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THE NIGHT SHIFT: surprising adin ross with his new stepsister

  • Published on May 5, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    on today's episode, we locate adin ross' missing stepsister and reunite the siblings, plus we visit hotlanta for a tour of a killer burger spot, and confront father kels and olivia o'brien over some missing dollar bills. quite the banger.
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    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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Comments • 4 005

  • Swagger
    Swagger Year ago +3895

    This is the first time I’ve watched Emily without having to clear my history after

  • jonstroo
    jonstroo Year ago +1424

    Emily: “help me I’m stuck”
    And now a word from our sponsor

    • chris 45
      chris 45 Year ago +1

      @منى سائد want a cookie 🍪 or something geez

    • J Dubz
      J Dubz Year ago +2

      It’s awkward at first but then she gets into it.

    • Immorre
      Immorre Year ago +9

      @Darius Tanz jay shree ram bro ⛳🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Darius Tanz
      Darius Tanz Year ago +12

      @منى سائد jai shree ram

  • Saphal_Baniya
    Saphal_Baniya Year ago +3506

    Should’ve surprised him with Johnny Sins, he would’ve liked that better

    • Deepa Parakkal
      Deepa Parakkal Year ago

      John is a fucking legend and a very chill dude, I'd prefer to hang out with him too

    • Kirill Bulavin
      Kirill Bulavin Year ago +2

      @Waddles true

    • Waddles
      Waddles Year ago +7

      @19ipc1 Johnny is so fucking talented dude

    • uzair ahmed
      uzair ahmed Year ago


    • eye
      eye Year ago


  • Nick
    Nick Year ago +1279

    My man Adin done missed out on Corinna, Teanna Trump, and Emily Willis. Pami better be the one lol

    • Good Day
      Good Day 8 months ago +1

      Yea he missed out on catching a case lol

    • Champagne Kev
      Champagne Kev 9 months ago +2

      You named all sluts lmfaooo pami is wifey material I woulda def not done the same thing tho lol

    • starqlol
      starqlol 9 months ago

      she is bro

    • Archie Macmurchy
      Archie Macmurchy 10 months ago +1

      @7ucid a lot of adult actresses have relationships but are still open with other sex partners

    • Brandon
      Brandon Year ago +1

      @Dan TRE lmfao it really is. I don’t like pamis vibe

  • Arsha Safe
    Arsha Safe Year ago +41

    U gotta rate the grind of this man, he knows exactly what people want to see and always turns it comedic 😂

    VEE3RDEYE Year ago +6706

    The handshake goodbye was heartbreaking

    • Stephen
      Stephen 5 months ago

      @Brandon Duran hey buddy, you just roll in from stupid town?

    • Mark Shaw JR
      Mark Shaw JR 10 months ago

      NAH! The junkie on yt telling kids about drugs is heart breaking but scummy youtube is ok with that

    • half damage
      half damage 11 months ago +1

      It was a sad moment for all of us...

    • hulivar
      hulivar Year ago +1

      His gf is 10x hotter though.

  • Suscspect
    Suscspect Year ago +23

    Mikes vibe is chill and relaxing to watch, I wish one day I would come across him cause he just has such positive energy.

  • Jacobe Shoots
    Jacobe Shoots Year ago +14

    I’m only two minutes in already dying laughing , where u been mike. Keep posting this fire we need it 🔥

  • Kevin Cron
    Kevin Cron Year ago +2

    Hey mike I just want to say keep being just you. I feel bad for all the hate aimed at you and I don't think you deserve it. keep up the great videos I look so forward to watching them they put a smile on my face every time. Cheers from Canada and always a fan.

    • Covid Jesus
      Covid Jesus Year ago +1

      Mike has literally never made a good video, he deserves every last bit of hate aimed at him.

  • Jordan Clifton
    Jordan Clifton Year ago +4

    I’m living for the end video inspo lately.. keep killing it mike!! I’m 2 years and counting sober from iv usage of heroine 💪

  • lppmppizza
    lppmppizza Year ago +2855

    It’s just his step sister... there’s no need to tell Pami about this 😅

    • JORDAN 07 / SV
      JORDAN 07 / SV Year ago +16

      @Josh Wood no one asked or cares

    • Josh Wood
      Josh Wood Year ago +1

      Wasn’t funny didn’t laugh

    • jess
      jess Year ago +4

      @Hasumeh Issa joke ..

    • Flesh
      Flesh Year ago +18

      people gonna be weird about it🤣

    • Hasumeh
      Hasumeh Year ago +5

      i mean shes gonna see this anyway

  • Alex Probert
    Alex Probert Year ago +45

    So funny that Mike always says that no one has someone to pick you up and take you when Logan has literally made him to be who he is today

    • Nick Farajian
      Nick Farajian 9 months ago +1

      Actually Mike helped Logan after Japan video when no one wanted to work with him and he was canceled. So Logan’s career only gone up when Mike came to help him out. That’s a fact. Mike did he’s job by getting Logan where he’s at today, he deserves life of he’s own.

    • Petar Kukuljica
      Petar Kukuljica Year ago +1

      I mean does it make it any less ture?

  • Matt nolan
    Matt nolan Year ago +27

    Omg that was so funny we need more of Emily 😂😭

  • Devin Donofrio-Ralls

    To add some details to Mike’s little talk at the end: it’s good to have people with you that’ll support you, but it’s not THEIR job to change your life, it’s YOURS. They can support you and encourage you to get started, but it’s not their job to fix your life for you

  • Mad Animal
    Mad Animal Year ago +21

    Adin’s stream with Mike and Emily was hilarious!! 🤣😂🤣😂🔥🔥🔥💯

  • HawksNest
    HawksNest Year ago +1491

    Not sure what y’all were expecting from Adin here.
    Dude is focused on Polo G rn he can’t get distracted by these females

  • K Dawg
    K Dawg Year ago

    Mike you’re literally the best fuckin guy out there dude. Just wanted to say love the fuckin merch bro & keep doing what you’re doing. 💯

  • Jacob Iannuccilli
    Jacob Iannuccilli Year ago +342

    Mike-“I like putting meat in my mouth”
    His Brain- God damn it Adin

  • Alexandros Dard
    Alexandros Dard Year ago +1

    Mike the best and the most honest Clip-Sharer/person out there. You make my day every time your vlog is out. Huge respect for you bro

    • Cory
      Cory Year ago

      @Jesus is KING lol you literally just follow what other clowns say
      Zero independent thought of your own.

    • Jesus is KING
      Jesus is KING Year ago +1


  • Jason Rivas
    Jason Rivas Year ago +1233

    Can’t wait for “L boyfriend” in the chat 😂😂

  • Nick Francis
    Nick Francis Year ago +3

    When Adin came in and she was stuck in the washing machine I was rolling 😂😂😂 quality content

  • simkhael kusuma
    simkhael kusuma Year ago

    Yeah Mike that's your thing, at the end off vlog always give your advice 🔥🔥🔥

  • Sam Gouchian
    Sam Gouchian Year ago

    You the king Mike✌️💪💪 thanks for the motivational truth bomb, please keep it up 💪💪❤️✨

  • Chessy M8
    Chessy M8 Year ago

    Mate you just motivated me so much at the end you are right I need to sort out my health today and not tomorrow ❤️

  • Ryan Cushing
    Ryan Cushing Year ago +93

    Mike is a great story of work hard overcome addiction and live the dream. Proud of him.

    • Ryan Bradley
      Ryan Bradley Year ago

      @Mike Majlak Vlogs how are they walking Ls for telling the truth tho?

    • Brandon Duran
      Brandon Duran Year ago +2

      @Mike Majlak Vlogs you just did though? And they’re right. I like your vlogs Michael but they’re right. Only a bad thing if you make it a bad thing. Make it a good thing. It’s literally your choice on how u handle it but Logan is more powerful than you’ll ever be so choose your enemies wisely

    • Armando Lopez
      Armando Lopez Year ago +3

      @Mike Majlak Vlogs they ain’t wrong tho 🤷‍♂️

    • Mike Majlak Vlogs
      Mike Majlak Vlogs  Year ago +35

      @Miguel Esteves these people are walking L’s don’t even respond to them

  • Mazen Hassan
    Mazen Hassan Year ago +1

    Super funny with the stepsister stuck in the washing machine bit! That killed me!

  • Sepehr Firuzkuhi
    Sepehr Firuzkuhi Year ago +4

    Mike is such a flawed successful person, and that's why he's such a good inspiration cuz you can relate!👍

  • Dakota Hutchinson

    Thank you for that message at the end man. I gotta grab my balls and figure this shit out cause it isn't going to figure itself out..

  • Ken /
    Ken / Year ago +2

    That was a great little speech at the end mike, you need your own podcast or impaulsive needs to come back ASAP

  • Reko Sanchez
    Reko Sanchez Year ago +439

    Adins a good guy he chose to hangout with his gf instead of “hang” out with his “step sister”, most guys wouldn’t do that 👍🏾

    • Mats
      Mats Year ago +1

      @Jayy Vee thx

    • Jayy Vee
      Jayy Vee Year ago

      @Mats Emily willis

    • Mats
      Mats Year ago

      @Jayy Vee what her name

    • Brady Schultze
      Brady Schultze Year ago +1

      @Jayy Vee AYO FAM😂

  • Kenny Caligula
    Kenny Caligula Year ago

    Watching this group cling to relevancy on the way down is gonna be great!! They’re like a bunch bros who stay in the college town 5 years after graduation to party at the frat. They’re gonna rip each other to shreds.

    • Kenny Caligula
      Kenny Caligula Year ago

      ^^^ I’m sure they’ll be an opening at the faze house in no time. And currently there’s an opening at Logan Paul’s.

    MIDAS Year ago +48

    I never thought Mike will be a clout chaser. Jake was right about him. He will leave people behind for clout. He is doesn't have a drug addiction. But, he has now a clout addiction.

      VANPELT Year ago

      Can u plz explain to me what happend between him and Logan ?

  • Alex Alfaro
    Alex Alfaro Year ago +636

    Mike happy he can hang with Emily again now that he's not with Lana😂

    • Crying Bastard
      Crying Bastard Year ago +4

      @Carolina S She has a lot of boyfriends and step bros😏

    • Carolina S
      Carolina S Year ago +1

      She has a boyfriend...

    • H
      H Year ago +15

      tbh I'd rather have Lana 10 times out of 10

    • Andrew Futterman
      Andrew Futterman Year ago +9

      Yes. Also she doesn't go by Lana anymore, her name is Amara Maple.

  • Optic Zen
    Optic Zen Year ago

    Your vibes our key to doors my bro keep up the positive vibes

  • The Bentist
    The Bentist Year ago +3227

    Its true.. even Orthodontist watch Adin Ross 👀

  • Arghya Das
    Arghya Das Year ago +2

    Mike giving advice at the end of the video is amazing idea👍

    • Juan Garcia
      Juan Garcia Year ago

      Yea it’d be even better if it wasn’t David Goggins content.

  • J O S H
    J O S H Year ago +2

    Look at Adin and his step sis having fun😁

  • Teleportdinero of the sharingan

    You and georgy make a good time stay together mike

  • Tony Trujillo
    Tony Trujillo Year ago

    most wholesome youtuber!!! keep doing upur thing Mr. Majlak

    TJVSN Year ago +3

    We appreciate the content you put out Mike, please keep going!

  • Rick_astley69
    Rick_astley69 Year ago +75

    My guy really moved on from family therapy to bratty sis in no time

  • JackpotJunkie
    JackpotJunkie Year ago +2

    Great advice at the end brother! How long have u been sober now? Major props & blessings to you & your family Mike!

  • ash ahmed
    ash ahmed 3 months ago

    The day Mike eats a halal burger he’s legit going to level up on my book what a guy I love him so much

  • Cristian Mestre
    Cristian Mestre 2 months ago +1

    Lmao at 5:00 when Emily says “What a fucking lame-o!!” 🤣

  • Zanuel Jacob
    Zanuel Jacob Year ago

    Mike really too awesome and chill, i would love to hangout someday with mike .

  • yash kumar
    yash kumar Year ago +17

    My friends slap me to surprise me... And then there's Mike who's a blessing to his friends

    • JaRiEsD
      JaRiEsD Year ago +1

      Mikes a horrible friend that just disguises as a good one

  • Manny Lara
    Manny Lara Year ago

    I need to meet you one day man, in such a small time you have become one of my favorite Clip-Sharers , i deadass stop what im doing to watch your videos 😂😂

  • 818frxnky
    818frxnky Year ago

    mike your content is dope asf meant for teens u dont need anyone bro keep doin your thsng

  • Jerry Diaz
    Jerry Diaz Year ago +409

    “i am a big fan of putting meat in my mouth” mike has been spending too much time with adin 😭😭

    • AxxL
      AxxL Year ago

      SUPRISE! I am the funniest YTer evah!!!! Just kidding, it was no surprise. Everybody knew already. HAHAHHAHA!!!! That was an amazing joke (it was real talk though). WAWAWAWAWA!!!! Good afternoon, dear jerry

    • Paul Carter
      Paul Carter Year ago +8

      And Lana

  • Ecommbulldog
    Ecommbulldog Year ago

    Mike keep up the great content

  • jjohnsonTL
    jjohnsonTL Year ago

    Content's on point. Lovin the messages at the end 🙏

  • András Csonkás
    András Csonkás Year ago

    Emily is flawless. Props to homie for resisting that. No cap

  • mark anastasi
    mark anastasi Year ago

    Always be you mike :)

  • Harry Geng
    Harry Geng Year ago +9

    Adin was so skeptical about saying he had a girl he was thinking about risking it all

  • Kvng_h007
    Kvng_h007 Year ago +3

    Who else left @5:18 because they knew the rest was boring 😂

  • Robert Hartshorn
    Robert Hartshorn Year ago +1

    Mike what’s up why are you being so quiet about everything that’s going on and the internets talking we need to know what’s going on between you and Logan keep it real from Connecticut stop the lies what’s really going on tighten up big Mike

  • Zo
    Zo Year ago +1

    Mike's vlog really be great these days. Kinda looked like Logan's prime time.

  • Faith Alexiou
    Faith Alexiou Year ago +419

    why do I feel like mike is going to come out with his own burger.

  • Orion Xavier
    Orion Xavier Year ago +1

    Mike: "Don't say I'll do it tomorrow."
    On the other hand, the "no pain, no gain" or "just do it" sort of attitude of forcing yourself to do things, is what leads to the self-destructive nature of the "RAT RACE." Where often people make compromises where they shouldn't, in order to adhere to an uncompromising ("succeed, no matter what") lifestyle.
    Healthy ambition is being honest with oneself and having a clear vision of what you really want from life. In other words, to know "Happiness" one must "Know Thyself."

  • Montage Man
    Montage Man 8 months ago

    This was hilarious 🤣

  • Weekly Clips
    Weekly Clips Year ago +15

    This dude seriously need to have a celebrity in the title and thumbnail so he can get views Logan was right

  • Commander Vlogs
    Commander Vlogs Year ago

    Great advice at the end of the video man. There is no time like the present to make a change now because if we wait till tomorrow maybe tomorrow won’t come

  • Not Your Average Joe

    Right on Mike! Great channel!

  • yash singh rathore

    She is the best stepsister I ever asked for

  • Etienne SA
    Etienne SA Year ago

    Mike's wisdom of the day:
    "No one is going to come save you. Take responsibility for your own life!"
    Jordan Peterson:
    "That's my boy"

  • Adrik Arreola
    Adrik Arreola Year ago +4

    She seemed sad when he left,so heartbroken, please get her someone Mike 🙏

  • Avah Umberger
    Avah Umberger Year ago +582

    bro I’ve been seeing adin literally everywhere. mans is a goat.

  • Blagoj Filipov
    Blagoj Filipov 11 months ago

    The first time I see the guy, good impressions, he knows how to drive the children, to make money on them ... Every fraudster is intelligent, he knows how to manipulate.

  • shag master
    shag master Year ago

    not going to Lie your the only channel on yt I actually enjoy

  • Anish Shankar
    Anish Shankar Year ago

    IDKY it feels so good to watch Rice on Clip-Share.. Low-key miss him on Clip-Share

  • itzkilz
    itzkilz Year ago

    I am team mike you are in the right I believe you

  • Yahdir Sanchez
    Yahdir Sanchez Year ago

    6:49 scripted or not that ting what funny 😂 keep it going!!!

  • Cdotty
    Cdotty 11 months ago

    Ngl mike’s vlogs r funny and wholesome at the same time

  • frankszuto
    frankszuto Year ago

    4:58 That quick turnaround 🤣🤣🤣

  • Cashmalaala l
    Cashmalaala l Year ago

    Mike is totally the same dad from the dad from the dobrik vlogs 😂

  • Eag
    Eag Year ago +779

    I swear Adin made the biggest mistake getting a girl at that age and being in LA and also having these huge connections. Mfs missing out on so much yo.

    • z3ro7o
      z3ro7o Year ago

      @Joshua Hildebrand i know good for him. But girls are that. Are not hard to find in la. Its valhalla lol 😂

    • z3ro7o
      z3ro7o Year ago

      @Joshua Hildebrand never been to la i guess lol?

    • Americas Plug
      Americas Plug Year ago

      @Deep Moticons ok

    • Britney Hache
      Britney Hache Year ago

      100% he rushed into a relationship so fast

    • Terrance Carmichael
      Terrance Carmichael Year ago +1

      @XstreamFlo SD Chill bro😂 the chat gets spammed with “WAMI” cuz if he’s happy we support him Pami’s cool.

  • Xochitl Barba
    Xochitl Barba Year ago

    Luv adin 2! So entertaining

  • Mxtri
    Mxtri Year ago +13

    *mike gets called out *

    • yohaNi
      yohaNi 11 months ago

      thats so true lmao

  • Gencay Turan
    Gencay Turan Year ago

    the end made my day

  • JSenaycustom
    JSenaycustom Year ago +2

    I love the end of the video speaches man keep em coming

  • zaibukan
    zaibukan Year ago +1459

    Adin rly let her post up on him when he has a girl 😂😂🤣

    • Hap Py
      Hap Py 11 months ago

      @Mike Majlak Vlogs 😂😂😂😂😂 my gut

    • Pavement Bastard
      Pavement Bastard  Year ago

      @big drama show Are you that guy everyone was saying is into the ab/dl scene ?

    • Sydney Montgomerie
      Sydney Montgomerie Year ago

      @Mike Majlak Vlogs Just brought 1 t shirt and one night shift hoodie, am looking forward for the product to arrive?

    • TheBlingblingboy12
      TheBlingblingboy12 Year ago +1

      @NoLimitsPlug going to see alot of guys saying “L boyfriend” tonight hahhahahaha

    • Carry
      Carry Year ago

      @Mike Majlak Vlogs LMAOOOO

  • DK diesel
    DK diesel Year ago +14

    "she was blacked out but then we went back to the party and she was launching chicken tenders into jack harlows mouth" Lmao real relatable.

  • Warren Family Values

    This video has so much legends in it 😂

  • Tarry Ma
    Tarry Ma Year ago +56

    "I've never seen a burger place sell cars" - George Janko

    • 2 Am
      2 Am Year ago

      I fucking love George lmfao

  • Acko Olly
    Acko Olly Year ago

    Mike you're an inspiration

  • David Robert
    David Robert Year ago

    Like it's hilarious to watch, but its gotta be awkward AF for Emily to actually do the stuck in the dryer gig in real life.

  • Santosh Kumar
    Santosh Kumar Year ago +1

    Me: haven't even watched the video yet (literally just 10 sec in)
    Mike: if you have not YET like the video go ahead and do it.

  • Gabriel Erazo
    Gabriel Erazo Year ago

    How’s this man still living in Logan’s house after all the shit he has done

  • joydrive
    joydrive Year ago

    Don't care what anyone says, shes wife material regardless of her job. Respect the hustle and respect the vibe she gave off. Mike, killing it with content man, killing it.

  • CrucialGaming
    CrucialGaming Year ago +358

    Adin...my guy this is a prime example of why you gotta stay single bro!

    • Oscar
      Oscar Year ago

      @Americas Plug Yeah you have definitely not slept with 300 girls lmao, you’re still stuck at the mom jokes. So that number really is 0, stick to anime mate! Nothing wrong with that!

    • Oscar
      Oscar Year ago

      @Americas Plug lol suuuure mate. Anime girls?

  • bigwangang US
    bigwangang US Year ago

    Mike always know how to make a fire vid

    PURE STRENGTH Year ago

    Dude I swear, if I met some of these pornstars lmao I'd straight go to pound town 😂 sometimes I wish life would just throw me in that direction, I say fuck it haha

  • Ashur Paul
    Ashur Paul 11 months ago

    The second merch shirt you had on has some back to the future vibes

  • Vee Pee Cee
    Vee Pee Cee Year ago +5

    Mike your videos help me. I struggle with addiction. I've been addicted for 9 years now and I wanna change! I just don't know what to do! If u have any ideas please hit me back and let me know!

  • TheIndianGamerDude
    TheIndianGamerDude Year ago +345

    Eating the burger upside down is the right way to do it. Especially if its a thicc burger. Doesn't disintegrate as much, pro move.

  • SoloCastro
    SoloCastro 3 months ago

    When she calls him a fuckin lame and he looks back ,🤣

  • Julie Arnold
    Julie Arnold Year ago

    Its time mike to stand in your own feet. You dont need logan anymore. Well played Mike, Well played.

  • Ayush Navale
    Ayush Navale Year ago +22

    Mikes all surrounded with girls every where he goes 🔥🔥

    • U10
      U10 Year ago +2

      @Ayush Navale Logan gave him a chance to meet up Lana Rhoades on his birthday. That's when he got to know most of the girls and pornstars in his videos. Basically it's due to the help of Logan

    • اسامة
      اسامة Year ago +2

      Because of Logan lol

  • Bergeron M.
    Bergeron M. Year ago +3

    Keeping for herself the money that Mike wanted to throw on the strippers is really not cool

  • Charles Adams
    Charles Adams Year ago +576

    Mike and Polo G’s boyfriend are a power duo no 🧢