOO I didn't know Megan moved with you guys. Good to see you all together again!