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Poker Ranges Explained

  • Published on Apr 29, 2018 veröffentlicht
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  • SageKing
    SageKing 4 years ago +154

    I'm relatively new to poker, but I've really gotten into it since watching Daniel. He's really animated and generally happy even if he's losing. He's insane at reading people and calling their hands. I've been in a rut recently trying to develop my skills but had a hard time finding exactly where I'm at to develop from there. This video has really helped me to understand some ideas which may be basic to others, but I now have an idea of where I'm at and where I want to go.

  • Morgan Spector
    Morgan Spector Month ago

    I appreciate this concept. One of the collateral benefits for me is that the mental process keeps me engaged in the game when I am not on a hand, when I get coolered, and so forth.

  • James Henderson
    James Henderson Year ago +179

    Absolutely loved this video... Can't wait for more high end nuanced strategy break down. I'm normally playing with what's my hand Vs what I think theres is, the concept of calculating the ranges the opponent could have and how many card combinations could beat my range is fantastic. I want to get to a higher level of poker can't wait to apply some basic probability and math to my hands.

    • Joe Shmoe
      Joe Shmoe Month ago +2

      @TrailerTrashMade Do you mean why would somebody play $2 poker? If so, the answer is, early playing is NOT about winning, it is about LEARNING.
      Like shredding on a guitar, get good then fast. Poker is, really learn the game, understand
      the hows and whys of various strategies. Get good, then play for bigger $$$

    • TrailerTrashMade
      TrailerTrashMade 3 months ago

      @Bryan B bro there's games for like 2 dollars, wth is the point of that

    • Bryan B
      Bryan B 5 months ago

      @blue donkey why would you quit ? Play some games for less money, or even play money. Get experienced first before playing for money / big money.

    • blue donkey
      blue donkey 7 months ago

      @Matt P I just lost 50$ should I quit poker

    • Matt P
      Matt P 11 months ago +1


  • Adam
    Adam 4 years ago +12

    Informative, instructional and intuitive on your part, Daniel. I have been a big fan of how you keenly read people's hands to the letter. I know you don't win everything, but you have a really good insight into the game. I'll look forward to more videos, good sir!

  • Hello
    Hello 4 years ago +376

    Thanks Daniel for trying to make poker understandable to us mere mortals! Please keep doing vids like this I know others like me really appreciate it.

    • Joey McJagger
      Joey McJagger 3 years ago

      I thought you said thank you for making poker adorable

    • TranSeeYou
      TranSeeYou 4 years ago +1

      ive played for a living for over 10 years and the game got so more complicated because where theres money to make it will attract people. people started giving poker lessons so the field got much better. to have an edge on better players you needed to evolve your game and balance it so it becomes less predictable. so to make a living of out poker in 2018 you need to be very advanced or find good games like the lower limits like 1-2. still there you'll need to know how to exploit your opponents.

    • Michael Grech
      Michael Grech 4 years ago +1


    • Jeff M
      Jeff M 4 years ago +5

      Better Call Saul bro this is tuco level. U wanna get to gus fring or heisenberg, watch doug polk

  • Spencer Winston
    Spencer Winston 4 years ago +7

    Compelling, informative video Daniel. Great to see you explain how the game analysis has gone to a deeper level since the early 2000's. Looking forward to more leading edge commenrary on poker theory as well as your explanation of the seemingly complex world of game theory applied to poker. Any useful explanation of how important decisions are made in the "heat of battle and the fog of war" in this fun game of poker is appreciated. All the best in your upcoming WSOP season.

  • conan mcclanahan
    conan mcclanahan 2 years ago +46

    Thank you for these videos Kid.
    I had fallen out of love with poker after 2 years of terrible play, and some bad beats. But your consistency and beautiful personality are getting me back in the game piece by piece.
    I count my poker Idols on a small list... starting with my Grandfather, and having Doyle, Ivey, Helmuth and yourself now competing for 2-5!
    Quarantine... here I come!!!

  • Vinny Vidi Vintage!
    Vinny Vidi Vintage! 10 months ago +3

    Thanks for this Daniel. I was really big into poker pre-2009 but have not paid attention to it for a long time. You have always been one of my favorite players and this is like having you as a coach!

  • AmazinRandy M
    AmazinRandy M 3 years ago +1

    thank you, this video touches on a perspective not addressed by most instructors you make advanced concepts appear simple even though its taken you years to harness your skills you share them in such direct to the point manner that even a novice like my self can grasp the concept so again thank you

  • Ryan
    Ryan 4 years ago +20

    Daniel. Great video, you are explaining this perfectly. Keep these more detailed ones coming! The "math side" of poker is the most exhilarating part of the game for me along with taking that risky call or bluff. Keep these quality vids coming!

  • Aditya Mittal
    Aditya Mittal 4 years ago +23

    the perfect lesson for my level; understood everything and learned two interesting things ... the AK vs AA, KK, QQ counting when holding lower pair like JJ and potentially C-betting when I might not have the cards but I have the range advantage; JJ might also block the straight for AK but 99 might not

  • Chris Rehm
    Chris Rehm 4 years ago

    Thank you, Dan, for putting out these new videos. The format is great, getting right to the point and being clear and helpful.
    I wish you great fortune at the WSOP again this year.
    Oh, and thanks for the comparisons to play from previous eras. It helps an old times put into focus where you are going.
    Do you have a poker calculator you recommend for range testing?

  • Miguel Rivera
    Miguel Rivera 3 years ago +1

    Definitely need this kind of training. I watch a lot of poker videos, but none have showed in depth, how to guess your oponents ranges/outs. Yes please continue and thNk you for sharing your poker wisdom Daniel!

  • Adam M
    Adam M 4 years ago

    Daniel - GREAT VIDEO! Im a relative newbie to scene and been looking for this type of content and love the your ability to break it down in an understandable manner. Thank you very much and looking forward to the next ones. Best wishes

  • PseudoAccurate
    PseudoAccurate 4 years ago +1

    Pretty cool Negreanu. You were always one of my favorites and I'm stoked you're continuing to learn and improve like so many others have not.

  • Pappy Jones
    Pappy Jones Year ago

    This is great stuff to me at the right pace. Thank you for helping to expand the game. And slowly growing my understanding.

  • William Hess
    William Hess 2 years ago +2

    The guy who got me into poker. Just started watching some of the world series plays and you are truly the most fun to watch play. I hope to see more in the future and to watch and learn from your vids!

  • Raspberry Rock - Off Grid Cabin

    I love these videos, Daniel. I think it's great if you can talk high level theory, then show an actual real life hand and apply the theory to it. If that makes sense. Keep on keeping on!

  • WHITTLINGdesigns
    WHITTLINGdesigns 3 years ago +1

    Thank you Daniel for this information and just for being somebody intelligent and entertaining to watch over the years you have been televised. I know you'll never read this but if you do, I think you're the best.

  • Frederick Chubay
    Frederick Chubay 4 years ago

    Thanks, Daniel.
    Best introductory explanation of hand ranges that I have encountered. Look forward to future offerings and hope I can learn more.

  • Simon Sebastian
    Simon Sebastian 4 years ago

    Loving the videos @Daniel Negreanu! Great to get into the head of one of the best ever! Thank you for doing this! please keep them coming! Learning from the best!

  • Brett Anderson
    Brett Anderson 5 months ago +1

    Super helpful thank you - switch from old school to new school feels quite overwhelming but starting to get my mind around it through videos like this and WSOP vlogs really helps so thank you for taking the time!

  • Mike Churchill
    Mike Churchill 3 years ago +2

    This video was great I wish it was longer and I wish you had done the extra videos you said you were going to do because this was fantastic and we all just love your videos. I absorb all your content over and over it’s the best.

  • Merlin Cadogan
    Merlin Cadogan 3 years ago

    A very well explained video that is easy to understand, a good length and didn’t stray off topic. Thank you very much sir 👍🙏

  • Manofkp33
    Manofkp33 2 years ago +2

    Great information. I've been reading more about ranges and this was pretty helpful. Definitely keep going with the videos as it can help a rec player like myself get better and understand a little more of what the pros see.

    • SC
      SC 2 years ago

      Just wait till you start getting into balancing your range, more big info to figure out lol

  • William Daloisi
    William Daloisi 4 years ago

    Hey Daniel really like this type of content great for beginners to get better and look forward to more stuff like this good luck this summer will be watching all the vids you put out

  • Carlos Paige
    Carlos Paige 3 years ago

    This was WONDERFUL, and absolutely presented in a way that I "a poker fan / newer player,online " could digest. Thank you so much, really it's perfect.

  • Rainer Arencibia
    Rainer Arencibia 5 months ago

    Thank you Daniel for sharing and make it so simple for the rest of us 😊

    YXNG SHUFFL3 DA GOD 3 years ago +409

    Daniel help us understand that anything you do in a poker table conveys information

    • Call me PJ
      Call me PJ 2 months ago

      @thesneakingninja lol

    • thesneakingninja
      thesneakingninja 3 years ago +28

      Ted A It’s from his advertisement for his MasterClass. A few months ago, that was the first sentence you’d hear before you could skip his ad and watch your poker Clip-Share video. “Everything you do at the table-conveys information-You can’t be all loosey-goosey eating a sandwich-HOOH BABY I LOVE IT” *skip ad*

    • Ted A
      Ted A 3 years ago

      Can you explain this joke I see it a lot and I’m missing the reference

    • Best Price
      Best Price 3 years ago +11

      I would rather have him explain how more rake is better.

    • TSH
      TSH 3 years ago +1

      Haha let's bully negreanu

  • Crazy Girl
    Crazy Girl 2 years ago

    I love going over the content you put up. It helps so much in my game. One step at a time. Thanks for everything

  • Ozcan Kaygisiz
    Ozcan Kaygisiz Year ago

    Hey Daniel,
    Your masterclass videos were well structured; I really learned a lot and enjoyed. It seems you will be keeping the very same language in these videos as well. Highly appreciated.

  • Georgi Georgiev
    Georgi Georgiev Year ago +1

    DNegs is such a natural at the game and puts in a lot of work. I can see just by his mannerisms during play that he's doing at least 4-6 permutations and scenarios at the same time. It all boils down to the feel of the game that some of us simply don't have and the calcs-calculations where you just go off the probabilities. Thank you for this video.

  • Zheng Whye Hui
    Zheng Whye Hui 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for the effort! More videos for us (non-pros) to learn =)

  • Ashit Sharma
    Ashit Sharma 4 years ago

    Would love to check out more of such videos from you, dnegs!!! Please try doing more!
    Power to you! GL for WSOP! :D

  • Josh Thielbar
    Josh Thielbar 8 months ago

    This was phenomenal! Thank you so much for the graphics and explanation at 4:10 on

  • Gregory Gilliland
    Gregory Gilliland 2 years ago

    Out of poker since 2004 here. This topic is a good one for me to begin working on. Thanks Daniel for a great intro to new methods.

  • The Tricky Outdoorsman

    I love how intellectual this game is. I've been watching a bunch of videos of you and it amazes me when you look at someone and practically know their hand.

  • Danyel B.
    Danyel B. 4 years ago

    Hey Dan, your message is very clear, it’s useful and interesting information. Waiting for more videos like this 👍

  • Panda Nation
    Panda Nation 4 years ago +293

    This is a great video! Please continue this line of thought

    • Krasimir Stoilov
      Krasimir Stoilov 4 years ago

      Great video? Its so lame... and everyone must know that, and people bet every 2 hands in this spot

    • Mac Swanton
      Mac Swanton 4 years ago

      Yes... extrapolate if you would

  • Crispy K
    Crispy K 4 years ago +13

    My dad taught me five card draw poker when i was around 8 and then texas hold'em around 9. That was 20 years ago.
    I've always loved playing poker but i've never really watched poker tournaments nor have i really thought about "trying my luck" at it.
    But i've watched a lot of videos these past weeks where you are playing. You're really good, and nearly always "know" what cards your opponent has. To a point where i would call it amazing.
    Only found your channel now, great video! i've subscribed and looking forward to watch all your vids. Good luck with everything !

  • Homeless Partridge

    Thanks Daniel!!!! I really appreciate when you teach us!

  • MrMowky
    MrMowky 3 years ago

    Really solid video. Great examples. Well spoken. Enjoyed learning about things like "range advantage".

  • Max Moore
    Max Moore 9 months ago

    Daniel, when you're at a reasonably full table, what mnemoics do you use to help keep track of what ranges you're assigning to each player?

  • Pennswoods Anon
    Pennswoods Anon 4 years ago +11

    I love that you’re addressing concepts that are relevant to today’s game. I’m starving for advanced concepts. Keep it up!

  • mike davies
    mike davies 4 years ago

    Good job Daniel Ive learnt a lot from you over the years thank you. Also thanks for making an effort to be decent

  • gcrfire3
    gcrfire3 4 years ago

    Great video, keep 'em coming and good luck at the world series!

  • Jaime Cornejo
    Jaime Cornejo 2 years ago +33

    Great Explanation of the evolution of poker and ranges, I thing is the best one I have seen so far.
    I allready knew this stuff but it was hard for me to explain it to somebody. you made it simple.

  • Roger Rabbid Gaming and Reviews

    Thanks Daniel.. you explain this well. I'm currently trying to learn equity percentages.. can u do a vid on how to estimate equity on the spot? And are there charts I can study with the most common spots and their given equity?

  • Szer
    Szer 4 years ago

    Please do more, everything is comprehensive and well presented. I am hungering for more!

  • Gino S
    Gino S 4 years ago

    Daniel you're absolutely awesome! Thank you so much gona watch every video twice! Always wanted to learn from you! Like recent ideas about poker been a while since your book came out lol

  • Dizzy4Dizney
    Dizzy4Dizney 2 years ago +10

    You're the freakin best bro!! I use so many of your breakdowns and actual hands for non-poker situations in everyday life. Very valuable stuff both on and off the table. Thanks brotha.

    • GoodSuggestion ButNo
      GoodSuggestion ButNo Year ago

      Yeah its pretty simple. Whats the chance for my opponent, who raises with a tight range from all positions, to have an 8 if he raised preflop to take a simple example, on a board like 88K? Pretty low i believe.

  • Jeff Rose
    Jeff Rose Year ago

    Thanks for this explanation. Working on hand ranges . Would love to see more on this topic.

  • John Aguirre
    John Aguirre 4 years ago +1

    I just got into poker last year. This sings very intense never would have thought this much thought process would go into the game

  • William Arrington
    William Arrington 4 years ago

    Daniel is and probably always will be my favorite poker personality. I hope to play against him one day

  • Daniel Ruiz
    Daniel Ruiz 10 months ago

    Crazy how informative this is, and it’s free. Amazing content, thank you!

  • Samuel Jordan
    Samuel Jordan 2 years ago

    More examples of total combinations of hands and range advantages would be helpful

  • Haitham Foty
    Haitham Foty 3 years ago

    Your explanations were spot on and very helpful. I really appreciate you dumbing this down for me where it makes perfect sense. Many thanks!

  • John Vender
    John Vender Year ago

    Daniel total respect, you've taught me a lot about poker

  • MoreMilesMoreProblems
    MoreMilesMoreProblems 3 years ago

    I've played only 7 times all in small tournament setting and studying this and when and how much to bet has really gave me more confidence to place bets more and call and feel pretty confident I got it and also throw some bluffs in.

  • Michael Bozik
    Michael Bozik 2 months ago

    That was a Master Class. I feel like I was actually able to follow him. It can be complicated but he did a great job of touching on all the relevant points. If you were paying attention, you got enough information to go further in your learning.

  • Norman Fogg
    Norman Fogg 4 years ago

    It's really cool to see you taking charge in you're field as a teacher. You are all in to win man. Good for you. Inspired.

  • Larsluster
    Larsluster 3 months ago

    Perfect vid for me. Explaining some basic stuff and showing it on screen really helps me. I'm a new player and trying to understand the fundamentals, and this kind of breakdown is fantastic for me

  • Shafik Ismail
    Shafik Ismail 4 years ago

    Very informative. Super value for an oldie like me! Thank you! Love your videos.

  • Ron Hughes
    Ron Hughes 2 years ago

    I think you described it well and I would very much like to see a series of these that leads to an in depth understnding of hand range

  • Robert Rumbaugh
    Robert Rumbaugh 4 years ago

    Daniel, I loved the video. I like the whole going through the hand explaining the ranged thing! Pleaswe do more videos like this! Thanks! Bob

  • David Armstrong
    David Armstrong 4 years ago

    Just proves to me how complicated this easy to learn but difficult game to play is , why we love it and why some players do better than others . Knowledge is always power I think . Thanks . great insightful video .

  • Dottie Mariner
    Dottie Mariner 4 years ago

    Great video! Love watching you play! You read em like a book! Looking forward to more.

  • Edmonton Alberta
    Edmonton Alberta 4 years ago

    Thank you, Daniel, your level of poker knowledge is incredible, your explanation is very straight forward, you got my respects ,by the way I watch Kid Poker on Netflix it was awesome and your mom is a very kind and loving ladies.

  • faceoffland
    faceoffland 4 years ago +4

    great content Daniel thanks for sharing! cant wait for more around this topic as well as the Daily WSOP VLOGS i wached ALL the previous ones last year every morning!! Thanks keep it up :)

  • Andres Ranero
    Andres Ranero 9 months ago

    Absolutely fantastic video. Great explanation 👌🏼

  • tomáš kačinetz

    its 3 years old and still have valuable information. i hope to see more content like this.
    this is really good information to have in mind when you trying to bluf

  • Kareem Reavenell
    Kareem Reavenell 2 years ago

    excellent breakdown! explained spot-on for all ranges of understanding!!!

  • Jamie Ferrazano
    Jamie Ferrazano 3 months ago +1

    Been playing with friends for a little bit and always play really well against them but I don't feel strong on the scenario betting. Last week I did my first tournament. 137 players and I finished 25th which was 6 hours of play. Very stoked about that . I know this video is a little dated but found it very helpful.
    One scenario I was in is I had 3 all ins ahead of me preflop and was sitting on pocket 8s. I ended up folding as I assumed i was dealing with over pairs. I was right and would have lost. The thing that had me pausing was with so many callers in, I waivered on folding becuase I guessed everyone was holding similar cards which would reduce the chances of hitting the board.
    Was in a similar issue with pocket 10s with 2 all ins ahead of me. I ended up calling and going against pocket aces and ace king. I pulled a 10 on the river and the table said it was luck. I do agree but also felt there were some combos eliminated between the two players who only played strong hands so I felt good about it.

  • Joel Weinmaster
    Joel Weinmaster 4 years ago +8

    great work daniel.. are you going to do a combos video? i get the concept of combos and i do think about it when i play, but how the number of combos effects my decisions is where i need to work on. thanks and keep it up!

  • Balazs S
    Balazs S 4 years ago

    Great video if you just started to play poker. Well explained and informative. Keep up the good work buddy! You are my fav poker player since early 2000’s 🤝😎
    From Hungary 🇭🇺

  • A RT
    A RT 5 months ago

    Daniel you`re the greatest Poker Player of all time and I really love your personality especially during a poker session its so much fun to watch.
    When i was 12 years old I`ve started Poker with watching you on how to play and also to know when to throw good hands and how to read the board.
    Thank you for letting us be a part of your poker journey, hope one day i can effort a tournament where you also sit, this would be worth loosing money xD

  • Jarrod W
    Jarrod W 4 years ago

    Thanks for the great info, appreciated! So much to learn, so much fun to learn. Perfect!!

  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy 6 months ago +1

    You taught me at 17 when I began studying Small Ball. It overhauled my game and gave me a $100k net worth in my mid-twenties. Now you're aiding me again in my early 30's. Thank you Sir.

  • Mohit Madhup
    Mohit Madhup 3 years ago +12

    Simplifying the combinatorics And judging the cards range to ensure better ROI sounds Understandable 👍

  • Stefan Westermayer
    Stefan Westermayer 4 years ago

    Keep on doing those kind of videos please. They're super helpfull and improve my game.
    Greatings from Austria!

  • Brian West
    Brian West 2 months ago

    Great instruction. I’m starting to understand ranges more and more. I lost a hand on the button to AQos. I raised she called . W hit the flip. She bet. I raised. She called. A hit the turn. Yup. Trip Qs. Next outing booked a nice win using ranges. So powerful. Thx Daniel. Love watching you play. You always keep it professional.

  • Timothy Knapp
    Timothy Knapp 2 years ago

    Nice video Daniel. I've really enjoyed watching you play poker since the early 2000s. Your ability to read people is incredible!

  • Mary Barbee
    Mary Barbee 3 months ago +1

    Have always loved the way Daniel explains poker. He is very personable and speaks in plain, common sense language.

  • 6th Wilbury
    6th Wilbury 4 years ago +3

    The term "range" might not have been uttered in the so-called old days, but Negreanu certainly put the concept front and center during the TV boom era. Any time he said something like, "you either have pocket eights, QJ or a big ace," he was essentially defining a range (and more specifically, giving examples of it).
    I'd actually credit Negreanu for my first introduction to hand ranges. I used to think poker was about deducing the opponent's exact two cards. The famous table talk was a great lesson in putting an opponent on a variety of holdings, then figuring out the likelihood of the various possibilities.
    Of course, I'm still trying to master the art of balancing my own range. I'm sure I'd be an open book to any skilled player because I probably don't have enough river bluffs, especially in games like triple draw and stud. :p

  • EricDavid
    EricDavid 4 years ago

    Loved this video! Keep more coming like this one!

  • Brother Francis
    Brother Francis 4 years ago

    Best friendly and enjoyable master mind poker player. Players need to be more like you!

  • Jason Safaverdi
    Jason Safaverdi 10 months ago

    Thank you Daniel! Your videos have helped me an incredible amount in my poker career. I now have my own apartment!
    -Previous homeowner

  • Dan Graffenius
    Dan Graffenius 4 years ago

    Thank you for this... am an avid poker player however I’m new to the ranges concept . Look forward to next video.

  • jim foley
    jim foley 3 years ago +13

    Are you kidding this is great stuff! Thank you so much. Obviously, I'm Getting started back into poker. Oh, I'm buying your book. Thanks again, I hope you'll have a lot more to come.

  • Chris
    Chris 3 years ago

    I liked your method of counting the ranges. Seems like those numbers can apply to many situations. Thanks.

  • shakubob
    shakubob 3 years ago

    Hey Dan, love your clarity in separating ratios. I have thought this way for a long time but never put it into words. Is a lot of this in your MasterClass? I will continue to connect in both areas. Peace.

  • David Gatchell
    David Gatchell Year ago

    I find this video very informative. I have followed poker on the TV for years. I used to live in LA so I went every once in a while to one of the casinos there where I always presented as dead money. But now thanks in large part to you, I have hopes to do much better here in Mexico city where there are low stakes games at casinos. I particularly like your style of teaching and have been trying to enroll in MasterClass to follow you. However every time I try to enroll I am told that I have entered an incorrect zip code.(not true, even my bank confirms my entry) or the place order does nothing. It is very frustrating. At any rate, I will choose another coaching site until I can get onto Masterclass. I will absorb all that is free first, and I am sure even that will improve my game. Thank you so much for your sharing your vast knowledge with us the common player.

  • Jota Aprende
    Jota Aprende 4 years ago

    This is a great video! Please continue this line of thought

  • Harriette Daisy
    Harriette Daisy 4 years ago +1704

    I misread the title, I read it as "Poker Rages Explained". I was looking for you to explain Mike Matusow & Phil Hellmuth. Might have been a good video.

    • Joff Baratheon
      Joff Baratheon Year ago

      @Simon Dover Phil just handled Daniel 3 times in a row. Its idiocy to say Hellmuth isnt a great poker player.

    • Tony England
      Tony England 2 years ago +2

      @Mitsi Grabblerberg Phil Hellmuth is an all-time great - the guy has a record of fifteen World Series of Poker bracelets. These Internet heroes who rubbish Phil Hellmuth are just watching the videos where Phil explodes after losing a hand.

    • Simon Dover
      Simon Dover 2 years ago

      I have a conspiracy theory regarding Phil Helmuth. I think they keep him around because the pros use him as a cash cow. With TV the pros get youtube hits off Phil because people watch him. So they cultivate him and make sure they feed him just enough to keep him around.
      Like snooker tournaments where the prize is often less than the practice room bets, some players are happy to lose if they can get week long action in the backroom. Partially explaining Phil's bracelets.
      Probably none of this 100% accurate, but it fits nicely with the evidence.
      The only other explanation for Phil being a pro player is hold-em is populated by idiots. But that doesn't explain Daniel and Ivey.

    • Nathan Orosco
      Nathan Orosco 2 years ago

      Harriete Daisy Hey, one year later, congrats on your 1,000th link on this comment

    • batchagaloopyTV
      batchagaloopyTV 3 years ago

      Ken Dean daniel rages and moves on ,you watch poker on jupiter 🤷‍♂️ ive never seen or heard a story of Daniel Negraneu Raging

  • Kushal Jain
    Kushal Jain 4 years ago

    Please do more videos like these...very informative

  • Fanceroni
    Fanceroni Year ago

    You are my favorite player to watch.
    Thank you for all of your insight.

  • Arka Hazra
    Arka Hazra 3 years ago

    great video, was able to learn the process very quickly thank you

  • oscar romero
    oscar romero Year ago

    it's so valuable content and the aproach you're making on this topic.. thanks DANIEL!!

  • P W
    P W Year ago +409

    And then you play on the internet and the range you're facing is infinite

    • Rob Young
      Rob Young 4 days ago

      @Some Dude Always fold AK

    • Some Dude
      Some Dude 8 days ago +1

      @Pt Bot and then the board keeps coming out 245JQ … or some bullshit. I’ve literally lost AK AK suited almost every time I’ve played it.. not even a joke. Either they get two pair on the river, a king or an ace doesn’t show or they flop a fuckin straight.

    • JX22
      JX22 8 days ago

      Play money.....

    • Bianca Vie
      Bianca Vie 20 days ago

      @Ludvig Lagerströmtrue I just got up from a table where two people where doing that I took their money and bounced 😂

    • Some Dude
      Some Dude 29 days ago

      @JC HENSLEY how is that easy work?

  • David Marchetti
    David Marchetti Year ago

    Nice introduction to understanding ranges -- thanks Daniel.