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Running from the police is illegal

  • Published on Jan 11, 2023 veröffentlicht

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  • KrstKnight
    KrstKnight Month ago +84533

    Those deep breaths of adrenaline lol

      ANEZ BENZ 19 hours ago

      oooh bro you have such a dragon heart

    • A Dog
      A Dog 19 days ago


    • Brian Granstrom
      Brian Granstrom 23 days ago

      @KrstKnight Yesterday is a memory. Do you ever talk about yesterday? Childish. Accolades are NEVER forgotten. Jealous? Try fighting incurable stage 4 cancer metastasis in your spine and lung for almost 7 years. You're so courageous. How's that for living in the moment?

    • KrstKnight
      KrstKnight 24 days ago

      @Brian Granstrom So Your a memory? look to the future,I see you enjoy living is the past the present may be to hard to comprehend and the future is unfathomable Awaken pray To YHVH El Gibhor El Elyon saves

    • Brian Granstrom
      Brian Granstrom 24 days ago

      @KrstKnight I used to run a 10K in 35:56 at 5,000 ft altitude. Wanna see all the awards from 3 sports? Send me an email link and I'll include a photo.

  • Avana
    Avana 19 days ago +5214

    Dude turned a warning into an arrest with this one simple trick!

    • MrDragoon Production PTE LTD.
      MrDragoon Production PTE LTD. 4 hours ago


    • Michael Kessler
      Michael Kessler 3 days ago

      ​@john And a magic trick when he slides across the asphalt at 100mph+ or hits a car or tree. But hey, drive dumb, win a dumb prize.

    • Jonathan Bulkheed
      Jonathan Bulkheed 4 days ago

      Dude can't be arrested if he can't be caught. 😉

    • Justin Boyd
      Justin Boyd 4 days ago

      @ChrispyCreme nope still need all the evidence it doesn’t work that way bud

    • Justin Boyd
      Justin Boyd 4 days ago

      All the cop had to do was ignore him

  • Mark Reno
    Mark Reno 18 days ago +4699

    Forest Gump said it best...
    Stupid is.... As stupid does.

    • Bobulous Gaming
      Bobulous Gaming Day ago

      ​@Isolated Muffin now he has a bolo on his bike and a warrent for his arrest, yeah he definatelly avoided it

    • Possum Johnson
      Possum Johnson 2 days ago

      @Chad everyone 😂

    • easy rider
      easy rider 3 days ago


    • Lawless
      Lawless 3 days ago

      ​@Luca Linares it's not good to eat leather either 🥾👅

    • Lawless
      Lawless 3 days ago

      ​@Isolated Muffin lmao exactly

  • TheGoodFather
    TheGoodFather Month ago +18908

    Props man, clean escape.
    It's a good thing you didn't record yourself doing that and post it online

    • Amber
      Amber Day ago


    • Tyde
      Tyde 4 days ago


    • Isaiah Smith
      Isaiah Smith 11 days ago

      Lol you act like that cop is going to find his social media and take him to court for it 🤣 😂 😅 🤦

    • Jeremy Carneal
      Jeremy Carneal 12 days ago

      @Bra1ds how? You don't have to put your actual real info to have one.

    • Bra1ds
      Bra1ds 12 days ago

      @Jeremy Carneal but, if he has a Clip-Share account, also… do you think the police can’t figure this stuff out.

  • Luke Curry
    Luke Curry 25 days ago +1828

    And bikers wonder why cops are on their asses...this is why.

    • Poke Shack
      Poke Shack Day ago

      ​@Mr. Cuttystabby
      A: Not all cops abuse their power
      B: He's the one literally breaking the law
      C: Who's side are you on?

    • Kid nike
      Kid nike Day ago

      @iFlorinARDE Italia you sound mad 😊

    • Dave Zobel Jr
      Dave Zobel Jr 3 days ago


    • StefEndz
      StefEndz 3 days ago

      As a biker I haven't had this issue. But then again I own a Harley 😂

    • Jory Tikka
      Jory Tikka 4 days ago

      Exactly my thoughts bikers think they can do what ever they want

  • Nico Saret
    Nico Saret 17 days ago +322

    He was so polite, even signaling the cops with his hand to come

    • Jo
      Jo 16 days ago +6

      That NPC on the bike

  • Krisztián Rőmer
    Krisztián Rőmer Month ago +21931

    Your honor, my defendant was obviously just looking for a safe spot to pull over.

    • Jon Allen
      Jon Allen 5 days ago

      @Nicholas Ramey In one sentence, consisting of 15 words, you managed to screw up two words and had a grammatical error. That is an 80/20 split for correctness of your English using this as the control group. You might be an absolute weetawd to sit here and call other people idiots when you somehow managed to spell the word 'evade', as 'avaid'.

    • WP BigSmoke247
      WP BigSmoke247 11 days ago

      @Green_leaver03 Saul can’t get him out of this one 😂😂

    • TAP GK
      TAP GK 12 days ago


    • Péter Géza Bocsor-Kovács
      Péter Géza Bocsor-Kovács 14 days ago

      Bojler eladó

  • IsHuman
    IsHuman 19 days ago +528

    The cop was probably just ready to quit his job

    • Jip The Fox
      Jip The Fox 5 days ago +1

      @Justin Case I just thought it'd be funny lmao

    • Justin Case
      Justin Case 7 days ago +4

      An anti furry posts a comment where the only reply is a furry, the duality of man

    • Jip The Fox
      Jip The Fox 8 days ago +1

      I don't blame him

  • Anoradord
    Anoradord 18 days ago +142

    I bet he tells everyone in jail how cool it was when he lured the cop

  • Daniel Gloyd
    Daniel Gloyd Month ago +6918

    Defense Attorneys hate him. Biker shares this one trick to turn a simple trafic violation into a felony arrest.

    • Lawless
      Lawless 3 days ago +1

      Only a felony if you get caught 🥾👅

    • TheHeadincharge
      TheHeadincharge 12 days ago

      @BrokenGod Ent. He’ll eventually get arrested for something, all criminals do.

    • TheHeadincharge
      TheHeadincharge 12 days ago

      @True hooligans Depends on the situation. It can easily be upgraded to a felony if there are mitigating factors like celar taunting and endangering others.

    • lord storm
      lord storm 12 days ago

      In some states, the police officer would of been in the wrong to chase for non forcable felony

  • wiifii 5.0
    wiifii 5.0 19 days ago +81

    lmaoooo that lady was hella chill about it 😁 i like her

  • Colin Butts
    Colin Butts 19 days ago +30

    “Well officer, I think my alignment is off…”

  • John Hermann
    John Hermann Month ago +5797

    How to turn a simple traffic citation into a felony in one easy step ....

    • Lawless
      Lawless 3 days ago

      ​​@HJK he's a free will individual. He doesn't have to take "responsibility" for individuals who have no actual right to control him. I'd say avoiding extortion is being responsible. P.S. going fast isn't putting you in danger...that's your ego not like what an individual does on his personal property

    • Tacticex
      Tacticex 18 days ago

      @Blaise that depends on the type of evasion and the scenario, as well as state law

    • YEET
      YEET 19 days ago

      ​@Blaisewreckless driving and running from the police is a felony.

    • Johnny B
      Johnny B 19 days ago

      ​@John Hermann only if he commited a xrime to warrant the stop

    • MorePlatesMoreTren
      MorePlatesMoreTren 22 days ago

      @Orc Peon shouldn’t you as American (I am assuming ur American because no one in Europe would would be like that) be “happy” about your “free” choices?

  • Brayden
    Brayden 16 days ago +13

    And then when they get caught they are always on the ground saying "I didn't do anything"

  • • T R B M •
    • T R B M • 26 days ago +2

    Pretty sure this guy has Balls Made of Steel.

  • Raynizzle Destroyer
    Raynizzle Destroyer Month ago +5770

    The cop probably arrested the guy on the bicycle for being an accomplice lol. Then went home and kicked his goldfish in the mouth.

    • Lawless
      Lawless 3 days ago +1


    • bctowing
      bctowing 17 days ago +1

      @Larry Williams some are yes

    • Larry Williams
      Larry Williams 17 days ago +2

      Damn are American cops really that bad lol

    • 2k Random
      2k Random 18 days ago

      I’m so confused, what does a goldfish have to do with this?

  • Phofus
    Phofus 14 days ago +10

    Y’know it’s funny, if I forget to use a turn signal in a parking lot, the biker will be the first to tell me that’s a traffic violation.

  • Munna Bhaiya
    Munna Bhaiya 20 hours ago +1

    Bro giving more RPM with his cycle then my sports bike...💀

  • Cody Gore
    Cody Gore Month ago +4755

    When they post their crime to make it easier to track and convict:

    • YEET
      YEET 19 days ago

      ​@POOFAYMANN you realize it can still be traced right

    • Yaninou babidou
      Yaninou babidou 19 days ago

      ​@Stomperyou can't but the cops's dashcam sure can.
      He got caught btw.

  • zac
    zac 4 days ago +1

    bro let his intrusive thoughts win

  • A s t r o
    A s t r o Day ago +1

    "Why are pulling off aren't you gonna catch him?"
    "Nah he'll post it on Clip-Share in about an hour."

  • nmae
    nmae Month ago +3020

    Bro got himself in a bigger mess than he was before 🎉🎉

    • Tacticex
      Tacticex 18 days ago

      @GRIM-SLICE BOLO on description of bike and rider, also can find his information on a database just with descriptions of the bike and it’s model. Also not hard to find certain models purchased in certain areas. There are also security cameras, traffic cameras, IP tracking, or just following him with an unmarked unit.

    • Preme Purpp
      Preme Purpp 26 days ago

      @Gilga what license plate? 😂

    • Playboybusa
      Playboybusa Month ago

      ​@Gilga you really think he had a plate on that bike?....come on now lol.

  • Abdyhakim Yare
    Abdyhakim Yare 13 days ago +2

    The bike guy is taking a lesson 😁

  • A Ar
    A Ar 3 days ago

    They probably got his license plate and issued an arrest for the owner

  • Taygan Townsend
    Taygan Townsend Month ago +5164

    You can tell dudes heart was thumping out his chest

    • Morbidly a beast
      Morbidly a beast  8 days ago

      ​@temp could say the same about that one navy seal guy who robbed banks

    • temp
      temp 9 days ago

      ​@Centerfortyfive Center45 i dont understand why people like adrenaline. It doesnt feel good.

    • DARVIN 50K
      DARVIN 50K Month ago

      Whoever’s reading this, i pray that whatever you’re going’s throughh gets better and whatever you’re struggling with or worrying bout is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen

    • Skurban Vintro
      Skurban Vintro Month ago

      @Focus change diet, mints leaves etc

  • amsyar aziq abdul hamid
    amsyar aziq abdul hamid 11 days ago +5

    Everybody gangsta until the car start to transform into the pure evil alien race robot

  • Blue Star
    Blue Star 15 days ago +3

    This guy has big balls for playing chicken with the Fuzz

  • A fish
    A fish Month ago +2199

    Instead of ankles, this man over here casually breaking axles 😂😂😂💀

  • Jeff Landreneau
    Jeff Landreneau 16 days ago +8

    It would have been hilarious to see them do a pit maneuver on him

    • Lawless
      Lawless 3 days ago

      @Jeff Landreneau Oh, I'm the nerd? Relax, basement dweller

    • Jeff Landreneau
      Jeff Landreneau 3 days ago +1

      @Lawless oh lord. Relax ya nerd

    • Lawless
      Lawless 3 days ago

      He does something you don't like and you wish harm upon him. Truly pathetic.

    • I need cola F
      I need cola F 10 days ago

      "omg why did the cops injure me without consent!!!" 😭😭😭😭🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Klaus Sk
    Klaus Sk 14 days ago

    Then when the cops give him the knee the press will make the guy a hero in his community

  • MrMaucool1
    MrMaucool1 Month ago +9350

    Man really said
    At the end

  • Goober
    Goober 26 days ago +4

    Bro just landed himself a sweet warrent.

  • Cam Earl
    Cam Earl 15 days ago

    My guy just training the last cop while the rest of the team complete the easter egg

  • TempGuest7
    TempGuest7 Month ago +4054

    Can't do this in Australia, the cops just ram you while you're on your bike.

    • BubbaBall
      BubbaBall 18 days ago

      I’m surprised this cop didnt

    • SkyStorm
      SkyStorm 19 days ago

      ​@D Daley found the reckless driver

    • SkyStorm
      SkyStorm 19 days ago

      ​@D Daley found the biker

    • Ethan Dobbins
      Ethan Dobbins 20 days ago

      ​@Tactical EDC if cops didn't attempt to rob, kidnap, & kill people, and didn't chase people down for no good reason then nobody would be running from them. Running away from aggressor is a natural and morally correct response.

  • steerose171 cota
    steerose171 cota 14 days ago +2

    My boy is stealing the cops ankles

  • santiago olivera caceres

    The cops going slow because they are seeing his patent 💀

  • leviteZoE
    leviteZoE Month ago +9133

    I'm surprised the person riding a bicycle didn't get a ticket for obstruction of police investigation

  • jayoh123
    jayoh123 19 days ago +17

    legend has it, his still there doing circles

  • Him
    Him 17 days ago +4

    I’d rather get a speeding ticket than a felony charge. Young dudes are too reckless with their lives

    • LaVonte23
      LaVonte23 13 days ago

      Yolo they’ll end anyway have fun put yourself in danger not anyone else though 🤷‍♂️ and most of us I’m sure don’t wanna go out to some dumb cause like gun violence or a stray bullet 😂

  • Los
    Los Month ago +3145

    Will never get tired of morons recording themselves committing crimes.
    Validation > All

    • Lawless
      Lawless 3 days ago

      ​@Death strokian 💀💀💀💀

    • Marvin
      Marvin Month ago

      its only a crime if they catch u

    • Smoko
      Smoko Month ago

      @ItsDelly those cameras on the highway detect the license plate and charge the owner of the vehicle, it doesn't matter who drives it. They still go for the owner.

    • peetiepepachini
      peetiepepachini Month ago +1

      @Knox Davidson you think hes running an license plate

  • Frank_Core
    Frank_Core 19 hours ago

    Bro got yellow card... Bet decided to go for the red

  • Armed & Dangerous
    Armed & Dangerous 25 days ago

    More and more I love these damn vids, keep on riding 👍

  • DannyTheDyme
    DannyTheDyme Month ago +2636

    That was the most subtle way to tell someone, “come on bruh, really…?”

    • DannyTheDyme
      DannyTheDyme Month ago

      @Adam Hirschausen preciate that😂 lil more than that now tho😂

    • Adam Hirschausen
      Adam Hirschausen Month ago +2

      Had to get ya too 1k likes 🤷‍♂️😅😅

  • Mr. Hand
    Mr. Hand 9 days ago +1

    When you become a smear on the highway, please share that vid.

  • Wayne Miracle
    Wayne Miracle 22 hours ago

    It doesn’t matter how fast your motorcycle is, the radio is faster!

  • budgetfox91lx
    budgetfox91lx Month ago +2616

    Some ppl just need something more to do in their life

    • Orc Peon
      Orc Peon 25 days ago

      @Kurt Langley you have a job in reddit browsing?

    • budgetfox91lx
      budgetfox91lx 26 days ago

      @swaily boring keeps me out of trouble

    • Jarvis Mane
      Jarvis Mane 26 days ago

      @Jidon’t have to prove you were on it LOL. If it can be proven that it belongs to you, then you’re the one responsible 😅. I let someone borrow my truck before and they ended up getting pulled over and cops found drugs in the truck. The ppl who had borrowed the truck got a ticket for possession. Guess who else got a visit from the police that night? Me, because it was my truck and as the owner, I’m responsible for anyone and anything that ends up in the vehicle. Luckily I didn’t get a ticket because the cop was cool about it. But I did get a stern warning about who I let use my vehicles. So again, if a crime is committed using your vehicle, it’s very likely you’ll be the one who has to deal with the BS. And having a helmet on just makes it even easier for them to argue that it was you who was being reckless since the bike belongs to you and they didn’t get to see the riders face. Don’t be ignorant and think they have to prove anything. Reasonable suspicion exists for a reason.

    • swaily
      swaily 26 days ago

      Just having fun bruh. You wanna be boring feel free

  • BloodHound1117
    BloodHound1117 15 days ago

    Bro let em do there damn job

  • Davion
    Davion 17 days ago

    He fried them gears with his second time riding a street bike a**🤣 he definitely in the county jail!!!

  • Sam Payne
    Sam Payne Month ago +1696

    Damn this guys so badass he is practically handing evidence of his crimes to police online!!!

    • LaVoughn Propes
      LaVoughn Propes 24 days ago

      @Jason clearly they do if you watched the video 😂

    • user-xx3zw1cl1q
      user-xx3zw1cl1q 24 days ago

      "crimes" 🤣🤣🤣

    • jon sill
      jon sill 25 days ago

      Prove it

    • Jordan Westfall
      Jordan Westfall 25 days ago

      @Phantom Of Fire go to jail for that?!?? your insane dude

    • Outset
      Outset 25 days ago

      @Semir Semir you are breaking the car!

    ENTBG TV 3 days ago

    Imagine stalling out and can’t start it again 😭

  • Doug L.64
    Doug L.64 15 days ago

    Nothing better than adding on a fleeing charge

  • _Radiation _
    _Radiation _ Month ago +2898

    Breaking the law and then being disrespectful. He was brought up well.

    • Lionel Martinez
      Lionel Martinez 15 days ago

      @Mark Johnson I love drug dealers they be supplying weed and making the community happy drug dealers are probably my favorite people.

    • Elijah Holford
      Elijah Holford Month ago

      @Eagle19 btw I know there are good cops but there are just as many bad cops. I don’t wanna argue with ya I just want you to see my point of view.

    • Elijah Holford
      Elijah Holford Month ago

      @Eagle19 I’m sure we agree on a lot and I agree politics use propaganda to divide people. But I see a lot of police brutality and a lot of people defending police who use it. That’s what upsets me.

    MIGUEL Day ago

    Jus stacking up charges if they catch you 😊

  • Junior Leslie
    Junior Leslie 15 days ago

    “Fleeing a police officer is $10000 and you may spend time in jail.” I’m telling you the book instructions were wrong. If this guy can do it I can too.😂😂

  • Jeff Trinkle
    Jeff Trinkle Month ago +2323

    that riding on the sidewalk is an extra charge in itself

    • O Wb
      O Wb 26 days ago

      @Wunderlich Sure

    • Wunderlich
      Wunderlich 27 days ago

      ​@O WbDon't care how good control he had, still endangering the public therefore not good guy. He'll get his one day.

    • CaptainCrunchy
      CaptainCrunchy Month ago

      @weekly vlog more than likely it didn’t have license plates on it but that doesn’t matter. See when you upload something to the internet whatever you used to upload it pings off various sources it leaves a literal trail of crumbs that lead back to the exact spot you uploaded it from most sheriffs departments have a cybercrime unit every State department has one and the FBI has an entire division dedicated to it a few weeks ago the FBI attacked down someone who was responsible for a handful of gas station robberies off a tiktok post. Posting your crimes on the internet especially nowadays is the very definition of stupidity all it takes is someone whose job is to find people being stupid on the internet and in a few minutes to a couple hours they could know everything about you

    • O Wb
      O Wb Month ago

      @UnsolicitedDitkaPics You completely missed the entire point of my comment. Won't even bother going back and forth with you. It'll be a waste of time.

  • minecraft fan 84
    minecraft fan 84 17 days ago

    Bro thought they were looking for a parking space at walmart

    CHIME 16 days ago

    "Why were you running"
    "Because the cop was chasing me and I was trying to find a safe spot"

  • Lions At Midnight
    Lions At Midnight Month ago +2125

    Imagine being that guy on the bike. You just went out for a nice bike ride…

    • thewrong right1
      thewrong right1 Month ago

      LMAO this is totally my luck

    • Ace Montana
      Ace Montana Month ago +1

      ​@Milky stop Meatriding cops wtf.

    • aterack833
      aterack833 Month ago

      Things happen so often due to cars and their bullshit that bike riders don’t even get phased anymore half the time

    • Lions At Midnight
      Lions At Midnight Month ago

      @Javier Murillo you sir are a gentleman and a scholar

  • Alex Hammon
    Alex Hammon 10 days ago

    Nice. Give em hell buddy

  • Mr. Sia
    Mr. Sia 16 days ago

    You’re so lucky he didn’t turn you into a speed bump 😂😂😂

  • S B
    S B Month ago +1405

    Better call Saul my man, even he probably cant get you out of this!

    • Smaaa
      Smaaa Month ago

      @F-15J Eagle its personal camera, not cops cam,

    • F-15J Eagle
      F-15J Eagle Month ago

      ​@Smaaa and how? Bro caught himself in 4k

    • Texys
      Texys Month ago

      1k like!

    • Player One
      Player One Month ago +1

      Eww what? No. Call Hamlin,Hamlin, McGill. Lawyers you can trust.

  • Jon Knows
    Jon Knows 25 days ago

    And in the next clip he is wondering why the cops are giving him a hard time.

  • NuclearWaste
    NuclearWaste 16 days ago

    And people wonder why they have warrants out for them

  • RedragonReviews
    RedragonReviews Month ago +298

    I still mentally can't comprehend why people record themselves committing a crime.....

    • Benjamin Greer
      Benjamin Greer 19 days ago

      I bet this guy knows the cops

    • Ricky
      Ricky 19 days ago

      @El Troll de Youtubii clearly he doesn’t have a plate. Also a video like this doesn’t incriminate you, is this not common knowledge.

    • El Troll de Youtubii
      El Troll de Youtubii 19 days ago +2

      @Legend of Khaos dude the dash on the police car sure did. (At least his plate)

    • Howie Ewalt
      Howie Ewalt 19 days ago +2

      I don't think most puny brains can comprehend what technology means, yet.
      It's only very recently that access to QUALITY and affordable devices has been widely available.

    • ShadowSiren69
      ShadowSiren69 20 days ago +1

      Yeah but the cars have cams and can identify him

  • ADHWIN Rajesh
    ADHWIN Rajesh 7 days ago

    You know you're dead when the car starts drifting

  • Ryder
    Ryder Month ago +2985

    Took “bending corners” to a whole new level 😭

  • Connect Tech
    Connect Tech 15 days ago

    Yeah, they are aggy sometimes but don’t do this ppl. Just pull it over.

  • Kelone Alforn
    Kelone Alforn 19 days ago

    All fun and games until you have a squad of robbers in your house with weapons... who're you gonna call? Your granny? Nah the cops G.

  • DaveE
    DaveE 2 months ago +2848

    They weren't chasing you, they were just going the same direction.

    • sagittarius3363
      sagittarius3363 Month ago +2

      "Don't follow me, I'm lost too"

    • Pain
      Pain Month ago


    • 33y3z4y44
      33y3z4y44 Month ago +2

      ​@emmanuel ochoa 🤓

    • emmanuel ochoa
      emmanuel ochoa Month ago

      Not true once he made a u turn the cop followed

    • Rochelle Fox
      Rochelle Fox Month ago +1


  • Mark W
    Mark W 3 days ago

    Raise your kids right. If they dont respect you they wont respect anyone.

  • Kiaan Malekar
    Kiaan Malekar 17 days ago

    the amount of guts this guy has 😤

  • Storm Works
    Storm Works Month ago +2106

    I could tell by his breathing he wasn't gonna stop

  • observer
    observer 25 days ago

    Shaking his hands ( come one ) , I laughed badly ... nice man

  • Vishal Saxena
    Vishal Saxena 15 days ago

    Rider in Ohio be like:

  • Romeo Bravo
    Romeo Bravo Month ago +2172

    said no one ever

    • Robert Hilts
      Robert Hilts 26 days ago +1


    • Semir
      Semir 26 days ago

      Said everyone

      IT'S GARRETT 26 days ago

      Most badass

    • Romeo Bravo
      Romeo Bravo 27 days ago +2

      @TheAmericanUhate the difference is that I'm not trying to be a badass like this wannabe Badass guy lmao. I'm not the one posting those little videos trying to show how ''cool'' I am hahaha.

    • Waylon Humphreys
      Waylon Humphreys 27 days ago

      he never said it either

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 days ago

    Bro secretly wants to be a matador💀

  • Stella Ste
    Stella Ste 23 days ago

    the best adrenaline junk you can get

  • StuffyBoi Gaming
    StuffyBoi Gaming Month ago +1125

    You just made that cop chase his dinner. Now he's gonna make you chase your freedom

    • oz4lex
      oz4lex Month ago

      @SuperEman500 the inconveniently placed car will

    • SuperEman500
      SuperEman500 Month ago

      @oz4lex nah baby, I’m well aquatinted with my Kawasaki H2R that can hit 230 MPH, no cop catching that

    • Ian herp
      Ian herp Month ago +2

      @Our Strange Past when the fire department is spraying what's left of him off the side of a building or the street because he hit something going at some ungodly rate of speed it won't really matter if he got away or not now will it?

  • NafanyaZX
    NafanyaZX 25 days ago

    Colorized footage of a distressed introvert homie trying to show an elderly Police officer the way to a train station.

  • Shark Man X bro!
    Shark Man X bro! 17 days ago

    This the kinda dude to claim "brutality" is why his ass got beat by that cop

  • AssassinOfGermany
    AssassinOfGermany Month ago +1403

    ...And then he remembered, he forgot to take off his license plate.

    • Dont say my name unless you know me
      Dont say my name unless you know me Month ago +1

      You're automatically proven guilty until there's proof you weren't riding the vehicle..
      I know a story of 2 brothers
      One older And other younger..
      The younger didn't had license yet But almost every night when his older brother would go to sleep for work . The younger would quietly take the bike for a ride.. and he got once chased by cops and escaped.
      And the cops after a few days took his older brother in for that incident, forcing him to admit he did it ,(whatever illegal activity happened)
      He kept saying.. "I have no idea what you're talking about"
      Until I think his younger brother revealed the truth or I don't know how they found out it was him.. but yea

    • Robert Staats
      Robert Staats Month ago

      @CalebWithAC um... By FEDERAL law yes.... Doesn't matter what you're State say's... Federal law is above state law....

    • Robert Staats
      Robert Staats Month ago

      @Kelz Baldwin dash cam.....

    • Grey392 is a troll bot that just joined youtube
      Grey392 is a troll bot that just joined youtube Month ago

      @Jay Never Sober yeah? Then explain how the bike is now in ur garage? And ur gonna ride a “stolen” bike around forever? You can’t sell it either as it is stolen. Think with ur brain.

    • Grey392 is a troll bot that just joined youtube
      Grey392 is a troll bot that just joined youtube Month ago

      @Duck. ok then why didn’t you report the bike stolen? Why is the bike in YOUR garage? Good luck ever riding that stolen bike again.

  • N.t
    N.t 19 days ago

    Next he has 6 cop cars chasing him down the street 😂

  • Gunnar
    Gunnar Day ago

    Bro let them off with a warning💀

  • Suffer_În_Ĥəłł
    Suffer_În_Ĥəłł Month ago +772

    The dumbest thing a person can do is post themselves fleeing law enforcement online..

    • ashok kumar
      ashok kumar 12 days ago

      ​@Typhoon Warface you can do that. By checking the metadata of the video,you can see which camera it was taken and his camera is on his helmet and if you get another video of his then you can prove he is the one recorded that. Or at least he is the one having that camera. At that place at that time on that bike.

      MULLET-MAN-JR Month ago

      He was looking for safe spot to stop

    • DG
      DG Month ago

      Yes. But...Remember the girl that stole a car and robbed a bank. Then told her story fanning the cash on YT? THAT was the dummest.

    • Landon
      Landon Month ago

      @Jack Powell you tha truth my boy

    • Jack Powell
      Jack Powell Month ago

      I've done it with zero repercussions 😂 my warrant disappeared after a few years. I even went to jail for something else and filed for extradition to where I evaded and they didn't want me 🤣

  • Immortal Legend
    Immortal Legend 17 days ago

    LMFAOOO you earned yourself a sub for this one 😂😂😂

  • A.C.I.D
    A.C.I.D 17 days ago

    "im sorry mr my client wasnt running away he was running circles around you!"

  • Corbin H Buckner Jr
    Corbin H Buckner Jr Month ago +674

    Turn what might be a warning ticket into a felony.

    • LM
      LM Month ago

      @zerosadd I’m sure he was just fine. You clearly have no experience in any of this so why are you yapping to everyone? Go park the bike in a homies garage and report it stolen. Even if they get your plates, they still can’t do anything unless no shadow of a doubt, and that helmet visor combo casts a big shadow my friend.

    • Thomas Mayo
      Thomas Mayo Month ago

      @m15 K79 where was the school zone in this area? And you realize he was making slow turns right? Unless I was watching a different video he wasn’t plowing a semi trough a school zone he was turning and banging the police. No one was put in harms way except for his wallet due to the fine he will pay. Doinker

    • CG's Garage
      CG's Garage Month ago +1

      @cablooey just saying the whole evading thing wouldnt happen if they didnt fuck with them in the first place. Cops should only be involved if theyre asked or someones life/possessions are in immediate danger that very moment. Its a problem ive noticed more and more of people channeling their own personal problems and turmoil into harassing others instead of fixing whatever they have going on themselves because its less blameful to control. People just need to mind their damn business and leave people alone 🤷‍♂️

    • cablooey
      cablooey Month ago +1

      @CG's Garage people evading the cops is their business

    • Roy Batty
      Roy Batty Month ago

      Felony?! God dayum. You know what else is a felony? Murder.

  • Kayak Prone
    Kayak Prone 3 days ago

    Yeah, it's called a felony!

  • thedailygripe
    thedailygripe 15 days ago

    That's one good game of ring around the rosie.

  • Lil C
    Lil C Month ago +1189

    Awe, it's so nice to see you kids playing tag together. #coptag

  • Xelgodis
    Xelgodis 13 days ago

    He deserves everything he gets in prison ❤️

  • ToasterKolin
    ToasterKolin 17 days ago

    Can't wait to see him on the news for splattering himself on the side of an 18-wheeler.

  • Max Ortega
    Max Ortega Month ago +952

    “Sorry didn’t know where you wanted to pull me over I was turning in but you kinda turned to far so I figured maybe you wanted me over there”

  • Robert
    Robert 4 days ago

    They said " ride it like you stole it"
    this guy probably just stole it

  • LaroonDynasty
    LaroonDynasty 17 days ago

    Had to roundabout maneuver cause all that noise gave him like 2% acceleration. Runnin a 110cc

  • Nick Gregoire
    Nick Gregoire Month ago +1528

    That cyclist on the corner really be an NPC when he sees the cop coming towards him lol

    • Xavi's Dad
      Xavi's Dad Month ago

      @𝕺𝖗𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖉 normal people are NPCs. I'm the main character.

    • idk
      idk Month ago


    • idk
      idk Month ago

      lol nah

    • new boy's generation
      new boy's generation Month ago

      @rQonesia 😆😆😆😆

    • 𝕺𝖗𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖉
      𝕺𝖗𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖉 Month ago

      @Xavi's Dad The whole point of the NPC thing is to do whatever you want. Not put arbitrary rules on yourself like how normal people follow.

  • Snowsd Snowsd
    Snowsd Snowsd 19 days ago +4

    I would've never known running from the police was illegal. Thank you for that.

  • J L
    J L 16 days ago

    Holy shit.. This dude guys.. You guys don’t understand.. This dude is THE GOAT OF ESCAPING FROM COPS.. Rumor has it he can lose the FBI most wanted task force. This dude is so good at escaping bro. I’m so happy he didn’t record himself and post it 😮‍💨

  • L C
    L C Month ago +700

    Legend has it they're still spinning in circles to this day

    • jake russell
      jake russell Month ago +1

      ​@Psychosocial 611 lol 😂

    • Psychosocial 611
      Psychosocial 611 Month ago +2

      ​@IvenDidIt they run out of gas and start walking around each other

    • IvenDidIt
      IvenDidIt Month ago +2

      Future Legend tells me they will be doing this into perpetuity. Or until they run out of gas.

    • WhiteGXRoblox
      WhiteGXRoblox Month ago +4

      They should have patch this a long time ago. Shoulda have called SWAT and 5 stars on him

    • Letladi Matsebatlela
      Letladi Matsebatlela Month ago +8

      I just passed that block and the legend is true