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Mario Reacts to Spooky Memes but Dies half way through

  • Published on Nov 2, 2021 veröffentlicht
    Mario looks at spoopy memes but gets a lil visitor...
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  • SMG4
    SMG4  Year ago +3370

    oo very scary
    MURDER DRONES IS OUUUUUT ► clip-share.net/video/mImFz8mkaHo/video.html

  • Samsung Tab 3
    Samsung Tab 3 Year ago +1069

    _Man, Mario can't watch 2 minutes of spooky memes without being interupted by deadly robots trying to kill him._

  • David Shaw
    David Shaw Year ago +682

    I love how N is both a fun, loving character who wants to be your friend and a deranged, bloodthirsty psychopath who wants to eat you.

  • Guy Who Likes Fire Emblem

    “Screw genocide, let’s look at some memes!” I hope we see N more often in SMG4 videos, even as an extra

    • Alex's Omega Ruby
      Alex's Omega Ruby Year ago +29

      Hopefully they add him. I was laughing a lot, even when he tried to kill Mario. XD XD!!

    • YagRudGaming
      YagRudGaming Year ago +9

      Me too

    • gte Visconti
      gte Visconti Year ago +5

      @Alex's Omega Ruby I made a comment about that

    • CharoTheHero
      CharoTheHero Year ago +8

      I would definitely love to see N in the mag universe as well

    • Jaykub Harreld
      Jaykub Harreld Year ago +2

      Me too

  • Graphite Pencil
    Graphite Pencil 5 months ago +39

    I could listen to N’s evil laugh all day. I don’t care how evil he’s being he’s so precious it hurts

  • President Dedede
    President Dedede Year ago +404

    "Artificial life is agony."
    Smg4 agrees.
    Also the satanic ritual had me.

    • Amongusgomad
      Amongusgomad Year ago +2

      Good man

    • ~Novaa~
      ~Novaa~ 11 months ago +7

      oh my gosh tho mario coming out going "weeeeeeee! :D"

    • President Dedede
      President Dedede 11 months ago +1

      Sweet shit didn't expect this to blow. In fact I forgot this existed.

    • The Declan Show
      The Declan Show 9 months ago +2

      @~Novaa~ Mario:weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:3

    • ProGamer1234
      ProGamer1234 5 months ago

      that "weeeeeeeeeeee" had me dying

  • BigPapaPickle
    BigPapaPickle 8 months ago +61

    No wonder the universe has stayed stable despite how Mario dying is apparently the way to end the whole world

    • Máté Bánföldi
      Máté Bánföldi 7 months ago +3

      If mario dies normally it's okay, he'll respawn. If he dies the way zero tried, that's when his universe ceases to exist

    • MCGameJolter
      MCGameJolter 3 months ago +2

      ​@Máté Bánföldi I like to think dying by Zero is literally tearing your code apart, rendering Mario's death permanent, unlike most of the time where he gets casually stabbed or crushed, since it doesn't harm or tamper with his code

    • Melinda Guidi
      Melinda Guidi 27 days ago +1

      smg4 i love video

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago +296

    Man I love how Mario nerfs himself so people (who won’t be able to make him not exist) can have a chance to win. At least the Murder Drones actually seem like they stand a chance, considering N lifted a whole door.

    • Tundra
      Tundra Year ago +17

      Now I’m just imagining people who didn’t watch murder drones thinking “How in the world is that impressive!?”

    • Sean
      Sean Year ago +8

      @Tundra 🗿

    • Telur Biru
      Telur Biru Year ago +6

      Im sure the humans in the murder drones series has super soldiers with genetic codes to make them super strong

    • Telur Biru
      Telur Biru Year ago +6

      Since the series is shown in the far future

    • Crucified Hugh neutron
      Crucified Hugh neutron Year ago +1

      Mario’s like a popular video game in a way.
      One time, he’s at his best (buff), and at other times he’s at his lowest (nerf).

  • Crucified Hugh neutron

    For Mario, having a near-death experience is normal.
    But it’s especially not normal when there’s a a random droid trying to hunt you down just so they can save themselves from a gruelling fate when they get home.
    Plus, N appearing in a Mario video was probably a one-time thing.

    • tom novy
      tom novy Year ago +2

      there was a other instance but i dont remember when

    • TheChaoticOne
      TheChaoticOne Year ago +1

      It happened twice. I forgot the video name however.

  • Pifflesome Puff Nadder
    Pifflesome Puff Nadder 11 months ago +93

    I love how SMG4 actually got Michael for this video rather than just using the occasional subtitles and such.

  • CirclenXife
    CirclenXife 5 months ago +42

    I love how N being evil feels so out of place in the SMG4 universe

  • S1X TH3 DR4G0N
    S1X TH3 DR4G0N Year ago +74

    I feel like my wish of having N and Uzi join the SMG4 series is going to come true...

    • Gamerdrache
      Gamerdrache Year ago +3

      @TheAmazingToma2003 i don´t understand you but respect your opinion

    • Mr. PufferFish
      Mr. PufferFish Year ago +1

      @Gamerdrache Yup same it's always welcome to have more additions

    • Ren Amamiya
      Ren Amamiya Year ago +2

      @TheAmazingToma2003 I mean it’s Your opinion but you should still check the videos out that are not major parts of arks they are also fun. But N would likely also not have fully voiced lines I think he would be like meggy where she has a few voice clips that kinda match the the things she says.and if new characters join,it’s kinda logical since SMG4 has the desire the grow as a content creator some people might not enjoy that,but you have to understand why.

    • TheAmazingToma2003
      TheAmazingToma2003 Year ago

      @Ren Amamiya Ye but I 'feel' too old to try to watch his recent vids or idk.
      I'm currently sidding with the Madness Combat community (but not so much) and the OG Gears of War.

  • Alfie Bell
    Alfie Bell 9 months ago +20

    I had just come back to rewatch this episode and I had forgotten that murder drones was even a thing since we haven't had anything new from it

  • Clutch_Gameplays
    Clutch_Gameplays Year ago +66

    I would LOVE nothing more to see N, J, V, and Uzi make their way into SMG4 full time.

    • CATX
      CATX Year ago +6

      isn't J dead?

    • Random
      Random Year ago +5

      @CATX yes-

    • Dashy Washy Games
      Dashy Washy Games Year ago +5

      If any of the drones are gonna be part of SMG4 full time it’s gonna be N at least until Gmod models for the rest are made

    • Clutch_Gameplays
      Clutch_Gameplays Year ago +4

      Yeah if I memory serves me correctly it was J that died. But still, V and N would be an amazing pair of additions to the SMG4 series.

    • CATX
      CATX Year ago +3

      @Dashy Washy Games i keep checking the steam workshop to see if they realeced the models

  • Logan Lane
    Logan Lane Year ago +258

    "If Mario was in... Murder Drones" is sure to happen.

    • Gon freeccs 🦆 🤡
      Gon freeccs 🦆 🤡 Year ago +4


    • Mesa Lab
      Mesa Lab Year ago +4

      I hope so.

    • Flames
      Flames Year ago +3


    • Theodoresaurus Rex
      Theodoresaurus Rex Year ago +5

      it has to since they already did ''if mario was in meta runner'' but the problem is well 1)how do they recreate the MASSIVE spire of corpses wich is just the dissasembly drones house (the dissasembly drones liar or house thingy is is just a massive spire of corpses to protect them from sunlight as N says in the pilot ''i,d join you if the sun didnt kill me'')and 2) the nanite acid will be sorta hard to remake if its used and 3)how do you make 2 protagonists as mario is the smg4 protag while a worker drone called Uzi is the protag in murder drones so yeahhhh but im sure they'll find a way trough

    • DemonNel
      DemonNel Year ago

      Nah it's not gonna happen

  • hyperscout221 the best scout

    I love how smg4 is literally bringing him back to life and Mario just casually goes weeeee

  • Bananaz
    Bananaz 7 months ago +14

    I loved that series so much I wish there was more.

  • GiantPuppeteerGaming
    GiantPuppeteerGaming Year ago +115

    I love how mario is the dumbest character in the entire Smg4 series
    yet he can Morph his body parts from stretching his torso all the way to the sky to flattening his own head to dodge bullets
    and guess what...
    the other charachters don't do that
    like Meggy. tari. saiko. shroomy. ect.
    Mario's shapeshifting abilitys come to use when a trail of bullets come straight for him

    • Crucified Hugh neutron
      Crucified Hugh neutron Year ago +9

      He’s simply just got the blessing of being a Gmod model.
      And the star of the show.

    • Vasa Lazarevic
      Vasa Lazarevic Year ago

      our lord and savior:

    • Random guy
      Random guy 11 months ago +2

      I’m pretty sure the flattening his head just for dodging bullets is because he doesn’t have a brain which leaves that for muscle that Mario can control.
      So, whenever he needs to dodge things that are absolutely fast that are going towards his head, he can flatten his head to dodge.
      Man, now I know what Mario’s anatomy is like.

    • Andrew's Gaming
      Andrew's Gaming 8 months ago +1

      He can also turn into a tank

  • UnderMind Au creator
    UnderMind Au creator 2 months ago +3

    2:26 N in the backround looking
    ready to kill
    2:18 awop jump scare
    2:24 maniacs laughter
    2:28 a gun
    2:45 slay
    2:56 Dun.....
    3:02 floor
    3:03 maniacs laughter again
    3:06 bonk
    3:14Man switched PERSONALITY faster then I switch songs
    3:30 dog stuff * murder stuff👹 * and * debilitating cognitive dissonance 🎉 *
    3:48 BrUtAly MuRdEr 👹
    3:59 I love spooky memes,yea screw genocid, lets look at some memes
    4:22 Ahahaha artificial life is agony😃

  • The_Godbodor
    The_Godbodor Year ago +264

    Honestly, N and the other drones (both disassembly and workers) all have really cool designs. Definitely hope it becomes more than just a pilot

    • Wicked
      Wicked Year ago +2

      Nice 69 likes lol

    • Wicked
      Wicked Year ago +2

      Probably gonna be gone soon

    • BakuLan23
      BakuLan23 Year ago +7

      Looking forward to seeing more of the Murder Drones, eventually.

    • Mahoboy06
      Mahoboy06 Year ago +1

      I agree

    • Gamerdrache
      Gamerdrache Year ago +5

      @Wicked why i mean they have so much views and the pilot ussaly is for looking how people liek it and its really liked so i would think it will be mor ethan a pilot

  • Luigi with a Laptop
    Luigi with a Laptop Year ago +100

    It provides an interesting sense of contrast seeing murder drones in *incredibly high quality with bloom and everything* to just seeing N in a regular smg4 vid

  • dzintraskuja
    dzintraskuja Year ago +57

    "artificial life is agony :D"
    *This guy is spitting out facts, no wonder he's in a full series*

    • Sharon Cantillo
      Sharon Cantillo Year ago

      I like Mario he’s like the dumbest person in theCall SMG four he’s like blah blah blah I like doggies oh scary scary😂

  • General Hanz Brimmļer 🇩🇪

    Murder drones: literally drones that kill
    General grievous: "lemme introduce myself"

  • Joseph Holt
    Joseph Holt Year ago +153

    4:38 It would've been neat/kinda funny if SMG4 tried to bring Axol and Desti back to life like that.

  • Christopher Scherer
    Christopher Scherer 10 months ago +5

    Well we now know Mario's plot armor is now on cheating death levels, but reality did seem kind of stable with him dead there even though he is the Avatar of the world and

  • GojiRaptor06
    GojiRaptor06 Year ago +1841

    When SMG4 can’t think of a sponsor so he sponsors himself: *This is big brain time*

    • Dark Striker 06
      Dark Striker 06 Year ago +23


    • MLG29
      MLG29 Year ago +29

      Expand brain

    • Margaret Thompson
      Margaret Thompson Year ago +24

      so he pays himself

    • Baconimator
      Baconimator Year ago +20

      Ngl I’m kinda interested in making an FNF version or a fan made version of Murder Drones lol

    • hello there
      hello there Year ago +10

      The fact mario gave a 10 only makes me think of the Obama medal meme

  • Matthew Ramos Zuñiga
    Matthew Ramos Zuñiga Year ago +62

    I feel like N is going to be a new character for the SMG4 Crew, I think he’s a perfect fit for the team too:)
    Edit: 3:08 Aww, poor Mario…

    • Kuji Argisia
      Kuji Argisia Year ago +3

      If thats true, think Saiko got a friend

    • crazyconnor316
      crazyconnor316 Year ago +2

      Yes, he will probs be a good addition to the crew, especially if another sort of event like the genesis arc happens

    • Felizpcite Lgonza
      Felizpcite Lgonza Year ago +2

      The balance between cool and lighthearted and edgy and dark

    • scoppy bannopy
      scoppy bannopy Year ago +1

      Chill out he for all i know coud be a backroud caracter

    • Matthew Ramos Zuñiga
      Matthew Ramos Zuñiga Year ago +1

      @Kuji Argisia More like Tari has a new friend to relate to cause he’s mechanical.

  • Mirodah Rovaniik
    Mirodah Rovaniik Year ago +56

    "How often in one video do you want to promote murder drones?"
    SMG4: Y E S !

    • Gamerdrache
      Gamerdrache Year ago +5

      i mean it is kinda good

    • Mirodah Rovaniik
      Mirodah Rovaniik Year ago +3

      @Gamerdrache, it wasn't meant me saying it's bad.
      I like murder drones, tho it is in my opinion ridiculous how often he promotes it in one video.

    • Ren Amamiya
      Ren Amamiya Year ago

      @Mirodah Rovaniik it’s pretty normal to do that on HIS OWN FUCKING CHANNEL

    • Mangle 1218
      Mangle 1218 Year ago +2

      I count 3 times
      1.murder drones trailer
      2.N attacking Mario
      3.SMG4 promoting murder drones

    • Mirodah Rovaniik
      Mirodah Rovaniik Year ago

      @Ren Amamiya, so? Am I not allowed to talk about it?

  • Icchasaki
    Icchasaki 3 months ago +1

    I love how every N joke is just ✨existential dread✨

  • Mudkip Master
    Mudkip Master Year ago +129

    Avatar Mario: *dies*
    The Universe: Ah, shit. Here we go again.

    • Phoenimations
      Phoenimations Year ago +1


    • Mudkip Master
      Mudkip Master Year ago +3

      @Phoenimations As if any moment Mario dies matters unless it's a plot moment. lmao

    • L1M.L4M
      L1M.L4M Year ago +1

      He had 1-ups, I hope.
      I just hope he's not dumb enough to not eat them...
      then again, he did correct a typo

    • The Bio Library
      The Bio Library Year ago

      Apparently the universe is biased to let Mario either revive offscreen or be revived because of the whole avatar stuff.

    • Michael Hinton
      Michael Hinton Year ago +1

      4:38 Demon Summoning

  • Meggy Spletzer
    Meggy Spletzer 10 months ago +2

    Mario’s reaction videos are hilarious.

  • Tony Muskrat
    Tony Muskrat Year ago +296

    Why is N literally *THE* most wholesome character in Murder Drones?
    I love it though

    • The Dumb Raven
      The Dumb Raven Year ago +15

      He is the most wholesome character in Murder drones..but he is also deadly...but still cute :3

    • Crucified Hugh neutron
      Crucified Hugh neutron Year ago +3

      He ended up killing about 4 workers, and almost killed Uzi twice.
      And that’s just the pilot episode.

    • Le Guichet Travel
      Le Guichet Travel Year ago +1

      @insert good name here You mean, related to the infamous Terminator. The droid that kills all of humanity.

    • insert good name here
      insert good name here Year ago +3

      do you want free chicken nuggets

    • insert good name here
      insert good name here Year ago +1

      do you want free chicken nuggets

  • pantseatme
    pantseatme Year ago +63

    N: "Say, you wouldn't have anyone around here I can BRUTALLY MURDER, would ya?"
    Mario: "Hmmm..."
    *Door slams open*
    *Door slams shut*
    Mario: "...... Anyone you say?"

  • Isiah
    Isiah Year ago +20

    ‘We just gonna ignore how Mario literally starts getting hunted by N exactly halfway through the video? The timing is perfect!

  • SouthernRailfan4501Productions

    N is truly a hilariously funny character.

  • Jim Allem
    Jim Allem Year ago +30

    Mario's "weeeeeeee" at the end had me dying. 😂🤣😂🤣

    • Rose the Cat
      Rose the Cat Year ago +1


    • Jim Allem
      Jim Allem Year ago +1


  • Zachary Cabanié
    Zachary Cabanié 7 months ago +10

    SMG4: "If Mario dies, everything dies"
    Mario: *4:04*

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous Year ago +57

    It’s nice how N simultaneously acts all cute and has murderous intents at the same time.

    • Soup Frog
      Soup Frog Year ago

      What you know about rollin' down in the deep?
      When your brain goes numb, you can call that mental freeze
      When these people talk too much, put that shit in slow motion, yeah
      I feel like an astronaut in the ocean, ayy
      What you know about rollin' down in the deep?
      When your brain goes numb, you can call that mental freeze
      When these people talk too much, put that shit in slow motion, yeah
      I feel like an astronaut in the ocean
      She say that I'm cool (damn straight)
      I'm like, "Yeah, that's true" (that's true)
      I believe in G-O-D (ayy)
      Don't believe in T-H-O-T
      She keep playing me dumb (play me)
      I'ma play her for fun (uh-huh)
      Y'all don't really know my mental
      Lemme give you the picture like stencil
      Falling out, in a drought
      No flow, rain wasn't pouring down (pouring down)
      See, that pain was all around
      See, my mode was kinda lounged
      Didn't know which-which way to turn
      Flow was cool but I still felt burnt
      Energy up, you can feel my surge
      I'ma kill everything like this purge (ayy)
      Let's just get this straight for a second, I'ma work
      Even if I don't get paid for progression, I'ma get it (get it)
      Everything that I do is electric
      I'ma keep it in a motion, keep it moving like kinetic, ayy (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
      Put this shit in a frame, better know I don't blame
      Everything that I say, man, I seen you deflate
      Let me elevate, this ain't a prank
      Have you walkin' on a plank, la-la-la-la-la, like
      Both hands together, God, let me pray (now let me pray)
      Uh, I've been going right, right around, call that relay (Masked Wolf)
      Pass the baton, back to them all
      Swimming in the pool, Kendrick Lamar, uh
      Want a piece of this, a piece of mine, my peace a sign
      Can you please read between the lines?
      My rhyme's inclined to break your spine
      They say that I'm so fine
      You could never match my grind (true)
      Please do not, not waste my time (Wolf)
      What you know about rollin' down in the deep?
      When your brain goes numb, you can call that mental freeze
      When these people talk too much, put that shit in slow motion, yeah
      I feel like an astronaut in the ocean, ayy
      What you know about rollin' down in the deep?
      When your brain goes numb, you can call that mental freeze
      When these people talk too much, put that shit in slow motion, yeah
      I feel like an astronaut in the ocean

    • Soup Frog
      Soup Frog Year ago

      Lol Nothing important yes just yes

    • insert good name here
      insert good name here Year ago

      Nterminator 2.0

  • Official_ImpossibleTuber

    Also, I am curious when the models for the Murder Drones are going to get released on Garry's Mod unless that is other people who make them and release them. But other than that, I really love the things you making SMG4 and really love Murder Drones. Keep up the Amazing work.

  • b0bthe_eg
    b0bthe_eg Year ago +110

    i love how when mario says: "Well i hope Mario never runs into those spooky robot guys."
    N: *you got mail*

    • Crafted Soapy
      Crafted Soapy Year ago +2

      Meanwhile all the Star Wars fans: I have a bad feeling about this…

    • X_Fumiko ito_X
      X_Fumiko ito_X Year ago +1

      I watched it a second time just now and just realized N was standing behind mario

  • That Wannabe Musician
    That Wannabe Musician 7 months ago +1

    Massive appreciation of the Murder Drones scene with the Portal 2 soundtrack tho

  • Jet Bluefin James
    Jet Bluefin James Year ago +45

    I love how N can look innocent one minute and the next he’s the total opposite,

    • Sticknode Matt
      Sticknode Matt Year ago

      And i kinda innocent and being killer like n

    • Lazar Beem
      Lazar Beem Year ago +1

      @Sticknode Matt r/cursedcomments

    • Chip
      Chip Year ago

      That was pretty cursed

  • Beau Tenison
    Beau Tenison 7 months ago +3

    just casually summons Mario back from the grave
    I am inevitable

  • Benjamin Santangelo
    Benjamin Santangelo Year ago +35

    When two universes collide, their Physics must temporarily blend until the universes diverge once again. Seeing how they combine is always fascinating.
    In the SMG4 Universe, damage inflicted is based on intent rather than force. Characters can be in a lot of pain, but rarely die outright. It depends if the attacker really wants to kill, or the defender really wants to perish. For example, Luigi recently had a nuke blow up in his face, and he's doing fine. This aspect allows the SMG4 universe to be highly effective at incorporating foreign characters, like the Murder Drones.
    When N decapitates Toad, he's killing for the sake of murder, not because he wants Toad dead. However, according to his home universe, his attacks are highly lethal, and Toad should be 6 feet under. The result? A headless, living Toad - an answer that defies both universes in isolation, but is the only way to rectify the incongruity.
    That being said, why IS N after Mario? He's not a Worker Drone... right? Also, that banana peel is a bad banana thinking some bad thoughts. Eject it into space.
    Of course, this is all just Headcannon, but I don't think it can be disproven.

    • cadergator10
      cadergator10 Year ago +4

      The amount of effort and intelligence put into this single comment. My head hurts just reading it lol

    • Zach Liner
      Zach Liner Year ago +3

      @cadergator10 agreed. While I do like that he put the time an effort into this comment, its a joke. Not meant to be taken seriously. But still, it was fun to read, even if I lost 93.6% of my brain cells reading it.
      (Thats not an offense to the creator of this comment, its a joke on how dumb I am)

    • TomatoOrphan
      TomatoOrphan Year ago +3

      Ngl this is a pretty good analysis.

    • Yoshtotoct
      Yoshtotoct Year ago +2

      This intent-based fatality would actually make a lot of sense.
      That’d explain why Mario regularly dies without dying.

  • Speak of The Devil
    Speak of The Devil Year ago +17

    This is amazing 😂 N is my favourite character and I really hope to see him in more videos other than the Pilot episode of Murder Drones. I do have one question: what’s debilitating cognitive dissonance? The internet doesn’t seem to be giving me straight answers...
    “Haha! Artificial life is agony! :D” -N

    • Shadow_ Productions - Jelly :)
      Shadow_ Productions - Jelly :) Year ago

      But others might know.

    • Gracekim24
      Gracekim24 Year ago

      It’s another word for MURDER!😈

    • Gracekim24
      Gracekim24 Year ago

      No seriously it seems he basically said murder twice🤣

    • Gracekim24
      Gracekim24 Year ago

      Debilitating means to weaken something…..

    • Gracekim24
      Gracekim24 Year ago

      While cognitive dissonance is used to describe the mental discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs, values etc. It seems to describe N🤔

  • ThatOnePenguinThatClobbah'dKirby

    I love, how N casually waited for Mario to see him before he started attacking. N IS MY BOY! DON'T TOUCH-A THE CHILD

    • leon
      leon 10 months ago

      what!!! 🔪

  • eli RPs
    eli RPs 8 months ago +1

    2:27 the smile on his face tho.

  • Bendu
    Bendu Year ago +117

    "Yeah , Screw genocide , Lets look at some memes!"
    *Absolute Perfection.*

  • Kamikami Monarch C:
    Kamikami Monarch C: 10 months ago +2

    2:29 This reminds me of Eddsworld with Tom's run in The End and I love it.

  • Joseph Cruz
    Joseph Cruz Year ago +205

    0:38 *Indeed, Chris Pratt is the most “scariest” meme of all time*

    • mini pz9 the bast fiiter
      mini pz9 the bast fiiter Year ago +2

      of course

    • Garfield Underpants
      Garfield Underpants Year ago +4

      when I saw he was voicing garfield I thought it was a joke.
      It wasn't.

    • chip599XX // Videogame Republic Productions
      chip599XX // Videogame Republic Productions Year ago

      Chris Pratt is not scary
      Chris Pratt is fine
      But still that in my Future that Chris Pratt will portrayed as James CBCPD
      So James CBCPD will stop against N or Nero Drone from the Alternate Universe of Murders Drones

    • Aqua2power OS
      Aqua2power OS Year ago

      Its a me A-Mario

    • Dalp
      Dalp Year ago

      @chip599XX // Videogame Republic Productions you ruined the joke

  • TheRealSquidward
    TheRealSquidward Year ago +109

    2:35 This is the best animating SMG4 Has done in a very long time

    • VioIce64
      VioIce64 Year ago +6

      I strongly agree more than you think. Our boy’s changing.

    • Simply Nikro Hydras
      Simply Nikro Hydras Year ago +2

      Axel is ded

    • GuyWhoLikesWrestlingWayTooMuch
      GuyWhoLikesWrestlingWayTooMuch Year ago +2

      Camera work is definitely the best its every been in a continuous shot, but the animation is normal 2021 smg4.
      Good but nothing special

    • UWU DGML
      UWU DGML 11 months ago +3


    • TheAntiHacc
      TheAntiHacc 9 months ago +1

      Somebody hasnt watched actual murder drones, the same person made it too. even just the pilot episode, its so fire my flesh melts off in 0.2 seconds. In counting... somebody help me im bleeding out and dont have my flesh

  • Liam Quinn Kapraun-Bourdon

    I was watching the Mario Does Things playlist and just before I got to this episode, the end suggestions suggested me the Murder Drones pilot episode and I cant wait to watch it. Also, N looks like a girl and is my favorite type of person: Soft on the inside; poison covered, made from the sun, and genocide inducing prickles on the outside

    • Amelia Ruby Official
      Amelia Ruby Official 11 months ago

      omg what the Fock man sais cool man
      and im a fan of you bro
      its so funny every videos

    BRITTBOSS 10 months ago +2

    The look on smg4’s face after the drone says life is agony lmfao

  • Thunderbolt64
    Thunderbolt64 Year ago +22

    Alternate title:
    SMG4 Couldn’t Find Enough Memes To Last Eight Minutes So Uses Mario's Death As An Excuse To End The Video Early And Also Plugs His New Series

  • Mr Editor 96
    Mr Editor 96 8 months ago +2

    4:05 the saddest SMG4 moments:
    1. Mario’s death

  • SherMahaan
    SherMahaan Year ago +68

    This was one of the best reactions Mario ever did.

  • TwistedMindGames
    TwistedMindGames Year ago +35

    I love how the Murder Drone is just causally standing behind Mario. XD

  • sonicletrol
    sonicletrol Year ago +49

    the fact that N has a unique model in GMOD mean that he will probably be in a canon episode

  • Deathshadow
    Deathshadow 7 months ago +1

    I love how by every meme the murder drone came nearer

  • Jonathan Guzman
    Jonathan Guzman Year ago +19

    So, Toad doesn't die from getting decapitated but Mario dies from a freaking banana peel slip, SMG4 logic is INSANE, but we love it

    • Ugh too tired
      Ugh too tired Year ago

      Yeah, man don't you know bananas are the most deadly fruit

  • Lazy Jackie
    Lazy Jackie 6 months ago

    N's Face is priceless after seeing Smg4 use the pentagram to bring mario back to life

  • Storm Fox219
    Storm Fox219 Year ago +255

    I would love to see N in more videos honestly, he's a fun comic relief character, plus he's my favorite Murder Drone so far because he's clueless and just hilarious

  • Moonlitblu4452
    Moonlitblu4452 Year ago +29

    I like how Mario’s head just catches up in flames LMAO

  • blank
    blank Year ago +1

    SMG4 Never fails to entertain us.

  • ProGamer1234
    ProGamer1234 5 months ago +14

    4:22 why do this quote and the music fit so well together

  • terrynim8or
    terrynim8or Year ago +49

    1:32 the best moment you could use a line like this. this got me so good.

    • Welson Sian
      Welson Sian Year ago +1

      Bruh 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Am2ar
      Am2ar Year ago +1

      Pretty ironic since mario saved anime once

  • Ennard, Inc.
    Ennard, Inc. 10 months ago +3

    There were only 8 Videos (Not counting Murder Drones) that Mario watched before he “died” halfway through

  • Rat And Compact
    Rat And Compact Year ago +31

    SMG4's content never fails to make me laugh and make my day better, even his old videos :)

  • melonman23
    melonman23 Year ago +14

    I love that the SMG4 versions blows up more than the series itself.
    So i guess its a big succes?

  • Firenzar Frenzy
    Firenzar Frenzy Year ago +17

    I’d very much like to believe that N liking (spooky) memes is now canon and will be referenced in a murder drones episode

  • Doors
    Doors 10 months ago +1

    The way you were trying to submit Mario made me wheeze and laugh 😂

  • Goldie Goose
    Goldie Goose Year ago +17

    Alternate title: "Mario gets disgusted by memes, but gets interrupted by morally confused toaster"

    • Maxifire32
      Maxifire32 Year ago +2

      Better title: mario gets disgusted by memes but gets almost killed by a morally confused flying toaster with weapons

    • Goldie Goose
      Goldie Goose Year ago

      @Maxifire32 better

  • Belle gacha
    Belle gacha 2 months ago

    N in Mario's background slowly getting closer is just beautiful 😂

  • Scargod19 winter
    Scargod19 winter Year ago +271

    I feel like SMG4 will make a “if Mario was in Murder Drones” video someday, anybody agree with me?

  • Beta JediWizard
    Beta JediWizard Year ago +15

    I love Kovach. Hearing his voice is so soothing and it fills me with joy.

  • ImADragonRawr
    ImADragonRawr Year ago +26

    As soon as Mario said "I hope I never these spooky robot guys" there was a murder drone behind him

  • ☆fella☆
    ☆fella☆ 2 months ago +1

    Who came here to hear N's laugh?😭💖

  • Jan Morávek
    Jan Morávek Year ago +58

    "cant actually bring people back to life"
    ... I, think we all know why he said that.
    RIP for Axol

    • SilverFlight01
      SilverFlight01 Year ago +2

      He knew some crazed people were going to throw demands at him, so he threw in that line at the end.

    • Renee Porter-Sanders
      Renee Porter-Sanders Year ago +1


  • Alex Giles
    Alex Giles 10 months ago

    N has officially said: "OoOo I love spooky memes! Yeah screw genocide, lets look at some memes!"
    Thats gonna go into a compilation when the series starts to pick up

    EMTEE Year ago +416

    "Note: SMG4 can't actually bring people back to life"
    You knew what people were going to think, didn't you?

    • Red Belmont
      Red Belmont Year ago +47

      Greg,Desti and Axol

    • The_GDog_237
      The_GDog_237 Year ago +27

      I find this moment funnier than anything else in this video and that is a very hard thing to say

    • TheControllerWolf
      TheControllerWolf Year ago +6

      @Red Belmont dont forget cuban pete

    • Pnatzer
      Pnatzer Year ago +5

      Even Satan is not into that shit :(

  • apeartree2
    apeartree2 Year ago +75

    I would love to see N more often on smg4 he kinda fits in

  • Jayden McKibben
    Jayden McKibben Year ago +12

    the thing about SMG4 Mario is that he can practically bend his head's skeletal structure to his will and be completely fine.

  • Linda Barnes
    Linda Barnes Month ago

    The intro had me dying😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • inter
    inter Year ago +27

    I love when N is waiting behind mario, that looks like a psychopat lmfao

  • groovypotato65
    groovypotato65 9 months ago

    I mean, Mario did kinda die halfway through, but not the way we expected it tbh.

  • Mann of Dober
    Mann of Dober Year ago +233

    So Mario survives the Genesis arc without a scratch, but slips on a single banana peel and dies instantly?

  • Jack Hilder
    Jack Hilder Year ago +68

    1:55 mario:"well I hope mario never runs into those spooky robot guys"
    N:(appears behind him)
    2:06 n:(moves in closer to mario)
    2:17 n:"hello there"

  • DreamerTheWolfFox
    DreamerTheWolfFox Year ago +5

    I know it is just for advertising of murder drones, but I hope N gets to stay in the SMG4 universe

  • Num1MarioFan
    Num1MarioFan 8 months ago

    4:07 If the episode followed SMG4 Lore: *Entire Universe ends*

  • the Winter Ripper
    the Winter Ripper Year ago +85

    its official, N is part of the SMG4 universe
    "That's never gonna end up problematic" -Thad

  • Just some user.
    Just some user. 7 months ago +1

    0:39 He predicted the future!! 😮

    • SrRona
      SrRona 7 months ago


  • Mathew Watson
    Mathew Watson Year ago +163

    The part where N just straight up said "Yeah Screw Genocide Let's look at memes!" Made me laugh 🤣 I wasn't expecting him to say that

    • Crystal Starheart
      Crystal Starheart Year ago +8

      Well, Uzi DID make him rebel against his piers and squad and they became friends.

    • Mathew Watson
      Mathew Watson Year ago +3

      @Crystal Starheart that is true

    • Crystal Starheart
      Crystal Starheart Year ago +5

      @Mathew Watson But how did N end up in the Mushroom Kingdom.

    • Mathew Watson
      Mathew Watson Year ago +3

      @Crystal Starheart yeah that's what I've been wondering when i saw him right next to Mario 😅

    • BD's Funni FNF Channel
      BD's Funni FNF Channel Year ago +1

      Me who loves tabi genocide: I’ll never hear that word the same ever again

  • AcceberYT
    AcceberYT Year ago +86

    N is my favorite character out of the entire future series, my favorite part of this video is when he's in it.

  • Kepler-Q186
    Kepler-Q186 Year ago +57

    Disassembly Drone N: *”artificial life is agony!”*
    SMG4: *flat head*

  • Champion Giratina
    Champion Giratina 7 months ago

    SMG4 predicted Chris Pratt as Mario.

  • LucySaidHi
    LucySaidHi Year ago +49

    "Mario got stabbed in the hand and you don't see me cry"
    Also Mario:*Windows XP noises*

  • Eclair
    Eclair 2 months ago

    I didn't expect N to appear in an SMG4 vid! That's actually pretty cool lol.

  • Heckman 29
    Heckman 29 Year ago +45

    I honestly hope N becomes a main stay within the crew, he'd be a great fill in for ya know who

    • Tjtrm
      Tjtrm Year ago +2

      Hmmm I don't who
      Saiko maybe oh wait

    • Jo Seph GD
      Jo Seph GD Year ago +1

      Too soon... I think Melony was supposed to be his replacement in Main Cast.

    • TheAnonymousToast / TBT_12
      TheAnonymousToast / TBT_12 Year ago +2

      YES plz. But idk how that would work since he works for JcJenson and he has to kill someone for the company, cuz otherwise they would “stab him to death”

    • Heckman 29
      Heckman 29 Year ago +1

      @TheAnonymousToast / TBT_12 let's add on, I kinda forgot about the murder drones need for robot oil.

  • Clyde wuf!
    Clyde wuf! Year ago

    Mario's face here was PRICELESS

  • Tmoney
    Tmoney Year ago +2

    I watched Murder Drones and I’m shocked how good it actually is