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I Bought The World's Largest Firework ($600,000)


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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  2 years ago +226138

    Subscribe or you’ll have bad luck

  • Grace
    Grace 2 years ago +166339

    He’s gonna have great stories to tell his grandkids

  • Nandi RW
    Nandi RW 26 days ago +21

    I enjoy this reaction when talking and the look on their faces, I hope we are all in good health and going about our daily activities smoothly.

  • Freya Gaffney
    Freya Gaffney 21 day ago +3

    I love how he just cuts to the case and gets it done and over with.🙂👍

  • Whitney’s World
    Whitney’s World 18 days ago +38

    He’s going to have great stories to tell when he’s a grandpa

    • yo
      yo 5 days ago +1

      I agree very original

    • daniel stenholm
      daniel stenholm 11 days ago +3

      Original comment

  • Abu Bakar
    Abu Bakar 24 days ago +2

    Tbh I'm impressed by your hard work and Mr Beast FOREVER!

  • Egg with 75,000 subscribers
    Egg with 75,000 subscribers 2 years ago +1337

    Chandler and Chris have the luckiest job in the world

  • Carmen Zapata
    Carmen Zapata 25 days ago +2

    Tremenda idea, tremendo gasto, pero creo que pudieron haber realizado mejores tomas, más estables y un mejor encuadre... Sin embargo, estuvo muy genial 😊

  • Pyetro Henrique Dos santos santana

    Parabéns para o filho 👏👏🎉🎉

  • 1000 subs from no videos

    Imagine if the 200,000 dollar firework flew into space...that would be epic

  • Randomuser
    Randomuser 9 days ago +1

    Imagine being a bystander and seeing the 40k one, I'd think we were at war

  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  2 years ago +110995

    I put a lot of time into this video, I hope you enjoyed 🥺

  • J05U3 JB
    J05U3 JB 26 days ago +1

    Grande mr beast se va a en medio de la nada para no asustar a los perritos, ke humilde

  • Roland¶D
    Roland¶D 24 days ago

    Me gustaría por lo menos participar aunque una sola vez en uno de sus vídeos ya sea una vez en la vida

  • Dave Roberts
    Dave Roberts 25 days ago +4

    The pre pubescent energy from the little guy is overwhelming!! Good job everybody else.

  • عبدالله
    عبدالله 25 days ago +7

    You are really crazy and special, you make viewers happy

  • DannyX
    DannyX 2 years ago +164

    5:06 Was when MrBeast had an idea of opening a MrBeast Burger resturant.

  • nameless32
    nameless32 27 days ago

    imagine the 40k firework in ww2, wouldove bin hella scary

  • AgentGEdwards :)
    AgentGEdwards :) 24 days ago +1

    Congratulations, Chris!!!!

  • Pat Russell
    Pat Russell 14 days ago

    Salute to the cameramen that are facing away from the fire works

  • King_Dabber_420
    King_Dabber_420 15 days ago

    Best firework show I have ever seen man love you mr.beast

  • Monkey Business
    Monkey Business 2 years ago +338

    Surprise the server didn't lag when blowing up all that TNT.

    • Waffle Man
      Waffle Man 2 years ago


    • JustAndyHere
      JustAndyHere 2 years ago


    • Realcakeman645
      Realcakeman645 2 years ago +2

      Im more purprised he didnt make it to or near bedrock

    • Mich
      Mich 2 years ago

      u mean roblox hehe

    • mel
      mel 2 years ago +1

      DON'T CHECK MY PROFILE PICTURE! wasn’t planning on it

  • Rolly Buendia
    Rolly Buendia 19 days ago +2

    Yay! Fireworks show!!! Here in the Philippines 🇵🇭 a lot of firecrackers were blown up! 🔥 But generally were safe 😁 Belated happy new year y'all! 🎇🎆

    • Irfan Fan
      Irfan Fan 16 days ago


  • Chase
    Chase 21 day ago

    Now imagine what you'd be thinking when you see that nuke coming down

  • Hellem Chirinos
    Hellem Chirinos 25 days ago

    Ojalá mrbeast regale cuetes para la siguiente navidad :)

  • Keith Merritt
    Keith Merritt 5 days ago

    Wow, amazing fireworks!

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi 2 years ago +427

    Me: **sleeping peacefully**
    My neighbors at 3am:

  • Bendit
    Bendit 25 days ago

    I just love the fact that he made Teamtrees and Teamseas, but still wastes 600.000$ for fireworks. 👍👀👍

  • Paulyhgaming
    Paulyhgaming 21 day ago

    Amazing 🎉 love it 🔥🤜💪

    MR AVENGER 7 days ago +1

    Bro , come to Kerala , India 🇮🇳
    And checkout the fireworks 😌🔥

  • Боев Дима
    Боев Дима 26 days ago

    Как можно было так бездарно потратить такие возможности?
    Очевидно что фейерверк нужно было распределить равномерно по горизонту в 360°, создав панораму взрывов

    KUBANE ENTERPRISES 2 years ago +319

    Imagine how confused someone was when they heard all that😂

    • Almir Goncalves
      Almir Goncalves 2 years ago

      I heard it i was confused as heck

    • HoopzPro
      HoopzPro 2 years ago

      They are in the desert they bought a private property

    • Cesar Barros Abud
      Cesar Barros Abud 2 years ago +1

      A l i e n s

    • Boosted Roman
      Boosted Roman 2 years ago +3

      they probably thought kim jung un attacked America

    • joe
      joe 2 years ago


  • Robert Mcwhinney
    Robert Mcwhinney 19 days ago

    Should've set off ten of the one dollars ones at once! LOL!🤪

  • Fire sledgers
    Fire sledgers 18 days ago

    1:25 i love when chandler says “we’re gonna die” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Speedymatt123
    Speedymatt123 6 days ago +1

    Even if it’s one time use for all that money, it’s a million dollar memory for all of us, I mean you recorded it!

  • Hellmood CZ
    Hellmood CZ 25 days ago +1

    2:35 MrBeast: Chandler i will let you do it
    Also MrBeast seconds after pulls the fire button

  • TheLegoBrick
    TheLegoBrick 2 years ago +920

    Mr. Beast put on a better show than literally every single city in the entire US...and only 5 people were invited.

    • Алёна Дадова
      Алёна Дадова 7 days ago

      Мистер бис

    • Robertmaxity
      Robertmaxity 15 days ago

      and only 5 people could actually see it :/

    • Parmi Hafiz
      Parmi Hafiz 18 days ago

      @Terran mm mm mm

    • His Grace
      His Grace Year ago +2

      One question, hopefully there was a lot of people from cities around that could see this amazing firework show

    • His Grace
      His Grace Year ago +2

      Made my day

  • Play Worlds
    Play Worlds 18 days ago +4

    People, let's all congratulate Chandler together, he now has a baby💝

  • J
    J 7 days ago

    Jimmy do this again. I want to see this in person 🥹

  • Melon official
    Melon official 13 days ago

    8:41 bro imagine there's a house that close to that fire work 💀

  • Bilkish Banu
    Bilkish Banu 11 days ago

    I don't know why I am watching this.. 😵but I loved the reaction of Karl and chandler,Jimmy 🤣🤣

  • Haley Lakin
    Haley Lakin 2 years ago +575

    Shout out to the camera man recording their reactions so they couldn’t see the fireworks

    • Water
      Water 2 years ago


    • BeastBomber23
      BeastBomber23 2 years ago

      @DON’T READ MY PROFILE PICTURE! i remember reading a comment of yours that said the ezact same thing a while ago

    • quoc hung
      quoc hung 2 years ago

      @DON’T READ MY PROFILE PICTURE! i did everything.-.

    • m0nkr3y
      m0nkr3y 2 years ago

      They could have looked the other way

    • Jacoh7
      Jacoh7 2 years ago

      Could of just turned around

  • Brodys gaming
    Brodys gaming 2 days ago

    I think this is one of your coolest videos yet!

  • D H
    D H 26 days ago

    Manny was so funny 😂

  • DragonZ Esports
    DragonZ Esports 8 days ago

    Mr beast tinha que vir pro brazil

  • Yahvé de la Paz Vásquez Coronel

    Muy Bien Mr Beast

  • Abhi Kush
    Abhi Kush 2 years ago +629

    Mr beast in 2050 :
    Destroying moon and surprising the humanity with a new one!
    Edit : lmao thx guys I'm just getting butterflies seeing to many likes lol

    • Abhi Kush
      Abhi Kush 2 years ago

      @Eco haha ye

    • SmallGraydonGuy
      SmallGraydonGuy 2 years ago

      “The humanity”

    • Lethal_Mista
      Lethal_Mista 2 years ago

      Nahh thats next year

    • Sumi_Lu
      Sumi_Lu 2 years ago

      Koro sensei in a nutshell lol

    • SBoXsLive
      SBoXsLive 2 years ago

      Yeet Lmao I’m really close to 14k Subscribers anyone mind helping

  • ares
    ares 25 days ago +1

    wow, it's very beautiful to color the sky, great

  • Kyle Brown
    Kyle Brown 26 days ago +1

    Imagine thirty seconds in, that buddy trips and lights off all 600k at once

  • Wellnesskoenig
    Wellnesskoenig 26 days ago

    I smiled from the firework 😊 thanks

  • akshata kaur
    akshata kaur 25 days ago +5

    1:25 챈들러 이러다 뒤지지 하는거 더빙 진짜 너무 웃기게 잘된것같음ㅋㅋ걍 단순하게 번역하면 우리 모두 죽을거야 이정도인데 이런 디테일이 영상을 좀더 재미있게 만들어주는듯 챈들러 사투리로 더빙한거 누가 생각하신건진 모르겠지만 진짜 센스있었다ㅋㅋ

  • Firewarrior999
    Firewarrior999 2 years ago +318

    Chris isn't here.
    Chirs: *Sees the night turn into day and everything is shaking*
    Also Chris: What did they do?

  • Ling Narzihary
    Ling Narzihary 24 days ago

    Imagine being on Acid for this whole experience

  • Vidhya
    Vidhya 17 days ago +1

    This definitely owned a sub 😄.

  • Boredom
    Boredom 6 days ago +4

    Naruto is finally using his Firework-no-jutsu

    MIGUEL GUTIERREZ 18 days ago

    me encanta tus videos saludos desde bolivia cochabamba

  • Efaz
    Efaz 2 years ago +226

    Everyone: I'm so sick of this pandemic
    Mr beast: Yeah so we are gonna launch some *$600,000* fireworks and it's gonna be a *blast*

    • Efaz
      Efaz 2 years ago

      @Apple 882 Ikr....welp I reprted them too

    • Staeve
      Staeve 2 years ago +1

      XD ikr

    • Apple 882
      Apple 882 2 years ago +1

      I’m gonna just report em

    • Apple 882
      Apple 882 2 years ago +1

      Why did all bots reply to you (no offense)

  • Colin’s vlogs
    Colin’s vlogs 23 days ago

    I love mrbeast videos so much

  • Zenitzoo
    Zenitzoo 6 days ago

    2:39 what were they expecting?😂 it’s taped to him of course it would explode

  • 휴엔민호
    휴엔민호 27 days ago

    Yonshakudama is the world's largest firework it weighs 420KG. From Japan 🇯🇵🎌

  • Flying squirrel
    Flying squirrel 25 days ago +1

    Those drone shots are SICK

  • Apple Bapples
    Apple Bapples 2 years ago +575

    No one:
    Mr. Beast to his children: "i once had to get air clearance for lighting explosives in the sky"

  • FireBoy - Minecraft
    FireBoy - Minecraft 25 days ago +1

    In short, the speedrun on air clogging

  • Johan Steenkamp
    Johan Steenkamp 26 days ago

    Biggest firework for the night, and the camera crew decided to screw it up.

  • Predator Fishingtrip
    Predator Fishingtrip 26 days ago

    The real money burn 🔥🔥

  • Moscowcityresident
    Moscowcityresident 26 days ago

    When you just need some fun

  • hi
    hi 2 years ago +517

    No One:
    MrBeast 50 years from now collabs with Elon Musk to do last to leave Mars wins Mars

    • DaRKS1D3RZ
      DaRKS1D3RZ 2 years ago

      @Perez you don't know what woooosh means, do you? also you spelt it wrong.

    • hi
      hi 2 years ago

      Yea lol

    • Yuriko
      Yuriko 2 years ago


    • SiimplyMe X
      SiimplyMe X 2 years ago


    • Unoriginal Name
      Unoriginal Name 2 years ago

      @hi A cure for death.

  • Brandon Leung
    Brandon Leung 12 days ago

    I feel bad for the cameraman that recorded their reactions

  • Dante Matellini
    Dante Matellini 25 days ago

    Casually watching the death star explode at 40,000 fireworks

  • ツLeos Griefツ
    ツLeos Griefツ 26 days ago +5

    Это слишком хорошо, чтобы пересмотреть еще раз


    imagine just looking outside your window and another sun pops out of nowhere

  • Julie Parker
    Julie Parker 2 years ago +322

    Imagine trying to fall asleep and that’s out your window

    • Lightbaron
      Lightbaron 2 years ago

      Welcome to New Years in german cities. Just that you have thousands of people lighting fireworks for around an hour or longer all over the city. There's some forbidden zones, but the rest is fair game.

    • sleepywall
      sleepywall 2 years ago

      Electro The Gacha Wolf *fireworks* GOES STRAIGHT TO HOUSE

    • SheluvsFear
      SheluvsFear 2 years ago +1

      Nuke inbound

    • tacomadnez? more like taco vomit
      tacomadnez? more like taco vomit 2 years ago +1

      *Me* (looks about my window) MrBeast, hiiiii!

    • DrJamesYT
      DrJamesYT 2 years ago +3

      @Gatekeeper exactly lmaoo

  • Grandmaster
    Grandmaster 26 days ago

    Lmmfao 🤣🤣 I love these guys 😂my kinda party people. Invite damnit! 🤘🎸😎

  • Carol Chang
    Carol Chang 9 days ago

    Wow showers🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🎉🎉🤣🤣🤣🤣🥰🥰😘😘🥹🥹🥹1010000000000000078855665656654322133099
    Of my heart 💜 to see the beauty and joy 🥹 that has gone down my throat for you in the to the fireworks

  • ThatOneScreamingDude
    ThatOneScreamingDude 27 days ago

    Imagine you're just walking then you see a giant sign that says "BURGER"

  • Jennifer Moreira
    Jennifer Moreira 25 days ago

    The fireworks look so cool to me

  • Shiasu
    Shiasu 2 years ago +949

    Chris's son is gonna have the best uncles in the world

  • Marx Sta ana
    Marx Sta ana 20 hours ago

    Its been 2 years and its just now i realized Karl was doing something sus with mannys arm lol

  • Asad Abbasi
    Asad Abbasi 8 days ago

    I wish i was apart of your crew

  • Adiel Alegre Pinedo
    Adiel Alegre Pinedo 10 days ago

    Nosotros queremos el Komodo 3000 para el año nuevo del 2023 xd

  • Gamer4Luffy
    Gamer4Luffy 12 days ago

    160 الف دولار ماهذا الجنون☠️

  • William Huggett
    William Huggett 2 years ago +362

    Imagine just camping in the desert and, lit up in the sky, are the words “burger”

  • Juliano Campolina
    Juliano Campolina 7 days ago

    Imagina se tivesse vários cachorros com vocês você sabe que cachorro tem medo de fogos

  • Ross Danes
    Ross Danes 26 days ago

    Totally awesome!

  • mmills425
    mmills425 6 days ago

    i love your videos.

  • woof woof I am a dog lol 🐕‍🦺

    I love this guy

  • Strix
    Strix 2 years ago +540

    20 million trees : We need more Co2 for photosynthesis
    Mrbeast : ok done.

  • Twisted
    Twisted 22 days ago +1

    MrBeast if you ever see this comment I love your videos I would love to be in one

  • ThugPirate
    ThugPirate 27 days ago

    that's cool you bought your own 4 of July ✌️👍💯

  • P Manning
    P Manning 25 days ago

    My best mate let fireworks off in my bedroom. So many burn holes everywhere. 😅

  • Eil_Emmanuel58
    Eil_Emmanuel58 14 days ago

    Michael Bay would be proud of MrBeast

  • jop mckenna
    jop mckenna 2 years ago +480

    could u imagine the presents mrbeast is gonna give Chris’ child

    • Nightmare
      Nightmare 2 years ago

      *When he turns ten: GIVING 10 HOUSES TO CHRIS’S CHILDREN*

    • MMM
      MMM 2 years ago

      Congrats Chris

    • Edwin Rianos
      Edwin Rianos 2 years ago

      Giving my Friends baby 10,000 Baby bottles💀

    • mr negative
      mr negative 2 years ago

      @Donotpressonmyprofilpic i know you
      Your the guy who rick rolled me. I spent my entire day on your damn puzzle

    • ZirconWolf
      ZirconWolf 2 years ago +1

      Global warming XD

  • Ly Tu Ngoc
    Ly Tu Ngoc 23 days ago

    I love your videos


    Это было видно с космического корабля )

  • Lorraine Kate Ortega
    Lorraine Kate Ortega 13 days ago

    2 years later and I'm back for it haha!

  • Brian Kim
    Brian Kim 26 days ago

    나도 내 친구 중에 이런 친구 있었으면 좋겠다..

  • Bonife
    Bonife 2 years ago +224

    It should be called “most expensive legal firework” cus we all know this ain’t the biggest one

  • shadowkiller
    shadowkiller 26 days ago

    when you couldn't watch the national holiday fireworks in France

  • cipro
    cipro 26 days ago

    Pobre carl no le dió la mamo Mr beast y se quedó con la mano estirada

  • Austin Odi
    Austin Odi 26 days ago

    Jimmy: Chandler I'd let you do it
    *Proceeds to press the button"