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WW1 Digitally Remastered - Joe Rogan and Tom Papa

  • Published on Jan 22, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • name not available
    name not available 2 months ago +43931

    Yup. They weren't professional soldiers. They were bakers, clerks, farmers, tailors ... and they lived in trench mud for 4 years.

    • Kevin Gonzalez
      Kevin Gonzalez Month ago

      No shit Sherlock people have no idea the army existed way before ww1 😂 “theses are people” I thought they were Aliens

    • David Hernandez
      David Hernandez Month ago

      @Jack RoyalTealead by bloggers and anti war deniers

    • w2lf
      w2lf Month ago

      and ww3 is coming, food is rising, economy is gonna go down again in 2023, ukraine-russia war, china conflict with taiwan, Japan building better army, winter in europe, people are tired and angry, rich building shelters on islands, ai in private company hands while public ai is scraps, house and car bubble, inflation, inflated dollar, companies pay same or less and ask for even more performance, fear of losing jobs/unemployment, consuming is going down, cartel fighting in spain over exporting cocain to usa, UFO sighting spotted in this uk/rus war, west is going nuts/mad, like in the utopia rat experiment, Christian prophecy river has dried, and more... Looks like the end is coming, just enjoy what time you have left.

    • RenixGames
      RenixGames Month ago

      If they survived that long...

    • Joseph Ramirez
      Joseph Ramirez Month ago


  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams Month ago +540

    Having it in black and white always gave us the feeling that it was such a long time ago but when you add color, the feeling changes drastically

    • Мади Ернар
      Мади Ернар Month ago

      It's weird, to perceive a time of the event you can look up the date.
      And I mean it was a long time ago, 100 years is a lot.
      You just don't need to compare it to the age of the sun)

    • Brienne of friggin Tarth
      Brienne of friggin Tarth Month ago +20

      I recently saw a post on facebook which really made me think:
      the time between 1980 und 2023 is the same as between 1980 and 1937. I was born in 1975 and I still can't believe that's true.

  • K D
    K D Month ago +161

    Joe discovering history is real at 55

  • MOPARman345 HEMI
    MOPARman345 HEMI Month ago +4909

    Imagine being a soldier in WWI, surviving it and returning home to have a son with your wife, and then when your son comes of age, he's drafted into WWII

    • Rusty Shackleford
      Rusty Shackleford Month ago

      Except on the British and American side, most knew what the horrors the Germans were capable of. Most had already seen it. They knew that they didn’t want to go, but they had to. So that hopefully their children wouldn’t have to go through that as well.
      My great grandfather enlisted in 1916 as an engineer during WWI, here he fought in the trenches.
      His son, my grandfather, was drafted in 1942 as a Private, but retired in 1970 as a Colonel.
      His son, my father, enlisted at 18, in 1988 as a tanker, fought at the Battle of the 73 Easting in Iraq, and got out in 1993, after five years of Service.
      Then there’s me: I enlisted in 2013 at 18 years old, and served 8 years as a medic. Been to Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Korea and Poland. Honorably discharged and became a trauma nurse.
      Maybe my son will break the cycle.

    • OldRaver1
      OldRaver1 Month ago

      Happened to my Grandad.
      He never would have admitted concern (my dad lied about his age and joined up at 17 to train as a Spitfire pilot in 1943, when the RAF were clearly desperate for pilots (only 1 in 1000 men passed the training to become fighter pilots, then had an obscenely high mortality rate!!)
      He was trained out in South Africa, what was then Rhodesia, because Hitler targeted UK air training bases.
      I look at the photos of him and he looked like a child!
      I think his mum worried, but his dad always seemed just so proud.
      Lucky for them and me, peace was announced as dad was about to ship to Singapore to fight the Japanese (and their kamikazes!!)
      WWI posh blokes just sent good British men and boys to their slaughter.
      Trench warfare in the Somme/ Flanders etc was the most criminally inept decision by any generals ever.
      (Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan follow closely)

    • Kova15
      Kova15 Month ago

      @Malleos Caputuswhen it comes to a cult not really

  • Marcus Thomas
    Marcus Thomas Month ago +290

    Imagine watching a legit roman legion in colour just getting about, this really got me thinking 👍🏾👍🏾

  • New Atlantis Republic
    New Atlantis Republic Month ago +295

    They need to digitally remaster dinosaur footage so we can really appreciate how they lived and moved.

    • Chilling guy
      Chilling guy Month ago

      I can’t lie ,I’m so high I liked this comment at first not even thinking it was a joke 😂😂😂

    • Trev
      Trev Month ago

      Yea I found some original dinosaur footage just the other week. Let's make this happen

    • D Martin
      D Martin Month ago

      LoL if only they had some dinosaur footage damn near 20 million years ago

    • Zane Collinson
      Zane Collinson Month ago

      Watch Jurassic park

    • Harvesting Season
      Harvesting Season Month ago


  • RadioactiveRat
    RadioactiveRat Month ago +2718

    For those looking, the documentary is “They shall not grow old”
    Great film

    • Aaron Lucas
      Aaron Lucas Month ago

      It was released in 2018 by Peter Jackson. They also had a museum thing about WW1 made by Peter Jackson & Weta Worshop at Te Papa the National Museum of New Zealand in Wellington.

    • Omar T
      Omar T Month ago +1

      Great documentary

    • Henry Barber
      Henry Barber Month ago

      🙋‍♂️It was all Brittan and Germany's fault just saying😒 and for all the cryers that's just my opinion you don't have to agree or disagree

    • The Black Hawk
      The Black Hawk Month ago +1

      I got my dad to watch the film and he was shocked how good of a film/ documentary and how much he learned by watching it

    • Baskerville Bee
      Baskerville Bee Month ago

      By Peter Jackson

  • Real_vanGogh
    Real_vanGogh Month ago +109

    Best WW1 documentary: “They shall not grow old”

  • StrungOutNY
    StrungOutNY Month ago +15

    I've watched some of these remastered film's recently and it just blows my mind how much better it looks than what I've seen throughout my life. Just like they said, it made me realize they were just like you and me.

  • Damilola Owolabi
    Damilola Owolabi Month ago +1727

    They weren't just people, most of them were young boys who were eager to do something right. But had their lives cut short too early

    • Saint_Fricholas
      Saint_Fricholas Month ago

      Yeah, so just people? Lol

    • GreatInternetPanda
      GreatInternetPanda Month ago

      ​@Chanaii H There was an implication left out. Their lives were cut short for an incredibly stupid war. A war about moving a border a smidgen.

    • ThaGodWeCreate
      ThaGodWeCreate Month ago +1

      Everyone's death is right on time

    • Andreas Fi
      Andreas Fi Month ago

      @Joy Eyitsede where did I blame women, it’s not meant as an insult. It’s just that boys have to adjust to harsher environments starting at a young age. That’s why we are not faced by certain things and just grow colder, because we are informed about the horrors of life. And most women don’t experience life that way, if they ever do it’s mostly in there 30s-40s. Again not meant as an insult just how things are. But maybe it’s hard to understand my point since English is not my first language.

    • Joy Eyitsede
      Joy Eyitsede Month ago +2

      @Andreas Fi are you trying to blame women for your own decisions 🤡🤡🤡 or are you looking for sympathy for something your brought on yourselves???? Wow

  • Brienne of friggin Tarth

    It's so strange how much more you connect with footage that has been remastered and coloured!

  • Jeffrey in Korea
    Jeffrey in Korea Month ago +4

    😂 You don't need color videos to understand that. 😂

  • LaserDisc is Awesome
    LaserDisc is Awesome Month ago +2250

    “They shall not grow old” is an amazing documentary

    • I’m here to cause trouble
      I’m here to cause trouble Month ago

      @Alpha Wolfgang only seen about 45 minutes of it but I need to watch the rest. What’s your favourite and most shocking bits of it?

    • Le Petit
      Le Petit Month ago +1

      I gotta watch it!!

  • Josue Rivera
    Josue Rivera Month ago +3

    Yeah they're just people luke you and me 😵‍💫 WTHeck he was expecting?

  • Howdy
    Howdy Month ago +1

    The movie is called "They Shall not Grow Old". Very good, highly recommend!

  • Ben Chapman
    Ben Chapman Month ago +1492

    "They Shall Not Grow Old" It's a MUST watch.

    • Eli Dent
      Eli Dent Month ago

      @U2-TV apt description and very sad.

    • The Truth is Potenza
      The Truth is Potenza Month ago +1

      yeah. I loved it. I will show that documentary to my sons throughout their lives. and they will show their sons. better than what you learn in public schools

    • toob247
      toob247 Month ago

      Greatest story never told. Germany being carpet and Fire bombed

    • jeremy lydiard
      jeremy lydiard Month ago +1

      Peter Jackson the kiwi legend

    • Laura Rules
      Laura Rules Month ago +1

      @Eli Dent I watched the documentary when it very first came out. My memory might be betraying me (could be wrong) but I liked that it started off with interviews of soldiers and followed those same soldiers the entire journey of their experience until they died and they had photos and footage of them from joining the battle until they died or made it home. One thing that pissed me off was the one soldier making it home and him telling his mother and father about what happened in the war and they told him he was lying and it wasn't real at all so he just stopped telling people

  • Douglas Korytkowski Jr

    Awesome I always admire how they appear to enjoy the simple life.

  • Skup Boobless
    Skup Boobless Month ago +3

    Documentary “They Shall Not Grow Old” by Peter Jackson. Truly an incredible documentary

  • Mortan Á. Mørk
    Mortan Á. Mørk 2 months ago +2410

    Ww1 is basically the best example of soldiers that are just humans

    • Elvista
      Elvista Month ago

      Last I checked they've all been humans. Some day they'll probably be robots, but not yet.

    • ThaGodWeCreate
      ThaGodWeCreate Month ago

      Well which war is a good example of soldiers that were NOT humans? Really wanna know...

    • Chauffeur
      Chauffeur Month ago

      Were we supposed to think otherwise??

    • Hugh Jass
      Hugh Jass Month ago

      @Ak Sh Nearly every person on the battlefield was an average person conscripted for the war...
      How do you not understand his statement?

    • Ak Sh
      Ak Sh Month ago +1

      What does that even mean?

  • Mystical Tails
    Mystical Tails Month ago +2

    The older I get the more I realize how recent this history was and how relevant it is to understand why life is what it's like today.

  • Dr Wondertainment
    Dr Wondertainment Month ago +51

    That really hits when you hear "they're just us" then the picture goes to color.


      You just could have ask me. What else do you want to get "hit" with?

    • Robbert Johan Smidt
      Robbert Johan Smidt Month ago

      @I A It didn't hit you then?

    • Dr Wondertainment
      Dr Wondertainment Month ago +1

      @I A Most of my family lived in Germany during the last great war and I've heard countless 1st hand stories from them both as German citizens and a couple of them serving. It's just different to know them as old people and only know the context of their stories through black and white videos vs the ones we see today.

    • I A
      I A Month ago +1

      really? you didn't know they were just people like us before Joe Rogan said it? That's sad..

  • I believe you
    I believe you 2 months ago +1577

    Love the way 1500-2000 people decide the fate,of billions.

    • S P
      S P Month ago

      It's the other way around. If you are a country like Germany after a massive loss of national identity, you will elevate anyone who promises to give that back to you.

    • Alpha Wolfgang
      Alpha Wolfgang Month ago +1

      check out Europa the Last Battle

    • Noe wolf
      Noe wolf Month ago +1

      @Blanched Lion ✡️🐀

  • pecker556
    pecker556 Month ago

    one of the most important clips on the internet

  • Ethan Begnoche
    Ethan Begnoche Month ago

    Ive always looked back on these vidoes and think that could be you me and our neighbors. The bravery of these men stepping up in.

  • Kelly Nolen
    Kelly Nolen 2 months ago +2299

    man it hits different without the greyscale filter

    • SozeyTozey
      SozeyTozey Month ago

      @carclain It's a simple google search away, fella. No excuse for ignorance in today's day and age.

    • JuniAku
      JuniAku Month ago

      @Solo Rollo clearly feeling an age gap in this entire thread with most of these idiots thinking the originals are a “filter”……’remember when grandpa did the dog filter during the Blitzkrieg!’ Nonetheless, it’s always cool to see these old videos colorized!!!

    • Solo Rollo
      Solo Rollo Month ago +1

      Our country and the eurosphere are freaking doomed. Doomed.

    • Kelly Nolen
      Kelly Nolen Month ago

      @JuniAku ohh i was just noticing it feels more real i guess for most of us we grew up with color tv grey was the past onoy to be seen in history books as a footnote to a lesson we know accademicly they were real people but just like the fact that everyone will die it doesnt really set in untill you face it millions of people died in that war do you know how many people that is can you even imagine that many faces that many individual people dead never to exist again all murdered killed in war
      you may know but do you feel it the weight of its horrible and it could happen again if we arent careful well we have to be more careful now with nukes at play but thats an even worse future somehow

  • Dek Oli
    Dek Oli Month ago +5

    Lindsay Graham and all these war enabler politicians need to GO......

  • Kristi4:44
    Kristi4:44 Month ago +7

    "We haven't been here that long" bingo! This is the great awakening! We are all realizing we've been asleep for a very long time. They were all just regular people like us thrown into hell by the same elites that are ruining our lives now.

  • Kathy McClintic
    Kathy McClintic Month ago +1053

    I adore being able to see these people. Time is really nothing. All people just living their/our lives.

    • Grey Alien
      Grey Alien Month ago

      ​@BewareOfSasquatch our views are different but fundamentally we are the same, just born at different points in life. not sure why it's so confusing. of course "time" is a thing, sure.

    • Stocko Macias
      Stocko Macias Month ago

      Hi Kathy, I love your comment, and can tell you believe in God. God bless.

    • MG ATOM
      MG ATOM Month ago

      But you also have to acknowledge the reality in relation to "time" & speed. They showed down the rate of "time" to help us better understand. Which is awesome, it's odd watching people move at 2x speed.

    • MG ATOM
      MG ATOM Month ago

      Time is subjective and man made. Good comment.

    • Bath
      Bath Month ago +2

      @BewareOfSasquatch True depending on what you believe decides what makes you human

  • TMNTransparency
    TMNTransparency Month ago +1

    I love documentary videos like that ww1 ww2 they are awesome

  • Multi Vision
    Multi Vision Month ago

    Yup, that’s what we say all the time 😢

  • Elias Håkansson
    Elias Håkansson Month ago +482

    It's unforgivable what we did to our young boys.

    • No Utube
      No Utube Month ago

      @Hollowed ok ok ok now i know that u are tate follower , i know all of his fan how reacts when talks of SM come , let me ask u simple question do you also supporting his tweet of his cars collection against greta thunberg ?? Isn't it 😅😏 give yes or no 🤣 the top g fans

    • Elias Håkansson
      Elias Håkansson Month ago

      @dylan carnes That was WWII buddy

    • dylan carnes
      dylan carnes Month ago

      It had to happen. Unless you think Pearl Harbor and the nazis should be ignored.

    • KWally
      KWally Month ago

      It's what history has gone through that even allows you to make that statement. Sadly war has been constant throughout human history, sadly still are.

    • Maggie Beltaa
      Maggie Beltaa Month ago

      My great uncle fought in world war 2.. or well.. was going to. He enlisted shortly after coming here from Hungary. He got an extremely bad hernia maybe 3 or 4 days after they set sail. He ended up passing away and they tossed him overboard. 😭 I know there weren't a lot of other options seeing as decaying bodies bring disease among other things but it's still super sad and messed my family up, for sure. Absolutely breaks my heart. Rest in Peace Paul Szatmari 😭🕊🌹

  • seven lux
    seven lux Month ago

    Wow, that is an interesting finding!

    KD BRAVO Month ago

    Absolutely. I thought the exact same thing. Their just like us.

  • Trash Panda
    Trash Panda Month ago +1162

    Thank Peter Jackson who tirelessly put in the energy to do this. He was never nominated either because of when the film was released, but he deserves an honorary award of some kind for this

    • Trash Panda
      Trash Panda Month ago

      @Regular Freestyle Videos they shall not grow old

    • Adaptive Gamer
      Adaptive Gamer Month ago

      @Llewellyn Cox really?! The extended cut right?? I hope he releases more footage I’m feeding them immediately!!

    • ShroomGod
      ShroomGod Month ago +1

      Don’t forget about the best King Kong ever made. That movie had epic battle scenes

    • Llewellyn Cox
      Llewellyn Cox Month ago +1

      He is doing the same with Lord of the rings in 4k rn

    • hype
      hype Month ago +8

      Well, he is knighted and is known as Sir Peter Jackson, he is one of the most memorable new Zealanders

  • OldRaver1
    OldRaver1 Month ago

    Colourising the old films really made a difference.
    Made me look at this with less distance.

  • lordbadboy
    lordbadboy Month ago

    That's what I'm always telling people. Life as we know it doesn't go back that long. Yet, we take all the comfort for granted.

  • ShrugSzn
    ShrugSzn Month ago +1022

    Joe needed to see it in 60fps with HD resolution to realize regular people fought in WW1&2

    • That Guy
      That Guy Month ago

      I grew up watching war movies, listening to older relatives speak of WW2, Korea, veitnam.... it wasnt until I had to drag a dead body out of a ditch in Afghanistan that the reality of "War" hit me. You think you know what war is but you don't, you never will until youre apart of it, until you smell the death around you.

    • Nate Gin
      Nate Gin Month ago +1

      @Ding Ding The Clip-Share Buddy speak for yourself man. Most of us had family that lived through ww2. I heard first hand the stories from Italy and France from my grandfather and his brothers who made it out alive.

  • Alexander Wingeskog

    Have to say I felt the same way when I watched the remastered clips... It's weird that a black and white (7 FPS?) clip instantly makes you feel like it's really really old and you sort of disassociate yourself from it somehow... The remastering makes that a lot harder...

  • Breznknedl
    Breznknedl Month ago +2

    my Grandpa was drafted in ww 2 in the last like month of the war due to the "Totaler Krieg" where everybody had to fight. He died this year at the age of 96. When I look at old photos of him working on his farm I just think that it's crazy a boy like that would later be pushed into something as evil as war

  • Saurabh Thackeray
    Saurabh Thackeray Month ago +558

    When you realise wars happen only because of a dozen or so people not agreeing with each other.

    • Mr. Borkborkrandom
      Mr. Borkborkrandom Month ago

      @Shmegma but again that doesn’t mean they were the cause of the war just because they were a company that made weaponry. I mean sure they were close but just by them saying they were close to the president that sent in the marines i to vietnam is not really enough to prove a point.

    • Shmegma
      Shmegma Month ago

      @Mr. Borkborkrandomlook up the lusitania. They started the war on purpose. The leaders of these nations were related.

  • Dan Billy
    Dan Billy Month ago

    Wow joe what a revelation they were people omg you’re so incredibly talented

  • Gilbert Valenzuela
    Gilbert Valenzuela Month ago

    I watched this documentary it was amazing just amazing I could definitely watch it over and over. They did a great job doing this

  • BIC-Football-92
    BIC-Football-92 2 months ago +855

    "They Shall Not Grow Old" directed by Peter Jackson for anyone that wants to see it. Amazing work.

    • Shane Reiter
      Shane Reiter Month ago +1

      It IS amazing. I loved every second.

    • Gaijin Ninja
      Gaijin Ninja Month ago +2

      The fact he used real and reproduction artefacts from the time for the sound effects, plus got descendants of the actual soldiers in the film clips to do the voices adds that extra level of realism and face slapping wake up.

    • Paintplayer1
      Paintplayer1 Month ago +2

      @BIC-Football-92 thank you very much! That means a lot!

    • BIC-Football-92
      BIC-Football-92 Month ago +3

      @Paintplayer1 brother, as someone who's never done a day of service in his life I absolutely thank you and for what you did do! You took the oath. I have zero doubt this movie would have a big impact on you, the same way I have zero doubt if asked you would fight to defend your country. Same as my fat ass would if things ever got bad enough to draft me lol. Appreciate your service.

    • Paintplayer1
      Paintplayer1 Month ago +4

      I know I need to watch it out of respect but I almost don't want to because I know how grave it is. I was an officer in the 101st but during peace time and did absolutely nothing combat related so I feel like I can't claim that title any more than someone who never signed up at all

  • Shadow Banned
    Shadow Banned Month ago +1

    I have to admit the remastered footage gave me a whole new perspective on WW1

  • Sam Vela
    Sam Vela Month ago

    “Dude we haven’t been here this long…” Right you are Ken! Not sure you know how right you are.

  • zachary branker
    zachary branker Month ago +204

    Crazy how the removal of color can allow you to totally dissociate from that footage.

  • I'maHappyCactus
    I'maHappyCactus Month ago +1

    I watched it in my history class the amount of effort that was put into making this was insane 10 years to add color and sound

  • Celathian Aaron
    Celathian Aaron Month ago

    _That feeling when you see your doppelgänger_ 👁️

  • trojanwood
    trojanwood Month ago +218

    My great grandfather was in both world wars, hell of a time to be alive.

    • Guy Webster
      Guy Webster Month ago +2

      My grandfather was in 3. Ww2, korea and Vietnam.. No shii.

    • Flava Town
      Flava Town Month ago +2

      Both my grandpas were in world war 2. Some if the story’s they had were scary, god bless ‘em tho and everyone else who fought in those wars.

  • Ckelly
    Ckelly Month ago

    Love finding clips like this on Clip-Share, makes me go straight to spotify and download

  • Aaron Lucas
    Aaron Lucas Month ago +1

    Peter Jackson fixed up all this WW1 footage and released it as a movie in 2018 called "They Shall Not Grow Old", slowed it down, took away all the jerkiness and jumps, coloured it. It transports you there and they seem more like real people instead of strange old timey people.

  • peachpxe
    peachpxe Month ago +710

    I think something about old footage makes us feel more disconnected to the past. Like we are just watching a movie. Once they remaster footage it brings these people to life and we realize how we are just like them.

    • M
      M Month ago

      Cause kids need colored pictures now in 2023

    • sponosrme711
      sponosrme711 Month ago

      There isn't a "them" though lol. And there is no us. We are all human, nothing has changed. Just time

    • Chox Mabagist
      Chox Mabagist Month ago +1

      These comments ^^^^ ❤️

    • CosmicWolf22
      CosmicWolf22 Month ago +1

      @F Joebiden you're a 100% right there, guess I should have thought of that. We are all somewhat the same, we're all human. The modern society is basically disrespecting their sacrifice, every sacrifice made throughout the world wars.

  • CheEzy
    CheEzy Month ago +2

    It weird when they add the colour I could get a sense of what the weather felt like the smells and emotions and such but in black and white it was just footage to me. Amazing what colour can do

  • Joey D
    Joey D Month ago

    Those remastered videos are INCREDIBLE!🇺🇸

  • Rocky Flavours
    Rocky Flavours 2 months ago +506

    It's nice to see them smile, even going through what they did they still smile

    • Juan Galaz
      Juan Galaz Month ago

      @Rocky Flavours I cant make of your comment.

    • Rocky Flavours
      Rocky Flavours Month ago

      @Juan Galaz if you was was them would you see any reason to smile? Was you never told think before you speak 😂

    • John Dildo
      John Dildo Month ago

      @Da rel posty_ Malone1082 or maybe he was right and the majority of people are ungrateful and delusional.

    • Da rel posty_ Malone1082
      Da rel posty_ Malone1082 Month ago +1

      @Jason Ruka right bro. Everyone needs a 100 pound shell landing on their friends or family to be grateful. Or maybe there’s a lot of complain about for some people and you simply aren’t one of them? I think the latter seems more likley

  • Josh J
    Josh J Month ago

    Haven't been here this long but we've gotten might comfortable in that short amount of time.

  • Mr_Waitz
    Mr_Waitz Month ago

    Holy shit exactly!!! A couple months ago I was just saying that literally just over 100 years ago.. that means you're great grandparents. The people your parents called grandparents were alive during the transition between horse and carriage and cars!! It's crazy!!

  • Hammer Tooth
    Hammer Tooth Month ago +215

    Joe rogan learns that the people in ww2 were people.

    • Muscley Guy 6ft
      Muscley Guy 6ft Month ago

      @Zekie we aren’t lucky we are about to get nuked

    • Czar Lifestyle
      Czar Lifestyle Month ago

      Bro you are sarcastic...I love that 😂😂

    • joe dwyer
      joe dwyer Month ago

      But they do seem much more like people rather than some old black and white movie where they move strange and unnaturally Quick

    • DJ Ray Von
      DJ Ray Von Month ago

      ​@Zekie🤨 Yeah mate. Proper peaceful !

    • tink
      tink Month ago

      ​@Ryan Oliver unclench

  • Gary Phillips
    Gary Phillips Month ago +4

    They say history repeats itself.

  • Cole Whitfield
    Cole Whitfield Month ago

    Once I started looking at history in this way it became much easier and enjoyable to learn.

  • Rock's G&T
    Rock's G&T Month ago +598

    We are practically the same as we were 1,000 2,000 or even 3,000 years ago. Babies cried, children played, teenagers got in trouble, adults worked, and elders passed on knowledge and wisdom.

    • R. DB
      R. DB Month ago

      You mean 200/300k years?

    • HelloThisIsAva
      HelloThisIsAva Month ago

      Super depressing to think about, the fact we’re just repeating all of history’s old mistakes as time goes on

    • Jean Briones
      Jean Briones Month ago

      @JohnnyTalker Some are pretty wise

    • JohnnyTalker
      JohnnyTalker Month ago

      Except the elders of today are the least possessing of wisdom ever. Baby Boomers spent their entire life in front of the television and have what you’d expect to show for it.

    • Jean Briones
      Jean Briones Month ago

      @DropoutJerome you were saying that people back then were less evolved than us

  • Jeff Beaudoin
    Jeff Beaudoin Month ago

    OMG and all along I thought they weren’t people! Thanks Joe!

  • uncle funker
    uncle funker Month ago +16

    Joe Rogan blown away at the fact people existed 100 years ago...

    • Logated
      Logated Month ago

      @Flaidanno the point was it was 100 years ago but 100 years wasn’t that long ago

    • Flaidan
      Flaidan Month ago

      The point he was making in this video was that it wasn't 100 years ago.

    • turd johnson
      turd johnson Month ago

      My god it really was people

  • Joe Orton
    Joe Orton Month ago +345

    Those were real people who had everyday normal jobs with normal life right up until that day

  • Marnie Bova
    Marnie Bova Month ago

    They Shall Not Grow Old. Excellent film. Peter Jackson did a fantastic job. They even hired lip readers so you can now hear what the soldiers were saying. Highly recommend.

  • Ladarius Sanders
    Ladarius Sanders Month ago +1

    Yeah man looks freaky like damn that looks yesterday it’s almost like you mentally and imagining put yourself in the field with those soldiers it’s just the color of the videos give them new life and makes them more humanized I almost feels like you know them personally in a since just a crazy almost out of this world experience

  • iivin
    iivin Month ago +197

    I want people to remember that every person who ever lived was just a person.

    • MISTaRichard
      MISTaRichard Month ago

      With all that being said,
      Thank God for Jesus Christ.

    • Gay Chainsaw
      Gay Chainsaw Month ago

      as a wise man once said "there's a story for every man, and there's always two sides of a story."
      -Kratos GOWR

    • Gay Chainsaw
      Gay Chainsaw Month ago

      we are people. But many, do not have any humanity

    • SilverSpider
      SilverSpider Month ago

      ​@HelloThisIsAva You might have a warped conception of what humanity is if you watched too much tv when you were younger

    • SilverSpider
      SilverSpider Month ago

      ​@TheAnnoyingBoss We are more than just the humanity! I bet I can virtue signal harder than you

  • E JS
    E JS Month ago

    You’re right, Joe we have not been here this long! 😉

  • The Amazing Thunderlips

    We haven’t been here this long. Boys and girls some real shit is coming.

  • _np7
    _np7 2 months ago +202

    That always hits the hardest when you look at soldiers from WW1/WW2 and realize these people are people like us.

    • Leo D
      Leo D Month ago

      They are not us y’all are cringe they are soldiers

    • OHCAM5
      OHCAM5 Month ago

      @Nature Sh*t Those people that get offended are a miniscule minority though

    • Samael
      Samael Month ago

      @The Villain in Glasses y’all need to stop smoking so much weed😆

    • T Peterson
      T Peterson Month ago

      @Jj Jordan well in USA for example ur not forced to join the army u have to chose it

  • Djc00lness
    Djc00lness Month ago

    They were regular Joe shmos like you and I. On all sides. No one wanted to fight, no one knew how. They were all as scared as each other. Fighting and dying for the higher ups who couldn't care less

  • Registole
    Registole Month ago

    Wow, it's like they've never seen archive footage before!

  • daversj
    daversj Month ago +1000

    My great grandfather was a Captain in the engineers in ww1 and would rebuild bridges near the front lines as they progressed. He was an avid photographer and we have boxes of photos of men walking to the rear from the front lines. The faces in the photos are haunting to say the least. Just the still images give you chills. My other uncle was gassed in that war and survived but was messed the rest of his life. Crazy times.

    • 2Mamba24Forever8
      2Mamba24Forever8 Month ago

      Those would be something to give some people the perspective that they sure seem to need these days. Sadly history repeats itself every 100 or so years because everyone with those horrific memories of how horrible things can get have all passed on & the younger generations can't seem to learn without doing it the hard way. If we would look at history & learn from it more, we might actually get somewhere.

    • Insurmountable Mind
      Insurmountable Mind Month ago +1

      @KongKonKo ok

    • KongKonKo
      KongKonKo Month ago

      @Insurmountable Mind great comebacks, truly insurmountable

    • KongKonKo
      KongKonKo Month ago

      @Insurmountable Mind whats your hreatness?

    • Insurmountable Mind
      Insurmountable Mind Month ago

      @Paregoric you're absolutely right, how did you know that!? Wow, you must be extremely intellectual

  • Derek Galloway
    Derek Galloway Month ago +1

    I pray for them and their families

  • Swedishmafia101 Meme Corporation

    They Shall Not Grow Old was a fantastic project

  • ConRon
    ConRon Month ago +504

    This footage is from the movie “They Shall Not Grow Old” it was directed by Peter Jackson. It took absolutely ages to collect and color all of the footage. Jackson has a little dialogue on how it was made before the movie. It’s an unbelievably moving film. Definitely worth watching.

    • Travis C
      Travis C Month ago

      @Mick So awesome! I keep forgetting details like that about this movie. So absolutely incredible. Just wow.

    • Muscley Guy 6ft
      Muscley Guy 6ft Month ago

      it’s fake bro

    • Ram Tiger Falcon
      Ram Tiger Falcon Month ago

      Wow thanks man. I hope your info is correct , but I'm not gonna challenge it ,if it isn't.

    • Pizza Octopus
      Pizza Octopus Month ago

      The footage is not from. It was adapted for "They Shall Not Grow Old". There is a massive difference, mainly a massive disrespect to the soldiers.

  • Simon Asfaw
    Simon Asfaw Month ago

    the documentary he's talking about is "They shall not be forgotten" it gave me chills 🥶

  • Manny Mo
    Manny Mo Month ago +10

    If human history was a movie, it would be available on Shudder.

  • J R
    J R 2 months ago +337

    Lol remember it was “the war to end ALL wars” imagine that.

    • mrcla55yguy
      mrcla55yguy Month ago

      @Samael bro I’m pretty sure you and I were saying the same thing 👆. I don’t remember lol

    • Samael
      Samael Month ago

      @mrcla55yguy I did make a mistake, but the point stands. The two world wars were beyond any other war in human history, past or present.

    • Samael
      Samael Month ago

      @0326Vet but did WW3 pop off?

    • mrcla55yguy
      mrcla55yguy Month ago

      @Hugh Jass I know it is. I’ve told like 3 people that in these comments because they are referring to it as ww2 with how they are looking at it. That’s why I was saying all the stuff I’ve said 👆👆👆👆. It’s there; read it

    • Hugh Jass
      Hugh Jass Month ago

      ​@mrcla55yguy This footage is WW1

  • Max Ahumada
    Max Ahumada Month ago

    This is why love JRE so much

  • xBlueWolf
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    It really is incredibly wild

  • John Davis
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    I love how Joe's always blown away by history. He sorta inspires me. 🙂

    • Cheef Queef
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    • California Choppers
      California Choppers Month ago

      @Traveler Why does it matter? Do you have to be a certain age to become inspired by someone?

    • Jeff Simpson
      Jeff Simpson Month ago +4

      @Traveler I feel extremely sad for this coming generation

    • Traveler
      Traveler Month ago +3

      Are you 12

  • Ryan Taube
    Ryan Taube Month ago

    So sad they had to go through that

  • Red Barrel Entertainment

    It’s a lot more morbid seeing war footage from back then that isn’t sped up 3x, which is how most has been preserved.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +588

    My great grandpa fought in WW1 and basically half raised my dad, dude was a legit cowboy too. One of the only pictures I have of him is him in uniform. It was wild when I found that uniform in my grandpa's stuff. Seeing the big red 1 on his shoulder kinda helped drive home how much we were missing with the black and white.

    • JoeG
      JoeG Month ago

      @Callidus Vulpes yes , loved that game

    • I need a new name
      I need a new name Month ago +1

      @Ghost_vission he was explaining it simply what he’s referring to is the black-and-white footage of the time, and his great grandpa’s uniform literally had a big red number one sewn into the shoulder

    • It's Henry
      It's Henry Month ago

      Well ww1 didnt have any antagonists, ww2 sure did though!

    • Matt Appleton
      Matt Appleton Month ago

      My grandfather was also in WW1. He died when I was 2 years old in 1986. I'm 39. The math is kinda crazy.

  • E
    E Month ago

    "They're real people." Very good. Another profound set of words for people who need to know things.

    • MATT MAN
      MATT MAN Month ago

      WhT they meant with “they’re real people” was that these are not soldiers that joined the army and were trained like everyone now a days, these are bakers and shop owners and plumbers that were drafted into war

  • jonathan
    jonathan Month ago

    Correct, we haven't been here long at all...

  • E.X. Watson
    E.X. Watson Month ago +54

    Color is all Joe needed to realize these things really did happen

    • cows are jerks.
      cows are jerks. Month ago +1

      It's always fun to watch Joe discover what most of us have known for years.

    • NoFlu
      NoFlu Month ago +2

      ​@Houseboat1 yep, Joe's always got entry-level takes on a lot of issues, but only a few deep ones.
      There are plenty of first hand accounts etc, around for a long ass time that nicely provide a perspective into their world. For WW2 I recommend German letters from Stalingrad

    • Houseboat1
      Houseboat1 Month ago +3

      ​@c Yeah and everyone knows that lol. He's acting like he came upon some profound piece of information, when it is a known fact that regular people are often the ones who have to fight in massive wars.

    • c
      c Month ago +3

      he means they're not soldiers

  • Wolf
    Wolf Month ago +1

    It’s amazing what bringing color to theses films does. Almost makes it seem more recent than 100 years ago

  • Matt Anderson
    Matt Anderson Month ago +1

    I love watching how easy it is to completely blow Joe’s mind. I think he and “double rainbow guy” would get along really well.

  • mason craig
    mason craig Month ago +389

    Saw this in theaters it was absolutely amazing, they shall not grow old. A must watch

    • mason craig
      mason craig Month ago

      @RoSe_CiTy-86O they did at smaller cinemas I remember going with my father and we were both amazed then they turned it into a dvd

    • Hugh Jass
      Hugh Jass Month ago

      Dude says the name and people are still asking for the name lmao

    • Dizzy 🇺🇦
      Dizzy 🇺🇦 Month ago

      They showed it in my school

  • Sean Jones
    Sean Jones Month ago

    This is such a stoned conversation 😂

  • krwd
    krwd Month ago

    they did have something that is in short supply today, a love for their Country, Duty, service, sacrifice

  • Cam
    Cam Month ago +9

    “Terminally out-of-touch podcaster realizes regular people fight wars”

    • dang0s
      dang0s Month ago +1

      ​@Samael Im pretty sure he knew, but the feeling is different when you see it more closer to daily life, its like when you see a flooding in internet and when you live through a flooding.

    • Samael
      Samael Month ago

      Yea I’m a fan of Joe, but I may reconsider after watching this.

  • 76special
    76special Month ago

    This tells me that we are due for another one.

  • Rednas 2.0
    Rednas 2.0 Month ago +2

    Really Joe? You needed a digitally enhanced 100 year old film to come to this realization? 🙈

  • Filip Mazic
    Filip Mazic Month ago +37

    It's honestly the black and white. It makes them look like something ancient, like props from a history book. The color and you get to see them smiling and goofing off on the tank puts things in perspective

  • scot mac
    scot mac Month ago

    It makes you really think that we're lucky to be born when we were.

  • No Name 52
    No Name 52 Month ago +11

    I think what they're not so eloquently saying is that it's easy to see the old footage and photos but lose perspective and respect for the fact that their struggles and emotions were just as real as what we see experienced today, so we shouldn't forget that, and we should respect their sacrifices.

  • MicHaeL H.
    MicHaeL H. Month ago +22

    It needed to be remastered for him before he could realize that?…

    • Opalizard
      Opalizard Month ago

      Came here to say the same thing, they've always looked like people to me, wtf were they seeing before?

    • Just an average Human
      Just an average Human Month ago

      Its probably due to the fact how diluted war has become from then to now, alot of it is structured now but then it was draft, just regular people you and I, and people think some badasses lived then but majority of them like he said were regular people, the remaster brought pictures to life showing more emotion and just overall feel of it, meaningless war losing meaningful lives