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Speedrunning YT Shorts #60 (APRIL FOOL'S)

  • Published on Mar 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • FYI the purpose of this video is satire and comedy, and I do not intend to disrespect or deprecate content creators featured in this short, I just wanted to shorten some aspects of their videos for my fellow ADHD shorts users. All of the content creators are hard-working and creative individuals and I really enjoy their content, so I highly recommend subscribing to them.
    Background MC parkour footage: @Ozercraft86 - check the actual speedrun god out
    Also I obviously skip a lot of details about certain topics in the vid, so if you are interested in learning more you can find the featured vids below:
    • Doctor explains: ...
    • How Nordic people...
    • Every DannoDraws ...
    • What's The GAYEST...
    #shorts #randomfacts #facts
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  • Night_HH
    Night_HH Month ago +14848

    The GOAT of Clip-Share. Should totally get him an reward

      TESTVIDEOS Month ago +31

      Greatest Optical Auxiliary Tool. Huh.

    • K-Oss
      K-Oss Month ago +8


    • DuckaDoo
      DuckaDoo Month ago +41

      You do realize Oscar's are for acting right? 😅

    • Charles Narag
      Charles Narag Month ago +34

      ​@DuckaDoo probably not he just saw people in the comments do this

  • Jonathon Gopin
    Jonathon Gopin Month ago +1937


    • thatonebeancan
      thatonebeancan Month ago +60

      look at title

    • elvuxi
      elvuxi Month ago +19

      sir did you not just read the tite?

    • Av
      Av Month ago +16


    • Serwa Bloxy 2
      Serwa Bloxy 2 Month ago +8

      He even put Reversalis in the name, is it not obvious enough?

    • Guizhi Ou
      Guizhi Ou Month ago +1

      when the joke flys over your head:

  •  ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌  ‌    Salone

    "speedrunning YT hurts" Joe is tired

  • Captain Sparkles
    Captain Sparkles Month ago +6936

    you make watching shorts so easy man. you need to be protected at all costs

    • literally_goku_black
      literally_goku_black Month ago +6


    • KelpelxD
      KelpelxD Month ago +4


    • idk
      idk Month ago +4


    • Paper_Head
      Paper_Head Month ago +2


    • Jsbebeje
      Jsbebeje Month ago +6

      Imagine being so lazy that you have to watch short version of shorts which is made for entertainment. There are advantages and disadvantages to this idea.

  • The Amaad
    The Amaad Month ago +253

    "What no! What the f*ck"
    "😘 muwah"
    I felt that personally coming inside of m-

  • Vega and Betty
    Vega and Betty 17 days ago +7

    As a danish I can confirm that us nordics wash our clothes in a ice lake

  • Snooty nooudy
    Snooty nooudy Month ago +9760

    It actually feels nice to have him compliment us at the end every times

    • Jaceph Rochester
      Jaceph Rochester Month ago +68

      Fr, guy really is at the top of shorts creators

    • LN. Jordaan
      LN. Jordaan Month ago +29

      Very wholesome and extremely entertaining🎉

    • Ethan Wheeler
      Ethan Wheeler Month ago +17

      It's the only compliment I've gotten in years

    • Clara Lorenzo
      Clara Lorenzo Month ago +9

      wait HOL UP

    • F Ismail
      F Ismail Month ago +4

      Consensually ofcourse you know non sexual compliments

  • Ohio Resident
    Ohio Resident Month ago +54

    Joe is going crazy about that $1M deal. It’s literally a free quarter pounder

    • ChocoMilk
      ChocoMilk Month ago +1


    • Yo Human Frisk
      Yo Human Frisk Month ago +1

      Fr. The Quarter Pounder with Cheese is just a good item on the McDonald's menu, and I get a million for it?
      And it said I *can* get it on with one of them, which makes the last part optional. Free QPwC and a million dollars. Ez money.

    • DiceZ
      DiceZ Month ago +1

      Yeah? That's a no brainer there

    • IronSK
      IronSK 8 days ago

      And the part that comes after

  • TrueExpunged
    TrueExpunged Month ago +37

    "Speedrunning YT hurts"
    I feel you my man.

  • Ravencrowl
    Ravencrowl Month ago +2903

    For the first short, you missed the part that doctor said: "It's so rare that it only affect 0 in 6000 births"

    • MadLad
      MadLad Month ago +302

      its called reversalis which is made up from the word reverse cause the vids are reversed idk how he didnt notice that

    • Иван Марсий
      Иван Марсий Month ago +147

      ​@MadLad it was an april fools joke

    • MadLad
      MadLad Month ago +60

      ​@Иван Марсий oh my bad i was watching this on 2nd april

    • Quack
      Quack Month ago +10

      ​@MadLad same! I thought I was tripping then I read the title

    • DJ Jed
      DJ Jed Month ago +3

      The vid is played in reverse 😢

  • Moonlight
    Moonlight Month ago +48

    Tatsumaki: „If you eat this, I sit on yo-“

  • Po0fy_
    Po0fy_ 25 days ago +19

    I can confirm that’s how we nordics wash our clothes

  • bass miki
    bass miki Month ago +4946

    For those who don’t know: Pre arricular reversalis is a condition, but the videos that were showed were just reversed, and they don’t have that condition

    • Josh Blade
      Josh Blade Month ago +334

      No, it isn't a condition. It means reversal of the preauricular sinus tubes which... isn't possible.

    • Barry
      Barry Month ago +234

      no the doctor guy in the video even explained that its not real

    • Yosif Mohanad
      Yosif Mohanad Month ago +15


    • PuzzlePuddles
      PuzzlePuddles Month ago +39

      remember what date it is guys... xd

    • Badi_isHere
      Badi_isHere Month ago +22

      I think its real, but those assholes just reverse the video to make the video cool, but this is april fools idk who I can trust.

  • Chi Ateghang
    Chi Ateghang 25 days ago +2

    Nah bruh that quarter pounder would be gone in 3 seconds and I'm heading straight to my bedroom

  • Ibrahim
    Ibrahim 25 days ago

    Bro gradually gains all the respect❤

  • butta dog
    butta dog Month ago +1758

    Bro just rejected a million dollars and getting it on with fubuki and tatsumiki 💀💀

    • Provixity
      Provixity Month ago +181

      It's April fools

    • ReDaRiOo 92
      ReDaRiOo 92 Month ago +151

      If it wasn’t April fool he would had
      I think

    • clipper
      clipper Month ago +48

      That made me skip eating the Big Mac ngl

    • Levelcaty na
      Levelcaty na Month ago +32

      Let’s be real king is better then both of them and licenselsess rider is just the best

  • Tads17
    Tads17 Month ago +4

    If this was not april fools i would die of how cap this is 💀💀💀

  • dont click my channel

    bro really did tell every multiplayer game truth

    DEBAM CHAKRABORTY Month ago +2307

    Fun fact: The first 2 clips were just played in reverse.

    • Joe Caine
      Joe Caine  Month ago +1295

      nah bro, genetic mutation no cap

    • Nazhex
      Nazhex Month ago +307

      Think about it how could they reverse time like you say

    • Nicholas .Y
      Nicholas .Y Month ago +52

      You heard the man, it's real

    • A Void Draws
      A Void Draws Month ago +37

      @Joe Caine you are smort in Ohio in April fools

    • Djnejekfkkf
      Djnejekfkkf Month ago +8

      @Joe Caineare you being sarcastic?

  • microwaver
    microwaver Month ago +2

    your voice is so calming for some reason

  • PowderedRose
    PowderedRose 13 days ago +2

    Actually I'm pretty sure the cows are the most gay mob in minecraft. They're literally everywhere, in almost every version of the game, and they're all girls. You can milk every cow in the game, making them all female but you can also breed them together, making them lesbian

    • LEGO Anzo
      LEGO Anzo 2 days ago +1

      In that theory chickens are as gayas cows since they all lay eggs.

  • Aayush kumar
    Aayush kumar Month ago +2220

    It truly does hurt😢

    • The German fool
      The German fool Month ago +2


    • IReallyLikeTurtles
      IReallyLikeTurtles Month ago +4

      my birth day hurts i am borned on 21 april 1 day away from 420 (4th month and 20 day)

    • E
      E Month ago +2


    • Filipe Carvalho
      Filipe Carvalho Month ago +1

      ​@E E

    • G.S_
      G.S_ Month ago +1

      ​@IReallyLikeTurtles i was born in 4/20 👍

  • Froggy man
    Froggy man 10 days ago +1

    the first short is a reversed video of people sliding a Q-tip off of their ear

  • EstlaStar
    EstlaStar 28 days ago +1

    As a Swedish person, I can confirm that we wash our clothes in a frozen river, and then we go to eat meatballs with polar bears at IKEA🇸🇪🇸🇪

    MATEI DOICILA Month ago +1988

    "Do you wanna see my- "
    _"No thanks"_ 🗿

    • Pandaboy508v2.0
      Pandaboy508v2.0 Month ago +16


    • EoN the Explorer
      EoN the Explorer Month ago +10

      Yeah no. Not one for that type of stuff

    • lizard man 1
      lizard man 1 Month ago +18

      I wonder what she was going to say?

    • Argentino promedio
      Argentino promedio Month ago +8

      (April fools)

    • Razzbaxi
      Razzbaxi Month ago +32

      she was gonna say kitty.
      now there are two things this could mean, one of them is not that interesting, the other is a fucking cat, a small domesticated tiger.

  • Joshua Wang
    Joshua Wang 5 days ago +1

    Bro I was about to eat that quarter pounder for free until the last part...

  • Tango 123
    Tango 123 Month ago +2

    Bro just kissed everyone watching he’s the gayest by a mile

    ThePHINIX Month ago +733

    I love this guy in a non sexual way

    • F Ismail
      F Ismail Month ago +41

      Yes I do too consentually

    • PixalonGC
      PixalonGC Month ago +11

      me too

    • PixalonGC
      PixalonGC Month ago +21

      no homo

    • F Ismail
      F Ismail Month ago +2

      ​@PixalonGC in this place

    • ThePHINIX
      ThePHINIX Month ago +8

      @PixalonGC bro had to say it otherwise the trolls would have gotten better of him XD

  • Morrimurr
    Morrimurr Month ago

    That kiss making me blush, no homo tho,
    Gillar det du lägger ut mannen, starkt jobbat

  • Sasha
    Sasha Month ago +2

    Canonically, Steve and Alex are boyfriends. Alex is, in fact, just a skinny dude.

  • KingDedede
    KingDedede Month ago +1652

    tatsumaki gonna blow me away 💀

  • Rafaymakescontens 9999

    Tbh one of the best short I have watched today and probably the best short on his channel

  • 잰태x月姫
    잰태x月姫 Month ago +1

    Id eat both the burgers and Fubuki's finely baked cake

  • Pete Madrona
    Pete Madrona Month ago +673

    Happy April Fool's, Joe! Thanks for making YT Shorts much more bearable. Love ya!

  • MirrorPerson
    MirrorPerson Month ago +1

    the “mwah” at the end. ❤❤❤

  • Gameplay demon gaming
    Gameplay demon gaming Month ago +1

    My fav vid yet on this channel

  • trk.
    trk. Month ago +544

    you know damn well the first one is fake but its really impressive how real you made it sound😂
    Edit: Fuck april 1st you got me

  • Memory_haruno_hyūga

    Dude just called me out💀

  • Gena Oppelt
    Gena Oppelt Month ago +1

    “Speedrunning YT hurts💀”

  • I Forgot The Other One
    I Forgot The Other One Month ago +895

    Bro really hitting us with that Kojima tweet.

  • Chromilated
    Chromilated Month ago +1

    I was about to ANNIHILATE that quarter pounder until he mentioned the anime girls 😢

  • JackScoth Gaming
    JackScoth Gaming 5 days ago

    Sadly my father won’t be back with the milk- Or anything at that, Rest In Peace My Father

  • rhino39RBLX
    rhino39RBLX Month ago +444

    “buts it’s not us, it’s us. the players” you made me feel emotionally connected but then… it said happy april fools day. 😢

    • foxe323
      foxe323 Month ago +3

      Rip. No emotional connection for you. Happy April Fools!

    • duckimoofin
      duckimoofin Month ago +1

      Same bestie, same

    • The country of Australia
      The country of Australia Month ago +3

      It is statistically true tho. We can't know any of the mobs' sexualities, but we can breed most so most are heterosexual, and most of the others are undead. Now we do know that there has to be a lot of gay people playing Minecraft since it is the most popular game of all time. So if we go by this logic we the players are the gayest mobs in Minecraft

    • romxxii
      romxxii Month ago

      Also explains not wanting to see whatever that pretty girl wanted to show.

  • Daniél
    Daniél 25 days ago

    Bro that guy that said he wants to get it on with tatsumaki needs to be put on a watch list

  • Gameplay demon gaming
    Gameplay demon gaming Month ago +1

    “Do you guys wanna see my b-“
    “Ew the hell of course not”
    Real chad

  • Danny
    Danny Month ago +797

    As a Norwegian, I can confirm I go to the lake right outside my house and wash my clothes under the ice.

    • Smile
      Smile Month ago +4

      as a swede, i agree

    • Stickman XD
      Stickman XD Month ago +1


    • E.D
      E.D Month ago +2

      Du föddes i Drammen

    • BAMBEE
      BAMBEE Month ago +1

      As a finnish this is true

    • SwiZ
      SwiZ Month ago +1

      as a dane, i agree

  • Ethan
    Ethan Month ago +2

    Bro is gonna grow up as an manly gentleman

  • Ironalexsusy
    Ironalexsusy Month ago

    The fist one was just the rewind of a clip. Going strong and keep up the work!!!

  • Rif
    Rif Month ago +261

    "speedrunning YT hurts" 💀💀

  • Sara Ali
    Sara Ali Month ago +1

    i took that kizz personal ;.;

  • jokel209
    jokel209 Month ago

    Ah yes another episode of speed running hurts 😂

  • Kyrylo
    Kyrylo Month ago +452

    He said no to Fubuki and Tatsumaki... He is clearly not human, but a highly-developed interstellar species that doesn't crave for basic physical needs

    • bacon and roblox
      bacon and roblox Month ago +18

      It's a april fools

    • Kyrylo
      Kyrylo Month ago +25

      @bacon and roblox oh, that would only make sense, thank you

    • Chelik kakoyta
      Chelik kakoyta Month ago +1

      Nah, same

    • Its hope
      Its hope Month ago +4

      They are mid wdym💀

    • Renzo
      Renzo Month ago +7

      ​@Its hope bruh nah 💀

  • noxix games
    noxix games Month ago

    joe the goat

  • The chicken that floats

    That quarter pounder is a win win win win

  • Meowgic
    Meowgic Month ago +966

    You know im a degenerate when seeing the genshin clock in a yt short brings me joy
    Im so famous that there are arguments in the replies >:D

    • UserError
      UserError Month ago +19

      No but same though 😅

    • Agent 8
      Agent 8 Month ago +5

      I have no idea what a degenerate is (sorry) but it made me happy to see the clock too :)

    • ananya chowdary marupudi
      ananya chowdary marupudi Month ago +2


    • Meowgic
      Meowgic Month ago +2

      @Agent 8 I use it in this context as a sort of weirdo (jokingly, of course)

  • SierraAnimates [Happy Pride Month!!]

    “When is your dad coming back with the milk?” 69 days, 69 minutes and 420 seconds

  • Adrian Saenz
    Adrian Saenz Month ago

    “Speed running hurts”💀💀💀

  • OBAMA SANDWICH • 2 years ago

    Actually the first one is just reversed.
    Please don’t criticize me anymore. Some people didn’t know and I didn’t read the full description. Jesus

  • Claire
    Claire Month ago

    nice genshin clock you snuck in there

  • Яков Гаханов

    Yt hurts💀

  • Crazy Akira
    Crazy Akira Month ago +593

    This guy made watching shorts fun, he deserves protection and immortality

  • Shannon Knose
    Shannon Knose Month ago +1

    “Run away from the usb so it doesn’t catch you”
    It won’t it can’t even move

  • Isoceptic
    Isoceptic Month ago +2

    'would you like to see my-'
    What the f- no
    My guy already knew

  • Spoopy_190
    Spoopy_190 Month ago +167

    "Speedrunning hurts" 💀

  • Ian Weru
    Ian Weru 7 days ago

    you just make my day 😂

  • rewindstoxfiy
    rewindstoxfiy Month ago +1

    Speedruning hurts💀💀💀

    KMIDU Month ago +740

    phew, glad to see that he is taking the win win Fubuki Tatsumaki special.

    • Tyler Evans
      Tyler Evans Month ago +4

      Yes sir

    • SuperzockerTV YT
      SuperzockerTV YT Month ago +8

      I would eat it without fubuki and Tatsumaki

    • Railey Czar Navarra
      Railey Czar Navarra Month ago +28

      ​@SuperzockerTV YT I would eat the 1 million dollars

    • Chandelier
      Chandelier Month ago +7

      Idk why but ide eat a quarter pounder, but just for tatsumaki I don't want to be rich

    • Blocky!
      Blocky! Month ago +1

      I wouldn’t eat it tbh :/ (except if it was the only 1 million)

  • Dmitri Folsom
    Dmitri Folsom 7 days ago

    I will eat that quarter. Pounder faster than the speed of light.

  • ꧁QuͥEeͣNͫ_AiSH꧂

    Joe's " mwuah 😚" made me happy thanks 👾❤️

  • Sad WRLD
    Sad WRLD Month ago +172

    "no thanks" Broo that legit caught me off guard, like who wouldn't?

    • Sterbun
      Sterbun Month ago +17

      not everyone is attached to pixels on a screen

    • DavidM27
      DavidM27 Month ago +26

      @Sterbun But everyone can use 1 million dollars, or you don't

    • Nma pog vr
      Nma pog vr Month ago +2

      @DavidM27 true i could use 1m

    • AverageKokushiboFan
      AverageKokushiboFan Month ago +7

      I'd just refuse them and take these 1m home cuz aint nobody dating a TV💀

    • Shish 音楽
      Shish 音楽 Month ago +1

      What if they fuckin' poisoned that shit?

  • ☻Jacsylynn’s World!☻︎

    Yt hurts

  • Rakshita k
    Rakshita k Month ago

    bro thought we ain't gonna see that genshin clock lmao

  • osheridan
    osheridan Month ago +165

    This one was particularly insane, thanks for saving us brain cells man

  • Peachyrosy
    Peachyrosy Month ago

    "Speed running YT hurts"

  • Lukas Bessette
    Lukas Bessette Month ago +1

    "Speedrunning hurts"

  • Monke Monkey
    Monke Monkey Month ago +152

    Thank you man, i was just chased by a USB stuck in a wall but your advice helped me👍

  • ViXz3n_Vince
    ViXz3n_Vince 19 days ago

    My bro just trolled thousands of people by making up a reverse video symptoms.💀

  • Airotech
    Airotech 27 days ago +1

    Speed running hurts😂

  • BasicallySai
    BasicallySai Month ago +242

    As a Swede, I can confirm that we do indeed wash our clothes like that.

    • kit 2
      kit 2 Month ago

      Canadians do to

    • ☆Crescent☆
      ☆Crescent☆ Month ago +1

      Uh, it clearly said Nordic, not Swedish 🙄/j (I'm not actually this ignorant for real I swear)

    • captainsudd
      captainsudd Month ago

      ​@☆Crescent☆ Sweden is Nordic, there are hints to Sweden. I have seen for them to do that in the remaining Nordic countries like Finland and Norway

    • ☆Crescent☆
      ☆Crescent☆ Month ago +2

      @captainsudd Did you just completely miss the /j and the "I'm not actually this ignorant I swear," or....?

  • •zandya•
    •zandya• Month ago

    Such wise words

  • bob thebuilder
    bob thebuilder Month ago

    bro has the best shorts

  • Giga Chad
    Giga Chad Month ago +85

    "What's the gayest mob in Minecraft" ?
    The dude's tone while asking it had me dead 💀💀💀💀💀

  • Join Us
    Join Us 26 days ago +1

    Speedrunning Hurts.

  • Only
    Only 29 days ago

    U have summon me with that 0.1sec Genshin photo in the word "either" 💂

  • Noggin
    Noggin Month ago +181

    "speedrunnung yt hurts"
    I feel u man ❤️ yt hurts 💔

  • Chelsea Elton
    Chelsea Elton Month ago +1

    I didn't know you were Swedish too! Hej från Stockholm!

  • That1RageQuit
    That1RageQuit Month ago

    the burger question shows that people don't know when to chase for options.

  • Yokai-Odyssey
    Yokai-Odyssey Month ago +278

    Bro is the hero we didn't know we needed

  • Noname
    Noname Month ago

    Man that kiss at the end me laugh

  • Rachel Pickering
    Rachel Pickering Month ago

    We’re definitely gay now he just kissed us💀

  • Rico Robert Rekor
    Rico Robert Rekor Month ago +90

    i feel sorry for joe he even left us a hint that speedrunning hurts

  • QueenBee
    QueenBee Month ago

    A super rare condition called reverse

  • walwere
    walwere Month ago +68

    Your kisses are single handedly carrying my romantic life ♥

    • F Ismail
      F Ismail Month ago +6

      In a non sexual way right

    • walwere
      walwere Month ago

      @F Ismail this is the way

  • Jax Barrett
    Jax Barrett Month ago

    The last part got me😂😂

  • Mr.Music
    Mr.Music Month ago

    All I want is the burger and the money, but the girls are an added bonus 🤣

  • DogoCray 189
    DogoCray 189 Month ago +156

    honestly you deserve a vacation man don't push yourself too hard be safe

  • ꧁Despair Karma꧂
    ꧁Despair Karma꧂ 26 days ago

    Ill take all the quarter pounders 💅🏽

  • 𝑪𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒆𝒅 𝑺𝒑𝒍𝒆𝒆𝒏𝒔

    ah yes, run away from the USB stick 😂

  • -Terrarian I
    -Terrarian I Month ago +85

    Damn, Joe is now one of the strong minded people on youtube for not only enduring youtube shorts but also rejecting the deal.

  • Shortest comment
    Shortest comment Month ago

    The first one was actually reversed to make people look like they can control ear muscles