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Lakers Training Camp ! LeBron James, Russ, and AD have a 3 point contest

  • Published on Sep 26, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Los Angeles Lakers first day of training camp with new head coach Darvin Ham. Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, And Anthony Davis have a 3 point contest. Lonnie Walker does defensive workout. Laker's new rookie Cole Swider is impressive.
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  • Swish Cultures

    how do you like the new additions ? and how do you think the new squad will do ?

  • Keep it 💯

    If Russ ends up staying with the Lakers this year we need to embrace this man we get nothing out of tearing him down if he is successful we are successful

  • Ninja Channel

    You gotta love how Russ is just the same dude no matter what's happening around him.

  • Crius XI
    Crius XI  +409

    I really hope Russ is successful this season man, i really don’t want to continue disliking him as a player. I hope he can do it.

  • Lotus Life

    Whether ur a Laker fan or a Russ fan or not, the world really wants to see Westbrook finally get a ring. He deserves it through all the shit he has gotten his career and all he has put his body through

  • Ro Methazine

    Russ looks great. Can’t wait to see Him get comfortable. First consecutive season in the same jersey in a long time.

  • The’lon Fleming

    Cole Swider is exactly what we needed

  • Justice Rushing

    I’m most interested to see the offensive scheme & the rotation because they definitely have pieces!

  • Anderson Lameira

    Quero muito que o Westbrook dê a volta por cima, ele é um cara bom de grupo, tralhador e merece ser campeão

  • alejandro arellano

    I'm excited to see Swider this season, I'm predicting he gets a similar start to his career like Reaves.

  • E Smith
    E Smith  +36

    Excited to see nunn back. I wish he could’ve played last year. I think he would’ve made a difference

  • Visionxx
    Visionxx  +15

    I’m happy they got younger. They definitely showed they’re age last year. It’s refreshing seeing some young guns on the team that’s going to give maximum effort

  • Brad Ogier

    Lonnie is such a great pickup. Hope to see him play well

  • Giovane Batalione

    Tomara que este ano o time tenha um desempenho melhor e consiga brigar pelo título de campeão! Mesmo morando no Brasil o Lakers mora no meu coração deste a minha juventude!

  • pouu ktin

    So excited to see you again Lakers playing..new squad, new faces to watch. Hope this season will gonna be great. 🫰

  • Devo Tha Kid

    I’m i the only one who thinks this season will be special 💯

  • Dylan Hartford

    Russ lookin more happy then he has in a while with the lakers

  • Darrius Beal

    I believe Russ is gonna show up this coming season I think his confidence is coming back because the coach believes in him unlike frank

  • Jack
    Jack  +37

    Shoutout to Russ for still being a cool dude among all of the shit

  • Julio Martis

    I'm just impressed about how Ham's vision, approach to the game. I really looking forward to see it with the implementation. He has a younger team than Vogel, so that is already an advantage.